The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, July 13, 1899, Image 2

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    atton Courier.”
ndapendent | Intirest Patton oid
adding Country, Muotto—* Justi
1" Ma co Toward Nate, +
ATTON PUBLISHING Co.. Proprietors. |
i Wits iia Edtior.
na Bm SA or fins Spe
GEN. Josep WHEELER is as : happy)
! girl who has just snubbed a man she
| knows loves her. He has been ordered
to the Philippines for duty and will
as a boy with his first trousers, or a
‘sail from San Francisco on the 20th |
inst. He says he will not resign his
| seat in the House as he expects the
‘e campaign will be short and successful
‘and he will be back before Congress |
| meets. Others think that if he returns
‘| home by the time Congress meets, he
' will:have to leave before the fighting
Lin finished, and that is about the last
Mr. G. A Stillson,
A Tampico 111 writes FOL
: EY’
CURE is mectin S Money
that phyiicing
I, myself am
w. | ETI
a it | Pictare of health,
eth i Cure has made
vd twenty-seven years
and to day 1 feel
2 merchant of; )
J £ with wonderful sae.
t has cured some Casey here
pronounced incurable
able to testify
My face 1 day
to its
is a living
and your Kitlney
itauch | had suffer.
with the dis
ten . Years
|s the Best Policv.
Honest goods, honest deal-
ings will surely bring success.
Every hour proves it.
The Inst days of the nineteenth cen
tury show nothing mors clearly. We
believe this fact and our works demon-
strate one belief. Our pods are war
ranted to be exactly as represented,
that is honest; our goods are guaran.
tend to give perfact satisfaction, that is
honest. If any article of jewelry of
ra me
You a cannot do better Sant tell on
Gould & Beeser for first-class plambing,
etc. Estimates fresly given, 44
T he Delineator
18 THE
Woman's Favorite
and is isened by the famous fashion
[oMuhen, The Butterick Poblishing
0. (Limited, at 7 to 17 West Thir-
thing he would wish to do.
j younger than 14did ane ye
A ————————————
QUITE a number of Speaker to-be
| Henderson constitutents will have ma-
three days he spent in Washington, he
a member of the House as he has been
for some years, and that of thé
Speaker. He made no secret of his
having come to Washington to get
some appointments for the boys in his
| district, nor that his visit was entirely
satisfactory. Although
now calls him “General”
claimed such rank, as the height of his
military career, which began as a
Priviite, was to be Colonel of an lowa
‘regiment of volunteers. But he will
| be “General” to the end of the chapter
‘now. He couldn't stop the toadies
| considered it worth while to try.
Annaal Exeurston tes Seashore,
Tliuredays, July 20 and August 3 and
17, sre the dates of the Pennsylvania
[1509 to Atlantic City, Cape May, Ocean
| City, Sea Isle City, Avalon, Anglesea,
Wildwood, Holly Beach, N. J, Reho-
A special |
train of Pullman parlor ears and day
{coaches will leave Pittsburg on sbove-
| mentioned dates at 8:55 a. m., arriving
‘ab Altoona at 12:15 p. m. where stop
for dinner will be made, reaching
Philadelphia at 6:25 p. m., and arriving
Atlantic City, via the Deleware river
‘ bridge route, the only all-rail line, at
8: 40 p. m. Passengers may also spend
the night in Philadelphia, and proceed
& BOWNE, (‘hemists, New York.
tack of proper support, ft the
Ito the shore by any regular train from
{ Market street wharf or Broad street
istation on the following day.
‘over of ten days will also be allowed at
Philadelphia on the going trip, if pass.
[Toes will deposite their tickets with
the Ticket Agent at Broad street stat.
| terial cause to rejoice because his elect. |
jon to be Speaker of the House of
| Representatives, at Washington D. C.,
is an assured fact. During the two or Fl B
i learned the difference between the in- ASMA IHU AN I HABE
fluence wielded by even as prominent
everybody |
he never
i from giving him the title, even if he
railroad annual low-rate excursions for
| both, Del, or Ocean City, Md. Tick-
{ets good to return within fifteen days,
{including date of excursion.
A stop.
_{can obtain some
ar ago. iT
our manafacture does not give perfect
teenth Street, New York, at the re
tates of ite dice)
wonderful certifi ti
NNER — - in ‘Wonder.
QO. Ww. Hodgking, Patton Pharmacy.
will also send printed instructions as
Midsummer Zargain
During the month of July we will hold our regular cut-price sale
of Summer goods preparatory to our semianpual inventory of
We nav
throughout t
arate this sale with a view to redncing the stocks
store to the lowdst possible point, so as to avoud
taking account of any unnecessary Summer merchandise. To bring
our stocks to this healthy condition for inventory purposes, we are
- willing to
Reduce the Jrices to a very low Basis
and will offer throughout this month exceptional bargain oppor
tunities in every class of goods needed for midsummer use.
our advertisements in the Altoona daily papers for daily announce
ments of the big values we will offer.
