The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, March 08, 1900, Image 3

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atton Courier.
Ome copy. nd Year, in advanee, «LOD
AA veriving rates mds KROWD Spon Rp
rN pepe dseimitinoed anil! il arrear
mitt paid, nies st the Option of the
Bator a the Pustoffier gt Patton sy weond-
Chen rove tl toatter,
(Go to City Restanrant if you are
Alom Leonard, of Ansonville, was in
town Saturday.
E R Jackman came down from
Carrolitown Friday.
A W. and F. J. Lieb, of Nicktown,
spent Sunday in town,
VV. Stolr and wife, of Carrolitown,
drove to Patton Sunday.
Special prices to cash buyers all
month at the Cash Grocery.
“MM. B. Cowher made & business trip
to Martinsburg, Pa, Monday.
You save money by baying your
groceries at the Cash Cirocery.
Bam Small, of Patton, was in town
Wednesday. - Carrolitown News.
Scalp Level, this county, has just
organized an Odd Fellow's lodge.
© Presh oysters every Tnosday, Thurs
day and Saturday at the Cash Grocery.
Chas. Thompson, of Gen Richey, Pa,
was in Patton Thursday of last week.
The spring and summer suitings are
now in at Dinsmore Bros, the tailors
Rev. Father McKenna, of Chest
Springs, bad business in Patton Mon.
The music prior to the lecture will be
furnished by Mismn Prindibie and
"EC. Brown wm a Pattonite who
. visited Ebensburg the first of the
FP. G. Betta, one of Clearfield’s prom-
" inent lawyers, liad business in Patton
Dinsmore Bros. stock of spring and
Lo summer saitings are now in. Call and
wo Miss Jennie Bock, of Bradley, spent
Sanday in town, the guest of her
brother, H. 8. Buck.
Prof. (i, E. Hipps und wife and C. A.
Sharbaugh and wile, of Carrolitown,
were Bunday visitors to Patton.
Don't fail to hear the debate, “War
va. Arbitration” in the Methodist
Episcopal church March 23, 1800.
Adam Lints snd Miss Tillie Luger-
land, of Patton, were granted a mar
riage license at Ebensbury last week.
Misews Carrie Maloy, Flora Kaylor,
John Little and Joweph Maloy, of Lo-
refto, were visitors to Patton Sanday.
James Mulligan, of Patton, visited
his brother, Patrick of this pisce, the
Iatter part bf last week Cresson
If you are in need of a spring or
“summer suit it will pay you to call at
Dinsmore Bros, the tailors. and see the
new stock.
Miss Minnie M. Holter, who is stop-
| ping in Philipsburg, departed for that
place Saturday aller a week's visit
with ber parents on Palmer avenoe
The Haldwin Lotomoiive Works, of
Philadelphia, has received an order
ot from the Paris and Orleans raliway, of
France, for 30 10-wheel passenger loco
Gold medals to Harper whisky at
New Orleans & World's Fair Chicago.
Try it, yon will endorse the Judge's
verdict. Sold by W. L. Daggett and
W. A. Mellon, Patton, Pa.
Friday evening, March 9th, admis-
sion 25ets. Hon. Henry Houck has the
peculiar ability to express great
3 thoughts in the simplest language.
Everybody can unijerstand him
Last week James Curran died at the
Almshonse aged over 55 years. He
was one of the oldest inmates of the
stitagion, and wes a civil war vete-
ran. Joterment was made in the
idiery’ Plot in Lioyd cemetery.
is a Healing Wonder.
i Jobn Boyee had business at Ebens-
burg Monday.
Mr. and Mrs J. Edwin Parnell spent
Randay at Glen Hope, Pa.
WP Smith, of Clearfield, was in
our town one day last week.
Reuben Venetia, of Westover, was a
| visitor to our town Satorday,
| Peter Campbell, of Oarrolitown, was
| a visitor to Patton yesterday,
{Lon Cohen, of Johnstown, was look
ing ufter trade in Patton Monday,
(i, W. Priendel, of Greensburg, Pa.
| was 8 visitor to onr town Monday.
