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New French Executive Quickly Named—-1s Said
to Favor Dreyfus--Hopes for a
Re-united Republic.
The death of President Faure, the
dread of a revolution and the election
of Emile Loubet as the ruler of the
French Republic were the stirring
ents Which bappened in France last
Friday and Saturday, With the death
“of President Faure, the Royalists
Banapartiste and Nationaligts hoped
that & new power would come inte
J existence which would protest the ar
my from investigation and
the desire for the release of Dreyfus
Phe pewly elected President his
7 promised to devotes hin best efforts lo
fulfilling the wishes of the country
and to “reunits the Hepuhlicans who
have drifted asunder by the current
‘of unhaopy events”
Those parties who =o pitterly op
posed Loubst are confident that he Is
8 Dreyfus man and thar if ever the
~ exHe is to receive justice he will ob-
fain @t from the newly elected exec:
| utive. »
Last Saturday 80 senators and de.
“putes went to Versalilee for the pure
ur Poise of electing a tiew president of the
republic. Guards were stationed shit
all of the pubdic bulidings to prevent
hostile demonstrations
The first ballot resulted in the elec
Hon of Al Loubet, Be having received
483 votes, M. Meline received 209, and
00 votes were scattered.
The Premier, M. Dupuy, the formal.
ly transfered thes executive power to M,
Loubet and congratulated bm upon hia
The President. in thanking M. Du.
pur, expressed the hope of having the
support of the Cabinet. The Benaiors
and Deputies then filed past and shook
hands with the President, who after.
ward received a deputation of newspa-
per men. and through them appeaied
to the whole press of the country to
work in union
There is every sign of a campaign
against President Loubet similar 10
that which drove M. Cssimir-Perler
to resign. Clearly ‘La Patrie Fran-
ealse’” will leave po stone unturned to
achieve this abjcet, {ts chief ground of
objection being that the president is a
Dreyfusard. The street dernonsirations
which ocurred Bunday have tot been
© gpontanenys, but were evidantly or-
“ganized and so far they have been ean.
J r Suppressed.
"he new President comes from the
part of France where the Roman
swer lasted longer, namely, Mar-
sannes. in the Department of Drome
He gives the impression of remote
Latin origin, and looks to be a solid
teal man, who sees the facts of
Jife Just an they are. As President of
the Renate he has had official and
ther experiance that will be useful to
Rim ae President of the Hepublle, but
he is essentially a plain, middie ciaes
man, Whose mind was sharpened by
s practice at the bar in the provin.
lal tov of Montsiimar, in the Houth |
rapos, Obliging to hie prighbore,
he Ix as accessible as General Grant
or Lincoln was, and not less unpre
The President is thoroughly omen.
and disiiken showy society. He
ies to spend his thae at Bom, and is
great reader He ls not rich, bor
does he covet wealth amd hoanore Fie
1s strong In financial questions. For
many years he Hysd In oan unpreten-
tious fat. and dined off a white oil
Joth Instead of a tablecloth, His
hands, figuratively speaking, ace
clean: but his beard and clothes are
untidy, thus contrasting with the late
President. =
~~ UNCLE SAM LOSSES $1,000,000.
Fire at Brooklyn Navy Yard Dewroys a Eig
0 Building sud Valuable Patterns,
Over 51000000 worth of government
perty was destyoyed by fire. which
ried In the large tanchine shop of
the Brooklyn navy yard, known as
machine shop No. 28, Wednesday night
and the workings of the pavy yard
received a serious setback, Many
is and patterns of battleships
rin and plans, have been des
p mad some of them can Hot be
abtatined seain except by going over
work mapped out in the bheginriog
y steam engineering department of
the yard ls practically wiped out, and
the work will have to be thrown tem-
porarily upon the department of yards
nd docks, and that of construction
repair. An extra force will have
put on. Elaborate plans of the
agineering department and re-
the battleship
vere destroyed. The loss to the
is placed at $350.000. that on
achinery and lathes in the build-
t $400,000. The cost of the models
patterns is variously estimated,
officials in the yard put the total
£ a little over $1,000,000. The
of the fire will be the subject of
wiry within the next fow days.
