The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, March 01, 1900, Image 4

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Mm W. C Lingle, of Patton, who
| accompanied her danghter Mrs. Harry
{Todd home to Fhilipsburg after a
| visit of several weeks at Patton, was
sammoned home yesterday by the ill.
ness of her son, Harvey, who bas had |
| the grip, and who is not recovering an
| kis friends wonld like bim to. — Philips
‘burg Ledger.
Lou " or. seentn Patton Monday.
POWs GREXXE, Editor,
Ome copy, ona year, in advance
| Primaries Will be Bert oe Amtnrdny, Murch
17, 1900,
The Republican voters of Cambria |
county are requested to mest at their
usual polling places on Saturday,
March 17, 1900, between the hours of 4
and 7 p. m. in borooghs(and in Johns
townships, for the purpose of electing
towneity and from 3 to 7 pm
delegates [0 the county convention to
be held in Ebensborg Monday, March
Geo. E Parker, of Philipsburg, was
You can bay a pair of Old Honesty
mining shoes at Rhody's for $1.25 140
Fresh oysters evory Toesday, Thurs
, day and Saturday at the Cash Grocery.
33 Adverming rates rane KADWD pon ap- |
il .r
—te papers Aiwsoniingod well Alt arrear sunlight, washing and rubbing. Sold
: | Min are Jed, ania at the option of the
Entered al the PostoMice af Pation as soeond- |
clase rast] mutter,
IW here Rupx the New York Central
Where thee 1nild Moba wk meander,
Where the iakos and pleasant streams,
A srorng the vides snd mou ntados
Lie stil] ins ail ver dremme;
Where Live toneh of Natare's kindness
Comes down apon Phe surth,
Tor parnit the smiting Iaadsenipe
In scenes of radiant mire
¥ nating brooks, and meadows
W here da inion comme bal wets
The sunshine and the shadow,
That glorify the green;
Where the vonntalss ir the Aistanne
Bleep stbent ail the day,
In parple rides of morning,
Tn teeiiiphs pds of Rea:
Where Hated, town arid Pity
Theive me the grovn bas (rs
Heuenth the fom’ ning Mire of
Theonly N.Y. Ou
There every men is hago.
There aiid wortran, BEAK.
They simply press the Patton,
The soply Lows The Fast,
Wirtiaw J. Lamprox,
(Go to City Restaurant if you
Aunstin MoCulley
Westover Friday.
| weak,
. | over Banday v
8 J. Luther, of White township,
. 1.0 made the Courter office a pleasant call
Putnam Fadeless Dyes are fast to
by OH. Perry, Chest Springs, Pa
Mrs. O. A. Repsher, accompanied by
her two children, Warner and Leah are
{yisiting relatives in Carrolitown this
Bost. Burkey, who has been em-
| ployed at Gallitzin for the past month,
has again taken ip his resideece in
this place.
H. 8 Cooney, formerly of Patton but
‘now located at Glen Campbell, spent
the first of the week with his mother
in this place.
"Wm. Mellon, Bd Hunter, Walter
Little and Charles Holos attended the
Heptasoph's ball at Carsolitown Mon-
day evening.
Dar Rice, the veteran clown known
all over the Upited States, died at
long Branch, N. J, last Thursday
‘night, aged 77 years
G. H. Curfman was at Martinsbarg
siting his wife and son,
‘who are stopping with Mrs. Carfman’s
came up from! mother for a few weeks.
Messrs. Charles Anna and Thomas
Jos. M. Hubber came down from Ou two of Eider township's best citi-
Carrolitown Monday.
Deputy Sheriff E. E. Davis bad busi- ' morning. --Cambrix Tribune.
news in Patton Toesday'.
‘Mrs. A. H. Burkey visited relatives
at Gallitzin over Sundsy.
Dr. J. B. Noonan made a professional |
oall to Hastings Taesdity.
‘but who is now conducting a botcher
‘zene, were in town on Wednenday
Don't fail to lok up the new ad of
Dinsmore Bros, Heystone Clothing &
Bhoe company, Patton Pharmacy, I.
