The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, April 19, 1900, Image 2

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    P Al TL
1G, 1900,
¢r.00 PER YEAR.
Sra ure Toy Get Yor Lo i GEN
Money's Worth.
——All Sorts of —
We have selected with
greatest care, to secure for
you he most pleasing designs
Here and There by
Re porter
the “Courter”
Young Man of Patton,
win Frombde
Faward Dery
Fedwiird Derr, a young man who has
heen a resident of Patton about eight
months has got into serious trouble
Hao bad worked at different jobs in the
town, and the first of lest week he was
hired an a porter by William Ye kiey,
proprietor of the Centrsi hotel,
apy Making » While
This Yininity
Thee Lotion 1
tha one year-old Hanghter of
Mertin, died at
{rey of | hey parents aour Hetiiy'a
Mines Satarday. The little one sof
fered but four days with preamonia,
Funeral services were held Sunday
afternoot. interment being made
Casslicly comalory.
fant sn of
Witherow, afgeq Tes
caret reinia aller a
“nd Nake
My oeud Mes Jos
Me and Mrs kL
months, 0
Thumsiay nigh
tried pu PARTE
urd iy
oY i
{Barina Lather, of Baavey
Monday oy
Tomi, chewed
slit Fires of
ARE ta iy
Sicnday Night.
Floren i None Mastiogs Three BEalinos
od Charged 5 al the {imme
Dr Hawes, of Windber, telephon
1 Johnstown,
to the potioe &
&loloek Monday
thors on the lookout
Prades, his desoription being given
best possibile, when (n a drunken bra
ter be
st Barwiod White sjope No. 31 Randay
aboat 1
for an
the stab wonnds found npon the victims
| Were inflicted by stilettos. Following
"this finding of the jury, photographs
of the three men were obtained and |
ul ecord for Other measures ak once taken to effect |
their capture if possible.
Frank Napoleon, according 0 en
the evidence obtainable. is the par
moar of Mrs Steax, whose genercosly
bestowed affections furnished the rat
{ive for the crime. The other men are:
eompatriots and fellow workmels of |
Napoleon. This atest aon of Corviea, |
SOTHO peaple of Windber now think, |
will shortly he captured at a point east
of Altoona. To this end w anings will
be sent to the police officials of places
«1 Napoleon and his pmocistes in their |
Whils the fame of the lone Iadian
The Many Valaable Papors are
following psembers present:
Campbell, Anderson, Cordell, Winslow,
eorsidered likely to be sought out by | Co
Rece: vied Two Petitions—For
Light and Sidewalk
a Ceremt
ranger fu Case of Fice.
Patton Borongh (
‘ouncil met in regu.
lar session Monday svening with the
roediny and Hartshorn, The mine
utes of mesting held Monday eveniog,
| April 2nd, were read and approved
San Men's, Boy's, Children's
wearing * apparel. An excel
lent assortment for your 1n-
On motion of Corneling, seconded by
aged ploe oeghi bad kidd three men, fatally
wonnded another and osed a GR vie
tims up so badly that st best the doctom
thonght he had a bare chanoe for lite.
After much pffort Dr. Hawe's office
was obtained over the telephone by
pity, and from an
rt fn the office i was earned
positively that the fight ooeurred in a
notogiotin speakeasy maintained by
some foreigners near slope 31. AL jast
twa of th os of the infuriated TUB midnight Sunday watil Toesday avenoe paving, and that same would
italisns were Englishoien and the afternoon being a nwasure of Bis be taken up at argument court on Fri
others it was stated, were of foreign vitadizy. day of thin week at Ebensburg.
PROTA On motion of Andersen, seconded by
wtation and had a telescope express d roncrd ls weil established in Patton, HAL soe an : Winslow, 4 Wks unanimously carried
to Bellefonte and a sate bad checked to Teri mil praise cannot’ be extended de # op! five pen wins | ey te hee An that the chief of police's salary be welds
Cresson, Derr being seen in the fatter og, conan oe for the BUGLE IN Bek Tm eo songs vanced vita sum of $10 per Mouikt, the
place by Mr. Yeckley's son, win «hich. : : laser Sunday ak of § shop fired by Martin MeKet suid ad eanes to date from April ist
retarning home from Gallitain, be 600 0 vais ries EC Tusadsy : arti . - 28 1900, : :
knowing that the young m $2.00. of i ay. hs 8 I ara i Ordinance No. 57, relating to the ae-
wanted in Patton the uf . tion tot v-— > ish Han Jn ™ 4 enplines of the grades of thee varions
, charge 3 pe tows ataion from the #ifects of drink. atreats nnd all ey of Putian harongh,
Mr. Hodgkins took : hie Monday Bight ue eqmpitiod b H, Ayers, civil
First National Bank of Fito Baal some trouble with peveral rans enmipeer, was ti sonnel. Ou
payable, Monday morning eM he: atl, = dolinsiaws, motion of Winslow, soonded by Coes
accepted on deposit, But short are Seney » hey she hE Sore met, dell, it wis carried by a
(the cashier Was glancing le Guan, hs bad born pratapted Andere not pe
We carry the bewt styles from Cvarions checks reowdved Lhe bY ar Foungey tives, Wis MW aecapted us real.
