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    Se ling your further patronage,
$1.00 PER YEAR.
f Tnport @?
Ritls Held Gurr
i Yery Little Hustneis
| noted
Patton Borough Coane! met in regn.
Har session in the council chambers
Monday night with the following mem-
bers present as per roifeall: ‘Ruban
t Anderson, Mod ‘ormiek, Blair, Cordell
fand Campbell. The minntes trailer
meeting held Monday night, May 15th,
i were read and approved
i The burgess was instructed vo notify
(Mr. E. C. Prown, Seperintendant of
(Chest Creek Land & Improvement
company, to comply with Ordinanee
No. 17, relating to the laying of board
i walks in the Borough of Patt
On motion of Anderson
iby Campbell, it was carried
replacing of the bridge on West Mage
Lnvenus left in the hands of the
CBtresd Committes,
| A communication was read from
| Messrs. Hagerty, of Coalport, stating
that they would not tap sewer on
Magee svenve., The communication
was placed on file and clerk Instructed
ho acknowledge receipt of same,
| The following communication relat
and secon
Patton Pharmacy.
from Borough Solicitor Somerville:
To the Burgess and Town Council of
Patton Borough,
Gentlemen: 1 have prepared and |
i herewith sgbmit to you ordinances re.
y lating to the issuing of $12,000
bonds, and calling a special election to
to obtain the assent of the electors of
the Borough for that purpose, and
thought it wise to call your attention
to the fact that the outstanding bonds
of the Borough are not redeemable at
this time.
The first issne of bonds was made
‘and dated the first day of February
1895, and are redeemable on the first
day of February 1805, same bearing
interest at 8 per cent. per annum, pay.
ing semi annually. Minute book, Vol.
1, 56 aud 57.
| The second issue of bonds is dated
(the firet day of September 1808 and
‘are redeemable on the first day of
Beptember 1908, same bearing per
cent. interest bearing bonds, interest
ayving semi annuslly
wok, Voll, page 78
I would suggest that before vou go
to the expense of issuing bonds or
holding an election relative to the
{same, that yon ascertain who now
| holds the bonds, and whether or not
[they will be willing to surrender the
aame at this time upon their pay ment
You will understand that purchasers of
municipal bonds are not required to
Ssarrender the same until matarity, and
(he time for which they are issued is
often a factor in their sale,
| Bevel SoMeErviLLE
i The matter of bills
Lwere held over Hl next regular night,
| Council then adjourned till Monday,
May 20th.
Headquarters for
, Chemicals
Drugs, Medicines
Stationery, Confectionery,
Cigars and Tobacco.
Opposite School Building.
All sizés—at all prices.
Every lady in Patton and
vicinity calling at our store
will be presented with a souv-
~_enirof the Spanish-American,
in the shape of a beautiful
Call early 1
all gone.
C. W. Hodgkins.
they aro
of disposing
A Miracalins Escape,
might have proven a more
tgerious accident,
but fortanately did
i not, ocoured at No, 6 Colliery of Pat.
[ton Coal company about noon Satur.
day, when a can partly fliled with
| powder, exploded in the blacksmith
shop at that place, severely
8 the following who were present at the
time: Mesure. Packer, Scott,
| Monteith, Wilson and Mike Walters,
i Sell 16 different designs to select | the blacksmith. The aceldent hag
from. Also the latest in Carpets Rag ened by one of the above mentioned
t 25 and 30¢ per r yard; cotton In. party thoughtiessly taking an open
Carpet # & and 35c per yd; Union |, of powder into the shop where he
PAL | ot 35 and 45¢ per vd; al
In 30, 80 and placed it on the floor,
wells from 0c: to $1.25 per Hy ro from a red hot piece of iron, which the
finest and in town. . blacksmith was pounding, fell the
aod Jel ble place to buy YOUF un. The shock received by those
fami r Toney. present threw them to the floor and
apminst the walls, and escaping with as
little injuries as they received, is con-
shlered quite a miraculous. The most
severe injury sustained, was that of
Chas. Packer, who was badly burned
about the fuce and arm.
The finest designs of Mattings
at the following prices:
108, 14¢, 16¢, 18¢, 20¢, 25¢C, 2
and 30c¢ per yd.
fouse Furnishing,
Tio and Plumbing Dpts,
i. All kinds of tinwork will
I attended to and guaran-|
Mining Hate Advanced.