-W. Cook and Paticm Bapply company.
Victor Gill, formerly of St. Lawrence
A lot of ladies’ felt line shoes at cOSt shop at Latrobe spent Sunday with his
at Rhody’s shoe store. 14tf
prices to omh buyers all policeman.
month at the Cash Grocery.
Dan’'l Campbell, of Belasona, was
visitor to our town Saturday.
brother, Wm. Gill, Patton's populas
J. M. Notley has bought the Central
a hotel property at Barnesboro, and will
take charge of same some time daring
this month. Mr. Notley contemplates
Jos. H. Weakiand, of Ebensburg, p.ying many needed improvements
roade Patton a visit Saturday.
You save money by buying your
groceries at the Cuah Grocery.
on the balding.
Zelia, the younjrest danghter of Mr
and Mr WW. W. Kessler, of Ebens.
Wm. Thompson went to Curwens. burg, is seriously ill with scarlet fever.
ville Monday to visit relatives,
You can save money by buying your
shoes at Rhody 's shoe store. 14tf
The spring and summer suiting are
now in at Dinsmore Hiroe, the tailors.
summer saitings are now in.
see them,
R. 8. Tozer, the Patton jeweler,
spent Sunday with his mother at La
Don't fail to attend the lectire that
will be delivered by Hon. Henry Houck
March 9th,
The pension of RW,
$14 to £17 a month.
P. P. Young, of Putton, was a busi.
ness caller in town ou Wikdnesday,
Conlport Standard.
They were former residents of Patton,
and have many friends here who hope
Dinsmore Broa stock of spring and married to her third
Call and and No. 2 being deat,
for Zella’s speedy recovery.
Mrs Amelia Davis Tilly, of Pitteton
Pa., does not believe mantiage
On last Wednesday
be a
she Wis
hastan i Ne 1
Nhe |
Pi Years
old nod the groowi, Danie J. Beas, i=
32 yiares of age.
Rumor hath in gong that T. Jeff
Bloc, and some of bis neighboring
farmers in that end of Pike, bas sold
or iased bin coal ands to Dhnsmore
Bros, who it ws sabd will operate mines
in that neighborbood st an early date.
Dunlap, of Andrew Floyd has also disposed of bis
Garralitown, has been increased from | woul land to the same partion
adjoins that of Bliom's dar.
wensvilie Hoview,
The fipest honey in this
gathered from hives where white of
Miss Josephine Mahaffey, of Mahal and basswood are scoemsible. In quan.
Cowher over Bunday.
‘Earl Torer, of Vintondale, made his
Pa, was the guest of Miss Mae HbY, however, 11 (alls behind that pasde
from the golden rod and buckwheat
hicwsorm. From New York, Pennsyl-
vania and Vermont comes the most of
brother Ralph, of this piace, a pleasant the comb honey, und from Arasons and
visit one day last week.
California the largest amount of ex-
Hon. Henry Houck will lecture in tracted or liquid honey.
the assembly room of the schol build.
ing on Friday evening, March th,
Amabry, a coal town on the Irvona :
of the C & © division, 8 re
LL Baird, of Osceola, representing ported as going to enjoy a “boom” the
Miller & Mooney, of Philadelphia, was coming sommer.
a business visitor to Patton Monday.
: Btev Anderson and Eliza Bradford,
both of Patton, were granted a legal
permit at Ebensburg last week to wed, |
The Webster Coal
company recently secured control of
the mines at that place and # Ix ex
petted that there will be great activity
in the coal business there. Tis reported
‘that 50 new hooses will be built as soon
HM you are in need of a spring or other permits.
summer sait it will pay you to call at’
Dinsmore Bros, the tailors. and see the
new ‘stock.
A R. DeFluent, editor of the Jour
‘nal, Doylestown, Obl, snffered for a
| number of years from rheumatism in
ih Dinsmore, ob the ew of hin right shoulder and side. He sayw
msmore Bros, merchant lors, | “My right arm at times was entirely
made a bunsiness trip to Gallitzin and | aseliss.
