The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, February 21, 1901, Image 2

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    - turns oot 1st |
Now, u only ithe
e When from heaven he descended,
‘machine, oo
, Mincls has prade
the establishinent
of charities of Porto Riso, |
dy established a year ayo,
charge {wo institutions
children, known ay the
ty srhool” | and the “jpirls’
" the tormer having 100
the latter 200. Both In-
{ve Inmates from an
of the Russinn
6,000,000. This ix a gain of
1860, taking into Ke
acquired by annexa-
births over deaths. In
sd, however, the United
ned, exclusive of an.
40 percent—hy far {he
in of Any power in the
ded girl continues to
a v. a Te
that he prefers that
y sre brighter than
And there doesn’t seem
tion of a 4 joke In his re
on would appear
Bis soy ser iki
\ _ a net annual user
: Totty contempt, the
to learn the n reson
ere the — rofer-
petition in the leather’
sald that while what he had
the focal factories was ‘dis
ing” the remedy “was to apply
nethods and energy. and
lity to new developments that
dig.” . ‘This comes pear
old utkish provers,
enemy be as » suse.
hant,” would
Hoh dear ohiid, He still 2 a slumber.
Heavenly blessings without number
Sleep, my babs: thy food and raiment,
How much better thou'rt attended
Bott and eany is thy cradie
When his Birthplase was a stable,
e of 2 century will | Was thers nothing but a manger
Jose of the 19th and |
® | ser the joyful shepherds Found him,
Where Shey sought him. there they fond
n Twas to save thee child, from dying,
He by groans and bitter crying
ayn thou live to know and fer him,
| Then fin dwell forever near him
i Bese
| which determined that Richard Mont-
: 1 | States Senate,
! that famous fight for the senatorship.
It was the fiercest of all the contests
jority and the caucus would decide it
that Michael Melnniny should have the
empire |
date. Montgomery was a man of great
ories concerning the science of gov-
as those added through |
ration, It was this tact that led to the |
{ of the organisation had resolved to
* | prevailed on Montgomery to stand as
{ eandidate because of his reputation,
ability and wealth.
| spective
® Isaac Watts)
Holy angels guard thy bed,
Gently failing on thy
House and home, thy friends provide,
AH without thy cate and payment;
~All thy wants are well supplied.
Than the Bon of Cod could be
And became a child like thee
Clonrse and hard thy Bsvior lay,
And his =cftest bil was hay.
Wretched snvers could afford
To terelve the Beaventy Stranger?
C4 they thus affront thelr Lord?
Telling wonders from the sky
With go virgin mother by.
That thy blest Redeswier came;
Baved thee from burning flame,
Trust and love Bim all thy days;
hia tace and sing his praise.
(Copyright 1961: by Dally Btory Pub Oo)
As usual there was x woman in the
case—and she cast the decisive vote
gomery should not go to the United
Everybody will reall
ever waged in the legisinture of the
It had promised 10 be a very tame af-
fair ut frst. The party Lad a clear a-
The “muchine’” had a firm grip on the
situation, and it had been derided
weeks before the Jegiclature convened
place. Mclnerny was a wealthy und
reputable business man, closely allied
to the ‘“‘muchine’ and a Liberal don
fributor to the party campaign funds.
The caucus promised to be a cut.
and dried affatr, until Richard Mont-
Eomery announced himself a candi-
fnherited wealth, highly educated,
still in his thirties and full of new the-
ernment. With all his means he had
thrown himsell into the practice of |
Iaw after completing® his education
with an energy that would have dine
credit to a man driven by necessity,
and he had attained as commanding
position at the bar.
The party managemest had got into
the attitude of a sort of ciose corpo-
candidacy of Montgomery {or the sen-
ate, Those who were on the outyide
make a fight on the “irs” and had
it looked at first ike a hopeless af-
fair. The machine apparently had the
situation copper-riveted. But Mont
gomery took hold of the matter with
a vim, and In a few days the purty
loaders beheld thelr fences going down |
on all sides.
Two days before the cancus the fk
had becopie so nearly even that there
were eduction: that there would be
i Thursday.
senate you will he strajght snd will
resent the te: Melnsrny would :
To pete : drummer 16 & Star reporter.
American soldiers de |
ao lhey
i devil's tools. sion hb hal,
Montgomery sai for some minutes in :
Ye but it is stratgnt bribery. 1
| can’t stand for that repilsd Mont-
gomery, gravely, :
"Oh, bang it. don't nse such ugly
terme,” sald CSrroil
be spent In a fight like thie you have
| upent more than $E5.000 siready.’
replied |
“But not to buy voles’
Wall to gat Nem it 2 all the same
thing. As a matter of fact, you dant |
know how it has been spent. Get me
twenty-five thousand in bills small
bills. 80 they caniot be traced, fore
Pratt. Mason, Hollingsby, Andrews
and Swenson will vote sll right on
Wihes you get into te
andes Well
represent thé gag, &
know all about Mac
fgbting the devil you have !