The President May Call One if 8 Satisiactory
: ‘Arey 13 is Not Passed.
Congressmen are in dread that the
President will call an extra session
unless they pass a satisfactory army
Bill. The President does not believe
the Cocitrell bill, now before the
will afford sufficient relief.
#wgrees that the strength of 62.-
srmitted by the Cockrell bill,
merely extends for two years
present army establishment,
ald probably be sufMeient. Hao is
satisfied with the existing army
fon, however, believing It to
be especially weak because of a defic-
fency In staff officers and the distribu-
tion of their duties.
administration believes
insufficient army staff or.
kas been responsible
the criticisms against the con
the war. The President is un-
, therefore, to zee those limita-
and imperfections continued
the critical period of the next
Bee! at Havana Good.
on. Gieorge R. Ernst, of Maj.
oke's staff, Wednesday com-
samination of between
060 rations of beef in
‘He found that there
cent. of bad beef,
the same ship-
ns were tn éach box. Eight
of beef constitute one ration.
speedy |
fain Faorsgard,
for |
cans. and 12 and oq | aside the sentences imposed
of his j
| week
The recent cold has been disastrous
to oysters. They were generally froz«
en and are now worthless,
Mrs. Edwin Gould has a second son.
This heir to the Gould millions will be
christened Frank Miller Gould,
Senator Mason ‘was hissed for saying
in a speech at Washington last Sunday
that the Philippines need a Lafayette
Senor Agoncillo, who hurried to Can-
ada when the recent Hestiiities broke
out 4 Manila has departed for Furope.
President MeKinley last Friday ad-
Aresssd the joint session of the Masss-
chusetts legisinture assembled at Bos. |
rotebrnted |;
fom. |
Week han heen cans |
Richard Mapsficld, the
goto, x HE His engagement
1a for the present
Mintaking poison for med
Renney, aged 8 died ut Nev 3
Tussday after hours of terrible
prisnners sve vogeel
jail ag}
f¢o i= naw Saating into
New Orleans,
pever been Known lo
The flunting slevator,
fire at New York kt Mionilay,
honts deluged the structure
$500 awa
Ramon Guerra, president of the new
at Texarkana, Texas,
: the gulf at
gomething thant has
Bente of (Juaricn has siarted a revolun- |
tion against President Ignacio An-
droge, of Venerueia.
The North £ legislature
adopted an amendment to their con.
stitptinn, frooed to disfranchise the
Ignornil negra voters,
Sareantos Ferrontos, a Greek, who
had undertaken {expose a pumbsr of
countrymen for counterfeiting was
murdert in New York a few days ag,
Philip D. Armour has given §¥50,000
winre to the endowment faml of the
Area institute of Chicago. This
makes his total gift to the institute
$2,250 bli,
The bicycle factory
and machinery
shop of 1. Bilverman & Bros, at Chlca-
go was partly destroyed by fire Wad.
nesday morning, causing a loss of
ubhout $75 000, .
Colonel Alex Hawkins, of the Tenth
Pennsylvania regiment at Manila,
wrote that he would stay by hie regi
pent and not return to take his seat
in the Rtate Henate,
A mtone found in Minnesota, now at
the Northwestern University fal
Chicago bears date of 1362 and tells
the story of the death of 8 Norseman.
Suupleion that the stone is a hoax is
The Star theater, Chicago, was bad.
iy damaged by an infuristed mob iast
Runday legal procesdings had tied up
the seesiory and the rhanagement re.
fused to refund the money. After the
Be une hd besn weesrked the money
was rolurned,
William Jennings Hryan, in a speech
at Ann Arbor. Mish, said that the
FPillpdaos should Se given thelr inde.
pedends under an American protector.
sta and that all American traditions
would prevent their subjugation by
American primes
It ix anpnoupred that a company has
teen farmed with a capital of HOGER
ti erent a factory at Oresnsborn, N
£*, far the manufactures of cotton
flannel, This ig the frat factory for
the manufacture of these goods 10 be
watablilabod in the south
An express train from Calais, have
ing passengers from Landon on board,
Ide Badurday with a stationary
gt Foret, near Brussels. Tweno
ne persons were Killed oulright
pnd 190 ywern miore of jess injured
Thos were Ho Americans or English
mrsotig the Yitime.
