The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, September 01, 1898, Image 8

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senses FE PRET iin
James Mellon, J. P.
Good and reliable com-
ice corner of Fifth and Magee Aves.
Patton, Pa.
‘Beech Creek Railroad.
N.Y.C&H R RB Co Lesser.
Condensed Time Table
Exp Mat
oe. Ni =»
"3 » ”
iv PH 4 # wo
K errno § He Hos
(Runes i 5
Kerrier i hat
New Mite o3 h
rents E32 OE
Me bed in
i Teme fion 3
Ww ella ni
or air
io Mines
Moreiadute 3
Say 15 Hs
2 8§ 3 EEE
W inharne
kif iin iaw
; Snow Stew
Bogen reel
Min Hall
{awk Haven
Youngedule (Wa
Jersey mbogen Jot tiery WM 4
Joirsey Murry i 10 ¥ 45
WI rape? wr Wee WM
: ; pom
Phi wn & Frog s¥is g B # Pr 4b Jo
of | TR WLS Phen pga op ty HA >
Bawa Lo io Fi Hmdmiphis af SB
MAY iv NY vis Tatow i ar bp
i NY ovis PY seh gp hE
fin sm
PA pm Sa ties
speip ab PW yp my
Hux ag
A ok
= 3
FW pian ¥
JE »
ee Fong
i sa prpert With Phi
wed {uti nerd) Fiend. at Jerwey 5
wists tig
wR tient eal Hatt roud of 7 ginwy Iynasia;
Pratipen with Permeyiv niin rasinand and
AiR Prati mare Connecting eilpeed a
Phairticid with The Ratio, Ta Frater snd
Piiptearg roiway, Matec and Patton
with Cambria and (Conrfied division of the
Pramayvanis rafirmd. at. Motus fey with the |
Peritiaxi wir wd Road FRI wa ly,
AH Palmer F. Herriman,
| mapariatenden! tier Pass. Agent,
Philadedphiin, Pa
Pennsylvania Railroad Time
May 16, 1995.
Manin Line.
fem ve Urvowent - Fastwarnd,
Seg Riwre Fxprese, work dus
Main 1 Avevsrntiu ion, week furs
in Fino Fupress, dally i
LR go Acecanmosin tion, dally
et x press, duity
Phifadeiphis ® X prem, dail
LAsav sre ances W estwnrd.
Bohiistcen Aveom ek days.
Praitie Express, dally Fens
Way Passenger, daily
rg IS pron. ;
tine Aton. werk Aus.
© cambria and learfield.
Morning train for Patton and Cresson jem ves |
i 48x Mutafloy ca a mm la
§ Sl; emt er Sents A slings &13 Gar |
as {fer Crosson: 8 Patton 6; Bradicy |
ma igh Kayior for Fhensburg: Tab
1 Crowson at R00 mo Afternoon |
temin fir tion snd Crosson braves Glen |
be 31 ol dl pot Maha foe nt 28 Tadine
i. - vir Bihl; Mastings Lio Cavrwany for
Ame : at 300 Reedley Janethon
A Ravine £18, arriving a Crowson at 435,
Morning rain Waves Cresson for Mahaffey |
a aE, 2 AL way Kayior dg: toed ley
Juisetion 100in Putten 1647: Guarway (for Het |
Bagh Lon Hastings (hae Sabatier 12% Gur
i CEE err Mobley 110% Westover iid 1a
: vo Mahaited sritving at Glen
shh omy As AS ares WATE Shin for Pats
3 wo an Cider Campi] be ves Cresson at S380
a Geie Wiwnaiei rg Stel. Beadiey Junethon |
} Prion BEE areas {for _ Hastings) TH,
3 far Glens Chenpdedl | T1 § Gnrway dor
Lass Awd Tk Westiaar Tite Lado
by dh arr ving oat tien Camnpbeil |
Ep 1.
: ~ oF Po Lows pops, e, spply 10 Hekiet agent
Cee mddries Thom. 8 Walt. I A . Tr, S60
i Fm avenns, Pitttdmrg, Pe.
J B Hutehiomon, J. RB, Wound,
0. Myr. Gen. Pass. Ag.
Pobre. & Eastern Time
Sd rh Shag mA ng od SSE Eg
BE RED 55 00 03 BQ BE BD wer ea de is
la RB
5656 0606 90 05 10 05 0S 43 83 12 08
: a4 Cuil further trains will ran
or ar as os —
ns ¥ £X nn
=r. . Hicks, Genel! Managor,
" Mahaffey, Pa.
