The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, February 16, 1899, Image 7

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    AR - Those Who Periahed Were Women -Ther-
- Muimeter Was Twenty Degrees Below Zero
wrThese Wha Estar Neurly Fromn.
ps ri 4
One of the most Norsitving fires in
fistory of Yankton, 8 1b, cecurred
day morning at 2 seloek, at the
att Insane ssylum, when ane of the
cot took fire in the hasement,
pompletely gutting the building and
Using the lose of Hives of 17 tomates
ottape was srected of stone anil
te walls, swith wooden Interior
intended for laundry puUrpOses,
Wing to the crowded ecndithon of
main hullding #8 of the fomale pa.
ts were placed hers, with the ingn-
An the basement
agact case of the fire Ik nol
. Exeent that it originated in the
Foi of the tundry. flere thers
i pipes. and the theory
either fine particles winilar to
ittled on the pipes, which ignitad
clothes, fh were thickly
here, dropped on the pipes and
e fir
The 1a Jack of water #reatly hindered
the work of the firemen, The burned
ge stands sone 353 feet In the
rear of the malin building, the water
for the fire protection mianiding
get in the rear of the cottage. The
pes used for pumping ran
the bodier room of the main
ng through the cotiage for heat:
and then to the artesian weil
E intense heat in the burning
bullding caused the pipes to burst
jortly after the fire began, leaving
the fire hoses without power, except
Airect pressure from the tank, which
n no way sutficient to quench the
® Two stregims of water were
n on the bLullding, but did little
: iy pore, the inmates wha could
came down the narrow flight of
thelr night clothing and bare
to the bitter cold, and bad It
wen for the nearness of shelter
Hffering and joss of Ufe from
F would have teen terrible
building was three stories high,
1 aitic and two entrances, one
one west, Thern was ong
“from the second and third
ch fod into the main halls to
ances, thus Sieine ut ons
ty-tw persons wera In the burn.
40 patients and 13 female
The Httendants escaped,
the jathers who were saved, with
y possessed stone still
and will make the work of re-
dangerous, as a collapse in Ha
ootur without a moment's warn.
852 the axylum, then a frame
for the care of the
Tana wounded ot Manila Is being
by the medical department at
on under the direction of
: sral Blarnbers
addition to the regular force of
ed male nurses and the hospital
men in the Philtppines, It is pro-
fl to sent to Gen. Otls 130 addition-
corps men, ten to fifteen
Baistant surgeons, a number
tal stewards and a large quan.
medical supplies and icacien,
ve will leave New York about
h instant, on the hospital ship
The Rell will go via Suez
hospital, no raleh
Ae] wit %
Anita Newconib Meee, nssintant
the army, has charge of all
| for supplying the army
jo turses. She sald to-day
1 rained fra) is now provided
ined mais nurses and ten
Gone tt thous to
aa has provided for twelve
Jour | to acepmpany the Grant,
a Ehavidan., while eight
pn i
1 Bae of Bonaparte Family and
“of Fringe Lucien of Canine,
from Rome says: Prines
Charles Gregolre Juegues
Bonapitrie, third son of
Bonaparte, prince
1 chief of the older branch
parte family, ls dead.
nee Napoleon Charles
j in Rome,
to the
a 1 9
of Cardinal Prince Lucien Bona-
his brother
y, w Austrian Archduke
In 185% he mar.
ng: ristian, daugh-
s Jean Nopimucone Rus-
; « pon tive Philippine
Publication of the ue book on
at Madrid, giving a complete
the peace negotiations, re.
much both curious and new,
that Spain, until the
Pus ‘had not awaken.
: nee of the Ame-
Ea the Philip-
Sant: MeKinley
made up his
he ye worded the
10 reserve entire
y the United States
‘feniure of the en-
is the perpistence
beating down the
e shows that even
October, MeKinley |
the annexation of
ded to increase
A whole Rrehipelago
of New York City,
Piifah minority stock-
Pitiab urg, Clneinnati,
$ raion (Panhan-
against that com-
fia, Tn in which $8,000,-
; ey
Bult is really
: ayivain railroad,
—— ———n
A Chicagh Justine has fined
$25 for being a lar,
DHghy, N. FP. was almost wiped out
by fire last night. Loss $200,004,
Baventeen women gamblers were ar-
rested at Chicago last Wednesday,
Chirago capitalists propose consails
j dating ail the threshing machine fze-
tories in the country.
Battalion Chief Hogan and three fire
men were Almost Gvercome by smoke
when half benumbed by cold 8t a fire
in Jersey (City.
