The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, March 15, 1900, Image 4

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CE Win Grape Ek, Fditor.
Ohad opy, Obie ver. in wildvan,
Br Advertiaing ratos unde Rnd pon ape
SRG papers Mseoniinged: antl all arrear
ages are aid, aniess st fhe option of the
Bonterst at the Postoffice a1 Patton ae seoomd-
clans Tad! hater,
Go to s Oley Restaurant if you are
The best tea for the money at
Cash Grocery.
Jos. Cole, of Anburn, was & visitor |
0 this place Saturday.
J. W. McDonald, of Windber, was a
Patton visitor Batorday. :
Born to Mr. and Me. Steward Jones
a boy Sunday morning.
trip to Altoona yestorday.
A lot of ladies’ felt line shoes at cost |
antl 1:45 Wednesday
delay was caused by a wreck near
at Rhody’s shoe store, 14tf
Special prices to cash buyers all
month at the Cash Grocery.
Mies Minnie Good spent Sanday with
her parents at Lock Haver.
WW. B. Gray, of Philipsburg, was in
Patton Thursday of last week.
You save money by baying your
groceries at the Cash Grocery.
Mra Geo. Fishel, of Sylvis, wie visit-
ing relatives in Patton Saturday.
0. Rutledge, of Johnstown, was look-
; ing after trade in Patton last week.
_ Presh oysters every Tuesday, Thurs.
day and Saturday at the Cash Grocery.
i The spring and summer suitings are
now in nt Dinsmore Brom, the tailors
John Sharbaugh, of Carrolitown,
. made this place a business visit Mon-
2 day.
Wm. Wootside, of
younger than 1 did
a8 obtain some
| ates of ite medical
summer saitings are now in.
wwe them.
one year ago.
mondeetul eertif
haffey ane day last week.
You ean buy a pair of Old Honesty
mining shoes at Rhody 's for $1.25 141
Dinsmore Bros, stork of spring and
Call and
If you are hnogry drop in to the
(ity Restaorant where you oan get
everything you wish in the eatible line.
F. N. Burk, of Gallitzin, whois a
‘candidate for assombiy on the Republi
(can ticket, made Patton a short vst
: Satarday.
If you are in need of a spring or
| summer sait it will pay yoru to eall at
: Dinsmore Bros, the tailors. and see the
new stock.
Mrs. EB Dill peturned home Satur
day evening after a week's visi with
her daughter, Mrs. A. E Patton, of
The last entertainment of the year
ander the direction of W. WW. Stratiff
and committee for the Epworth League
will be given
E. P. McCormick made a business
vn Friday evening,
March 25g
The Beech Creok evening taain due
in Patton at 8 o'clock did not arrive
morning. The
Editor Watt of the Clearfield Moni
tor; was a visitor to Patton Tossday,
‘and while here made the COURIER
‘office a fraternal call. Come again
Bro. Watt,
Ex-Sheriff ID. WW. Coulter, of Cone
mangh, is confined 0 bis home by a
severe attack of pearalgia, while two
of Bis little grandchildren are quite ill
of pneumonia
‘New Orleans & World's Fair Chicago.
Try it, you will endorse the Judge's
verdict. Sold by W. L Daggett and
W. A. Meilon, Patton, Pa.
One day last week Wm. Sherwood,
of Hpangler, received a mevere scalp
wound while at work in the West
Branch Mine at that place. It took
eleven stitches to close the wound.
circaiated among friends in this Loins Bernard Auman, of 8t. Marys, Pa,
eRe M. Poster, of State College, Pa.
Yo Was among the many visitors to Patton
i “3. T McClune, of Bartesben, was
galling on Patton friends the latter part
of last week.
~~ Go and hear the recitations by the
members of the Junior League Friday
eveniog, March 23.
P.C. Yeager, of Harrisburg, visited
friends and relatives in Patton and
Hastings last week.
MM. M. Nolen smiles a happy smile
over the arrival of a young danghter
at his home last Saturday.
Quite chilly weather for March. The
- themometor registered two below zero
in Patton Monday morning.
