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Vor. v. NO. 32
$1.00 PER YEAR.
Lenn mip Aa A Sp ar mS Rah ad SAG SSR ea FH SE So
Latest War New .
Manila, July 10.—The American navy
has captured Grande island and Subig |
Mullis, B the ciel barbor on the
J July 7 Dewey dispatched the |
Raleigh and the Concord with an em-
phatic order to Captain Coughlan to
take Grand island and capture the
garrison. The cruisers shelled the
island, utterly destroving the earth-
(works and other fortifications, and
; iaying the torpedo station in ruins.
| Captain Coughlan sent a lsunch de-
. manding surrender. There being no
| response, a shell was sent through the
commander's house. The white flag
i went ap instantly, Lientenant Rodman
‘ of the Raleigh and Endgn Knepper of
| the Concord, with a landing party, Gn
‘manded absolute surrender. The
| Spanish colonel, Rio, Raw 8 Sp! Bs ego,
‘Checks! the garrison of 509 were mde
| prisoners. Their #ifies. with $6. 10H)
rounds of amunition and one Hotch-
on ) Janey 1st, 1899, de owe te
will g ive to the person return- Tne Spaniards were endeavoring to
1 e largest number of my ' protect Subig bay with mines. Dewey's
Cash Register Tickets a possession of the bay defeats Ger
many's supposed plans to interfere in
50 the Philippines.
Birthday Surprise Party.
Of fHtandard make, which will be on
T. N. Nagle, the big good-natured
| liveryman of this pisce, was given a
exhibition at my store Beptember
nts 1808. :
ing ape H.
- Description: | B. McMullen, wife and children, John
© instrament ho ; manufactured by |
& even sto ioe. Five
The can cane is
Chest Springs, on SBatarday, July 8th,
{it being his 56th anniversary. Foliow:
those who were present:
toona: J. UO. McMullen, wife and
oil daughter, of Dysart; Geo. Biller and
wife, of Loretto; Mrs. Michael Nagie,
Mrs. C. A Gray and son, of Hastings;
{Frank Yingling and wife, Michael
Karibeim, Mra. Jobn Karibeim, Sr,
Mrs. Kunkle, Mre. T. N. Nagle and
idanghter, of Patton: Martino Manion |
and wife, Aaron Nagle,
children, Miss Minnie Nagle, Kirk
Irvin, wife and dasaghter, Misses Katie
and Ida Koonsman, and Dr. H. Somer.
i ville, of Chest Springs; Edward Kari
beim, of Ashville; John Nagle, of St. |
| playing muosic, games, singing, etc,
after which an elegant dinner was
a very pleasant time. Mr. Nagle
received many useful and handsome
win Koon Arvive,
The new handle and spoke machine
company, which is ander course of
construction at Williamsport, will be
completed in about ten days, when it
will be placed in the company’s large
mill at this place ready for operation. |
The company, besides manufacturing
all kinds of hard wood handles, spokes, |
ete, will also manufacture all kinds of
finished wood work for building
Long Let Her Wave!
’ Ken How. Co's
to buy
sommes JOY YF wnsiareonrm
| od Stock is Complete.
Pal Hasy-For Cash.
fmm “What You Need. | Rimd to goin 2 letter, but Bo space.
borrow, i hers.” your neighbor is was filled by an unknown correspond.
ent, who, judging from the tone of his
letter was awfully envious of
from which now floats Old Glory. —
{H. C. Warren, regular Tye.
to Cresson Record.
Gone 0» Hospital.
Mrs. J. H. Dizon left Wednesday for
Philadelphia where she will enter a
i hospital for the treatment of catarrah
of the stomach which disease she has
suffered from for a long time. She is
‘under Dr. V. A Marray's care who
accompanied her to the city. It is
hoped that sbe will retarn
shortly much relieved aud benefited i in
Improving § Rapidiy.
bis right hand while putting off a
ily and the glory of the great National |
holiday, is reported by Dr. 8S W.