The Patton Coal company and Magee
| Patton, posted the
: Tuesday:
Notiee to Miners,
On and after June 1st the price of
ck mining a! our collieries will be
cents por ton. Loading alter ma-
chines 25 cents. Day wages in pro.
The following will be our leading |
‘stoves, which you very well know are’
3h hest in the market. Quite a va-
ie Capello
Sunshine and Sielio, si
Ranges, The Garlan toel |
These are all guaranteed. | Licensed te Marey.
En an
A complete line of shelf hardware, | The following persons have been
mints, « ol varnishes, ete., sash and granted a legal permit to wed, by Clerk
a full line. ‘of Orphans court at Ebensburg:
r descripti :
Er ay i CBCrIPUON = | Pshins Yahner and Miss Mary Rager,
LTE lows, etc. of Hastings; Joseph Noker and Miss
douariees for miners’ tools - | Mary Folger, Bi Spangler; Lawrence
Yahner, of St. Lawrence and Miss
augers, powder and |
| Agnes a. of Chest Springs.
Saaiing you for all past favors, |
Episcopal Services
Episcopal services, conducted by Rev,
| Cole, Arch Deacon, of Pittsburg, will
| be held in the Goldstein hall, Patton, |
Very Respectfully,
d.E.Kirk Hdw.
&Fur'tCo., oo es
7:30 p. m. All are cordially invited to
offered for sale cheap. In good con-
dition. Call on or address J. B. Wilber,
:. .
ing to passing an ordinance for the
issuing of $12,000 bonds was received
Ordinanes :
when a spark
| & Lingle, operators of six collieries of
following notice
i the
Sunday morning at 10:30 o’clock and at
Of North i Cou
1 Ron.
; a%1 hrs
Wil he
vied Elder
Exams Made fir Pals
Whore trornim
fares, Township
Fotlowing are the
for holding the Teacher's examinations
of North Cambria county for 1589:
Patton for Hastings and Elder, July
31; Rt fort'learfield,
Nicktown for Barr, June 23; Rpangler
for Spangler, June 23; Barnesboro for
Bnsguelnnna and Barnesboro, June 24;
Loretto for Allegheny,
Chest Rprings, June
Ashland, Dean and Ashville,
Monntaindals teade,
Beaver Valley for White,
June 27;
dune 29; Kt.
fir Carroll and
July 1; Noel for Munster,
Special Examination at
Septemler, 6,
All written work must
pany mal ink
of Number,
ment and Berkey's Mannoal and Guide
should be especially studied by appli-
ecants, Teachers should also become
familiar with other books recommended the on Professional
study. The Mapual and Guide has
August 15,
be done with
cont tee
been republished and can be purchased |
front BL. 1.
Myers & Co, Harrisburg,
certificate with an envelope
stamped and addressed for a report of
the examination. Applicants from
other counties, not having taught in
Cambrian county, will not be permitted
to enter class until they present a valid
certifioate from their own Superintend-
Extract from Bchoul Laws, page 2
Bection CCLL “That it shall be the
duty of the county superintendent to
examine all the candidates for the pro
fomeion of teacher (in the presence of
the board of directors or controllers,
should they desire to be present,
In order that directors may
this privilage teachers must be
amined in the district where
expect to make application for schools,
This portion of the law will be strictly
observed, and teachers presenting
themselves for examination In other
districts than where they expect to
make application for schools will not
be permitted Lo enter class.
Examinations will begin promptly at |
Sam All applicants must be present
at that hour in order to onter clas
Uniform examination paper will be
furnisiv«l applicants, Certificates will
be sent to teachers not later than ten
days following the date of the exami
nation. Secretaries of boards will
kindly soe that school rooms aee in
proper condition for holding the wx.
ammations, and open by 8 am.
T. L. Ginsonx,
Co. Supt.
Saturday Excursion Tialn
through the months of July
August, the New York Central
Hudson River Railroad (Peonsylvania
Division : will run a special excursion |
train every Saturday from Williams-
port to Pation, leaving that place at
5:47 p.m, and stopping at all stations
designated on time table as regular:
stops Passengers will thus be enabled
to go enst on train No. 30, which leaves
Patton at 6:30 a. m., and arriving at
Williamsport at 12:20 p. m. and remain.
ing there until the time as mentioned |
The round trip from Patton to
Morrisdale Mines and all intermediate
stations, including Clearfield, will be at
the low rate of but $1.50. The sched-
‘ule time of excursion train will appear
in COURIER at a later date.
