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~ 1
the “Conrier’’ Reporter,
: Rinel Somervitte Biaciad Boragh Seticitor
; 3 for the Faxing Your.
i Patton Boroagh Council met in regan:
e lar session Monday evens with the
™ ® following members present: McCor
mick, Anderson, Winslow, Cordell,
Campbell, Hartshorn snd Cornelis.
The minntes of last regular meeting
wh = ‘held, March 5, were read and approved.
€ can satisfy VOUr, The following commitioes were ap
Hr “0 pointed by the president: Street Com.
i C with pipes of all mittee H. 0. Winslow, EF. MeCor
s and shapes.
mick and Frank Anderson. Finance
Committee BE. 0. Hurtshorn, J RK
Cordell and Bam Cornslias. Fire and
| Polion Committee J. R. Cordell, F.
Anderson and E. O. Hartshorn.
W. H Sandford was unanimously
elected borough treasurer for the en.
suing year.
. On motion of Winslow, seconded by
| McCormick, it was unanimously cars|
; _ipied toat the slection of borough
7 ini kha k _engiveer an’ solicitor be laid ou the |
€ carry the larg- table until next meeting night.
hus} men On motion of Hartshorn, seconded
nc of AGATS, Winslow, it was unaninsously car:
pied that the communication of EC ,
Brown relative to the agriement be-
11] tween the Chest Creek louod & Im
| provament company and the borough
‘on Fifth avenue sewer, be laid over
0 ; ontil next meeting night.
” LC Om motion of Anderson, seconded
A £ lance at our | by Hartshorn, it was nnanimonusty car
ndow will ried that the following bills be soe
TR goptnd: WH. Sandfird, $20, Patton
vot cheap Pipes,
good Pipes
moker's Artcles
Water Co, $40; C. A. Repsher, $4.25;
CH. 8. Lingle, $4; Prank McClure, $4.
On motion of Winslow, seconded by
Corelins, it was anapimousty carried
| that the borough cierk and street com:
| missioner get an inventory of the tools
the borough owns and report next
meeting night.
“On motion of MeCormiok, seeonded |
yy Hartaliorn, it was onanimously cas
ried shat the wages of the streat com.
‘missioner and laborers remain the
same us heretofore. :
On motion of McCormick, seconded
‘by Anderson, it was carried by a vote :
{of six to one, Winslow voting in the
| negative, that the salary of policeman
remain the same at $40.00.
On motion of Met lormick, seconded
by Cornelius, it was usanimooaly car. :
ried that the borough clerks salary be
{the same as List year, $5 & month.
i On motion of Cornelios, seconded by
McCormick, it was carried that the
| motion be recinded ntlative to the bor
ough soticiter. :
On motion of Cornelius, seconded by
McCormick, it was unanimously car
| pleat that Renel Bomarvilie be elected
| borough solicitor for the ensuing year.
The borough solititor's salary was
fixed at $60, same as last year, ona
| motion of Winslow, seconded by Me-
: Carmick.
| The Aoditors’ statement was submit.
‘ted and on motion of Winslow, secob-
i ded by Anderson, it was unanimously
carried the same he accepted sa read
and published in the PATTON COURIER.
Om motion of Winslow, seconded by
Hartshorn, it was gasnioyousiy carried
that the meeting nights be the first and
third Monday in each month at & p.m.
ges, and
ting stoves.
so a full hine of
Council then adjourned,
Attend Pa 1 fo fees or
Hev, £ H. Witman departed Mon.