Gable & Company,
1320-22-24-1404 11th Avenue,
Journal, n bright and newsy {1on, Philadelphia, immediataly on ar-
bas “throwed up the sponge’, rival.
g ita lant paper in that town Pr |
uly Tth.
: DIRECTORY which will be issued
The rate of fare from Cresson
will be only $8.00; train will leave that
place at 11:45 a. m,
For detailed information in regard to
rates and time of trains apply to ticket
wn will show that city's agents or Mr. Thomas E. Watt, Dis-
ion to be 41,819. According to
produced, | the city has gained
of July ened of exception: |
in Patton. The first time in |
y of our town that no public |
tion was Leld and the first time |
history of otir town that no ar.
made for drunkenness in|
borough on thik patriotic holiday.
10 those in charge of the 4th |
on at Lock Haven by |
‘No. 1, a committee
tion at Mill Hall to
boys of this place. We
to state that this little act of |
y will, in the future, never
g so small, bat
ta matter o us 5 this again,
recommended gn appoint.
Geo. R. 8 Scull, of Bomeret, |
H A Reed, of San-
: Cubes and Onion
Pi ntments Sena-
"ea ho i be com.
trict Passenger Agent, Pittsburg,
savixl the life of our Inte boy wher
nearly dead with croup.
i king, Patton Pharmacy.
fee! Tost lent
Pare spring water ice delivered to
any part of town every day except
!Kunday no los will be delivered on
Susday. Chest Springs water ice
of the fact that no word | which is pure, clean and healthy. Sold |
iby ‘A. G. Storm at one-half emt a
{poond. Leave orders at residence on
Fifth avenue near bridge crossing rail.
Thomas Rhoads, Centerfield,
eight years. No remedy gave me relief
until Dewitt's witch Hazel salvo, loss
than a box of which permanently cured
me? Soothing, healing,
harmlous. Beware of counterfeits,
\doltzen &
Dealers in-——
= Groceries, Notions,
neh Flour, Feed and
the Call ‘and see us and learn our.
ridge, Patton, Pa.
Mr. and Mm. B Lackamp, Elston,
| Mo, writes: “one Minute cough Cure
. W. Hodg- |
| writes: “I suffered from piles seven or
perfectly |
East side of Iron
Altoona, Pa.
Offers all that is Best in
l.ow Rates,
Large Dividends,
Absolute Sec urity and the
Most laberal Contract,
§ If Interested Address
General Agents for Central Penn'a,
In your bicycle will
be quickly & cheaply
mended at our store.
Does your tire creep?
It may cause a bad
fall. We can fasten
it with first-class hard
cement by the latest
and best process for
25 cents. We sell
. Excelsior Needle Cos
Diamond E. Spokes,
the finest made with
nipples, 3c each.
The Patton J eweler.
You are invited to call and |
see my new line of
Canned Gods, Etc.
Flour and Feed
At Lowest Prices.
Also best grade of Lime.
=> Weighing done Correct-
located |
ly on street scales,
directly in frout of store.
satisfaction we will refund the
markably low rate of
for A year . jssbeeription, or 15 cents
r COPY. il
Fei the great caterer to ES roa an
and ean be recommended for its ean:
ness, nsefoiness, beauty, and, freshness
| and otility.
Boarding House.
707 Vine Street,
Opposite Franklin Square.
for such articles; that too
assortment of our
for sale at pric
Has a complete
goods in his store
that defy competition. These goods
are made from rolled gold, gold
filled or solid gold stock and are war.
ranted to give perfect satisfaction or
the money will be refunded.
If this notice shonid reach anv one
living too far away from Mr. Brady's
store, OF any other customer of ours,
to permit their purchasing the goods
of par customers, we wii sail the goody |
at retail to such persons, ander the
warranty, and deliver by mail. We
Cambria and Clearfield
county people visiting Phila-
delphia will find this a con-
venient and central location.
Terms $1.00 per day.
to the care of the jewelry, how to clean |
it, ete. on application.
Eastern Factory Corner Friendship &
Eddy Sta, Providence, RI. Western
Factory largest in the world | under
process of construction at Fast Towa |
City, Towa. Over 52000 ft. of floor |
space, 112-1
At 2 Grocery House where things look
neat and clean; where Clerks are polite and obiiging;
where Deliveries are made free of charge and on time;
above all where vou know you are getting the best
in the market at the fairest of prices. That's the
sort of House we keep Call and be sure of it.
Have you seen our line of
The finest in this section and at prices
to sit your purse.
When in town make our store
your headquarters. You will be
eo. ood,
Patton, Pa.