The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, February 16, 1899, Image 3

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“A¥ide snd Narrow Tires.
: While wide tires are gradually
growing in favor on farm wagons, still
y are not being adopted as fast as
#hould be for the best interests
hie farmer and the good of the
roads. About this season of the year
a road question always comes up,
pd with it should be discussed the
fire question. All are willing to al
mit no doubt that narrow tires ou our
heavy wagons are among the most
: ive road agénts we lhisve.
There seems to he a strong impres. |
among farmers that wide tires
jorease the draft and are harder on
me than narrow ones. A number
teats recently wade before the
puri State Roads Improvement
on show that for msuy roads
ide tires draw easier than the
arrow ones, the loads remainiog the
sane; The test was made in this
Cut of six-inch tired wheels of
height as the one and three.
narter.inch tired wheels bought with
fie wagon had been provided so that
they hauled the same wagon with the
same load over exactly similar roads,
. miessuring the draft Ly means of a
slew self-resording dynamometer
which had besn carefully tested for
The road on which these
trials were wade was almost level and
‘somewhat firmer ut the surface than
oorn lsad in the spring when dry
‘epongh to plow. Unfortunately a
stratum of frozen earth about fone
inches from the surface prevented |
narrow tires from enfting a deep rut.
The layer of frozen earth also explains
the decreasa in draft of the narrow
‘tires when ran for a number of times
in their own track.
Pounds Wida
dele. © vives,
: I Suttow Pounds
First run ....... 005 Pirst ran...
i nd run. . A644 Recond Tun. 8
Third run... . LL A Third man.. ... $64
Average. Aes . Average, Ja6.%
Difference in favor of broad tires,
Sty. three pounds or 24.0 per cent. A
good horse is estimated to exert a pull
«of 160 pounds for ten hours per day,
taoving at the rate of two aud one!
Bult miles per hour. This means that
; was a saving by nsing the browd
ires of slightly wore thsu one-third
of » horse, Or that the same team,
exerting tif same pull or duing the
same work, would Lave drawn one.
fourth Jarger load. In other words,
2350 poands load palled as hélyy
a load of 3007 pounds should over
he. same road in the mame wagon if
ix-duch tires wers used It is not
aintained that this large advantage
for wide tires would he found in all
conditions of roads. The experiwont
station is Arranging to make a
agh test of this matter in the
meadows, maddy roads, and
aml wacadasmized roads, and
sh the results in mo illus
atin for Tres distribution, at
earliest moment possible.
fmportaut advantuge shown in
8 test already made for the wide
8 was the anse with which the load
te 1t required 500 pounds
draft to stirt the load with narrow
8, and only 230 pounds with wide
Here i is a saving of more than
It i often compara
easy to haul the joad alter it is
, and if, by using the w.ule
the force necessary to give mo-
y the wagon is reduced wore
f, it is an importaat matter, —
i Mua and Ma Matrimony.
paper pulilished at Towson, Bal
: Coutity, Maryland, recently
ablished thi following from oue of
8 country eorrespotidents,
on was given hy Mr, and |
ilinm Rhepperd a low nights
at their vesidence on "My Lady's
wor.” Unfortunately Mr. Shepperd
not present. Ha was detained on
road in mioviog a heavy load of
‘from Ballisnovs to his howe.
became stalled on secount of
condition of tha road, and he
p arrive home until after mid
These are some of the per
ties newly married people Lave
endure soraciimes.”
From a Leazue member we learn
| “the parties had been married
fow days before, and this was
reception given at the groom's
after their return from their
tour. Think of the groom hav-
miss his own reception by rea-
bad roads, and iaagine the feel-
Paragraphs About ihe Crusade.
It's & good thing to have the *‘dust.”
n't keep it onthe road.
The Grand Rapids (Mich.) Herald
_pertinently observes that the
| of Trade of that city could con-
y take s band in the goodroads
ercantile Ciab, of Wyandolte | t
Kansas, recently passed reso-
ms favoring good road laws, aud
work for the same at this session
the Legisiatare.
t is said Porto Rico has only one
good road. That is very good indeed
the othiers are horrid. Good
roads throughout the isiand will do
: g, to favorably impress
ors, Deshar. any aor pi thing.