Fire destroyed the machine shop of
the Now Jersey Fioel and Iron otmpa-
nv at Tremion, XN, J. Punday. lass
$34 aa,
1g a Chivags ivierview
Bape profited there would
cial reform logisintion at (he
sion of the jegisialare,
Mra Maury Williams nnd
deen were drowned while
£5 erases the C3 river
bors, Ky, last Wednesday
Thirty. six thousand ¢ ie
Amorican Bisel and Wore (
are to receive an lndreads in
thaping from §& to 10 per vent
March 1
John Heagan, a farmer who
bringing a load of feed 10 Middletown,
Taesday, was found frozen ta death
half haried under a jot of
Vincent BRibensil an
revolver ints a crowd ¢
Yosehis, £3, and gi
aged 11 years, Two other boys
Ei wire wounded
t Hatguetles inke, Hamilton
XY. The Hemlocks,” one of
largest hotels in that port] an of Li
Adirondacks, w Rg 4
Sian day. The loss be $150
Mre Elisabeth Halpin,
Halpin, of Coatesville, Pa.
day at the penersl
ter from burns fnficted by ber hus
band on Saturday, whe threw a Hehte
ed lamp al her
The Maidbaon Avinue
church, New York (ity,
8 call to Bev. H. A Johnson, 1017.
late of Chicagn 16 become pastor
the church, and he hone scepptol
ferrit B Wanton, one of the suo
ful business men of
B&B man
Roc retary
Hg = Foams
cf the
grist 45
of wRkaters ut Too
wife nf Jon
disd yester.
and for many
Cleveland, ©
Clarence Williams,
years was mn resident
He was intoxicated when he
bed in hie hotel Sone time In the |
night be fol! oul of the tod and was |
found dead in the morning.
Wiautervitle, Me,
are closed and all sorts of public gath.
srings prohibited. Colby
and the students hurriedly sont home
The will of Wiltord Woodruff, the
was filed for probate Friday
Lake Olly. The estates is valued al
$20 451, and is divided among his thres
wives, twenty children and one grand
Mra 1. Z
mother of Lady
daughters Saturiay
of the Lucania, They are
Calentta, where shi wha
Leiter, of New York
was Mary
af the Viceroy of Indie,
found Fridny morning froaen iy
joe in a pond at Westwood, a suburb of
Cincinnatl, and it had 10 be cut out
with an axe, The body had evidently
been in the lee several days. It is be
fleved the wWoinan Wa
her body thrown thire
of Hrockiyn, N.Y. died of apoplexy
Friday, when a fridnd of the woman
called at the house, 1 was no! Knows |
that she was dead Mra Munro's 3-
taother for three davs. The chil
starved and nearly fvsgen,
The tonnsge mess fn the Merchant |
mi af the Illinois Steel Ssanpany, at
Joliet, Rave been granted an increase |
of wages after negotiations extending
over sever monthe | The mill will re.
sarod work as soon us Jt can be put
Jacob Gerbrandt fireman at
Hunt stamping works, Cleveland, OO.
the plant Monday, having been stab-
bed through the heart
knit “fascinator’”
side the bly.
The steamship Venus which
York Saturday morning, short of coal
She ran out of cord on February 7
was obliged 19 burn eight lone
sugar for fuel
The United 812
irk at Chicano
tire Monday. During {ts paliny
long before the Civik War, the gia
war a favorite resort of progpinent
litical men, among Shom were
11, 8B. Grant and Stephen Douglas
Winifred EKilley,
was found dexd FBunday night! in
old hovel occupied by her for the past
4 years, Bhie was ane of the charao~ |
tore of the city and her cow was as
well known as the one
tunale Kick started the Chicagny cons
#5 hated 1
an old and
was 3
ponitentiary st Huntaviile, Tex, done
taining prisoners’ cells and officery’
quarters, burned thizx morning Theres
Were no casualiies, the
quartered In shops and other build.
tne, The burned bhulldings cost ori
ginally $97.00
Myron W, Johnson,
Burlington, Vt,
apsistant manager of the Masonic
temple of Chicago, fell Into the sound
at Seattle, Wash, while intoxicated
and was drowned. He had lost his
wealth and position and had become a
cook on the steamer Greyhound.
Rear Admiral lord Chavies Beres-
ford of the English navy was given an
enthusiastic reception yesterday
the San Francisco chamber of conm-
merce, He sald the “spheres of influ.
ence policy”
ing up of the Chinese empire, and ad. |
vacated “the open door policy” ine
On Saturday,
was three degrees toe daw
urements of the Brooklyn Ered
taken of the trusses and other parts
to find oul how much the
hud been, In comparing these figures
with those taken jast July. when the
thermometer was 8 degrees above, It
was found the difference was 1a feat,
The will of John Russell Young, the
journalist and lbrarian of congress,
who died recently atl Washington was
offered for probate on Saturday at |
Philadelphia, The will was pefocted
az tnvalld becatse 11 was dated hefore
the marriage uf the Hhrarian to his
third wife und whilow, The & state will
he apportioned among the widow and
two sons.
