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    Hain ive HA
BER 22, 1898.
$1.00 PER YEAR.
Bo¥ol Bhs of Dress Goods, 5 Wiley Coats and Furs a JAS.
NS, dobostown, Pa.
“Em owt
| Gicaned Here and There by
the “Courier” Reporter.
An Ordinances Granting Permission to the
Northern Cambria Triephone Company of
Spangicr, Pa.. to Erect ite Lines Upon the
Streets and Highways of the Borough of
SperTioN 1. Be it enacted hy the
Burgess and Town Council of the Bor-
ough of Patton in council assembled,
ity of the sume, that permission be and
is hereby granted to the Northern
| Cambria Telepbone Company of Spang-
por ne public streets and alleys of the day, December 20th and 31st. Fair and
ler, Penn's, its successors and assigns,
| to erect, operate and maintain its lines
ARE YOu Coming
Where ® To ihe Grand Fair snd Festivai
in FPaivm Next Week.
A grand fair and festival will be held
under the auspices of Patton Fire Co.
No. 1 in the Firemen's Hall Patton,
Pa., during the entire week of the
holidays, commencing Christmas eve,
December 24 and contioning antil New
‘ Year's eve, December 2ist. A good,
big time is assured to all who attend.
Music, dancing, and amusements of all
kinds. Prof Severin's Imperial Or.
(chestra will furnish the music for the
Poliowing is the schedule of pach
evening’ & entertainment:
26th and Tih Fair and Festival and
10-cent Dance Wednesday, December
28th, Fair and Festival and chicken
and waffle supper no dancing. Thurs
day. December gtk, Fair and Festival
| upon, along, over and under soch of and 50-cent dance. Friday and Sator.
> here for the : Borough of Patton as its business may Festival and 10-cent dance.
}, Sombin- | require, provided that poles shall be Oysters, ice cream and all kinds of
J u may want which
Poact | present.
ineat and symmetrical, and that no
‘poles shall be less than twenty-five
feet in lenth.
88c. 2. The poles shall be erected
ander the supervision of the Borges
and Street Committee, und shall be so
located as not to interfere with the ose
of the streets by the public. Said com-
pany shall replace and properly relay
i any sidewalk or street pavement which |
may be displaced in the erection of its
poles, and upon failure to do so after
1 30 days’ notice, the Borough may make
(such repairs at the expense of said
: company.
850.3. la cousideration for the
[fire alarm telegraph wires upon the
poles erected in pursuant to this ordi-
| Bano.
Sec. 4. Nothing in this ordinance
contained shall be so construed us to
grant unto the said company the ex-
clusive right, or to prevent the grant
ting of similar privileges to other
individaals or companies for like
~~ 8ge, 5. Bald company shall indemnify
ithe Borough of Patton against, sng’
assume the liability for damages which
may arise and accrue to said Borough
from any injury to persons or property
from the doing of any work herein
authorized, or the neglect by said com-
pany or any of its employes to comply
to any ordinance relative to the use of
refreshments will be served. Best of
oder will be maintained.
Covact Proceedings.
Patton, Pa, Dec. 19. --Patton Bor.
ough Council met in regular session
this evening with the following mem-
bers present as per roll call: Hubbard,
Jones, McCormick, Scheid and Biair.