MO Jackson of Atlanta, Gs... and
Fred In Forbes of Ypeilantl, Mich,
were Killed, W. A. Ethridge of Micon,
Gia. was perhaps fatally injured, and
seven others weirs hurt by the wep k
of A construction engine near Charies-
ton, BC, The viithus were telephone
finsmen going to make repairs,
Chalrman James K. Jones, chalr-
rain of the Deanaeratie Natiooal come
raftted, said that silver will be the is
wis in 1a snd that the chances of
victory are gosd because the Hepub-
thean portly has thrown off the mask
af favoring Mmetallism, by which it
won many votes at the last clection
The cold snip may prove a greal
Pissning 10 ths wadhiern sites noxl
ema. Vit hae Bled the last girms
af the yellow fever” HEYS Burgeon
fieneral Wyman, of the grine hospi.
tal service at Washington, “anid it is
not probable that the dreaded post
will how itself again for some time to
The steamer from Bluefields, Ni
cnragus, brought news that the rebels
gnder General Feyes are being organ-
teed and led by old American fron
tiersmen, among them J. ©. Kennedy,
of the Louisiana field artillery: Cap
of the Heelley Rifles,
Galveston, Texas and Burt Umstant,
an old Indian seoul
Siot Machine Victim,
John Brady, of Brooklyn, is the first
vietim of the new automatic gas mets
er. A quarter is dropped in the meter
and the gas burns til the money's
worth is consumaad, Brady, after en.
joying half of his quarter's worth last
night left the house. When he return.
od the gas was shut off at the meter
‘and he retired, forgeliing to close the
pack In his room.
Other peaple in the
house later dropped a quarter In the
slot and the gas Nowed into Brady's
room. Three hours later he was found
naphyxiated, ins
Mid €cenes of Disa pation.
Mrs. Charles Fahrenkump, aged 53
years; her two cnlidren, Florence and
Wiiltam, aged respectively 10 and §
years, and an unknown woman, aged
about 35 years, were found dead Bune
day in a room in Mra. Fahrenkamp's
home at Philadelphia. The gas wus
tupned on, and life had apparently been
extinet for several days. Scattered
about the first floor were rémants of
pigars and cigarettes and empty beer
and whisky battles.
Muts's Terrible Struggle.
After a terrible struggle In his front
vard with his eldest daughter. who is
mute, Willlam Cory,
pensioner, committed suicide Tuesday
at Ypsilanti, Mich., by gashing his
throat, The girl rescued a razor from
her father and three it as far as she
could, but he raced nhead of her, got |
the weapon and quickly sank dead.
Iii heaith had affected Cory's mind,
Mercy for Volunteers.
The acting secretary of war has set
in the
cases of Privates William Johnson,
Silas Smith, Hartley Esque and Bar-
nard Sweeney, of the First West Vir-
ginia volunteer infantry, convicted by
court-martial at various points in
{ Georgia of violation of the articles of
war, owing to technical irregularities.
Minister's Liberal Views.
“(olf and country runs for the boys
rish who cannot get off on
va is advovated as Sunday
+ by Rev. W. 8 Rainsford. rector
t. (Geurge’s Episcopal church. New
ped | Within twa hou
theaugh a Bole in the brick wall of 8}
Mon. |
I Be sawn
fae tirred |
ainmbin, took | 4
Fire |
{oan |
a veteran and |
So pA A Sr
The Hero of Santiago Cannot Understand Why
the Commander in Chief Should Now
Criticise His Conduct.
Admiral W. B Schley, who until this
July, is now compelled to come ta
defence, The
procesded to do. |
the firs
Hy R124
RE »
“What possible ground of crit ¢ samy |)
atl 1? id
stot BULINE Un
tne entire dlaore
4 gi npn 4
that the Peat was fn at Clenlueg
Haoguntes from thedispatoh eof Maer
gon of May 20 in se latter says
Hohley should TF oat off (Glens
friegns { any of the apinion thik the
Bakt chance 16 caplures Bpunieh
ships will be to Clepfuegos and
Havana with the & OWE CRI MIN
ter, 0, Until we, then, receive more
positive information we shall eontitiae
to hatd Havana and Clenfusgos.”
