The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, August 18, 1898, Image 1

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SE ps © Hpi
$1.00 PER YEAK.
VOL. V Vv. —NoO. 37
1 bought before the war
tax was put on tobacco a large,
__quanity and propose to give
. my customers the benefit.
Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals,
Stationery, Confectionery,
: 5 Kix How. Co's,
‘What You Need.
! Number of taxables, 22.381
; elearedt land, 141,490. Acres of timber Patton were in x bad condition. Bar
land, 261,500.
$25,845,245. Valve of real estate ex.
suddenly ¢
{in that place last Wednesday night and |
all trace of ber has been lost. About
neighbor's with two satchels packed
| campment of the G. A. R, to be held
of the Borough of Patton Takes From ‘he
i Connty Table
The following statistics are taken
from the returns of the assessor of
{ Patton Borough and which appear in
the Cambria county report of all town-
the “Couner”
Report ¥3
Valne of all real estate, $269 835,
Value of resi estate exempt from Fwfective Bowrd Walks are Ordered Re.
taxation, $18.00G. : paired. Valice Investigation.
Number of all horse, mares, geld. Patton. Pa. Aug
ings and mules over the age of four Boroug + Coun 43 met
| years, 48; value of sume, $1,005, IWerd iD PegLAr soAmon
|” Number of meat cattle over the age ¥ith the fullowing members prement as
fof four years, 45; valae of same, $875. PFT rofl ru! Hubbard Sebwid Jones
Valoe of milaries and emoluments of Blair, Mel ormick and Anderson. In
offices, office posts of profit, profes the absence of President Monteith W.
sions, trades and occupations, $80,690. C. Hubbard filled the chair.
Amount of money at interest, in. The minutes of regular mweting held
elading mortgages, judgments, bonds, Monday evening, August Ist, were
i notes, stocks, ete. $4,583 ‘read and approved
Aggregate amount of county tax
| asmenned for the last year for county by Jones, it was nnanimously osrried
purposes only, $1,256.82 | that the bill of $40 for water rent at the
Value of stages, omnibuses, hacks, C1y works for one year be returned
‘cabs, ete. $585. to the Patton Water company.
Inthe county the report is as follows: The Street Committee reported that
Acres of the board walks of the Borough of
15 F'atte
QUvETdl 0
Tit 4
® Eh werent o
Value of all real estate, Ere Prindible instrocted Street Com.
missioner Jones to proceed at once to
empt from taxation, $1,430,230. Nom. repair all board walks in the Borough
age, 6,858; value of same $163,730. a teded in front of properties of per-
Namber of mest cattle over four years %0ns who were duly notified to erect
of age, 6,940; value of same, $105,025 the same
Amount of money at interest, includ. On motion of Jones and seconded by
ing mortgages, etc., $1,893,143. Aggre- ' Blair, it was unanimously carrried that
| gate amount of county tax assessed for 8 commities be appointed to investi-
the last year for county purposes only, ffaie the Teport | of the Fire and Polies
ote, $10,545. Police,
Spangler Girt Sising. On motion of Scheid and ssconded
onda ohnisto by Anderson, it was unanimously oar
* ; : 3 3
— y - the fol ig Pi tie shat the following billy be acer pled
Lewis, oe 15-year. od Se ter of D. and the Clerk be instructed to draw
orders for the same: Patten Clay
D. Lewis, manager of the Ba ‘Masufacturing Co, $969 for sewer
' pipe, per bill rendered; Hunter &
' Baaghman, $§11.72 for lumber, per bill
irenndered; D. H. C. Warren, $2.88 for
painting roof of tool house, John
Nagle, 5c for sharpening plow.
No farther business Council then
adjourned to meet at next regular
| meeting night, Monday, September 5th.
midnight that night she appeared at a
with clothing and ssked a young man at
the house to drive her to Patton. He
refased to do so and notified the girl's
| parents of ber strange condact, but by Ward Hiie in Town.
the time her father had reached the J. Ward Hile, who is well-knvwn in
| neighbor's house his daughter had dis base ball circles throughout the State
‘appeared. Miss Leah, who is rather and who wis a member of tise re-
‘heavy set, with dark hair and eyes, had nowned Patton club last year, was
‘ a pleasant home, and her parents, who shaking bands with his many friends
‘are highly respected residents of in Patton Toesday. Mr. Hile, who bas
Spangler know of no raason she could been holding the position of catcher
have for leaving. for the Lafayette college nine this sum-
G. A. R. at Clncinasti, 0 sr, has made an enviable reputation
for himself in the popular Anerioan
For the Wirtysecond Nasional Ex. ‘game, and was considered the star of
the club. He departed for Barvesboro
Wednesday to visit with his father
Grier Hide
| at Cincinnati, 0., September 5to 10,
. 1808, the Pennsylvania Railroad com-
{pany will sell excursion tickets at rate
of single fare for the round trip. These Water Company Tmprovemests.
