The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, June 16, 1898, Image 3

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    od clenels thet fists and stamp their foot and
Sakjent:,. “The Aallows For Maman
From the Life snd Death of This
Persisn Courtier Living Lessons of
E Warning and Instruction Are Drawn.
Teor: “80 they hanged Haman om the |
fous that he had prepared for Morde-
sai. "Esther vii. 16,
1 Hers fs an Orientind eogrtier, about the
most offensive man in Hebrew histody,
Hamen by nme. He plotted for the de-
struction of the Ternelitish nation, and I
wonder not that in some of the Hebrew
eynag: 68 to this dey when Haman's
mentioned. the congregation
ery, “Let his name he biotted out!” Ha-
man was Prime Minister in the magnificent
© gourt of Persian. Thoroughly appreciative
f tha honor conferred, he expects every.
iy that he passes to be ohseguious.
Dir in one gat the gate of the pM.
sew, the serv: ants dep their heads in poner
of his : but a Hebrew, sammed Mo
aves “apon tan passing dignitaZy
withant bending his Bead ar tadog off pA
Lig 3 man, and would pot
ent in the ordlosry cour
t he felt Bo res eho
which he
iba ;
ar when he pond Mordessd,
pelsxed not & masele of his
and Kop bis alia eleay gp. Bessuse
trol Huomn. 8 dscree trom
king, for the
os, and that, of
: gh Mmelade Mordecst
Ee ‘make un Jong story short, through
Esther this whole plot was revesind
10 he har husband, Abssuerus. One night
b Abasyerus, who was affieted with in-
soma, in Lit sles less Sours ealls for his
. Secretary to read him A few passages of
history, and so while sway the
night, “In the book read that night to the
king ap account was given of 8 oonspi-
from which Mo , the Hebrew,
‘tved the king's Jite and for whisk
Rindnioss Mordecai had never received any
reward, wan, who bad been Axing up
yas to hang Mordeesl on, was
g outside the door of the king's
tenent sod was called in. Te
im that he had just bad read to
asctiant of some one who bad
Nis, the king's lite, and he asked
it reward ought to be given to smth & |
Beit-conneited Haman, supposing that | of AL
Bimself wus to get the bosor, and pot
he a moment that the
the king s iife was Mordeeal, sav»
eaty ought to make a tri-
put a erown on him
plendid horse, high-step-
and thea have one
lead the horse tnroush
erying, ‘Bow the koee, bere
a man who bas saved the
od and rotied, la the stirrups. Haman,
thunoaiior afoot, holding the prape-
roaring, chumpiog stallion. Mordeos!
Beek at ast. tut If itis to ook
| gait buen willie
1 sult,
i opposed to Lristmnity ?
f snes it favored immorsiitios
{ their dons phi
§ They fried It
| Obeervatories and universities rejoiced at
tas if she wasps on 8 retrest;
| ding ander bare poles do not feel the {ores
Fnlleidben sn
rulers od ‘ancaped martyrdom
willing to mix up his Christian |
errors. His unbending |
Christian character was fsien zs an In-
Fazot and rack and Balter io all ages
{ have been only the diferent ways in which
the world has demanded otedsanss, 1 was |
ones, away up onthe top of the Temple that dor of
Satan commanded the He sly (ine ot Nara |
res 10 kneel balors hina. Bot
now so much on the top of
of the
- }
i pit that Satan tempts the esp Te
Chpigtian faith to kneel before him.
was it thst the Pintonts phflostnhers
early times, as wall as Toland, Side
Bolingbroke of ater days wore
Certainly no
OF Arrestes
madly |
¥ Fee
pivilization or dwarisd the int eliant
genuine reason, whether admitted or not,
was beangss the religion of Olirist pail no
respact ta thelr intellectual vanitbe
joant sud Bovis, and the hosts of infdaie
hatehed out by the vile reign of
the Kapond, as reptiles crawlent of a marsh
of slime, sold pot gasp their pationse,
panes, a toey passed along, there wars att.