The minates of regular meeting held
{ December 8, 1398, were read and ap-
proved. On motion of Monteith and
seconded by Jones, it was ananimously
. carried that Ordinance No. #4, relating
‘to granting the Northern Cambris
‘ Telephone Co. privileges to run ites line
| throngh the Borough of Patton be
| lock-up was in an unsafe condition and
on motion of Monteith and seconded
by Jones, it was unanimously carried
that the matter be referred to the Fire
‘and Police Committees with power to
‘act. On motion of Scheid and sec
onded by Blair, it was carried that
the following bills be accepted and
orders drawn for the same:
Banghman, $10.92; Patton Water Co,
$77.51 for water rent for months of
October and November. Council then
‘adjourned to meet at next
meeting night, Monday, Janusry 24,
Wadded Tuesday Night
‘man of this place, and Miss Mary
daughter of Mr. and Mrs
Hunter &
| the streets and s of said Borough; Michael Bogan, of Mellon street, were
amma, cya uf Maid Boron; | united in holy bonds of matrimony at
pany of this ordinance shall be an. | the bride's home Tuesday eveniog at 4
| Borough any sam of money for which 'M. E. church, officiating. Thos. Bogan,
the Borough may become liable from, ‘# brother of the bride, and Miss Mag-
it was grey -backs you meant; if so, seand
st | OF by reason of such injury.
Suc, 6 Said company shall at all
" | times be subject to the Borough ordi
A aE ra
hereafter be passed pilative to the use |
of the public streets and alleys by |
telephone and telegraph companies, or |
to the taxation of such telephone and
Said company shall file with |
this ordinance within sixty days from
i which will beat the cost of aid North-
1 ern Cambria Telephone company.
In testimony whereof that the above
December A. D., 1898, 1 have hereunto
set my hand and affix the seal of the
sa id Borough.
Geo, E. PRaNDIBILE, Burgess
President of Council.
E. Wn Grex, Clerk
¥. M1. Ofcirs Flected
At a regular meeting of Marcellus
i Council, No. 449, Young Men's Insti.
tute, bold last week the following offi-
: cers were elected for the ensuing term: |
Harry Brand, president; M. McTigue,
first vice-president; A. K. Huber, sec |
ond vice-president; W. J. Weakland,
| ordinance was passed the 19th day of
rival of the brave
‘gle Jenkins, of Portage, Ps, were the
attendants. The ceremony was wit
. Dessed by a large number of friends
“and relatives, after which an elaborate
wedding dinner was served at 6 o'clock.
up the duties of housekeeping soon.
The COURIER extends congratulations.
A Rash Act.
The ceiling of the pool and billiard
the Borough Council its acceptance of room and news stand of Kinkead &
Hunter on Magee avenue has been
for being scrubbed Tuesday morning.
The rash act came near causing a com-
‘motion which would not bave been
forgotten soon, at any rate the flue on
the east side of the building became
frightened, which necessitated the
calling out of the fire department, and
serious damage might have resulted
had it not bave been for the timely ar-
boys. Ed the
Covgrien “devil,” is heid responsible
for the damages.
lisliday Excursion Rates,
In accordance with the usual custom
the Baffalo, Rochester & Pittsburg
between all stations on its line, account
Christmas and New Year's holidays, at
- & fare and one-third for the round trip,
Tickets to be sold and good going on
December 23, 24, 25, 78, 30 and 31, 1508,
‘and January 1 and 2, 1568, limited for
retarn passage antil Janaary 3rd, 1989.
OY : marshal; Peter Rane, recording sete.
mm Ro Sl
d nel. The above elected officers will be |.
| installed the first Siewting 18 January, | leave your orders with Mra. Lent. 4-t2
{ 1809,
or pictures of any kind
| Free Dinger to Boys.
_ Candy 7 ots. per per pound at the |
Cash Grocery; 4 pounds 25 cts.
Written by Joiu Hatherall,
Formerly of This Place.
Saws It ie» Tough sre Samaky Conviry- Js
rigging God and SEiwver,
Warxeeevirie Mon, Dec 15
Eprrom Cormier: — Please find en
closed the sam of $2.90 for which give
me credit to your most valuable paper;
reading the COURIER every week
Well, I xm pleased to say | am still
in the land of the living and working
in the same mine when you last heard
from me, nearly three years ago, dig-
ging the white and yellow “staff.”
