The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, February 16, 1899, Image 4

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The pale, mallow, sunken-choeked, | Ladi
distressed looking people you so offen
meet are afflicted with “Kidney | 2
plexion [charge
Their kidneys sre torning 0 8. Es
lw : are 1 List of Canses for Tris at March Term.
oat re taken this open and There are probably not less thes 8 Second week Williams ve Cross
pabiive beard method of giving General soore of men walkiog about New Or well, Davis va Prothere & Bro,
Jeans today who sre decorated suder poeran ys Campbell, Barron ws
their Ispels with iarge tin stare bearing phefl, Cornelios vs Moshan.
the catmlistic word “detective © They 7 Lo Piper ve |
1 terest Put ton andl
sity, Modi" Justis tis
Toeurd None,
TON PUBLISHING CO.. Proprietors. | prov ave good or not, regardless of
4 a
CB, Wikis Gaeeie, Vaitor. | the declaration in the report of the
war investigating commission that the
beef isstied to the army was good. As
this court will be strictly a military
‘affair, it will have no sathority to com-
pel civilians to testify, but there should
i ——————
be military testimony encugh obtain-
{able to
settle this matter for good and
] all. Either bad beef was issued or it
| was not, {=
| Between Philadelptin and New Vurk vin
; Philladelphin & Reading Railway.
For luxarous, swift and at the same
time perfectly safe traveling the above
i trains cannot be excelled, a special not-
able feature is the entire absence of
smuke, soot and cinders, the engines
'barning only hard coal. The intodue-
‘tion of these triins by the Philadelphia
A Reading was & great boon to the
business men of both cities, and the
patronage by this class of passengers
‘has steadily increased as well as that
of other persons for pleasure or busi
‘ness purposes. It is a common prac
tice by these travelers to lesve home
(in Philadelphia after breakfast, and
spending the day in New York return
in time for 7 o'clock dinner.
mbie 0 i the Hail A Army Bill The Beef
© Charges 1o be Aired,
Mashington, Peb 14.—A battle royal
on who oppose the Hull army |
which way recently passed by the |
th , and which, after being slightly
ed in committee, has been re-
ed to the Senate, These Senators
the bill will not be allowed to pass,
offer as a compromises, to authorize
je maintenance of the present status
the regular army for another year
the first of next July. The Pres- |
rejected the compromise, and |
‘notice on those who tendered it,
the Hull bill was not passed, he
She fhe over ine’ army bil an
an’ attempt by politicians 10
used by Speaker Reed, in a
pYeruation; “God only knows
‘that. Aguinaldo was foolish
In one short week it bas
1 The
from New York
| Buffet parior car.
modate the gentlemen the 5:30 a. m. to
‘and 430 p. m. from New York, also
‘have a parlor stoking car attached.
. Fortime tables apply to any Phila
| delphia & Reading ticket agent, or
address Edson J Weeks,
Passenger Agent, Reading Terminal,
‘ Philadelphia.
To Florida
Pennsylvania Railroad com-
pany's third tour of the present season |
to Jacksonville, allowing two weeks in
adelphia by special train of Pullman
| palace curs Tuesday, February 21. Ex-
. cursion tickets, including railway trane-
| portation, Pullman sccommodations
agents; Tourist Agent, 1198 Broadway,
N. J; or address Geo. W. Boyd, As
Street Station, Philadelphia
A New Library for the State College.
Mr. Carnegie’s offer to give $100,-
| 000 for the erection of a library build-
‘ing for the use of The Pennsylvania
| State College has attracted very wide
‘and favorable comment. The only
| condition attached to his offer is that
the State shall provide a sufficient sum
for its annual maintenance. Mr, Car-
negie Says:
“The College in doing such great
work for the State that I do not think
any individual should contribute money
“Out in the Sroets”
who will compose the caste of char-
Col. Jasper Wa ne... J. J. Cotte
Solent In r “ hax. Wena
. Perry Moore
LE. B. MeOnrdel]
Archie Westover
co Penn Dower
Noh Carolina Pete.
Dr. Medfisid
Mrs. Bradford
Minnie Bradford
All are Invited to attend. Admission
10 and 20 cents. Doors open at 7:30.
Play begins at § o'clock sharp.
A Noteworthy Departure.
It has been considered wonderful to
taining as much reading matter as
average newspaper.
Philadelphia Sunday Press comes to
the front with the announcement that,
beginning next Sunday, February 19,
reading matter as any ten cent maga-
zine. Just think of it!
for magazines. Look out for next
Sunday's Press. It will be wonder.