; An srgament offered for the em-
t of prisoners in bailding
roads is that the fear of such public
; dation will deter from the com-
on of pos ty crimes, and will lessen
incursion of tramps into a com-
Road building by county jail in-
ia to ba undertaken in Oneida
New York. This is follow
ample in Warren and St.
where the plan is
{ and “‘mackintosh’
fun & Thounsmed Ways Usefpl,
“Dear me,” sighed the perplexed
housewife, “I don't know what to do
with the stacks and stacks of old news.
papers which sconmulate at
house ”
“Well, don’t throw them sway,”
connseled her friend, “for they sre of
mors valie than sone would think at
first glance, 1 hare found so very
many nses to which I ean put them in
BAYA OVEry serap
“Ta tho first place,’ she continued,
“old newspapers dipped in cold water
hot water, soap sand cloths, and will
not injure the hauds one hat! as much,
is nothing betler then & newspaper
which hat been erompled and
about in the hands ual it ws as
as fine leuther,
“After the esoking is over 1 make
our girl crash soma old newspapers
her bauds mad rab the iop sad
sides of the range. This rersaves the
grease quickly snd keeps the range in
exesilent condition if done often
“Fiery wmorsing we rnb onr hair
broshes with a pad of newspapers
This removes the dost and keeps the
brushes elesn sud healthy. Also, i
eondnees to thay long fe and atility,
“Tearing old nnwapapers into shreds
of a given length is
[ find amuses iny
hd keeps them gn!
possible wea con |
Why, a great many.
§ fe tines,
ehilderon greatly,
of misetae!, What
Lhandl for 2
“They ate
frais suv
a8 agesisiny an
pothine. Pers
away in boxes st
alter shapt of oid
almost ine definitely ¢
‘4s n substitute for paper
der carpet the old wowspar
in handy, aud one way Lav
a covering of them
one wishes, by sinply 2as
fon weeks
“Thess are ouly a lew of the
which 1 pat onr old newspapers
would require a big
the thines do itl then
many dollars | tisuage
year by simply press
A Sewivet Wuunder,
Nowadays pearly all bigh
egraphers fransurine their
thireet upon & ispey Filer.
been fuusd
the instrament o
2%. . x
RHE en lan
sonader, wilsh dy 8 Key a
Ket wate Core Sithogon ewali ih
sige, and for
tion, thd tpetrntaent Possaases atl th
plegrapher in such an appar.
atu. The soun of it travesty
adisted instantly, rer nde
of ihe ardinsey tol
cin be
firs 4
er down toa icy
thatthe instru 3
contact with the ear
ant Lo bur read, 1
soft, flexible beadban
which enables the watoh to Le alias ciaed
to the ear for seorel work, or lor ene
ployment in logaticas =o noisy that
the elick of the erdicary }
would be drowned. By its milk con.
duels ing oor rd, ep pi of with saitable
tergainals, it css be readily aituched
to or removed from» wiegraph i
In brokers’ allices, whers sesiegy
telegrapbiz tranumission is of
hizhest FRPOrIRaTY, ths
does the work in silence and
eavesdropping. For lary oper:
tions the 1astrument can be used
the fied tlocraph, in the teut or
npon ontpost daty, fear
mivise information to lurking spies, of
betraying the position to tue cuemy.