ting in the gate af the are such man a {
Matthew snd Mark and Lake, and Joh
who woujd Ae hed an &n ined in pepect
ae :
told omr first parents that they
| sme as gods if they would oniy | #
reach up snd a a tase of ths (raft
snd fatled, tut their dansend- |
ants are not yot sgtiefiad with the oxy
mem. We have Bow many dosirisg
vis, rensbing np Aftey vet arbor by
my Reason, seorsfal of God's Woed, |
tha i wrath |
ot fosm srat wit :
tr sompel the
of oa Har and agtem
homage of the good, bat in the presegcs of
ngs sand angels it shail be confounded. |
shail smite thee thou whited wall
When seionse began to make Ws braiisnt
discoveries there wore grost facts hroagit
to Haht that seemed to overthrow the
truth of the Bible, The archgoiogist with
his erowbar, and the geoioMst wih &is
hammer, and the chemist with lds bat.
terion, charged upon the Bible Mowes's |
sesount of the srestion seemad degled by
the very stroctagre of the anh, The | 4
astronomer wheeisd around bis telescope |
until thw heavenly Bodies seca ed ta mar
shal themeeives seainst the ibis ax the
Bars in thelr ncurses fought agains Niwers
what they sesidered the extinction of
Christianity. pathersd new sourage
at what thew ov Shee dered past victory, ao
pressed on thelr sanqRest into the kingdom
of mmtare until sims for thei they dis
aoveged tos much, God's Word had ony |
wn lying in bash that, lo some wb |
guarded moment, with a sudden pound, #
might tear infidelity tur pride. g
It was #8 whea Joshas sttaskad the city
He saiested thirty thonsasd men,
and concealed most of ties, then with a
few mon be assaind the sity. which poured
out its numbers and streogih upon
Joshan's Hitie band, According to previ
one plan, they fall bask In seening Aiiteat,
Yat, after all the proud iababitants of the |
city had bean broaght out of their homes,
and bad joined in the pursuit of Joshua,
{suddenly that lrave AS halted in his
Bight, iAP with his spe ofntioe toward |
the sity. thirty rit
. from the thickets sb panthers spring to |
| their prey, sodl the pursaers were dashed |
to pisces, whilst hosts of Joshas pressed
up to the city, and with their lighted/
torahes tosmed Jt Into flame, Thos It was
that the discoveries of sobense sonmad to ©
give tempor vietory against God sad
the ible, and for a while the choreh asted |
but when ail |
wrx of Hod and troth bad joined |
in the pursuit, snd ware sare of the Reid,
Christ gave the signal to His ohuroh, snd
tarning, they drove back their foes In
sharma, Theres was found to be no an |
tagonism Deétween natures and revelation,
The universe and the Bikis were found to
Fhe the work of the same hand two strokes |
Again: Learn the lesson that prides goeth :
befores fall, Was any sian ever so far up
as Haman, whe tumbled so far down? Yes,
on a smaller seale every day the world sees |
the same thing. Against their verre ad.
vantages men trip into destruction. When |
God hambies proud men 3 is asusliy at the |
mornent of their greatest arrogascy, If
there be a man in your eotmamnity groatiy |
fed up with worldly success you have
at to stand a litle while and yoga will see |
Him come down, You say, I wonder that |
God allows that mas to go on riding over |
Gathers’ heads and making great sssnmp |
tions of power. Ther’ i so wonder about |
Haman has not yet got to the top.
Pride is a commander, well plumed and |
on , bt it leads forth a dark and
frowning host. We have the best of asthor |
ity for saying that “Pride gosth before de |
seiustion & haughty stdeit before a
guiver are apt to strike a man when on the |
wing. Goliath shakes his grest spear in
dsflances. but the small stones from the |
brook Elsah made Lim stagger and fall
like an ox ander the butoher's bWudgeon. |
He who is down ssnnot (all, Vessels send.
