The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, August 18, 1898, Image 5

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3 J. Johnston, of Madore, spent
Courier. | Satarday in town.
rarrox PUBLISHING co. Proprietors. | J. L. Gill and daughter, of Fiynton,
E. WiLL GREENE, Faftor. were in town Toesday.
: Frank Yingling and wife are visiting
: friends at Altoona this week.
Hop 3 er high, . Riu ay. win | Pure rye or corn chop at the Patton
day school at 10 4. : | Peed and Buckwheat Mills 26tf
Camoric. Father Eatin pastes. Fmd The Cash Grocery is headquarters
sehool at 2 p. nad vespers at? p.m. for everything in the grocery lines.
: on a AR Rev. ian ut Tm a. Premed | Mrs. Geo. 8. Good. of Lock Haven,
oh 'S wy gr Teh #3 Sanday. m, and is visiting friends in Patton'this week.
Mernopist Erisoras, Bev EB fl. Witman, Ed. Moore and wife visited friends at
Ee a Be A gn: Flemington during the past three
en m. A hy necting every Wednes | weeks,
ay PE. Hall and Henry May, of Johns-
town, made a business trip to our
| town Friday.
Call at Gaglairdi's store for youor
| mice fruit and green groceries. Always
fresh and clean.
Miss Blanche Nixon, of Houtedale, is
the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Abbots
"on Palmer avenue,
8. 0. Daggett, of the Palmer house,
‘returned from a business trip to
Tioga, Pa, Monday.
. Patronize your home bakery and
buy your bread from Dans, oppo
site the Palmer house.
In order to reduce stock you will
find some great bargains at Mrs. Anna
* Dartt’s millinery store.
| Attend the festival for the benefit of
‘the Swedish Mission congregation in
their church Saturday night.
ch vol Mrs. D. W. Wilson, of Altoona, is
- the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Parnell
Ene won't take yon ve pe
ones got ty Keep a on Palmer avenue this week.
Ome ot 0 keep on tarking. ar Miss Jennie and Ella Evans returned
One duck er make You Sexy ian home Satarday from a two weeks’ visit
b <
Ome little aa” ose, A fo 1 all among relatives at Karthaos, Pa
You'sa get 4) Keep ‘em pi xehange. Miss Carry Young and Miss Minnie
Little, of Martinsburg, W. Va, are
visiting friends in town this week.
Mr. and Mra. Elmer E. Smale and
‘son and daughter are spending a few
Ww. ‘days among friends at Lock Haven.
J. Bookwalter came over from Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Abbott, who have |
Altoona Tuesday. ; been visiting friends at Houtsdale dur.
Even the children insist on going to jing the past: week, returned home
the Cash Grocery.
Philip Evans came down from the JC Stine, representing Stine & Son,
county seat Sunday. ‘manufacturers of mine cars at Osceola,
All kinds of fancy cakes made 10 was a pleasant caller at this office
order at Dans’ bakery. 27tf Tuesday.
W. Tate, Jr, and wife, of Ebens- pervisor W. H. Me of the
burg, spent Monday in lon. : P. R. R. who has been visiting his {wo
V. W. Delaney, of Pittsburg. visited ganghters at Colors, Md, returned |
friends in Patton over Sunday. home Monday.
Joseph Fister, of Coalport, trans. yj frinericiter, of Clearfield,
acted business in Patton Tuesd “ _Y. A. J. Masser and R. A. Shillingsford, |
Miss Besse Wolfe, of Philipsborg, of Peale, Pa, wore visitors to Patlon
visited friends in Patton the first of the Toesday night.
Week. Attend the picnic and dance in
; . . + HUN :
A tow belonging to Joba Sommich go, grove on Labor Day, Septem.’
Friday. by the cars below tOWD ,.. seh, for the benefit of the Catholic |
ha r a es church of Patton
: s pov i Philip Ross, representing the circu
[mba of Been, Ma , spent Sunday lation department of Collier's Weekly, |
Mm 8. W. Worrell and daaghter, |
Romaine, are visiting relatives at
Sn Worrell and J. W. Lupfer |
A For fine cakes and pies go to Dsus’
Labor Day picnic and dance in|
Short’s grove.
this office Tuenday.
Mrs. Sarah Blair, who has been visit- |
{ing her two sons, Councilman J. D.
and B. IL. Blair, retorned (0 her home |
made 8 business tip to Williamsport | o “ y. i
_ Fred Datesman and D. B. Kafe, of Mm Benjamin Waltz and daughters, |
: transacted business in Claire snd Marie, of Hastings, are
| visiting at the home of Ed. Mains and |
. family. South Fork Record.
te Sen Patton Coal company and
a few weeks.
of New York, t eal ti
ow was a» pleasan lor a year
Farly Vriday moreing burglars]
effected an entrance through the rear
door of the DuBois postoffice and
robbed the money drawer of #9,
‘stamps were taken.
H H. Myers, Faq, (G. H. Roberts,
Miss Lemmon and Miss Roberts of
Ebensburg, Miss Allen, of Williams.
port and Miss Huquenelle, of Phila.
delphia, made our town =a pleasant
visit Tnesday.