The outfit complete weighs only four
and oue-half ounces, and can be ear.
ried 10 the vest pocket 3
(lobe Demoerat.
s be bald in
: de signnle
ws X PE oy 4
Why 1 Was Called Nabber.
sul in one of the Central American
States gives the following as the origin
ered in 1770 that the new gum was
admirably adapted for
pencil marks.
stance, costing only three shillings,
would last for years. It was usad for
no other purpose in Esgland than
effaoing lead pencil marks for sbout
half a century after this discovery,
hence the name ‘‘rubber.” After the
introduction of the raw material snd
the scientific description of the plant
by Frenchmen it was first manufso-
tared into waterproof clothing in
France toward the end of the eight-
eenth century. Later on the firm of
Melntosh of Manchester greatly im-
proved on the Frenchidea, and mana.
factured waterproofs on a large scale,
is the name by
which waterproofs have been known
since that time, — Philadelphia Record,
a ok A A HF Ae
Something Like Devotlon,
The blind dJdevotion with which an
old servant did his daty was illas-
trated on one pecasion when his mas.
ter had a dinner party. Daring the
dinner Heurv was very nervous and
made two or three blunders, His
master showed his annoyance and
cast angry glances at his servant, but
the poor man could not settie quietly
to his work.
At last, when the dessert had been
Inced on the table, he stole timidly
Jiaced his master's chair and said:
“Please, sir, can you spare me
2 My house has been on dire for
and a ball" Tit-Bie
Don't Throw Thens Away, For They Ave
an owmploythent |
our | :
my home that [| make the men folks | be
will clean windows almost as well an |!
nees to}
Ci hrew
practical operative qualities required |
A recent report from a British eon. :
of the nawe rubber, as applied to |
An English artist discov |
rabbing ond
He wrote a paper on |
the subject, and informed his contem- |
poraries that a cubic inch of thus sub-
lpi eg
The pet resuft of Tossday's legidin- |
tive work was the passage of Sr
Fow's bill providice ry the RODHINL.
ff ronsters in Ati aris chase nd
i thorn the po {a iif yea NR
for polishing mirrors there 1
rolled (80
pasts gi
and 2 r Farr, Fro rE
Adams, tf
fir tan AGILENT
ter Errue
ef gta
rey x
mera ete
{ran wis Lik iB wR
hie mation
ren FOAL T hey
n ft
the ;
sppliiance gen
with | ir
sincod a bl to
Cotter tio with
an Toaursdasy wav
senate Priday morning
was prerent dnd hilly ;
were the only thlogs tone |
In the
bare Guoram
first rea ding
the new Bills presoated was
suntor Brown of Phitadeinhia, an
act requiring every nsuran ¢ Cunpany t
and association exespting mutus) sa
separnent BReacintd sing Dus Goss
in Pennsyivania to pute! sh era Weel
for two weeks in dally nevspaieare an
itemized lst and statemen
sete owned by such oO
A Bil] presente by
ig designed to enable
Arg ta wh
panhies Whose
within this state
citing af the or
Board of directors.
ing srphang © OUTES to
Po n eof ¥
RE hos Jl ¥ »
RITaUIs ented
business transac
was ihe inironul
3 } MoCarrell, of DD
Win, pro viding that burgesses shall
flected for three years and shall
he eligible to re-election,
bere of boropgh councils shall nt |
be eligible to hold the alice of burgess
The session of the joint Assembly
‘as the shortest that has been held |
deadlock buosan. |b
session at b
Tpit 7
the senatorial
ssembiy went into
. and 3 13 miwites later ad- i Sends i
mh BAN
~g Man Fatally Evrred
B Sestae-e BE
“Aue i
hy aeob hobs be
gr May Peover
WHEAT ired
oa ped Tf pea
| pl CFE.
Crain, Flour snd Feel.
No, 2 yellow, sb found
n Ted ur. as
é 2 white
i Winter patents.
Fan ee sEraig tt winder |
Rye fay
Wo} frothy.
er. Be 3,
pit wd. bin
ol ah
EREES td mbes
. .
BW nent.
crer 85 Ba
v. porinas
airy Fraducth
io Figdn oressery, 8
WE, raw
Froutte sed Vegutabion.
} ER Be
Wh na be we BE
Fouitre, Ese
- Pa Snir, HIBS $
3 we un
i pei Oilia,
in $3
2 red.
Cobia o
AE ery
Fle KR.
CORN Xa § oui . “
{ATR 0 Wi ; 7
Fi SE pe 2 13
8 rite ow 3a
1 Hite Wenger
Neale of Fuss : bY. is
Central Srock Yards Fast Liberty. Pa.
