The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, May 03, 1900, Image 3

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    ’ atton Cou A er. | were visitors to Patton over Sunday.
i : Wait and watch for the Rice & Davis
| big one ring show, which will be in
| Patton Wednesday, May 9.
her home at Jersey Shore, spent Sun.
TERMS OF SUBSCRIPTION. day with her parente in this place.
Ce copy, One YeRT, in advimes, «
Advertising mies (nade Known apon ap. will be given by the literary and social
No papies Swoitiinoed anti sll area ' TY 4
Ages are Re, unless. at (he option of the | Gond's Hall May 11.
publishers, attend.
sped iit 1h Posto at Patton ns sevond- . :
Sutered nt th ha cial satier J.D. Karlheim, whose former home
ro pot fail
i was nexr Patton, bat who is pow in
‘ Bloomsburg, Suilivan Co, N.Y. was
: fin Cresson Wednesday
Will Patton have a ball team this Record.
Shis season ? W. C. Baom, traveling salesman for
J. Moore Hardy, of Altoona, was in | Grier Bros, wholesile hardware noe
Patton Friday. chants, cailed in Patton fast week one
Wm. Veckley visited friends in Al- day. “Billy” has a host of friends in
toona over Sunday. ‘this place.
Joe cream st the City
wholesale and retail,
Restatirant The first se vious arcbdent fo happen
‘at the Paris Exposition occured Son.
day when a side show bridge collapsed,
jn Johnstown last week.
Perry Rubin, of Glasglow called on
Patton friends Satarday. will depart for Wales Friday
8. B. Myers, of Monntaindale, was a ‘they will spend three months visiting
Patton visitor Batarday. Mrs Lilly's parents, whom she has sot
Prank Zentmyer spent Sunday with 30 for 10 years.
his parents at Clearfield,
A large assortment of millinery goods
can be had at Ott Sisters. 14 a ae
: prise ther won ne
Do not forget the Hitreary entertain, demand for advert jned articles
ment and box social May 11 Joa a ol
an ; . : Just receiver 8 fos
Mise Patient Sibert, of Westover, WAS dist globe valves, sizes | 0p lo 1 inoh,
visiting friends in Patton Satarday. : Try a Fairbank's disc y alii for steam
At Ott Sisters a finie line of millinery Or waler ans you
goods can be had at lowest prices. -1t For sale by J. C. Gans,
RC. Ostinrn, of Falls Creek, Pa, Real a. an as
Jooked after business in Patton Friduy. Ae On
iE I : : : oeidend In cathiog 29 of
John Gagliardi and assistant are heaqties, The forme v's father sayW it
laying the flagstone pavement for L. was pretty bard to determing
(quite serious.
Mrs Richard Li]
Somebody, amd a great many some
beution, Soo, at that, although me
bixdy, must sbe and read the pds, oth
fb Lhe Ineo
4 every.
3 £ es oY 7
i. Laer Th Other,
tia plumber 41
Pood Myers
snd =mao-
the speci eed
Ties mms
ti te
Galiwsle. Mr. CW. Hodghtivs, the we
GC. Rishel and wife, of Westover, pauon druggist, and Mr. L. 8 Beil the
were visitors 16 our town Thasday of jading clothier of that busting town,
Inst week. were here Toesday, sud called in
8. K. Spyder and (Claire Gunsanlins this office. Ebenibary Mountaineer
weréin Hastings Tuesday running a Herald,
o telephone line. | Jos Rariheion, who wis so gnfortan-
BM Kinney and Philip Rager of Ate several weeks sgo 10 break ome of
; Hastings, were visiting friends in Pat. his degen, i= able to walk around wn
7 ‘Sor with the aid of crotehes 16 will be
ton over Sanday.
Rey Kinkead 4d 8 D. Ludw golpe Urse hefare he can tse the Hmb
: Geo. A. Kinkead and 5. 1). Luaw Sg
came 8 Ebensharg the . propesiy.
part of last week. : © RF. James. FF. MacNamars nek
i a CJarnes 8 Divk, of Bbenstarg, seco:
Carrotltown’ boom, hick 2 ”
a 's big kX : of Whiek os panied by Miss Henstadt, of 8% Loais,
News poke ha Sote weeks ago, "Mo. Miss Perry of Holiidaysburg, and
i ” apt 0d Miss Mao Namars, of Ebensburg, were
~ W. F. Leabry and Jerry Toohey, of visitors to Patton Sunday.