of the same pen, thelr authorship the same
of the orm, but those with ail salls set
capsize at the sudden descent of the tendp-
Again: this Oriental tale reminds us of
the fact that wrongs we Lrepare for others
return gpon carseives. The gallows that |
Haman built for Mordessl became Be
Prime Ministers straagulation. Robe
spierre, who sent so many to the guile
ne, had his own bead chopped off by the
arrid instrament. The evil you prastiee
on others will recall spon your owe pate,
Siandees come home. Oppressdons come |
tome, Ceaeities some home,
Yon will yot be a lackey wiiking beside
the very charger on which you sxpestiad to |
ride thers down. When Charies the First,
who tad destroyed Strafford, was aboat to
| be beheaded, ho sald, “A basely ratified an
pojust sentence, and the similar (njawtics
1 am now to undergo Ix a soasibie retribo-
hi | tion for the punishment I inflisted on ws
fons | onod in the same place, where t
Mordecal |
fais, sri hy rion 12 bin
nes or ge chin
Th before Haman. th
Haman nttem ok fe ne ins only 5
would iy our as A ge
i Bradshaw, the English
| been ruthless and cruel
{ teach us how yalekly tarss the wheel of
might have retained the oe ot oe
fanocent man.” Lord Jefirfes, aller in-
earcerating many innocent and good peo. |
ple in London Tower, was himeel! foprie. |
the shades
of thoes whom he had malrreatad sensuad
to haunt hiss, so that be kept orving t
attendants: “Keep them oft gent!
for God’s sake, keep them offi” The Ee
ons had come home to roost. Ths body of
judge, who had
in lis decisions,
was taken from his nd tomb {an West.
a and at Tyburs huag cos
jfows from morning unt night in the
presence of jecring multitudes. Haman's
Euliows came a little jate, but it came.
unities fiy in a steaight line, and
just toneh as as they from sternily to
, but the wrotigs wa do others fly
yep - cirels, and however the circle may
widen out, they are sure to come bask to
the polat from which they started. There
are guns that kick!
Furthermore, Jet the story of Haman
fortuna, One excepting the king,
Haman was the AY it man in Persia;
but the next day, a lackey. Bo we go up,
and so we come down. ou seidom find
any man twenty years in the same circum.
stances, Of those who In political ile
twenty years Ago were Lost prominent,
how few remain in consplenity. Politiead
parties make cortain men do thelr hard |
work, and then, after using them as nacks,
turn them out on the commons to die.
o | Every four years there is a complete revo.
lation, and about five thousand men who |
ought certainly to be the next President |
are shamefully disappointed; while some, i
sho this day are obscure sad poverty
stricken, will ride upon the shoulders of |
tha people, and take their turn at admira- i
tion and the spoils of offize.
a | ote the wheels turn! Bailot-boxes are |
steps on which men come down guite | !
{ as often as they po up.
Of those who wery |
long age | Suscessinl fn the accumulation |
of p od. how few have not met with re-
fe many of those who then were
a in circumstances now hold the
bonds and bank beve nf the nation. Of all
i rd
i he had | fickle things in the world, fortune ie the |
i difference Yond ar aqumy
P Athenian
: matt
: wight his stand y #Son was heard,
| morning dawsed, a
| sod sword and heise
| igg break, and amid tha se
pokes anows white streaming
mares ali the nwore fo
meu bomaded Hass
! & long while
| tae, .
| shen iders and sathrons Them,
Mer, His fruit tree,
The arrows from the Almighty's jr
' huadrsd and
tat lier home
| tour feet High.
Oh, how i
most Seki,
Again: this Haman's history shore ur
(that outward prssespl Ons and eliream
| #tanoes cannot MARE A MEAL BROTY.
vot fuily vested in anthority and the
ad winery of the Persian om And overy
thi ng thet snipe AS ; fon
rou den oo a wig pd
it ix not 8
3 eharshos ax |’
| Aver in the siste and the pew and the pai. |
&f 1 apd
vy anal 0 #
Chars © J
the T wlth
: thers a straw otis
: that 4d
not id
throne ou wh
Wers 1 sail
wore 5 ras. 1 wo
Palisy of the poor, but ap the hig way
whish ancing BurfPeall er
gris with Anus bai and Sah meat) Et 10
and of galzise der Wratah
| rn b , bitter whim awaiiowed from
Fri ohigty taan form aaritrn pats
Foor Bog NMibers —e SAGA 1
whowmre Wing for this
th on and phat slrsamats :
woeldin saecnl will brigg pee
soul. of them shatter the Anbusion
Ppt what we get PB fs want wa are
fol smong the Hons is imppter thar Kio
Darius on Ms throne, And when
ern. hridiianey od .
