The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, April 26, 1900, Image 3

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    | Bigelows. Frank lives between ti
{ on the recollections and anticipation of
these visits to Phiilipsbéirg, and has a
"mort of lingering bope that the lime
| will come when he will be able to stay
permanently. Philipsburg ledger.
The Lilly Signal says that while dig-
| ging a grave for an nid male that had
died for Leahey, & Co, Raymond Allen
and John Leahey, two Lilly boys, on-
i : 5 2 mo" 3 :
Desdn Recorded wt Ebensharg sp 0
Friday. April 30, :
Edward Parstangh et ux to Emeral :
Kerk, Gallitzin Borough; consideration,
Receiver of Pennsylvania Building &
Loan Amsocistion to Edwin
Reade, §700.
ton 40 Pete J Little, Cambria County,
$15. 5
Excelsior Building & Loan Associa
‘Donated for Church Suppers.
‘dines. Mackeral, Bloate
Dold’s smoked meats are sure to bring you back for more.
Imported and domestic Holland Herring, Russian Sar-
s. Codfish and all kinds cann
ed fish,
earthed twenty old onecent’ copper
| pieces, some of them bearing the date
M. D. Kittell ot nx to Joseph Ben.
gele, Gallitzin, borough, $600. Fresh country eggs and butter from Bradford county a
PATTON PUBLISHING €0.. Proprietors.
Wi Gers Faditor.
One copy, one year, in advice,
FAA vertising rates sei obey CE TE GAOT RY
itl wil nrren
So papers disoantinued u
we sition of the
ages are paid, unless el 1a
¢ Entered ai the Patios at Pation as
§ class vist mati,
: : Joe cream at the City Restanrant
L C. Sickler came down from Cros-
son Friday.
The best tea for the money at the
0. A. Clark came up from Johnstown
one day last weak.
candy snd nots go to
(a : K
| Bpecial prices to cash buyers all
month at the (Cash Grocery.
HD Hetrick, of Vintondale, tran-
witeted business in Patton Friday,
Mrs T N daughter
| vistted relatives at Hastiogs Tovaday
Nagle and
Por apples, pion, prendre HRIEADSA,
the Cush Giroery
Charles Lehman and Barney {anniile
stein drove to Hastings Sanday eve
Jos. Lehman of Patton, was in town
| Sunday, the gnost of his best girl. Car
Lrolitown News
{Henry Beemer, of Baiefonte, Waa in
| Patton Saturday, the guest o { hin bro-
| ther, Christ Beeger, the liveryman.
Homer Leary spent a week's vacation
| seth his parents at Chest Bprings. He
returned to Patton Monday morning.
Harper Whiskey so,
| hottled poetry, ripe mellow, refreshing
und delicious. Sold by W. L Disgpett,
iw liquid
rid - Cecil Wilson came over from Ashville Paton, Pa
one day last week. ;
The ‘Deacon’ at Viremen's Hall
next Saturday evening
Frank E. Taylor, of Philipsburg,
a Patton visitor Saturday.
Mra. Joseph Taylor and son visited
friends in Alcona Tuesday.
© W. H. Troxell of Glasglow, was call-
ing on Patton friends Monday.
_ groceries at the Cash Cirocery.
Harry Crain, of Philipsburg, is visit-
ing relatives in Patton this week.
JM Westover, of Westover Pa.
was a visitor to Patton Tuesday, and
while here made the UOURIER offioe a
pleasant call
Jerse Jodon, of Patton, a veteran of
the Civil War, visited this week at the
home of his son, Frank Jodon, of North
| Barnesboro Sentinel.
McCulley and Milles
by Misses
| Messrs. J. L
Westover, accompanied
. Yousave money by buying YOUr ,..n44 and Byrdie Jackson, ail of
| Westover, were visitors to Patton Bun-
| day.
It requires no experience to dye with
contain 14.000,000, feet of lumber.
‘of 1807. They were discovered near
the location of Porter's old sawmill
{long years ago gone to decay. All ex-
cept three were old copper pennies, of
dates eariier than 18924,
Hiwty Tithgent Fam ties
The following is taken from Toes
day's Johnstown Democrat; Director
James Moore of the Cambria county
“Poor and House of Employment”
gave a Democrat reporter some inter.
‘esting information. Mr Moore said
that in 1595, when the depression suc
coding the panic of 1800 was being
most weverly felt, 150 families in Johns.
and immediate neighborhood
were of the list of ocotdonr poor.