The citizens of Johnstown are mak-
ing a hard fight to land the Democratic
2 tate convention for that city,
ic Putnam Fadeless Dyes are fast to
manlight, washing and rubbing. Sold
by C. H. Perry, Chest Springs, Pa
The COURIER is pleased to state that
Jas. Shade, who was injured at the
1 slay works last week, is huproving.
Don’t fail to attend the Epworth
League entertainment in the M. E
_ ehuarch on Friday evening, March 23.
Jas. Mellon and John Somerville,
were witnesses on the Bailey libel suit,
which was tried at Ebensbarg last
Miss Louise McPherson, who has
“been visiting friends in Baltihore, Md.
for the past month, returned home
. Jobn Simpson, who has been in Ir-
vona, Pa., for some time assisting Wm.
. Yerger, civil engineer, returned to
Patton Saturday.
The hod carriers, of Johustown,
‘have organized a anion and will de-
mand $2 per day next summer. Patton
"should also organize one,
John Schwab, who had been burgess
of Loretto, has resigned, and a petition
~ was presented in court at Ebensburg
: Monday for the appointment of his
puccessor. Judge Barker has as yet
not made the appointment.
‘was calling on oid Patton friends the
| past. week.
Bernard has been engaged
in erecting a large power hous at
Detroit, Mich, for the pam
Daring 1590 the Pennsylvania Rail
road company lak] 280.81 miles of new
track, comprising first track, sidings ete.
This grand railway system now com-
prises over 18,000 miles of track, and
runs through thirteen states.
John Magee, of Watkins, N.
Logis P. Miller, of Corning, X. ¥Y.;
E. Patton, of Cuorwensville; ax
Kerr. of Clearfield and Geo RX
of Lock Haven, came to Patton lust
Thursday to look aller business inter
ests. They cam: ot a special tralh
over the Beech Creek.
Trackmen on the Peonsylvania rail
road © about Altdona, are cireu.
lating petitions for signatures, asking
the officials of the road for an
increase of wages The wages now
recived are $1.08 per day. Names of
bath anlon and sob-union meh are
‘heing secured, Petitions will also be
vreplated on other divisions of
Over 5 kinds of bark sre 5 timed
to manufacture paper, besides banana
aking, bean stalks, pen vines, cocoanut
fiber, clover and tineothy hay, straw,
fresh water weeds, sed weeds and over
150 kinds of grasses. Also, hair, far,
wool, asbestos, hop plants, weeds, hiosks
and stems of Indian corn, all Binds of
monk, sawdust, shavings thistledown
and tobacen stools
Abney Ampatation
J. Howard Spangler, the Barsesboro
young man who recently had hait of
the left foot, the right arm and half of
the left hand amputated at the hospital
in Johustown, caused by freezing, had
to anderge another operation at that
institution Monday, This time he lost
part of the right foot.
For Sale.
For sale, a good fresh cow. For par
tieatlars call on FF. X. Lehman, West
Palmer avenue, Patton, Pa 160
Money Sieve is Money Earned,
And that’s whit you can do by buy-
man, rst,
that he is analterably opposed to the
whole Democratic county ticket
fall and on the strength of this his
B. W. McCrackin came ap from Ma
Cahould arrive
Fumes Gilles a Candidate
The Johnstown Democrat of Wed.
nesday. March 7. says that two more
Rorth. of connt y Democrats have ambi.
Democratic state convention. A
Goadisiler, a well-known lumberman
of Hastings, who was a delegate a year
ago, Is ont for the honor.
feliow swears by the greatest free in
Cambria county that he is a Guffey
fast and all the time and
Ryan-Donnelly crowd in Philadeiphia
The other candidate is J M Gilliece, of
Patton. He is & clerk at the clay works
in that bustling and growing city and
Democrats all over that place declare
that be deserves the honor. He did
splendid work for Heffley
friends hope to land him a winner,
Home From Porte Rico
Dr. GG. R. Glass and J. C. Marphy, of
Routh Fork, and Landlord W. W.
Baker, of Dunlo, who left that place
several weeks ago for Porto Ri, ar-
rived home Wednesday morning
They had a pleasant voyage out, but
on the return trip a very rough one.
