The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, November 10, 1898, Image 1

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    $1.00 PER YEAR.
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s of our business.
we have had ample f
exetcise good taste
ent in gathering
ied with the goods and
prices are wonderfully
MBER that the person or
rn g to us on January Ist,
' checks repre.
ob Mnount ll pi |
"| Sout Ernest F.
Foran Chemicals,
Ber, Canfectionery,
» imipor-|
help teing
Governor of New Yor
ably 90,000 - Democrats Si Con
Republican Elected Governor of gremmen In Grester New York.
| In Philadelphia County Alone Tt Ban as
High iB 75,000.
| The Democratic Candidate Even Carried |
Stone's Own Ward - Republicans Car-
ried Allegheny County by large Ma-
Jority, Evans Belug Elected Jhage by
an Estimated Majority of 20,000 Over
Bobb Suse of Lhe Congressman Chosen.
Puitavrirnia, Nov, 9. — Pennsyl- |
75,000 plarality in Philadelphia county
| alone.
| leaders claimed the election of the en- |
: ican ticket by s plarality of
000 10 35,000. Evans, for judge, |
30,000. Swme's pl
the of
Se a going hign
¢ estimated "that his plo: |
in Swe 44 would run between
to J150,0000, Returns received
his ahead of
Bateom 4 yote arte
| gmins in many quarters.
The flowing named congressmen
have been elected in Pennsylvania;
Firat district H H Bi
| Beconud, Robert Adams, Jr., .: Third,
William Me Aleer, Dem. : Fourth, James
Hep: Fifth, A. U. Harmer,
‘ Rep.. Sisth, vas S. Butler, Rep.
Seventh, Irving P. Wagner, Rep:
Ninth, Daniel Frmentrout, Dem ;
Tenth, Marriott Brosious, Hep: Twelfth,
Morgan B. Willisins, Hep. ; faariecnth,
| Marl un E. Ulmstead, Fifteenth,
1 Charles F. Wright, Rep.: Sixteenth,
| Horace B. Packer, Hep: Eighteeath,
oseph E Na Hip Feuer
4 p. Rep. Nay
' Bummers M. Jack, Rep:
ond, John Dalzell, egy Hb ee
Willinin MH. Graham, Rep. wenty-
| Twenty. ffth, 4. B. Showalter, :
Congressmen: at Jarge;Gatusha A.Grow,
.. snd Samael A. Davenport, Rep.
NIIDAYSBURG, Pa, Nov. § —Swal-
: ‘low was a dwindling factor in the
| gubernatorial race in Blair county, and
the m tr returns so far received
: cage
.| cate that Stoue will have at least 1,000
ters and Demlers in
and Sheet Ircn Ware,
alleys Coetioms, Tin
, Steel
Sibley Elevted to Cimgrems,
On. Crry, Nov. 9.—Earl
Lon congressional vote in
West Virginia,
Waggrive, Nov. 9 —Indications are
that Dovener, Bp First Es hs
district, ha 1 majority; Devicn,
lature in oud ai
Others Were Injured In a Mine Disaster,
i _ Near West Pittston, Pa.
. Bomastos, Pa, Nov. .—A gas ex
| plosion in the BSchooley mine, pear
S500 go 8,000 and Venango
2,000 plurality.
damp follow the overs
Valvens, his
Branke was dead when rescuers found
him, but Valvens was restored to ocon-
| fetes if were expioring previous to
coating a new breast. Coulter and ne
oalf way not survive.
a om.
With Water.
SaxTiaco bE Crea, Nov. 4.—The
To supply Santingo
0 CONGRESS, | Vo tor than thst of the Republican
vania’'s returns are slow and in some
An estimate, based on the returns of
| the counties heard from, indicate the |
election of Stone by a plurality which |
may exceed 135,000. Stone may have
Prrrssure, Nov, 9.—The Republican |
wat reckoned of 170000 19, ho county |
J be county
indicated a large vote, and Republican
ham, Rep.
Rep. son M. Levy in the other. This makes
indi- 27 Republicans and 23 Detnocrats. T
WInLY soy
auth distriot indicate that Sibley will
the district against C. W, Bwons
county |
He bas carried C. |
. Stone's ward in Warren by 5 votes.