Prd waen Nazarene
bo ff ae
wal iitrary
Lomsy lemon
the honors ;
salred to spend the previ
slow tie
{ine man
al Km
sng the tom! of
the Moar
EW. |
i grand
xi as
parage and
SemgioHrs of
ir shall
in tam
tha sound of soroels
knighthood were bestows
bs with the go sow WANE #3
tf ore heaven Fully armed with
hae #t (ALE Wale
wait antl the darks 8¢ wi 1 This
Sk nix LS
parpiugs the soul shall %
ernie thy ie
hanwan amid the ne
Mardesal will only & aT to
dy of triumph, Dt e
trina to make B proper hacRroaad
after So oREEs, The seals id bast tap
Spin 5
seas the horss inte whose
mass hos twisted his Sogers st the moot
| ing.
‘hard as Sint. #0 #irize Ome . :
ont soutimasd snows a the Witter are |, ep fp ondy of tea bushes.
A | are very sional, not half as hig as voor |
| finger pall, and ertem exper: pkey |
fas winiiortanss
flonvey and
You nant st jens
of good crops Bext sRBGIEr We
many have yietded wonderind Barvesw
benevolence, and rrergy bacsnss tiny were
snowed under. We minst Lave
8 good many bard falis before wa Jeara 16 |
walk straight. It 8 in fe Blasi anvil of
trom ds that si am hammer out thelr fore
take up men dn thelr
Toegos are
seariy always bitter,
are barren unbess trimesel wilh sharp
| knives, They are like wheat ail the Beet.
ter for the Satiing.
It requirsd the prison
Anrinese ard ~Bil to make Johan Banyan
dreamy. It took
feta to makes W asDingIon.
ard wh ou 1
ism white |
gWLRY no appreciably Soest favor
| "the golden tips’
only tweuty four hours abd, are pleked |
pad i
thd nl Lng “rar i
armed, and’ with siristd and lapse Tio wk |
the Buffalo (drier,
Deve opment of the Transvaal. _
In 1807 the main trunk line from
Capy Town was pushed forward from
#5 tien northern telnious to Johannes
burg. The distance from Cape Town
to Johannesburg by ral is 141% mies
In 1864 the road was completad from |
[relsgos Bay. a po in Portuguese ter! |
ritory on the southeast coast of Africa, |
to Johsnnesterg-g distance of
port in the British
tant 40 milies
Freon 25000 oun
Ce aonusl output has risen to 3000 00
eunoes in I80T. giving the Transvas!
of Natal 4d»
the sevoud place in the world's gold |
Tae third road reached Johan
peaburg & year later, from Durban. 8 |
ws of goid Im 1RRT,
production. Thers is 08 doubt that The |
present euTpY 1
aly ioovesss; and
few years pot with
ol output of other oouptres, the
avanl will rank Srst as a gold pro
Tee wwn of Jolannesbhurg may be
taken as a good (odex of thw wonder
12] ax pass on of the geldminmg mdos
try of the distridd. From a few huts ae
1% RK hes developed oto 4 Ww Bn
exceliad, 1! ndesd aguaded, in Le In
posing cmiracter of its boidind Wo
any of the sulerpraing ra wana to
Wextern America Indeed, Jobames
greg has hut fetie of the aspect of ar
Americas mining camp. Ig its geners
£poaranoe ir
mrs of Spokane or Salt Las
Jahn Hays Haznmond
we Massa Lae
Tea at 8148 per Pound,
One hundred and forty three dollare |
cer |
| tain kind brought at audtiag in London
on the authority
8 pound Is what Ceylon tea of a
soioe time ag. This bb stad,
: af J. 11. Graire, of the Ceylon lmport-
| tag Cempany,
| Coylon were as mac
eu- ov 1 or the pest
estat ial | ions price
ties a
bh surprised as you
person at such fabue
(rw ing th reriain peculiar
| forty-three dollars’ worth of labor: bot
Delaware foe and fond |
| test ut Vadley Forges, and the whiz of bal |
aad wien be |
slimbed ap on the beach at Melita, shiver. |
ing in bis wet clothes, Was JOM of a Chris |
“nie hotles
rian than when the ship strmek the
wes. Prescott, the Rekat arian,
with them. Mordeeai despleed at the pate
Late News Parsgraphed.