best makers. You ie Hous mes Abe 8 nd adhd The Barough if reangror
lity at $1.25, £2, £0 : } fraud of JB. 006, having Gea o
ind Jaren Kerry as eral
In sone manper daring his reigo ak pretimonia wine ol Jed
‘porter wt that Bostelry, he got 4 bodd of months Sete WE Soe
Mr. Yeckley's blank check book, and, ducted moriang, | after
it is thought, detached three blanks 9 Lioh interment was made in ibe Cath-
from tha book. On Satarday he re 06h gemetery at SL Aagustine,
+ signed his position, and in Lhe evening
called at the Patton Pharmacy, asking
LC W. Hodgkine to cash a check for
‘$10.85, to which he had forged the
name of Wm. Yeckley. Mr. Hodgkins,
ipot ever giving a thouglt that ibe
+ check was a forgery, willingly vastied
it for yoneg Derr.
Monday morning the youthful forger
went to the Pennsylvania raijroad
suffered as a result of Tuesday's de Hartehors it wie carried that Palmer
velopments, the total result of three geenne sever qoestion be held over
stilettos flashing in the air was alded gntil next Monday evening, when a
to in the death at 1 o'clock thd after. speed iting 8 10 be calied, %0 a8 to
noon of Thomas Kipling. Kipling, give thow who are raising objections
whe was about 2 years of age, and Cagaivet sald sewer assessment a Shane
was from Philipsburg, had been stabbed 1 fig said objections.
in the Bladder. The woond was by the R domarvilie, borough solicitor, was
doctors pronounced fatal from the present snd stated that objretions had
beginning, the young man’s Hving heen filed ib the courts against Magee
Faneras od
Sw sipeachny
A fore] aE eae
an potion ef Laaal
Thee buaket sooial sand ball given by
Marcellas Council, No. ad, ¥. M,
the Cowisteln hall Toewday evening
was a grand stocess anially and miso
into carideration
the inclemency of the weather Mait-
lauel’s orchestra farnisdud ei
and it is not pecessary Lo tOMmEBRE ON
thin part of the sfalr, as Mr Maitlaad’s
hg shoald see th hand-
some line of Suits we are
offering at
Aanncisiiy, takmy
| We have the choicest as MURDER AT JOMNSTOWS
~ sortment in Patton. Our
suits at
8, 10, 12, $15
are 8 very stylish,
siglo handed should
Willis Bannon Was Shot Dewy by Shariin
v. MeKeronie, in a Droaken Fil
20 i
Williams Bannon is dosed, EhE Toe
AN RS Ed 3
io HR EYYLIGnYE Was vr eid wan
Rigs for
Many who J
cies Fanti oned
rah ad TE Puen
corsa : safanbhed all hat
hm Bighest terms
; : gonad
we Es :
: Figo Ld % FOL
i fae
SE Ea Pr a i
a5 reed
mace iL
wt 13 5 iE
of i523
rdlaanes be
fairy any taut Lhe wide
PE a RAR him wirk 2. that or
sitdedl a»
ang an
AG bony
He pA 10
v Vila sasplcions Sore Ree MoKengie went dows the deel wie
the gentineness of 1% ke bee: werd pevndver. On Bis retain ap
: My. Vike) wy arid 1 wus 5 ily et 1 bic rasilisn ant Bley work se, emia rh i ing, following the Fogtiroigl stent ghia
; the truth Hashed apo » Cuba shim hil ak 4 . si rrai sanse of bud whiskey Those ii the is : reidized
Telegraph and uphane aver a Banday. that Be Baad been drinking. When fe
wire seal to Pisin g taxigibie Errata arrived at the places where Beinvon
mena, py way of deseription of the was standing, be pulled the gun, which
toma ig ap suit Peal was thie fact of his weaning & hp Baud retiree to is pocket, and
puthing bas been je carnal as to Drerr shi Bab With oh Treas The fired. Branson was shot through the
whereabouts. It will be a Bard misagrenvam of the description inate ta iin and dest wis Jnstaniateoln
for hin to ped very faraway, as noth tue Se at whic B thee tragedy occured, Me Kenge wan so0 ander Ar romt. Hin
ing willie left anaone t ; © Gproar crmited at Windber WSs VARY drink when lodged in the
hind the bars. P amd Ber seennuianoes easily snd polices station, and ail EFarte DAO
; a ad Him have hewn fate
fos par ean? Yr a not known that the young fre
had any personal trouble previoosly.