West Pittston, seriously burned four
men—James Coulter, fireboss; John
| Metcalf, tracklayer; John MoQuillin,
miner, and James Mackin, driver. Fire
Que Anthony ke, miner, and John
The explosion was caused |
by the ignition of an unknown body of
in 8 chamber which Ooaher nad i
New Yor, Nov. 4. —Theodors Roose
| yelt, the Republican nominee, scoord-
state by a plurality over Augustus Van
Wyek of about 20,000. The total Re
| publican vote,
probably show a falling off, as eom-
pared with that for Governor Blak in
. 1896, of about 14 per cent. In the mu-
micipality of New York the old-time
| Democratic majority was spproximated,
Van Wyck's vote being abogt 80.000
| eandidate. This latter resais
‘ helped in some measure by the result
| comaty ), which, in 1596, ¢ Biack,
. Republican, a purality of 38,683,
“of about 16,580,
Brooklyn is the home of Judge Van
Wyck, but shis fact does not wholly ex-
| plain the 1 reversal of plaraii-
ties. which, it is possible, is attributable
$0 the lukewarmness of the friends of
Jacob Worth, who was deposed from
the chairmanship of the county com
; mittee &8 A Sunseusnoe of his oppost.
tion to the plans of Senator Platt in the
mayoralty contest last year.
ne returns fromm many counties up
' the state are incomplete, and in sane
| Cass are missing altogether, lhe indi
| cations, beiag computations upon the
figures at hand, point to a Republican
arality in the counties above the Har.
of abozt 100,000, to offset which
the Democrats can prodece only the
| 80, 000 plurality of Greater New York.
¢ soldier vote will not be counted
until Dec. 1, but it is not likely that the
ballots from the oamps will materially
be the greater probubilit
jority for Hoosevelt be read
The figures on congressmen &re not
| socoessibie at this hour, but there are
indications that the Democrats have
made soe gaivs in New York city dis
tricks. The majority of Congressioan
| Quigg, in the Fourteenth district, has
been reduced by William Aster Chan-
jer, but he is prolably returned, Oon-
gress:nan Solar, Democrat, whose dis
trict renomisated him upon a free sliver
pistform, is undoubtedly re-slected.
There appears 10 be a loss of foar Re
. publican congressmen in the Brooklyn
districts, the Second, Fourth, Fifth
and Sixth. soa Congresanan Guige.
who had a ta joaity of sbowt 300 si
the eloction last year, has been de
feared by William Astor Chanler. In
the Albany distoct, the Twentieth,
Glyun, Des. , has been elected to suc
ped Southwick, Rep,
. There are, wemingly, Democratic
gmins in the Eighth and Thirteenth dis
tricts, both in this city. Dupiel J
Riordan ming elected in one and Jefler.
that the ma
‘8 total Democratic gain of seven cos
Fifteen Democrats have been elected
$0 ootigress and 9 go ged
The state senate probably stand
last sesiate contained 35 Republicans, 14
: Democrats and | Independent.
Bosrox, Nov, 49. After a canvass
without state issues and oonfined
almost entirely to four congressional
' districts and a few local districts, the
Republicans have again carried Massa.
chasetts and elected Roger Wolcott
| governor for the fourth time, as well as
the entire state tick't by a wafe ma
jority. Governor Woloott's
will be about (6,006, or 15,000 less than
| his lead last year, Woloott carnied Bos
[ton Nearly all the interest in the
Peminioign was coniined to the Fifth.
| Seventh. Ninth and Tenth cougres
! sional districts, and both parties fough,
hard on nat onsl tsvoes, but the Repub.
| Beans lost Two if not thres of thelr dist
tricts. The legislature is simply Re
Es ——
Taxools, Nov, b~Chairman Slaogh-
ter of the Republican state oconumitte
said. We have slected the entire Re
publican ticket by pluralities of not les
than 5.060, and possibly to exceed 5.000,
. We will have a majority of the legis
* Iature on joint ballot, and will elect a
Republican United States senator to
sacred Senator Allen. We have
elicted Three congTYssIen and probably
four of the six.” The fusion commit
tee made no statement farther than two
insist that they had carried the state
and legislature,
rainy season is about over, and usually |
. after a month or so of hid weather |
water has to be from
| mountains and sold in the ro Gen.
| eval Wood 1s anxious to avoid a repeti-
| sion of such conditions, and has
| gaged the services of three expert en-
| ifiueers £0 Topost 4a to the best method |
| of supplying the city with water,
whether with artesian wells or other-
To Look For the Maria Teresa.
WasninaToN, Nov. 9.—The navy de- |
partment, acting on newspaper state:
ments of the + A Teresa's reported |
| stranding on Cat island, in the Watling |
groe Py has sent orders to the Vulcan, at
orfolk, and the Potomac, ; at Santiago,
| to leave ‘immediately for Uat island, and
if the vessel is found, to do everything
possible to save her. The expedition |
Si ve ander pam mand of Captain Me- |
St. Paul, Nov. 9.The Democratic |
| state committee aD the election of |
Lind for
or, bat pi give no
10,000. The Repub-
! Ladies Who Vaine
Good cooking, should examine the
| tfinderella Range; itis a good baker,
stands service well, and in style and
| ing to indications, probably carried the :
when reowived, will
Fieuting on the Sars Bust the Beeb
in the borough of Brooklyn (Kings
| this eleciion gave a Democratic plarality
‘and s Democratic gain of 31
alter the rewalt. There would seem to
nraiity :
that the Republicans would have a ma-
C ohusetts, 2
figures tadioate Big Democratic |
Licans Loess 20
Maid He Was Satiefivd the Kepublicans
Wonid Control the Hone He Was Not
Frepared to Say ‘What the Majority
Would Be bairman Kerr Said the
Republicans Fad Lost Control.