Quaricriy Mecting Services,
The first quarterly meeting services
for this conference year will be held in
the Methodist Episcopal church next
Sabbath day, May 28th. Communion
services will be held in the morning
and continued at night. Kev. D. 8
Monroe D. D,, of Altoona will preach
in the evening of that day at 8 o'clock.
Everybody cordially invited to any of
services, Strangers specially
invited. Quarterly conference Friday
‘evening after the lecture,
There will be an ice cream festival
held in Goldstein’s hall on
church. Westbrook’s ice cream. Cake,
and sandwiches will also be
served. All are cordially invited to
ty for
tral system in
phices and times |
Laretta sind
Dysart for’
June 25:
book and Aaditor’s coupon.
ar Chest, June 30; Carroll.
MoClelland's Pays hology 3
White's School Manage. |
(Creek railroad,
Applicants will present their last
. Bewerh
CWS emp foyed uy i has,
down a tree,
Sunday afternoon after services in
Memorial |
day, Tuesday, May 30, for the benefit
‘of improvements made on Baptist
One 45 horse power steam engine is
you until after Decoration day.
AS 10 MitEAce BOOKS.
Acceplunce of the Rome on ths
Penn's Div NYU. EH. BRR
New York Central mileage books
have been furnished to all agents form-
erly selling Fall Brook or Beech Creek
mileage books. 500 mile books are sup-
plied to agents in the state of New
York, to be sold at the rate of $10.00,
and will be accepted for passage be
tween all stations on New York Cen-
the state of New York.
They will not be good on the Pennsyl.
vania division south of Lawrenceville
10060 mile books will be sold at rate of
$20.00, and will be good between all
‘stations on New York Central system;
(they will also be honored for passage
June 16.0
on the Philadelphia & Reading ratiway
Atlantic City ralirond, Central railroad
of Pennsylvania and Altoona & Phil
ipshurg connecting railroad.
Agents selling 500 mile or 1660 mile
books will inscribe thereon only the
name and address of the prrohaser,
and only on the inside cover
ors will accept book under the same
regulations as apply to Fall Brook or
Beech Creek books
cerning method
Miueage books issued by the Fail
Brook railway, now outstanding, will
be accepted between all stations on the
Pennsylvania division,
Mileage books issued by the Beech
pow outstanding, will
be accepted between all stations on the
Pennsylvania division, and between all
of making
points on connecting lines printed on
face of the books
Mileage books issued by the Fhila-
delphia & Reading railway will be
accepted between all stations on the
Peunsyivania division.
Mileage books issued by the Buffalo,
Rochester & Pittsburg railway will be
accepted between all stations on the
Pennsylvania |
Creek district,
division, until further notice,
Wo. HL Mier Remembered.
Tuesday evening the employes of the
Cambria & Clearfield division of the
Pennsylvania railroad presented Mr
W. HH. Moore, former supervisor of the
north division of the road, with a
handsome leather covered couch and &
patent upholstered reclining chair in
token of the high estewm in which he
is heid by them. The employes as.
the Buck hall where the
speech was made
H. Curfroan
sembind in
HEtation Agent Geo
tent who came from Harrisburg where
he is now located,
ation from those who so kindly remem.
bere Kim, Mr. Moor
whom he
A Great Music Hox.
As often as the new moon makes its
appearance, C. W. Hodgkins,
Patton Pharmacy, gets something new
stare. This time it is one of the new
: Na celebrated orchestral coronas, the first
Commencing June 3d and continuing and only disk music box made which is
provided with a mechanism that anto-
changes the tune sheets,
plays any tune and will repeat as often
aa desired. In brilliancy and volume
of tone, it excells any music box ever
made. It contains two steel combs
with 172 tongues, tuned in chromatic
scale embracing over seven octaves.
The mechanism is enclosed in a highly
polished frame of mahogany which
stands six feet high. The dimension of
the tune sheets are 27 inches in di-
ameter. It is a great
evidenced by the many
ready seen and heard it
who have
Jars Relly Rillod,
James holly, of St.
with a horrible death while
Lawrence, met
Working in
iy evening. Mr. Kelly
‘nesidy on the
Matt Wo
as it was about to
r, driking
the head, caasing i i in-
stant death. ‘The unfortunate man
was aged about 45 years, and was un-
married, His remains were taken to
the home of Joseph Wentz, where he
has resided for the past 20 years.