Worrell, the attending physician, as
oil improving rapidly.
c's Farnitore it For Sale,
A number of bran new alcohol and
p barrels and kegs. Will be sold
eb oo re cote pd Inquire at Patton Pharmacy,
W. Hodgkins.
tasking] ©
with var easy ne stove List of Unclaimed Letters.
cme have a aine Dut on YOU | cor 5, eT Somain i the
3 ne Are Art a i at Patton for the week end-
Ih dow't have & 0 Thursday, July 14, 188s:
"| Bryan & Co., John S. Filer, James
| Hollis, Sterel Jones, Miss Mary Jones, |
i Jas. % Mayhew, James Price.
for the above letters |
; wil Pose
in and see us
ey ud
A. MEuloxN, P. ML
bay. The latter next to the bay of
| birthday surprise party at the home of
his mother, Mrs. Catharine Nagle, of
Karlheim, wife and daughter, of Al-
wife and
| Bonifavins. The day was spent in
served. All departed having enjoyed
of the Patton Wooden Manufacturing
r created on their part. The maa,
* canght, will be severely dealt with.
51 »
cannon fire cracker on the evening of
Jaly 2d for the edification of his fam-
ber 6th, 1893.
The Fopulstiom Snes That Time Has
Nearly Doobded,
The Cormier bas frequently been
asked ‘what population has Patton 7’
After a careful estimate taken from the
assessor's report and the number of
votes cast at the different elections the
Cormier would safely put it at about
2.500, J any say 3,000, but the Cot.
inn taken with
it i a halal people have
ate of towns in wisoeh
stated in
Ey Pe par, Liab CN
18 errors
mane of
res to gain a reputation
of prefers hal
s thing from which none ame free:
be on the conservative side,
Om December ist 1993, RK LL. Goff, a
former resident of Patton, kindly vol
unteered to make a house to house
‘eomnt snd completed bis task December
Sth, five days ater, which appeared in
the third issue of this paper Detwmber
7th, 1593. as follows:
“In this third beoe the CoUnIER Is
-abje to inform the public that the new-
has a population of 1,537, and that the
figures were obtained by a bouse-to-
house count, the ardoous tesk being
number of people are making their
homes within the boroogh limite Its
confidently stated by thoes in a posi
tion to make socurste estimates that
the popalation within a radios of two
miles of the business centre of town
I pambers not ees than 2.000,
The enamerstor foond in making his |
[canvass twenty people lying in one
house of four rooms,
pairs of twine were found among the
infantile inhabitants.”
‘and sarroundings within 8 radios of
two miles ap © the present fime is
over 3,000,
Another Penusylvanis town connot
be named which bas grown from noth-
and public improvements as can be
: foand and seen in Patton.
A Ranawasy Giri. :
| The town of Barnesboro was treated |
toa little excitement Saturday night
Lover the disappearance of a Miss Lewls,
popular young lady of that place, |
aged but 15 years, who was reparted to
have made & sudden exit with a man |
| Ary arrangements have been made in|
by the name of Watson Avery. They
were chased to Hastings, and from
there to Patton where all trace was
‘lost until Monday. Constable Jones of
this place then took charge of the af.’
fair and by Monday noon the girl was
landed safely at ber home at Barnes
‘boro, but the whereabouts of the
| young man was not learned. There
were some Gueer incidents cotinected
with the affair which the CorriEs will
refrain from making public at this
time. The parents of the young lady
are of the best people in Barnesboro
and therefore much sympathy was
Patton Hardwire Co.
The Patton Hardware company is
the name of a pew business firm which
= aboot to lagnch forth in Patton. The
large store room in the Yeager build-
ing, opposite the Palmer house on
Fifth avenoe hax been secured and ie
‘being properly fitted up, and in aboot
‘two weeks will be open to the public. |
The members of the new firm are all
‘well-known, being citizens «f this
‘oounty for many years, and are men
of years of experience in mercantile
business, especially in the hardware
‘and tinning line. They expect to carry
an immense stock of goods and when
Dr. J. B. Noonan, who had the mis- ready for business a liberal share of of
fortune to loose the first two fingers of your patronage is solicited
infant Dead.
avenue, died of cholera infantum on
Thursday of last week at the age of
five months. The funeral services
were held at the home at 2 o'clock Fri-
day after whith interment took
piace in the Protestent cemetery of
Patton. The parents have the heart
(felt sympathy of their many friends
‘ during their sad bereavement.