5. 1. Liberman, the optician, can be 1 NE Representative of P. F. Collier, of New York, will
seen at room No. 2, Palmer house, be at the
Inui wot Suraetwy
their eyes will do well to call on him
before leaving.
of this Week, and will exhibit tre
Quite a number of Patton people
were in town Sunday afternoon and
evening. Among them were Messrs,
Haley, Wolfe, Thomas, Hunter, Lynch,
Mellon, Wilson and Yeager. - Hastings
Cor. to Johnstown Democrat,
Mm H E. Barton and two sons,
Russell and Paul, retarned Monday
from an extended visit among relatives
at Benezette. They were accompanied
by Miss Besse and LaRue Winslow, of
Benezette, who will visit in Patton for
W. M. Shunkwiler, who is an em-
ploye at the shops of Magee & Lingie's
colliery, expects to move his family
from Moshannon to this place next
week. He will occupy the house rec
ently vacated by Benj Beaver on West |
Palmer avenue.
The weather reports show that th
month of July has been the hottest for
the last ten years. The month was a
remarkable for the extended hot pe
iods. As a rule, such spells do oot Is
aver four days, but July proved
exception in this respect.
The battleship Oregon uses 75 tons of
bituminous coal in 24 hours at the ordi-
nary cruising rate of 11 knots an
hour. The New York is said to use 100
tons in the same time and steam 13
knots an hour. When the vessels are
on station, of course, very rouch less
coal is used.
William Guyer, of Fbensbarg, was
struck by a train and instantly killed
‘at South Fork Friday afternoon shortly
“after 4 o'clock. Guyer, who had been
‘working on the sewer contract at
Saath Fork, had stepped on the tracks
just as a freight train passed and was
struck by the fast mail train going in
| an opposite direction.
Persons passing Jeannette, Pa, on
the Pennavivania raliroad, have won.
dered at the large number of heer kegs
standing at the station. A partial ex-
planation comes from a statistician of
‘the glass metropolis, who hae figured
ont that the citizens of Jeannette con-
sume $300,000 worth of beer cach year,
or 10,800 barrels, making an average
expenditure of $32.40 for each man,
woman and child in the town per
“Jack' Lowes says he is quite well
| acquainted with the American eagle
‘now, a little more than he had wished
to be, judging from a very sore finger
{he has been nursing for the past few
days. Mr. Lowes was alias
through the woods a few
gathering herbs when a plays bd
eagle attempted to use his ( “Jack's;
Covers Nearly 5,500 Pages.
at o and
A few days ago a boy by the name of bald head for a perch. Immediately a
Pp n Donnelly, of Nicktown, this county, rough and tumble fight ensued, the
Mie Mand Liteinger, of Chest killed a bird which he thought was a American eagle coming out cn ep aa
vo & Lingle both paid their em-
es Tueeday
Visited friends in in Patton the wild pigeon, but which turned out to usual. “Jack” declares that it was a
{be 8 carrier pigeon. On the bird's leg | aarrow escape and stated that had it
in was fastened an Aluminum bracelet not have been for some small saplings
| bearing the following letters and fig- standing near by of which he had to
“D.R8. 8. '98. A132" [tie not cling to, he belleved be would have
(known who was the owner of the been carried off and dropped into
| pigeon. . oblivion.
They offer this great work for the nominal sum of
oh of Johnstown, were visitors
fore, on Lang avenue this week. | See these Gold-saving Nuggets
Ex-Associate Judge John Hauken- - =
ber ig McGarvey, Pa, accompanied Table oil cloth, full width,
bis wife, were visitors to Patton 1 dies’ pearl shirt waist sets, worth 25c at 10c¢
Good tooth brush, 3 rows of bristles, 3c
Children’s Tam O'Shanters, were 25¢, now
Nickle alarm clocks, 55¢
Waterbury watch, warranted, ggc
Men's overalls, our price 25¢
Ladies’ belts, were 10c, now at sc
| Men's socks, double heels, for 3c
Ladies’ black hose at 4¢
Ladies’ black hose, better, at
Men's dark color work shirt,
Men's linen collars, 6¢
Men's heavy suspenders, wire buckle, gc
Ladies corset, “Leader” for 1gc
Ladies’ night gown, well made, 42¢
Full size washboard 1cc
'Child’s sets, knife, fork and s
We make prices that will win your trade and court your
. John Bamford informe ae that | Confidence. Your satisfaction after buying is part of our
oo the negro who is in jail charged with | | profit AT THE
several farm houses in Cambria ;
| BAZAAR, Geo. 0. Brady, Prop.
Weighing nearly 40 lbs.
$1.00 On Delivery and
$1.00 Per Month.
It is the Most Extensive Work of the Kind Ever
tional” Dictionary, heretofore generally regarded as the best,
and covers less than 2.200 pages. Worcester's latest edition, with 116,000 wort
2.126 and the Standard, which taccording to the New York “Nation”) gives about
186.000 words, contains but 2,318 pages; while the UNIVERSAL DICTIONARY, with its
four great volumes and 5,359 pages, defines more than 250. words, with 50.000
Important Subjects Encyclopedically Treated.
as only
+ 4s
A, 134
Published. Webster's
about 140,
SH XII, 10
) : EMR)
: in Patton Tuesday.
Allegheny townships, confessed to |
him on Monday. —Cambria Tribune,