A boat containing Second ‘Assistant |
Hraineos Morrisill and four seamen of |
14 Jretmanip William Lawrenee av.
pi t Port Reval Monday, Three
other ‘boats with the captain and
ther offic a and the rest of the
was. a
has 8 smalipox ept.
demic and In consequence the schools |
and Colburn institute bive been closed |
late president of the Mormon church,
at Hat
The body of an unkoown woman Wis |
the |
murdered and
Bacrhel Munro, a sehoo! teacher
on Tuesday last at her home, and antl
vear-old boy was alone with his dead |
4 was |
the i
as found dead in the boller room of |
A woman's |
wis found lying bee |
Part Bald an December 35 for Boston,
with a cargo of sugar. put Into New | «or
and :
af §
dave |
pearly 100 years old |
an |
whose unfor-
The east and west wings of the state
inmates being |
once a banker at!
and later cashier and |
at |
in China meant the break. |
contraction |
Beoretary Long's Report ta the Barats Speak
of the Latter '& “Bepretenuible Conduct,
but Save it is Forgiven,
ate 5
i nll
an _sxtensive pirpart
ition recon
I gravien
wmpany :
hy iT
z BE
potty ang
bags in the |
fired 8 |
wi Btephen Bloshoski Ly
county. |
the |
wpital at Lancas-
hems presonted
Washington died | of
suddenly Sunday after hin return from
He wap un native of Now York 1
Owapevills, |
Ind, was fronen ta death on Thursday, |
went to
theme wile
That ¢ Kiger
{ 4 Hf the aT 8b
(in the exerelan of fhe d Anprarts
fp di in the asslpnesent
of IR authorized Yay Ins
ie re tien WAR exer: add 4
Woof the bout Interiats of the
Ea r Wisely or not
fam k
Alter Three Hours Figrting Pilipros Routed
i b
3 Wa Heawy Laws Biavw wind BAY ew Ban
Arvid Tremeidsus
and her two
sailed for Parogpe
bound for a
Ladter now receives Lonor ae the wife |
of during
Keeption gf the Ton
fury, which was hei
a0 10 pdvasd i they
fromm Lift to rig
Bansas infaviry., Firat
fantry anid hss Third pil
Teentielh Kansas and First Mo
Ie MR supported by
RANEY and ihe Thiy
| Fourtn TEYRiry.
The nsgrgeonts kent
five Steen our lines,
fries advanees) thre anh the
the felt and soross an open Tel
right witht BLO PRE
hw (py fepohed thie
tren hiiaenta.
in the meaniione 8
Firm Montana Infan try.
bel af Maul, a. wh 4
tor iE thik wmerviee,
nigh flank move
y= eft
ering 3ike
ar: fiery or
& ¥ x 158s
& ae
parth. :
man samed Higgins
use In the town this!
FRE was burr
i and the ML:
ginid fren
As the
First Montana regimet
town from the sotih they sad
t number of halts in which same
! had roncealid then
pone of firing
Triana, The naiives
Our fossra were
those of the efiemy wore he
| pasusities Having been chiefly
{ by shrapnel lieut. Col Brose Wal.
| lee, of the First Mostana {nfaniry, i
among the wounded! Americans
Some of Aguinabis's be bers
sere In the fighting line, noiud ~ the
{famous native regiment, which in the
inst revolution deserted from Manis,
Pafter murdering their Spanish officers.
CAguIinaldoe Himmel came in as far 4
i Marilao, seven miles sorth of Mas
and reorganized his shatfered army.
| New York and Indiana to be Joined by
§ nope
The cruiser New York, Rear Admir-
Ri W. T. Bampson's flagship. and the
battleship Indiana. ard ander salling
orders, issted Balurday @fieriooan, for
ia two months’ cruise in the West [n-
! dex, The oth or ships of the North At
antic squadrons wil fodn them as fast
i ax they arv EE wut their pres
: ent siathing
The New York and Ind
Monday afte YR way
i. not
They w
The Ty
ra 243
FOR ad
+ Hesolute and
i A3 Jeane
Bin 18:
ana will =all
eon any
until alsegt
ra §
supp Hy.