Rpeeinl ‘Announcement.
The members and friends of the Bap-
States to Hawaii and the _ tist charch desire to announce to the
‘general public that they are making
elaborate preparations for Washing- |
ton’s birthday, Pebruary 22nd next, |
when a program of elaborate excellence
will be presented, consisting of solos, |
quartettes, etc., vocal and instrumental, |
rendered by Patton's best talent. The
| whole will conclude with one of Pastor |
1 Klocker’s most happy lecture efforts, |
“Getting On bn the World.”
Pullman cars are attached to all these
| trains, and the 730 a m.toand 4 p.m. |
have Pullman
To specially accom- |
articles on this subject some
| Plorida, will leave New York and Phil- |
{one berth}, and meals en route in both |
directions while traveling on the special '
train, will be wold at the following
§ rates: New York, $50.00; Philadelphia, |
$48.00; Canandaigua, $52.85; Erie,
$54.85; Wilkesbarre, $50.35; Pittsburg,
$58.00 and at proportionate rates from
other pointe. For tickets, itineraries,
and full information apply to ticket
New York; 750 Broad Street, Newark,
sistant General Passenger Agt., Broad
to it for additional buildings, unless
the State agrees to maintain them. It
{is a duty which the State owes to its
bright young men who attend the Col.
| lege of their own State instead of going |
to other states for their education. :
lo 9 Pennsylvani they grow op! out any flavor at all
A popular drama, entitled “Out in
the Streets,” will be presented by a
home talent company in Amusement
Hall, Westover, Pa, Satorday evening, |
February 18th. Following are those
drug has a taste Then there is the
publish a magazine for 10 cents con-
would be given in 50 columns of the
But the great’
it will be so enlarged that each nam-
. ber will contain six times as much
For five cents
you can get The Philadelphia Sunday
Press and find as much entertainment
, | and instruction as if you spent 60 cents
are patrons of the various private agen.
cies of the sorth thst advertises for
“shrewd men as operatives in all parts
of the country,” and sopily the tin star
and a beautifully ithgaphad “enrtif
jente "for the trifting sun The
wearers of thelr Insignia Inher ner
the hallocinstion ss a role, that they
gre vested with sporiial night to
etiam their fellow men The sine aps
ches do a jsnd office basiness in Wigs
falae beovde and other fisguives wich
the mmutonr sleuth believes Srimiy are
part of ihe porary equipment of the
profes i
Row wud then one of these deluded
individaals. who are to be found in all
large rities, gots Limeelf into trouble by
sttenupting to vies at arrest, bul, as 8
rile, the mania is harmioss and its vio
tims thomecives to prowling
through side ctreeta snd ooking miysts
rioos Toy 10 great Joy also in posing
fn bogrding circles and bearing
friks say in awed sodertones. "Do yoo
know Mr iss detective?’ It
is one of the goesrest of ll Goeer links
of city lifs — New Oriesps Tunes Dein
LAr ae
Both Are Married.
The ordi ry paragrapher in referring
OR marriage COATIY RiwaTe says thal
Mr John Emits or Mr Janes Prown
was married to Mise Nellie Green or
Miss Fanny White It would lead one
to think that the san only was mar
ried, wile the fact is both were may
ried The woman is ss much married
ss the man The man was not simply
married to the woman The woman and
the man were married, and the an
pogtics nt should be that Mr Sooand
os mnd Miss Soand eo were married
Bev. Dr Runderiand wrote 8 series of
yoRTd age
which were published in this city He
laid down the general principle that be
did not marry the man to the wataan,
. but that be married the man and the
woman, and married one just as uch
as be did the other He disocuntensnoed
the issuing of wedding onrds by parents
that their daughter was married to any
want 10 perform aby MATTIage (Ceremony
in which any such announcement was
made. — Washington Star
Peabody and (he Boatman.
Many years ago John Bright and
George Peabody. the philanthropist,
were fishing in a little Irish stream.
Late in the evening, after a bard day's
work, the party arrived at the landing
stage, and Bright, accosting the foevita
ble poliosman on the bank. said ;
“What ts the proper price to pay
theses boatmen, constable?’
He replied, ‘Seven shillings and six:
yer honner, but some Rintlemen
. give them 10 shillings
Bright, torning to his compation,
said, “| have no change, Peabody ; bave
you three half crowns”
The millionaire prodooed the coim
and gave them to one of the boatmon.
“la that all ye're giving me?’ nsked
the latter
“That's all.” said Peabody
of bis baud, and slowly scratching bis
bead with the other, the boatman mid
“Apd they call ye Paybody, don’t
they? Well, 1 eall yo Payoobody ''
New York Tribune
Snuseous Doses.