They speak in glowing terms of the
climate tr Porto Rico, it being like that
inn Atlantic City In midsummer. They
are well pleased with their trip and say
that the cost was money well spent
H. OC Stineman, of the Roath Fork
Becord, who went out with the above
named gentlemen, did not return, but
will extend his visit for some time,
Going Tuto the Poultry Business,
H. T. Peters, of the City Restaurant,
and Ed. Weakland, who resides a short
distanoe from Patton, have embarked
in the poultry business. They expect
to furnish spp for hatching porposes
the coming sommer Peruone who
wish none bot blooded birds in their
busioess will do well 10 call on the
above gentlemen. Mr. Peters has re
ceived two foll blooded light Brahmas
and one Langshan, while Mr. Weak.
iand has received one light Brabma
and one Minorca chicken. They ex.
pect 10 receive several more ‘fall
bloods" of the feathered tribe.
Clearfinlt Secrehedt Again.
Clearfield went through another fire
Tuesday night of last week. The large
clothing store of Guldberg & Warner
war burned out, the drug store of KE
W. Graham badly damaged by fire and
water and Rewdd & Fitia, W. A. Hag
erty, law office and Ulearfleid Clay
Working company, damaged by fire
and water.
The fire broke out about
2a m. in the cellar of the Goldberg &
Warner store. This is the second big
fire Clearfleld has experwoced this
(old medals to Harper whisky at
year, each time in the business portion
‘of the town,
Troops to Hae » Chavge of Aly.
Mr Good.
pes, liver and bowel troubles.
From Our Wiestrwid Cortvwpanident.
Cworge Lallement, Jr, loft tor Pitte-
burg Saturday morning, after spending | ;
a few days with his parents in this
feel proud of
Orsctge ne a citizen,
three boya from this small, but pateio-
tic place, to respond to the first call for
troops made by President McKinley,
being in West Virginia at the time,
going from
He onlisted at Pladmont,
there to Jefferson Barracks, Mo, and
was assighed to Oo Ed U 8 VE,
on leaving Missouri they were sent to
Lexington, Ky.
Their time was short at that place, be-
ing transferred to Charleston, 8 OC then
came the trip by transport to Ceinfoe
and the pra which was rather wearlsom to
inndemern. However, the rations were
of aa excellent quality and plenty for
all, oxeept the corned beef, that being
a little mouldy on top of some of the
cans, caused Ly the intense heat and
change of climate. On their arrival at
Ceinfaoegos some were assigmed to oue
thing, some another, when if fell to the
lot of Mr. Lallement fo work in the
United Btates Postoffleos for nearly two
months Then the fighting began in
earnest und lasted until the Spanish
surrendered to the American forces
From that on it was drill and dross
parade, which was too monotonous for
an active mind to bear with, so there
being a chanoe for muster out he ac
cepted the opportanity and on retarn-
ing to the mouth of Bavanah river he
received his discharge, showing that he
was a first-class private soldier in svery
purticnlar and was engaged in several
battles and skinniahes
Wm Orr, Nowark, OU, savy
never feel safe withoot One Minute
coogh cure in the house. It saved my
ttle boy's life when he had pneu
monia. We think it is the best medi.
vive made.” It cures coughs and all
ung diseases. Pleasant to take, harm
Jone and gives immediate resulta ©
W. Hodgkina, Patton Pharmacy.
Cane of Fowepl Gloss rs Penth,
in coutradiction of the ramor that
Jumeph Clmwer, of Carrolitown, died
recently at Spangler of cigaratie smok-
ing to excess, hw sttending physician
publishes the following statement in
the Carrciitown News:
Carrciitows, Pa, March 5, 1900
This is to certify that | attended to
Joseph Glaser during his recent iliness
and that his death was cansed by heart
dimes and sctite inflamation of the
kidneys GH Soas MI,
Attending Physician.
M. B Smith, Botternat, Mich, says
“DeWitt's little early risecs are the
yory best pills | aver osed for costive.