Interment occured at Bt. Lawrence,
the woods
nhwer § wh als
of «
where he waa
Mo Mur TRY tie
inn the
it split in BOE
orpe-half east
him on
Catholic church at that place.
“Rex” Photo's
Are still the rage. We will be with
the same, only 10 for 10 cents.
_Hard shell crabs, deviled crabs and
| clams at the City Restaurant.
of the
Head carefully
instructions printed on the books con. |
‘and wet
gracefully responded to by the recep |
apon special invit- |
Lwatial property, $8.70; read estate,
greatly |
appreciated the courtesy which tends |
to strengthen the friendship between
‘him and those
msociated with
a St tw evar reia Ist 3 fat ikaain 1
has buen i late of Elder Township, decesed
during the past six’
officers of Patton
the ensuing term;
of the
financial secretary;
which attracts crowds of people to his
| by
ward lLeisch, H. Bennett, W. E. Pro
‘Jones and
Henshaw, Elliot A. Murphy, Miss Liz
will please say they are advertised.
As Appeared in ihe Caiobiia Tribanpe of Properties to be Disposed of at the County
List Week. Seal, June Si
of Chest Springs, The followin
Pennsyivania’ bee Cambria county will be offered at
tenements Sheriffs sale on Monday, June 5th at
to his son the Court House, Ebonsburg:
The right, title and interest of John
Weidwald and wife in lot in Gallitzin
34 Ori Sane,
The right, title and interest of John
Lemdon in 15 a of in Eider
9 to township. House
The right, title and
af Spicer 11 R& hose
Joseph Ropp,
Cambria county,
queaths zil his lands and
situated in Chest township,
Michael, during his fifetime, and after
his death his wife, shouold she sur.
vive her husband, After her death or Borough.
ber remarriage, the lands are to vest
in Michael Ropp, Jr., son Michael
Ropp, and said Michael Ropp, Jr,
pay to of his fall brothers
and rs a reasonable !
money according to the said Barnestaro,
farm at that Riis Michael The right, title of John
Ropp, Jr, not live afer the death of J. MeCann in tot, fold bidding, bar
his father and raother or his mother’s ber shop and other buildings in Bland-
remarriage, then the farm is to be sold ourg.
to the highest bidder, and the money is. The right, th
ta be divided equally between the sar. Harvey ia hou
viving children of Michael Ropp, Sr. burough :
He directs that the surviving The right, title and interest of Lacas
children of Michael Newbower, with Moyer and Mary BE. Litzinger, terre
his daughter Barbars, should receive te ot of ground
equal shares of eight handred dollars situated io Clearfield township.
which is loaned to different parties on The right, title and interest of Philip
interest. Dated Novembwer 16, 1595. Schneider and wife in 6 scores of land in
Chest Springs, Pa, April 24, ’90. Cambria township,
I, John T. McClarran, being of sound | The right, title and interest of Wm.
mind and anderstanding, do makd this | T. Fortney in a house and jot in Reade
my last will and testament, revoking township.
all former ones. [| will and bequath all | The right,
my property to my father, James Me Knights of the Golden Ea
Sr, after my expenses are tuindale castle No. 424,
paid. [appoint Rev. J. J. Ludden, of balding used for hall Heads
Rt. Augustine, as my executor, with. ship.
out bond. Probated the 9th day of Of Chariex F. Lather in 41 acres of
May, 1899, nnd in Susquehanna township
Of Frederick
cand one Callitzin borough,
wing narned Appralsemonts of Prop 340 three RET. of ground i Gain
erty Apprased and set apart for Wid. Porough, aldo one lo having erected
owas of Decedents ander the Act of Ass | | Spon it a store building also situated in
embly of the dthof April. A. D 1881, CCdlitzin boroagzh, also two ots of
have been filed in the Reg rister's Offios ground in : Pinon Lawnahip.
in and for the County of Cambria, and | Of W. Go enn 4 in two lots and
will be presented ta the Orphans’ Court in | Bs
of sald county for Confirmation and Al-
June? A.D. ,
® properties of North
3 1
of TH
interest of Ce
wit iatesd ins
ort each
sisty amount and fot
valos of
and interest
pine, said
and interest of E.G.
