The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, October 20, 1898, Image 6

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Tie Passenger Steamer Mabegan, Boond for Now
York, Pounders on the Rocks of the Lizard
Cazes of tha Disaster a . Mystery.
The Atiartie Transport Company's
steamer Mohegan, formerly the Cleo
patra, of the Wilson and Furnms.lay
land Hine, wile hh ojeft Yondon for Naw
York last Friday with passengers
and a crew of 18. ran ashore off the
Lizard. between the Manacies,
Ninety-four per risked a= the
result of the wreck of Mohegan,
The ship carried 58 passengers and #1
erew on board whe n ghee sniied on Br
fatal voyage. (3 thise 1 passengers
and 38 of the crew vers gxvml
The cause of the ¢ reraitins the
rofoundest mystary. Nobody attempts
to explain how the Mohegan got so far
north of her true course from six Bo
seven miles. There was no fog al thee
time. while the wind on her port
quarter wag not sufficient to prevent
her answering the helm It has been
suggested that her compass was faui
ty: but daylight lasted long after Ed-
idystone Hght was passed.
The sailors say the fact that the
Tizard light was not visible should
have served to give the alarm,
The masts of the Mohegan which
Aare absve water, show that her stern
is landward, causing a theory that the
navigating officer, on discovering that
he was in the bay, suddenly torned
seaward. Two énginsers who were
wa ved declare, However, that they
never slackened speed.
Robert Barrow, a seaman, performad
the feat of swimming unaided SHTUSES
the roughest water to Coverark Poin
n distance of two and one-half ing
He climbed up the ragged cliff, where
n searching party found him early the
next morning, completely exhausted.
A. CL. Smith of Oregon, & paksenger,
surrendered toa waman in the water
wreckage that was supporting him and
fwam ashore unaided. The woman
was saved. Her name is reported as
Misi Webb, but no such name RppPears
ip the company’s list
“The crew, in & chivalrous effort to
save the women, made the mistakes of
undermanning the boats, There were
only tour sallors In one boat, which
as soon as it was lsunched
the best evidence obtainable
at at Keverine, it appears that the
Mohegan foundersd five minutes after
she struck the rocks. She was going
#2 full speed, struck twice, stopped
na then rapidly settled into the
water. Dinner was ready and Capt
Giriffiths was about to procesd ta the
saloon when n sudden crash made it
apparent that the steamer had gone
‘mehore. The captain immediately went
on deck, and the survivors say they
saw him on the bridges doing all that
“jay in the power of a brave man to
Jensen the disaster,
n Appenrs that when the Mohegan
struck, a gale was bowing and the son
was running high.
© It Is the unanimous opinion that the
strange course of the Mohegan, which
; in disaster, was Aus to the tor
pile Bander in navigation
survivors, whon asked where the cause
of the Alsaster should he sought
weer: “From the bridge”
The steamer was |
course, and it Is apparent now that she iri:
{| inant Monday severs!
was heading straight for the
‘when she struck the Manacle
‘broke her back.
1dfeboats put off from the Lizard
from Falmouth, one returning
with passengers. Beveral were
\ 5 However, Rs partes on
En passage of fife t to a
: — Another life boast saved six
"The coast at that point is extremely
dangerous and has been the scene of
mumerous wrecks. Some years ago
there was a movement set on foot to
fohea. lightship placed there, but it
The commander of the Mohegan was
Cn n Griffiths, commodore of the
_ EReLATD ams 70 PTAY.
WA ba es.
ten Nest Om Tore to Remows the British
From Puohods
| The situation arising out of the ques-
ii ) tion between Great Britain and Wrance
a8 to the right of occupying Fashoda
: » extremely grave. JEveryth ng hinges
om the nature of the report of Major
arThand, the Bil, commander at
V which f= now on its way
Khartoum to Paris, thanks to the
courtesy of the British government in
permitting one of Marchand's «Meern
use the British lines of communica- |
ian bl ovig Frenoh must, however, take piace ‘
al aon and
France is to be averted, as the Marquis |
of Salisbury has nailed his colors to
‘the mast and cannot recede from the |
he has taken up. In which he |
Jae the evacuation of Fashoda
1 war between Great Britain
has received the unanimous support of
the country...
