The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, April 20, 1899, Image 4

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urier. Secretary Alger, who hat returned
dent Intenst-Patton and | from a trip to ©
Country, Motto “Justice 10 | gn regnmed his position at the head
ward Nate,
PUBLISHING os. Proprietors. | i like 2 man who has any idea of resign-
E Wii Greexe, ditor,
__. of the War Department, doesn’t talk |
ing; in fact, he very distinctly says that
he has no such idea. On the contrary,
he talks of the work in Caba and Porto
| Rico as though he expected to be con.
| nected with it for a long time. He!
'savs the greatest need of Cuba js eda. |
{children is being steadily improved,
soldiers now in Cuba.’ He summed
ap his trip thusly: “1 am more than
satisfied. Of course | realip: there is a
{ great deal to be done, and that perfec.
‘tion is & plant of slow growth I
faith in the future.
‘better American, if such a thing be
possible, than when | went away.
| When I realize how great a work the
| United States has undertaken and how
| magnificently that great work is being
| accomplished, T think that our country
[ha taken another stride forward in the
noble task of helping to civilize and
{uplift humanity. The time is not far
| distant «if, indeed it is not already at
hand when the people of Cuba and
‘Porto Rico will rise up and call os
| blessed. In the hastening of that day
! every American has a common interest
‘and pride.”
| Inspector General Breckenridge tells
| some amusing stories of what he saw
‘while on his tour of inspection in Cuba
{and Porto Rico. One of them is in
* ; :
y' 's bottle three or four ; Teemnention with the Whelesuie Yuet
: i mation that is now going on in Porto
a day you will soon see } {Rico by United States surgeons. In-
ed improvement. For | (stead of ranning away from vaccing.
Ww I t tions, as many of ourown citizens have
children, from half 0 hewn known to do, General Brecken.
ea nful, according to ‘ridge says that the Porto Ricans ran
dissolved in their milk, : after the vaccinators, believing that
| being vacoinated makes them American
so desire, will very . Alam " 8
If you suffer from tendermoss or full
hiss on the right side, pains onder
| ishonlder-bdade, constipation, billious
ness, sick headache and feel dull, heavy
and sleepy your liver is torpld and con-
: gested. DeWitt's Little Early Risers
| will cure you promptly, pleasmntly and
perm anentie by removing the conges.
ion and causing the bile duote 1o apen
ue and so, oft drug ies and flow naturally. They are good
ROOT A BOWNKE, Cheebad New Yor pills, £8. WW. Hodgkins, Patton
o— po— Memmpee Pharmacy.
she eet the emul
It will show an effect |
v ’ v we hd
4 ps i” : ee Y ni, Cirnnt add Thowey Prave,
JOR WaNAMaRAR used 840 coli que best authors and artists have
: ; ben hard at work preparing two mag
1880), in the Philadelphia pificont souvenir numbers of ihe Phil
Times, Press, Lecger and) gquinhia Sunday Press, which will be
published on April 23 and 30. The
former will bw a Grant Day souvenir
7 Republican Sate Conven. ; ye
be held at Harrisburg some “and the latter a Dewey Day edition,
during the month of August. | The articles and illastrations in both
MY te Sori Convention will be held at will be appropriate to the occasion and
most of the matter has been secured
from special sources and has never
YBoDY reads newspapers nowa- before been published, either in a news
almost every family takes one or paper or magazine, Saperb color pages
: , and they are read by man, will add to the artistic beauty of the
and ebild. Therefore is it not both editions. The front page of the
t and only legitimate medium of | Grant number shows the spendid mon-
g. Its asure winner every ument which will be dedicated by
Cn President McKinley in Philadelphia,
and the front page of the Dewey num-
g some time in June,
painting of Dewey on the Olympia,
{showing him us he looks to-day, Be
sure and get both these editions, which
will be the handsomest ever issued by
a newspaper,
Susinens and make a fortune, New Ofcers Installed.
gr creditor has no claim by | District Deputy Grand Master Harry
: | Shaffer, of Johnstown, installed the
following newly elected officers of
A Court of Toquiry is Patton Lodge, No, 1088, 1. O. O. F,
testimony, although it had Thursday evening, April 13th: John
> finish last week. Although | McMahon, past grand; W. C. Hubbard,
minen t officers have been on | noble grand; Elmer Smale, vice-grand,
th thas was vither new or (i, H. Curfman, secretary; A. G. Ab
: wan brought cut. Several bott, assistant secretary; Wm. Cramer,
the court have served to deepen treasurer; 5. W. Worrell, trustee
esslon of the anprejudiced | Following are the appointive officers
that the court is pre judiced | for the ensuing term: Wm. Wulf,
1 Miles, «specially its warden; John Culp, conductor; Chas
to summon six particular Hodgkins, ©. G.; Chas. Wulf, L
B hamen were furnished G.; Clark loomis, R. 8 N, GG;
| John Tribley, IL. 8. N. G.; Dan’l Ab.
