The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, October 19, 1899, Image 2

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    HR Ab HOA 5 ny i
Here we are again!
- ber Goods
the prices prove it. Think of it.
Do yon see the point ¥ A ood st yie,
a good fit, a pleased costomer, an in.
tended lady friend. Hach tells the
other of the advantages she has in bay.
ing at the Patton Supply Co's store,
and if you ask thelr advice both will
well you of the rare values we are offer.
ing in shoes that Af wear and are
The fall season has commenced and
we are prepared to msct the wants of
nar customers and trade generally with
the largest and best line of shoes that
was ever brought to Patton, We
Botght onr shoes before the recent ad-
vances and you will get the benefit
Bound to convince VO that the proper storc in which
Underwear, Blankets, Queensware, I
lour and Feed. is here and nowhere else—th
Pratt's Food for Horses and (attle,
{x the greatest regulator for Horses
Cattle. Sheep and Hogs. There in
none better,
Feed Pratt's Poultry Food Wiil
make your hens lay and will keep your
fowls healthy
chicken cholera and keeps full the egy
Ww Ad
It produces eggs, COs
33. have
basket when ogee ore big
# fresh supply,
Naw is the time when you'll begin to look arcond fr what you musi have in
this line,
81 00 [er
the largend and prettiest lines in Patton to select frores ab Soto 13e the yard,
Dry Goods and Notions.
to) bu your (irocetiés, Dry ( 00ds. Shoes, Rub-
- goods show it—the quantities tell 1t—
Ahead in Flour.
: i A Weill we should say so. So far ahead
that hur Pride of Patton Floor has be-
come the wandard brand. There are
hundreds of Flours to choose from, but
the housewife knows that our Pride of
Patton Flotir is the best.
Wir consider Pride of Patton Flour
the test on the market. There is no
a hettair, Once tried always used. The
i] - price is the most reasonable quoted on
tee any fArst-chiss flour, only $1.20 per sack.
Wo also liandle “Our Best” “Pills
bury '#'! and Winter Wheat Flours at
the lowest market prices.
BR ci Minin
HA 5 DS 0 a
WE imnisionit vo Weis seis
Ah ts
i embraces everviRing new and nobby in Dress Goods, 8 Lo
siting Flannels, one of
Chur i
vam {iross Flansels, 250 ta $0 the sawed i
All Wool Blankets.
of it.
| Dress Shoes, see the Drew Selby line.
Ladies, before bay your fine
They will please you if you want the
down to date shoes and shoes that wear.
Do not forget the Julia Marlow Shoes, ask anyone that has worn this shoe and
they will tell you it is the most
Our Ladies’ $2.00 shoe is a winner,
the factory for them. We are selling
no wonder when you consider the valoe and large line
and all for only §2.00.
comfortable shoe they ever wore.
We already have duplicated orders in at
so many more than anticipated, but it is
of styles yoo can get
Children’s Shoes.
You know that we have the lirgest and best line to select from in Dress and
| Heavy School Shoes, prices 20c to §2.25.
If yon want the “best School Rhos on record try
Bm.” Prive $1.25 to $175
Men's Heavy Shoes a specialty.
your shoes from us once and you will bay a
the genuine U Can't Rip
We sell nothing but good honest work
It will pry yon to come miles to buy your shoes from ns.
When you want to buy a Bill of
Give us a chance to serve you once. We will make it pleasant and to vour
Goods let us hgure
A larg Hoe
$1.00, the very Intest styles
Hosiery for vou and the children,
service and low price
For Men, Women and Children.
guariers as neariy ail do
Fo alwys pay the highest
grade goods at the lowest prices.
_ Come in and wee us and
Wt prices
of Lanenster Gingham at 8 the yard.
Lamberman’s Heavy Flannel, the kind that wears
and keeps you warm, 25 to 0c the yard
speciation, good wear, good
Yoo can't folly appreciate thei? goodness anti you have
actually leied to wear the stocking oot.
We are showing an extensive line of ful
apd winter underwear, everything new and swell made Don’t buy your
anderweinr antil yon see onre. We gre money sxvers on this line.
Farmers, Attention!
500 bushels of Potatses, Fresh Eggs, Batter and Hailed Hay,
You will find it to your interest to trade with oa Makd
You sre always welcome whether you buy or not.
market price for country produce and sell yon high
Latin Wrappers, #5 to
dyes, long
aur store your hast -
convinond that we have the best goods at the low.
Wao buy direct from the manufacture and well at leas price than the average
retailer can buy at, We have them in all polors, styles, widths and weights.
