The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, January 10, 1901, Image 3

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    shone fair
8 White, » spotted. jean with
sedrred 1 over and lacking
Elven to 0 ing-—thin fessir |
te. His tall was a forgotten men- |
‘not enough was left of it to wag.
He was somewhat ferocious at times
h concerned his Maw
hing to be thankful |
Bo that Master, bat
in his ‘house, Hind
nim shelter. His mother hid
his father a bloodpd
pose, a altntuitess to duty, & cour-
s and a devotion which the greater |
Ah w eH smn
he warl4 | migns . | only friend, whom he had kicked und
| driven away to be shot, He sat down {
on the bench beside his door, with a
A white spotted thing, scarce:
boozer thee Sut Three lI smelling
v sre came through the park,
nw woman who fet before
5 et ] e under which the tro brutes
again and crept awiy through
‘the grass.
All this time. in the densest shadow
Gof the park, a woman huddled herwelf
‘under a bush, holding her drapering
tightly lest a Sutter shonld betray her
to these brawlers Once she coughed
eonvoisively, and whan she took her
hand away from her mouth it wis
“Go home to breakfast!
“Yes, poor brute! We will go hove |
once More, Ome mre, together!” and |
she erept mway by the same pith,
treading now and then in the Ho's
Bonest bipod
The human brute came before the
court next morning. Sobersd and re.
pentant, as was his wont, and was
discharged as nanal, with a reprimand. |
What had really happened? The
watclimen said the dog was mad,
they had shot and killed him
Why go home?
dog-~yes, the dog Had been faithiul
The other one-—why go home? Habit |
That wae ail
and whistled. by habit. Echoes of the
| whistle came from an empty houss |
whose door stood wide No fire 03
the hearth. po breakfast. Then he
remembered his own last words to his
iy having ibe semblance of & dog,
crawled from under the Dench nod
Inid {ts shapelows tices on his knes, Ha
dog sprang to his feet with |
of delight
womau, Who fled 4 away from the shad-
“Take what 1 am. and forgive me,
ais Kater
teh quickly beesmia a bark i
He evidently knew the |
, almost brilesd to x Jelly.
ow with #ven greater haste than ibe |
in eoming to it. The dog |
‘to follow, the master woke,
‘up and swore st him, while be
nnd fro betwesn the tree und
squat umbrella-bust under which |
no was hiding. The three
wwaggered down the path,
Kicked the dog, mauled the man,
cried “Police!” while the
i jo throat of one of them. snd |
ve killed him i A pair of |
ifr blow fell on Bini: he only {
ched bis teeth the tighier.
seater brute,
slowly coming 0 |
iestanding. ealled the dog au. |
iy, who > droype yet, blondy, 1
i maual In thet solitude, the rustle of x
"Tha dog a mad!” sald one of the
we chased bim in here
TRE Kill him!"
Inughed and confirmed the lie
we know the dog: he's rad!
"Ves, ©
| woman's gown.
The others |
| good dog!”
| down the blontsd
took the dumb brute in his arms nnd |
went into the house and sat down.
The creatures was sightioss, his Dba
Ha had
threes bullet wonnds; one leg Was
broken But be bad obeyed orders ty |
the last: Be had come home to Lresk- |
“Good dog! Yeth he ith! My good,
The tears were raining |
chess. A new
power Bid come near to these fy
friends. Death wis with them, walle
ing; A strange exaltation, & pew per.
ception of heretofore vagus truths, &
new dawning of light had come Wo the
Master, even a naw DOWer 10 res(ive
and to hold firm. When Death opens
the door into the unksows,
here suddenly takes On R Hew MaAL- |
ing. The big brute holding the tomer
#0 tenderly suddenly remembered how
I's mother had died, holding him, her
iast-born In ber arms, her HDs OB his ;
golden hair.
own lite-—better if she had died. Five
years ago she bad left bim, tired of
poverty and beatings Only the dog
i had been faithful to him through ail,
“# good dog now dying in his arms,
oe dog's life so much worthier than
lis own Never had he seen Rimisell |
#% he was before, not in all his forty
L yenrs.