Az to the slow progress owarnd Ban:
hoa aeoount of the Eagle
which Admiral Sarapeon had seen B21
to werd Bim and he had no right to
standon her
Bpeaking af “ike reteogats
ments’ which the
the vuguage of Admiral Bampson,
churacteriges ne reprehensible con.
duct. Admiral Schley says that in $2
years of service “pever was such lan.
guage used (4s characterizes conduct tf
mine, and 1 ses no reason for it now
He suys he was told by seouts com.
marded by such officers as Higahes,
Jewell and Wise that, although they
had been off Rastinge for & WHeR,
they had seen nothing of the fleet. sind
knew nothing of ith movements or its
whereabouts since it had fof Curacio;
after having been assured by Rigshwee
that he did not belteve i was in San.
tings. and by the sinphatic derlgration
of the pilot, Naneg, and knowing that
fax the son and weather then were it
would be impossible to coal my sgand-
ron off the port, 1 deemed it bist to
take the action 1 oid the final result
of which was the Nwation of the gne.
mys fleet in Santiago harhor
A® to the hatiie of Santiago the nid
pilral says the facts of that contest
spenk for themeeives, Me asks the
enmmities th contrast his reports hind
thane of Smmpecn containing refer.
ences to Bimeel? and adds that
“Hampson has never, tH this day irs
any manner or Yu any exient intime
ated to me any disapprobation, or
rade to me any erie f my tune
duct of the Oving sguadran.’’
Detailing the events connected with
tha battle of July 3 be maye that at
X44 a mo «of that day Admiral Barns
wives made signal from his i
CiHaregard movements of
minnder ino Qiat and he
sastward to Biboney,
“Thin” says Admiral Bohley, left
me the senior officer present, and vec.
casnrily slethed me with the respon.
witifiity of the command.” Continuing,
he dicdared that when the enemys
vessels came out of the barbor signsi
vas 1aade frign the Brooklyn (his
Hagahip) ti the feet ta “clear ship for
getion Then followed the signal
“elase petion” dnd this by the signal
ihe SlEEnY sRCapinE ta westward
In conclusion Admiral Pebley cone
tends the turn of the Hrookiys in the
Lattie of the 3 was “the cracisl snd
deciding {eature the combat and a
decided advantage” He cites the fart
that the charts of the beard of navi
gators shows that the Broakivn was
fiearesl when ib emerged from the har
ber, pearest al every stage of the hat
136, and negreat the Colon when §8 ur
rendered, and gives many oonfinmas
tury details of hiv Sagship'a active
and effective participation in the bat
tie. His last paragraph reads
rs May 33 1 received BR telegram
Aer fhe
PLE the
wy og ained
Hen IY success in eRe
¢ and hve lading the enemy's fleet
Bani hn if
wpaation al 1}
Brown inla refre 1 sande,
wigEoated by Adin if
etter of July 18 169% sone 8iX
at a jess
at time 1 am
$ erica
Hii Pei we
Congrsiuistions for Laubrt.
Hesrotury Huy has pert the fulliwing |
vablegram to Ambuassudor Porter
“You will appropriately Canvey to
Prestlent Laoubet the president's most
copiial congratulations on his elvntion
to the ohtef magistiracy of the Fronoh
republic and the sincere wishes of
government and people of the |
States for the continual welfare of the
French nation,”
German and English papers are well
pleased with the election of M. Loubet
ns president of France,
A body of Cuban troops
for a band of 60 Bpanish guerrillas
Cuban soldiers at Bantiago are rap- |
iy disbanding and going 16 work
They are all generous in thelr praise |
of Governor Wood,
Archbishop Chapelle last Sunday
urged the Cubans who had assembled
at the cathedral in Santiago to forget
and forgive the Bpaniards
Apologies will be tendered Maj Gen
Prooke by the Cubans wha withdrew
from the Garcia funeral procession.