tickets will be sold on September 3, 4, Superintendent E C. Brown, of the
{and 5 and will be good to leave Cin- Patton Water company informed the
cinnati returning not earlier than COURIER thai that company are mak-
_ jBeptember 6 nor ler than September ing arrangements to lay a six inch
113 except that by depositing ticket: water main, in addition to the already
"| with Joint agent af Cincinnati on Sep four inch main to their reservoir at
| tember 5, 8,7, 8or9and on payment Flannigan Run which wiil greatly in-
of 25 cents, return limit may be ex. crease the capacity of thesapply. The
tended #0 that passengers may remain company has already advertised for
st Cincinpati until October 2 bids and work will be commenced ina
Miner Killed Near Clearfield. short time.
While attempting to serve a warrant Maniiin Surrender.
| Monday night on a Hongarian miner On the inside pages of the COURIER
dinner pan i7 ca. |
all sizes. |
‘fast bacon, lard, potatoes, cabbage,
| onions, syrup, vinegar, tea and coffee, paid to cleanliness and economy.
‘cakes, soups, canned goods, spices, by J. E Kirk Hardware Co.
i flour, corn meal, brooms, wash boards,
: and
Cooking Stoves
yat a shine
| Effie McCorkle, Miss Jay Palmer, Alf
: Peterson, John Thomas.
(in Bigler township, Clearfield county, can be found the very latest war news,
Constable McCully, of Ramey borough, the surrender of Manilla, Pennsylvania
was attacked by a gang of miners State news, Good Road news, short
armed with clabs. He drew his re. story, women's world, editorials, mis-
volver and fired, killing one of the cellanious, etc. Particular attention is
miners. The remainder then retreated. | given to the inside pages in regard to
The dead miner's name is unknown. good, fresh and live reading matter. |
| onsale McCally bas surrendered
| Who takes pride in her home should
Anything You Wien. examine the Cinderella Stoves and
Everything in the grocery line at Ranges they are made of the best
‘Cash Grocery, viz: Mackerel, herring. material, carefully constructed, with a
codfish, salt sid, ham, shoulder, break- view of meeting every requirement of
the housekeeper. Special attention is
In thelr New Store.
James Commons & Sous are now
| secupying their new store room in the
Call and see Yeager building on Fifth avenue. The
| room . a very pleasant one and nicely |
sitnated for a business of that kind. A
grand opening was held on Monday
which was attended by many.
i sweet and sour pickies, maple syrup,
| canned meats; in fact everything kept |
{in a first-class grocery.
Situation Wasted
By a German girl to do general house |
work for a family. Have had exper-
‘fence. Address Mary Rayar, Patton, :
Pa. it : ] For Next Wowk.
East of Umelaimed juned Letters. |
The following letters remain in the ¢ of the Patton Supply Co., whi
postoffice at Patton for the week end. _., eth. 1 Wie
ing Thursday, August 18, 1808: [a en t Wik pay
Harry T. Hoover, Methiss Hans. | YOU 10 Yateh lor it.
baner, George Evings, Chas Brows, |
James Kuntzman, Geo, M. Keller, Miss i
held in their church on West Magee
avenue Saturday evening, August 20th.
Persons calling for the above letters
3 | Supper only 3 cents Everybody
| welcome.
Om motion of Scheid and seconded
| The attention of the reader of the
| COURIER is called to a large advertise-
A festival for the benefit of the
Swedish Mission congregation will be
First-Class Aitravt obs Have Piown Secured
Pig Time Anew
| The officers of the Fhensburg Pair
yieaned Here and Thee by | | inform the writer that the indications A Succes
for the forthcoming fair at that place '
f | are most flattering for big exhibits and
In addition to the neoal attractions
at the fair the managers have secured
a troupe of Japanes: performers who |
will give free exhibitions daily in front
of the grand stand.
The i folie will be delighted with
the entertainment to he given by Her
Von Litg’s dog and pony circus
The race track has been put in fine
order and from the inquiries already
made it is an assured fact that spirited
speed contests may confidently be
ex pecied.