(en Cambell, wery visiting friends in
Patton over Sunday.
and sacked by a now apparatos, wiich
A. H. Heller and Donald A. Shoe. has a plow to noeirth the tobers, the
‘of Ebensburg, were calling on dirt and potatoes {atling Into an endless
friends in Patton Snoday. chain elevator, which delivers them in-
to a bopper with sist sides, which re
Earnest Ardell and wife of Spangier, ;
were the guests of the former's brother, moves the dirt ancl drops the potaloes
John Ardell, of Went Magee aveve. 003 bag.
Mr. and Mrs. John Fisher, of near
Carrolitown, spent Sunday with their
won, A. C. Fisher, of Mage: avenue. the woods adjacent to Bridgeport, and
Se Hid for a little while thal village was in
Cc. Ww, Hoagxios das had ue brick eminent danger of being burned to the
| pevement in A. 8 ground.
relaid. It was extended to the curt pijents there in fighting the Hames
: line. : ' was the villagers sai vation, Alnrwens
| Chas. Rhody is making peparations ville Review.
store buikling andl residence on Fifth
Bamuel McLaughlin, of W
old veteran of the rebellion, was calling prcogh pilots to Ivrireg the rule
on his old comrades in Patton Satar.
day. ‘en on the river forann
AN goods are alike to Potman Fade The prices offered
Jews Diyos, us they tolor all fibers at sae
boiling. Sold by ©. H. Ferry, Chest
Springs, fa.
Geo, BE. Thuston, of Kerrmore, Pa,
and Briah Thoston of Gazxam, Pa,
were attending to business in Patton
Cone day lait weobk. tisis contract the eumpan v has dhe let
wi a anmber of hoopes 20 olla COBIRICLOTS
Pag ties, picinics, and the retail trade making = total ed thirty houses to he
anikesha an ‘When a flood comes there will not be
Rave heen engagixd
rin from $00 to $90 10 Look Haven
soniracted with Wi
Sammit Coal Company bas
Hao Winebrag, of
Harnesbarn, the erection of ten
fiotseen at the mle fast east of Cymbria
VW Grr Will Cone
we al Ones esis
furnished cream at wholewale prices al ooted by it this spring Thm, with
/ City Restaurant. Cream guaranteed quite % number of houses being pat ap
to give satisfaction.
: The SUrvey ors A414 Tun wing the grades Eases
for side tracks at Magee & Lingle’s *PODgE. Aemdtitann Times,
new mine, which i locatd nearly op- :
| posite the Reilly mine,
Alois Ran, who wits a resident of Pat
ton up anti two weeks apo, and then
; returned to Bin further home, Westover,
Pa, bs now loested at Jolinstown.
bebhor spore tha
Monday's Johnstown Democrat
. pontaiped a Half toned out of the men pita. Thee
wanted at Windbar for he Murcer o.oo & Ratit |
by other mining companies op aria,
plenty of business there this
There were Bi
od owe Lave T54
Ir tok a oiler
that win Argerion
¥ ay
weber luvs Wo
ir {ri
Hontueky twenty {
ville, Tennesse. The
stage was eight eonts
& huodred miles pant a
Bern anid py
al the
; ; tov nl FOR TORY,
commited there Easter Sunday night. present time Eh pas aon
LOO phases of nual In R
- May Ladies Home Journal
| M.M. Crain, the plasterer, last week aboat 30
- pompleted the work of plastering the single day -
| hotaes owned by the Chest Creek Land phe breast of Greensburg's pew dam
& Improvement company in different oi pe wo feet in length. 10 fet in
parts of the town, height at the cedtral poind, 20 Ket in
wade Width at the base and tapering to 12
Ali the soap in Paraguay is
feet at the top. In its construction 120
from voca oil. Cows eat the pulp from "0° 75 © 7 © E 1s porn
‘the nuts leaving the hull enclosing the Cubic yards of earth wil be reqiaired,
3 Sl gn bY a8 yay Sis iden 3 a
kernel olein and snooth, A cow will well as a large quantis POR:
clean 40 or 50 nuts per night. stona, puddle work anil subleniasin
f i The average width of the reservoir will
Three now veing have been opened | be fully 1,000 feet, The dam will back
in the coal fields al Dysart. It is reli- the water ata distapce of aver 4,200
ably stated that others will be opened feet. The capacity of this immense
withhi a few months and that the coal storage basin will be 500,300,000 gallons
operators at that place will construct 20 and the total cost of the work including
new houses for their employes during the purchase of the farms, will approx.
the coming summer. imate $120,000.