jower sank the head of the man
to the head of the beast and only God
knows what soul-apeech was had bo |
tween them: amd while they so sat
together a change ineffable came to
both, The dog dled into we know not
what brutally moardered, crucified for
love's sake though he was: while the |
| man died out of his oid life and WAN
Bors spew to a man’s rightful digeity, |
The jovs
self control, energy Of will
of the brute had saved him. many a
Buman love hae dome less
There was a rustie behind him, wn
£) Pete dom tl sirike met
et me come
me come back, bone
gain. Just aa the dog came! Won't
you forgive me, won't you jet me have
‘the dog's place, just for o litle while
in the park lust nignt,
ebasing me.
ft can’t be long! Jook at me 1 was
1 ran
i; you and he were under the tree. The
| dog knew me, he barked and julnped
1 on me and was glad.
followed and ploked
brought him home. part way in my
doin’ ith tity takin’ care ov
ith Feilgiont
Thute me ani :
let me stay
] don't send me Into the awful street
' away!
vii get 8 shot yourweif :
Youre under i
2%, ana b
cof it]
I saw it all I
him up apa
arms—aee the hiood where he lay!
Tome home.”
O the misery, the horror, the shame ;
the world whire everything ean be |
vantila aod rut |
Only God could Know which
i of these two was lowest in the scale,
i which of the three indeed! O :
14 of it, groveling at Bis feet as the dog
{ had done only yesterpicht kissing the
| hands which had beaten ber, as the
e. | dog Had only sow dons!
: : A cman?
ou broakiath--go!” eanmE from the
‘he put the dog down and
el to his feet. But the poor,
¢ all true moral worthiness?
drive lier forth who was only |
‘eur clung so close to him
the burly protector of the ma-
of the law ceuld not get a bead
P hinod was :
tenderness swept over him. She too,
had come into the magto eirels which |
3 him.
Kick him! Drive him off, I tell
from between his legs he kicked
him and drove him away.
dog crept back, thrice the
boot kicked his bruised body.
“eGo Nome to your breakfath, I ten |
yon Go home!”
. the poor dog turned to obey ‘when
| on his knees at her side,
| fresh red drops from her
bang’ bang! In quick succession went
three shots. At the first ghot he fell;
then he was up again, trying to run;
then down: then a scorciing, iind-
jung wave of misery rolied over him.
the boouer, unconsciously pronouncing
test epitaph ever spoken of dog |
as he went off under arrest
pend ne more night in the lock- |
he park and the streets were now |
mans. A skulking est slunk
up to the moveless mass of bleeding
fearless Bow, A sniffed a its |
“God beip me!
{ from this hour
| was, is dead!
{forgive me, Kate!”
Dead at the potht of duty!” said
: :
“Jo home to your breakfath!” said |
the booter, and the dog not moving
Thrice the |
bocaer’s |
Then how cooid
Was be not worse than a brute,
worse than the brute in his arms,
conid he
what be had made her!
She coughed agxin and agaiw. the
on her hand. A sudoen
had contained himself, Death ata Bis |
brute friend mae}, with kis an-
worthiness, what was her fagit,
frail little wile whom be had
to despair?
“Rate!” he sald:
you have vome hack to me!
ich both Knew too weil
mening of w
{ think the
Take what I am and
And so, with the lesser
their feel they put their degraded past
heliind them, pledged a new troth and
began a new life In which It was writ.
son that they should not fall
beyond Death an Inflite Lover
their Helper.
A gentleman in Brighton, England,
Mr. Horace lL. Short, has invenied a
phonograph which repeats & conver
‘sation loudly
at's ditance of un miles.
pe Go home |
| to break fast!” Even she bad henrd ! :
| and wax repeating it.
No one was thers to t
meet him’ All these five YoRrs the |
At the gate he rested |
the life |
the men were
i Aid nol know 2
Pete, O for Gods aake
Do try me, don't push me
Don’t be crueller than the dog
was. he kissed nie and was glad | had |
Was he a
he forgive her?
