The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, January 17, 1901, Image 8

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    v's table oil Joth, best quality, worth € IIIS greg J ITITIFITTIIIIY | adlics fleece lined stockings, full _seam- |
ge 1205 vil. . : La i “ i x Bigs Wari f 2C, 8410 price 7 pair.
seav and tan cotton blankets, worth & 1ARIIERLUY & fp eal oul
gr yan - § imi : Men's wool socks, t3¢ quality, sale price
price 3GC pair. | " | 4 |
A ICO, stand: ard cloth. Hi (qual
e 340 yd
> bow tics, di : Lo rechucedd
-¢ quality, sale price § BA . & white, trimmed with angora, regular price
| | ale price $1.1
and Children's fleece lined cash-
»c¢ the regular price, 10¢ the dd sizes child ren's underwear, regular
and 23¢. sale price 2c each.
ness year in which we have enlarged our circle of customers by hundreds, we ind ourselves right up
eriod when shelves must be ¢ mpticd, ¢ ters unloaded in order to prepare the way y for a year w hich
ble in the annals of Patton Merchandising I gressive enterprise, nov elty, prog re ssion and big val-
frer an unparalleled | US|
use Cle aning Time —a |
¢ planned to make me mora
lo it. and we gue
oy NS whi ‘h We are lo prosc nt mn our First Se mi- An nal nloadmy Sale. F106 1S he ma; ste: spirit | in hits sale. and SF WE are
Jet price do the talking and vou the thinking and acting « we absolutely promise that in this sale vou'll find the
ie Greatest” Bargains in all Lines of Goods That Patton Has Ever Seen.
<8 it will. Just NOW, however, the a absorbing work 3 vhicl youll have most interest 1S the Ww hirlwind of
Dy 5
Sa a Shad
Onts omar een
Linens, Towels, BY
& Piss | fir 1C.
Pr halt,
Fools and E
w A181 < sade al
nied with
5 ee 330 ladies Oneita won
aid dress woods. good style, worth 1se. | tug, 75¢ qual ity, sale price 30k
Price 10c Men's g8¢ under wear in gray wool, wool wdieed 1 3 | s fn
Ta a i 8 Ti 3 hg 14 cai AR Piers on Sos Sharyn 34 is Jan a4
fy Tor cach fens 25d sshimiere half hose reduced atin sErinied shirts 30¢,
7 ag
tom French flannel, handsome styles, fleece lined and scarlet, reduced 16 Joc
Sale price 1214 ¢ Men's wool fecce Raed are
silk effects. Sale | worth 73c, sale priee 49¢ eac
Rd Men's gra halfwool underwear, sot § 12< par from 140 | a8, Rannel si iets 18
put rs halen © Wibheo Uolllel Blog) sw. blue fanned si IT 5 40
gua ty 3¢
1k n xed ¢repons, | handsome goods for | quality Sal > price 3g¢ eact )id lot Children s Ribbed Colton Bloc. We
1 Sale price 3;¢ vd Ladies’ cece lined underwear, would 3 ings red {1181 ne 5p {en's 25, ties 10;
p¥ Aik ie x ; .
Y dress goods, 38 inches wide, | cheap at 25¢. Sale price 21¢ each Children's s heavy fleece lined hose 110 pr. Men's 25, bow ties
y. Sale price 15¢ Ladies’ Extra heavy Reece lined under Children’s b Eye! ole stockings, guaranteed 1 Boy's ¢ hey ot waists 17,
ty dress goods 21¢c yard wear ji¢ each, wor th to he worth 25¢, 3 =¢ pair ] T.adies 5 , and $6.00 trimmed hats
7s and g8c fancy silk short pieces Children's camel's hair and fleece lined | Ladies fecce ne d fast black stockings | 3
on the counter at 3c yard aunderwear at very low prices ~C Pair
id dress goods marked 39¢ vard will agc Tam O'Shanter’s, assorted colors, re Ladies woolen stockmgs ISC
sold at 19¢ during this sale. duced to 39¢
ni ants hand-made sacques: 1 4 adies Cul CO Wrappers 35 13g ashmere std kings, she Xi. 58 rea Ande to g8c
Those marked 25¢ reduced to 19¢ Fleece lined wrappers, 30¢ ality re bla kK. qu quality agc pair, Our entire line of ready to wear and
"eo 39 duced to 6¢ Ladies’ walking haty reduced to joc each, worth ap
i RE 8 5G Que Wrappers reduced to TEC 4 OC DR ir ter $1.08
3a and $2.08 hats reduced
dies’ trimmed hats marked 1.49 and
ies’ coats and capes at 1-3
Child ren's coats 1-3 oft the regular price
29 Coats and Capes §1 99. $10.00 Coats $6.67
3B ” ! inh 580. $68 580
SPH i cotton
Catton toweling, reg
¢ yard