Naoseous medicines nowadays ponsess
none of the terrors that many of us re
member when ‘powders’ were given:
in Jam and castor oil in bot milk a
pharicacists have invented no end of
ways of giving the nastiest drugs with-
Castor oil, cod liver oil and things of
that disagreealle kind sre made up in
- little flexible capsules, which slip down
the throat hike a strawberry
These capsules are also made in two
parts #0 that any one oan buy them
smpty and put the powder or other drug
in himself, sealing them and then swal
lowing them without knowing that the
round wafer paper, in which can te in-
‘closed any kind of bolus, pill or powders
and which, when moistened can bx
swallowed with ease New York
A Clever Witness.
In a recent county conrt case in which
a man sued another for balance of wages
the defendant called a witness
Witness—1 beg pardon, your booor
. Before 1 give my evidence I waut my
Judge (to defendant)—Pay him Is
‘The defendant having done so, the
judge said, “Now that you have had
your expeuses, what do yon know of
the case?’
Witness— Nothing at all, your honor
~London Tit- Bits
Cautions Tennyson,
A clergyman is guoted by Sir M. E
Grant Duff in his memoirs as authority
for the story that oa toe cooasion of
Hallam’'s going down to Richmond tc
be godfather to Tennyw a's eldest boy
the historian asked, '* What is to be the
child's name?’ ‘‘Hallam,'' answered
the poet ‘1 don't like surnames for
- Christian names, '’ said the other. ** Why
‘mot call him
| were to turn out a fool?’ was the re
George IV's Wit.
Mrs. Byrne, in hear ‘Social Hours
With Celebrities,’ tells this anecdote
of George IV's wit: “1 remember one
of the Rev. Mr. Wagner's stories com-
cerned sume nobleman who had enjoyed
an unenviable reputation for assininity.
It bad been suggested to the king to
| confer on bim an order of the Thistle,
| whioh had become vacant. ‘(rive the
Thistle to ——"! exclaimed the king. |
Why. be'd eat is! »
“What if be
Langhman et al, Boyle ws City of
Jibnstown, Equitable 1. & B. Awweeia-
tion ve luther of al Creme] vs
Miller, Cresswell wa Confer. Fact va
wi Hesse v5 Brawls ¥. Benire
Ha « Morley ve. Sehriver, Kelly
VE McNeal & Duncan, Moudy
Priekhi, Bebaal ve Ascher, Wiland ve
Basic Brick Co, Mansfield ve Mans
field, Ward Mackey (Co. vs. Litsinger,
Moreau vs. Morvan, Crew et al ve
Phasmond, Baker vs Shiffer
MeCann, Piper ve Goldstein #4 al.
gmrth week Mol onne Betrer.
Bette rennn, Black «4 al
RB. Co, Velos vs
Patton Coal Co, Leabiy ve Piper & Ca,
Hive ve. Favario, Lalance & Grosjean
fhwrman. Nipstesn sits
lahrorers agminst A. J.
of Johnstown, for wages ai
ped to bave been earned in th
of the Johnston aid 1
are abeg ©
wis aa 3 a
Ye onuiand,
man, Bmith vs
ve Ponnsyivanin BR
5 $R
strode Gaping
5 Lie La.
Fhonabmeg Man bn farsa l Lael
Mr Abel Ldayd, af Li
Ehwrabarg, is one of
syd Byparin ge,
the nite Parirwy i
that has struck
The company’s
ne of
The shia
150 feel with asesys
Gry a dipeet line with
Their mines are ais
rich paying mines
sich ae the Emma No 1 and No. 2,
Baens Vista and others Mountaioeer.
wh Cra Hee Loe
{ souiet Mining COnTpRn YY
it orien in {de
near the led
Cripple Creek, whose ore
$0,000 te B20 O00 per ton
is down 125 to
of $17 per ton, and
thie Tsabwiin bom
sfirroanced with
in #4 5 =k
Pictionary for €Arin
A disagreeable girl Annie Mosity.
A fighting girl - Hittie Magin.
A sweet girl Carrie Mel
A pleasant girl - Jennie Homsity,
A clear case of girl E Locy Date.
A geometric girl Polly Gon.
Not a christian — Hettie Rodoxy.
A flower girl. Kodo Dendron.
A musical girl -Rarah Nade,
A profound girl -— Mettie Physics.
A clinging girl -Jowie Mine
A muscular girl Callie Sthenien
A lively girl - Annie Mation.