How then
driven |
‘Kate! Thank God :
He was |
wiping the
I will try to be a man &
brute Ii
~ h £47
brute at
having |
his home in Chicago
in the summer of 1808,
now is on bis way to his
howe in America, baving experienced
in the heart of Aftica adventures more |
| thrilling, in many respects, than those
of Livingstone or Stavdey.
For four vedrs Mr. (Cherry has been
| living among the Congo natives, He
| has been thelr companion, friend, Teal
“fr and Instrucinr,
sny men of hi= own color we has pene.
_ trated to paris where no other white
| pin hax ever dard to go.
Riarting fn Matsdi on the west cons
of Africa. In Angie, INGE. Mr. Cherry
: went up the Congo River as far as
Stanley Pool by caravan. In Braza-
ville. in the French Congo, he was held
up by the authorities for having fire.
Farms whhout peimisson. His wos
Fons and cartridges. whith practically
| constitated Bis outfit, were confiecnted |
by the French Government officials
. Bereft of motive and GerHPATIon ho
went into the service of the French
fagving the sepvies af the French
Cfo ernment, after having his ar re.
| stored te him, Mr Cherry went from
Bangui with natives by a eanoe to the
opsentlh of the M bomnn Biver, past rap.
] Cds aver then: aml pore often inan
ol inte thea. Hae he came wn the
tereitory of Batisssm, of
greatest of the a accra w chi
whole Conga basin The Aor of M-
i | Cherry's arrival Bangaseon had been
| indulging In a rald upon a neighboring |
| tribe. with the pesalt that ne few
than S90 men women and childra
had heen captured and brought to Ban
gnseon as aver In addition to those |
slaves Bangrasan's warriors brought
hack with them humdreds of Raman |
| heade, trophies of thelr prowass
He 4 Bn
heads of {he slaig were balled, and the
brags were ehlen Afterward the
tree branches amd otherwise put io
i places where thay conld be seen and |
adored. for, Mr. Cherry says, no fetish
i= more In faver apasg the natives |
the way, has 1800 wives amd In 2
. stanch ally af {3 Frepoh Government,
Then another pleture floated up. His
After & period of good hanting Mr
| Cherry crossed the country to the re |
. gion of the Darbanda, There be lived |
| with the natives as a native, sleeping
| on a oat with wo biapkets, and Iw
Ing received anuing them as the great
white chief, “Dvomba Creecy.” whose
fame had gone before him. Dressed in |
monkey skins waking the tongue of |
| the people with whem he lived, this!
young American tanght them the ele
| ments of astrotiomy, geography and
. told them of the great white nations
‘who lived without their sphere
return they taaght him the serret art«.
whereby they make nnd mold eurions
ly engraved spears. hatohets and other
implements, to wiy nothing of the cloth |
weaving and deinestie arts
explorer a expeditions Thenoe
made constant Utips up the Kotfa Riv
Law Theve timed he lost ainuset every
thing he bad through capoes caps |
‘ Ing to the rapids
x haunt
tn alicoet every resp
tribe with whom hs
tribes sent for him to ass
. settle wel ghty matters, tn adjust dis
les, lo oarganiie thelr forves against
the invasion of un unfriendly tribe
Among these ratives with whom Me
Cherry bas been Living cansibaliam 80
rampant. “After a tribal engagement,”
he tells the Assapiated Preas, “the ean
Ctured men. women and ehidren are
| fingers, “and every bit of them is eat
| pot resist”
Regarding the rivers he
Mr. Cherry said:
“They drain the Bhest oouniry
Cralsed. Rive. obflee,
; ber grow in wild huxurianee
elephants. Its lust Hie hunting mb
“Amenx the
new tribes fhelt:
haps, the mest
mourners procesd fo Tarn snersaite |
anid keep it up until thelr strength is
FURS tans
The Negve of a Hanter.