; - : 'bott, chaplain; Abe Jenkins R. B. 8;
SEN ATIVE PACKER, of Peon- | O. Hartshorn, L. 8. 8.: 8 LL. Irvin,
a who has just retirned from a | R 8. V. G.; Luke Warren, I. 8. V. G.
to Cuba, said: “The impression |
that our troops ‘will have to J. D. Bridge, editor and proprietor
here 8 loug time. One of! lof the Democrat, Lancaster, N. H.,
Generals talked the situa. says: “1 would not be without One
me fully ind frankly. | | Minute cough cure for my boy, when
made a tear- troubled wit a cough or cold. It is the
adopting the Teller res- best remedy for croup I ever used.’ C.
disclaimed any intention W. Hodgkins, Patton Pharmacy.
annex Cuba. The re- Granted Marriage Licenses.
educated element — | The following Cambria ecountians
say they will be were granted marriage licenses by
xation come about (jerk of Orphan's Court since April
General was not sure | 5th: Edward Fogle, of Chest Springs,
could be depended | ‘and Miss Emma McLucas, of Ashville;
| their talk. If an. Hugh Farmer and Miss Christine Ross,
e beta at an early day, gpg Joseph Shinty and Miss Rozal
vote contrary to their Rejezak, of Hastings; Gilbert M. White
bout the desirability of "y.q Miss Estella Waltz, of Carrolitown;
. All the Americans over pugp Boggs and Miss Abbie Mansfield,
are of the opinion that Cuba of Ashville.
nd oy ni it tany not pay
on the iollar, it releases him |
afterward having to pay his
ne The finest raisins and prunes for th
States, but how soon, or I e
matances, they do not | Money are at t the Cash Grocery.
The kind fi Haw A
radishes and rhubarb on | Sve
be Cash Grdouey.
cation for the masses; that there is
comparatively little distress now on the
lisland, among men, and that the con.
dition of the indigent widows and
and he paid this compliment to our |
boys in blue: “1 never saw, anywhere, |
a finer body of men than the American
return, however, with unquestioning
I return, too, a
and Porto Rico, | :
who are either so prej-
udiced against all a
vertised remedies, or
have becorne discour-
aged at the failure of
other medicines to help
them, and who will
succumb to the grim
destroyer without
knowing of the won-
derful value of Foley's
Frost and Lung troub-
Here is one of those
and Tar for all
FOLEY'S BANNER SALVE is a Healing Wonder.
Cc. Ww. Mean Patton Pharmacy.
Low Rate Excursions to Washington
The last two Pennsylvania railroad
low-rate 10-day excursions from Pitts.
burg and points in Western Pennsyl
vania to Washington will leave on
April 27 and May 11. Round-trip
tickets will be sold at rates quoted
below, good going on special train in-
dicated or an train No. 4, leaving Pitts.
burg at 8:30 p. m., and carrying th®hagh
sleeping cars to Washington. Special
train of throogh parlor cars and
coaches will be ran on the following
schedule: Train leaves Johnstown al
10:15 a. m., rate $7.35; Coaiport, £55
$5.10; Cresson, 10:58, 87.35; Altoona,
11:40, 87 3%; Curwenuville, 9:15, &7 25.
