The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, June 16, 1898, Image 1

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$1.00 PER YEAR.
d Hurrah for the Head
fire LE
en Womduy Night
0 Paving Mages Avenue.
as Beem
To be Hela st Monster on Mondsy, Jone In Spent Semaine
i The next regular meeting of the Patton
Cambria County Pomona DE will special session Monday night for the
convene in the hall at Manster, Mon- purpose of Talking farther action in
| day, June 20th, 1898, at 9:30 o'clock. regard to the paving of Magee svenue.
| This session will be devoted to the Every member of Connell was prowint,
| interests of the order and in hearing but very little business could be tran.
| reports from Scbordinate Granges of sacted owin fo tie Fans m3 Tom.
county; also report of secretary of cations of Mages avesoe
bak % Motaal Fire Insurance ok being he Jayor by the Borough
: EO hewtioon semsion will be called
io eA erro oi Slock
‘the program: M L. Cari; trip to Curwensville, Clearfie
Initiative and am, Alex Stritt Philipsburg was read to the body
matter; Essay, F. H. Kirsch; Commer. and a mn motion it was accepted and
fertilizers, Jo
cial . 0. Thomas; pi on file.
Essay, Mrs. Annie Biter; Care of farm The following resolution was also
machinery, John 8. MeCov: Fssay, adopted: “Resolved, that the Counc
‘Bdward A. Sheehan. Time of speak. thinks from the report of the visting
: ors limited to 2 minutes on all goes. committer that sand or cinder cushion |
i for discussion. Fifth degree 8 80 that =» wipe for Magee ave.
m. sue and that the th between curbs
will ops st 5 shall be $0 feet,
Rewita- fully ask the Be rough Engineer,
1 BE Brown, to prepare pian and specif -
Miss a man; tions in accordance therewith und
p high scoois, Prof. T. L. Gib- nt same to Borough Sciicitor, RB
som, rE no of public schools rithe, on or before Monday night,
bof Cambria county;
Lizzie Garrett; What the Grange has said EC. Brown's office as Borough
done, and proposes to do for Agri- Engineer vacant and proceed to seepre
¢altare, Hon. J. J. Thomas, lecturer
of Pomona Grange.
at euch session will be interspersed with next regulsr
songs sod music All fourth Seg. June 20th.
i | members cordially invited to at
By order of Gratitying Condition:
{ EXpctTive COMMITTEE Dr. 1 8 Monroe, presiding elder of
| Geo. W. GARRETT, Secretary. the Altoons district of the Centra
Joo Pennsylvania conference Methodist
: Excursion to Seashore Ep i church, bas reteroed ftom
Council met in
nd that we res - indostrial parsde at 146 a mo
Recitation, Miss Jane 2k, or the Connell will ciclare whl grounds,
Following is and EC. I of their isvesigaiing Come to Patton and Have
a Big Time as We are
Going to Have a Good
Old-Fashioned Celebra-
The program will consist of cannon
sding at 4a m Grand civic and
of all kinds, Ball games, dancing, Sre
works snd many other sports
Fagrasing at 2 p mA 116-foot
ster] flag pole will be raed in Lhe
speakers will address thie sadienoe
Patton Fire {n. No. 1} 5 hold a
The proceedings Council then sdjourped to mest st grand picnic and dance in their bean ti-
meeting night, Monday, fol park east of town, both afternoon
and evening of the 4th. Mase by
Prof Maitinnd s orchestra, of Gallien
A grand display of fire works at 8
mm. wii one of the features of the
Thomas E. Watt, district passenger hin quarterly visit over the district und See Lhe Parron CoURiER and small
gent of the Pennsy
smnguine that the travel to Atlantic condition.
(City this season will be greater than the support of ministers have increamed
Lever before in the history of the busi- 8s follows. Joniata, $24; West Clear.
mess. He does not take any stock in Oeld, $200; Hastings, $156, Walput
the report that people will be afraid of Avenne, Warriorssiark, Allegheny,
: ih invasion, sod, if necessary, ench §100; Kiarthaos and Utabville, ench
the colonel will give every purchaser $50, Clistont Avena, Roaring Spring,
of a ticket 8 written goarantse that Half Moon, Howard Lamber City,
| they will bear Bo explosion lomder than New Washington, Wallsceton, Shaw.
| m firecracker while ab the seashore this mul, Patton, Oentre, each $56 Madball.