The recent death of J. HH. Denham.
af California flustrates the wider
ful perve of a men uhder the
i mest adverse of
three compan ius
aonntains for oa few
I They bad claimed
erosmaad canny funily made their
camp on Eo liver. On Momdar after
noon, whils high up a mesiniain,
hares Weannds atarted a foe bask, The
anter beaeed RWinsed? a
ped was about fo Bre at the ee
the hush gave way :
side down the
vars. In Tally
disc bared,
“abdomen aod :
F shoulder. We hous be
¢ managed 10 crawl back up the lachoe,
where he shouted fur help
No one heard his cries. amd he
discharged bis rifle til the magazine
was empty, (me of his companions
caine to his assistance. The wounded |
man requested bis friend to send for
his wife, realizing all the time that his |
kisgd gone
any pad 8
135] male ¢)
§ wound was ful, The friend went
Unaceompanied by
The |
skulls were pilad in heaps, stock on |
the havhian shall, Bangasson, by
Darhanda served an the base for the
During these limes Mr, Cherry was,
af tha,
wt them 4
| ent up as quick as thal” snapping his
et. Human flesh, to these people 1s a
"delicacy. They want It, and when they |
| get the spportaiity to get it they ean |
In scl
place in the world enuid you find Soh
shargeteristivy of the |
WER] pitas aw per 3
festead of)
or dascing after a death, the!
Benham and
inty the
anh F
ob mien Te
povored woman attacked the wy
# Than
thive 3
with which be returned to he secon
{of the tragedy.
Without belp of any sort Rentiam
| pode ate of the mules back to ¢
{a distsnce of half a mile. Another of
the party then started for the nearest
{ town for medical help and to telephone
for Mra Benham The messenger tra
a trail which it had taken the hunters
on thelr way to thelr camp. A physhk
eamp At 3 o'clock in the morning, bus
pothing could he done for the dying
away. The wonnded man was Care
members of the party taking turns at
carrying it :
They arrived at home st 10 o'clock
st night, the wounded man retaining
conscimisnesy thedughout
lsurney. He kpew that biz death way
never lost
5 o'vloek
i Broniche,
his courage
iui samt
rave Lucien Young.
Physically he was a young Samson.
The examiners oame prety
Li 5 Reyes 5 Figs
stelivd Barone, “Urope.
wet d finally. however,
BA suinrt as a whiplesh aml gave his
fhe dade, whose name
Young dutingtished himself by fam)
Be from the ship's rafl into the Mal
iterranean anid rewening a sallor wha
| had alien into the water from one of
Lah pants and bad Geen stunned Ly
Lie Tal Ir was not long after this
that Young was gesigned to the new
stonnehiip Haron The vessel
taciny nid soit h ane aight in Novem
Ber, 1X77. apd win
ihe sonst of - it Carolin, struck
the poeke amd in less than an honr the
disaster was complete. There was a
| tremsendens sea running. There ap
neared te he Bat ode chanee Lo mye
any oF the crew, The honts were ose.
jess In thust pounding. grinding sea. A
| volunteer was asked for to attempt ©
| parry a Life line to the shore. Young
masks the attempt
| thoweh he was told by his captain that
yalunteered to
eled In an hour and twenty minutes
seven hours to travel when they werg
clan snd Mra Benham reached the
At 10 o'clock that morning the
party started for home, eighteen mis
ried on a litter the entire distance, the
‘gow in bis 46th vaar,
dent of the Zouthern Pacific railway,
the long
| Nearly thirty years sgo a stalwart
follow reported at the United
Sarai Military Aenderny with an ap
pointisent ax a cadet in his pocket
The applicant came within an ace of
to pass his mental examination. |
him out on genersi principles |
afrer they had discovered that he Hked
{short cus In spelling, and. believing
* He was ae |
aroved to be
clnssinates work fo keep up with Mm,
Ahmast fnamediately after graduation
wis Laclen
tha day he went to Wotlk,
0 off Nag's head on
Sof $300 a month
Peamie the general manager «
hash himself, and bis salary, whieh
always keepa abreast with ihe 1Dan,
fraw a Seger anant airy vhiln
Iharies MM. Hays, the successor of the
tate Collis P. Huntington as president | Grn
of thy Southern Pacific railroad. Presi
Sent McKinley gots $50.00 a year and | 7"
Shavles M. Hayy gets $5000 more
Twenty-seven years ago, at the age | 1 :
5 19. Charles M. Hays was a clerk |
in the San Francisco raliroad offiies
in $f. Louis with u salary of M0 a
month. A few weeks ago Mr. Hayes,
came presi-
the second largest in the world
Mr. Hays was 19 years old when he
becmne a clerk in the Bt. Louis freight
1 ansition of only a few hours, but be
He died av
morning. —Chicage |
& Pasific
office of the old Atlantic
railroad. gow the Friseps
native of Rock Island III. He ens
tered the St Louis offlcs in Novegiber
of X71 He bepan phshing himself
In March
of the following year le had pushed
himself trom the $0 por month post.
