The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, January 10, 1901, Image 7

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Bid 4 cwnin for nating cae |
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saps the more you steam god hens foul
the more unwh tesome it becomes,
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. © LEcAS COUSTY, thsi
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GRE BERRY £150 BE for a sich
same of CATABRN that canpot
vee of HALLS CAYannn | et
Faang 1, Crrsey.
Ee me ard snbmorited in my
tim | presence, this Oth day of December,
: 7a A 1x 188 AW. .
Nodaora Puls
a Cmtarel Cure ds takers internal
BL yon the Yiged » Red mons sa vince
51 the Mem. sd for testimerinls,
chi LH £ CHENEY 8 U0. Toledo,
Ey 1 Dr ¥ are thet bet.
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The jorcign population of Ske
May was 6774, of wii ic}
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Best Yor the Bowels,
No matter what alis you Begiasha to 8
sinorer, you will paver got well until your
Diweis are pul right, Casiascre help
nature, cure you without a gripe or pals,
ist 10 cents to start geting your henith
Cascanrrs Candy Cuthurtie, the
Birger every lab
Geawnre of
fis suay naturel ovement, cos you
genuine, pot up ln metal
& has C.0.0 stampad on iL
Bassin wold
1 pits yitid ol
Teo Cure » . Cold tm Dine Day.
Taka laxanive Baoan Quinine Tans, ere. AN
ropite pefond the as ¥
LUNGTEy stguniure | $4 i peel bas
gates Hardw
| y Elendnc non and Wervarianess Cured
hy a remedy compoanded of siraple Herb,
Plirslcinne hive Badd the pinks igual ssoone
Lin proseribing Cerfiaid Hepdasbe Posen liv
Rervrnancen wnd Heondnebos,
ei Avenir mr A—
| Io mas dndan eiephanis Hi
Leow thoy nun up Yih BAN Al
Throw Sic 1 thie dor
Wind the doses Bet Hf vou wand
thom chew Bevsnan ¥ Ps ot Crs
he plan net of Rept SP was
od with the telesc ime in 18ah
Piso’s C ‘are aanpor be ton Highly spoken of
88 au sough eves ~«l. W (¥Bsirs, 302
i Avs, X.. + Misampotie, Minn, Jaa. & 108
on fon f on $
ostration, follows inal tity to sleep. There is no
. Vital forces sre drawn upon, confirmed invalid. |
The resuperative power of natura’ slesp
mental exhaustion
J 10 a full renewal
of nergy.
is wonderful Complete
pisce, after s few hours of
The fatigue of body and
mind disappears entirely while
all the muscles are strong and
the nerves absolutely calm,
Sleep is the indication given
ature as a guide to human
10 restore health
shows that there ard inherent
organism powers of recnpers
tion which must have appt; re
stration. Dr. Greene's Nervura
biood and pervs remedy WHS
help Nature combat the ils
that attack men and women.
What po emount of powerful
drags could possibly acedm
plish, enn be succrmsfully and
prompiiy effected by healthy
slood and nerves, the kind of
blood which flows in strength.
ening flacsd to every port fon |
of the body, the condition of |
nerves which pertoits swaks
ened Nature to seize its op
priunity to restore 10 perfect
For four years 1 vas troubled
with fervons detitlity sud hysicrs
$0 oost aggravated § fore. Bt Cased
sitepionsmess dnd menial defreesecn,
ans Tor moat 1 was ora fnet To Tey
bed My constitution wased sed IT
fd Tome my appt te 1 bel many
; ore But they failed to
“any relief
Girne Fervurs hog
re i ak 15 8 terrible condizion
depart :
Be fe hud trade we fee), tn fact Ike |
; roomy. Alter takiny f -
aie I thankfully peaclaimes ps
self strong awd well %
Ratties dia for me =hit brine he :
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fra, Flogr amid Peed
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Fai nod Obie, feeb.
Fraolts and Yegetablag
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Central NMoek Yards East Ld rarely
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Business &! the Opening of the Tear Very
Erk Small Decline in
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Land Seen
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hap sade]
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Grant Holds Mejandrion on a Mounizin
No Water asd Food Scarce
k D2 iran wi
$ men
abciuihes the head Hix
the and ax 13 to
where it is collected.