You can buy & pair of Old Honesty
mining shoes at Rhody's for $1.25. 141
B.C. Podrman, of Tyrone, Fa, was
in Patton Monday transacting business,
Hames Gill snd Miss Anna Lyle, of
Conlport, were visitors to Patton San
Constable W. FP. Jackson went to
Ebersburg Monday to attend to official
Pv rem,
Giilen Rehorf of Nigktown, wan
among the many visitors to Patton an
Miss Lalo Allon, of BL Lawrenos,
was a guest among friend's in Patton
nat week.
Don’t fail to attend the lecture that
will be delivered by Hon, Henry Hoock
Murch oth,
LO William Oswald, of Altoona, was in
Patton Taesday sind Wadpesday trans.
acting business,
(30 and bear the recitations by the
members of the Junior League Friday
evening, March 3
Fditor Kaylor, of the Cambria
Tribune, was Ishi op last week with a
severe attack of grip.
Congressmen and Senators have 15,-
000,000 packages of seeds to distribute
among their rors constituents
Potnam Fadelias Dyes are fast 10
sunlight, washing and rubbing. Sold
by C. H. Perry, Uhest Springs, Pa.
Don't fall to attend the Epworth
League entertainment in the M. E
ahoreh on Friday evening, March 23.
The Carrolitown News has been
changed from & seven-column foar-
page to & six-colamn eight-page paper.
Dv. and Mrs. Rice, of Hastings, have
purchased tickets for the lecture to be
given Friday evening in the school
HG. Dill the efficient clerk in the
Patton Coal cotnpany’s office at this
place, spent Sunday among friends at
Williamsport. :
landlord Wai. A. Mellon, of the
Patton hotel, has hard the office of that
popular hosteiry repapered. It now
presenta a neat Appearance.
Some of Carolitown’s citizens are
agitating the uestion of sewerage.
Thix ia an improvement which bo town,
however so small, should be Jacking
The last entertainment of the year
under the direction of W. W, Stratiff
and cornmitter for the Epworth League
will be given on Friday evening,
March 53
Cleveland, O experienced ote of te
towel destructive sleet storms last week
ever known in the city. Telephone
and electric light companies Were Lhe
heaviest sufferers,
Word was nioeived tn Patton Tues
day that Zella, the youngest daoghter
of Mr. and Mm WW. Kessler, of
Ebenshurg, had entirely recovered
from the attack of scarlet fever
Beojamine Beaver and family, of
Barnosbore, were in Patton Saturday
an roate to lrvons, Pa, where they
dxpect to make their fulore bome
Mr. Beaver amd family were al one
time restdents of this place
The large opening in Driskol Hollows
for the purpose of drainiog Steriiog
No. 8 mine was completed last week
It was found to be very suwecessful If
had been under construction eighteen
months and its total ool was over
$10 000
Joseph Glasser, son of John Glasser,
of Carrolitown, died at the home of
his parents on Wednesday of last week,
aged about 20 years. His death was
‘due to the excessive use of cigareties,
“and he had been dangerously ill for
about eight weeks,
Mr and Mra. W. C. Lingle, accom
panied by their children, Misses Bowie |
and Virginia and Harve, departed for
Bellefonte, Pa. Monday morning
where they will attend the celebration
of the fifteenth aniversary of the mar
riage of Mr. Lingie's sister.
Supt. of Schools, T. I. Gibson, his
written that he expects to attend the
lecture on Friday evening of this week,
Do yon not infer that it will be good
and worth your while to attend. It is
a public lecture and 25 centa will ad.
mit yon. Procecds for the piano fund
Tarleton Danbar, of Westover, made
friends in Patton a short visit Mopday.
Many of his old acquaintances were
much surprised to see him, thinking he
had been dead for a number of years
He ix in bis 88th year, and is as young
in Action #x many men at the age of 45
and 50.