They are hot staff for cold nights.
Wenr the union made paots, overalls and jackets. The Carhartt Brand, they
are the heat working cloths made. All that wear thers wear them again.
Hello | Patton Supply (fo. We want groteries, you always give nn the best.
We don't want poor staff at the cheapest prices bot the best on the market, and
your price, too, is alright. What you send os makes the quality of our food
and onr people lke good things to eat. We need not tell you to burry because -
you are always prompt. That's all.
Cothe to wee ox when you want a bill of Groceries, we will give you
the lowest. |
Lwith vou on 1t and we will convince you that we are money savers. «
interest inancially to continue with un.
atton Courier.
ATTON FUBLIMKING 00. Proprietars.
Wine tines, Fditor,
be kept in
w Because. If any member
family sas a hard cod. I!
ire it. %
Because, if the chil
fe delicate and sickly, it will
them strong and well
Because, if the father or
T is losing flesh and becom.
“ing thin and emaciated, it will build
them up and give them flesh and
hi |
~ Because it is the
L itd remedy in all throat and
lung affections.
No household should be without it
Jt can be taken in summer as wel
© a in winter. |
wor BOWNE, Chemists New York
JouxsTowN has a population of
nearly 42000 inhabitants. With this
population it is thought that Cambria
county will reach as high as seventy
odd thousand people during the com-
ing sensas in 1900,
Sens a es
War department officials express
satisfaction with the resuits of the
military movements in the Philippines
during the week just closed, snd are
_ very confidently predicting an early
collapse of the rebellion, after the reg-
ular campaign gets started.
————————————— bo ——————
THE great state of Michigan in east
ing about for a gubernatorial candidate
for 1900 has brought ont Hon. John
Patton, Jr.. of Grand Rapids, says the
Curwensville Review. The press of
the State to & great extent urge the
nomination of ex-Senator Patton.
Rack here in oid Penn'a.; in bis native
town, we are proud that one of “our
byw’? has beert counted worthy af the
| wanted in Patton to work for the Key-,
highest office in the gift of his adopted
clearly in his recent speech at Minne
| apolis that expansion found as many
| opponents and as moch severe critic
ism when louissna territory was
acquired and the Aliska purchase made
‘as it does to-day, yet everybody now
| concedes that both of those purchases
were extremely wise and extremely
| advantageous in the results to the
Union and the people affected.
INDIVIDUALLY, officials of this
government are at liberty to entertain
any views they please concerning the
war between (ireat Beitain and the
Transvaal Repoblic, but officially they
must be strictly neotral, that being the
position which the U. 8. Government
has assumed and will maintain during
‘the war. Our console will look after
the interests of British citizens in South
Africa, but that has no significance,
being only a return of the courtesy
extended to us by British Consul in
Ciba, during the war with Spain. The
movements of the war have been fol-
lowed with great interest in all parts
of the United Staten. There are open
sympathies for both siden, bat. there in
only one opinion as to the altimate
‘resalt. The Boers may win victories
for a time, while Gireat Britain is mas-
xing its troops, buat in the end their
defeat and the wiping out of their
government is regarded as a certainty.
First IHacowety of Coal
There is strong reason to believe that
the firt discovery of coul on this cont:
nent was made in Illinola, by the early
French explorers, some time between
1673 and 1680, James MacFariand,
author of the “Coal Regions of Amer.
joa," says: “It is remarkable that the
‘first discovery of coal in America of
which there is an account in a printed
book was made by Father Hennepin,
more than 200 years ago. Hennepin's
map nccompanied the edition of this
journal published in 1689, located a
coal mine in the bluffs of the finals
piver near Ottawa, where an inferior
quality of bitiminous coal comes to the
surface. Referring to this record left
‘by Hennepin, R. C. Taylor, another
high authority in economic geology,
‘says: ‘This is the earliest notice on
‘record of the existence of coal in
| America.’
E. E. Turner, Compton, Mo, was
cured of piles by DeWitta witch hazel
salve after suffering seventeen years
‘and trying over twenty remedies
| Physicians and surgeons endorse it.
. Beware of dangerous counterfeits. C
W. Hodgkins, Patton Fharmacy
Treads WANTED Several teams are
‘stone Paving Co.
From Johnstown Tribus
The individual who writes the adito-
riaix for the Cresson Record mide a
feeble etitempt in the last mus to jostify
that paper's recent coarse in slandering
the Unitod States soldiers, championing
the Chicago Anarchists, and excalpat:
ing the ssassins of President Lincoln.