They now regret their action. :
Enormous frauds have been discov
ered In Havana, Over 2000 housihal-
ders have been stealing water from
the water mains with the connivance
of the alcudes, a loss to the city of
$30,000 a year.
Efforts are making with every pros-
pect of success to reconcile the radical |
efement among the Cubans to the pro-
position of the United States govern-
ment to pay the soldiers of the Cuban
cause $3.60 600,
Gen, Brooke has received many com-
plaints that servants in Havana wii!
not work since rations are supplied to
them by the government.
fy the worthy poor are supplied.
Major General Elwell 8 Otis,
command at Manila, in an interview
by a lot of corrupt natives, Aguing
Negroes In Havana are refusing to
work, claiming the United States will
Gen, |
up by Mr.
supply all the food they want
Chaffee has called the department
commander's attention to the matter,
Toone | «
C the water,
the |
Sarthe |g
{eniral D
t tna the firm! piece
he |
states that she was a part of the fores |
workmen sof §1
secretey sdiopting |
corn nder inchief conra- |
it wae worthy of com
rite |
{monarchist attempt
‘ Are now
searching the province of Mantangas |
: | ast month are now in Washington, #n-
said that the Filipinos are ignorant of |
what they are fighting for und are fed |
The New Addition te Dewey's Squadron Hee
Many Advantages.
Admiral Dewey informs the navy
department that the gunboat Helena
arrived at Manila this morning with
all well on board The Helena left
Boston November 3.
The Helena ix the first of the nited
Ritates vesuels built particularly for
service in Asiatic waters tha! has
reached that station. Her remarkable
{ ight draught enables her to navigate
time has remained quiet gn to the part |
he took in the battle off Santingo inst
arranged altogether
Pid 3
TR prewnrving
narrow and croaked sivdams
feet In depth, while her ary
wd military
# Ens Are ye
Thene 2
4 aunt. esperialy
igh banks
*® % Fox
wey, mrul ow reach him
in the next twa weeks
Firat Pisce of Hor Kee! Laid Cont Price Wi be
Bs Bie on
The of the blowing
of the battleship Maine in Havana hare | &
be sg orf |
bor was marked with the
work on the pew Maine, whi v4
Biiilit by the Cramp Shipbudiding {om
pany. At 11 o'clock Wednesda yVmorn-
of the kis] of the
af 1
vessel wan laid, and 8 great cheer was |
given Ly the crowd as the group of
in place (ther
of the steps] Rep] mors speedily hinted
and placed hy the side of the fiemt,
The Maine will be a sister ship to the
Cilio and Missouri the caniract prica
for each of which is $2.580.000. Fhe in
to have a speed of 13 knots, With a
Iength on joad water line of 383 feel,
and a Beara of 72 feet 1% fnchen he
will have a normal displacement of 12.-
S00 tons and a draught of 23 feet &
inehes, Her bunkers will be large
enough to Onrey nH tors
her complement of officers, seaman and
marines will be about 8 men. The
Maine's armament will consist of four
12. inch bivech joading riftes sixteen &.
inch rapid-fire piffes twenty G-paundar
and four 3-pounder guns and few
smaller pisces The bullders will en-
dssvor to have the new batileahip
réady for launching February 15 ot
next year. and toc have her ready for
service on the third anniversary of the
sinking of the Maine in Havana har-
Gieremiany May Apparat Meat Inspectors af Lhd | da
ago and Kassas {ay
Yio! Images tion bill
dehated tn ihe fiertian
¥ are predict
ie are
ie fnapettion, but this
hy the sen@rale
rednons sch Aas BLED
hax deteriorated
ity first
bree t ban
CRE Furey
trent the pare
The importa! WRN meal
elricied sepimin poris and froantisy
staiione, apdear to facilitate inspec.
yar, foreign
ay af §
CF make themselves conspdencus in fos tudls
Ping an
, 3 Ciundalbte chureh LV
ot Makes.
E odes 3
bpm frown San FY
| guide,
i right.
of cond and |
# a i ” ~
thie real GF whiteh mun we nade
Rebels Will Not be Dislodged From Their Jung.
len. Fired Upon by a Warsh p Which Lo.
cated Them Wah a Sexrchlight.
