The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, July 12, 1900, Image 2

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Pap Perkins. he he Fowtmanter, Tells
¢ the Cawse of Higher Educa
on Was Knotted Ont In the De-
Bate at the Jericho Postoffies.
(Copyright, 190 by C. B. Lewin]
Lich Billings. Abner Jones Mj
Moses Plumber bev bin holdin Jericho |
| hack fur the last two years from bevin
they couldn't be budged. The other
night a mighty smart jookln stranger
was stoppin in town, and it wax ar
ranged that he drop in on the crowd |
and take the sehwolhoum: side and put
1 the three obatructors on thelr backs
named. and when the proper mitait ar
: rived Bquoar Joslyn speaks
aRpranger. ff von was a resident of
: this town, would you be for sehook
yy x 3 houses or ag'in ‘em?
Borough Schon] | ee em. of course tephis
District. the man. Td vote fur the cuose of
{ education If | had to live on one men)
w ing i ths Pinsncial State |
of Patton Reavol District from
ne A ", to Jane 1 1900,
1 in
np ans
(2 and the way COWS wie, where
‘wonld yon be today? He bad gone
beyond readin, writin and
your life.”
Moses,” says the deacon.
yes hut 1 didn’t eall a doctor.” grins
| Moses. “My old woman pulled me
through with herb teas and good nurs
fin. and you all know she can't figeer
| the value of two donen EES
“The stranger wns simbbin his toe
agin stones in the road and didu't jook
happy. but he braced up and said fo
| anmwer:
Yet nw fake a case right here at
| home. Here In 8 store. [It had to Tie
! designed by an architect
{carpenter contd build iC
draw the plans fur a buildin?
that we are sending, post
charjte. an elegant sterling silver.
plated sugar shell, such as we seil reg-
‘alsrly at 0c sach,
Indy in the United
wI'hen the pint ts on the stranger, .g¢
Land 1'4 Hike to see him duisdge 0°
pew schoolhouse. The matter has
some up Almost every evenin at the |
and bin hotly srgued, bot
| gift is sheoluite,
: oF: Mr Flom ask for it themsnlves
| kip read. write and figger, but Kin be 2 :
The stranger was ot hand at the howr | of any of our
mberlain’s coli, cholera and disrr-
oes remed ©. Ww. Hodgkins, will
Agurin. refund your
It was his higher education that saved isfled after ning it.
‘admitted to be the most successful
“That's a4 strong pint agin you. pemedy in mie for bowel Sompiaiate
‘and the only one that never fails
pleasant, sale and relinble
Proposal ti Marsiea Laie.
Eprror Coram Please annonnne
postpaid and free
to every pearried
States who writes
for it. There is nothing to pay.
5 deadurns, and will send
ne illustrations from which selections may
{ sid do
| far higher education no IAD COB 1 “hee made. Ore oliloet x to abvertise
I eyay: it was 8 ghart hit of war
geknowledipad Moses, Ht 1 had cone
shierable to xay to that architect
dWdp’t know how to stop 8 hen fromm
fle thisls bo get
had never heard that thunder would the people
swept milk sopr: he didn’t know { Krate that Ww is yoor
sows had only teeth on ohe mw. be sue sonvenir gifia
Mig. Oo.
x” Quaker Vailey sil fhrware We & holcive
that the most effective way ©
snipes into the homes of
Ladies please write today.
first request for
(asker Valley
, Morgan and Harrieon Sta,
¢ wertin. “ hog fromm rantin or ® dng rive Uhicago.
« kfilin sheep. He sven poked bis finger
| nto A WANDS nest to see If the critters
Lawns at Nome Pm not agin schools
Charo Hoe
put if they Is to tell sur chibdren NAT oe snail
the earth revolves on its axis why
| don't they alan tell ‘em that seratehin
& hogs back with a sorarob will haly
| to fatten Kim? de
{That's a pint Moses it's a Sing
i sb ants the deacon as he BPs on A
: #abmer and Moses hev node
their pints, and now we'd like to hear
from Dish Billings”
Tee got mighty litte to say”
(ples Thal as Bo gite with his bash
| humped up like a camel.
"But it esat be that an intelligent
; oan Hike v G5 tx opposed fo education
5 | protests the stranger.