‘summer. The P. R. company will run fey and Martinsburg each $35, and if
| excursion trains to the seashors on the 8 new change is formed from Morris.
such following dates: July 7 snd 21, and dale which is almost certain: it will
{all | August 4 4 and 18 The train leaves pay $400 an increase of $306. The
[Cresson at 11:45 a m. sand the fare advances amount to $1,900, and one or
-| 8 but $8.50 for the round trip. People Iwo others have pos to the
in this section shouid avail them- second guarterly sonferance Sxing sal
mity of taking aries with expectation of advancing.
advantage of the extremely low rate. New churches are in course
For particalars inquire of sation besides the Gillingham Du just
‘agents on the P. R. R. line. Ashermaft,
Kennedy, Nee Spt
Distribution of the Sehiool Fund. Hiberna and Sandy
According to the new distribution of rioremark i"
Y | fide Oot: feted last week by the pew pamonage
the state department, Hastings are arranging to parchase or
a oe, get build passonages.
| 972.46; cg Be aL Cambria, 9 Rowson Aecident at Westover,
treat 565.55; jana, etn rset,
ay or $47.453.91; ana, S73 ‘$140, 1832
{Last year Cambria‘s share was $64
1744.76. Tt will be thus seen that the
county a pr bo Lhe and ant af i
17,800.77 or the pew system. Most :
of this gain | is expected to go to the makes hi the Kitchen fim-
county districts and will nora the Wes In ihe at cleaning rifle,
amount of ex district cue third more | prepanatory, io Joa og trip
than w was under
of distribation. = snetratin bi ter, who. %
Saturday OOrning.
Ea ® Boa
ar Bash
; raat bn Loe tnrelsms
a Bd i
ig of { fro aryas. Lainel Snyder,
fortunate Indy, ho
4 is ¥ fim
rau seated |
of six children,
. and was rock-
she wan sdiot.
y the may
be worked for Kitchen is the
yours, Was & poor | whom are
"constantly remarking the fact that ite
Pages t the war news in the most
: That's What,
x The Cambria Tribune says that as
‘will be seen by remarks credited to portant Mapping ol in of the da ay
‘him elsewhere, Hon. J. D. Hicks says Fost Toe
1 that be has been abused by new pers other paper in ya Epos Last San-
until be can’t stand it any longer. day's sve was a good example. No
who get abused by pew other paper any where made such a doe
extent are generally scoundrels display of the describin
PE En er: and they sel-: Lieutenant Hobson's heroic feat
g | dom improv e matters much by sueing sakin og errimac. Not an es
3 | the newspapers, ei and the ac
es fa were vo: that the reader
Notice ot Letting. out of them.
, Seater most
teuben ville | 0.) Daily Herald
New Demtint for Patton,
Dr.Chas. Ernest Chase, gradoabe of
Pennaylvania University, is located
City Restaorant, where
typographicaily, and in addition
reader is able to iad there aH the ©
of filling teeth, crown and bridge
of the extracting, etc. te. Office In fitted throu
| out with all mudern appliances.
| hours will be from 34 I. fo 12 m.; 1p
SSP mand 7 pm. 10 8:30 ! hr
work guaranteed and a BH
or Oe
Band Tournament.
Account of the annual Tournamsnt
. of northern Pennsylvania and western
New York Band
“held at Phili
is 2th the Beech Cr k R. R. will sell
special excursion tickets at redaced
‘rates from all points on is line wo
| Philipsburg, Pa, Jane 22nd, 25rd, and
24th, good to return anti Juve Sith,
An ambrella was left int. KE
Camb Pa June su Sth 1998
Call and 8 See Me.
{liberal share of your patronage
solicited. GARFIELD WiLKiNe,
Just in Time.
A well- known iad in town exclaimed
: the other day: ve been wearing
wy l life out He effects of nervous
n, neuralgia and headaches.
My attention was at last directed to Hardware company’s
Burs | for the the Commercial hotel. By
™| property and paying for this notice,
owner can have same by
| above store.
State and County Tax.
be at the First National Bank of
Ladin our vow shirt waists are now | ton, July 2nd he will
in, Call and see them.
PATTON Surrry Co. .
of erection show 8 vontinged
War. mach ia
of that pdt, it die
m br hing I oe our streets, lock it ap; w
jo " Nira
uality as work progressed, so Both her brother and husband are ‘on
SPyouie the We hoid the pemas w
all kinds of dental work, such as 10 te taken
work, jo ie Am tom
Association, to be Luke Durbin,
, Pa, June 23rd und visited friends in Patton Monday.
store opposite Misa Floren Wood, of DnBuods,
¥e |e
fvania railroad. is finds affairs hang erywhere in a gratifying bills for program and fall particulars,
The salaries estimated for po oooione on all roads.
