The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, November 10, 1898, Image 7

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    LT A
to the Bepablicans-Plogree
in Michigan Results in
Other States. :
3 J ears Sef,
By a plurantity of 20.000 Republican
Votes ol. Theodore Roosevelt will
the subernitorial affice of the
state of New York. Justice Van Wyck
of Brooklyn. his Dernocratic opponent,
a majority of 50,000 votes in
2 New York which the Rough
Rid ; overcame Pith his apostate vote,
election in New York was a hot.
one® The canal scandal in
B00 worth of work and ma-
unaccounted for occurred
b present Bepabdican sdmind-
In New York state. Not only
Roosevelt as a Hopublean this
3 ght agsivst but he was als)
! - defeat in New York City
sanduct se police commis.
roads him objectionable to an
: Vv. Wyck, the democratic
ar governor Is a viry ables
pould not make a showing in
districts on account of
: exints Against Tammany
ir the smaller towne Nai
he fight the favorable sen.
Hoosevelt caused by the
record in the late war.
state senate will be Republican
oh majority and the assembly
jority of 13, thus assurhig the
bof a Republican United States
i th succeed Murphy.
with the vite which
ived in 1886, the Repub-
pi ventritt and Fitsgeraki—are
maloritios of nearly Boo),
ran well ahead of his ticket
more than the other
iE was not enough to elect,
80 he is defeated. Judge
formerly endorsed by Tam-
tly refused to nieelve
mE that organ'sation and
eive Ha endorsement Ha
Bently nominated by the
Roosevelt, the next gov.
ew York wae born in New |
s Oct, 27, 1834. At the age of
ted from Harvard clfage
year wan elected bo
for a seeond term. ‘In
: poesaful run for
ty. He was ap-
the civil mavice
Washington in 188%
fn heid for several
1 became famous at the
's podice department.
ration of war te re.
ion and organized the
Riders. From his pri-
t of the riders. His dash
At Bantiago |
and he Is one of the
4 t 350 Repusiican
5 shows Democratic
tire ticket. Freer, Ree
‘has a majority
exceed 00, a
150 on all except Freer
Pell, the house deligate,
light majority. The com-
1 Freer's election by 1.500
; loss or over “by
turns from the country
e Blair carries the
mall majority. John W.
oats R. T. Lowndes
“The balance ot the
et was also elected. The
have a Republican Die
is, stats give Scofield,
cand idate for goveraor,
The legislature will be
1d + Fi least 8 out
Republicans Honor Their Candidate for Governor ,
With a Large Vote.
The Republicans of the Keystone
state after a bitter fight have dlected
for governor, Col. William A. Stones
farge and considerable cutting was in-
dulged in, Republican chairman how -
— sian A
own precinet. Rtons 287 and Jenks 11%,
| Congressional districts.
| Davis, Republican, were defeated for
ER CAN Lp ata
i BVEr plates that Col Stone's plurality
will Hkely sxeoesd iG 40
Brigadier General J. P. 8 Gobin was
elected Lieut. Governor and James W,
Latta was re-elocted Secretary of In-
ternal affairs,
Lod Bane recsived a plurality anf not
fess than 8 08 votes in Philadelphia
Allegheny county rolled up a mado iT -
ty of 15.8000 for the Hepubiloan tiokat
ir. Swallow recsived 85 votes in his
In the five congressional districts of
Phitadeiphia, the present members are |
ai! re-elactod as fidlows
First district. HH. Binghsri, He.
publican: Second, Robert Ades , 1
Republican: Third, William MoAle
Derrewrat; Fourth, James BY Sane.
Repubidican: Fifth, A. ¢ Horner, Res
In the state the result
Bixth «Thomas B Butler (Hep).
Reventh- living PP. Wagner (Hep
Ninth-—-Daanisl Ermentrogt (Dens.
Tenth ~Marriott Brosius (Rep)
Twelfth Morgan BH. Williams (Rep)
PFourteenth--Mariin EE. Olmstead
Fifteenth hates F. Wright (Rep)
Hixteonth Harare RB Packer (Bep)
Eighteenth Thaddeus M. Mahon
Twentieth district, Joseph FE. Thropn.
Pepubilcan, eiscted.
Twenty -first—Bummers M. Mack
{Rep by.
Twenty second John Datel] {Rep
Twenty -third-Williars HH. Graham
Twenty fourth—Ernest F. Acheson
Twenty fifth].