F104 RR
Sian ws
‘a day. " i aration that Pa a
ination. The ess edooation fhe more |
vice and wickedness.”
L “That's jest the way Jook at It.
Lamps the squar. "1 say education be
Tore everything dhe, but we've got
men Ip this town ‘who differ with te. | 5
You wanidn't t¥ ink that lesdin men of |
is town wopkl be ag'tn schoolhotisen,
would you?"
“hey must be queer sort of men,
i Doty thes want their children to know
| whi discovered Aseria?’
| ATHat's a mighty strong plat, mighty |
strong” ssyx Dedeon Spotoer, as he :
tuniks his cane on Ys foe and looks at
| Abner Jones
i “1 reckon Fou Bittin at me” re
i plies Abner after whittlin away for a
‘moment, “and Pye got & few words
ito say. I'd like #n ask this stranger
‘here if be
x America”
"Why. certainly. str.” “said the man.
“Has it ever Jom you any good? Has
“Rat it Is knowledge”
| "Yes, W's knowledge, an
strong pint.” whispers the descon
"Yeu, it's schoiiboos knowledge”
| says Abber, “but jel me ask you sun
| plant pumpkin seeds?”
{ “Pumpkin seeds! Why.
pumpkin seeds got to do with educa
tion 7”
don’t believe ten farmers kin tell you
when Americn was discovered,
want to drive 8 hog to market?
a ‘and Abper’s got him” shouts the dea
: rt don. at come here Leon as he Jumps bp and dows.
The stranger appeared to be sort of
Wir = THOMPSON. (enufusmd and maken down, but tried to
(git out of It by sayin they were
mao; J fnteicate ‘experiments, [trifiin with the subject.
“Tro one As Ba't oppose to schools :
ways Moses Plomber,
. winny salle aren
land education.”
“but I don't want to many of ‘era
1'm sayin that vrervhady orter kboaw
‘how to resd. write and cipher
knows who discovered i
it ever made any Aifferenre to you
was Bmith. Greens or
and that's a |
What month In the year 4'yon |
what have |
“wQuite a ftttle bit. | reckon. This
8 pounty ships “puff pumpkins every |
year to make 2000000 10 crat ples. 1
hat |
they know when to plant pumpkins
i Which ix the best fur ‘em? | rockon
iyou kin tell what year George Wash |
{ington died fn, which Tean’t, but d'you |
know whar to fasten a rope when yoo |
“By fing, but that's & stroug pint, |
os aceordin fo what sort of sil
: 1 did to goheral sincation. You
look like 8 man of peace, but perhaps
yon lave had trouble with a seightne
| same tire ¥*
“es ! bad tronble with Sain Whew
er once”
! "And you went to law?
Era go to law yon had 8 lawyer,
| that man Bad only koown ssough to
rend, write and fgure hw wouldn't
‘have bin a Iwwyer He bad to hev 8
| higher eduertion fo be 8 lawyer. Dest |
Fou see”
| "1 skamiy do” says Linh
| Mr. Wheeler. Thers was a alt dnd
Fou got Jentice.”
“That's a pint far te SPARE,
LR shouts the deacon
! “You. mebte ‘tis, but lemme tell him
sow §f tirned ont. Bam shet up one of
{my bogs with Bik mad 1 proved 38
bast my lawyer fost the case and shure :
‘od me £10 to best The hog wan't
Cath over $35. but Ram had to pay his
ilmwyer $12 aod he west home from
(the lawsuit fo And the eritter dnd Ly
San And nie ;
LThat's gineral sdueation.
lost $22 and & Log Between us end
and I'm savin ve had "soff of i red
am agin more soboolbouses Gl dont
The descon juniped off the foor peal
Lemid 2 wae 3 pint aml 8 strong one
! ard he stranger got down off the came
ter and said Be wasn't feelin extra well
ad guessed Be'd git to bed early.