To move an immense buildiog cons
taining the executive offices of the
United States Government in Cleve
land, O., and weighing over 80,000,000
pounds, without so much as cracking
the plaster, is the gigantic task which
confronts the Cleveland Government
The Reading railway on last Wednes
day awarded a contract to the Pressed
Reeel Car company for #0 additional
box cars of 80,000 pounds capacity,
The cars will have steel anderfranes
and trocks and will be similar to the
500 ordered from the same company
some time ago.
A rear end collision occored on the
Resch Creek railroad a short distance
above Manson sfation Saturday, in
which four ears and a caboose were
deratied. The accident was the yesmiit
train 25 All traffic was stopped for
several hours, cansing the passenger
trains to arrive at thelr destination
inte. The crews escaped injury
Jersey Shore Herald
The town of Bolivar, which has been
made xoch a bustling and ap-todate
borough by the Reese Hammond Fire
Brick Company, breaks the record for
populating the earth. Within a recent
period there have been three pair of
twins snd one set of triplets born aa
foilown: Wife of Bert Francis, boy and
girl: wife of John Coulter boy and girl;
wife of W. J Shafter two girls; wife of
F. J MeolCay, two boys and a girl
Uireensburg Press
Compiled by a Wie A wale: Cowreapiandent
from (he ClearBeid Count Town,
James Chappman loaded on cars
some of the fnest pine lumber this
week that was ever shipped from this
seation of the coanty.
Joseph HR. MeKee has for sometime
been unabis to atiend to business from
& general breaking down in beaith,
Mes John Shepherd at this writing
i very ill. Her friends have hopes of
her recovery.
W. F. Shoff his located af this place
and is ready to sell furnitore and per
form that very unpleasant doty of
burying the dead
Miles Westover returned Satarday
alter a week of sojourning with friends
in Altoona.
Dan Lallement has given ap going Wo
Barnesboro and opened up x mest
market in the Roland building. Senw-
ble man.
A. P. Fry, our bustling lomberman,
took advantage of the few days snow
ty banking almost 3.000 000 feet of logs
and five rafts of square timber
flew A. F. Berky has been on the sick
list for a few dave
Roy Conrath has returned to town
and will resame his duties al the tan
nery. ¥
WF Mosser is the possessor of
pair of fine Boston terrier poppies
valoed at $5 eho,
It is very bard to stand wily by and
see our dearones suffer while awaiting
the arrival of a doctor. An Albany
X dairyman called at a drug
Bere for 4 shiwetar LG onthe ginid
seer his phald, thelt vary sion Wilde Ores
Nog Snding the dootor in, be lel) word
for his to come ab ones on Rix retarn
He alse boaght a bottle of Uhaniber.
latins cough remedy, which he bevpes]
winnihd ive some relief atid The doctor
shoald arrive. In a few hours be ree
tarot, ERY EL the des tor Dew ned
come, as bis child was gues belter
The druggist, Me. (Lo Bohidz, says Lhe
family bas singe meommenidsd Cham
beriain’s cough reinedy Lo their neagh
Bors and friends anil be has a constant
demand for 8 fran tha vif tha
{ For sale Oy
maoy. CW. Hoslghins
To secur he CELE EEG witods faze
salve, ask for DeWitt's witels hase
salve, well Kpowh 8a ceria cilre Tor
pile and skin diseases Beware of
worthless counterfeits They are
dangeroas. ( W. Hodgkins, Patton
Signature of
$45.31. M0 and the expenditures $7,
Primaries Will he Mel! on Sstnrdsy, Mureh
13, 1900,
The Republican voters of Cambria
county are requested to meet at their
astial polling places on Saturday,
Murch 17. 1900, between the hoors of 4
and 7p. ni. in boroughs and in Johns |
town city and from 3 to 7 pm in
townships, for the purpose of electing |
delegates to the county convention to
be held in Ebensburg Monday, March
jath, at 1 o'clock pom. to nominate a
county ticket and declare the choios of
the county for Congress and State Sen.
ate and to select delegates to the State
and National conventions, and wansact
such other business as may properly
cow before the convention.