Fight fire with fire
deep meditation. He thought of
| geeret ambition of bis lifetime, to 81
in the Inlad Bustes penale; +f
Aving wish of bis fathe) that he should
be a member of that liody which had |
been adorned by the eloquence and :
ability of his grandlather
; and
great-grandfsther, Then he
humiliation of defent. His
dwelt upon the
it he acied on Carrols
wold but be
suiall part of the ilisgiticate use of
“And ] can'l marty a simator after all”
money by the machine managers,
1" replied Carroll, rellghting
out in his anxiety.
* » -
esused Bim to tart In sarprise
read "Miss Ruby Burthard.
alone” What tn the world could
hotel at such an hour?
who had promised to becoipe bis wile
Probably she had somes suggestion re.
ning a walling after he
to the hotel pliriors Elbe
| Bins in 8 corner, a rich opera cloak #a-
hand after the first
must der
{ "But there ars means bol
al your | : :
| elibet you that are so hurrible that you | was pressed against his ebouider bis.
I left hand grasped
| under side, the forelingers of the right |
clude your sceepting an office hat, Be forefng 5
einpes by seh means
at the bank today,
and 1 could not get pat
rita all oR
in a panic and money was spent lke
water. This wan the situation Tues
of Montgomery's Heutenants, appeared
at Montgomery's apartments (no great
excitement and high glee,
“t's all nf,’ said he,
ov r twas said
a tie vote. The machine leaders were | Sverh oo o #8 sud,
i had
: PR i * : ary
day night when Thomas Carroll, one
i is simple b
: it and ih Er aniy
throwing of gine
hig overcoat and fighting a black cigar |
: vijoping her graceful form, i
retaining his |
Pei 3
“Richard” she sald
must withdraw from the race. YO
sented to the caves”
Lf am as good as checied.”
“That fs what 1 fear.” me repiin
ni ARE «0
good name ix kelly to be tarniahed
aid even If it is not that would pre
“What do you mean’ he exclaimed
| turning white and fixing a vearchimg
gaze upon her.
“Your friends are exceeding
hounds in thelr interest to elect Fou
{ amd are doing things of which yom
wow nothing 1 was ut papas olice
ly with Mr. Carroll snd Scan
nor 1
Theres ue
a het and FORA
fag the stakes but it was all
ribly plain. if yom are
Senator Pratt to to have $5000 I
bribery. It i too lat
thing te d0 3
cour name priseniod”
fhe was
he said. with
to have
“We've got the joker, and they cant”
Of course you
for a sure
do a thing to stop us
are willing to put up
“1 will not hesitate to spend money | VY
providing it | 3 eu
to accomplish the result,
etn be done honoiabiy,” replied Mont
“It's just as we figured,’
Carroll. “The other fellows have & In
af members Who were gale
Pp peiuoty,
“What is the development?” | # : )
responded | fins if you perzaitted it 1
fbear it to pave my bate 1d
fs By
atir way” hroke
PBroize YOR with 11
Py mus not,
nd fat and
coald tan dn
her your
cond net
#4 long as they held control, but now | 3
that we are so near a majority they
sre willing to make a deal and deliver
to the highest bidder Senuilr
and decide the sd matorship if they
gel the price, It is pretl high, ag i}
will absolaiely settie 0d
of the doubifiol votes, Ther
demand five thousand each, the entir
amount to be pul into
the ehcapest ‘Way out of it,
Prat |
hag sent word to me that there ars five |
fellows who pre willing to makes a deal y
: Richard,
thing frre.
; & sepnrior
: somebody's :
hands to be delivered it you are alec
I Know ¥ou
«1 will withdraw,
short pause Five x
As sho
hurel into
Ent i hat
zo amt spoli can
after ail.
Tails is the rpason why,
every morning paper convoded
predicted that Montgomery would be
‘elected, that Bis name was not pre
ted to the caucus the next Rt aay.