M. Quan
Gur [PIR NS Breer
In the Egean Nea
| into the top of a crater, and though i
tg hard to find anchorage thers, vot a
| nieve sail through is appreciated great
by captains, bergose i cleanses the
hettoms of the ships from warioe
Banari was pi In half by an earth
quake. with the result that what was
(Once the CTRLEY of a volcano is now a
| crescent shaped harbor. Two glisten
ling white towns of Therx i Er
LE Nioholas are perched on the summit of
the steep cliff4. whose dark and $amal
fge is similar te that of the top of Vo
wovige Sandia aot agalost the sky
nre large nuh af windnills, :
in 3 dd
it arb Tome sy
jees that build up _powadays they want to stuff chiliren fy
, making a 0OM- wis a heap that's po good to soy .
ihe Kodol dyspepsia care. It body.”
ron eat and allows all “But what mao kin
16 eat plenty of nourishing ssks the strangc
the stomach troubles are kuowledge how wo
X enn by {he medicinal | the earth movalied on ts a is?
" i te “Tot a’ pose we didnt Boowd
I { ans os we fopersd that the sand too a rans
ionduin nels Wouldn't we have Heied the Heitien
Patton Pharmacy. st Yorktown lest the same, and
tir wod Murase © iwopMn't the price of wheat be he
akes are mode by 1hose same ss today? 1 was talk
heed the earlier symptoms young Jim Benwo Uotinr day.
ey or bladder trouble that often could tell the distance to the sou with
in Bright's disease or diabetes. Wn a mile, but he couldnt tell bow
y's Kidtiey Cure makes the many rails to a rod of fence. He comid
4 ho wits, baie he
well, Miah | delay : give the names of all 1 1
: pho foo thw elay. didnt know that cuttin a bogs tall off
would make him root the harder, prob
know Ress TH
“Hot fur hb
ably hopin to Bnd a pew one. He could
teil when every siate came inta the
0 go o 1 6-foot how » Ebony | Yulong he din’ Know that 8 cow
i kicked sideways Instead of stouight
' behind.”
i | URy fing. Moses,
pman + rpoi tly cured of ay 8 and a strovz pint besides!”
ave the following appropriate yi. Aoaean “Tu the face of them facts
8 of Burns’ famous blessing: 1 can't see how we are to git another
ve meat and cannot eat, and schoolhouse.”
ha none that want it; but we
: ~Kodol ether in your Fife ¥ queries the stran
i. This. ger of Moses,
“1 hev. Three years sgo 1 was down
but that's omtery
with fever and everybody thought I'd |
nat 5 you were saved, and how? If:
ealled In bad stm:
io with
exelnimy |
“Yon have been Ul at some time or |
T a Retr 0s
ity am is only
suid wo kuow that a
re the three
; si of hn oi *
gies wizinal earth
; t af the thee was “horn ft
leas than EF yeire gio
fiat stop of the oid of
sta ceria ATubit < f hat
The water in ihe gi
| the sulphurous sireana tro
tani island drain Las a i
Certy whieh compistely et
groseths of every bined fron the §
cof 80% ship.
a Se wi
the Oe
Kaew he House.
Citizen As
me where 1 1 ol
stor Bigboddy
Tat pe 8
2 doors fer Xap is
Metals get tired wey
k Suctors | on x
Pon arconnt of t ¥
Pest of three weeks a jets 10 peg
the ~ondoetivity of a wire
pas sae od 3
facie r Rid bay :
aft to
Want uf enre does gx mors damage
than want of knowledge.
J Pattor Pharmacy.
Revikesls aval Lambarger at
anh Groen
The jaroatest aid to DIGESTION. 0
{gradudes are ted fai
was mad at each other fur ten Fearn
Sallinn Throunh - Yuleans Crater
fa the Mgeas tes a vessel may sall
More than 208% yearn agn tha Like of
{me Minute {i ng rie a. w the only |
remedy that produces imme
ow “i Specialty.
¥ in to meglect 4 hack
Foley's Kiley Care na sure reniedy |
for Bright's disease, diabetes, and |
Try ih
A futsal pe
sche ar others sgn of Ridoey
Patton Pharmacy.
Fepy, Butter and Choose Cream,
With fur edneation and rood
pharseter, 16
! Halland Acennn ting and Typewsiting. :
relishie imstita p
fadies also sdmitied,
catalog | Fall term opens August 18
“But yon bad & lawyer. and so a
ean ApProi
A % ar permanently Cares
eo. w Hodghine, Patton Pharmacy. |
: When in need of
$a Fy
Drug Store,
Prescrintions genperiy eompoanded.