Is fhe most important period in awe
mens existence.
wet vodis of living. ned ghee woman in
8 thonsand approsehes this perfestly
natural change without experiencing
& train of very Any ing sod somes
times painfal symp
Thome dreadful lot flashes, sending
the blood urging 46 the bears antil it
seems ready to burst, sad the faint
feeling that follows, sometines with
chills, as if the hoart wore going W
stop for good, are symptoms of a dan-
DETR trouble. These hot
Shen are just so many calls from
nature for help. The nerves are ery-
Mes Jeyir Xomim
ing oat for assistance. Theory vould
Ye heeded in tise Leda BE Piok-
ham's Vegetahie (ommpound was pre
pared to meet the needs of woman's
syste at this broing p her life
it ida up the Ls Hoel pETTOns |
systems, and enables a wowan 1 pass
tht gram clsange tr inmphantly.
“1 wens §& wary fork woman. eaused
By Changs of Tife. | suffered with hot
fasten, aml fainting spelisn. 1 was
afraid to po om the street
aad baek trombled me 20 Was en
tively Sured be Lydia BE. Pinkham's
Vv egvtable Compound, 7+ Mas JEsHiR
NOBLR, sino Keymr
si} if
A Hendnche Carn Not Composed of
pe oe A |
arm) Drug.
The Best Frevsrintion 1 for Chills
and Vevur in & Taine E :
LE Tom
Frei Vermifage by Mail.
Rend Pe WF &% Very. Far TINT, Mo.
md ob wie alg
Si has icaei3 ET
aw Pai iin ye
Thrting, Monroe Veg UC
Lied Before he Pharoats.
Tere tas been brought thie
Do vou know what 17 15 10
have the asthma?
you ever seen one suffer with
The hatd SIrug
: also
: §, Aeax
wi HOOP g-coug h ¥
hoagie ThE supply Zen, sand ft
a tare and
(rwing 10 modern
wy head |
St, Germiniown, |
Juermne |
And a single anointing with CUT]
great skin cure and purest of emoll
treatment, when followed in severe cases by mild
doses of CUTICURA RESOLVENT, to cool
and cleanse the blood, is the most speedy, perma-
nent, and economical cure for torturing, disfigur-
ing, itching, burning, bleeding, scaly, crusted, and
pimply skin and scalp humors with loss of hair
ever compounded.
SE CUTICURA SOAP, assisted by Coticura Ointment
for preserving, perdying. and beautifying the skin, for
cleansing the scalp of crusts, scales, and dandruff, and the stop.
ping of falling hair, for softening, whitening, and soothing red,
rough, acd sore hands, for Baby rashes, itchings, and chafings, mn
the form of baths for ancoving irritations and mflammations, or too
frec or offensive perspiration, in the form of washes for ulcerative
weaknesses, and many sanative antizeptic purposes which readily
sug pest themselves to women and mothers, and for all the purposes
of the toilet, bath, and nursery. No amount of persuasion can ine
duce these who have cince used these great skin purifiers and bease’
Uliers to use any oilers. CUTICURA SOAP combines delicate’
exwilient properties derived {rom CUTICURA, the great skin
cure, with the purest ol cleansing inypredients and the most refresh.
ing of flower odors. No other medicated soap ever compounded
is to be compared with it for preserving, purifying, and beautifye
ing the skin, scals, hair, and hands, No other foreign or domestic
toilet soap, however expensive, is to be compared with it for ail
the purposes of the toilet, bath, and nursery. Thus it combines
the BEST skia and eSvaplexion say, the BEST toilet and BEST
baby soap in the world
Sempists External and Internal Treatment for avery Humor,
osating of Urvicman #04» (Mo, to esos be skip of rem wd
soften the thitke nnd sotield. UDTIOTSs LHNTMERY |
x, a sibay heli ng nd sonetion, snd irra
YEU RA nso per Ra, ;
Ai Loman tegi an g
’ $1.26 3 ha, Hoge doy Avg eT