Grow (Hep),
Congressminn-at-larges-- Ryurouel A.
Disvenpeort (Hep)
The vore of Tir. Bwallow will probate
br be under that of ast your when he
received 118060
The Republican estimate Stone's
B Bhonwalter
Craiusha A.
plurality as S000 in Lancaster, 2009 in |
Dauphin Juris in Clearfinldg Ein
Bradford, Dee in Samersel,
Franklin, ote
Col. Bone rocelvad a plurality of the
Pennsylvanian soldier vole atl Camp
Wilitam Alexis Rone, whom the Re.
tublivans of
elected as governor is 8 native of
In the State Normal sohoad at Manse.
field pirvedd in the war as lentenant
of Co. A, 1¥ith Pennsyivanis Volus- |
teers, and after the war was Heuten-
ant colonel In the National Guard of
the siate,
BF. Wison and Hon. J. B Niles of
Wellsboro, wae admitted to the bar in |
1809, and has poncticed law In Pitta
He han
and Unilea
Btates district attorney and has served |
He studied jaw with Hon,
burg as well as Wellsboro.
been district atitorpey
“ind, 38rd sad Mth congresses,
Five and probably six congressmen
have tween gained In INinois by the |
Democrats and the next congressional |
delegation from this State by Hkely 1s
be avenly divided, 11 Democrats snd 11
Republicans, The entire Hepublican
Etate ticket Is elected by about 30.0 |
plurality. In Cook county the vote has |
been close, he Republicans carrying
the county and the wig the city
of Chicago. The IW
in the city is about 1.000and the Repub.
lean plurality about the same in the
John PF. Shrafroth, Silver Republican
and John OC, Hell, Populist, were re
turned to Congresd by good majorities,
After a canvass without 2iate fsauea.
and confined almost entirely to four |
congressional districts and a few bowal
districts, the Republicans have sgain
carried Massachusetts and lected
Roger Waolentt governor for the fourth
time, as well as the entire State tinker
by a safe majority. Governor Weis
cott's plurality over Abbruce his D mi.
ceratic spnonent. will be about 79
| or 15,000 less than his lead Jast y=ar.
MeMillan (Rep) elected for govern
or: Newlands (Silver) for Congriss
Filannigan (Rep) Senate
Btaniey, Republican candidate for
governor of Kansas, was ¢livied
The result of the election in this
| Btate was a general victory for the Ree
publican ticket. The majorities of the
candidates on the Rtate ticket will
average fully 15000. The Republican
candidates appear to have suffered
most from the general decrease in the
The Republicans Bave carried «ll the
districts in this state, according to b-
dications which may take some time to
The Democrats are credited with the
gain of one congressnan. The Repub
Heans ejected six,
Republicans lose tw congressmen in
this state. Returns from Indianapolis
show that the Democrats have carried
the city and county,
The Democratic ticket made a clean
sweep In this state. Bix Congressmen
were tlected.
The Republicans had little trouble in
electing Melville E. Bull and Adin B,
Capron as Congressmen.
Democrais have made galing in the
Evans and
i The Democratic State ticket was
ted 1 South
Wak ase fol
Pennsyivania, have |
having been born in
Tioga county in 1346. He war educated |
| place, in which T. P,
Goratie purality |
i It ont and dre 0
i it shiondd be ndaced $0 an oven to dev Then
eit § thoroughly and it wi! tH ba ns clean as
! te Democrats Conoade: Loe Stat te ty Over go000
Heturns indicate the election of 18
Bepublican (Ongressmen, the Demo
‘rats capturing six. The defeat of |
‘leonie ifm tn tha Columbus dis.
: : Ltrica was clpimed early. but later fg
The exact vote will not he known for {ures alerted Lentz According to these
same time as the tieket was unusually |
Cwitl reranin as iT was In the ast House
OChalrrnan Blacker, of the Deanoiratio |
[Rtas commifies. concoded the State to
{the Republicans by over 4088 piur- :
i alt ¥. £
prturns the Cengressinnal delegation
The Ohio rongresgtonal delegation ree |
Dpeains the sare as at present 15 to 8
teach party carrying precisely the sume |
Pdimteictuy as at the presidential sedation
tw years ano, ss follows i
Firat disteiot-W, BR shattur (Rep). |
Becond J HH Broowell (Hep)
Third John I. Brenner (Demy.