The Philippine
fire shotn Bt
rable Aontinuys te
¥ niinn LE
thee Arnerican |
troops from but hesitate io
sine i
The (ality cw aharndondd
mau sites beer ser on Bre and
Pode Maint The
ygntry in the vio-
Pasig and Patero
of the gunhari
f jungie on
ia Increasing
{rr Smet ’
prov idle
erin Jeaaris
sie pari
Ring a
f ricky Bx mime EX
den Marval to 0
joins yverabiine sw birds i
CR. where it
Me Hivpins CANS EET
Hariia 4 yo ralieoad iw
hetiowed |
although no |
brine Febery ey
Febirumry 5% He
Mr ¢
glinhmen Bx
fF by
the Bn
8:1 that the anany |
hd ahtre! ory the Ame an |
Rank, prajparsiions wer 1
wdny night ro gies them
reception in the event of attack. rn
Orverahine’s conxiating originally |
of the North Dakdta volunterrs, Four. |
teenth infantry, and tw troops of the |
Fourth cavalry, stratohing from tho |
each at Camp Twaesy ta fier. King's
wan reanforesd by two hattiai- |
of wregan voluntesrs and hive i
trong of the Pourth eavalry as in-
unusually active
in the evening,
for permission
and, this ing granted, be
the snemy's trenches
The only effect of (he five
erly to drive the rebels
fo firs
s 10
sel R he
flagship $
fnefoctual volleye
which were re
with intereut, the apeeny mide
featban sng ai lak ;
fred hex,
: Gon: Pla |
rhapied the relies
arm in & wlinx.
{ey Montonegrs
ip tm edged
“I a
Agra :
Known in each case in a uniform man. |
The Center being the dominant fa
tir, will propose an amendment to
effort that Germany Appeint a
of ta own meal inspectors 6 go
Chicago, Kannag Clty and other great
mn exporting centers, hess inrpec.
tore to examine all meats destined for
fleripany, and axge certifieates which
will be accepted Bs conclusive by the
hone government
Cen. Mies Appears Before hs Bes! lnguiry
Gen. Miles appeared ys
Yast Monday before the
the bee! Inauity ComRIRisEOn
insinted that the
cendiaries eacaped,
the =tand
gard fanned by x aN hreoga the
apposite direction
& the rating of the church
Ames dments to 1he Constizatiay WIL 5s {nbs
mitted we Leginiarurss
awed SsomEtiIgtion
woo dni tamen of 1 =
He stil;
boat was had and |
that there wae fo necessity of sending |
refrigerated ment ta Puerte ico
Cube, He asserted that live
should have been Killed
iivis meal in
Aen, Van Harms
that ares Suarntities of {
tid out upon the Bil as food for
ratatable #8 hours
sr Habef
Many Volunteers na hargrd
wie wi Alacharing all
Ghlewrs FEN § nits
ef mn se ¥ ug Yay ee LR FG BES
reducing the army strength to 10.
, ; wre
luntesr froops
a the
(EME ser. waar we
in Unban
Porto Hic
fre thee mired
Fares of %
thketn With
15 onfigress
roeRayiren for
regular army
Preparing ‘or a Fevo ution,
The Dukes of An% unex
grrivesf ut Brussels 1 8 rege
considers the moment appari
2 rly
of his
and |
on the RPO |
and that expericients have shown that |
after |
wape I
Lhe |
stationed |
iP Wheeler 8
Parniges), hut Ree
§ Lire
fi ake all
thin Articles
vie Prue ifis i]
the senate by Senator Frye increas
the annus subsidy {0 $075.08 per year
j Enh
ite vin
Medal oe Helen Gould.
At the opening of Wedpealay's res.
} if the senate a hill
on the military affairs
snd pasred, extending (fe apprecinlion
vgrens 1o Miss Helen Miller Gould §
services daring the late
war, and providing that a gold medal
presented to Her by ihe president
soe Hear at first oblected beonuse
ther Indies (pe expecially named Gen,
i Krwivwn for
MacArthur's: a4
; pear AR NEVraus,
WES he
the members
¢ formed of
thir | poy
A warm os
t getieral
| tire began a continpous arrival
i pulitie
HHOn |
i minister of
i ditected all
§ retarn
ulet © y
Lo the spopletic seizure agonizing
a | [8
au reported red
Was reported
committee |
daughters wore nol rec.
withdrew the uhjec-
| Ew
Deceased Suffered From Apoplexy «nd [Expired
After Three Hour's Hiness—All Medical
Eforts Prove Fatle.