Monthly payments to the nnfortunates,
then amounted to $5900 on the average
At present Mr. Moore said, there are
only 60 families on the Bist, a dec reane
of 90, and the expense Lo the couly
adout $220 monthly, The number of
peopie at present io the poorhooss is
168, principally aged and infirm men
and women. with a sprinkling of hare i
lowes janitics and imbecilen
Tira ber Hart to Cross the Deans
Lumbermen in this vicinity will be
interested in the following: A ral io
vominin 14,000, piles in DOW being con
structed at Beattie, Wash, by =» Ban
Francisco firm, to be towed 10 Japan.
When completed the raft will be £35
foot long, 53 fest in diameter and will
though rafis of this kind are frequently
towed from the Puger Scand to San
Francisco, it ia feared in marine circies
that sthe task of towing such A Craft
acrois the Pacific is somewhat risky.
Notice ia hereby given to parents and
others that hereafter there shall be no
loafing or loargiog in and aboul the.
halin of the Good Building Either
children or adults found loitering or
loafing in and about the same will be
treated as trespassers, takes in costody
by the police and otherwise dealt with
an the law directa Arrangements
Robert James st ux to Webster Grif
Ath. Cambria, $212
John B. Denny et
Ahlen. Cambria $1,000.
Samuel Vaughn, by
Cambria, county 10
Cambria, $ anes
Executor of Thomas Griffith
Antite BE Lyte, Cambria, $2,400.
the Treasure of
Annie BE Lyto et al to Webster Grif
fith, Blacklick, §1 425
I. & Siagle to John Evans et al,
Cambria $50.
to George
Robert James,
Try our Teas—15¢
12¢, 150 and 20¢ per i
Notice our Floor
Goods, Ete
Philip J. Gallihan ot ux to Mathew ;
P FPredarick, Ciallitzin borough, $1,300
Jobin Davis et ux to Jeremiah MeGin-
nos, Blacklick, #40.
Amanda J. Driskel to J
Cresson, §2 406.
MM. Noel,
14. and Roasted Coffee
Shoes, Rubbers, Dry
James Murray to Mary Murry, Cres
som $1
Agreniinral Promperily.
Farming pays
These days,
Don't matter what
You got
Planted on y'r land,
V' understand,
Fr how
You plow,
Whether you do it by steam,
‘Ra mew team,
'R you rotate
Wie crops Tr nen thin yer phosphite,
R whad ail;
Large or small
Farming pays.
You may rise
TH shoals,
Pormatioss 'r summer sqaash,
B gosh
"R partickier Cain,
But sam’ rein,
Wet'r dry days,
Farming pave
You bet
An' yes
There ain't no harm
In statin’ that it does pay the man
what rims the farm. -Bx.
“No family tan afford to be without
patronage in
Below Central Rotel.
When you want a close
shave or fArstelass bar cul
visit my shop. Everythi
clean and up-to-date,
£ pow
$0 ne po
Ti £3
A clean
I have secured the agency
We make a study of Men
We fit individ
Clatd and give
t appearance.
En Eo &
{nr garments are noted
for character and quality, and
are poplar hecanse we make
‘em right
{Jur correct
‘please you.
SUITS will
for the Clearfield Steam Laur
dry and solicit
4 Ne
work guaranteed
P 3 .t ; ii
lease give me a cal.
share of your,
The Merchant Tatlors,
have been made to effectoally oarry
out this regulation and costs to parents
may be saved by keeping ehiidpen from
Jobn of Ashvills, was 8 Putnam Fadeless Dyes. Simply boil-
toPatton Priday. {ing your goody in the dye is all that's
~ business visitor PATTON. PA.
: . | necessary. Sid by C. H. Perry, Chest
One Minate ;oogh cure. It will stop a
cough and core a old quicker than
Garfield Wilkins.
_ Oivil Eagloeer
George W. Ball of Morrisdale Mines,
Pu, was a visitor to Patton Monday.
day and Satarday
at the Cush Grocery.
Geo. H. Ayer, of
had business in Patton
“AR, Weber and wife of Vintondale
| were visiting friends in Patton Friday
Messrs. George Langbein and M. M.
Nolan, of Patton were in Cresson last
A.J. Musser of Peale, was among
in the place the
If you are hungry drop in to the
City Restaurant wheré you can get
everything you wish in the eatible line.