Recelv ell Another Contract.
D. H. C. Warren has again niweived
another cortract for the painting of
‘several more new houses for Thos.
- Barnes at Barnesboro, and bis corps of
painters departed for that place oa
i | Wednesday to do the work.
: a —————————
{at Mrs. Dartt's?
Taken by R. T Goff Decem-
were *
est town in Northern Cambois county |
: ground; :
fighting. We clothed about 80 of them, |
besides farnishing them with Spring.
And ss another
items of intervst be reports thut four 5
this time.
The population of Patton Boroagh
ing to a population of apwards of 3,000
within the past five years, and at the
sane time has as many good buildings awhile.
| yOu soon.
Miss Besse Lingle, secretary; Miss
Dorothy, the infant daughter of Mr.
Mrs. Jobn Dinsmore, of Beech
Have you seen toe new line of C China
™ UNCLE $A sas x navy,
An Interesting Letter from Wm. Marts
His Parents in Paton.
On Board the Craiser St. Panl, New |
York, July 2, 1998.
Dear Faraen ann MoTHeER: — We!
received your welcome letter and was
| glad to hear from you I am well and |
feeling tip-top. Hamer has just recoy-
ered from an attack of fever; he came
out of the sick bay this morning and
looks pretty bad, hut he will be all
We arrived
in New York last night and were
right in a couple of days
cheered the whole seay up the bay, as
the people thought we had been sunk
in that fight at Ran Joan, Porto Rico.
Well, we had a litle fight there, but
200 muck’ for the Dons, not
withstanding there were two againet
We crippled the torpedo
destroyer, Terror, and it ran into shore
ander the forts and we did not dare go
ton near, as the fort is a big one, and
after we crippled ber the gnnboat ran
into the bay ont of our range.
We had a good tee raaning around
the islands down there. We often see |
a group of Spaniards along the shore, |
cages Lhe slightest change in the (Hans
but when we fire one of onr fivedinch
swells into them you sbhoold see them
fiy. Wo are compelied to sleep nuder
our guns every night. | haven't slept
but two or three nights in my bed since
we first left Norfolk
itell you it is pretty bard to see
* those [tthe boys who fight in the Cubans |
performed by Mr. RL. Goff. That
I saw one little Glow about!
ze of Etta: his sword touched the
that is very young to be
fhe size
field rifles snd small assunition, ales a
large amount of provision, We broke w
be resche] before they have all bad sa
opportunity to do sone Sghting
one of our engines Juriag the trip avd
I guess we will be here about nine days
Jacob thet
it" with as ora
Well, Annie fell the
Spanish are not “in
minute, even when
board the Terror, bul they thought, for |
.& while, they had ux “dead to right,”
bat they found that we were the hotest
across for
“would Bave been witnessed by han | oo etein hall BY day night in | of
pebbles they had run
With best regards to you all and the
boys I will close, hoping to bear from
Your Son,
Winiiam Max
Anctiwr New Chireh
A movement is on foot WW erect an-
‘other church in Patton. It will be the
| Episcopal church and an organization
| has already been formed and prelimio-
regards to the erection of a place of
worship. Rev. Cann, the pastor, re |
cently called a meeting of the organ |
fzation, when an execulive commities
| wan chosen to select a lot at once and
take all other necessary steps towards
type. Besides the executive com-
mittee appointed a ladies saxiliary
was also chosen and the following wer
chected officers: Mm EM. Dill, presi-
dent; Mrs. M. G. Lewin, vice president;
Places for Farsaers Isstilales.
4d. J. The
Agricultors; John lloyd, of the Ebens-
burg Agricaitaral Society, H. J. Kru-
of the
Agricultural Association, and John
Ricketts, of Flinton, representing
Cambria County Pomona Grange, met
at Cresson on Saturday for the pur
pose of sslecting pisces for holding
institutes shoald be held at Elton and
Patton, each to be two dayw sessions,
Ste aves Yo be Sut by the State Board
Agricaiture later.
Chearieil Raliroed haitered.