Bamalo, Rochester andl Pittsburg Ry.
nad afer July 3, 1808, trains will leave
ech Creek Pepot Clearfield, as follows: :
#2 5 mm. Revnoldsville Accommodation, for
nrvsvilin DuBois, Falls Creek and Reyn- |
sddsville. Connecting at DuBois for Ridge
way, Johnsonbarg, dford and Rochester, |
ME a.m. Buffalo Express, for Curwensville, |
ImBois and Falls Creek. Conneeting at
Bois, fu r Ridgway, Johnsonburg, Bmd-
ord and Buffalo,
adtp. m. DuBois and Punxsutawney Fx.
“press. For DuBois, Falls Creek and Pony.
| Amtawney.
Tinios ardve, 5:59 a. om. and 514 and & |
mm. i
for tickets, time tables and full information, |
onli on or address,
5. B. Hyslip EC Lapey,
: it, Gen® 1 nger A;
Clear id, Pu. Rochester, N. YY.
BAe Be fash ih a ss
Ripans Tabules cure dirzines
Ripans Tabules.
Ripans Tahules cure nausea.
Yranepisoting Woscies
The wonders of surgery will, it swma,
never clase. Among the most irsportant
achievements is the transplanting of |
muscles. This has teen sacosfnlly
dons in the case of a patient who bad
for half a lifetime been unable tor oes
one leg on account of paralysis ocenr.
| ring in early childhood The operation
is thos described: “A six ined Jomgi-
tudinal incizsiom is made on the inner
side of the thigh, with the maiile op
posite the top of the patella. The srt
pins is dissected out cut off sf its in
sertion, brosght forward and attached
to the muscnlar fascia just shove and »
* little to the inner wide of the patelin
“The attachment mest be made firmly
tr splitting the fascis and drawing the
mawele throoeh, so that it heooress ad
herent to both inner and onter surfaces
Kangaroo tendon is used for sutures,
being the test material The wound is
then clow<d. and the whole thigh is
tandaged, and finally a plaster of paris
bardage, or a omg splint, is spplied
so The patient is kept recumbent for two
| wooks at least, gentle motion is come
mencad at the end of three weeks, and
the plaster is entirely omitted at the
exil of from five to rix weeks This op
eration has been performed several times
with great success, the only faliores oo
curring where the muscles were impor.
fectly attached This state of things
was entirely remedied, however, in the
Inter operations." Ve New York Foviger
Croateenais night easily sustain ten
times its present population. The soil is
rich and exsily cultivated, and, onlike
the other Central American republics,
there is plenty of latwr. Some parts of
the country are quite thickly populated,
bat the others ars covered with dense
forests and a variety «f timber, which
might be easily made marketable if
pcanid of transportation were provided
But, although Guatemala is munch
farther advanced than the rest of Cen
tral America, her railway system does
pod exceed 250 miles, there is no inter
nal navigation, and the wagon roads sre
in a deplorable oomdition. The mineral
wealth of the comntry is supposdd to be
large, but it is only slightly developed
The mines are inaccessible, and. 10 the
absence of modern machinery, which at
present cannot be oonveyed to them,
cannot be worked with profit
The government «ffors gencrous in
ducements to immigrants. The land
laws are literal, sand offarts have ews
made from time to time to secure the
' establishment of colonies and the pre
emuption of public lands by private set
2» tiers. But all the accessible ares is at
present cocupied, and no foreiguer can
expect to prosper in Guatemala anless he
. has abundant capital which will enable
him to purchase st high prices plants
. ticms already developed, —Foram.
His Own Composition.
A recent article in Le Figaro of Paris
fs devoted to the American colomy in
: that city. It says that the onlouy has
always played the important and bril.
Hant role in society chiefly because
most of the Americans were *‘ Ameri
eaines ‘It is certain,” continnes Le
Figaro, “that out of tem ' Amiericaines'
residing co Paris thers is but one Amer
jenn. Affairs—'business.' as they say
ver there-aiworts the sterner sex in
the United States In that country the
men have peather the inclination nor
the opportonity for anneh leisure, and
only pay us very short visits
“While their wives install themwlves
here the ‘good’ hastand only makes fiy-
ing visits and is very seldion referred
to in the elegant salons of the wives’
The writer continoesx: "1 was at an
official ball pot long ago, where one of
them was the bare of a curious ‘his
toire.’ He wore on the lapel of hizo
a brilliant star, which struck me as
and somewhat carious in form.
Although very artistic, the order was
unknown to me Some indiscreet per.
son interrogated the Yankee as to what
order it was. The Yankee replied ins
] phblegmatic tone, ‘It is my own compo
The Bonapartes always were super
| stitious, especially the mother of Napo-
‘Jeon. She always had a presentiment
that the rise and fall of her family
would occur in the same century, that
the glory which was prophesied for
them would be followed by disaster.
And the prediction was verified. She
died in ber eighty seventh year, having
lived long enough to see the downfall
of all her children
Napoleon 1 always feared Dec. 2 as
an unlucky day, and it is related of him
that before every important battle he
wonld throw dice to ascertain if be
were to lose or win. The "red men™
whom be always saw going to battle
with him was a delusion that caused
him much suffering. — Toronto Saturday
sos RE SS RA
Not Worried About That.