New York, Nov. 9 Returns re
ceived in The Associated Press | in
this city. from all over the try in-
dicated that %% Republicans snd 109
Democrats bave coriainiy been clecind
to seats in the national boase of repre
sentatives. The seme districts two
years sgo returned to ihe lower hots
of compress 100 Hepublicans sad 50
Basod sclely upon the estimates ia
these districts, a Hepablican joss of 20
is indi.
eatesl. Theo eutinutes concede to the
Democrats all of the oongresdonal dis
tricts in Cremter Now York except one,
the Fifteenth,
Wasmisagron, Nov, S—Chairman
Palwork of the Hepobiican ooagres.
sional commitiee made the following
stazement to The Aecciated Press:
“While 1 ao satisfied that the Re
yabiicans will ‘control the house of rep
resenintives in the Fifty maxih congress
it is ima possibie at this boar to indicat:
what our majority in the house will be.
“Thos far we bauve no definite re.
turss rroea filinois, Wisoonsin, Minne.
Ota, iowa nr Hansa io has eleotod
15 Republicans certainly and two dis
trict sewn to bein done, Prom Michi
gan the retu cate a sohid Repab
Lions as ¥ Heres ntative Haw-
ley i reclected in Texas Vincent
Boering is ciated un the Eleventh hen:
tacky district aud Samuel J. Pogh
sabily elevted in the Ninth Kentucky.
The section of ergs M. Davidson in
the Pignto entaky » in dotdd with
chaioms ve pony ia Javor of his elec
tion Advices from Marviand show
that we lave viectod fone representa
tives certainly
of thee delega.
“Nineteen mynlers
tion from New York sate and ]
more will be Hep tlicans. LF. orm
of the Fomnih New York district
Brookiyn 1s the only fnember we have
elected in Greater New York, The
election of Cochran is the Nineteenth
New York and of Mahspy in the
Thirty-second Buffalo distret—is in
doubt. From Peninsvivania we have
thus far meeived meager mteturns, bus
the iodicalicns are that we have sus
tuined bosses thers. hirkpaetrick of the
Exghth district smd Aroold of the
Twenty: eighth sein to have been de
fenterd. Unofficial advices from west
3 Ae
ern states show that we have morethan
beld our own and my oonviction is that
we shall contr the house by a safe
majority, probably sot far from the
figures which I gave cut last week. ™
The figures referred to by Mr. Bab
cock were contained in his prediction
Jority over all of abou 35.
To The Assuciated Pres Secretary
Kerr said:
**The Repatilcans Bave ost control
of ihe bouse of tatives. We
will bave from 198 to 190 members and
will organize the house of the Fifty.
sixth congress. The majority of the
opposition will bu from 15 to W over
the Republicans and perhaps more.
Our advices indicate Deinocratic gains
in some of the states as follows:
“Alatwna, &: hinds, 5 Iowa, |
Kentucky, Muryiand, 2, Massa
2; Missouri, 2; New Jerwey, 2.
New York. #; Namib Carolina, §; Penn.
eyivania, 4; Virgioia, 3. West Virginia,
1. Thisisatctal of 31. Une district
in Delaware doubtful with the
chances in favor of the Democrats.
In figuring a gwin of three in Vir
ginia ~ecretary Reor inclodes two dis
which selected Democratic con.
gresauen in iN who were snseated by
the present Boase,
Sax Fraxvis, Nov.
publican, has been elected
and also the leg
| Inature, but it is probaci ar i
: t
Democrats will congressmen |
from the Seventh and Fourth districts
St. Lous, Nov, 8 Chairman Cook
claims the election of the entire Demo
| cratic state ticket by a plurality of 35.-
000, the election of 13 and possibly 14
: +n and the retarn of a safe
| majority to the legnslatore, ensuring the
re-election of United States Senator
Will Piny a! Johnstown.
The Patton Rugby foot ball team
will piay the Johnstown team a game
at that city on Thanksgiviag day,
November 24th for $200 a side to decide
the championship of Cambria county.
This will be an interesting game and
many Pattonites are making an effort
to witness the contest.