Most of it ix more amasing than other.
wise, as showing the peculiar and dis
torted interpretation which may be put
apon historical facts and utterance
when is ja desired to twist them to the
sapport of a weik position, The fol.
jowing may be an attempt of the
Record writer, however, at bin own
We think it would require fully as
much bravery ard considerably more
hopesty to tell the truth, especially
when it is not popualar, than 0 face
some regiments went to the Philippines.
Possibly it would And thal may
account for the course the Record man
is pursuing.
He winds up
Who iw the greatest epemy of his
country: The Uopperbead of "6 to "65
or the Imperialist of ‘9? Space does
not perinit of a discussion of the sub.
ject, bat briefly we will say that the
slavery question would have setbhed
itmedf, a probably by now, for to
day men can be got for what it costa to
keep thom while they are working, and
need not be kept daring the periods
they do not work. :
The only Yhing proven hy this fa that
the author of it should seek some
secluded snot with a good history of
the United States as a companion, and
learn thersfrom the real cause of the
Civil War, expecially how
slavery proceeded toward
“settling itaell for forty years previaas
to that struggle.
with the following
It will be a surprise Lo any ollie who
are at all familiar with with the good
gqualitien of Chamberiain’s
remedy. to know that people svery.
where take pleasure in relating their
experience in the use of that splendid
medicine and in telling of the benefit
af bad
they hive received from it,
colds it has cured, of threatened at.
tacks of preumonis it has averted and
Caf the children it has saved from ab
tacks of croup and whooping ough.
it is a grand, good medicine. For sale
by €. W. Hodgkins, Patton Pharmacy.
“Heut oni the market for coughs and
colds for
croup it bas no equal,’ writes Henry
R. Whitford, South Cannan, Cdn, of
W. Hodg-
and all bronchial troubles
one minute cough care. CU,
kins, Piutton Pharmacy,
The City Restaurant keeps the finest
i Patton.
and freshest line of green groedries in,
When a cold snap comes then every.
body makes a rsh for new pipe,
eibows, jiante, dampem, potiarg, ole,
to replace rusty and migsdngr ones
Somebody has to wait and shiver
We can attend to your wianls now
without delay. You ought to wee
ome Dockash, Jewel Gans Door and
Cambria Fortune Cooking Stoves,
Ranges, and Heating Stoves before
buying elsewhere. In fact, before
you buy anywhere you ought to learn
our prices on all winter supplies
I. Detrick. Mer.
We now have our Coal Bank opened
and in fist olase running order and
are now prepared to fll all orders for
poal promptly, The coal is mined at
what is known as the “Truomun’ bank
and ita quality js unsurpassed,
Leave orders at Uaph Grocery
: Proprietors
. .
Acrass the lron
¥. 3d y . y
R: R. station yo
$ Ivas 1 ne 5 :
Lil FoontIrr 1s
Adolfzen &
tre niern
$ * : :
was ban ds wy rd ; i Ls 8 El § Esa
¥ i132 ivedik § LAAN JANN Sida
Dry Goods, Groceries,
Etc, Etc,
as anvihing dee
ris ef Eig.
As wall
Bet IA LL and see
amine ony goods,
ORE prove
Our Fall Opening °
~ Of New Style Goods
1s now taking place daily.
Flegant Dress (ioods ln black and
eddors have come in in great profusion
arid are now on display.
Handsome Capes in Golf and plain
, styles are in great nambers.
We test vour eves Free Tailor Made Suits make a very hand.
ta Mo ta ‘same showing and are in the extreme
ang furnish Speclacies as style
We ape also having our first showing
in Fars, a choice and handsome line, in
all styles and prices.
Millinery goods are coming in daily
. ard the latest and best styles are here.
guaranteed .
ZHarantee Never have we been prepared fors
more elegant and prosperons sessen,
and we cordially invite you to come
mid seo as if possible.
Goods and samples sent on applica
[Lenses can
5 ¥ 3
Pm ¥ SRP FLAS Eng ¥ *
CHE. Od hanged SAIN
wilthm a year.
The Patton Jeweler.
One Square From Station.
Altoona, Penna.
With a Bigger and Better Lane
| han Ever.
from the
a very large line of Cloth-
fit everyvhbodyv— voung and
] ust returned
as Overcoats all kinds,
Ces to suit your purse.
Isic the finest and most complete
(ur stock
2 » 5
it Lents ever
Fuyrsrrir hi PP: , sii a1}
pronrat fo aiton, i> aii
can’t help but admire it,
SJOCH. You are
same old stand,