Twenty Ave applications for pensions nn
wesont of the Maine disaster Bunya Deen
Cayion and the Straits Settisment Hart
and the Datel, West Indies have der inred
their nenteadity,
The Bertilion system of® Idemtitytng
eriminais has been adopted in the Denver
i i Cols Poles Department.
Maat in the shops at Santiago de Cuba,
#1 50 » pound; eggs, $1.50 8 doses: =k,
la a Taare: goats, #30 a plese,
* | the figure It fetobnd Is wo extraordinary
Cal 20 give the tea of the sale abeoiotely
| po compueteisl value whalever,
fa parteniurly so beosuse this tea Bas
The leaves, when
are pequired to gather whem.
| phe over several acres of Hushes 0 get |
enough green one<ayofd tes Jeaves to | i
make a pound of tea whee dried.
dinary tea is froes leaves which are
tens days oid and comsequently very i
meh larger.
Women In Rusinres,
From tw Free Prem, iwirsil,
A prospinent business man
| prossed the opinion that thersis one thing
| without his ayes thas he condd ever have
that wi
| Bling mann Place fa the business workd
is only predecessar of Mordecai, graally
Lt no relief frown medisinn
Fisk Phils for Pais Decode
Cam vem Alsbs To Pest at night
them and they sured meons ©
Diets of Dietradt wha ame (ha Dom? bag vers
The University of Oxford has rejected the :
inpoeation of a Fisal Honor
Sehool of Agricuitursl Balance.
By ths operation o
ment law Actisg Rear Admiesl Sampsop
will soon become a Commodore,
Two husdred and forty-three prisoners
of war, the passenger and srews of prise
, ware paroled at Key West
Woman & Sebood
wankee, Wis, provides Aothiag lor poo ¥
ehtbdran to enable them to attend panoot
It I» astimated is Ran Fragen fhat
$20 000 000 wonid be shipped from Dawson
City to San Frasetseo within the next two
sat, who ralatrsteld the ane
ot annieersary of her birth
in Earl, Poun, Adages 1b
Mrs Betsy
just, fe Yieal,
It is smponnesd ofsiadly that he Gow
tf ermment will pay al voluateer tmops fod
fthetime between the dates of enlistment
and muster,
A Chinaman enlisted
Santa Asa. Cal, and Chinese in San Fons.
cinco ars contributing fusds to the Bed
Crioma Roejety.
The eoliay of beavers in the Nationa
sotogeal Park at Washington have ig
atruoted three large dams, one of which bs
The Senate pasead a Mil
Ameritan register on the steam®ip China
which has been chartered a a Tradspert
for the Manila expedition.
jliianes fo MU
Lo-day *
#0 mush to
3 Prop ly
inc tha army a?!
ow 5 :
ot tie age Mul retire. | WOTEAR Owes hat its fo them.
they can't be depended apon becaces they 1
3 by Mrs. |
| C.W, Mansfeoid a business woman of 58
A shek too often. Thiw i= refuted
Farrar 32. Datrodt Mich who save
“A sn plisation of female silo
MMA AWKRRO BigMin and wire ee out
A va
hex of Dr. Williams’
1 took them |
¢ op the Spat ]
i bogeht more asd took ;
Bey Sass spread
paveral thar peropis To iy ate, i
think that if pony ~ mid ask any of the drag-
nt :
Dr. Williams Pink Pills they woo] say the |
Thee pills certainly atid | :
Wp he nervous system and many 8 young
Toons |
sifpping away from me
tions In mania
“Aes Dasigess wodian § sm pleased $0 |
rr eoom mend
them an
they 414d
more {or
Pink Po
sradit }
my Beury
good healt
Spddemiy Frosty
NG Slasavery of modess times
snabis wa
prt ar pdace ia} dfs by ro
heaith as Dir. Williams Pink Pd
Acting déruntiy Pek he baboi
nerves inwrrorating the Dody, regaisting
the tunstions, they restors the strength r
md health to the exhanstel woman when |
these pills Rave proved their eofoacy in
thous of cases,
Thirty-nine of the crew of the Spanist |
steamer Rita, captured off Porto Riso, wer
taken to New York to be sent to Spain by |
{ the Austro-Hungarian Consal. :
A sheet sostsining war news, sondensed |
from the pewspapers each morsing and
pe ricted at the printing -offien al Joitet. Th. |
passed into the cell of each priscger al
two o'clock every afternoons.