Cresson Monday.
Miss Byrde Hurd, who conducts a lief almost immediately.
dress-making establishment in Patton, balm has been a constant companion of
“departed for her home at LaJose last mine ever since and it
balm and was surprised to receive re-
The pain
Saturday to spend a month visiting | For sale by Patton Pharmacy, CU. W.
; Herts and relatives,
| Hodgkins.
will equal 20
(is given withoot solicitation.
the arrival of a doctor,
dairyoean oalled at a drug
should arrive
1 tried Chamberlain's pain
never faile.”
* 10th, at 1 o'clock p.m. to nominate a
sounty ticket and declare the cholon of
the county for Congress and State Sen.
‘ate and to select delegates to Lhe State
"and National conventions, and transact
such other business as may properly
come before the convention.
Attention is called to the Republican
county rules, especiall Rule 1, which
provides that “Members of the county
committee shall be selected at the reg.
alar primary election and in same man-
BEY as delegates to the convention are
elected’ alno Ray T which refers to
provisions be apieT with twenty
days before the tigne fixed for holding
the primary election. Accordingly,
Satuaday, Febrosry 24th, will be the
inst day for announcements.
CHAE B. Coven,
Chairman County Committe
{icv News Fr Miners
As we go to press this morning we
learn that the employes of the North
western Mining & Exchange company
atBrock way ville, Crenshaw and Dagns
Mines are to be given an advance that
er cent, on next Thirs.
day, March Ist. This is the second ad-
vance made {his company 10 ils
men bere inside of eight months and it
Thin i=
good pews to not only the miners buat
the people in general, and the employes
will certainly appreciate this act on the
part of the company.
notice by Superintendent Joseph Bai
ley will be posted at the different mines
to-morrow, Brockwayville Record,
Febroary 23.
It is very hard to stand idly by and
see our dear ones suffer while awaiting
An Albany
iN. Y.i
store there for a doctor to come and
see his child, then very sick with croap.
Not finding the doctor in, be left word
for him to come at once on his return,
lain's cough remedy, which be hoped
would give some relief antil the dotor
In a few hours he re.
The following
oickERs w Deny. :
ee aon
Priduy, Febrowry 23.
Cresson, $1,205
Rioe ot al, Carroll, $1,150,
Leib, Kosquehanna, $200.
Jaced C. Conner st ux to Emma Not-
ley, Burnesboro, §5.450.
Christina Langbein el
burg Building & Loan association,
Carroll, $1.
Johys J. Weakiand to Sara F. Weak
land, Carroll, $8.
Yahner, Chest $559.
Bender, Barneshoro, $53.
John D. Martin etal to BE E
son, Barr, $1.
Joseph: M. Boland ot ux et al to Will
jam D. Boland. Gallitzin township, $1.
Paul Duokel #t 0x to Philip Bender,
Barnesbora, $600.
John A. Mcofigime et ux to WM De.
ianey, Gallitgin township, $100
John A. McGuire et ux to Maury G.
Delaney, Galiitein township, $50.
Executor of John Holta, by the Sher.
iff of Cambria county, to Ebensburg
Building & Loan association, Hastings,
Snyder Chan ilier, by the Sheriff of
Cambria county, to Ebensbury Build.
ing & Loan association,
anna. $25.
GM Rose ot ux by the Sheriff of
Cambria county, to Ebensbarg Build
ing & Loan association, Patton, $35
Willimes Hart, by the Sheriff of Cam.
brig county, to Ebensboarg Boilding &
Loan association, Hastings, $55,
Wiiliam Hart, by the Sheriff of Cam.
bria noanty, to Ebensburg Building &
Loan association, (hest Springs, $135
Abert Brothers, by the Treasurer of
Cambria sounty, to the Commissioners
of Cumbria county, Hastings, $13.
Albert Brothers, by the Commission.
pra of Cambria county, to Hastings
Building & loan association, Fast
Harvey Roland st
Bailding & losn ssscciation,
ings, $50.