A charter was issued one day last
week to the Clearfield Southern Rail.
road company, of Clearfield, capital
$30,000, to build a line 18 miles long in
Clearfield x sats , the mouth of
Little Clesrflewd ¢rewk b : Beltaa Mills
AW. Lee, of Clearfield, bv president
Laws Pore
A lawn fete snd festival
at the home of W. UO. Lingle
avenue Tuesday night, July
will be held
on Beech
bh, for
the begefil of the Episcopal church of
#30.00 Reward.
A reward of $60.08 will be jHven to
the person furnishing the necessary
party who set fire to our coal tipple
‘and burned the same to the ground.
MosaanxoN Coar Co,
Patton, Pa
It was
a locky escape for it, ss it would have |
received the same an the torpedo boast
| goverament soting for Spain and that
more whipping
it go
two are agmiost |
ome, for we can make them “git” very
We killed very pearly all on
Cambria County
‘in a first-class grocery
A wo A a eh BG 5 5 EN ants Wh
the “Courier”
Written by © Moss Periins”
tram aire
Washington, July 11, 1598 — The
destruction of Cervera’s fleet andl the
pending surrender of the Spanish at
Santiago has made peace talk very
prevalent on the other side of the
Atlantic, but op to this time thers has
for te Pw
been no official word from Spain on
the subject. Members of the Diplo
hoat |
matic Corps say that the peso: talk is
being encouraged by ihe Bpanish gov-
ernment, ax a “feeler” of public sti
meni, in both Spain and (bis comvtry.
In administration clrcles, it is suid that
nothing short of a request from the
government of Spain will casos this
| government 10 name its terms of peace
~tiey will not be named 10 any other
nothing short of an absolute and an.’
qualified acceptance of those terms will
the farther crushing of Spain's
itis stated at the Navy De
partment that the feet of Commodore
Wateon will start for Spain this week,
and that the campaign sgaingt Forte
Eioo is to be pushed abend as rapidly |
as possible. Some tink that pesce is
im sight, but those who koow the
Spanish character lesl, say thal pome
he necessary lo
bring it aboot. The whipping will be
dome ail right, as fast a» the oppten
is given our bove In fant, «
idiers are only afraid that peace wil
Congress came very close 10 adjourn.
ing in the midet of & fght on the floor
of the House, between members. Fite
tingly sscugh the would-be bellige- |
rents were Cannon, of [linois and
Bail. of Texas Cooler beaded men
succended in keeping the Cannon and |
Bail from getting at esch other, until.
they had a chance to oool dows « little, |
thus escaping a disgraceful scene (hat
dreads of school teachers from every
section of the conatry, who ame in
Washington in connection with the
: National Educational convention, and |
who crowded the galleries at the Vapi |
tol, to witness the closing of the
‘of Congress. Representative Canon |
withdrew his remarks from the Rocord |
and apologised for having called Rep
resentative Rall a liar, but Representa |
tive Ball did not withdraw the language
| that provoked the epithet. The whole
incident was based upon 8 “tempest in
a tea-pot’ started by the attempt of
Representative Handy, of Delaware,
we are nol equipped vet
from concuammes
LA Short Letter tow On W. 1th Reg. Pa
Vol. Tufastry.
Chickamangs Park, July §, 1805
'Gleaned Here and There by | Eprom Covmigr, Dear Rrother:—
‘1 received your paper last night and
also received 3 letter from mother and
both paper amd letter found me enjoy-
ing the best of health. The rest of the
boys from our old home were glad to
- get the Coumaer and all send their
kindest regurda
Wa are sil very anxious to leave this
place and go to Caba, Porto Rico or
the Philippine Islands but when the
time arrives we may possibly not be
quite so eager to depart, but that is
what we are bere for and | think the
Sixteenth is oqgoal to the emergency.
[ see by the papers that we are going
to Cuba and Len again we are going
to the Philippines. The other day a
paper statedi {hat the 16th Reg. P. V. 1
was already in Cuba IR appears ihe
papery do not know asyibing shout it;
not as much ax we do. At this writing
wa ootild pot go ontil we receive 44
‘more met lo fill ap the regiment to
war guoto, wnich is L272 men We
have now ooly 545 men in the Six.
teenth. Esch regiment is sapposed So
bave 12 compunics, each company con-
taining 108 men, and then besides this,
Of sourse
the above mentioned shortage of men
and equipments may be filled st soy
moment and we may be away from
this place before this lefter resches
it riot pear so warts down here as
the people of the north imagine We
have very good food to eat, such as
beef, side-pork, fish, tomatoes coors,
beans, bread, rice. ost meal, tes and
I will have fo close for this tive as i
is time to get ready for dress parade,
. which mall we have to do on Sandays,
bat on week days we have five hours
drill every dsy and does parade in the
148 me hear from you soon.