The several candidates for governor
have been invited ty be present and
address the people. Two have already
signified their
let everybody endeavor to attend
and have a good time. The fair is for
everybody and it's everybody's fair,
therefore “take it in
Sawing Fiaished,
Honter & Banghman, who have been
manofacturing lomber a short distance
east of Patton for the past three years,
finished their tract Satarday, having
cut in that time about 10,000,000 feet,
principally of hemiock. The mano
factured lumber is hauled to Patton
where it is shipped to market Mr
Banghman who looks after the interests
of the firm here, stated that the mill
would be moved to another tract as
soon as definite arrangements oconld
be made as to location. Chas Walters,
whe had the contract for the culling
of the timber and stocking the mill,
has secured a similar contraet from Mr.
Cramer, rt distance east of the
old operation.
Eekenrode Gaani iar
The St. Mary's Catholic charch was
the scene of a happy wedding Wednes-
day morning at 8 o'clock, when Samuel
H. Eckenrode, of this place, and Miss
Annie OGsantner, of Ashville, were
united in marriage, Father Eusebius
officiating. The attendants were Wm.
A. Mellon, of Patton, and Miss Rose
Delogier, of Ashville. After the cere
mony was performed the bride and
groom proceeded to the home of Chas
SE — on Mellon avenue, where 8 weil
ding dinner was enjoyed. Mr. and
Mrs. Eckenrode will take op bouse-
keeping in Patton in a few days. The
Corser extends hearty eongrato-
Big Ragines Tor Mousiate Use
No 71 the Penmwy’s new monster
locomotive, performed the marvelous
feat Wednesday of last week of haul
ing 130 loaded coal! cars from Altoona
to Harrisburg. The company is build.
ing 10 of these engines as the standard
mountain locomotive. The trial trip
developed some good gualities in the
machine, but it required four men in
the cab and a train crew twice the reg
ular size to handle it; ita weight, to it
is said, will seriously affect the strong.
est track, and bridges and curves will
also suffer.
Of Talermt to Constables.
The supreme court has confirmed the
decision of Judge Biddle, of Camber.
land county in a case that is of general
interest throughout the State He
allowed Constables 10 cents on each
and every mile they traveled in per.
formance of their official duty.
Constables were only allowed 5 cents
and proceedings will be instituted for
back fees in many counties where they
were withheld,
A First laes Work.
The COURIER is in possession of the
niversal [hotionary, which constitutes
basin baif
ng nearly 5,0 pages.
prof astrated
and is the most complete work of the
kind on the marker. i defines more
than 5G, 000 words with over 50,000
important subjects encyclopedically
treated. Any person wishing to ex
amine same can do so by calling at
this office.
four guarto valomes
leather and coverd
The dictionary is
The Canada Thistle,
A law passed April 24, 1883, makes it
obligatory upon property owners lo
cut down all Canada thistles on their
respective premises before the seed
shall matare, and failure to comply
with the law makes the said property
owner lable to damages.
Bids are requested for the laying of
about one mile of 8-inch cast iron water
pipe and about 30) feet of t-inch pipe.
| Specifications govern the work farn-
ished on application. Address Patton
Water Sy E CC. Brown, Supt,
| Patton, Pa
intention of being
present, and it is hoped that a favorable
reply will be received from the others. entirely satisfactory, in fact was be
Test Made at
Williamsport Saturda
Ar the Owners of the Saecbine Rowiile -
ur Town.
The newly invented spoke and handle
machine, which is owned and controlled
by the Patton Wooden Manufacturing
company, consisting principally of
Pattom parties, is now, beyond ques.
tion, a pronounced sacoems. The first
machine was constrocted at the shops |
of Rowley & Hermance at William
sport and on Satordsy a complete test
was made in the presence of Lawrmoe
Platz, the inventor; I. M. Pattempon,
president of the company; Dr. 8 'W.
Worrell, vice-president; J. W. Lapfer,
treasurer, and others, which proved
The principal feature of this pew
expectation of those
machine, which is altogether different
from any other on the market, is that
it shaves the handle or spoke while all
other machines tarn them on a lathe
The capacity of this machine is over
400 handles per hour, or eight times
faster than any other one pow in use,
. which will certainly revolutionise the
spoke and handle business.