tion into a place in the auditor's of.
fice, which paid $0 a month. Next he
heciime A clerk In the superintendent's
office and in 1883 secretary to the jen.
eral manager. In two years he Wai
assistant general manager at a salary
A yenr later he be-
sf the Wa.
went up to $12.000 a year. He con.
tinued in this position six years at a
aalury of 312000 a year, and the Wa-
bash system manager much io demand
shance of life was not ote in 8
Lthonsand A seaman named W Minme 2
Feoluntessed to accompany the youn
Lnffenr The two took what Is known
a% 4 Balsa attached a rope. and, make
[ine thelr way oft upon & spar, dropped
into the fey water. A wave beat the
hack against the spar. and Young was |
severely brilsed by the contact
wtack th hin task. hawever, and with
| Williams succeeiled in escaping deatd
P amomr the sternpbesten rocks and In
gaining a foothold upon the sands be
Peapdl The posult of thelr herolan was
i the waving of a portion of the Huron's
{ere zi the vessel weit (o pleces
Fae quiexiy that the rescue of sll was
| typos Ble ~Chieago Times-Herald,
We reetled With a Monntsin Lion,
Tento Ba
jpmnites Vietars oa we
the largess:
in ha oi
4 Hien, Laer tge
War NM
T sin cowlovs
walling cone
denanitain How
ity af Glade
Bi Arey. Wers
range 1350 « rit
vo tdl Nad The Biv firearm In the
Wwriy. 8 rife utd only one cart
de for 0 The sawhoys routed ihe
furs ont of gntie roeks ard nde after
EB fat iin Schell trled a
25 ward shot aad knocked the ln
aver, apparently dead with 1 ballet
through its neck, The tres rule un
and distiaunted. te Aad the lion had
B sly Peay stunned by the shot. As
fey approached be vauie Wo Bis feet
a Jutiped at Bebell. who Knocked
Bare axiite with a Blow from the hua
af the rife. The enormous eat
Clamipesd upon Habba, crunching the
sins defy arm and lacernting his baudy
wws, Bur thw ard, who ia
of exoepilonal strength,
Leanght the beast by the throat and .
font foot. Nohell at the
seized the hind feet whit
iin ie the Bons threat with
Pamadd Baile. Thoveh the Hon gudonbt.
Wenkened be the halle
| wound, 1 the hen cons
i fortunate to ave ssenpedd
hives ‘The len skin
Lael inehes frag Up to 1D
as Sak
fo gk
A Sian 3;
i wid
Laity ite el
xe 128
te Harer rag
: ediy had been
with their
dolinniy's Good Fight With » Wolf,
Jolin Word, aed ff
Blow was in the
aot af kil Groper-
tv 3
geoinred how,
a wolf which
fing a pet Roadie.