Charles Holes, who is employed by a
‘spent Sunday with bis parents in this
Jamon Stratton, of the Asheroft cols
ery, was called to Philipsbarg Tae
day on account of the serious illness of
his mother.
Frank Pennington, formely of thiy
place, but who now resides at Windber,
stopped in Patton Monday night, while
en routato Punxsutawney.
Mrs. A. W. Kane, of Windber, was
visiting her mother, Mrs. John Karl:
i heim, who resides a short distance
mouth of Patton, several days last week.
Jos. Hubbard and his crew of men
are pushing the work on the City Rese
(ur addition. The building wil
soon be ready for the brick layers and
Several young peopie from Patton eo onth Pork, and Mrs Caroline Seb.
* Fresh oysters every Tuesday, Thurs
prings, Fa.
Engineers say 2 1i0-foot- wide canal,
| snd Grand Forks, North Dakotas, is an
| engineering possibility. The scheme is
| a grand one atid the agricultural North
| west wants it carried through.
| Hummel, {he man who murdered
| his wife and four children in Lycoming
ponoty last fall, will go to the gallows
‘on June Sth, The murderer expected
| executive clenency to the extent of a
commutation of his sentence to life ime
| prisonment.
| Dp. B. Snyder and wife, of Mt. Union,
| Pa., are visiting with their son, SK.
Snyder, of this place, this week. Mr.
Land Mrs. Suyder had been visiting
friends and relatives at Pittsburg, Al
toons and Huptingdon previous 1o
poming to Patton.
tailoring company at Glen Campbell, |
tailoring § at Glen Campbell, Blairsville borough owns ils walter
“works. The incomes to the Lairotigh
from water penta last year was $9,525.27,
and had no expense for
sarvice. Indiana be
($1,725 four water for fire BTN.
water for fire
rough oes Bol wn
water storks (here, and pad oil
The Apache Indians at Fort SLi
Okla. have recently closed a foar-days’
dance, given voder a special IXpeTIG-
tion from Goranime, inorder to ward
{off a threatened epidemic of srl
1 pox, dancing having Berclolinre Deel
strictly prohibited by the aged chief
| Sheriff George M. Wertz and Deputy
Sheriff Eimer E Thireday
‘took to the Dixmont Insane Agylom
three anfortunates who had been con-
mited to that institution by Judge Bar
ker, during the past week. They were
Lee Daughtery, of Gallitsing d
Pravie iast
vo Lew,
#3084 #
attended the church festival and dance 45s of Johnstown
at Chest Springs Saturday last and re.
May 12th.
por a pleasant time. Next will be held
‘Miss Tressie Witherow, who has been
Hi took a clerks of
the office of Internal Hevenie Cotlector
BF Parletr, of Baltimore, five hours
steady work, to ent and sort amd affix
foree of twenty
staying with ber brother and family in >
; ying x the stamps to the consolidated mort
dist globe val
acoept »
Alex Monteith, one of the Cambria
county - delegates to the Republican
Hate convention, left Patton Tuesday
‘morning for Harrisburg. The conven.
tion went in session yesterday.
Junt received au full line of Fuirbank’s
ves, sizes | up to kinch.
Try a Fairbank’s disc valve for steam
or water and you will use no other.
For gale by J, C. Gould, the plumber. 4t
The Barnesboro Sentinel says that
Wm. Leadbetter, assistant mine fore.
“man at Empire mine, has resigned to
position as mine foreman with
the CG. B. 0. Uo, at their new mine in
patton for the past three months, nb = PAR :
tared to hor py at Ansonville, Pui gage of the reorganised Seaboard Air
fine. The total amount of the mort
gage ia $75,000,000, and the internal
revenue stamps upon the document
amount to about $31,000.
What might have froven RVOrY Bers
fous secident happened near Noo 22
' Sunday afternoon, Some Hungarians
who had not recovered from their
| Easter drunk procured nn eaply beer
keg and filled it with powder and then
to antisfy their hellish Heed
a mateh to it. Just ad the (ime 01th
explosion i Mr Price his wile and babe,
were passing in a buggy, when
horse took fright and opset the vehicle,
throwing them all ont and injuring the
{babe quite seriously. Houtsdale
| Citizen.
denires Lot
149 to 15 feet deup between Lake Superior
violating the same, Gro 8. (ooh.
April 2, 1900.10
For Sao,
A lot fronting on Magee avenow, 50
feed by 140 feel, knOWD a8 lot No. 13.