Prices Matistion.
n » estimated that the number of
convictions for erime of every grade,
ally in the United Beater is 720.-
rhe number of committais to
is 200.000. The number of pris-
oners in all prisons, including the jails
Juvenile prisons, ia 85.000. A rougn |
of crime
is made of the cost
fhe United States hin
the expense of police and constabu ary. |
gous, trials, witnesses, etc. :
and interest on Invest-
) ox
pa, and the footing exceeds $30.00) -
annual expenditures. Sit Cila'r
elway estimated it at $60,000,030,
nst a former priest of
rr Anthony Kozlows-
Rie Independent Po-
in 3
addition to his financial losses Father
Koalownki declares that he his sus-
sd] great Injuries through the
‘damage to his reputation through the
action of the Cardinal and the Arch-
Unfortunats Result of o Bove Aue.
Annie Contard, a 16-year-old shop
| of New York took a dose of car-
¢ acid Tuesday night and died a
“hours later at Bellevue hospital. A
affair was the cause. Her mother
nearly crazed with grief at her
hter’s action and disappeared from
r home during the night. She had
“to take her life, and it is
he carried out her purpose
, the husband and father. who
saw little family wiped out in a
Ty e night, declares that he will also
: Hin himself just as soon as he satisfies
if that his wife haa furied out
f radiways 4
‘ampetent |
ars |
5 sewn be mate in Washingt
16 miles inside her |
hora of har crew.
| ted Private Charles Kenn who
the aetroes
fr oan eetate of
Ame ricans
teresting Eng
ior frast,
~The Indians who caused
Heturbanoes in Minnes ta
Eievator manufacturers are now ar-
ranging for a combination of interests
at Chivago,
Mrs, Viola Crignon. the first white
woman to enter the Klondike died
Sonttie, Sunday
The sash ant door
gsanize. The diNorent
rit bee roconotiod,
not Or
trast will
Hrentano's, Now York
agreed to accept
A Baltimore man, wha
all at gambiing., blew out
ar Lomadon ast week
As comnparad with
Paeifle earnings decreased
the week ending {tober 14
{over has not
eheckod in at infamtppl. A fr
thi fever porms is hoped for
Private BRhadwic Fioyd a negro, wir
shot and kKilisd while resiating arrest
at Lexington Ky. lest week
The dreaded mafia In held responsible
for the brutal murder of Jose Glanco,
an lialinn of Tarrytown N.Y.
The government will assist the suf.
firers from the resent foods in Geor.
gin. Army rations will be given.
The degree of LL I. was conferrad
upon Presiden: MoKinley by the Uni
versity of Chicago last Monday.
James WW. (Hendennin, a millionaire
Uiesiitare of
Bookend ]
Cente On
taat Bie
fant your Canada
Pog sy
yal for
The yelling
cont merchant. was Killed at New York |
Inst BExturday by a ranaway horse.
Howard Gould, son of the iste Jay |
{ionid, was married to Vieia Clem
mona, the actress, inst Wednesday,
The peace jubilee in Philadelphia
next will be the most notable affair fn
that city since the contennial of 1846
Charles B Cornelius, a prominent
Pittsburg attorney, was killed by =»
train near his home at Sewickley jast
Gen, Julin A. Rosa was Inaugurated |
president of Argentina a few days
ago. Alcorta remains minister of for.
eign affiirs.
Snow fell In Chicage for over an
hour Thursday. It wan the first snow
of the season and the earliest In twen-
ty-six years
1.8beria, the African Hepublie, has
delegates in this country, asking the
United States to establish & prolsctor-
Ate there,
A cash balance exceeding $300 005 |
now stands to the credit of the Omaha
numbers 2181 de
George H, Jacks and John Druggan | star
had Pesn | 1
the saris seaffold
werd hanged on
Chicags last Friday.
convicted for murder
The Claveiand city council passad
ordinances making cash fare on stron
cents and for the sals
seven feketa for IF ewnts
A test of
the Armnerfcan Krag-Jorgenssn rifle wi’
mine whiod 8 the Deller weapon.