Clearfield, 9.31, $7.25. Tickets will be
god returning on any regular train,
except the Pennsylvania Limited, tnd]
May 6 and May 20, respectively, and
to stop off at Baltimore within Hmit
Holders of special excursion tokets
to Washington can purchase, af {he
Pennsylvania Railrosd Ticket Ofioes in
Washington, exuvarsion tiokets to Rie!
mond at rate of $4.00 and to O04 Polat
Comfort [ail rail at $6.00, at the offices
of the Norfolk and Washington Beam
haat company, excursion Likes
including meals and staterooms
steamers to OW Point Comoe or
Norfolk, Va, a2 E300, and to Virgins
Beach at 24.506. Washington fo
Yernon and return, via elevine
Way, Mi cents
Shonld (he namber of passers
be sufficient to warrant Ih
of = special train, the oon
the right to cnrry
EXOREOn% On Fegan trans
Tickets on sss in Pifah
Union Ticket Office, 360 Nfs 3
and Undon Btation, a
mentionad above Por
tion apply 10 agents
Watt, Passenger Agent
trict, Fifth avenge and Bin
street. Pittsburg
Pattie, Ee ler wreaths
Wotan freein enti remtiit Irs Bdows Wy
SOOO Heal the m ounickly with De.
Witt’s Witch Hazel Salve, a thoroughly
antl septic application with a record of
always caring piles, old uloers, soves,
otk, wounds and skin diseases, OW,
Hodgkins, Patton Pharmacy.
Strike or no strike, the Cash Groovry
The Delineator
ber is a reprodaction of a magnificent
18 THE
Woman's Favorite
and is issued by the famous fashion
publishers, The Butterick Publishing
Limited , at 7 to 17 Went Thir-
teenth Street, New York, at the re.
markably low rate of
for a year's subscription, or 15 cents
per copy. Of all family magazines if
is the great caterer to Domestic Nels,
and can be recommended for its cheap
ties, usefulness, beanty, and, froshriess
and otility.
L. W. Cook.
Can well be said about
our large and varied stock of
Dress Goods.
Our goods are especially adop ed to
tailor-made and walking costumes so
popular this season, and we have all
the new shades and a large nomber of
new style weaves, such as Alarich, Mos
gar Novelties, Bronele and Veata
cloth, all new and handsome and in
popular shades.
Then there are Coverts and Plaids,
and our usual elegant line of black
goods, Crepons seeming to lead
If you are too far away to come here
we shall be pleased to sepd samples
and take great pains to fll an order
from them.
We now have a large and elegant
line of tailor-made suits from $4.9 ap
to 825 each—all colors are represcated.
Eleventh Ave. & Eleventh St,
Altoona, Penna.
Swill go at £0.00,
Ie os Trip to the Kemah wa Oreey the Phila.
dolphin & Reading BR. HR,
When spring-time comes, after the
dull, heavy winter weather, we all feel
the need of something to tone ap the
system. Formerly this was done by
the pee of Hitter decoetions, bal now-
a-days the knowing ones have found
that the best tonic i= a trip to the
coean beach, and the practice of spend.
ing a few days on the shore is finding
mare and more devolees every vear,
sc much so that the hotels make extra
arrangements to accomnmodate the
early spring visitors,
Atlantic (ity, with ils namerous
open-all-the-year hotels, sun pariors
and magnificient boardwalk with a
sonthern pxposnre, giving promensd.
ers a splendid view of the ocean while
inhaling the warm invigorating salt air
wafted up from the Gall Stream,
especially : .
tEry sigh the y
Phi bad & Heading Howe Ab
Yaretic City BH
. fo s og by ail
Sonata wilt 84
Fast Irains
eave Chestnut Street and South Stree
¥ Tria int
thironeh Linkela
Forse # Fa i £5
stamp Bdeon J. Weiks,
enger Agent, Philadelphia
farwwd 20d at the fash
Is. eT 3 ound
He tnnativm © wrod
My wife has osed Chamberlain's Pain
alm for rheumatism with great relief,
and I can recommend it aa a splendid
liniment for rheumatism and other
household ase for which we have found
it valonable. -W_ J. Cayler, Red Creek,
Mr. Cuyler is one of the leading mer-
chants of this village and one of the
most prominent men in this vicinity.
W. G. Phippin, Editor Red Creek Her-
‘ald. For sale by Patton Pharmacy,
CC. W. Hodgkins.
You cannot do better than to call on
Gould & Beezer for first-class plumbing,
ete. Fatimates freely given tf
To Remmi Herve Rigatariy
Ernst Broer, the photographer, who
has hia gallery located on the oorner of
Fourth and Magee avennes, near rail
road station wishes to inform the pubic
that he can now be found in his pailtery
very dav in the week bo awad
thease who wish work done Prices are
reasonable and all work guaranieed
foave you Mohedd &
The fille
ane Line
ane 18. Goat
pomp attachment
agent tor rent opr sell
in Patton Borough,
Bosne, o0rner of
For good, pure ioe cream |
City Restanrant
Tao trade a lady = Cleveland bicvele
for a fresh milrh tow The bio Ne Ie is
practically new, having been ridden
only about #1 miles. For particulars
address Lock Bax No. 298. Patton, or
inquire at COURIER office,
Have you heard of the rush for
ladies’ hats at Mrs. Dartt's?