I i A
M. Felix Faure, president of the re-
public of France, died at 19 o'clock
Thursday night from apoplexy, after
gr iliness of thres hours It had been
some tine that his heart
wha weak but the first intimation that
Be was sick was given when a mes.
enge was disprtched to the premier,
M. Drapuy, anpouncing tht the presi
“nt was ii M. Dupuy immediately
yopaired to the Elysee,
All medical efforts proved futile and
the grresident died on the Stroke af 1.
Abarutr 8 civil M. Faare, who Was
then in hig study, went 0 the door of
w of M. Le Gall, his private
sry. which fs contiguous to the
ard said: “1 do not feel well
x to poe”
Io Cealt tote went (oo the
w to oa sofa snd
iced, general secretary
‘w Roarenobhi MM Hion-
secretary, and Dr.
avpered to be at the
Elysees nity g a rolative.
The president's condition did sot
fw Hambert,
he was rapidly gels
Wrveiying that
| ting wares, telaphoeed for Dr. Lanne.
who arrived
Posuy and were joined inter
Paomgne and De. hegriet,
with M
ira Ati retained cone
doctors 860 IEC
case was hopelsas, but
until peariv f vel k that
tf the family were in-
the real state of sWalrs
care to the sofa where the
© wan after he began to
RR et
iim thew
tha faridy and M Taupav.
AM. Dupey communicated the sad In
genes ta M. Loubet, president of
cha servis: MM Paul Deschanet, presi
Aent of the chamber of deputies, the
members of the cabinet and other
nigh functicraries after which he ad-
| drosned a dinspateh to all prefects asd
eutiestas of France,
1 was not until 11 o'clock that the
be san to Becomes Known to the
publi in Pariz. From that
men. Strict orders. however,
wpe isdued, and only members of the
pahinet were admitied to the Elyses,
The president of the councll and
tha interior, M. Dupuy,
Ras requested all prefects and sub-
prafarts BOT to eave thelr posts, and
those wha ars absent to
M. Loeckroy, who wis present at the
thinks if was painless. Dr.
inns -Longae shares his opinion, but
there wae in the sarily stages
The Goetay ativibutes the breakdown
nthe president's health te Fashoda,
conmaguent anxiety
;. M. Faure. had
whee Maj, Marchand
aan seat te accomplish, and he WAS
At ite posible CONSSGUETHICER.
Hx Faure Bad bean president of
four years and one month. The
sresflential form IR seven Years.
sixth president of the
and 11 is worthy of note
see, MM. dnlen LIveVy,
of Bis term,
3 y frapny asked the
artlom to wots TT0.008 for
M. Faure This was
tod for Prestdent Care
Preauident Loubet, fole
stent wet by President
} tha obsess
will affend
cxtimated that 20 0G pare
thinka that the
ip his
- A
# vad
L Bonaparte Try Secretly to Learn ths Army's
the league of.
i-ireyfuxites, In send-
ards In officers In the
wos left binnk which
rod to 81 In with re-
aeorae yd promised,
aE Eide 18 Leljeved to
flevapartints to
they can piace
g a mp J etal,
Ai sighiiah-
Ham tl ;
CPS avaine
ig alleged (0 Bave CO»
iz Paris ime Ia
t republicans sesk 19 avert an
averihrow of (he government on Kd»
corn af the inminenoe of a foreign
War [usput-hes from Toulon say
there fn extraordinary activity in the
narhor there. The French Mediter-
ranean souadron is constantly at
practices, apd there are frequent ship
ments of troops and ammunition tu
Corsica, Algiers and Tunis. Admiral
Fagrnter. of the Mediterranean fleet,
predicts war with England within two
ear From the Disaster 333 Cansew
Hid Bern Filed,
A statement prepared by the anditor
the mavy department Wednesday
Witria Doe
i fete anniversary of the déstruction of
"fame 11S & Maines shows that the to-
Auke's § 3
Seagal. 4
In regard to the recent order of the
navy department prohftdting the sale
of heer on ships of the navy, Secratary
{ong in an interview today = i<1
the order was fssued neipalily for
the protection of apprentice toys tn the
Alters Hitchoook, former ambassador
to Bussia, Tuesday assured the
Bee of secretary of the fnterior to suc.