Fourth BB Gordan (Dom)
Fifth Iamivel Mo
Rixth Rath W
Seventh Waiter
Eighth Archibald
Nimhk E
Tenth 81;
Rix teenth] orenss
Navantes John
Dowell (Trem
Elected Lisutesant Governor of Pennsyl.
Ninetoenth- Aharon Pex (Heros
Twentieth PF. a Phillios {Reps
Twenty-first ~Thouwjore HH Burton
Hep a.
The Democrats claim to have cap.
Toiline was ¥ la
Stephen M. Nparkmian and Rotiers
W. Davis, Demorrata, were peturbed
to Congress
Missa Ri
The Democratic State and Congres.
sional thekets were suooraaful in Mis. |
foulabnen as Deus] went Democrat
mpd PIX LoREreskImen Wels elecisd
Hepubiloans have ehacied thelr stats,
angresebangl And egisiative thokets in
Gage war elected governor of Cali. |
fornia by the Hepunliicnansa,
All the Democrats were elected in |
A Hepabibean ticket was elected in |
Narth Iakota
North Carolina went [envergtic
Disturbances were expected but the |
C peRTOeE femained ulef
Intense exeitoment prevailed | &t
Greenwood, 8. OC last Tuesday be
c@sine of the shatieog of BHoagzx Fon.
ridge, ane of the sledtivn Judges at |
Phovglix, and a sglesquent riot be
tween the whites and Blacks a! that
Tulberts and pev-
aid to milage,
More bicyrles hove been solid in Chioags |
{In 15 than were sold in i997, :
Boad Hsing i= a Meibagrae (Aastraiiz) |
. Faburb has been prohibited owing to the ;
| many accidents al thess events, ;
The ehalnless wheels, which have oid :
. for #135 since they fist wore placed on th
{ market will be listed at $75 is 1999,
Many Anertean makes nf bioyeies ars be.
small purses oered at meats,
There are many indications that the #x.
“Ton long & reach on a bevels Is danger
ons; tog sort A east causes Sram,
Careloseness tn sdjasti
aud handle-bars will considerably adil to
i the fatigues of cyeling
| Cork bandle grips rather dirt and das
rapidly, partiouiariy when niobst from oun.
{tant with the haus.
{wood sirohol) applied to the cork Rripw
| with a bit of sloth will make them look a
| most as gaod as new,
: Aeceording to ofinially sunpiied figures :
| whish are published fa the Coslists’ Tour. |
{ing Chal Gazette the Lass
Methiviated spirits
snd South Coast Dsilwsy Co pany cone
i veyn! 43.068 bleyeliom and road carts in the |
| month of July last, and estimated the |
August Hgares as over 5 (09
i One of the methods far cloaninz 3 chain
fa to boll it in a solating comoomad of chm.
mon wasalpg sadn and water. Let Bt Loy
in this for several! minuies, and they tabs
cnnven isnt
whan it came from the faciory,
Cyelists in partienlar sh sevigld sealize the
Iunwisdom of doug suythiae ts viclentiy
chesk perspiration. The perspiration os
the skin, in evaporaling alwords enc AED
heat to prevent the kg dy from lesomin
dangerously warm. If profuse perspirat’ -
is allowed to evaporates suddenly, So fuel
warmth may be taken from the bo dy, with
than double
the result of a dangerous eh
In proportion to its size Switzeriand
has more inns than any other country
in the world, The entertainment of
tourists has become the chief industry
of the land. No less than 1.700 hostel.
ries, stationed for the most part on
mountain tops or near glaciers are on
Keepers amount to $25,000.00 a year
su It cannot be such a bad business,
A a
Germany has 14 times as many pews.
papers a8 Russia, populatien being
teal Rev erng ww of New |
Hampshire by a majority of 16005
and sections of States where little or
Ts Eogiand the brake is advocated an an
Ding fmported isto Norway, and there iv
; little competition with native mesosulas. |
turers, :
| Whesimen whe [ollow racing for a Heel. |
¢ hood in England ixment the iadifferent fn. |
| terest takes in the sport this year and the
troznely wids handlebar. so popaiar this |
| Reason in many sections, whl not strike tos
| popular faney the coming season,
an whens saddles
uo ante :
The importanes of wide tires in
preserving the highways is appreoi-
ated in viany foreign conntries, and
faws exist prescribing the width of
tires that may be usid on the pablie |
roads. The San Francisco Chroniels |
says that “Austria reqnires tires for |
wagons built for more than two |
ant one fourth tons 'o be at least four |
aud one-third inches wide. If for more |
than four and one hail tons, six and
one-half inches
four and one-half inch tire for two.