Impring a8 public reception at Chicago
to kits President MeKinky. The pros
i Gent did not permit them to succeed.
Mr. Peck, the American commission. |
er to the Paris exposition says that the |
space granted to this country is glar- |
ingly disproportionkte to otir nesds
Mrs. Folger, wife of the commander
of the New Orivans, dled In Washing
ton hast Monday. The Orleans is now
ar her way to Philadelphia from Porto
The cities of Washington and Eaiti-
more have each been presented with a
gun taken from the Spanish ships
which were Gestroyed
The governor of the Tratech West Ine
dles has issued a proclamation that all
American yachts Having war corres
pindonts on board will be treated as
Reuben Hedley Lioyd, of Han Pran- |
einen, was elected Grand Master of the
Knights Templar of the United Btates
Louixville was selected an the next en-
campment city.
Frauds amounting to millions of dol-
lars have been discovered in the ar-
sennal at Valparaiso, Chill. Benor Na-
¥arre, the chief! accountant, bas come
mitied suicide.
A partial report by the expert who
has been exarsining the hooks of ex. |
[the deedrationa
: Lisswa An
Tax Collvetor Keough of Holyoke of
RBpringficid Mans, shows a probable
shortage of $118 a0
Mre, Augusta Nack who is serviag |
6 15 years sentences for complicity in
can not save her sight
A telephones line between Tacoma
and Ban Francteco, with beaneh Hues |
to British Columbia and Mexico, is just |
tele |
completed. making the longest
phone line in the United States,
Postmaster CW. Blmmons
fumbla., Tenn, was killed by DW
Irving the other night. Before dying.
however, the postmaster shot and killed | 0 00 0 lockjaw, at Paterson. N
(J, has besn saved by an
i made for the first time in the country
sank near py fp (haries Church Hermion's saws
The drowned are wera ghtly set amd his body curved
his assailant, and mortally wounded
Warren Irving.
The schooner Churohiil
Chicago a few days ago With six mem.
Captain Patrick Kane, Mate John
Hanson, John Malloy, Thomas Cas
sidy, A. McUgle and Mary Kans.
The steamer Aztex arrived from
Hongkong and Yokohama, via Hono
lulu, at Ban Francisco last week The
1.30 more will arrive there shortly,
The grave of the late Secretary
State, James G. Blaine at Washington,
which has heretofore been unmarked
save for a dead oak tree will have a |
from !
monument of the finest marble
Vermont within the next ten days
Trarfieid Smith,
iy killed the other day while hunting |
He had just shot a duck and stooped 0 Piatt is president,
i that
| posits
Young Smith raised just in time ta re Li
pick it up when a companion behind
him. not knowing he was thers, fired
ceive the shot in the back of the neck.
| His head was severed
A coroner's jury at St. Louis acquit
held for the murder of Russell Wed-
ney, a negro. Last week Private Kenn
came on furlough from Lexington, Ky.
and found his wife living with the
negro, whom he shot.
Five men were killed and 11 injured
by an explosion of gas in coillery No
8 at Coaldale. near Tamaqua. Pa. a
few days ago. The dead are: Fire
Biss Thomas Smith, William R. Reese,
Mattis O'Larkey, of Coaldale and Wil.
liam Cook and John Kanicka, of Lans-
ford. Konicka died after he had bes
taken out of the mine, but the others
met instant death. All were married
and leave large families
£37 008 for !