and lot in Spangler
nant, ina house and
title and interest of the
aie, Mouan-
int and
ni rie PE wa iw # ype
Widows Appraisemants smeltzer in two lots
Notice is hereby given that the fol. Bouse in
me hiotise aretio baroag
Intoicnting Loetude,
Iv 8 Monroe DD. will deliver
church of Patton on
May 28th, at TA
iviesion fee will be
varyhbogy welcome and
section will be lifted to
3 .
feng EX La RsR
on Wednesday, Rev
: his interesting le
Inventory and appraisement of per. |. Methodist
sonal property and real estate appraised Friday evening.
apart to Henrietta Keataor, |, o « |
widow of i. M, Kratzer, late of Clear charged. F
field Township, deceased. Personal oq
property, $144.25; real estate, $158 75.
Inventory and appralsement of real
estate, appraised © and set apart to
Sarah McManamy, widow of William |
MoManamy, late of White Township,
deconsed RG.
qHre On
Gel in Line
and wear one of Diasmore
er They have just re-
ceived a big Hoe of black woolen goods
Inventory and appraisement of per- for soitings which ali the go now.
sonal property and real estate, ap Don't fail to call and examine gonda
praised snd set apart to Fila Hileman, a perfeet fit Pre rem bap
widow of George O. Hileman, late of the place. next to Post.
Barnesbors Borough, deceased. Pere
Inventory and appraisement of per.
apprabeed and set apart
of John Beck,
feet in Line
Bro's sum anita
Ka ragieedd
Proper f1mervatieon
There has been & tendency of recent
Fears turn Memorial day from a
haly day to a holiday to indaige in
races and games and merrymaking of
ae timents
Are Lue this can only caose profoand
There is a time for everything,
dance 8 not at &
Memorial day calls ap myriad
partings and shad-
it is the tine for holy and
chastened reverence,
3 Stylish Millinery
sonal property, ta
Louisa Beck, widow
New Fire Co. Ofcers. Call morta. But to one whose
1 for Pain
{ fans ral
‘ hearthreaks,
F owed Hives,
Following are the newly
Fire Co. No,
Thos. Lowes, presi
Lower, vice president;
secretary; R. A. Lilly, |
Paul Biller, treas
urer; Ed. A. Hunter, chief. John Scheid,
fureman, Hobt. Monteith, assistant
foreman; Frank Anderson, trustee; |
John Boyes, manager of hail Follow- |
ing are the appointive officers selected |
Chief Hunter: Nozzlemen a
“he tirge 45
dent; John
Joseph Gill, ad
bert, John Boyce, Jewse Fox and KR A
Plogmen -F, H. Kinkead, W,
J. Fisher and E. Will Greene. Barand |
Axemen -Papl Biller, M. Tate, 8 E
Little. Ladder and
Ropemen Thos. Lowes, Joseph Gill,
Ed. Simmons, J. E. Hunter, John
Spangle, Wm. Martz John Lowe and
Wm. Smith. Fire Police Tram And-
erson, Stair and T. N. Nagle
Lt. Peter Kavior Post No. 833.0. AR.
will meet at Post room on Saturday
May 27, 15890. All comrades must be
present to make arrangements for)
Memorial Day and attending church |
Sanday May 28. Post will meet in the |
ball at 8 o'clock a mm sharp Sunday |
morning without fail and proceed to
the where a Memorial |
#erinon by Rav
Father Edwin
We have
ix |r enl
the largest Millinery
in Peansylvaoia, out.
the larger cities. We sell
Millinery, mcluding ready-trim-
hats, at lower prices than
any store we know of hesides
ving you the advantage of the
very latest styles and gracefulness
in the trimming.
We sell readv-to-wear Hats as
low as $1.98, while you van get
onc at most any price from that
up to $25.90. >
1320-22-24 11th AVENUE,
ie church
side of
wii be
W. HH Beri,
Post Commander,
The Memorial day program was re-
ceived too late for pubdication.
Last of § nolaimiod Latters. :
The following letters remain in the
poatotiice at Patton for the week end- |
ing Thursday, May 25, 1599;
Geo, W. Barrett, Charley A. Dalat, |
Pat. Ford, Mes. A OC. Harris, Henry |
zie Smith, Miss Nellie Thuton, Mrs.
Mary Wilson.
Persons calling for the above letters |
: omy
" E. A. MELLoN, P.M.