Crarexcg W. Granve
i Since reviving the above letter the
Sixteenth regiment has departed from
| Chlckamaniga and is enroute to Saati-
ago de Cabs to assist Gen. Shafter
~ }
A Delightful Party
A delightful party wis held in the
Miss Lydia Cregg, whe reosstly re
tarned home from Pittsburg, sad the
| Misses Stroop and Wright, of Miles
burg, Pa, who are the goests of Mr.
‘aod Mra. E. . Brown on Beech ave
i A large somber were in attend
ail report having enjoyed a
very pleasant evening The following
Spangler were in attendance:
Thomas McClain, Misses Nannie and
Mamie McClain, Harry Beers, John
McCormick snd Mr. Coate.
Row hoes This Suit Your
At the Cash Grocery from July I ©
‘to have the House order stricken from | July 10, or while the goods lasts:
the erection of a charch building. The | she rid § 8 of & speech; |
orgasization will erect a building of oo i »
either brick or stone at a probable cost i .n pa sha
of $1500 which will be of the moders |, onmision acthoried by the
Hawaiian aanexation
recommend the Congressional jegiula-
tion made necessary by annexation,
and to be composed of three Ameri!
by Representative Champ Clark, of
The President lost no lime in naming
resoliation, to
cans and two Hawaiians Those |
chosen ure Senators Callom and Mor
gan, Representative Hitt, President
: Dole and Associate Justice Frear., The
mas, of the State Board of
last two ¢ sf Hawaii
Celebrates His First Mass
On Sunday Rev. Francis Hertsogs |
enlvhrated his frst muses in SU Michael's |
Catholic church at Loretto The
‘ehareh was crowded with people many |
of whom came a long distance. The
young minister presented a fine ap-
pearance at the altar and bore up very
{well during the entire ceremony.
Ferdinand Kittel], the resident pustor,
preached a splendid sermon on the |
oocasion. Cresson Record.
Anything Fou Wins,
Cash Grocery, viz: Mackerel, herring. |
codfish, salt sid, bam, shoulder, break- |
fast bacon, lard, potatoes, cabbage.
onions, SYTUp, vinegar, tea and coffee,
cakes, scapes. canned goods, spices
flour, corn meal, broums, wash hoards,
sweet and sour pickles, maple sfrap,
canned meats; m fact Sve ying kept
ail and see
for yourself
Finger Lavpatabesd.
Alex Monteith, mine foreman, 34 the
Flannigsa Run colliery, had the mis
fortune Tuesday %o have his first finger
of his right hand crushed in such a
. manner as to necessilale amputation
below the first
‘evidence for the coaviction of the
working around the engine ali the
i mine, his finger being caaght in the
moving machinery. The amputation
| was made by Dr. Worrell.
The accident
Monteith was
bappened while Mr.
'# Iba soup beans .
3 ibe, good loose coffees
9 calves Hamper soap
5 ibe. good ten
Everything in the grocery line at
| Highest grade flour . -f1 8
Best winter wheat floor
4 iba good rice
9 caltes Calvimet soap
On Wednesday, Jane 28h, 1898 at
the home of the groom's parents Dear
Patton, by Rev. E H Witman, Mr.
El Steaz, of Paticn, and Mim Mildred
oF |
Fine Feathers
Bao mt adeas ake Roe hinds Pay
vest will Sal a pal Band always ailimcis Deas
It mast be in the feathers. It's
anwise 0 look the best you can. a
costa mo more to have your. .
made well and 8t you perfeedy
vou consider the satisfaction aod serv-
oe they give vor. We aim Wo please
you aud put up the best possibie Sotiem
for the least possible money. See our
elegant line of suits at $17, $15 and $20.
Dinsmore Bros.
he wir bide oa
ALL Wolk