Thousands Have Kidney Trouble
and Don’t Know it.
How To What Out,
Fill & nattie nn plage with your
wales and let Paanty- Aor hours B
pre ae
+ ostang
wedi »E An
rinArY passage. | !
tin Ls bid iter and Jcasting prin in n passing
od § Mt unpizasant
a Ke
address Tir. K. Gener %
risk when you boy | Surin seve
ney if you are not sats | ; TP ay reed
it is every where | of wholesome food. Kodo! dy ple na
tis the only preparation known that will
Each iady will send
her own name anly, a% this ix to valo
hefore THe ghle a gift to send to persons who don't
Wea give ehoite. i
; «about the wheels we
| 3 weak
] wonderful
ieney. It in-
shen |
cure digests what you eat ») the ody!
| pan be notrished while the worn out |
organs are being reconstirupted. Joa roms in he rit, and oe
mation oan the taken out and this tub v
$v noroml sandiian, bis ng
A “
jnstantly releive and completely com ny [nee phiel \
all stomach troubles. Try it if you am oe give Oo SE or wy
3 t that
ok = Inigo BY will So. — by Hall's Cstarmh Core,
Hen d for ro a i
Patton Pharmacy. re CHENEY Tota, O;
aire Family rook are The best.
New White a00ds
Phere in a fine showing of the less
fieivy weighta in i mone reat deat
of style for a very litte mor
Plain White F wide a { medinm
[pore at 100, 18c, Me, 25 and 356 per
ht weight fancy
hire waists, 16e, Plagues salty
pe pink nd bloe shades, 18
md fe per yard
oo ; : : ;
Anything made to order out’
of Tin, Copper o or Iron.
New Swisses.
) ‘There came with the new invoice s
very pretty assortment of the popular
[pia dot Swisees, one sapecially good
gale ar Me per yard
: Sew corded Swine at ide and 13%c
4h 7 bb white dress goods is a Hoe of
ad Duck, very nloe for skiree and
LHttie boys’ wear, af 10e and 135¢ per
Also sdike Dimity, 28 inches at she
ptr yard, i
aki merit and mail ordes speedily
Plu T bing a
Watch for Large Cofiee ]
Thed.C. Harper(o.
Magee Avenue,
Back of Postofiice,
Patton, Pa.
Altoona, | Pen “a
It Is not necessary for uso say much.
handle, because they
We: hav ¢ them for
for themselves.
Tadies and Gents at ah priees.
Lexesarox, Kv.
Bicycle sundries always ke ept on hand. .
Give us a call and get a share of the :
barizains we are offering.
This is a part of our partnership with the public. Ad-
vantages we gain we share with you.
More than this, we often give you benefits in which
‘we have no part. The selling of these goods gives instances
of both situations; some of these we bought cheaply—youn
share some of them. We are selling cheaply without regard
to the way we bought them—¥ OU GAIN.
In Summer U nderwear
We carry a very charming fine of vest, shirte and drawers in cotton and Lisle
thread. So neat and delightful it nukes you cool to look at them, and keep
you cool to wear them. price is right, 5¢ to 50c each,
We have a fine tine of Ladies’, Gents’ and Children’s Hose in plain and *
fanny stripes, polkadot snd etripe, iso the drop stitch Hose in plain back for
Ladin Hoe to Soe the pair
Laces and Embroideries.
No finer line in the large cities ti elect from than we have here for v
Es jon bn the new how knot and ilove’ designs,
Summer Dress Goods
3a plain and fgured Inve and dimities jie bere, and the price is right. If vou
re think
We want the parents to come in mad look over oar fittle Gents’ shoes
qo: ; ’
Made Just Like Papa's.
They « come ty Tap with Niele Evilets, also in Black. The prices we are
id ren’ & shoes are Tio imbiestion of their real value. Interested
in oul and sombre ti patronize this store for
Fitteen Dollars in Gold FREE
For the Boys and Girls.
and girls at this store,
that we're in terested mm their welfare.
want to imterest the bovs
we will explain to vou how
for the gold prem:
& od th A
first, five for the
Ten for the second.
Co. Binghamicn, N.Y. When writing men: ;
ton readin fis geasrsuse offer in this paper.
¢ of purchasing a bot weather doo took over our line before buying. Be