day evening for Hamlton where the
= Centeal Peansvivanis Conference meets
this year. The second year of bis pas-
torate has been even more succession
| than the first, the church having en
joyed a wonderful degree of growth in
Cmembership and development and wie
Comes in every department of
work. The contributions for missions
«% aod other benovelenoes |
exisns of any previous year in
tory, and will compare very favorshiy
with ouder ahd | more bani
charges. This splendid record
jogieal result of the fathial we
Cent labors of the pastor grid hos greats
endeared him not only Wo hs owp
| ehiigreh bat to the entire compaunity,
{ and is the sarnest tiope and expectation
Cof ail that be be returned &
| year. He is one of the most gnaswar
ing yet untiring and earnest workers
Very Respectfully, in the Master's viveyard, ores oo
awn . sympathize with ap Delp the Baird ened
; | and sorrowing, to Pheer ADG foun
: dusspond ent aud heavy i
greatest conoern to basip andl the
‘lewt of earth the way ie
etornal, Not a litte of the vious
spiritual life of the Buren wm owing to
Chi estimable wile and family whe ab
‘jahor so zealously and epoperaic so
{grriestly with him in bis work. let
*y us hope that the next year may be
E. Kirk Hdw.
~~ &Fur'tCo
oo ok | even more fruitful of good works and
ging of very many to
<! pesult io the brin
i as shall be saved
Cc. C. GRENINGER, Mgr. | the Master of suc
A! eharch
ide boards, couches
pckers, mirrors,
pbords, high
] low back sinks,
a full
of iron beds
it purchaser.
mach in
iis Tose
re iH
¢ a lI
LER pay
3k ¥ o
faa ternel.
eoad track,
i L x ! AH ; mw ] & ; The Yiezigs Was ul One Timea Beshiont wok
. : The following article was taken from ;
Here and There by the Hontwdale Citizen:
“Phe body of Griffith {lements
was brought to this place on Mon.
day for burial
He was ploked np
near a station called Howard on the
Pittsburg. Virginia & Charleston Rail
a road ranning from
Allegheny to Homestand, on Wednes-
day, Feburary, 27th, 1800, at about
arms badly mangled. He was taken to
the West Penn howpital where he died
the same night at 12 o’cleck. Hin
remains lid in 8 morgue at Plissburg
antil Sstarday before they were identi
fied. He wax not intoxicated at the
time of the accident, as has been ram.
pred. The engineer saw him abead at
a distance of abant 40 feet and whistled
for him to get off the track, he stepped
off on the enter edge of the ties, but
Just at that moment another fram wis
‘approaching him, in some Way in iry
ing to miss 11 he failed to get ont af the
peseh of the train going the same di.
rection he was traveling
“The deceased wim a pesident of
Houtzdale for abput 3 years he baviog
for a number of yeun condncted the
confectionery store now owned by
John Pride, near the P. BR. station
death, which seenrred about four years
ago, and moved to Patton, hat lately
he has been working at Mill Creek.
He was a man possessed with many
good traits, but like many another
he was his own worst enemy. He
would have been 52 years old had he
lived antil July next. He leaves 2
family of nine children. The funeral
took place Toesday afternoon.”
Foust. Ofte Rohr Ran to Barth.
A hand of eight post-office robbers
have just been ran to earth by Pomt
offies Inspectors Dickison and Gregory
alter a year's chase, Three are in jail
st Altoona. George A. Lea, Edward
Kalley, and John Fowler while Lhe
Pennsylvania jails. Nine robberies are
charged againts tem, mmong them
those at Barnesboro, Spangler and
and California,
Hastings, Cambria county,
Allegheny county,
Washington county. The robberies
were noted for boldners and the thinves :
Loa sistants in the First National Bank of
accured in all not less than $5,000.
Kriley and Fowler will be given a hear-
ing al Altoona before United States
Commissioner MacLoed March 23
Bailey Found Guliny.
Warren Worth Bailey, sditor of the
of libel at Ebensburg, the verdict being
reached by the jury Sunday morning
Judge Bell, before whom the case Was
tried, in a somewhat lengthy charge,
ing at 10 o'clock Saturday night.
4nnday morning about 5:30 o'clock,
they came in and submitted the follow:
ing ax their vereict: “We find the de-
indicated. but we recommend him to
the extreme mercy of the Court.”
Fed at the Almsshotse.
Michael Metier, who waa admitted to
the Cambria county almshouse on Jaly
#, 1807, died at that institution at 10.30
s'eloek Saturday morning, after
lingering illness, aged 33 yeam. Mr.
Metioe is survived by three sisters
Mrs. George Travis, of Chicago; and
Mrs Cirady and Mes George Yocum,
of Johostown., The remains will be
hihd until word ts received from the
relatives as to the disposition of them.
Those in Johnstown have been notifted
of his death
Contrast at Tivooa,
F X Bauman, of this place, who re
a large piece of trestle work al a new
evdivent the poatract for the erection
1 ia i Tes hg an ania as Ah "
iva Mae al sry Ong, red urine rom
that place Saturday
mitral is pot completed yei, OG
ceased work on aooant of
the wher
wigs panto The
A ai 3
€ pag h? iow Planer
4 employ ed
Hin Lhe place, is
gel bois . ify
af the
nuan ber,
Wig hes, £y
He will
Ah Plater Sebold Ruiisbiog
Adelbert Mills, the popular imper
sonator. will give an entertainment at
the Patton School baibding Satan,
evening. March th
Proceeds for
the benefit of the piano fand.
time thst the cosnty rosd from Ebens
: burg would paes theongh this town, but
He loft this place shortly alter hiv wife's :
anme benefit to the jooaitlly.
maedinte relatives and 8 few friends
at the Patton Supply Co.