The attendances thus far
the Epanish Mauser and
3 tor deter.
warnen attempted |
i aXe pey
P Judices
L of ty people
by Admiral
Ct were
of fAngs and streamers of
downtown |
torn :
: buntin
the murder of William Guidensuppe in Bplnk
New Yark. is becoming blind. Experts Loyv by the wind
of Co |
and then the surgeon determined
5 the method which has been pariia-
steamer landed 7131 Japanese laborers By successful! in Paris
at Honolulu and her purser says that :
i serum Injected Into the brain
san (0% 3 wealthy | the currency, Thurwiay
ro Cirar Ind. w irsiant. | es os : i
farmer cf La Grarge, In Rs rsiant | cashier of the Tioga Nationa! bank of
of which Senator T 0
doors of :
Gres Poses Domonyrraties Duensd
of the Chis? Exweciive Es Fokuvawisipes
titty a Dompliment Frama Colored Orater
vis demonutration
snl McKinley
ast Harturday evén-
charg itn
of the
and probably
an the outside
Iyisye anabie
£3. Hicsce wha
bi rar Of Bo
Prosi dent Mek! :
“Wea ara proud that when
minent the affairs £ hk
in the Fasds ant
Hirsih's voles wed
ves dg wea gud
hrought (nt a
7. Iw. Hirsch said
WAT Wias im
wo Byer THe
by a gv
a. a Worehi por
Laovad oheera
chia statement of
in pefepaice ty tersitor
when he sald: Constit
colonial dependeney,
watehword of the war
the coantries deliversd
rigia o
Hew, Dy. Thomas ¥
lie elergyman,
in relation
Hodnott, & Cathe
ig the Proo- ©
apes, |
fen addre ue was kh vy Rabbi Emil;
hy A Par Po rt ae $v
| Anarchists in Alsxaadris Arrested Having is Their
ration were |
: the Trai
§ of
caught the fancy and |
applause of the andience by refoated J
references to Dower, Rampeon, Sehley
and the Rough Riders, and when be
mentioned President MoKinley by
name the paaple became so demon
strative shat the President was «©
polind ta rise In his box and bow Wi
acknowisdgsments At
of his address Ir Hodnett ar
mach enthostasm by
Bgninet the ‘growing |
ropidy and the cohesive pow
Jusy SORpeTatione
{ ¥wpie fo the ;
the be by I
iow ho ek
pe fhe retention
sar TT Washington the
Ff. WRE The RMT stwaKer
MINT rYy Ram heer
HNPoriant se any
WE accounted our army and
Wa have succsaded in every
in the #Nart to coniaer
eu in the Blotting out of racial pre
Ay pd
In this presences and oy nis AA3%-
i Rratitds of nearly
Gur Wise
Brave chief sxerufive for the gomerons
manner in which my race has
recognised during this canfiict—a ree.
ogaition that has done mura to blot out
sectional and racial lines than any
svent since the dawn of our freadom
When Mr Washington gave sxpras-
sion to these words the mast Interest.
ing feature of the svening ocourred
The audience rons and chesrsad to the
eho, while President MeKinley, stand.
ing in his hex acknowledged by re.
peated bows the coanpliment of the col.
arsed arator
Reastly weather played
sad havo
i take on hoard & box of bhombe
i ed
the conclusion |
Or. |
{miner bas
¢« § New York to London
“ten milion |
patient and |
Cade, for the couples sailed together far | .
been |
! dny
[ yeurs
land for habitual mendicancy
[ERA few
| With the Peace Jubilee arrangements |
at Uhieags Monday, A rainstorm, ace
companiad by high winds set In eariv |
ard continued sa perzistentiy that the |
chief svents were postponed unt
in the week
Ths storm was partion arly seers oa |
wn ard badly damaged
Threa pers sng wera struck bo
and seriously fntured
with which the
buildings were decorated wera
If in bardly protab
le that the archas will be replaced.
by the debris
Locxiaw come
Sens Iajested Ios os Meas Brin Seve Nis |
Aaron M. Hearmion, who was in the
like a bow by the tension of the muse
tex. Dr Church sent to the Pasteur in-
catitute in New York for ant!i-towmin
merum and injected it under the skin,
the ususl method. This wan of no aval!