As was stated in the COURIER some
time since, the Patton Wooden Manu-
factoring Co, which was orgasised
during the month of March, i» an in-
i concern with a capital stock
of $12,000 of and it is the intention of
the company fo engage in the handle
and spoke business on a large scale
The company has already porchased
the B. F. Wise saw and planing mill
near the P. RR. station, where it has
commenced the manufactare of saw
and planing mill producta The mill
will be thoroughly remodeled and refit
to suit their wants and when the new
machine has been placed therein and
the plant is in full running operation
it will give employment to quite a
namber of nen. In view of this fact
the citizens of Patton will welcome the
pew industry with open hands,
The following in regard to the new
machine is taken from the Willlamsport
Gazette and Bulletin of Monday, Aog-
gat 15th:
“Mossrs. I. M. Patterson, of Lock
Haven, 8 W. Worrell and J. W. Lap-
fer, of Patton, president, vice president
and treasurer, respectively of the
Patton Wooden Manufsetaring com.
pany, were in the city Saturday to
witness a test made on a sewly-in-
vented machine fur the manufactiare of
wood spokes and handles. The machine
was made at the Rowley & Hermance
machine shop ander the sunsrvision of
the inventor. The leat was eminently
“The departure from the usaal style
in the machipe is that it shaves the
wood, while others turn it. The capae-
ity of the machine is between #0 and sa
450 spokes an bour.
“Rowley & Hermance will cottinue
to manufacture the new machine. The
Patton Wooden Manufactaring com-
pany holds and controls the patent,
“Editor E. Will Greene, of the Par |
TON COURIER, accompanied the officials
and witnessed the test.”
Y. MM. 1 Grind Connell.
The grand council of the Pennsyl-
vania jurisdiction of the Young Men's
Institute, a Catholic beneficial
society, met at Altoona Toesday, 135
delegates from the New England states, |
New York, New Jersey and Pennwyl
vania being present. Before the open-
ing of the convention all the delegates
assisted at a high mass in St Joba's
church and listened to an appropriate
sermon by Father Gallagher. Tues
day's session was occupied in bearing
reports of officers. The election of
new officers will take place Thursday.
In the evening the delegates were
rentertained at Lakemont park.
Labar my Penile
A big picnic and dance will be held
in Shorts grove on Labor Day, Mon-
day, September Sth, for the bensfit of
of St. Mary's Catholic church of Pas
ton. Everybody is invited and a good |
time is assured to all who attend. The
best of music will be procurred for the
dance and everything in first-class
‘atyle |
Hastings Water Company.
Letters patent were issued Thursday |
at the State Department to the Susque-
hanna Water company, of Hastings, |
Cambria county. Col J. I. Spangler,
of Bellefonte; W. P. Duncan, of Phil- |
ipsburg; R. BR Spangler and C.F.
Fraser, Hastings, and James A Me |
| Cain, Spangler, are the directors. i
one such frm anootneing
(each retwipl 8 eh cents
Ban Bocsipis Mast be Stupmpent,
ST. Commissioner of Internal Rev:
ve has decided that a stamp must be
ae on receipte given by landlords to
tenanta for monthly rent, they coming
lander ibe besd of “a memorandum
quite s litte brvese among real estate
firms which attend to the renting of
The decision has stirred ap
properties ind the colleetion of rent,
is Pittaburg,
recently, thst they alone would be com.
polled to stamp about £006 receipts
per month. The smount required on
it i= gen
erally believed that the aw will be
Must Par Your Own Tunes
The Act of July 15, 1887, provides,
that from and after the passage of this
act it shall be anlawful for any person
or perenne 10 pay or cause to be paid
‘any ooropstion or poll tax assessed
against an elector, except on the wril-
ten or signed order of such elector,
suthorigng such psyment to be made,
which written or signed order must be
presented ut least 30 days prior to
the date of holding the election at
which such eclvtor desires to volte
Any person violating this act is subject
to imprisonment for a term not lees
than 2 days and not exceeding six
months, or by fine not exceeding $300.
We, the undersigned, do hereby
agree fo refund the money on two 25
cent hotties of Baxter's Mandrake
Bitters, if it fails to cure constipation,
billionsmess, sick headache, or any of
the diseamss fir which it is recom.
mended. Also will refund the money
on a Micent. bottle of Downe’ Elixir, if
it dows not cure any cough, cold,
eronp, whooping cough, or throat or
lung $iffienity. We also guarantee
"ane Wooent bottle of sither of the shove
to prove satisfactory or money re
funded. For sale by ©. W. Hodgkins,
Patton Pharmacy
Farmer's get our price on ssit by the
Parrox Sverry Co
Two and Two. When you come to
balance up your accounts and make
things «ven, you'll ind that what you
saved in buying cheap clothes you will
jose in having to buy more of them.
The good tailor suits wear twice as
jong every time. You see you save
extra trips to the tailor's extras bother
about a welection of goods and really
pay jess if you come fo ns
Dinsmore Bros..
Yeager Building,