Hodgkin, Patton Pharmacy
The War Department has taken the |
initial wteps toward renovating the
military foroes in the Philippines hy
retarhing in small detachments Lhe
troops who have seen jongest service
there and replace them by recruits
raised! in this country. The movement
began last week when instroctions were
sent to Gen. Otis to pick oot a battalion
from each of the three regimenta which
had been longest in the Philippines,
namely the Fourteenth, Eighteenth
and Twenty-third Infantry and return
them to the United States
Will Commences Next Week
M. Patterson stated that he ex-
Lock |
a few
pects to have repairs at the
Haven clay works completed in
days, snd everything in readiness to
commence making sewer pipe next
Ys 3
March 9.
Wednesday. lock Haven Express,
Great opportasity offered to oad,
reliable men. Salary of $15 per week
and expenses for man with rig to intros
duce our Poultry Mixture and [neeet
(nthe scouniry. Bend stamp,
Terre Haute, Ini
ft is very bard to stand idly by and
wee our dear ones st fer while awaiting
the arrival of a doctor. An Albany
N. Y. 0 dairyman calied at a drug
slore Shere for a £43 and
wen his child, then VEY SOR Wilh Crop
Not Suding tbe doctor in, be oft
for him lo coo at ones on his return
He also bought a batile of Chamber
American Mfg Co,
doctor EE
labn's cough remsady, which be hoped
wold give same relief antl the doctor
In & few boars he re
saying he Rit
Coste, Bas hos ohiild was mah beter.
The druggist, Mr. Otto Scholz, says the
has a
torned. dows peed
farily Yi wie] Thao
beriain's dngh remedy 10 ther neigh.
ba Ei Sonat I iT rie edu 1nd ii Iw
Sas a vonstant
demand for it from tha
For sale by
W. Hudgins
that pa of
soantey, Faitbon Phar
the original witels
far DeWitt's witch
Cure Tor
well known as » cwrtain
piles and skin diseases. Bewaen of
worthless counterfeits, They are
dangerous. 1. W. Hodgkins Patton
ing everything you want in the grocery
line at the Cash (3rocery.
1p syle knowl ledge Xs ad
Need not be high
should be stylis ",
Ane a
fitti NE
mate. well
he tailor BE knowled JEW hich
we are possessed of we have
used in selecting these snus
We hold our
p as pedely.
are Hom
AD RIN reEsese—
tonth ¥
heing one of
from there to Maoon,
(3a., then soldier life became a reality.
ee EAN Fa ot Sen Rp
Wa have on hand a fall Hine of Farn-
y tare in all in Hs branches, carpets
We have
latest goods mm the
Milhiner ¥ Line at our
store the Solonion
Fifth Ane.
nue, and extend a
special invitation
111 the fadies of Pat.
ton and viens
call and
Hats trimmed
all the latest style
Satisfaction gnar-
all the
Evans Sisters,
Patton. Pa.
The New Store
windsw shades and matti ngs
Oal extension tables, § feet jong
$4.35 iron beds, HM and ap: kitchen
chain, 50 each and all other farnitore
in proportion.
Undertaking and embalax
White or Black hearse
._25c. LB
Donated for Church Suppers.
[iid s sn
di 1) £3, cEera 3. Cale
Fresh country eggs
T ry on
se, and 20¢ per
4 Teas AAC to)
be Ng +53
k EY
Cods, Fic
bal A yb
Ray Ld
at Tits
Goc per ib,
Very truly,
ked meats are sure to bring von back for more,
Im Spotted and domestic Holland Herring, Russian Sar-
Mac i £8
thsh and all kinds canned fish,
mutter from Bradford county a
and Roasted Coffee
Rubbers, Dry
An Importan; Step
To everyone the buying
Shoes 1s an mportant step.
1¢ economical buyer espec-
v wants something that
not cost too oy will
and be comfortable; If
y Shoes here you will
be compelled to spend
nore: than vou ought in order
to obtain the Shoe you ought
to wear. We can show you
[.adies’ Shoes that for little
givod taste.
fur desenip-
hefore Easter we
hoes in Patton.
best of foots