Harmion's akuil
was trephanad and a quantity of the
rame gaimost leamediately, The npern-
{ ton was not made public until yaater-
day, when the recovery of the
was assured
Sesster Psit's Beak Cloned
Charles EE. Dawes comptroller
Ogwagn. NY,
to clase the
imstitution reesiving oo more ds
and transacting no mors
ness stating that he had placed Mr
COE Van Broeklin national bank =x-
aminer. in charge of the hank.
recent examination by Examiner Van
Brockiin disclosed a large defaleation
an the part of Eli W. Stone, the assist-
ant cashier of the bank.
win 4 Astused of » Parrible rims
A Dominion City, Manitoba,
patch says a cold hioode:
sast of there a few days ago A
fician man and his four children wers
found d=ad in the houses by 4 neighbor.
The wifes is missing and {2 sgspectad to
be gulity of the crime The weapon
used was an ax. The man's head was
nearly severad from the body and the
children's bodies were mors oF loss
hutchary |
took place in the Galician Abul i
ia |
Six of the arches were |
ples |
| sent south until yellow fever has Deen |
: & {rsmguered,
PBtreet car 1rafMo was hiocked for hours |
ivan city
| directed
The :
may safely testify
Parsing Traximent &
Comp Hide
Caraty Valustessy
try Cemumigsing Infurms the Empuisrds thet
Cuba's Duot Caneel be Zuddle] so the
Daited Blatsn
sored with a |
Audi- |
5 the £ 4iivan
£8 bY Frying
ryt raat an the
Es Bey World
Hrateq the on
wera! - his vey the
tARres | mation of
Ore | Segeen am to the P
front fin a wiianersd cont
A requssr for an stiournment in
35 grildiate wid Madirig
Information Bas reached the wie de
partvient gt Washington
afcar of the Saanidy army vers
Ivy mate the sfatament that had fhe
ninrids b ¥ the comming
hy Brat
of the Iinite
wy pend
the inten
(3 ’ ie of pyetok
tel ta wrand manadoliad in
¥ the regimental tent lor mleaing roll
Coys past fall
a in Ll EINE
Panvronian Bunde
f 4
LR 2
American grmy
Bow on his J
bo present | fhe
CUhlrel of |
cute 1
Si Ye ig Oe
sw of
i And the pr
Wy for Port i vy metrat ly
A ai we Tost thas Rie riy
The police investigntion showed that | ma, Arr article of fhe prstoenl pros
: Keeper had bribed | rang that “Spain will relinquish ul
A steamer mailing from | oie of soveretgnty and title
Port Haid and Syrin to Cuba we Natural the ote
Patntn | [he protocot Natura
eo 1 jeans opened thelr op
Wik | ven thar
penny regarding
the *erma of
milion from
airy that
28 TY:
Tee) Tors ed go: :
anArehis had Bu ot LALrG
joy Feu #2:
ress maids hae
1 4
ala & action and
the tira
tau} sinfe
: stewart of
Alnxandria to
HY er ia
Bras Article
the ansrchis ariginally
£5 Limes tte bomby at the
Abidin, Cairn, while Esperar
fan 2 en Bhedive wera
When the Ralser deci ;
Egypt the anarchlurg changed th bore
sand dewided 19 attack Bim ini Le
: Woks
WE iNe,
t Spaniel
A aguigmp
ation was
the ground
: leslie me Bn in
fers : t
{hey Cuba, on
ted nok to 5;
ther tha oh SRR dese
; sant of (Tuba
: ; - i
« War Isvertigeting Cemaittee Boa Not Yoo Pound
Miuaying Beidenre Apuimt the Saaratary
Ports Ring ia Ture
* § x
Paria oy 4 RH ssw?
Ep made ARANDA | war regulations ro lat
were menifed
with Gen Boaniding,
af the treasury, so
Kiosdiker Finds Bis Wilh anu a
v ised : Poin mecralary
Van Alstine the Klondike | Fai y= i Sant :
found his missing wife : here fled paxely trading helwesn
fetietives traced hor from | UNHad States and Porto Rien and ves
detoetive raced he Lm A t
Ree F ITOM | cele in the coasting trade of the
Bho was Heing | oo.