Coed, 18% to ® 0 2a. .
Tits, ms 1
Fair ot steers
Cras non, HO to 0 us
¥Medinm |
Flows y SL
Poms and wags
Jrige 5 ta HH 2
Chomt 55 10H Ea
Faire 7910 80 Yu
¥ perio
ral sives
ak fp We
Lees RES
Pn Bi Gn we we
R ©
# Uma, ©
; prnitations manu fae
: tien. The nigh
| porsia Fia Syxee Co. with the medi
Femi profession, and the satisfaction
| which the gensine Syrup of Figs hae
| given to millvas of families, makes
| the name of the Company & goarsaty
i of ¢
far ia advanes of ali
0 homels
Lng thes,
| pauseate
ag he
¥ wo 3 He 4 3
Mat 4 awn 41
eR a5
CPosenery, iioine i is
| Dwellers In
i Bakara
“Hine you would be quite wrong RS
pot the triles whe Swed) in the Sery
{ deserts of the tropics
| walter in a
ate, a8 Xx
I many the Soe va
: Bung above
| made by
is doe not only to the ofiginality and
simplicity of the combination, but alee
dp the care and skill with which it is
manufactured by seientiSe processes
knows to the Carrronxia ¥Fio Syroe
' Co. only, and we wish to impress Spl
C wll the hopertance of parchesing the
f true sel
original remedy. As the
genuine Syrup of Figs bs manafectared
iby the Canivowwia Fre Sraoe Co
‘only, 8 knowledge of that fact will
| aasist ome in arvouling the worthless
tured by other pase
sanding of the Cars
le exorilence of its remedy. It ie
other laxatives,
“tx on the kidneys, liver and
withoat irritating or weakens
and it does pot gripe BOP
In order tn get 18 benefoinl
effete. pleases remember the same of
the { AIR PRNY cn
SOT YILLE. Ky. ¥EW Yom, X.%.
the Aretie Fo
‘The Awellers in the Soudan or the
sf soarse, you would sugreet.
a drink ost
day. Far a it. They
rule mest temperate is all
things Unlikely 2s it may sem, 8
| is just the last people you would nme
3 Sg
‘he Awellers in the frozen north,
the Baguimaut says the Philadeiphin
They seem to Bave 3 RirsS
is quits soguenchable and for
that purpose they are constantly melile
ing scow and we over the lamp wiiel,
fed by Linhler,
‘ia wvery hat
turns Say and nigh
Small wonder tht he
st of ah thes lamps 89
gmciviliend Engale
unable of possesaions,
nd that they 5a
peng fst of The jams Songs | is hale
in the form of 3 small segnent of
the Wick of Srv mons,
wimeens the hands with 8 Bt»
ir supoles sel! with «fl by
wg 3 long thin slip of Siohbes
tha fame Samatimes
for the sogPeione [amps MN
the women by cementing toe
pieces nf other sone with o
af élav. hair and seals
they are never very satis
Britala’s Homsiom Wisderers,
In Grea: Eritaln i Zag deen recke
| aned that there sre about 100.0608 abe
ry i thal
| dom,
FE IrTE, f
vashels |
Waentern {
pragbinls, |
fear, |
FE 2.4
ie fav
na k
Har (Bhar
ml serRes,
she Slate
high grade or
sn exploited by
mitempts of that
inde rfinl +8 have
year, oe =
£0 0 of
"womeless wanderers ™ and
those belowg to Lome
] If it was osly hexlth,
g Might Jet iz cling.
© But it iss cough. One cold
no sooner passes off before
agethes comes. Bur it's Me
Amc vid Cough ai the nme.
a: it's the same oid story,
too. There is frm the
then the cough, en
mania or Moasumption i
long sickness, aad Lie tembds
Bang in the balance.
loosens the of your cough.
The conges: sion of the Dros
and lungs is removed; all in.
fammaton is sudiued; the
parts are put Feriseny at rest
and the cough drops awav.
has oo Giscased Lssucs on
which 10 hang.
Dr. Ayer’s
Cherry Pectoral