Robert 8. Yinger et ux ¢t al to Hast
ings Bolling & Loan sociation, Hast
ingw, $1 i
Ripans Tabules cure dizziness,
Hipans Tabuies,
Ripans Tabules plessant laxative
Ripsns Tabules for sour stomach
Ripans Tabules one gives reliel
ipaas Tabules cure Indigestion
Ripans Tabules cure headache
Ripans Tabuies cure fatulence
He also bought a bottle of Chamber.
Overcoat and
tarned. saying the doctor need not
rome, as hie child was moch better
The droggist, Mr. Otto Scholz, says the
family has since recommended Cham-
beriain's cough remedy to their neigh.
hors and friends anti] be bas a constant
demand for it from that part of the
For sale by Patton Phar
macy, © W. Hodgkin
“1 had bronchitis every winter for
years and no medicine gave me perms.
till I began to lake Dine
I know it
It quickly
froubless J
ent Te ef
Minute &
sigh cure the
songh wayN J
v 4 ;
Kounty, Carry, af s2y
ghia, colds
val mised The
Pay Sa ye
FRY Petey
Po vonrsell amd
1 frends When vo
Kix wl
yt noireal 4
give Bam the best,
fof whiskey,
ur Yon Ssied
A Mellon, F
de and 1
Agents on saliry of
th gn
and expenses: agent er
#rery stock and pout
Tae Y & 3% on
wr het
NM fg £ in .
stamp, Ameriian Terre
blante, fond
Rasve Mil
wits baesd
equaled for pil and skin
divenses, It is the original witch hued
salve Beware of all counterfeis, ©
W. Hodgkins, Patton Pharmacy
To whom it may concern. | hereby
potify all persons od to trust my wile,
Mew Edward Leish, for anything what
soever as she has jeflt my
board this the 12th day of February,
1906, and I sail not be resposwible for
any debts contracted by her,
3 En.
bel and
You cannot do better than to cadl ©
{ionid & Beemer for Arsteclass plumbing,
ete. Estimates freely given. #81
The season
here when we
our ( Ee Ares at
wk sO
k 3
py da
x Sry we
that £¥1% 5 by
Shoes and
up todd: ito
pa Ry wag
11! Ed Ko EAs
| Deeds Recorded ut Ebeusbarg op bo Date
. FP. Moyer, by the clerk of the
Orphans’ (Court, to Jane E. Moyer,
Andrew Eekenrode et ux to Nettie :
Thomas J. Byrne et ux to Casper
et vir to Ebens.
Joseph A. Warner ot ux to Martin
John W, Kephart Master, to Polly
ax 10 Hastings
We have all the
latest goods in the
Millinery Line at our
store in the Solomon
butlding, Fifth ave
nue, and extend a
special invitation to
all the ladies of Pat
ton and vicinity to
call and examine
trimmed or
latest styles.
Evans Sisters,
Patton. Pa.
The New Store.
We have on hand a full line of Pars
CL Omk extension lables, 8 feet long,
4425; iron beds, $4 and ap; kitchen
ehaire, 500 each and all other fornitare
in proportion
Undertaking and embalm-—
ing. White or Black hearse
Donated for Church Suppers.
Dold’s smoked meats
¥ i ®
imported and
Mackeral, BI
iRiers. L oh
diagean a
Lx Aids
Canna an i ah pds
* aur Tea fom 3 3
and 20¢ per 1b
Notice Floor
{ox wis, Fic
Ir owns
pom ¥d
i Yu A
gal A
i IDik Li
xed cakes
domestic H sllan
3 are sure to bring voli | hack for more.
él Herring, Russian Sar
task and all kinds canned sh,
: : a ap
Watter from Bradiond
¢ounly a
th, and Roasted Coffee
Shoes. Rubbers, Dry
pV yt
Ld i
£9 5 io d
best bakers,
nat meal crackers,
» other deletions cakes
# by gs
sw on Er RNA A
Pa Kers at the ow
Vip tae hest groceries
't bay vour
know we always have
vill be here m plenty
can be had
Honr that
3 3
low Cheap.