Thames Ap. Fr gate
Feline nt was
gulet Rotel on
in a
#rentiy an
i= somfined regulation te
American vessels
New ¥Yark on the sabrina inst Sarge. |
The S380 that Mra Van Alstins |
in her mysterious wanderings in
tii Intact, and Van Alstine's only los.
san are the price of four ocesn Voyages
and the $5000 reward captured by the |
detpctive i
Epy fare Tur Damages
TH ate secratary
! Bpanish embassy at
rocently forwarded a claim for
pvt darages aginst the
ROVerIment Aw CcompenRRT ian
i expulsion from Cansda on a charipe of
Grganining a spy servies in the
Brates aller the sytbreak of war,
clair was referred to Colonial Beers.
F tisry Chamberiain, who dee]
wits in said to De worth from $25 00 (a | PoTIAIN SL oh i
He came hors from Russia 30 | Precedents eximt for compensation
yours Rao sd at ones devotes Wiaelf | ing granted in such casos
fo begging as a profession It I» said i
his attempt to apusar bilnd by gaging |
vacantiy af the sun bas fnaily de. |
streyed his slight,
£ te
Brame What He Professed te 5s
Charles Brockwitz, of New York,
old, was sent to Hlaekwells in |
Hansted ty His Visti
Five sonvicts weap
stints prison at Trenton, NJ. to
stats houapital Hr the {(teanse
Among them was Gaorgy
a Mungarian murderer
ven the prison authorities a
af fronible, as he declare that
P haunted at nig by his vietim
hanyvict waz found crazed and sna
Teds seyvaral tanes. Nothing iu
sure him and finally becams
{ivntiy insane
Puchoss Lown » Fortune.
duchess of Sutherland
hoagie! from Paria
i the
! “ avi
| ral,
i Has 4
Npaniards at Havana are hoping for
More troops Will leave Ban Francisco |
Tor Manlis within a few days {
No regiments from the porth will be
He vio.
hoard a rai
Calais fost a satohel
worth $150 don
Admiral Schley has
duties at Ports Rice
to Washington
The Philippiive
against Aguinaiido
coursing them
The Red Cross Society In New York is
making arrangements 1o send a ord of
miich cows to (Cuba,
Ta repair the damages of the Brook
yn sustained (n the battle of July 1
will require 311.297.
Twenty-seven Spanish transports | Amaricss Porgor is Awniris
are pow on thelr way to Cuba to assist | A man about 35 years of aga. who
in the evacuation of the island i glves his name as Anferne Namngiette
Seerstary Alger does not fear the in. | Hexion representing himself as a tours
vestigations now being made in the | 80 aod the son of a Philadelphia secs
war department He says witnesses Urician, bas been arrested at Trappan
capital of Austrian Sliesia,
tempting to pass U8 forged
England 0 pound notes,
Pronch and English ftuently, but iW be
Heved to be one of Kk Kaa of akiiifal
international forgers instead of an
enmpletod his
and will return
refine have revolted
and Spain is en-
» n Her loss to the nolles
that the satchel
duchess loft her
train for a mornent
friends at the railway
after having dapowited §
Pin the © amp artmoent!
compartment in
to speak
station hers
Gen. Garzia is urging the closest Hank
unity between Spantirds and Cubans
or the iatand with a view towards fu-
tures independence.
Lieut. Hoblsin having successfully
fonted the Maria Teresa, is now ace
tively engaged in his attempt fo save
the Cristobal Colon,
Yolumteer mdi ors
Ala. Became
Semen np
Seesta of Helen Genlt.
A hundred and sixty soldiers
the Ohdam, which arrived at
York fram Porto Rive a fow days ag
Nere taken in charge hy
ouid's agent and camfortanly
iN ———
at amp Shipp
managed in & riot aver a
Fame of cards a few dav agy. Several
shots were fred and Sergeant Helse |
was killed in Ytamp Walworth” on East
The streets of Santisgy, Muha, are ax | teenth street The mies are
cisan as these of an ordinary Amer. | of lhe First Kentucky Pare h
tian, Wood's «forts are now | Third Wisconsin, Tweifth
ts Improving the water supply | and First United States
are he. !