J. W. Howard son of Generel O. 0. How
ard, sttainsd his commission as Major o
volanteer engineers in the anny withou! Hae
the ald or Infusnes of any ona He wa
appoiated on merit after having passed s
Had examination. :
A pamphlet issued by the Blate Depart :
ment coptainiag (sformation as to thers |
sources of the Philipptave shows the isl
sands to sostaln valaalis deposits of goid
which ean be easily mined. The native
are highly spoken ol.
A citizen of West Newton, Mass who wa
reported to have made sane slighting ro
marks about the Stars aud Stripes, foans
his doorsteps paintwl red. white and biar
when he woke up the other morsing, an:
small bits
ite of red, white and bius pays
scattered all over his lawn.
A Raliway" ® s Fuge. Tee ui 11.
Among the many borne
raiiroad sompanies ths joe bl Bares gus
prominently. For Instane wa oa the Baits
more and Obie Raliroad it is expectad |
will tak» over 50 0 tons of foe this yess 1
{ meet the requirements of tha serio, pa
greater portion is used in eonnertion will |
shipment of perishable goods; the mina
in the r train service, A preat dea |
of this jee is put ap by the company in it |
own houses, but as the past winter ba: |
been so Warm a very larg: prefortion wid EK
have to be nurehased. i
SX Dern ass Yin
ary oe»
For the growing gir! they arm of the
gTeatent eae for the ma # hoe (lisp onen. |
bis. for TATE WOmAL itavalgable
For ard ywis, joeamitar ataxia, and
other diseases long tappoesd (neoamblde,
ert if the Han proves una
bavers of
5 and
ted Sates, i
Ri ay veare
Den’ t Tobasea pm at Smoke Your Life Away
Yo oult tobae vo easily kl wd Farmwer, Yee ALRE
the Turvy and vigor taks Now Toe
5 aL THAR en ed
. sw $1.40
iran nd wa Foi od Adin
steriin aK ng fiom ou, Uhleage or New York.
that Darter ia the mast
dit len of Qt with
2 1.
wilints say
Badan a Bond a
Pdnvate Your Bowels With Cascarets
Cami? {ald
He. Me. {14
In Japan nearly every house b
t 5 7 «
wages are aban
a3 tw
&. 53
# New
£7 VITUS DANG = ASMS and all nore.
Mpa Gime wie Teermaalisnt vil by thie Gee of
Pr Kline s Great Nerve Restorer Seti for
FRE $100 trial hottie amd treatise Zo De
resid an Aer AT
te Oe Whar ;
of thw country will rap |
probenly within
WtRnd ing the inovens |
The * Ivory”
costs abot
y soaps and mu
wl aa SE nga
Years, a LEN
who says planters of
. of that fea prowadly rears tae
| BATS, approrimately. one Bundred and
it is named
that three bundred or oo i
bundred poojde on the plasiation most |
On |
recantiy ax. | °
wii provent wages from sompletely |
esti kept :
pe was |
Sug wily in :
has done
to take their |
H Kice Ltd, 8 Arch Street Phila, Pa
wal a ih
a favorite shaving scap because Rt
a profuse rich lather, which softens the beard to
oved and leaves the skin unharmed.
are fifth
many who have used it for this pur-
as much as the so-called
5 pe
5 EF PWS au
Bie Y ative,
A BORED OF WARNING — hers gre mes stile save ach rerreprsnd YO
"aor av pond as The Fre
percimr Und mrsarakie Josie of The peniitet.
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