The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, February 23, 1899, Image 6

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Bee change in L. W. Cook's ad this
ation Courier.
PATTON PUBL ISHING co, Proprivtors. Las
£. Win: GereNE, hdiior
One copy, one year, in advice, woe BLAM
CSE Adverusing mies tse KROW Tn apn ape
#9 No papers diseontinusd antl al arrear
ages are paid, anles ut the option of Lhe
Entered at the Postothics at Falls as scnnd.
class mall stir
"St. Patrick's day next.
Sun-bonnets at Mrs. Dartt’s,
Get your pictores framed at Fisher's.
Wall paper at Fisher's 5; cemis a
New goods arriving daily at Mrs
A big line of ladies’ rovslin under-
wear at Mrs. Dartt’s.
F. L. Whitaker, of Lock Haven,
spent Tuesday in Patton. :
Men's $10.00 suits will go at $6.37 at
our stare. WoLr & THOMPSON,
There are now 35 prisoners in the
county jail, two of whom are females.
© J. H. snd Harris Strong, of Berwin-
dale, made Patton a brief visit Monday.
The snow has about all left us, espec-
cially as far as the sleighing is con-
Brookville, made a business trip to
Patton Tuesday.
The familiar face of Doc. J. P.
Martin, of Carlisle, Pa, was seen on
‘our strevts Monday,
‘W. C. Templin, of Mechanicsburg,
was among the many visitors to Patton |
the first of the week.
Mr. J. E. Parnell and son, Gilbert, .
are visiting Mrs. Parnell’s parents at
Tipton, Pa.. thie week.
Special attention is directed to the
sew ad of the J. E. Kirk Hardware and |
Furniture company on first page.
The new stible on East Magee ave
ne, which W. T. Robinson is erecting
or Liveryman Baum, will be completed
n a short time. It is 32x50 feet nnd is
onveniently located.
The members of Patton Fire Co. No.
furnished a beautiful floral design, of
sther, Wm. Morgan, whose funeral
socurred Wednesday.
A man staying at a boarding house
tells the story that, in a recent thunder
storm, the warring of the elements
© was 80 awe-inspiring that the hair in a
dish of batter in the pantry turned
completely white. —Ex.
~The CourRiER is in receipt of the
Record, published at the Pennsylvania
Industrial Reformatory
of that Institution.
and neatly printed brim fall of good
by the inmates
It is well edited
In the Clearfield county court Mon.
of the murder of Vietor Corietta, wis
called before Judge Gordon and sent-
enced to 15 years imprisonment in the
Western penitentiary at Allegheny.
It is reported from Bellefonte that
Gov. Hastings will again resume the
position of president of the Sterling
~ Qoal Co, of Hastings, which Jucra-
tive position he resigned about the
i time he was nominated for governor.
Edwin H. Craver, of Ebensburg,
went to Patterson, N. J.. on Wednes-
“day of last week, where he has accepted
the position of assistant to Prof. L. M.
Thornburg, principal in the commer.
i Separtigny of the: high school of
: oe ollowing officers have been
elected by the P. of H, Fire Insurance
: ompany which met at Loretto rec-
ently: President, Hon. J. J. Thomas;
| vice-president, Joseph O. Thomas;
secretary, John E. Tomlinson; trees.
urer, James Westrick; executive com-
- _mittes, Henry Ivory, John E. Tomlin-
| wom, Louis E, Kaylor.
An exchange asks: What is a dol-
ar’ anyhow? The question is easily
ed. A dollar is what some nyn
to pay to their family paper.
in something that a newspaper man
ys more in anticipating than in.
reality. It is what the wife frequently
needs bat seldom has. It is the price.
for a day’s labor for some men and a
‘night's drink for others. It is the
power that makes or unmakes men.
is the hardest thing to get and the
giest thing to get rid of known “to
It is mighty and scarce.
No man ever hud any more than he
wanted and no man ever will have. A
dollar is a snare and a delusion and
| coming. MeKsan, Mercer Mimiu, Monroe, Montgona
Leave vour lanndry with Reheid &
Oranges and lemons at the Cash
Fresh fish every Toarelay at H.
Men's $3.00 shoes for $2.00 at Wolf &
If you want to save money go to the
Cash Grocery.