American |
permission |
Vasil nteera
The Philippine
camming more and
Now they refuse to Gilow
siffosry ta land without
from Gen Aguinabis
Nine Killed in 8 , Napitha Expimion
An expiosion scoured Moniay morn.
ing on hoard the British bark Bleng.
{ I fram New York with a oargn
: we . | naphtha, in the channel near
Surgeon mrt i has de | myo coseal was destr wed and
oie urther antribuiions eT TA : . ; = as
Red a for Bastien on Cry — ; nn 2 nding the EA an,
Porto Ria He says that the govern. jand daugntars and He pitt,
raent is tol iy capable of providing for | Mr Lyons, register of the
the sick men. hing received a letter from James
The Ameri an cottector of revenuds at Jack
arected sev t ils ar Guanta- | Miss... in which he males an ap-
TRIN, Now wo Lhe 4 ra are protest. for aid in behalf of the
ing, saying that America has no right |
to astabiish a conling station on the in.
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Lord Mavor's procession
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Missionary Faduge Post. GA BR. of
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The resniuiions wore dent tn the
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Large Contracts Award
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Monde the cana at Jacksonville, Fla,
CAR IREpecYed Thelr southern tour
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investigate 1.
Emperor William of Sariivany in ne.
| gotiating for a shooting estate in Roots
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The president of Reitzeriand, MM
Bully. has received throntenling letters
A Madrid dispatch says: Don Cars
fos, the Spanish pretender, 8 going 0
London to ratse a loan.
The duchess of Mariborovgh,
mierly Miss Consuelo Vanderbilt
city, gave birth to
& son
lant weak
In 8 collistan an the Gread Central
rear anothy, England, six
and twenty-two
It is reported from Japan that the
Hritiah minister at Pekin has demand-
Cw the restoration of the Chinese ems
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Three conspirators agiinst the sme
perar of Carsa were hanged a few days
Their badies were mutilated by
the songlace
Hweden's minister of marine has de-
ded to proposes to the riksdig that a
aver 20 000 8 Kroner be voted
The best efforts of the Chillese Rove
prament are being put forth to secure
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Her grave left the trad
at Amiens and returned hers to report |
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3 $ .
with ¢ steamer Milwankew,
measures which will bring back an «ra
af prosperity to the empire,
A military plot against the French
government has just been tinearthed
at Paris. The purpose was 10 remove
some of the military officers,
The london board of trade has
hiamed the commander of the British
Capt. Williams,
recent wreek by being ran
superintendent of
printing office,
Herr Grusnenthail,
theft and the forgery of bank
notes for 408 08 marks.
The soldiers returning to London
fram the Houdon are being royally ene
tertained hy thelr admiring country-
men. They have free access to all the
theaters and other places of amuses
Prestident McKinley's recent speeches
ax in regard to increased responstbiff-
ties, ars taken by Englishmen to refer
tos the Phillppines which islands Ame
ricans intend to retain,
In anti-Semitic riots that occurred
at Kossow in Austrian Galicia on Fries
{ day night peasants plundered the Jew
Miss Helen |
inh quarter, killing ten persons and
wounding many of the others,
Seven harges, containing 306.000
pods of naphtha, have been burned at
sin. Three persons were killed during
the conflagration and severil others
Powers injured,
At a congress of mill downers in
ixlessn it was decided, owing to the
decline in exports. to petition the gove
ernment to grant bounties on four
“mimilar to those granted in the Unie
ted States, France and Germany ™
One of the leading features of the
int London
this year will be a car smblematic of
axon union, Britannia and Co.
ambia, the central figures, being sure
rounded by the British colonies
Pending: the setifement of the Fashoe
da affair. England and France aceoms-
are preparing for war should there he