horse wagons, France requires tires
from thres to teu inches wide; for |
four-wheasied wagons tires are nsuaily |
at least six inches, with the front axle
wheels do not ‘track.’ Crermany re
quires at least four ineh tires for
‘wagons for heavy loads.’ Switzerland
requires one inch of width for each
dealt animal, asd six-ineh tires for
wagons for ‘heavy loadsa” In Canada
the Agricanltural Departnient recom-
A namber of States in this eonntry
hava passsd wide tire laws, but even
soma States whieh spwod mach money
in improving their ramle fail to seethe |
importance of prescribing the width |
of tires that will do most to maintain
aud protect them, It isanhort-sighted
policy and one that costs nioney,
Past on Oyster Sheil Hands,
The advantages of oyster-shell roads
were explained in s recentissne of the |
L. A. W. Bulletin. Mr. W. E. Voor-
hees now writes to tlie same paper to
point ont their disadvantages, which
ke states ax follows:
“These ronds becomes so excessive.
ly dusty in dry weather that they are
practically anfit to travel over. This
fauit can be overcome by the liberal
use of the street-sprinkler, bat it is
not always possible to pres the sprink-
ler into service. Just outside the aity
of Wilmington, Del, there is & canse.
way over some marshy land which is
built almost entirely of oyster shells.
I have driven over this causeway whan
the dust was fully three itches thick,
It may readily be imagined
that this was not pleasant going, sad
I would have very much preferred the
common dirt road. While I believe
that the oystershall road i» in the
main, saperior to the ordinary dirt
road, yet theva are fow prigtical road
kar who will not goncede that it is |
nferior 1n every way to a road bmlt of
pr cotitgonest grade of stone.”
Crime in Bad Roads Districts.
As an argument in favor of better
rounds, it 1s ofted that ia those Ntates
no effort is made to construct or main-
tain public highways, the law is most
openly dafed, and orime aad bloody |
fonds are of most frequent cccnrrencs.
This is attribated by some authorities |
largely to the inaccessibility of the
peopis, their ignorance, enforced idle.
ness and consequent wickedness. In
at other seasons what little transpor.
tation there is taken place by pack
Schools eonld not be attended
if thay existed, the people sre out of
touch with their kind, and hive noth.
ing better to do than to make and
drink “moonshine” whisky and narse
Permanent roads wonld
revolutingize theses commnaities, make
industry possible and profitable, caase |
their fends.
the establishment of schoos, and re.
press criminal tendencies. — New York |
Commercial Advertiser.
When Will It Come”
A pertinent gquesticn is that asked
by “E. V. 8." in the New York Even
ing Post. “Will there ever eome a |
time when, instead of boasting of the
miles of asphalt pavemeats in our,
cities, wa can describe the excellence
When, inatead
of talking of the colleges and high |
schools in the towns, we can be proud |
of the ednestion given to farmers’ sons |
and daughters in the country schools?
A time when farm life will cease to!
imply loneliness, drudgery and intel. | - :
in the eouutry that God has made will | Along § Philipeharg Conetng B R
be thoaght better than to live 1a the!
of the conatry roads?
lectnal stagnation, and when to leas
towns that mas has bash?”
Proper Road Repairiog
Road luspector Thomas Malley, of
Morris County, New Jersey, says that |
Barney 738 32m 3 A292 doe
*‘the scheme of POGUE sereanings on
a road to repair it is very expeasive
and utterly worthless, The first hard
Fail Carries away the SerésuIngs, or |
nd up ar 1d are blown AWAY 1D
they zr
the first ary spell. Experieace shows
that sat a road neads threes quartes
tach stone 13 needs nothing. With
Bohemia requires a |
Coming that wa
| of the crew.
At tinies it wonld |
© hoats wears again
cAstle to ger thet yanal
many districts the roads are so bad
that a four-borse team: can pull but a
ton daring the sammer sand fall, while
Cand possibiv a bettnr man
A A ed
Little Incident astenting the Ditfer
ence Between the Two.
A Ietter recently received from Aud |
i gust H. Runge an apprentice boy on |
i the Colorado in the sixties but sow
; assistant chief engineer of the Minne-
apociis fire department, recalls s case
in point, says the San Francisco
Chronicie. | give it here as {ilustrative
of the difference between Hear Adnairal
George Dewey and Commadare Wis, T.