AE Maxrsrrs, Pres
IL. 8 Beri, Sac'y.
Parton's Posi Ole.
The Cor pier has been advised of the
fact that the - offloe authorities at
Washington DD. C. have potifled Post
master £4. A. Mellon that $100 of an
increase has been added to his salary to
take effect Jaly ist, making a total
salary of $1400 per year. This ix the
third increase within two years and
goes to show that it is certainly » good
indication of a steady growth in every
line of business in on. from the
fact that the recipi of the post foe
invpease. Post.
master Mellon bas put forth every
effort possibie (0 make the government
office bere rank among the best in
towns than Patton He
bas ad avery convenience of nuodern
poo 5 tnd Himes to it and deserves credit by pai-
rons who reside in and around town.
Where is Our Pound *
The Covrnier would like to know
w town of Westover wan the sone hy one of our councilmen is so anx-
lous in regard to having the Borough
enone relating to freworks en
ced when he Roows 1hat hw ordi
: i bores ranmng al
ver the public thoroughfares in
3 a ix of far more importance,
sepecially wm regards to the safety
when | pedestrians pasauianty tlie
hall Who cannot very
easily get out of the
[ASS Fa When 3
it goes
=p sad down the :
Er er rT win
the Eagle
discovered to be ra
say you *
Married at Allens,
Vous. Barret sid Musk Ani Vion, |
two well-known young people of Pat
Readers of the Pitisburg Post are Ear
Coming. Coming '
itos Jones big one ring and
stage shows. More amuse-
J. An
the ment for less motiey Luan you ever saw
Every armer a star.
Grand street | and free exhibition
Will exhibit in Patton rain or
shine Sataraay, June 18th.
15 and 2 5 cents.
We wish to divine the patrons of
‘the Patton Water Co that the use of
pave washers for street and lawn
sprink a special charge, and bills |
‘will be A the using water for
these pu
The attention of all our water con-
public at this time in
when produnent |
§ at large on
Pr oni
Te ea Johnstown Chenp Exenrwiim
When the patriotism of the peopie is
aflame and ihe movements of Lhe army
and navy of paramount intervwt it i»
EDEN 30 Cn sayy that
oonid more posertully appeal to the
way of amuse.
ment attraction thar Boffaio Bili's Wid
West and Cy :
the world. It » po mere show intended
ride diversion for se aflernoon
evening. and vet as an entertain.
ment it is bevond all means the most
Ie resi valoe les in the Snot that it is
more than anvihing ese an inter
national military arament. in it
YOu can see veterans of the Fifth U8
Artillery handling a double light tat-
Jory axhcily ms iin front of an ener:
Cavairymen, from the sorties of Rows,
Fogiand, Germany, Mexico, Cob,
Egvpt and other bh lands show
how soldiers of those naticas bande
themselves: their manoavers and
tatics in fighting and thelr sports and
pastimes in playing
Ts will be at Johnstown Jive 35th
Aitraethve Windies,
The Keywtone (lothing sompany can
sertainly be congratulated in the Last y
front always presented io the poble
gaze. The window deorations sre
ander the personal care of LK Beli
and that acrounts for i, ss Mr. Bell
has had 8 large experience in this woric
This week they have one window Sled
with ladies axford ties and to close ott
their Boe of thewe goods they offi
them at half price. _ Ladies think of
that. In the west window ao attractive
ne of men's straw bats and shire
meet vomr gare yo thaws sadvasiossd
times the show windows ss an sdoer
timing swedinrm are the eye of Ube shone:
throogh which the goods Jomak w0 Sempt-
ingly a2 hi my that you generally bay of
thoes. IF not at fhe tise, ister. The
Kevate ie pany is enjoying & very
good trade and any one who trades
there always finds frenh neat goods will
be presented 16 them by the afliable
pent en in clvarge.
Erieiing an Addigion.
The Patton Hotel company Bas cons.
menosd the rection of a one-story
brick addition 3c the Palmer house,
fronting on Magee avenue, which will
be need for a barroom, «te. It will be
Ex feet, and when completed willl
afford betler accommodations to the
patrons of that popalar bostelry. The
SO pany expects Lo make several oti
dnporiant changes and improvements
in and aboat the hotel vory soon.