SY aa
Wm. Springer, and wife of Bradley,
. $180 An Entertainment and box woednl |
departments of the Epworth League in
£cs :
Potatoes are rapidly dug, clewoed
A spark from a pasaog locomotive
ofthe OC. & M. Toesday evening fired
The upited efforta of the
pavement in front of Bis 1, the Clearfiel] districts pilots are
Bot near #0 plenty as they formely were
nd it is feared by the Inmberman that
amber of oid timers who Bave not
mer of Years t
pow sions 18 1808 ko
(days last week.
! The ball held Tuesdry night by the
| Socialist Labor party, was a grand wie
Sara Jayne Holter, who is making | °°%% socially as well as financially. |
The music was furnished by the Spang.
{or orchestra, which gave the best of
Refreshments were servid
All present report a
in the hall
pleasant time.
Phirteon Years Ago.
The following in taken from the
“Manntaineer News’ page of the Pitta.
targ Dispatch, dated at Johnstown
April 30: “Thirteen years ago to-tuy
the first interment was made in Grand
View cemetery, pleasantly situated at
the top of Kernville hill, and overlook-
ingly the vast valley that was flood
swept by the breaking of the Sonth-
Fork reservoir, jost a little over two
years later. The interments made in
the cemetery number 4.811. Nearly
one half of this number were victims of
the disaster, 778 bodies lying in the
unknown’ plot, being those recavensd
: J. J Thon went several da from the wreck, and rain of the flood
Hon. J. J Thomas spent seve ye : kiliing «ix people and injoring 40, some :
that were never indentified Twenty
seven of the origina 50 ineorporatory of
she (rand View Cemetery Association,
wha held thelr frat meeting on Jan.
gary 25 1885 are dead: others have
moved away while probably 20 are still
residents of Johnstown and suburbs
Of the number whe have departed this
fife, six of them were drowened in the
Several interments witl be made
iy the cemetery one of
those being the inte Wesley J. Rose,
died at his heme on Frankin
At, fhis morning.
a cwnd ‘
Hw SR Grow,
WwW. W. Mayhew, Merton, Wis, save,
consider One Mingle cough oun a
most wonderful medicine, gnick and
It isthe only harmless remedy
It cores
that gives imvmedinte reslts
coughs, colds, erotp, bronchitis, grippe,
whooping congh, preamonia, and all
throat and lung diseases. 1s early te
prevents consumption, Children Hea it
and mothers endorse it. CW. Hodge
king, Patton Pharpacy.
Pow See
A a fronting an Magee arenas, HH
foot hy 140 feet, known as fot Noe 13
A good Jocation for a store Will be
anld on most reasonable ferme. Ad.
Areus, James (i. Egan. Bloshurg, Tioga
'o., Pa. 18115.
Por Ssie
Have Ave good heavy teams for sale
which are # and 7 years old weighing
2.800 to 3,000 pounds, all wad! Broleen
and ready to go 6 work now.
n-3 Wm PF. MossEn
Westover, Pu
| stopped at the
Kk CY stond and SAW (DIC
of their suits for 8
oA ; i +X. i
JIE Ist Sdy thc (flats
1 of cloth and work-
manship 1s as
in any sro Suit here-
o¥tered in Hat-
was visiting relatives in Patton several :
| Deeds Rreorded at Fhenshurg up to Date
man, Hastings, $4,000.
J. 8 Miller et nx to Efe P. Plotee,
legrino, Sosynehanna. $100.
Margaret J. Botts at al to E. BR. Mos
ser, Sosquebanna §1.
Hastings Buliding & Loan Association
to Antnony Semmelsberger, Fider $150.
Paul Yahner ot ux to Chest Creek
Land & Improvement Company, Eider,
Sarah A Huber to Oliver J Deemer,
Crallitzdn, $1,500.
John B Overberger. of ux to A. EK
Patton, Trustees, Carroll, $4 8684
Mary A. Saltagiver ot al to A E
Patton, Clenrfield, $2519
Mary E Boone et vir to Simon M,
Witson, Patton, $i
Qimon M. Wilson et ax to Mary M.
Fleoint, Paros, S850
Jans Nagle ot vir to Joseph Wills,
Cambria connty, $30.
Jonathan Reese ot px (0 8, L. Reed,
Cambria 855%
William 8S [mith et ax to Emery Lo
Smith, Beads 500
Edward [Biles ot
Hower Heads, $1. 400,
T 3
Blacklick, aon
ax Wo RL.
Anastacia Schell at vir to H. OU. Prote-
Elizabeth Bolger et vir to Joseph Pel.