It is a matter of common
| that a rasor ie ap.
comes blunt A writer in Chambers’
‘ Journal says that rust caused by the
‘enough to account for this Shearers,
| for instance, who bave to use partic.
ularly sharp instruments, never set
their shears till jost before neing What
is not so genersily known is that a ra
gor which will not cot will bscome
sharper sometimes by being left aside
AE = : for some tire The only explanation of
Always fresh oysters at FH. Atkin.
- som's.
this is that the electrical properties of
the metal in the edge become chunged
A “wire edge’ ix commonly put on a
tool by amatenrs The steel turns and
fides hack on itself It 1s owing to the
edge being made ton Jong and thia, or
the metal being too soft The only cure
for a wire edge is to break off the bent
portion and grind snd sel again
«A knife that cute butter when it is
het’ {and ander po other circumstances)
we sometimes mest with We bave
wen going into the reasons of things,
If you want to save money deal at
the Cash Grocery.
Men's $3.50 shoes for $150 at Wolf &
Thompson's store.
Three pounds of the finest pranes io
town for He at the Cash Grocery.
C. A. Rogers, of Altoona, was took
ing after trade in Patton Satarday.
Remember if vou want to save
money buy your goods at the (ash
Boys' suits at §1.00 and ¥1.50 st Wolf
Attend the Camp fire and entertain.
ment in Firemen's Hall Friday night
+ March 3d.
You should not fail to attend the
pnd the reason of this is easily explain
ed. Her vxpands metal, and in propor
tion to the amount of metal which is
heated There is more metal in the
breadth of a blade than in its thickpess,
and the former, therefore, is expanded
immensely roore than the latter In oth
er words, the wedgelike shape is length
& Thompson's store, Good buildiog,
Patton, Pa.
anad, and the tend becomes " “sbarp.' :
The Fall of £ dunt Pride.
Ome day soon after the Moiberry Bend
park was laicl out in the [talian quarter
of New York the man who had bad
more to do with the good work than
any one else was passing there As he
etrodde happily along, thinking of the
tenements that ased to stand thers, the
fresh. clean earth attracted him and he
walked out apom it. Stamping joyously
about, he exciaimed
“Fine, fine! They have planted the
seed and won the green grass will
musical entertainment in M. E. church
Batarday night.
Comrade Boone was setting the
cigars up to the “boys” Wednesday
Levi Heidrick and AL. R. Weber, of over the resnlt of his victory on elec
tion day.
efficient clerks in the Clea
spring up ander the warm sunshine. It
is my proudest’ —
Just then a park poliosman who bad
slipped up behind bim landed two vig-
orous whacks on the good man’s back
“Git off'n th grass ye loomey old
| prank!’ be said Be off wid ye, quick
mow, an doen't let me ketch ye ‘round
Boynton McPherson, one of the
learfield County
National Bank, spent Sunday visiting
his parents at this piace.
Gus. Wolf, of Carwensviile, who is
the senior member of the firm of Wolf
& Thompson, clothiers of Patton, spent
Wadnesday in town looking after busi-
peas interesta
The Curwensville Review says that
the Marion Independent tells a big cock
and ball story about a portion of the
‘new railroad extension of the B, R &
P. railroad west of Punxatawney hay-
ing to be rebuilt becanse the contractors |
put cinders in the construction on
which dirt was piled and now the cin-
‘ders are burning letting the road bed
sink in many pisces. This story may
do for a sensational story, in lien of
anything else, from a paper published
in the back woods of Indiana county,
‘but other papers nearer the point of
interest have not yet found this item
of news
Notier of Proposed Speen Legislation
The following is taken from the
Cambria Tribune:
To the inhabitants of Cambria county,
Notice is hereby given that a Bill will
be presented to the Legislature of Penn-
syivania at the present session of 1898,
entitled, “An Act to Repeal an Act
Helating to the Collection of Taxes in
the County of Cambria, approved the
eighth day of April, one thousand,
Pr i hundred and seventy-two."
Py rpose and object of said pro-
i118 to repeal the whole of &
neal law now in operation in Cambria
goanty, found in the Famphiet Laws of
1672, page 894, etc,
Act Relating to the Collection of Taxes
in the Viounty of Cambria,” which Act
is jocal in application to Cambria
county, Pennsylvania
W. C. LixGLe
January 27. 1599,
Minors Meovive an Adyanee
The miners’ strike at Gien Campbell
ended Tuesday of this week by the
different companies meeting the de
mand of the miners, which wae the
return pf the 5 cents deducted Janaary
1 last. The strike began last Thursday.