Sampson in the capacity to handle
men. We were off Palermo, Silly. The
crew of the Colorado had a surfer of
irill during the day and were inclined
to be a iitthe sulky. You must besr in
Pad the reputation of
having the Dest-drilled ship in Euro
Pan waters barring neither class por
nation. This reputation was not galoed
3 | by fiying a gold-painted sign ar our
shorter than the rear, so that the |
mizzgen truck. It was dae to the ad
mirable management of Mr. Dewey ae
executive officer and to the pride the
men took under him in perfecting their
C Work by sontinuons painstaking drills
At sunset on the day in guestion the
watch below was called up for boal
: | drill, Mr Sampson had the deck
raended six-inch tires for loads of a
ton or mo~e, and that is probably the |
When the word was passed to hoist
AWAY on the falls Sampson was very
much displeased with the listlessness
"Look alive thers, yuu
men! You traf] along like a Jot of lub
beriy mourners hired to follow a Hin-
doy funeral! None of the boys knew
how Hindoos lubbers trailed at funerals;
indeed | have an idea that Mr. Sampson
waz equally ignorant, but all the same
the boys were mad and showed {1 by
slarkening up. Mr. Sampson was be-
side Bimal! with anger. Three times
were the hoats lowered to the witer
Just before ha gave the word the last
time Yo holst away he shouted: "I'll
blackiist every mother's son of you
from liberty on share 4 there is any
more of this hangdog work Hoist
L away there, now” The men wera now
on their mettle. Liberty ashore is ong
; Brand prize of the man-o War's man,
but Jacky is not going to buy it. With
; one accord the long line started on a
#lowman’s race ap the
; nolslly tramping to the time of the
| dead march in “Saul” Mr. Sampson
quarter duck,
looked ax if he was about to jump of
i the bridge and lay about him with his
| trumpet.
. Mr. Dewey came up the alterhatchway,
and being so light and of sach fine |
| particles, clouds of it would rise after
| each passing team,
| be impossible to see a teas ten yards |
: ahead
tured the Congressional districts of
fothis state ;
Fortunately at this momen:
tracted by the ususual poise, Taking
in the situation at a glance he sprang
ap the steps leading to the bridge
“IT take the deck, sir” he said Mr.
Sampson banded over the speaking
trumpet and retired to the other ond
of the bridge with a very sullen look.
“Balay that you men Mr Dewey
called out in a short, firm tone The
boys halted and looked up. Mr Dewey
looked down the line for a momant,
cocl, quiet and smilingly confident
There was at once a very perceptible
change in the moral temperature, The
Rn jowersd to the waler
“Man the falls, men!” The long lines
were grasped with a hearty grip. the
men nodding to one another approv-
ingly. “Holst away there’ Wik a
cheery stride the men walked atrary
with the fills with such good will that
the four cutters came fiving up to the
davits with a selerity that throateast
to send them Inhoard., “Belay all Pipe
down the watch lwlaw hogtswaln ”
The boys scam; pared off to the furs.
smoke while Mr ys after a tow
words in an undertone to Mr Sampunn,
went below leaving that officer 3 wiser
BPA anon
His Hahiby.
Things pot to be smiled gt In Seme-
selves may take on a Dumaorogs aspert
through the manner of their exprey-
ston. An English paper savas: An oid
cOUniry sexton, in showing visitors
round the churchyard. used 16 we on 3!
& certain tombstone and aay nis
‘ere is the tomb of Tammas Qoper an’
ia eleven wolves ™ On ane secasion a
lady sabl “Eleven” [Dwar me’ that’
rather x jor, Ian't 1 The old man
lonkad at gravely, and replisd,
“Well, mum, yer s#2, it war as ohoy
of ‘Ian
Thy She Lofe
“Yes, we lost that good gir! thie }
tald yon about "What was the tron
Ble™ “Why, she loft the waler run.
Bing in the bathtub and it legked
through and she caught sold. Rhea said
abe wouldn't stay in a Bouse where
they dlln't have water-tigh: floors,” —-
Cleveland Plat n Deal ler.
in at December i, 1997.
Eastwanp ~ Week Duva
AX AXR Npiw r=,
Haoareda iw TAT a3 aan a th.13
i evens Milla, T3851 i308 33 i 31
Wnidpeburg 0 ed 343 443
A AH FM % oa
Qfranarg #4 13.34 3 43 Hid
this size atone as & bass, a jiitle
binder and sersanings, ail well
wil make the toad as goo
Nites of the Crusade.