NO ron A Aa
RM 3
3 da
rhs $ids
ad. the mother,
iy the
: Ors
CR Cis
was washing
tid the poodle
ry fot from Phe Worms
deniy aad sed need the Hrtle diye
the sgvaite brute
oeriex of hin
har ® by
Was driv £1%
: § mint hop
1a hatvhet ran ta the scene
A sirugrie
aivty the boy was b
sian the hated
fallow edt,
on xX
wi le Lin
ds of the boy provisg too much tor
Crh faves ef the wall
| skin Ly the owner of the lam as an
feiowiledoment of the services
reritered in ridding
{that the poodle had been fatally bitten
hy the wolf, ~Dallas Morning Pout,
‘ mosdilities hegin and His
AmOnK his De
that no less than
hlrredd theses
Meaaures Hike ot
John Word was paid 83 for the wolf
ia a
the piace of a pest. 1% thag wild th
When the fuht was over it was found | WITe mans.
Among the Bre refigees wna at
sivind in thin country from South Afrle |
#4 the early part of the wees the first
Boor SEALING met ever seen here, Was
sinyman, son of |
a youth of 18 OC G
ane of the mezibwrs of the party. This
yolngster was the hen of Gen, Dw
diviwion during the War.
more than 16 years old when
futher who
was A sheep herder in (he Orange Free
Qeaze took him from school and placed
a vifte in ta Beh the Bog
ligls, He Stns pif 13 ford
der Gn. De Wal,
tha poner aralf
wih Hittle
ve oar
fle foaght la 15
regular bari
i and i
2% much
hax the
apd ney
soailier In the
uring the War It is sails
# rib State
his apgerring
Falem on
the attention
tronps fell
Yaung Sov
sf bartie
State who promised
yening hero with a fa
svar declared and the Boers gu
Shar property He iil
mana he
ta reward
rm if peace WHE
ta the Arete Regions
intron need
Baseball was
seroaner Taal
sian of
day Irom
£8 af
thal Ihe nuaflon
hefore attempt
Berita ad
The Brit
fopelyr Greenland
ihe the
Bib b
b i
§ vemisre
he dl
We Wika
fac ®F RIS
onal’ i.
Yany god MERE
et with
Ph hiiade] To
Seip (Bein
Hres and
thie rqlipy
sl with the
which 8’
Shp ef tin
#9 2 FIR
af the
spats Ti
i REER kid B
rer Jest fal
A vel pian
with a Howes
farad 1
i of al
midaleht sun, and wogdering
anitienes of faroclad Eskimo, © honae
rus a hres nariers Wnwikied
aut. It was oecessary Tor all
tn bundle themselves in
retic fashion All hands wore gloves
ows and ervors galore
Boatswa rn Brown of the
| Thallium tied the score in the fourth |
of powd
slateney tqmnant, Pinder the
with a
xy 3
un tii
genius for results likewise
Hin there. Within three years | “
lieenme #0 valuable to the road
it broke the conditions of its ©
with Mr. Hays and increased
Hey to $45.000 a year,
When Collis P. Huntington died
Southern Pacific railroad was Ww
i it president and the office was
|i Mr. Hays, who accepted it
Humew of Articles in Common Use se
Carry Misconceptions
The following are a few
terms which mean anything but what
they seem 10 mean Cayenns P
for instance Is prepared not
pepper plant, but from capsicum.
salem artichokes do not coms
Jerusalem The plant is not &
of the Holy land Turkeys do
rome from Turkey. The bird isa
tive of Americas. Can Air
He was 8
He |
helng made a mene |
* he :
: i gation
Two Ships’ Crews Had sn Exefiluy Game |
4 at tg
twenivefive vears
sin was af that
(or, rath
1 Rl
ta oeiaiara
a i
: £m
cof SB
the play-
| are mada from the
{the common siguirrel
| Is not silver at all, but an slioy of vars
| ous Damer metals, which was In
Lin China and used there lor o
An injustice 5 done tO Germaany "
calling the cheap but useful, woodets
cased clocks she has so jong Pro=
duced Dutch. The mistake arises from
the OCerman word for German
“Teutseh.” Cork isgs are not con-
structed of eork-—-neither did they
come from the sity of that name. The
usual material for a sork jeg is W
ing willow, covered with rawhide.
ple with or without work lege
times pride themselves they are
ipg porpoise hide boots. 8
porpotes hide is in reality the skh «
the white whale irish stow 8
trigh. but an English dish; and
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