The miners now get 45 cents per
f £¥om ton.
Boars the The Kind You Kaw nar Boo
Chap John Mare
Besides carrying a full line of fiour
and feed | have added to my store,
which will be known hereafter as the
“Cheap John Store” a full line of
groceries, canned goods, tobacco, ete.
It will pay you to call if you wish to
save money. All goods fresh and of
| best quality. Jon Gaxrz,
Fourth Avenue.
ww FICE is Berstyy given that sa appiissticn wid
be made 10 the Govern of Penta ivania on Friday,
March 24, 1599, by Herbert [3 HRennets, Wittam ¥
Burdell, A. M_Schoyer, BO Rusneey aod J. i) Hae.
ter, under the Genersil prpwaration Actof 167
supplements. for the charior of an intend i
Won 0 te called The Amsrieas Disiricl Telogosph
Company of Pennxyivania wuieh js formed fut the
Home of consirae ting, @ainlainieg wand hess 5g
Hes Of telegraph (or the private use of Individuals
frma corpurat tons municipal and her ie for
I Daasdness, and tor poles, fre Slates, oF mos
Senger Listes, And for tee (ransae (om 16 oni: thot
therewith of a penersd messenger and 4 very sie-
wiow in the couuites of Adams, Adbsgieny Armes
strong, Beaver, Bedfod, Berks, Blair Broifoed
Bucks, Butler, Camibvin Caioeron. { is a enter,
Chester, Clarkin, Clearfield ( fintin, olan 1 aw
ford, Cumberiand, Thaphin, izes ES, Eo
Fayette, Foresl Frankin, Futon Coropty, Haptiugs
dom, Indiana, Jeffersnn, Jonisa Larksuanaa Lane
easter, Lawrences, etmnos, Debigh, Luserna 1y-
Mantas, ¥ of thampion, Nartfoonteriand, Perry,
{i tifa, Pike Matter, Sohuvikiil Saivder. Soin
eres, Hivan Suaqoehanns Tioga, Union, Venango,
Warren, Washington, Wayne, Westmoreland, W yo-
| ming, and York, amd for these purpose. ts have,
and enjoy all the
hts, benefiis and privi-
of sald Act of Assen:
aud 1ts supplements.
and entitled, “An
men in
5,000 can read or write.
bereag’inor I'll ran ye in See? 3'wan.
The philanthropist had leaped wildly
to the walk and bis fist doubisd up
with anger. hut a second thought, thus
the ‘sparrow cop’ was Tight caused
his band to relax, and the maker " the
park “moved on. ne
How we walk. ’
In The Literary Digest appears a
translation of a review of ‘Comment
on Marche ("How We Walk"), the
latest book on the mabject by Messrs
Regnault and Raoul In this work it ie
cinimed that we have been wrongly ed-
noated in walkiog and that the erect
posture and firm step that we have been
lod to believe were svidences of health
and strength are conventional sod vi
M Marey. who wrote the introduoe
tion to the volome, mys that there is a
style of walking that enables one, with.
out excessive fatigne® to go distances of
from 20 to 25 miles ina third of the
time usally required This may be so
comaplished by walking with the knees
hetit and the baody inclined forward, »
wethod which has been Ghaerved in pro
fessional pedestrians, mounlaipears
peasants, bonters and soldiers fatigued
by long marches In not adopting this
method, it 9% cluimed that, ss with all
the other acts of life. we remain siaves
of conventional wsthetion,
The Lady of the House.
The xcs of the bouse, ook of
gee siead wn hiy polite snd conciliatory
form of widress, 1 pow, sud a onty
dweller. “ancient and obsolete with
thos: who purse business by modern
methods ln advance practice the cus
tom t# now to address the lady of the
boum by pame a method vastly moore
impressive and one sasoeptibde of varied
application Thus au establishment with
which we alresdy have relations sends
ont a new circular and this is jeft at
the dex by a man whossys pot lor the
lady of the houses but ‘the So-aod 0
sede this to Mrs Black This beats
‘the lady of the Bouse out of might and
mark: the refiperaent of modern meth
oete of Aoing things Now York =an
Some Sharp Saringe of Bismarck,
Bistuarck had the frankness 10 say
that he locked upon the comedies of
Dumas the younger, and indeed on
most French plays of the lightor sort,
A4 gromly sorrupting to the pubic mor
als ‘Panes et ciresnies, | smiled De
Morny ‘Pane et ssiursalia sadt
tered Biemarok
“Prince Bismarck is respectfully Te
quested, © wrote the American, "to ca
ble a few words in reference to the fol
lowing question What benefit will be
derived tn your graces opinion from 10-
ternational sp=itions?