Ao as to | En : 5
Money ha last trip to f8e connlry of the Kp
a yeaing American Isdy,
astonished ga
o'clock tomorrow afternton, and
wide brimmed,
burning san.
vou /re
on use the
: Pwrore the regiislion army
his |
thought |
of the hard Sght he had made and the
mind |
regull of Molnerny's |
election—1be triumph of the ring snd
the subordinstion of ihe intersils of |
the people to the weilare of thy ma- |
i ghine.
| his opponents were making. and koew
wdvics he
ciiyumventing 8 VeTy | the Mezican devote so much at
tenthm, time snd money 10 the bat Ia | 4
| pecaipee il ix fo some #
I evembol of thelr
cmhenity. and eon
Ideas of
+ LREp
placed his
“I'll have the mone) here tomorrow
at noon,” he sail sbrupty, :
“Good: pobody but you and | and
the Almighty will know anything abot
which he had purmilied Ww ko |
! for the Buropesn style, as they have
| adopted long ago vor ideas un clothes,
Late Wednesiny evaniog & card was |
| brought to Richard Montgomery whieh
mith the engraving was writen in
“Must tice yu at once and |
ba |
a0 urgent that she should come to his
It was the gicl
i and
| menng
garding the campaign-—she Was viry
much interested and had been pune
was daly |
elected #0 as to sdd to ite social im.
With & smile be descended |
awaited |
? Washi agra
i Hae
cine to have Four name pre- | oo.
w a Ee { proang ou
| Ate you crazy?” he loguired with ving at pl
a mile. i
| looked
. suddenly
; bmriel rested out 9
P demhdutind eve
all | him fast as he bent hin head to fire |
! wt those wha shot him, and now his
i Bands had stiffensd in fhe anbemdabie |
. wtillness of eternal slevp
Hau came in direst with
ator Pratl
11 tho
® oe and
# to stog | MH
tis dee |
in |
“inl i
[ae 1 3x
Et §
nfs }
Why He Spands so Much Upon fie
Ahariahed Headgear,
“While bn 8 train in Mexican my
upon ©
wae faphed Jor he
first time the Tearfnlly and wonder
folly made sugarioal Mexican
which is the first outoftheordisary |
ohiect that greele the forint 2 eyes
after he crosses the Rio Grande, asked |
me why Mexican men of 8! Glasses
gpent so much money apis ihe cover
heads and anpeaved lo
ing for their
take such eviftest pride in the great
high conical crowned
fram the tropical
said a New
“When the
parted from Cota for Porto R
tha pentie
with in
& feep ier
Whos 5
Bat big with the peak of (Be
puiled np to & sharp point, pi
ke nos pwiiant,
imate the Bpanteh
eBURRL thelr Taney
thes hard and 150d
hearts fwml the publi
stricken and eaverentially
¥ an id
Eat, whinh
ang had
wiven, swosl
tary gray hatu with mannich Crowns.
“Phe main resson why the Spaniard
ext ant ade the
standing in the som
it wax the gran
Spas whe of 21 others al
cour pos
srelgn with thelr bats on while the
Gf the ennfl punonvered.
Gnd venbraiion. and the
York hat
Aexnergte Stompt 10
‘th had
struck |
but heip
josely at the new style thas created
“and then the hat makers took I up
| for the lsdion and this accounts for
He reviewed the expenditures ' ., ooeppny rakish style of ladles’ mili
The Birds Brapkiast.
TE the earth Wee ontetid wilh gow,
Are Bid ne Flas tree ml Loveless
Aisd ali beautiful things thet grow.
Thon Mr ne Are ¥
Miwing what ha & evi 8
ook id #1 Gms muakhe
a3 nd = wi Tals
cat our Bregsfast
returned, heroes asa vel |
| eran, thy ware the same regulation
£3 en 5
seliehe on Fhe gilt
ee He, ee,
se wil
Fp poad
iris sien
Fol, sie
Woe ears finitii
There's plenty for you amd phen
Trent gM ¥ i Assericiin
Pricadiyr Cals
Cat lovers gre not piiharmed sow of
Aha wing their affecting fur fay.
isa. as 8 baadsome
i the tad now for a put,
Tieve in the gross sotizaness
| ied to cats, but Know that they
: Thre iw
: Beli
said the priviiege of Bit ting
or standing ip the presence of their
i ; 3 | iny hig head 0 my Rand
“Nateraily fae Bat bechms &n object
: rEmely sail wi eat and of pe
% : ah
who Are ad
man ever Kad,
in dur kb
BF petting
“Blac i
friends IRL or
mays & eaL’
oe WHOM Ww
a i Mvished,
ofhier than 10 {urn 46 knabs and $3
And 3 fannt
chon, lit 3 in tay belief tha!