Smooth roadways reduce didtaneen,
How would travehing be if all roads
wire 1a the ecomilition of the one od
4 of x $i oy $
ont ol yoar Louse
The Long Island farmers carry more |
loads ta the New York !
market since the main roads oun the |;
18land were macadamized
The roads in Barbadoes are prob- |
. ably among the best ia the world, |
| being made of white coral, with sar. |
. faces as hard aud smooth sas though
the list, and the receipts of the hotel | mented,
Spreading stone on the surface or
| in a trench is mot road building, as
| some still seem to think.
A properly
rolled, shaped aad drained earth
foundation is the first requisite.
Coxyzorionse-At Philipsburg ( Uniun Stas
Hoa with a een Crag Ralicoad trains
ur and from Beldetonts, Look Haven, Wiis
iamsport, Beading, Phisdeiphia saad New
Twk; lawrenowiiie Cormag, Walkin
| Goneve snd Lrops; Clearteid, Mehallay un
Patten. Carwensviile, Da Bois, Punxsutiiws
any, DRidgwsy, DBoadford, Duffale sod
{ Bochestsr,
At O-enola for Houtzdale and Bamey with
EB trains leaviog Tyrone st 280 P.M
Gennrai Sap’
Pennsylvania Railroad Time
May 16, 198.
Main Line.
Pra Cresson Fast want.
Ran Mere Express, wool dave
Al vonn Aceoriewdation, Weel dnys
Mytn ine Express, duiiy
Atonng Aesommedation. daily
Muti Fapross, daily
Palladelphin Fiopros, daily
Tams Crowson - Woe wand,
Johnstown A an week Ai
Pacific Exprose daily : :
Way Passenger daily
Pittatineg Fxg
523 BBBEsd
Fastiin dusty
Johastosn Aces Cwewk Raya
Cambria and ¢ jearfisld,
Sept reared
Morning train Sor Patton and reannn lene
filer Camiohed] Sie Mulatey vo a om Ia
dome 8 Westover Rud: Hastings #13: Gar
Wow fie ross NN Patton 59 Bradie
damrtbs Thy Kavior (he Fhe aban: Ti
ary ing al (reneon at 210 8 me A fertionn
train Patton and Creswell lomvew eles
tanmspieell af UE poor Mahiatiey at 38 La foee
Er OW Whey se EAL Hinetines dol sarway fw
Crownnny i Potts 5 dv Bradley Janetion
© Kavior 20% aerdving ay Onsson at £350
Moraine tenin aves {gown fie Makin Toy
AL SE Khaetiatit Prd Ee Ravios 2 Rmatiop
Jumetion vice Patton ives Chmiway for Hast
Pages iA Hi aalirige for Matar: 11:38 Gan
RY (for Mahuthor [iow Wostiares ive Law
Joas ; 24 Mata to ah arriving at (len
Campted A I2RL Afternoon train or Pats
Lo 301 and fale v amaphel] trav Tevet at lg
por i Ehonwbairg 23 Baader 3 10t tony
ee a Patton & £5 (varway for Haein Te Tune
Haxtings for 03d Lei Catphwits Trg fmrway far
iy! ey Canpleil] 2a pe 2B lal owes
Mabey 5 BE ara jis at Glen {anupbei]
For rate: mage, ofc spnly to Hoke fant
or addrus Thow ¥ Watt PAL Ry
F th avenge Firvsharg Pa
4B. Huatehiinaeas, st B. Wand,
Leer: Myr, Gare, Pass. Agt
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The King of Barotew Land.
Luinaka the king of Farotse land
#iys a traveler. is held in great fear
and respect by his people. His court
has as much etiquette and ceremony as
that of Louig XIV. His hand of my
siclans make both day and sight hide
stg with thelr performances. The mae
tic is done to drive away evil spirits
Lainaka himee!! is an Imposing spec-
facie. He wears a long blue drossing.
gown, and on his bead a starlet night-
cap, and abdye it § blue ters! hat
Ropanish Island, off the coast of Cork,
8 alferad for sale It contains 135
acres. and 18 described as “an estate
in {tesit” :
Beech Creek Railroad.
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Condensed Time Table.
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TC TAKE EFFECT May 23, 1823
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