On the margin of this the prises sim-
ply wro te in pencil, “Nope "Bis
marck's Table Talk," ‘by L Lowe
Weary ” Sacred Promise,
“No, madam | cannot split the wood
#8 which you so indelicately refer It
would b= a violation of a sacred pircaiise
I made to we aged mother.”
“Nonsense! What kind of & prom
“Wea have the poker babit in our
family, ma am, and | promised mother
I'd never touch a chip in any form.”
Cleveland Plain Dealer
Tobmeco was disooversd in Sante Do
mipgo in 1498, tn Yocatan by the
Spaniards in 1530 It was introduced
into France in 1360, and into England
in 1583
Nearly 1,200,000 pounds of oolors
are used by the United States govern.
ment annually for printing paper mon-
ey, revenue and postage stamps
Out of tho enormous number of wo-
not more than
| “Unloaded guns are the desdiies
weapons in the world’ remarked a
clerk in 8 Royal street curio shop
“They are always going off and killing
| pomeherd Yesterday a fallow brought
' moisture in the stmosphere is quite y a" hd > Bt
an oid horse pistol into the shop It was
me of the dragoom model; loads with
powder and bail. you know, and cses a
percassion cup The thing was as big
as A small cannon and badn it been
fired, | suppose, sinoe the year 1... The
owner assnred me it wasnt fonded,
and, as there was no cap on the nipple,
I Bandled it a little more carelessly
than | otherwise would have done We
were standing at the back door, and |
raised the hammer to see whether the
Jock was still in working order
“When | pulled the trigger, there
was an rxpiosion that shook the house
apd scared as both baif out of our wits,
| while the buolist bit a packing case aver
there in the corner and knocked it into
smithereens How the oonfounded ma
chine happened to go off was 8 mystery
until I closely examined the lock Then
I saw that an old cap bad evidently
comroniond and attached itself to the ham:
mer, which was shghtly cop shaped at
the end, and when I cooked the wengen
it simply lifted off the nipple and came
up ton It was only one of the little
tricks of anladed weapons They are
mighty good things to Jet alone" ~
New Orieans Times Democrat
Banking In Switseriand.
Some of ne methods are smMoiently
antiquated, scoording to our standards
For instance, it requires 15 minotes in
which to makes a deposit at a tank. Ev
ery banking houses has humerous chairs
outside the railing, sod the visitor is
expected to sit quietly and cultivate »
spirit of patience while the machinery
is getting under way
A customer who wishes to make a de
powit goes 10 a window and hands in his
money, together with » memorandum of
the amount The employes bebind the
railing connts the money and prepares
a receipt for it, adding his stanators by
way of preliminary Then a small boy
takes this receipt up stairs and submits
it to an official, who stodies it and then
ponders for awhile as to whetber it will
be safe to take the money
If be decides that the bask can on
dertaks the risk. be pases the receipt to
another man, who prepares a duplicate
slip and makes several entries, and
finally signs his name. Then, as soon as
ancther man has examined the receipt
and added his name it is taken down
stairs and torned over to the depositor
There is ons mtisfaction—the money is
thoronghly deposited. —Zarich Letter
in Chicago Record
Temper and Football,
At football all manner «f men have
played at the ends of the rush line—an
ideal man would be a composite of all
the other men on the team.
He would be about 5 feet 10 in height
and wounld weigh abont 145 or 168. He
would have the speed of a balf, the
quickness of a quarter, the bulldog
plock and nerve of a guard, and the
brain of a captain In addition to ail
thes (and contrary to the opinions of
most people) be would have 8 quick
temper There is nothing in football
por indeed in any form of athletics in- |
compatibie with a little of the “Old
Adam,’ por is thers anything like an-
ger to put life and fire into & tired man
late in a hard fought game
(ne can be a8 aogry as be may and
still bn a genticrsan. Temper, properly
directed and oonteolled, will add fierce
pess to one's tackles, speed to his ron.
our you buy
bears the above trade
aris you ax are Secoluely
or cloudy Bscutt re
by corn or other adulfers-
tion. This flour can be,
obtained In fown.