many Words ETE
of Imi
he anderstands
ne another in the
Brgin covering, the Ene
the 1 #h go
Cinsely woes
The Jovuiscs ’,:
He emagiateg
tiie wes when a Mexican
nat and his horse before all
te Crorkily possessions. spending as
as $30 to 21000 for a gold
trimmed, cubrotdered bat and as
rmuell more for bis Beavwy saddle and
bridle all rimmed with sliver,
this passion fe strong today.
higher classes of Mexicans have aban |
dored the surardonf List for city wear
though every Mexican gentlemen has |
his mative costameé with Its gaudlly
emiiatdersd ahort lprket and faring
trouiers and bat to malch, to be worn
whehh the occasion demands
“hes ther classes dling 0
LA iRUe b
crarped Bena, aod Bis pyner were at 7 :
one dag | shall sar he was pot (Ping to express
[om the sands, asd were overtaken by 4
Tae 1
A Barhiag |
mackise came ap and wok of tx | £0t and Jolite to each other When hey
He texiure and 3
i KreR S alieg 7 His
mote tricks :
serambled spy and he gets. it efter, |
[fer 1 wy
sate to nlek un the crombs when he
i usually battered
ithe machine of wi
(be susplcings. The Gmer gives the |
| Jase. us 1 sat reading on the phases.
sugarjoal hat. made principally of a
straw of a Bber peculiar to the rout
try. or of felt. ormamentsd with gold
sliver cord accoedine th the
Gf the wearer or perfeetly
They look odd b
us, hess Mexicans, in their white
tows abirin snd troosers standing
tly shout in thelr sunlit, adobe cities,
ax fhe train speeds on to the capital, |
and a pleturimae Tot they truly are”
plain and chean
Knot Dead by a Corps,
Boer commando retook
whore those who died for as
ring. and as they marched
* dead Rev Saw @ sergeant |
tenith abot through the
hesin. ver oven in desih the pean
like some Sghting machine
gone put of order. Hix rifle |
the barre! om the
and pressed the trigger tightly the
grill geared along the |
fav Eiesalution Lad onree 100
A Boer si}
dior saw the Bergeant Bs Be
barrel and
he desl mans
brought thi
5 rif: ge
hu iz 1
Near 15a
him ¥
3 rm
i TED toad we
He was one of 1b
Wr Chamberiaia s Persaunlity.
It mined bes
Day min HEE Ja]
y sath ¥.
Urry Io
Tedt the Halians with a8 wp ot
pathitic rememirancs of o>
Reine i Puugole Perlam ARGLATS,
spon 8 rock and nis |
Cwas still on the
LERtE with whom Be ; stmeee food
B50 hike
: the
ot the grandes, and thos. as "seyusly z
time D mead, the big hat beeame the a 3 friend, sha rl nite a susp sadet
Ldistinetive feature of the dress of the |
- Epuniard, as the pantills corresponded |
Cen the hesd of ithe senorita aed the &
poll when Be iz hungry and
through a Bonin, plays ds sad, ii
& devotional 31iinde,
iis finite atm:
Seven If the ower tad
to onok it ar an
iwhen Be comes hom
saasssahle Banr
fate and
Tavviny wed Betrinvwer.
Mack-and tan Ce
Petimaenmawr They ov
ithe tide which rut them off frien
shire by 8 belt of waler
Bean refogen) 6 éntar
ell he geensen 10
dogTs mane.
following account of what happened:
“Mben | hung
I waked for my dog thinking
wail probably rom Sirs
‘the machise. Bat no. the) tte
a Ly
that he
Charing in in
: wining
those |
and :
$ the rifle by!
mu her
to him for a hy widding
Ewin AUTDES, RR ris Knew That ne
me Bix Limits Almost %s well In water
aa on and Dae
was pena an nt
wa% WEE BRining on the
hl scarce ¥ space to viand And wining
May ing ness me of the
a Jrge ringh disiced brave don
hall awd waretaves | fo gBsusd
Bale He perveived the Br we
‘tn and mnddenty dashed through: ¢
water and wept op to Beau snd sali
sormethinse ta Ban, bl my
| would not heed so the Sg dog relor
ed to alors al Br this time
| seq Bad risen around my lothe teimier
Aid the
3 Tie & tiny
Now what
® OTS wd .
. vuilping Creat
anil De was
andian wikad.
Brive dog do?
dashed through t
Chesiide the shiver
thon a wont snd worw
Beatin yt frmiy aim ther
tha water foward the place wire 1
wan standings. As soap ms Ther were
fairly in the der wg
230k or
GE Weis
Fm wn #
md sore TERE 3%
Poi Be Hi Te BH
3 hes sami;
ifn ha’ Ba’
an ba
mi kn Mr Flormy fakith.”
ak Bs Dom't ba so silly.
be'd eat vou sll up. Besides
wold po i
Wniber #
a1. why
: * Hyena.