A Nove Cond Teen May be
Boils Asog |
gataie :
Crvempn agi :
tis pow pretty clear that the Cam.
Bria soonty Water Supply company is
ax has already Deen stated, an sdjnpet |
of the Lehigh Coal company, the water
which that corporntinn is after on the
North Branch being peedsd to supply :
works which it bs expected will be lo- |
cated on nnd recently purchased from
James HL White, just west of Wilmara,
says the Johnstown Tribane,
7 po. m. with his skoli ¢rombed and both
There is ample room in the valleys of
the Little Conemaugh and ite =orth
Branch for a large town oe eity, and it
would not be surprising if the new town
wonld ere long rival Windber,
If this surmise should prove correct, |
Boslah will not be the only neglected
town site in the sounty that will have
had a resurrection, ax Christian Shatfer,
an aged and irnstworthy citieen, of :
Summerhill township, who lives on an
adjoining farm, saya that he oboe saw
the plan of a town To be Jocated on the
gite in question, which was made hy the
Wilmores during thelr ownership of the
and. The Wilmnres were said to be
great adodirers of Old Hickory, hence
the projected town that has as yet failed :
te materialize wan to have been called
It was supposed at that
as that thoroughfire was located half a
aile to thoeastwrd, Jacksonville was
pot built, Jefferson, now Wilmore hav.
ing supplanted it jos: an Ebensburg
crushed Buelah
ince i i comiog into general belief
that it ix the real ohjsct of the company |
opposition to. the project on the part
of the people near Wilmore is not so
great ax it was, the community prefer:
ring that this company should secure
it ju preference ty other concarus en
trely outside, as it would then he af
At all
events, the coal company can not Ta
shit off from water, as by right af
purchase of the Doran lands it can con
trol Roberts’ Run, and Settlemyer's
others are confined in various western Ran, haf a mile obove the “Ol Well’
and & corner of x land crosses the
North Beanch a few rods shove the “Ol
Tod Nehodt Wed Miss Fig Mianieh, of
PT 1 Seholl, one of the sfficient as-
Patton, was married last Thursday to
Miss Ella Minnich, of Carlisle, Pa, at
the home of the bride's parents in that
most poplar young men, and has
Johnstown Democrat, was found guilty
Mr Scholl & one of Patton's
made a drge circle of friends in this
piace, who wish him and his wile a
pleasant. journey through fife. Mr
and Mrs. Scholl arrived in Patton Fri-
day evening. They will take up the
explained the libel law and reviewed
some of the testimony, the jury retis-
Pyacated by Dr. 8. W. Worrell. The
duties of housckeepig in the brick
residence on Fifth avenne, recently
followitg article regarding the cere
“mony ix taken from the Carlisle Herald
of Priduy, March 9, 1900:
fendent guilty as in form and manner
“AL 8:30 o'clock last night Miss Ella
Minnich, daughter of Mr. and Mrs
| Otiver Minnich, of South Fast street,
wag wedded to Tolbert J. Scholl, of
Patton Pa. The ceremony was per
formed at the home of the bride by
Rev. BH. Moaser, pastor of Allison CK
Af E ‘church, in the presence af im»
There were no attendants. The bride
wan excesdingly popular young lady
of Carlisle. belong ghly esteemed by a
iarge circle of friends The groom ia
an efficent ok Keeper ina Sank at
“Mr. aod Mes, Scholl | on
the midnight train for Patton, wheres
they will reside, taking with them the
eft lawn
congratulations aod wed Wikies
many friends.’