[ts purity is vouched for
by the Anti- Aduiferation
League of Millers.
Os 5 i i OW os lS SAA
Rhirt W
4 &®
represented or have anything
+ 8
we would b
here to serve the people, and we
’%o Cook oan 3 amisty i
she has not good materials
We endeavor to carry the
best line of staple and fancy
groceries to be procured. Onur
best friends are the house
keepers. We truly help them
who come and ‘help them
selves, and for a limited time
we will offer you the celebrat
ed Pride of Patton Flour at
$1.23 per sack. Every sack
fully guaranteed or your
money back.
We «till have some Jolly in 0 poond
pails that we are selling at 5c each
Don't wait too long as they will not
last Jong at that price. Also some aioe
preserves at Te per Ib
Next week we will have x full line of
wait dh for the Lenten season Gd
ofr price before baying sleewhers ae
we can save you poney by dealing
with us
"The Ladies
We stil] have a few Dress
Skirts, Shirt Waists and Flan-
neiet Wrappers that we are
selling at cost. If you need
anything n that hime 1t will
pay you to leek at these goods.
They COC in Browns, Jines
Blacks, Reds and Greens.
Ivan Siirts worth $2.75 now at $1.53
be 3 98 vi ¥e 1.5
2686 *“ a Wie
Hoods that alwys sold se go at eg
, and a host of other good things that
must he closed od to make room for
new goods.
at any time vou buy anything from us that is not as
to say in regard to treatment
be pleased to have you come direct to us as we are
want our trade to know that
we appreciate their dealings with us and are always too glad
to right any wrong that has been done.
fully Yours,
ping and strength to his blocking, as |
nothing eles co earth will do, and many
the capiains there are who knowing
this. have stirred op their wearTied men
with barsh words of command which
they thermee] roi realized were angers ted
simply to make their teams work harder
and taser. ~ wae, olinge Athlete
A Gulf Story.
At a dinner party not long ago 8 oer
tain young Froliemman ian enthusiastic
goifer) started in with the shelifish (©
enumerate to bis partner the details of
a match that be had been playing that
day, says W. G Van Tassll Sutphen
in The lodependent [It was sot saul
the pudding was brought on that be
suddenly beihought himself that be had
teen deang oll the talking Indeed, the
yoong lady had pot said a siogle word
daring the entire progress of the meal
It was possibie that she was gud utes
exted in the sabject—-incredible. boi
#till possible
“f am afraid that I have been borg
you with this talk of thesbop.' be sa!
in ball apology
Oh, po, ml at all,’ was the polite
response. 'Unly what 1s golf?
Keeping Cool.
At cme of the viceregal balls in the
Emerald Isle a young detrimental’
caine Bp to where a young lady was sit
ting and asked in ber mother’s presence
if be might have the pleasure of the
“ ‘Deed an ye can't, them Shure
she's keeping berself cool for the Hard
of Clanfurly I" was the pointed refusal
valantesred by the ambitions mamma
-— Exchagge
Evasive Disraeli.
Hers 1s a story of Drsrasii. 18 1s une
of Bis quick replies: A lady, who had
asked him to dinoer, when the eastern
question was looming large. iogoired,
“Lord Beac ntisfield, what are you wait
ing for? "Fa mutton and potatoss
At Munich many of the clerks at the
banks and hotels are girls and as cash:
ters aud book keepers it restagrants and
other houses of business they are weil
in evidence Many women are also em
ployed st railway stations as booking
office clerks
The New Zealand old age pensions
bill provides that persons of good char
acter attaining 65 and having re: lod
for 20 years in the cclony sball te oa
titled to a pensica of £38 annaally
+ 7%
where Clerks are polite and «
where things look
s8 are made free of ¢ HaATge and on time;
in town make
$a a ‘ i CrP Yeon Fp
OW vou are getting tae Dest
hat's the
ceed Fuse ~ . 3
and be sure of it.
rage y it Prices. T
OUr store
will be
Y ou