there has been ots of ops and downs
since that time. The last time | wrote
you it was jost before the “big mill"
came off between Jumes J. and Fite,
and | folly intended to witness it, bot
wax complied to work, owing to un
accident st the mine. Well that wis
one excitement: the next was Bryan,
the Silver King; the next was Veno,
be “great core all” He broke one
man’ crutches and Look bis money and
done him more harm than good, sad
with iil bis cures be bs doing two years
in the “pen.” Bot the greatest excite
ment now is the muny morders and
hold-upa, which occur in this vicinity
about three times a week. A Jone high-
wayman walked into a mssloon at
connect at that place with the Phoenix
Centreville, our pesrest neighboring
town, the other night and took $400
from the bar-keeper. After he bad
taken the money the bar keeper asked
him to take a drink, but the “Bock”
repiled: “Just tell them that you saw
me and never mind the drinks.” then
left in haste.
I am pleased to tell you that I have
Rot mywelfl & partner since | have been
in Montana. 1 willmnd you our photo
-soom, if you will sconpt it, and if you
do not care for it, then hang it ep oun
‘Squire Mellon's offloe, to scare the
dogs away, besides giving the taxpay-
ers a chance to come around and save
that Sve per cent. reduction.
How is Ox petting along with his
“little red wagon?’ Has he any more
bair on that bald spot yet®* How is
haunting this season? Has Doc. bagped
Wm. Morgan, a well-known young:
are Jots of aged ground hogs out here.
Is my old friend John Catherwood in
any more blind foxes” Tell him there
Patton yet? If so, give him my best
an ad of shell barks at the City Res
aarant as big as your head. | thought
me a team.
Whenever the price for digging coal
in Patton is raised to $1.00 per ton
please lot me know and | will come
back, for 1 don’t Like it ont bere |
‘Mr. and Mrs. Morgan expect to take
have too much work and no play.
I don’t like the idea of working every
Sunday, Christass and 4th of July and
every other holiday.
It is very smoky here, caused from
the copper smelters. To give you an
idea how smoky it is, on election day
1 went down street to talk politics to
someone, | didn’t care just to whom,
so the first fellow | ran up against |
“chewed the rag’ to for aboat half an
hour, until the smoke shifted a little,
and to my surprise | was chinning all
the time to a dummy in front of a
clothing store. 1 soon left and you bet
I dide’t tell anybody abowt it |
badn’t gone far before a lady ras up
against me; she wanted to know where
was the best place to buy groceries and
drugs, 80 1 told her to go to the Patton
Sapply Co. or the Cash Grocery and if
she conidn't get what she wanted at
those places to go to Good's store. |
will sxoursion. tial told ber they were all first-class stores,
and I told ber to go Charley Hodgkins,
up at the corner, if she wanted drugs
She said she was a stranger iu Walkers
ville and didn’t know where the places
1 referred to were located, and I don't
think she found them in the smoke.
Please remember me to all my
friends, and especially to members of
Patton Lodge, Na 18 I O. O. F.
nn Trusting vou will always prosper, |
remain yoar friend,
Marriage Bans "ablated.
The following marriage bans were
published in the St. Mary's Catholic
church of Patton Sunday morning:
‘BE. J. Severin, of Patton, and Miss
Della Addleman, of Curwensville:
8. O. Daggett, Manage: of ts Pat: |
Wm. Litdinger and Miss Mary Nagle;
Ambrose Boyle and Miss Gertrude Me-
oo Good Hieciric Light | Suis we wish to extend 1 cor sug
company will be ready to tars on the jrey Zev vou
Triplets, electrical expert of the Gen. Mx & Ki
putting every effort forth possible to
1saw in your ; aps TAYE of Wales and came 30 this
- Cormimm, along with many friends, ex-
‘as seen throagh the
A Meoryy COvisteans, Fie
the eolamns of the Oop
Elwetrie Lagnt friday Night.
The Cornien is pleased to annonoos
the past and orig a.
incandescent Jight in Patton borough ;
iB he tare, we remain: of the same
eral Electric company, of Pittaburg, is’
kere looking after and overseeing the Good Building, eto ime
details of the work at the plant, and in cas
not disappoint the patrons om the
above sancunced date. The are or
street lights will not be ready for »
few days owing to the fact that the
company has contracted for the very
I could not possibly get along without
New Telephon Coampuiny.