Donated for Church Suppers.
Dold's smioked meats are sure to bring you back for more.
Imported and domestic Holland Herring, Russian
dines. Mackeral, Bloaters, Codfish and all kinds cannes fish;
Fresh country eggs and batter
from Bradford county a
r 1, ang
Try our Teas—33¢ to Soc per Roasted Coffee
3 pe
12c, 15¢, and 20c per
a :
ge he Ki a
ie Ries,
Retders to Lizzie A Selders,
Mary A Bweeny of vir to Daniel Me.
Alves, Hastibgs, 800
Nicholas | BEouans of
Sweeny, Lily, $960
W. HM. Shipman, Beardsley, Minn,
shader cath says be suffered from dys
pepsin for twenty five yeam. Doctors
and disting gave him but Little relief
Finally be seed Kodol dyspepsis core
ard ness cate what he HRs and as much
as be sant and he feels lke a new
wisn. ft digests what you eat. CW,
Hodgkins, Patton Pharmacy.
Notiee ia hereby given to parents and
others that hereafter there shall be no
loafing or lounging in and aboul the
hails of the Good Building.
ehildeon or adults funod loitering or
joafingr in dnd about the same will be
treated 48 respassers, taken in custody
he the polios and otherwise dealt with
cHirvts Arrangements
hive bess made to offectusily carry
oul this regratation and costs 10 parents
may he saved hy keeping children from
viodabing Lhe sane. Geo 8B Goan
April 2, 1900. 19tf
as the law
Thy Kieties Wiman's Stoly
How Hetty Green, the famous finan
cher, whe tow enjoys the distinetion of
being the richest woman in America,
has made and kept her millions will be
told for the first time in the June
Ladies’ Home Journal In view of Mrs
Green's vast wealth, so great that she
hearse! cannot exactly compute it, the :
story of har hotue life will aso be os
peciaily intersting, by reason of tx
In the article Ms.
Cirewy télle bow she has bought and
sold ruliroads aod towns, and how she
has compiled political managers to do.
her bidding - showing the enormous £
power of inoney in these golden dave
Fier daily life, too, is interesting, for
early and late she ix af her tank of
witching her wealth and eagerly add- |
ing ty it, being a stranger Lo almost
Several pictares
af the woman with millions, made ex.
pressly for the article, will give it ads
extreme simplicity.
any other setreation
ditional interest.
eontider if nod only a pleasure hat
a dul
the wonderful cure effoted io my
y the timely use of Chamberlin 's
cholera and dsrrhosa remedy.
I was tagen badly with Sax and
proceed a battle of this regtedy. A
of if effected a permanent
plngeaon in
fay wlhhars sii ffering from that
WX Lynch, Darr,
Va This remedy is sold by Patton
Wo Ha
few omen ; 8
£5 ve
deead fal disease
Pharmaoy. t akin =
Ajpents on sidary of #1500 per coek
gt x pe nses Yhe groatest agent seaey
ever uroduced every stock and posit
endear hnive &? Baul
F hid
wan tad, Ndipoas
% ia, terre
Prisms Willine Sheep tv BWlair
Supp cusps in de
aioe lover
Pie lads
if’ congh Preah TRIE
wR wi ¥% ¥ gays 8 ¥ i hs + Ge
spscannd i nrauy are wl fx it ak
and etfioted a ianplets ne.
than Time
opiate NorweK
rote by
John IE
Prone, |
se Tour dn le Da i
Yor Infants and Children.
Rears ths
Signatare of
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Below Central Rotel
WAL a Cue
Daly oust
3 :
customer. are noted
Ate DOpMIAY Danse we make
rm |
wg % - a
res the agency
Clearfield Steam aun
ire of your
Onur correct SUITS will
i :
Ym ery
1, RAR Yas
far the
patronage in
work gnaranteed.
i and salina oh:
¥ ana sR ER 1 a ETE
¢ XA
iy 0 AAA ga
4B iin ®
The Merchant Tailors,
Please SELLY
FT IeARE give He a Cali
‘Garfield Wilkins.
hat YEW Spouting
and all kinds of
nything made to order out
* % A
of Tn, (
apper or
Need not be hg ne
\ 4 Ts ann Lg 4 iis Tox
but should be styl
§ 5% 3
made and well
b 5 2 a
the tarlorimg
¢ 1 owe to my neighbors to teil
Nr prs
¢d.(. Harper(o.
x F
Hager Vol
Patton, Pa.
y: EE LEER y
Lomesy =
ti % x
faction guaranteed
~ The Patton Jeweler.