Her Father— Well, if you are deter-
mined to marry my daughter, I shall
offer no ohjretions, but before you take
this irrevocable step I think it is culy
‘right to let you know that I have de
‘cided to leave all my money to educa:
tional and charitable institutions
Glib Suitor—Ob, that's all right
I've got proof that you bet on a bicycle
road race onoe. It'll be easy enough to
show that you're of unsound mind —
Chicago News
EE rat aa A
An Indication,
“He, *’ said the fond but firm father,
i “ia I fear, a young man of extravagant
| tastes.’
“Yes, '' the daughter admitted, “he
wants me for a wife. lg-Cincinnati En-
| quirer.
The largest coffee plantation in Era
ail and perhaps in the world is the Du.
| mont plantation, established by a
' Frenchman ifn the state of Minas Ge-
raes. The number of coffee plants in
| 1896 was 4 718,000,
The first sermon in Maine was deliv:
ered at Monhegan Aug. 9, 1607.
Say Dnpadines.
Pifty years ago the allowance of
paint in the British navy was very
srall apd sometimes the officers had
to pay large sums in order that their
ships might maintain a decent appear
ance. Ome of them resorted to» humor.
ems exswediont either to wren the haart
of the navy ward, or if thet perved im.
ible to exqrem his seinem
iH intud sep side
ef bis odd yellow frigate bisek and
white and awed the rest of the Back
paint in printing on the other side mn
largs lorters “No ti ing
The navy ward wrts 15 call bis at
tention tr the impropriety of his oom
dat a5 wiped] them lives ss they 43d
(fficially, © Your ae tionate friends
To this Bir Jods replicd that be emid
ped chliterate the objectionable letters
pnless he wes given thors print and
signed hime! in tern, “Yoor affec
tiomate fricwd, Jobin Phillimors.
The nary ward then called iis atten
tiom to the impropriety of the signature,
to; which Sir John replied, ackoowledg
ing the letter stating that he regretted
that the paint had not been sent and
ending: ‘1 sm no longer your s@ection
ate friend. John Phillimore ”'
His frigate was allowed to retain ber
original yellow, and perhaps the navy
board did right thes to punish Bir Joba's
HSpert ines. —¥ ruth 8 * Cosipauon
BeoeBeinl Ffects of Coffer.
A woman writer who gave op rtten
recently found that she was onabie ©
pogtinne her writing with any suocass
anti] she had reverted again to the sim
slating beverage Withont it her mind
was logy and heavy The Madi of Times
quites sn gulaorly on oe
presi BE of Fig mk om me
tain states of coveat God]
“Tea and (0 %in wa
alike in nuany repent
greatly jredicabic as 0
power It woaid boron grrost EEE
th ORT Working classes and 3 rest bed
forward the further develiqanent of so
ean setwiery if coffee wer 0 5a
grextly inoromsad nee and if the ability
to make it well comld de acy yuired
an exsmnple of the difference of efery of
tea and flee tpn a perves the
writer potes what be believes many
sportsmen will confirm—that it is far
Setter to drink ooffes than ta when
shooting Tea if strong or in any quat.
tity, rapecially if the wmdividusl be not
in very robust health, will indoce & sort
of nervonsmess which is very prejulicial
to steady shooting Under its infloenoe
ome is apt to shot bo guickly, whereas
coffees steadies the band and gives quiet
Thought Him One of the Queer Ones
Mr Quiller Conch tells this story in
the Pall Mall Magazine: "Hicks pov
erncr of the Cornwall Comnty Lunatic
saylum, had a great many friemds——ex
tramural friends, | mean—and among
them an scoomplished landscsge paint
er. This artist, captivated by the tbesury
of the little seaport town of Fast Lowe
took lodgings thers, chose his ‘subject’
and started to make some drawings of it
om the rocks at low tide
“A few days later Hicks drove over
to see him, and arrived at West Looe to
be taken across the harbor in a oar Te
his surprise. he found s bostosan wai
ing for him Still mars to his surpn
the Yemtman hailed him thas
“Aw, Mr Hicks I've a twen look
ing cmt for ‘ee the last day or two
knowed you'd oomna He's over
pow He's bien hollering and sero
ing. He mits at low water down amo
the weed, a-painting at a bit of homed,
and he calls out, ‘Come ints the gay
den, Mand © A pretty garden be’
got there! “I'tn here by the gas
alone "Not a gate within s mile of
¥ Bs
‘un! Yom can take un: he's squint
Presemes of Mind.