What Mine osprvior Reans Sys
aaah FL
Evans, of
af hunbivin
Mine saspector J
Johnstons, who!
et bipmn inn thie
ad that ity,
{11 be averted
“Prrping last year,’
dered of when
sutpat of
nIE ax i
hil an
{1 tHIS Smosnt
alone prodaced about
Rog a tone of ton
Camiing guanty
3 flaws reves,
far a shoe
lw 2 iis inary ko the
Line, Wasik
diaatey of the dounty and would
Hse fort aul real
cop Tema ier
orn and per
that both
operntors and gut Wopether
al and
they should te setlied
that wii prove
justnzent of the differences alt around.”
their ifersnons 4s
by arbitration,
rr wr an arniesble ade
set bie
The sensation belt and stock eotiar to
matoh. The greatest hit of the season,
took five of the maolisler sngings lo
| take it to the Wallaceton summit.
‘way and ask for a Lent
hitter hone,
that weetion passed (ver the Beech
up of 140 cars lomded with coal
M ok | Nwape, of Us Cresson Record, Makes Wind
i her wad Sealp Level #8 Visit,
Of Patton Borough for the Your Roding | (Pron; Ths Wi ndhes Jeera >
Wareh Bib, 1900 . Bwope, the Crosson Record man, was
Statement of the financial condition (a town an last Friday on his nual
of Patton Borough for the year ending | sneaking atid despicable mission solie-
March 5th. 1900, "iting printing at blsckieg prices He
{meandered over Windber and Scalp
Bzeatest Hotn On Troms | Level hambly bowing before the bos
. een fe oc | nedw men ke a cringing mendicant
pian big i Chi | imploring them to give him some job
Fa. Losmtienc. work. This man Swope has a very
Pax Cnt. Jas, Meilon tearful way about him which he brings
ik into play when soliciting work and so
| works apoti the feeliogs of his victims
| that they invariably give him a little
|job work to keep him from crying.
| We have sten several jobe of printing
done by the outfit thin blackieg repre.
sents and in pearly every instance we
have discovered mistakis, which would
‘pot have been the case had ib been
printed at the home offices.
When it becomes necessary for & man
? to com from Cresson away up to
| Windber to seek a little job wark at cut
Fate prices it is quite evident that the
| business wen in his own fleld do sob
‘rogard hira very highly. Then it is
very apparent at his prices he employs
chexp labor, cheap paper, and cheap
fuk to make even a small profit, and
“anoh 8 combination cannot pat out
good worl. There are some peoples,
we know, who give him their work a8
soon as bi names the price and yef
profess to be good citizens. But in this
they are mistaken, beciose no good
sitimen wil send his printing out of
terwn If hat can get the ssme done in a
satisfactory manner and at a reason-
ably price at home. A newspaper is an
indispeisibie adjunct to a Hive town,
and without job work it can sesresly
oe poik exist. Therefore, to do your duty as a
sed] Pam x good citipen all such miserable tres.
or SR are passers should be emphatically turned
& 5
du pleats
| AE
Pewee 3
{Loti J 7
ial medi
WE meas ries te
wef Moaele ang
bi ofion. J
CPi ital
Vay rgens, foes wd ih
RN ;
Pisbarse ments
Had due Tron, af asd gudit 3
Adnrt, paid fi shiwet wi
4 0 an arate TUL
i eri BEY
wad postage
jeaiel far olbew BY
fem : :
Ea a Ce
want ay
ial Ber Horough oie
fa weer LH
; fr Aer OR
aa LEE Gee
bed Hypo
peek Bor printiug and
pel Fin rg
dt Bf
Hamed of
Sa magee Br
cory pee rae] Law
FER Faw : a
paid fur Intdvest on
fomters aro Rewads,
eR preaw aiul Ta sew an
yaesed far maivang
Favs, Bex
506 cond fe
vl Bw Taz 1 HAE ie
aul sips
:irdtnre :
vivre BOE Ebon, 3
wet ln
Heady the Frat of May.
Abont the lat of May postoffices will
be supplind with small books of 2-cent
damp, inter leaved with paraffined
paper to prevent adhesion. This new
| andl compendable featare of the post
‘ office department bas been previonsly
poferred to in newspapers. The pages
Care of six stamps each, making a book
of conveliient sise to oarry in pocket.
book. Books of three quantities will ~
be suppled-—one of tweive stamps,
on of twenty-four stampa and one of
{forty-eight stamps. Each bouk will be
‘sold at an advance of 1 cent on the
stamp valoe, W cover cost of hinding.
Broek Miners sn a Strike.