An sncertain girl - Eva Nescent,
A sad girl Elia G.
Marriage Livenses
The following marriage licenss were
imoed by the (lerk of the Orphan's
Court since February 1, 1898: Jacob
Chirdon and Elizabeth Donahoe, Ash.
ville; Jarnes Fuller Coupon, and Eva
Conway, Ashville; Stephen J Gras
berger and Margaret Helfrick, Hast.
ings: Elmer FE Nelson and Mary C
Gunning, Gallitein; Harvey Erb, Dale,
‘and Mary Shaffer, Richland township;
Wasi! Simileosky and Annie Stronko,
Barnesboro, Andrew Hricz and Bertha
Holding the coins in the open palm Brainer, Hastings.
Are Your Nerves Weak *
If they are your blood is ont of crder.
You need 8 nerve remedy and blood
cleanser. Barr's Celery Sarsapariiia
ives the bewt resiits and has more
real cures Yo its credit than any rem-
edy known Dyspepsia, indigestion
and constipation will wreck the nervy
ous system if left alone long encagh.
Try this great remedy and pet cored
Samples free. large packages 25
cents. Sold only by OC. WW. Hodgkin,
Patton Pnarmacy.
Mrmoeh in Palten
H. J Easley, undertaker and em-
balmer of Hastings, has established a
branch at the J PF. Kirk Hardware
company’s store, where all calls will
receive prompt atlention. very
latest and most modern methods used,
A Cura
We, the undersigned, do bereby
agree to refund the money on a Mb-cent
bottle of (ireens's Warranted Syrup of
Tar if it fails to cure your cough or
cold. We ale guarantes a Scent
bottle to prove “ot infactory or money
refunded. CW. Hodgkins, Patton
Pharmacy. 2128
To insare a happy new year, keep
the liver clear and the body vigoroos
by osing DeWitt's Little Farly Risers,
the famous litte pills for constipation
and liver troubles. CW. Hodgkins,
Patton Pharmacy.
Th Und Yi ham
End You am Bam
ofdently recommend 4
fener tren view videsmarban.
parenip oohor. So bs their Sots gieson. | emir iden
They may ales have indigestion, ¢
trouble, nervous exe
negralga, brain
0 wee fips the Peart acts
WER, anheaithy kid.
Usually the saforer from kidney dis
sane dros fi find or
i= until it
i alpaost
symptoms are so like mild
sickness that they Ado mot think they
neil a medicine or a doctor until they
find Themaeeives sick us bed
fr. Kiloner's Swany Hoot will build
tp and sirepgiten their weak and dis
enied kidneys, porify their disensed,
kidine v poisoned Sloot, clear thelr etm.
plexicon and soon they will enjoy better
bai bh,
* Bou
ular sizes at the
re, cent and one dol.
vom may Bret prove for yourself
ful virtoen of this great (fis
covery, Bwamp Root, by sending your
i Lie, Kiiowr & Co, Bingham
for a sample bottle snd a
is Ril ahwait t baal 3 Seok
intely fre by!
1 the rog
drig afty
that tol
As pony glee mail
writing kindly mention that you We
this liberal offer in the FATTON CU BIER
Mr. 8 A Fackler, editor of the Mi.
catopy Pia. Huosther, with bis wife
sed children, safernd terribly froo la
grippe. One Mingle cough (ure was
the only remedy that beiped them, It
acted Grkekiy Thoomands of others
FER pelrie Hs & specific for ia
grippe. and its exhausting after effects.
Hodgkins, Patton Pharmacy
Praage rs of the €oiip.
The greatest danger of Ia gripge i»
of ite resulting in poeomonia If reas:
onable care = nami however. and
Chamberlain's congh Remedy taken,
ail danger will be avoided.
the tens of thousands who have used
this remedy for ia grippe we have yet
to earn of asingie case having resaited
in poeumonia which shows conelos-
preventive of that dangerous disease.
It will cure ia grippe in loss time than
any other treatment. It is pleasant
and safe to take. For sale by Patton
Pharmacy, U. W. Hodgkins.
These are dangerous times for the
beaith, Croup, cuide and throat
troubles lead rapidly to consumption,
A bottle of One Minute cough (uee
weed at the 4 tire will preserve life,
health and a ree amount of Sy.
" Pleasant to take: children take it .