coed Cornelius Bills,
The National Congress of Muthers
and the National Council of Women,
in session at Washington, passed re.
solutions calling on the United Siates
Congress to refuse to seal Congress.
man-elect Roberts, of Utah, because |
i war investigation commizston
he is & polygamist
A statement In admiral Schiey’s be-
half, regarding his prize money rights
4 { gecruing from the Santiago Hght, has
Gen Lud. |
low has been requested to see that on- |
teen preparcd and delivered
paval commillee af the senate,
ftelatives of Frank Pears, of Pitts-
burg, who was murdered in Honduras
to the
deavoring to f= evuads the government
1 demand satisfaction from the south-
fern republic
de. he said, is not so bad as he is
Voss on for payment te Spain under the
provisions of the treaty of Paris was |
A separate bill appropriating $20.
passed Monday by the House under
suspension of the ruies. Is was called
Cannon, chairman of the
appropriations commitise
frat Tad
Cree |
The Prussia
firw: diplomas to & Ww
Fisa Neuman
Preinsers have sgovesded beyond ex. |
with wirviess telegraph a- |
round the forts at Homs
Barnabe, formerly
Benor Spins
minister to the United States, has been |
: | Wadnesilay by the Spaniards at Santa
i Clara, sad
appointed minister to Portugal
A high suthority at Madrid estimate
that the next Spanish badge t will show |
a deficit of NEWARK pessins
The London weekly press ynited in
scaring the whitewash of Becretary of
War Alger and his minions by ihe
The RKihedive of Egypt, who in the
tuiher pf three daughters, has been |
presented by his wife with 8 son. :
rush for Bamum & Balley §
in Lond is enormous, the |
capital, £40.06, may be subscribed
many times over. i
La grippe prevails in all Mexican |
cities. some 188% people being flown
with it at Ban Luls asi. apd fully |
thrice that number at Mexiva City,
ke Spanish Cortes regasembled at |
Madrid last Maorsiay, Count DD Almenas |
dexived to know why the Spanish gen |
seal whe sarrepdersdd Cuba had not :
been shot. Another stated that Spain's |
army wis sn army of lions led by |
wha rom
with |
tenis 1
s Rwalting «
{ 15 be
| killed and MM osurvived
i el
I me and have
i pualicy of peace,
Lahich 1 am advocating. The common-
Daeal and our mutual interests demand
¢ black
Crane coachman directed a negro stable
i Hicks
ral pumber
7 c disaster, under the act
is 323, amounting tO
ctaima for Indemnity
moaning to 335534. 304
Gre vy claing -LETegating $5, -
Twe nrg.nline aime are NOW an hand
cidence. and 3 cases are yet
The records show
the total pumsiber of persons on
boagsd the Maine at the time of the ex-
4 (3 these M1 were
heard from
plosion was Fah
Gomes and tne Dans,
A dispatch from Havana says Gens
feral Maxima Gomez 0 answering a3
aiditrens of welcome tendered to him on
“1 realize that the Span.
sf this city. like those of other
+s which 1 have visited, understand
tull gonfidence in the
unity and concord
that we should forget the past Cue
rans knowing the nesd of the policy
independence, will gratefully accept
sur co-operation”
Pres dent's Coachman Knocked Out,
Frederick Douglass, President Mee
eoachman was painfully ine
on Weidgasday afternoon,
cpt intended to take Mrs. Mes
vy aut fur a drive and ordered his
horses harnessed to a eutter.
man named Hicks 10 Barness the hors
os. "he stableman resanted the man-
per in which the order was given and
struck Douglass with a pitehfork on
the head, who was knocked down,
was arrested