8. —Liage, Re
- » plunlity of not less than 5,000. Re
publican state central commie clajma
| Republica Conny Ticket is
By a Majority of Abou 300 or S00. Sher .
dss ate Kleeisd,
The result of Cambria county up to
this hour shows that the entire Repuobii-
ean county ticket was elected
majorities ranging from 64 0 700, T.
.B. Jones, candidate for Register and
Recorder, receiving the smallest ma-
furiy and Stephens, for District At
¥. the largest.
om Demmocratic candidates for teem. |
a” dt fon ran
no Jays to bay Shoes at the Bon
Overcome evil with good. Overcome
| your corghs sad cols wii Onis ilie,
ote cough cure. It is so good children
ery for it. It cores croup, bronchitis,
poeumonia, grippe and all throat and
lug disease. C. W. Hodgkins, Pat-
ton Pharmacy.
gk 7878 to buy Shiu st ti Bou
“The Quotations.
bers of Assembly, W. C. Lingle and
Thos. Sheridan, were elected by ma
jorities ranging from 300 to 500.
Yothers, the independent candidate,
received only about $00 votem
Joseph E. Thropp, Republican candi- |
date for Congress in this district, was
‘elected by 3 majority of from 2,000 to
Walters carried Cambria county by
about 706 majority over Thropp.
Jenks had a majority over Stone in
Cambria of about 500.
Swallow lst considerably as com
pared with his vote for State Treasurer
two years ago.
It pays to buy Shoes at the Bom
Ton :
Besant of Pstiom Borough.
Flection day in this part of the
State was pleasant and a large vole
was polied in Patton borough. W. OC.
Lingle, for Assembly,
jority over Rogers. Following is &
detailed report of the voles cast;
For Cwernor Republican,
212: Jenks, Democrat, 181; Swillow,
Prohibition, 37; Barnes, Sodas
Labor, 18
rE: Sowden,
21. Watkins,
Ic, 18
wt LEAR,
{wvernor Artin,
0h, 1&2 N Seka, F =
P Cops, 3: Theanine, =
Afar faita,
R., #2, Delacy. D., 181; Diukson,
Pro, 19; logan, P. 2; Peters, 8 LL,
1%: Hotchinnon, Liberty, §
Judge of the Superior Court Wik
liam W. Porter, K.. 22; William D.
Porter, RB, 2i%; Trickett, D, 204
Bower, DD. 152: Vail, Pro, 15; Huston,
£ Interasi
Representative-at-lLarge in Congress
Grow, R. 222. Davenport, R, 218,
Iams, D158; Weiler, DD, 185; Garber,
Pro. 18; Sharpless, Pro: : 12: Root, 8.
L., 18%
Congress Thropp, RK, 203, Walters,
D., 192; Irvin, Pro, 17; McMahon 8
L, &
Assembly Taylor, R., 174; Bogers,
R., 34; Lingle, D., 244; Sheridan, D,
195; Replogle, Pro, 11; Border, Pro,
13; Yothers, Free Voters, 8.
JE WANT our Tailor-
Ying establishment quot-
ed from one end to the other
as the place for soundest qual-
ities, the place to obtain great-
est variety and in act, to form
the basis for comparisons, the
measure ¢f money's worth.
See our ling of suits we are
at $18 and $0 suitable for dress
business, made in any style. Have a
look at them before they are pieked
had #0 of a ma-
Prothonotary — Davis, R., 212; Shoe.
maker, D., 193; Berkebile, Pro, 14
Register and Recorder —F. B. Jones,
R. 2 Conrad D. 18, Weaver,
Pro, 14
District Attorney
Martin, D., 188
Poor House Director Thomas IL.
Jones, R., 218; Leary, D., 157; Walters
Pro, 14
County Surveyor
W. Miler, D._, 185
Coroner Ed. L. Miller,
Krise, 186.
It pays to buy
Ses: the
Stephens, BR 218;
Elder, R, 21% &
R.. 3;
Shoes at the Boa
new aad
of the Keystone
Clothing Co. slsewhere in the OWURIER
this week.
It pays to buy Shoes at the Bon
LE Wikon, who is working mesr
eroding spent Sanday
famiiy in this place.
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Panaiua Resched New Yark
New York, Nov. 9 ~The United
States transport Panama frome San
with his
wage and iavaos, abos whose ey
fears wer entertained, creating «
siderable excitement, prior 0 her -
rivid at Havana, arrived in quarantine.
There were on board about 4X perscas,
including a namber of sick men.
Ordered (hiidren Out of Factores
Easy Lav KEP Q., Nov. 9. — Deputy
State Factory Inspector Hull has or
dered 300 children of school age ous of |
local factories. Difficulty is being ex-
perienced in filling ther places while
many schools are overcrowded The
girls were employed in pottery decors |
tion generally.
g De Kind You fam
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1320-2 AND 1404 11th AVENUE,
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» figures Globe,
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