A new telephone comjumy has been
of operating in the principal towns of
North Cambria as well as extending to
towns of the south of the county, in-
clading the city of Johmstown. The
new company is to be known as the
and steps have been takes 10 sectire
charter, and the right of way for the
line is being secured. Alroady the line
is completed from Nicktown to Spang- ; ’
bg me ge 8 TWO QUESTIONS.
Hastings, a the Siwion of stecttlite wel as
being rapidly pushed forward The tion of oe heen :
line will no doubt connect at this place [0%0 the matter of clothes naa
with the Cresson Sampany, viich wil | Joa Rie Siungtn ang Sue
ran from Patton to Ebensburg, Lo- finest style known For a
retto, Chest Springs and Cresson and ‘money you ge 4 great desl mors
Telephone company, which bes already We are CLOSING OUT our fall and
embraced in its territory the principal Winter weights at a Great Bargain
towns of Central Pennsylvania. The Don’t fail to se them.
ephone company are Dr. T. o. Hite, :
of 8 president. Dinsmore Bros.,
Richard Lioyd Expires.
Richard Lloyd, who resided a short |
distance east of Patton, died Sanday
night at 8 o'clock, after » lingering
iiinoms of over a year of miner's asthma
He was aged 57 years and is survived
by & bereaved wife, three soos and two
daughters, William, John, Dave and
Maggie, of Patton, and Mm Jones, of ;
Brisbin, Pa. His remains will be taken | uns at cost.
to Brisbin, hin former bome, to-day
(Tharsday |. where interment will be
made in the Odd Fellows cemetary, ; at
The service will be in charge of the | amps a bargain
improved Order of Red Men, of which i, :
be was a member. Mr. Lioyd was 8
Heating Stoves, best
quality, at prices that will
mduce you to buy this
Ranges, the Jewell,
Dockash, Etc.—None
country 17 years ago. He has resided
in Patton over two years and was an
tends heartfeit sympathy to the sur
viving wife and children.
Hieutratad Lovtarm.
A grand series of bematifully illus
‘trated jectares will be presented in the
better.and prices awaydown.
evening, by Rev. Joseph A. Kiuncker,
the pastor. Admission oaly 5 and 10 ar
cents All are invited to attend. In Foi HMETRICK, Man,
preseating these elaborate and in-
tensely interesting lectures no efforts
have been spared, only the most real
antic as well an artistic views have been
carefully selected, and will be accu
rately magmified upon the great field of
canvas, br a powerful moderns Oxy-
Hydro stemeoptican. Do not: fail to we
some samples from some SAX pie TOCEW
camera. The
Brooklyn Eagle save: “Mr. Kilacker is §
shogquent, humorous, persgssive and
tactful His work will do any come
munity good and bring the Cause
Yeager B'id'g, Patton, Pa
Rade Jarrett Improving,
Kale Jarrett. a weil known voung
oan, who is an emplove at the Pardee
colliery, met with an socicnt at thas
mine aboat two weeks ago in which he
sustained a severe injury to the thambd
of bis right hand. The injary did not
Appear to cause him much annoyance
at that time, but later developed into
condition bevame quite serious, bat at
present writing, the COURIER is pleased
to state to his many friecds be is
practically out of a danger and will
soon be able to be aboat.
Another Lomber Operation.
The Mountain City Lamber com-
pany, which has recently parchased
about 6,000,000 feet of hemlock timber
in the vicinity of Garway Junction,
about seven miles north of Patton, is
making extensive arrangements for the
manufacture of -the same. A large
steam saw mill will be placed on the
is rumored that inside of four months |
will be ready for operation. The tract
was purchased from the Stevenson
heirs, of Mabaffev, Pa. about two