The ersployes of the Brock mines
went out on strike Tuesday for an ad-
vance in wages and they refuse to
“petarn fo work until their demands are
satisfactorily granted. The men claim
they are entitled to the same rate of
{ mivance as that recently given the em-
'ployes of the Northwestern Mining & |
Bychange Co. As we go to press noth
Ying can be learsed with regard to a
settlement, but the probabilities are
that the matter will be agreeably
‘adjusted between the company and
sraploves before many days Brock-
wayville Record.
Maret Glee
Fata ped i sands of Treas,
Morr on eR
The fev Uo, Pres, 35
cemmet Toews 19085
£7 ARE Te RE
free Tris
£0 Pabeely
Ramil 0
GR a
plingte, DM
wry ox
Seo Fih Ave sewer
wo ERliaer APNE
from ewrd waike
Magee A ven
wiv Lay :
dom Finn
PRYING... nae
frean Fines Gnistaiul
Sag an fadlows
{um Speiited Ian RY
Uiaartell Mavety
Jester Werts ides Parck-
Fane atan Dre V
A Myreny Sandy:
A nteiny bots (ELF
Mod SGrptioR Rarely,
Theo, Bovis iF § Mi
Corinto k sete
fyiin. dasiuigad
flabdiition (1 #XCene ad How i
wT Tee
Eo I
{5 ts xb
diag is A
8 ars yk
BS es 0
one ert Tw RAE
Wrateroent Tax Cailestar.
Putas Hires. Tron H. T. Peters, of the City Restaurant,
Reba je 1 has let the contract for the erection of
ETL ITAL oe an addition to bis property. on Fifth
; avenue, to Jos Hubbard It will be
Fixah feet, two stories, besides a large
and spacious basement. The wave of
prosperity and increasing trade come
pein Mit have room,
When he new part is completed be
will take the partition out between the
restaurant amd dining roan aud parlor,
fapibd mn Addition.
Liiprorm Medion, 3
Haines 48 WS A dl a
the undersigned Auditors of
Patton Borough, «da certity
that we have examined the foregoing
scecunts of receipts, expenditures, #lo,
of Patton Borough, for the year end
Sth, 194%, } i
prae and corres
i Fynr ¥
rely Petar to more
ing Marah ad oom
annie WG
best of our know edge
LA. Ripsuun,
Fruasy MoULURE,
thay making smople room or thie store
snd prslaurant
he tthe
Cone fn New Yorl State
“her? Lord, who his been the ef
sent milter at J. B. Wilbur's Patton
Feed as | Buckwheat Mill for the past
your, departed for Watkin's Glen, X.
Y.. Monday morning, where lie aXpects
of the Jaotige tg Vr Lord
who =
Wow Hie ams
¥ iy 3h . Svs £0 rg oo was
fom Baha) make his future home
made many
abo wish him mach saves,
a sumber of Jolie: bur has engaged EW. Cowher,
while in
¥ 2
town police department Friday thal a
spasm p bad Ingenionsiy worked a Soent
Gb sual
x ys Es YHA Sie bovine ig Fred i en :
weophie Maturilay, ard had escaped qegoiiend miller, to fil the
oostld get their bands on hig
sear many before the are
GON | paued By “Chet's’” depart
fivand Jury Repeat.
fhe grand jary of the Mareh
sehvoe was to chil 8 earth house on hi
rorm of
atasup En
a. court st Ebensburg made its
sie tg wena ) Nip : AT
= ; } the esart Frodav, in when il
a gary [OW Chases ib 3: ik ai §
In very fu mendid that repairs be made
snough money to buy Peo
Guest Was redpad, aml 3X insite Court House in order to avert Rirther
hefipt the real a
xe 3
ate office
District Attorney, The aims.
onnty fail were reported
+ vk Yosmse EH oseys 3 4.3 58 Eugeny : he : .
nok lows TOR UG paces tos wad that a number wis of
shirt of TyisRiny Wie appRrERi. ! : .
shied of Dis mission Wa ipa furnitare be piaced in the priv
Yh #8 Ba 5
wet 113 Big DRrDORIAr : 3
pel 1 DE PRAT A 1A Proiee and the «
te i excellent comdition.
follow i per apehied Liv Im
An bape nse Cas Tain
Searfieid Raftiman’s Journ gud
Fer Known te
Niles to Patrons,
Notice is hereby given Io
says the largest ran all my
patrons having watches for repair ot
my stiop, to call and get same al once
or thy will be disposed of aconrding to
law. us | am changing business.
It was made
{Creek road on Monday