W. Hodgkin Patton Pharmacy.
An Honest Medivit for La Grigpe.,
George W. Waitt, of South Cardi-
ner, Me says: 1 have had the worst
cough, cold, chills and grip and bave
taken lots of trash of no account bat
profit for the vendor. Chamberisin’s
Cough Bemedy is the only thing that
has done any good whatever. | have
peed ane Scent bettie and the chiils,
eodd and grip have left me. | congrat-
lade the manufactorers of an hotest
medicine.” For sale by Patton Pharm-
acy, 1. W. Hodgkina
La grippe is agmin epidemic. Every
vrecantion should be taken to svedd it
fea Spesifie cure is One Minute congh
Care, J. Sheperd blisher _
cultural dournid and A abe
Mo, says: “No one will mE
pointed in using One Minute Seay
Cure for la Sw Pleasant to take,
Joi oa to act. £ . Hodgkins, Patton
Chamberbiin's Cough Resmmody in ( Wienges.
Hisgen Bros the popular Soath Side
druggists, corner 9th street and Wont |
“We well a great
deal of Chamberlain's cough Remedy,
and fnd that it gives the most satis
worth avenoe, say:
factory results, especially
children for severe colds and croup.”
For sale by Patton Pharmacy, OC. W
Paal Perry, of Colombas, Ga, suf
fired agony for 3 years, and then
enred his piles by asing De Witt's Witch
Hazel Salve. It heals injuries and skin
diseases like magic. CW
Patton Pharmacy.
How 10 Cure a Coll
Simply take Otto's Cure
of its astonishing
stop a cough quicker than any known
remedy. if yon have asthma, broa-
chitis, consumption or any disease of
the throat ap langs, a few doses of
this great remedy will surprise you. If
vou wish to try, call at our store and we
will be pleased to furnish vou a sumple
bottle froe of oust. Large bottles SX
and 2x. Patton Pharmacy, C. W.
We know
The smallest things may exert the
greatest infloence. DeWitt's Little
Early Risers are unequalled for over
coming constipation and liver troables,
Small pill, best pill, safe pill. CW,
Hodgkins, Patton Pharmacy.
Foe La tintppe.
Thomas WhitSleld & Co,
Ave, corner Jackson St, one of (bi
What is Galery King ?
Itisas herd drink, and sa positive care
for consti pal on, headache, nervoas dwrdens,
rhenmatism, Kidney diseases, amd the vert.
cago's ocidest and most prominent
druggists, recommend Chamberlain's
cough Remedy for Ia grippe, as it not |
only gives prompt and complete atled, |
but also counteracts any tendency
1a grip pe to result in poeamonia Yor
sale by Patton Pharmacy, ©. WW.
ous troubles arising from s disordered stom. | |
ach and sorpid iver. It faa most agreeable
medicine, and i recommended by physicians |
Celery King i» sald in Ze. and Se pac ew}
by draggists and dealers
Patton Pharmacy,
C. W. Hodgkins. |
rier eo :
wt what the trouble
fens bade, Derninee
thai this remedy is a certain
cures and that it will |
40 Wabash |
It will
es Kowa
& believe it 3 sure you. In croup
Bright cough sare to give
instant relief izes SOc and 35e.
Bold by Patton wy, €C W.
Boarding House.
07 Vine Street,
Opposite Franklin Sqasre.
Cambria. and Clearfield
county people visiting Phila
delphia will ind this a con-
venient and central location.
Terms $1.00 per day.
Is not much to pay
a solid 10k gold
ring. Look at those
in my window for
that price. They are
not old stock, neither
am [ selling them at
cost as a leader.
They were bought
direct from the man-
ufacturer and I am
seiling them at my
usual small profit.
Every other article
in my store is sold
on the same basis,
The Patton Jeweler.
In every conceivable
tern Lo sail all lastem A
time spent louking over our ae
will convince you that we have
the goods and sei at prices that
Bed Room Suits: Solid
Onk, 7 pieces, #16. Kitch.
en chairs large rock-
ers S5c.
Jo 4 pn
aba Sey
Etc, Etc,
Promptly attended to.
All modern methods used.
The best of satisfaction
Next to Hotel Patton.
D. D. Lewis, undertaker
and embalmer of Bammeshoro,
Pa.. wishes to announce to the
‘public that he has secured the
services of™
John E. Radcliffe
Kerr avenue, two doors above
Bon Ton store, to look after the
wants of the people of Patton
and vicinity in the
business and all calls left
with him will be promptly at-
‘tended to. Mr. Lewis 1s a
graduate of the Massachu-
‘setts School of Embalming
aud thoroughly understands
the business in the most mod-
It makes no difference how cheap ern WAavs.
you can bay groceries elsewhere, | can |
still save you some money, quality of,
| goods considered.
Day or Night by "Phone.