A coroner's jury Toesday night beid
Mok sn rexponsible for the o ripe,
is wor
Hee Bond tuo Harts.
tind be
wd ben ofl Cordeld
Bor, Uh Was
A seeniy banal
bry vitinedm pein oY
West Molntyre avenue, praying for »
sidewsik from North Fifth avenues
interaent with Molotyre avinue, bame
wid mfirred to steed committee.
Anpthor petition was received praying
for an ari Heht (in the neighborhood of
Nath Foorth svenue. Hamme vas 19
ferred to Sre and polices paamimiiies
James Mellon presented a BHI of
high Sas £0 was returned to
the B hin Antiors fail-
«ii for at amount,
ie Meg SE Sata Pu a bisah DRY
Pair Taba EIA Hate vical 4 Fried that id
in & Kusner,
for Fyrom gi funtravien
we eonneil
vianity of
an Sib Wik pry
$a die i Lhe
write i
Yoder ¥ Spse
peur ol i
a shor
af thee Pmaseiey
ORAS TL OF DARE OF, Ada af he Tiel eed
i fae Fie
wha £3.
Ire w citi. -
What may have proven lobes
oas fire was narrowly averted
| hardware store of John 5 Wetesil, In
this place, on Tuesday, A fire Wa
kindled in the stove in Lhe spd
I ROON AN immerse Rou snake
Caras notsoed coming froin £oRITH
On examiostion i owas Found
croud wine fire. By
> ou know where
n bu Vv th ¢ fi n ¢ st L the fans Wire £x0 :
Bot the discovery Leen pace ®hen
15] was thew Ws Bo doubt but what
store wonld Eave
broyed dn there Was oo stg
thet However, an 0 Was,
Be was EUght.
Might Have Hes Sa
anar Begs Gh id Aveta
The dead aire
Jobing Halverson, a Nvede
Po Mot By Arerichn,
Bouse ix esr Hust ings, Lambria
fie Hedrveraoe of
Fhwpinlin yr
A Bary Mursing Phy gr to give lum ©
A 2 plelock thin morning the ciimend¥ na which dad been
of Paton were awakened by (he alarm Shange 4 to an in two different
firs, and in a very short ! many £2 oH fe beak. On motion
in the direction of the aided by Winslow, #
it was al the hiuse of antepted and
west Moge ave:
alae fs vs AR
» Ti far axe
is citing
4 Sle wie Badd evi
a gol
Englial, Were 200
277 Baek.
#1 ih — ix ga Ba,
Fay sae fied
8) |
Lagx La ihat hill hp
HEIL rial. degen Thr
Sn arder Satie,
Nomuervitie on
aed oconpiest by |
Thesis anal
En apd anion, sscanded by
saeriead that olerk De
{ies Aa fom,
wuiter, be Are sir anal Joes
s five arigiugtied Wi aie Huraiv
in ihe garrett of Lhe
fen discovered by W.
bowen BOSSY
otou: and Wha
who fries i. 5
: ands kuuwn
LR hei CR We
asked for
i Ge
wi wieled aft Ei PT
a Eres
Frlnrrraitiiwd Wg a SR oda 3
Ear Tarw i Sor Bona,
Carpet , mattings, is
rugs, oil cloth,
linoleum, window
shades, curtain
poles, and
a full line of
Also the largest
line of hard-
warc an d stoves
helf hardware,
paints, oils, glass,
Olhv er plaw S, 5
ete. The leading prosay wt ie aac Ink wok pop re emis sud the othe two
stoves, Ideal Red mesa for co cou ia, The first was t Yard long an
Cross, Capello, and Puke
~ Dock kesh Ranges.
: while hore, and P alton’
dale’s Rit The Coils a.
varies of
ive us a call and sce
for yourself.
from the rails the Au ancended i" et A
The eslilor can erie an wal of Litre 4
of the busitens lerusls
wien ibe Godnanns ary
/ Temas,
cdotrinas of buying fos wt i tad vpver, efond making to i MOY,
% é eBante Ah temiian $e! : : to eh bo fein Mr
wv By staternent that sane other man Deides
Hy yi gf
ter tiley hod
BAW ae
tig Lhe
ViME Lhe
if Lhe
i s Ire ud
ane ike!