Although 11 is not given to overybody
to know exactly what to do st the right
mosnent, ome woman st least can lay
claim to a presence of mind which may,
without undone exaggeration. he conmd-
ared phenomenal
This worsan's little boy was ailing
from some trivial childish oppiaing,
and the doctor ordered him some medi
cine. He bad just taken his daily dose
when his mother said, with some ex-
citemnent :
“1 quite forgot to shake that bottle
afore gain ye't, Johnnie Copse here ™
Johunie obeyed, and, much to his as
tonishment and disgust, was subjected
to a vigorous shaking from the strong
arms of the parent, at the conclusion of
which he was laid down with the re
“There, my laddie that'll dae It
should be gey weel mixed up noo, I'm
thinkin, but don’t let me forget again.
Johnnie promised. — Pearson's Week:
Information From s Boatswain's Mate.
An American vessel Iving at Naples
was visited by the king and his suit
One of the Istter, with cooked hat,
wustache, sword, etc, was explining
the ship and mistook the main hatch
wind sail for s mast and leaned spans
it. The officer of the deck was promptly
advised of the accident by the boat
Fwain's mate, who said
“Excuse me, sir, but 1 think ove of
them ‘ere kings has fell down the main
hatch, sir *'~ “Oma Man-of War ©
The longest plants in the world ars
sesweed. One tropical and subtrogacal
variety is known which, when it
reaches its full development, 18 at least
600 feet in length, Soawesds Jo nit re
ceive any nourishment from the sedi-
ment at the bottom or borders of the
sea, but only from air and miteral mat
ters held in solution 11 the sey water
The most offensive thing you can say
to a Tuscan is that he is ignorente, or
ill bred. You may call him a foul, ar a
thief, or a liar, and he will only grin
at you, but every peasant considers hime
self a gentleman and desires 1o run a
knife into any one who questions his |
A Young Gris Experieonsre
My § Quugsten § nerves were terribly
£ order Showa thin 25d weak:
thw Jomst pones startled her, and she
was wakefn af night Before she had
taken one package of Celery King the
thangs in ber wes wy grest that she
ceustd hardly be taken for the same
girl. She is rapidly growing well and
strong her complexion is perfect awd
he seeps well svery night. Mrs. Lucy
MeNgit, Brash Valley, Pa
Ki sg for tha npr ig STOTT PL 3 5
Kidneys iw sobd in 25 sod Se peckages
by Patton Pharmacy, OW. Hodgins
Patronizse your hon
ty your bresd Treen
site the Palmer Hoan
Pambeer Thay Firwde
A big picnic and dance will be held
in Khort’s grove on Labor Day, Mon.
day, Regtembwr Th, for the benefit of
of St. Mary's Catholic cham of Pat
ton. Everybody is invited and. a god
time is sssured to all who attend The
best of mosie will be procureed for the
dance snd everything in fretcises
Go to the Patton Feed and Bock whest
Mills for your rye Sour, corn meal
ele rt
An Fraporinnt Cbnesibon
If your friends or neighbors are sof
fering from comighs, colds, sore threat
or any throat or lung trouble incjud.
ing consumption | ask them
have ever med (Mo's Core
fagnoge Gwrmsn reesdy
large sabe bors nov in performing
woncderfal cares of throat
disennem. No matter what other med
cines have failed to do, try Ontos
Large stwes Eve gd Mv. Sold ta
ton Pharmacy, UW. Hod
{mad Carowiery
for everyibing in the groom
To Kibwret urs
HervaBer 28 ply
dispiny advertisement
Civ BIER. or who gis ta of
“acl now panning, mast YE)
copy in pot later than Tuesday al
o'edock pom of ench week. 17 handee
in inter thas that time it will have fo
be held over "till the next week All
well regulated newerapers puadt have
8 specified Lime in which $6 reowive
such business; if not. ithe pajer =
jisbde to be issoexd several tours bee
thind time amd ben the sndweribers
would have good resscm to oom pissin
Try to get copy in early
Parrox Pre (on
Hipans Taulex plonsant laxative
Ripans Tabules care indigestion
Ripars Tabules cure Seadache
Ripans Tabnies one gives r=iisf
At . re (Good's store?
VC VOU been tO s¢€¢ the fine line of
Dry Goods
WwW e have them.
Moderate Prices
Are what most people
If you want OOD
ind get it.
this store. Onalities
pi ces are never high.
s close to cost 4s we can.
Geo S. Good, ax
mee Patton, Pa.
me — 1 A BS
To Make Room for Fall Goods.
» i
Rocking Chairs
(Carnages at an
exceptional low Hgure—j4.735,
and $1 30.
Few Kitchen Tables 1.
Window Shades.
C3 ii ns mips
i digoners,
. :
Lerman pate, |
* ao
Sidel hoards 21
PKI A ard. former pre
tached. 2.00,
: Stripe Carpet at
coc per vd.
(ne Roll Wao
ver vi,
4 1
or yard, io SrTIer
Come and See for Yourself, at