Attention is enlled to the Republican
county roles, especiall Rale 1, which
provides that "Members of the county
committee shall be selected at the reg:
alar primary election and in same man-
ner us delegates to the convention are
elected: also Hole 7, which refers to
eligible candidates, requiring that ite
provisions be complied with twenty
days before the time fixed for holding
the primary section. Accordingly,
Ratoaday, Fehroary 24th, will be the
inst day for announcements
Cagis B. COVER,
Chairman Connty Committee.
A Costly Fee
Last Thursday morning Carwens
ville was visited with what might have
heen A serions conflagration, The
Acndemy of Music was the boilding in
the forts of the volunteer fire depart.
ment it was confined to this ane build
ing. The total loss, including tenants
who had offices located there, age
of train 1 colliding With the rear end of Kates something over $11.00(, fully
rovered with insuranoe.
Sarplan was WI R92,000
The monthly comparative statement
sf the receipts and expenditares of the
United States shows that the total re
celpts for the month of Fobroary were
TAR 472, leaving a surplos for the month
of §7.R9L798 During the last eight
months the total receips have exceeded |
the expenditures by $37,763,000,
A Rare Opportunity
[will expose of my jewelry and bi
cycle repairing business at a bargain,
an I wish to embark in the electrical
business. For particniars call on or
addres, C8 Buren,
tf Paton, Pa
M. R Smith Butternut, Mich, says
“DeWitt’s little early rises are the
very best pill I ever nsed for costive-
fess, Jiver and bowel troables UO Ww.
Hodgkion, Patton Pharmacy
Overcoat and
The season of the year 1s
here when we must dispose ot
aur Overcoat and Underwear
Qeack. and in order to make
room for our spring goods,
we wii oifer to g people
some great values 1! these
Ys #5
$ x
Wercoats tad
cw and
JEWS. We have on hand a full line of Fam-
8 ® itore in all in ite branches, carpets,
nou window shades and mattings
We have ail the 1 a
latest goods in the
Millinery Line at ody
store in the Solomon
Yori inn EY, | ak
ouiaing, Fifth ANE
une, and extend a
special invitation to
all the ladies of Pat:
ton and vicinity to
call and examine
Hats mmmpied in
all the latest styles,
Satfistaction guar
Oak extension tables § feet jong,
$4.25; iron beds, $4 and up; kitchen
chairs. 50¢ each and all other furniture
i in proportion.
Evans Sisters, Undertaking and embaim-
Patton. Pa. ing, White or Black hearse.
The New Store.
which the fire did its work, but through |
Donated for Church Suppers.
Dold’s smoked meats are sure 16 bring you back for more.
Imported and domestic Holland Herring, Russian Nar-
dines. Mackeral, Boaters, Codfish and all kinds canned fish,
epos and butter irom Bradford county a
Aw Ne
gn Pn ¥
q ry our Peni I oasted
15¢, and 200
Notice our Floor Ings Shoes. Rubbers, Dry
Goods, Ete
: Zhai RAY STATE §
An Importan} Step
To everyone the buymg
sf Shoes 18 an ymportant step.
The economical buyer espec-
ially wants something that
does not cost too much, will
wear and be comfortable. If
vou buy Shoes here you will
not be compelled to spend
mote than you ought in order
to obtain the Shoe vou ought
to wear. We can show vou
[ adies’ Shoes that for little
money meet all the requisities of rood taste.
an * " % > . yr
he our new Spring Styies {or descrip
5. pn is x a
and before Laster we
lish Shoes un Patton.
hest ot toot.
£ har ues
3 1) 4 ¥ e $4 4 4 hy
Shoes von
beyornpar the
EAnd Noa By RA