will he i quite Ses
3 gE i
nea GF the
: 1.304, 8
iarpest sad
Ponnsy bvania rails
£1 ng
gavertaug of
wit in
No editor ARYA Be Gof of
anlg unless 1
they are wleresis
home Grade sy Shivers
mus of the ix
pressiog to tn
| men patron aR every addy
| tht comes along, shed the viene Lie Loe Rapper rove re
Forums of three
if ever, {nn the advertidiy
the loci] bewspaper
& Eh bat
Pers SBIR "
4 3 4 is HR ke
pA % i
Hs 5 $a
Laseday evening, Apri TL ee Bnd wip thee ihm Tegripe a wend het bat wl areas aid hel ik popaniie $e bh ber reve
« : t Lie Ey Sl ae Myr it : » gE by Io ri By 0 Snake SERRE
we Te LE! -
tie Wiis #
py La ; aidey a8
She maa ie
vilrpl Low
emia ay
Umi fien Tivket TA
SHEE PIER Ene 1 yoimed fay 15
Rae BREA. .
{aR KEG : shipping 4 oak Sai manages
Femi : . ; i
genid sly wing armed w sig Lodger savw. We
timed t is 3 sehsstom aid detinbed Or “ Li mie Mr
James Pope, who Bad charge of the : = ink John W aiton ATONE The daa Ge rnians
fn g r Aig Farnaips ; § Peon, a Albers
Patton Ulay Manuf cai :
ai Wile HieV Ing isis i up fa BRO
anil (offen § Bones un fe x apelin
past 3 y < shrigins Hari
Ia Now a MEger 3 Tas 4k
in Besson.
Pik Fer anat haw rencinting Were
tow nals Phires Thaibaes Guoity
5 % ARLE 3d
ed oovki mines :
} the
one dav lass
threw ir
ml Wir
ahiort i
from var
wel and
Wiki: Was
earaest 4 his lebor among
Our Grange has saflerdd a joss
which fesl bul cannot eXpress
therefore Dip iL “
Resalyved, That we extend ta the
fianfly of uur deceased brother and
fiend onr deep sympatity in this their
dit silor a
mi vend
wh Wilh
Lae IR Sa POW,
pRPEIIe. Ww Bo
wi od any
fares i Sasha,
the Bu pa
shee ay
Lat ie,
Bf fost Wl mines EWOREY ORG G6
that HHL ¥
and bes family muck >
ground for
: new home Piaeg vd Ayipaaadsis tis :
; : : fine We nist Land Wyss whi
pil Then
inte a Hoek of
tae farm of County Come
r Bobiamin Junes, in Cambrix
Igat week, =mad in a short
pave of the defenses oroat-
ren pieces. About thin time Mr.
Poitiesd the
Thm: Bonbas
| sheep si
imei aey
weap of the crime and dniniahos seine. Bie 0a
evs Biv tis,
The ilowing officers are « i is
the Patton Fire Co. No. 1 Relivl Assos Sessh hs EnisieiptRne 30 of pe
ciation for the ensuing term i id | smaatied
John Scheid.
ba cleared away.
coroners verdict extends the
senvetsry, ©. H. ko rrel es i Lay inn our records
Very Respectfully,
: Kin koa; treasurer,
| trustees F.
Frank Anderson,
H. Kinkdad,
Thos. Bogan, two years; Frank Ander
Leon, three yoars.
Bo .
B Eggs for Haldhing
From pure bred white brahmas black
{angshans, black minorvas, white mi
| noreas, and silver laced wysndottes ab
Patton, Pa
| man Fritnees
Yes rLe
“ arking Dar suid Ngo
The sewer pipe works of Le M. Pat
torson & Company have been running
dntil 10 o'clock and some nights until
12 o'dloek.
i orders.
The works are run day
and night in order to keep up with the
ihns, and the belief is expressed hat &
what hivody glory of the lone
Tealian who has so thr figured in ail the |
accounts of the quintuple killing
tor the coroper’s jury, three
ous [talian are guilty of the
aid net
grime In
Antopio Medine and Ancrea
Trunzo, The victams of the killing
are adjudged to have come to their
deaths at the hunds of these three tal.
Ac- |
the persons of Frank Napol-
| Jores happened 1 to discover Hie situs
‘yon, and grabbing a shot
itt to the Held and ope
dogs, killing one af § Srem--a black and
tan hound instantiy.
For ie,
A lot fronting on Mages avenue, 3,
fet by 140 feet, Ruown as lol, No. 13
rood jocation for a store * Will be
op most ressopable terms. Ad-
James G. Egan, Blossburg,
Pa. 18116.
in he went
fire on the
snd Hoar and that a page
be set Apart as & memorial to our de
parted brother. ;
Rescived, That we drape our charter
for a period of 30 days and that a copy
of these resolutions be sent to the be
resaved family, aiso that a copy be sent
to at laast two county papers for pub.
tHemtion, Jossrst A. GAUNTNER,
Wu. DisgaRT,
F. W. Buooox,