Anyibing Vou Wak’
Everything ic the grocery
Cash Grocery, viz. Mackerel,
codfish, salt sid, ham, shoulder, |
fast bacon, lard, potatons, A
GRIGES, SYTUD, Vinegar, tea and colle,
cakes, soaps, canned goods, sphosi
four, corn meal, brooms, wash boards,
swewd and sour peekies, maple syrup,
canned meats: in fact evervihing ket
in 4 Sestclnse grocery. Call and mw
for youre
ne ut
Fable Sehumls { Sosei.
Our public schools closed a nine
mouth term on last Wednesday. A
mumber of ions were
or trapping of
any bird of rE rg,
bird or aay
pecker, blne-bird, yellow-
other bird not a game bird is indictab
as a sriminal offense. Any person cois-
victed of such 48 Sane wounid he
subject to conta of prosecution sad
De OF nit a Tha Lo ao dy
Notice is hereby given that on May
21, 1898, the anders: purchased st
Sherrill ’s sale all the wing describad
by, taken and sold as the prop.
erty of J. A. Park, and that the sasie
is left by me on the premises in care
of J. A. Park, subject to my order snd
of Control All
fled not to
are hereby noli-
le or interfere e wid the
sumers is called to our rules in regard
to the waste of
Jit = obtain and use walter.
t of same.
ATTON Water Co,
E C Browx, Sapt
I hereby give warning to all persons
that if they tre on my Land they
il be dealt wi according to the law.
Beware, as [ mean
Hesry Fox
of Beaver Dams
Chas. E Wilson, of Philadelphia,
Fas looking afer business interests in
Patton Pric
You can’t help bat see the large ad of
the Bon Ton store eivewhere in this
paper this week
the guest of Misses Suna and Virgie
Dale an Magee avenne.
calling at at Paul McKenrick, one of Ebensburg’s
young men, was a pleasant th
tor to Patton Monday.
County Treasurer E. F. Spencer will E D. Vandeling, of Jersey Shore, *
of Pat- 3 Lb Sp
on THbiy wr vy 1
Apacity of engineer on
train the
on a ten days vacation.
parties who ‘sre not paying
2 thelr premises
perry Thumm ;
sett harem, 2 pign. 1 sorrel mare
Axvurew Lavery.
Hastings, Pa. Jae 36, 1568 23.
in Every County to Supph
the Great Popular Demand hr
America’s War
for Humanity
Coampiete asl wyitiva by
of Kansas.
The most brilliantly wrilies,
profusely and artistically illustrated,
and most intensely popular book vn
the subject of the war with Spain.
Nearly 2%
: work. ents are ig
00 a week ing i. A ven
for tive CRIIVASNeTS.
rey for description, terms and tent
tory at once to
of Rough Riders of
‘mouey and wi
fen Photographs | takin specially fir
Dr Chas, Ernest (hase, graduate of
Pennwvivenia University,
Iemeated tn thr Sodom Dolding. cpimite
Ooty Beatmania, # Serv Be ie prom G0 do all
Kivedw od Tegitel war, sacl as
all tEreorteelt SYR Sl nealiens ape
hen bevew WEE ee Dru Fn. Me. Ge
oe Rope meh wed Top pe bo SUB We
od meds Biber slaene of
1 3ffiewe Med
Jase. 3
wg TRE
AS weak JE tyme
DRE gentry ge dived ME
Great Reduction
You will be adds to Sore sonte lea
of prices when jou get a glimpes at
and yet this s only an ides what we
Rave in Soek,
The midsummer tomch is certainly
Sorne Very
New Styles
in saliors ust come in oat
Mrs. Anna Dartf’s
- a ve
Fine Feathers
Mum mt ales vy mite Sue Wnts bat
aes wil Bad a ind iad alwate Smells moe
Bvaraibe ovicie 5 Lam LHe sae reis
Ww H Xi IT?
wm the feathers Ys not
to look the best you can It
coMbe Ba mone bave your clothes
made we 2 and fil Yoo perfectly when
ron consider the satisfaction and sere
we they give vor. We aim So pie
and pat Un 1 best pr wg bbe Jiothes
£ hy the eant possibile
1 oscar bee
Ba we
elegant line of suits at $17, Ji —~ =
Dinsmore Bros,
Should not prevent you
from taking advantage of ‘the
‘we are offering mn
you will need your
it to your
while the
prove se
xii and
advanta: ge to buy
saving prices are om.
Wolf % Thompson.