A good location for a store. Will be
sold on most reasonable terms. Ad.
dress, James (i. Egan, Blossburg, Tioga
Co., Pa 18010
About the
Spring Suit
We are prepared with a feast of
good things in Apparel for Men, Boys
and Children, and ean fit them trom
crown to sole.
This vear we have gxthered to
gether here in otir ore the largest anh
west stock of goods ever shown by us
Of course that means in the Lown,
Men's Suits, Good Albwodd ones,
AAR, TN, 24s AB 4%, 38 9m and so
of ap to gloan
Boye’ Baits, $3.88 4.45, 4.8% up to
85 G5.
Childress Vestee Nuits $1.95 19,
3.48, and go On 8p Lo
is 1 5 RY
IN MEN'S HATS. All the crea
« of the fashiouers in Men's head
guar are found bere. Bx btiys 8 good
ane and we have them ali the way to
$2 98, no higher: exeepl Stelsons, "
Ohiid }
and 45
SHOES, All the
Waoren's, Misses
All sizes, widths and prices.
Car sale on Ladiew® Fine Shoes stil
3 « and we have plenty vel All
siges to Bt yon from 24 oF
ap 10 $1.48
Que fiohbiy
fullows, sins 19 Tar 14
Hs and all for 4x.
" Mena fixings
: fo ra ik
ancy Lage
Fes IR
BILE, BITTE fivie rg
Peat sivies in
RE ens doe 8 mid ei
Men's and Boys
Men's intewd
bey wow
eto, i says complete
von always get what vou want
strictly 1a late
Qalling Agents for the eelebrated
Wweet, Orr & Un Pantaloons, Overalls
and Jackets. Every pair warranied
at to rip and wear rel
If you are not a patron of ours
pay you 143 arta hwnd
this house when You want
nest that money will buy.
No dickering of prices. We
alike to all and thats the only way
Yau are invited to call
anid 11s
witl bBecuane by
grwwds the
Directly opposite the Hank
placed on her fi
goods abe avowed her dpterenin
any olber paedicine,’ writes W.
Williams, Sterling Rap, Pa It cures
croup, bronchitis and all throat and
long troubles and prevenia consume
tion. Pleasant and harmiess e wo
Hodgkins, Patton Pharmacy.
Agents on salary of $15.00 per week
and exponen; the greatest agent miler
ever prodocxd; every stock and gonitry 4
raimer buys it on sight
stamp, American Mfg
Haute Tod
Address with
(leanse the liver, purify the bloed, :
invigorate tse body by using DeWitt's
liste early risers. These pills always
aot promptlf’ OW. Hodgkins, Patton
Brearhod. Promise Sail
The Johnstown Tribune says that in
Blair county court Thursday a suit for
bea of
terest by George A. Bender, of Callin
gn, against Mis Mary FP. Noffsker.
Tie complaint alleges that he and
the defendant Yecame engsged to be
married on Janorary Bth asd He
er a wedsling ring
and pave ber numerous presenta On
March 24th they went before Alderman
Dobivoe, of Altoona, and secarsd a
vy ied i et TE
RE Go a
After he
4 parchase Boomer old
most smug er BAIL
to He lays his
goes at $040, and claims thal he
ity Bestacrant if
ask wanted al Lome
Write op stl
Ores at, Lait
gf Cpe.
ab gnaw on Brows.
hpsa connts
ington, Pa, says, U1 have foagnd Kool
Gysfwpsia cure pxveliont remeiin |
» y
comes oF mig Pueyirydadee
sd Bove de.
C¥ x
st and expat
3 £ “ik
Lipests w hal you
cre Hodgkins,
; haan cre (ndigesiion
Rane ane gives rolisl
pans Tatoos cure 2i2RI0OWN
fipans Tabules cure fatulance
For Iufants and Children.
site cue Begilacive
The Kind You Have Always Bought
Bears the
Kignatare of
promise of marriage was en. we arg posa
Need not be
shold be
TE ad
the taronng
cea Yas Tins i
8 yi AUG ILE
Klow eqgx
nsed In
ah %
Bo lie By, EH
I) int
our Spring Hats
and all kinds of
‘Anything made to order out
of Tin, Copper or Iron,
: %
Thed.C. Harper Co.
Ro a 8 By
ss, ¥
bd andl XC %
Pation, Pa
: .
. 3 he & i 5 x; x
1143 NDeCacies as
pAuses Can
Aran teed
§ ed % :
| The Patton Jeweler.