Tha white fakes cave Boating down:
it pst aie
Ree wwe
| wore Sat ie Honk,
for he has his | YAOI too hos,
{fn the alle
' nearby post of the railisg anid trilied
i hid sweet :
pe ih
JE aed
ach wae
eis dog
Lowent > the 2topR $0 Bot & ciner
We as
gud stood ;
atid je 1 anal
Pehates and
. way
id | roan trees and eat off their bark, in
Pr epg, loony,
The old Hyena lived in a very y dark
bot the little Hyesa trotted
boldly in. and marched wp t> Mr.
1 Gloomy, ®ho was gEaAWIRE & bon, and :
{ Jooked YEYY TOSS 7
“Ha! ha’ bal” tangbed the wetle
The night passed on: and. se the
Hitie Hyena did pot returs. Bis
mother called Stripes to her
“Ime you Enow where Sour brother
BT she asked.
“Lh. yes, answered Strives. “he
; said Be was going to make My Gloomy
| laugh” :
“What porsense’ Why he may be
killed by th ¥ 15 me” eried Mr. Hyena: ie
Btripes =
went to fhe cave ~F
hwemy Hood, =
Came Tenr the fave ter :
AS hey
that *as the Hitie
and surely That was
shiny wil im. “Hat
op BL
tary went
=i ripey an
& hat
oy gl String on ar
Sand beth 1
alr Wight,
“Te wo Ziad gouve come) sal
She Fithe Horan,
gr - asked Berives,
Poon making riddles” sail
§ Fe SEN. Here's LENE. Rhy
do we all lack at pothing™
“We give It op” hey 81 cried :
“Pec there's podhing to Inogh
"erswerad Me Gloomy,
ket Bo! dhuckied Mr Heonn
rhe aRid Mra Hyena
Baw!” shouted Mr.
“Om ak’ ah” eried Rtripes and
at Ra’ ipueked ithe ttle 2
a Latte Folks, :
A Greedy Fapegitey,
doris the summer we
So a Ta
srepws chioples asd
winend Bisex ris.
: ew alte
When hee wore Ronery. and
ailing until thelr demands
One oid fellow who
hae come pack year alter year (© neal
in the swam nonr by spawered shen.
sf to Nim, and called his
=v Sipwell
A dear lle song 2RITOW came
dar after day as we oat on the Diasss
race perched Himmel on &
eng Sirectiy to ga. Whe
ig gratiteds for all the choice thibite
we provided for Rim!
The Nris wears genernily very pleas
rRIze to our
plenty of Tox
fir nved to
rte fopst. Thers was
#4 for all 50 thers mas
$8 cabbie. Put one day In
shalt on the beach | ‘ heard a great scoldine and fault
® cn the lawn | locked down
= aaw two strange birds among the
len { others
g aad
One was a thin litle chippy Bird,
snd the other who was making all the
seine In a harsh dbsaprecahin voice,
wai 8 laresr hirde-ghou! the sips of
a larme soavow His feathers, foiddy
gray In toler, were palfed ont angrily,
Ria wings 8 38 i he mers
Tha hithe chippy was pleke
ad Tast &@ she road
ps fy thin grest IaxY
swallowed XK
began to seed her and
Bork mine
working for an In
y ext 3 morsel herself,
he wand peck at ber wnmersifoly tf
hath Birds few AWRY al mY
the ifgrger bird leading and
ihawing that be was gute stromg
soph to take care of himself. Like
3 hitless he was 8 coward :
The mext da they came Back. and
! syw them po through the same per
; I could not under
thar moor fitle chippy
herself to be impveed
si nt w the wise man Hrd
A Yount ow
The cowhird
oo, lays her egrs
; rds peat -generally
nog ur - Some bird smaller
3 he cEinoy mathe
egy with Ber awy
tha differince When
wa he 5 generally
thee out of fhe
@ prabas the
sre the baby
A was
phe ©
# thy
ipoy loses him as Ber
nearly wears Betuslf
bx an greedy that
pan Bironger
Dat ka faakey
Wert time | saw the oowhind 1 want
Cad to throw a stones at him and drive
but I feared to {rizhiem
ar Biedisg swav from thelr
~Relen Hopkins, in Boston
Too Many Eabbits in Oregon,
Cramers of orvhards along the Des
sreeks gear The Dallas
that since he sovetes have heen
of. rabbits have become 8
thar they make raids on
magne places doing serious Injury.
Yes, ste would, ih 8 always teing ‘ | Portand wregonian
ALBIGR BWAY “with ar
he yo know aug