Two Lats for Sal,
One lot on the sopth-east corner of
Fifth and Palmer avenue, Patton Bor.
cough, will be sold fur $350.60 and the
tot adjoining the same of the sonth
For particulars call
ot or address the CoUrteR, Patton, Pa
For SaLe-
ax good a= new, for 815 cash
A gents bicycle, nearly
at the Cou RIER office
a Th oe
| Between Philadelphia and New York via be
: _snfficient, but you ask, who are the
wise? Those who know. The oft re
Philadelphia & Reading Rallway.
For loxarons, ewift and at the same
time perfectly safe traveling the above
trains cannot be excelled, a special not-
able featnre is the entire absence of
smoke, soot and cinders, the engines
burning only hard coal. The intodue-
tion of these trains by the Philadelphia
& Reading was a great hoon to the
business men of both cities, and the
patronage by this class of passengers
han steadily inercased an well as that
of other persons for pleasure or busi
ness purposes. Jt is a common prac.
tioe hy these travelers to leave home
in Philadelphia after breakfast, and
spending the day in New York return
in time for 7 o'clock dinner,
Pullman ore are attached to all these
trains, and the 7:30 a. and 4 p. m.
from New York also have Pullman
Buffet parlor car. To specially accom.
moddate the gentlemen the 3:30 a m. to
and £30 p.m. from New York, also
have a parlor smoking car attached,
For time tables apply to any Phila.
delphia & Reading ticket agent, or
address Fdsin J. Weeks, General
Passenger Agent, Beading Terminal,
Ax the season of the year when pnen-
monia, lagrippe
ofcds, eatarrh, broochitis and nog
troubles are to be guarded against,
nothing “x a fine substitute,” will
“answer the purpose,” or 8 ‘lost as
good” as One Minute cough care. That
is the one infallable remedy for all
jung, throat ardd bronchial tronbles
Insist vigorously on having it if “some-
thing es’ is offered yon, OCW
Hodgkins, Patton Pharmacy
sare threat, eonghs,
port y Far wales
roperty, consisting of a
ny used as A
alae Boas.
weit, Nolen.
govt ota
irs iihle
ye ache visi
Joan £1 An
tried] Cham
Hee THA Lime
Ww £2
“A word to the wise is sufficient”
and a word from the wise a
peated experience of trustworthy per-
sone may be taken for knowledge.
Mr. W. M. Terry says Chamberlain's
cough Remedy gives better satisfac.
tion than any other in the market. He
has heen in the drog business at Elk-
ton, Ky., for 12 years; has sold hon
dreds of bottles of this remedy and
nearly all other cough medicines man-
afactared, which shows conclosively
that Chamberiain’s is the most satis
factory to the people, and is the best.
Flor sale by Patton Pharmacy, ©. W,
A Card. a
We, the andersigned, do hereby
agrees to refand the money on a 50-cent
bottle of Greene's Warranted Syrup of
Tar if it fails to cure your cough or
cold. We also guarantee a 25-cent
hottle to prove satisfactory or money
refunded. C. W. Hodgking, Patton
Pharmacy. 2628 :
We have the most complete stock
of Wall Paper in Northern Cambris
Over 100 new designs to elect from.
Prices from 31 to 50 ots per poll,
Room Monldings fram 3 to 8 ots a
foot. We also carry a full line of
Wail Pockets, Pictarws, Frames and
Monldings. Can make any siese Frame
desired at the lowest prices. Old
Prames cleaned and renewed,
The Patton Wall
Paper Store,
A. C. FISHER, Prop.
Boarding ii
Opnosite Franklin Square,
h He
a COT.
At 2 Grocery House where things look
neat and clean; wiere Clerks are polite and obliging;
where [Deliveries are made free of charge and on time;
above all where vou know you are getting the best
in the market at the fairest of prices.
keep. Call and be sure of it.
sort of House we
That's the
Have you seen our line of
in this section and at prices
When in town make our store
heads juarters.
You will be