JiR. )
dad, La Gua) ;
Pay § For Cu
At the Cabinet
necting Friday the
guestion of the fratsporiation te Cuts
$0 00m 00 with which the insur
i gent army is to be paid off apd the
kinda of meney to be sent, was briefly
it avas agreed that the Cubans could
| have any kind £1 money they wished,
{ whether gold silver or silver certifi-
cates, or a part in cach. Bhivments of
$500 000 each
§ RE
1 how &
Morro's Guns and Thowe of the Navy Saiaipd
As Tmpressive Reception,
The Uniled States gantosl
ville, boaring the hody of
Ciarcin, steamed lowly
Barber at 1 ooiek Tha
non, the guns of Morro
geiiiaiders pnd sbipe
orf ® the msn ned ings 16 Ball rae,
¥ gtregrasre sod SRrmsuntied
#si i
i % hs Pret.
ih 4
pwd to Ds
ledgwd Camlegrama
Ae Larsen
ing bi a
= Understand Americ n
Amriruians Ww arked ne
find the
dreds of suflering
or Tres
andersog od
whizh peosnpt
im Ly
to sur af the hospit ve)
Rave made the starting discovery 1?
and with Bbair ar
Bill extending
nw to Hawall
ne the gretoane
the LL retye
38% of 5 ho
in tuba } exhum
wad tie dhe nite States
fong states that tha wn.
tire cost of the recasting of the pavy
on pew lines as proposed In the pend
ing persomnci bill will be FLGuiB.
ved marek
Rec reiary
Catixto |
There Wer ud pany The Ameri
Havuns | There Were No (sxunities Among
and the |
The Urited Fiat
pe | 4
at io
there are sty eral women in mals dress ;
{he |
rie §
Barupson & sgaadnsu hos ¢
ings Police Have Bards and Hevoness De
Bara -Swindling Scheme They sre
Chere Wan Working.
FostnMes fospector W. A. Mayer ar-
i rived in Chicago Sunday havieg in
: tod ¥ Faron de Bara, The Baron
8 Hngalst, whan hae sireled the world
i peiparal times, Hie was tormerty In the
Anplomatie srvics of France and rep
Pempnmtad That oo in the Orient
PFs wife morused win of frand, is
off Optental bias ing the issue of 8
Sentrhman on a Minister of
arel 8% Japeanens
cas Process Who Helped 1 Cwers
throw the Joeergenty
¥ y
filmy iy
15 BAYS posed BS
the Baron-
un clerk Lats
¥, Hinschai,
after re-
tory and
3 wh had
Ward He
winter hows. The
Iv afier an ox-
swe of thelr
1 aggregate
PPR + Fon ¥
inne A hl ws :
i SA
AT 6
Tha Cuban Assersivy fred Ihe LARC ues
‘ 7%
seting of the
was Beld Sa-
sider the Rotion
airing the a8
“4 faneral
v wed Bvgrned
worning. ier
© really
The otin-
iy alien Socid-
Justice Las
Beata Capote
} dev iared
sor ant of
iranle ta the
4 BA {ei Lond geod
to pages.
feu ture of the
4% A Berersl
rea nE
WE GR Ee d
#rgen §
FOE Torres
SITE Jay Be cabl.
aakivrg fo be ine
regard to ihe
te Jove
ss Freda
¥ Belng In.
ary Alger. “We
Flgntors |] free
x wend the
paw 2 Jf any
Fevermprment thay
ibd it ahenid be
Bont fadlert Are
$a Be Beoaahrt
wrod ineneet he
tay Ths Riel.
Ma nila and is 0a wail
i Alger
if the
(fhe from
HA 4 in poll
nday by the
wns oir.
wr that Procups
1d realigned
Believe ihat the
3 9 XUpTem.
They raust ree
; tia risied
the Aguinaldo
oF ag 3
the Brittah nary still von-
Batt eships and
toy Be pat Inte
It ia reported also
afders] FQUMIUDATING tue
iansg the Amer.
o pay off the «
8 of disband
Mas Germans at Hong Kong are accused.
af furnishing the Filipinos with 30.008
stiarnds of arms
The Hritish
feisty New igis
mouth, England,
Away by storm
rebels © crew photd mot
steamer Davhreak out
ans, has reached Darts
with her boats swept
Fo *hree days the
rec the provision
sabsisted SB Nm. wWaler
Eitie revsived |
Bays Me has
attack made
sedis Foose
rieat composer, Perost,
vent productions
sed Lombardia,
i. The paper sald
if Bis erator
Kigmead several
'& M1 Shaan,
ng Siar HR naval
ead France 3 Mas.
man. in Arabia
npietel a deal with
foe % i) Sta
i apd wi ii put
wae ft arrange-
Kian us
dike. Apa
hem) ty
£70,500, 004,
in Lowdon to
daughter of
nt uf the
of Gostiingen
CE Rmiversity, Ga Yoo the jeuding
Vie 5A ed £ hemintry has
pos ibis | ; : ire laonp which,
bomiiew set inf = hi es the vos of stectried-
ms the great port of Went Indies, | ty bey Ralf. needs re glass bulb and
always been suppise iva | much less fragile than
r owas closed to deel vessels, the carbem ones used in Edisvn lamps,
that the | Bas a Slament