The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, May 26, 1898, Image 1

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    ALS in Bo AN BH
$1.00 PER YEAR.
AT A A ®
tn PR SARL Sa A Sl ml Rr 0 FNS eR SA
0 Save your checks. Gleaned Here and There by AACA, \ Of North Cambria Count
On january 1st, 1899, 1 will the “Courier” Reporter. Vik1V ORIAL DAY. for Year 1898. |
¢ give to the person return- ear
‘Headquarters Lieutenant Peter Kaylor Post, ee
ing the largest number of —
my Cash Register Checks FROM CHAS. WEAKLAND
ey Wowmiaimeer No. 633, G. A. R. on aa Tae Tommniy.
U. 8. 8. Wilmington, off Cardenas, ’
| Following are the places and times of
Cuba, May 13th, 1598, ! ee holding the Jeestuey xn) Binations of |
ht : Cambria con ls
Se a ay GENERAL ORDER NO. 6. | Cremon, for Cremon, Jase 31; Noel, |
i for Monster, Jone 30; Hastings,
which occurred yesterday sflernoon. | Hiyving been elected chief marshall by Lieutenaat Peter Kaylor Post, No. | Eider, a oo
Jeny yowiendsy Warning we fell 2 633, G. A. R., do hereby take command and ima the following program: | Ebensburg, for Ebsasburg snd Cambria |
torpedo | The line of formation in as follows! . TTL
the gunboat Michias and we were told a : | towpship, July 3; Gallitzin, for Gallit- | AN OBJECT
{by the Winslow that they had ex-| Right vesting outalivd vo Magen avevus, herd of dow oo TV 400 |g, Galliiels JoWibip S09 Vausuait, | J
cadmged shote Sidh # Spain | Eonbost | public schools wil form on Fifth avence in front of school building. I ar Surrall #8¢| OF ADMIRATION.
} ar 3 tama. : : Sunday schools on West Magee avenue. : 0 v i
no <r fslands st the entrance to Cardenas di In the following order: | Ob July 15; Beaver alley for White, | x welldeand magiethe w
Of standard make. harbor, so we concluded to move into parade Will move Stiowing July 90; Glasgow, , or
| Onrdenss and engage them in a battle; go 4 :
Will be on exhibition in we soon discovered that the main chan- mek s :
| Will be a hl | Thind—Keystons Drum Corps. |
September. : : Fourth--Lientenant Peter Kaylor Post, No. 633, G. A. R. and | STEN bis peeoliariten, and the result is
elim ie ©". Fifth—Sons of Veterans firing squad. ; tor. 2Sivetien Ws ft somerand.
Full Particulars and Sip Joovesied ss Marhieh goine Sixth Washington Camp P. 0. B. of A. Spangler, Aagust 3; Nicktown fo] WO Dieses yon in styles of goods as well a
| La el Dardenm, yin {| Seventh -Patton Lodge, No. 1089, 1. 0. O. F : for AW TRICE.
| ter Water and outside main channel | pop uM. E Sunday school.
ries. ee” fot Ninth sed and Brass band. Ebensburg. September 10. : Dinsmore Bros,
iliary tag, Hudson, then proceeded into | Tenth-- Patton publie ehoois written work must be done with | PATTON, PA.
Cardens. The Wilmington had to Hevanth—improved Order of Req Men. pen and ink. McClelland’s Psyoology ~~ ~~ meee
move very slowly and cautiously as Twelfth Speakers and carriages. of Number, White's School Manage:
E she was drawing over 10 feet of water, | Thirteenth Baptist Stnday schocl. ment and Berkey's Manual and Guide
o Fourteenth Patton Custle, No. 502, Knights of the Golden Eagle. should be especially studied by appli-
| we perceived a gunboat tied up to the FY enth- Wagon containing littie girls in charge of 8. E. Jones. cants. Teachers should also become
bow toward us, painted the | Sixteenth Concord Grange band. familiar with thu other books rec-
ne color as our ships. The Wins- Seventeenth—Marcellus Council, No. #46, Y. M. L ommended by the committee on pro- 1
I ht my Grows six Tot of, Hshtecuth—Ustholie Bunday school. fessional stady. Applicants will present $
water, wie sone bo Vo meu What ft waa! Nissteoth Ladies of thw Gelder Rupe, their last year's cevtificals with an $ _ i
i : Nad , . and when in close range the Spaniard ; TT Tad MIL Ga envelope stamped and addressed, for a 2
~~ Of all description and ged on her and the little ora boat, ~~ TVunty-Srst—Swedish Lutheran Sunday setiooi. report of the examination. Applicants | | 3
‘all prices. Largest selection quickly retarned the compliment with 1vesv Seton] wena & Order of food Templers. from other counties, not having taught rr
in this section of the country. her one-pounders. We poured the TH hy . third Si vial ( Greek Oatholls Sociery. ? 8 3 in Cambria county, will not be per- The “Way” is to do
: whole starboard battery into them and | wi ry : ¥ -atholie ety, No. 165. : mitted to enter class until they present your shopping by mail,
shen » land batte: od firs Twenty-fifth-- Patton Fire Co, No. 1, in aniform. x valid certificate from their own $ | . rT .
then a ry commenced firing tb aixth Cit] ! | @ and if you'll get descrip
{very rapidly, A continual fire was Twenth-sixth Citizens on foot, on horseback and in carriages. Superintendent. i 4
kept up for over an hour when all the | Twenty-seventh—Patton wheelmen. Extract from School Laws, page 256, $4 non and prices from us
batteries on land were silenced an di The parade will move at 2:30 o'clock p. m. sharp, and will march over the Section CCLL + “That it shall be the for your requirements im
: following streets: From Magee avenue to Fifth, Fifth to old Mellon hotel, guty of the county superintendent to the line of
| Bpanish gunboat blown up. The Had- |
a Winslow P tow and CCuUDer march, back to Magee avenoe, Magee avenue to Fourth, Fourth 10 .yamine all the candidates for the pro-
tarned her out and we soon learned Beech, Beech to Sixth, Sixth to Falmer avenue, then to Fifth, from Fifth 10 gagsion of teacher (in the presence of DRY GOODS
that Ensign Worth Bagley and two of "Peakers stand in orchard opposite school house, where the following program ihe hoard of directors or controllers, nr
TE a amt Kills ung{™ hl bun the hunds of tiv master of eoremonion, E. Wal Groene: should they desire to be prosent. ;” oer AN Pee
hers in a eritieal condition and | Masic by the band, singiog by the choir, prayer. In order that directors muy have this CA RPETS
quite a number of others, includihg the Opening address— Rev. Witman, of the M. E. church. privilege teachers must be weaminad i : &
lcaptain, were wounded. The three Address by Rev. B. F. Dise, of the Lutheran charoh, Mahaffey. the district where they expect to make & she will won't be lackin
others died afer being brought on i % Pathar Evadbius, of the Raman Catbellie churel, application for schools. This portion oh £
board the Wilmington. The five Comrade Lake Behe, of St. Aagustine. of the law will be strictly observed, either.
bodies of the dead men and three of “ * How. J. J. Thomas. and teachers presenting themasives for The oldest, best and cheapest
i ; the wounded men were sent to Key Singing by the choir. examination in other districts than ¢ house in Central Penn’a
site School building. West last night on the tug Hudeon,| Addressby Prof TJ. Fulton. where they expect to make application Write for a booklet.
ti * “Dr J. B Noonan. for schools will not be to
[which did not get a soratch in the ine marshals have been appointed: Chief marshal, W. H. Bell; enter class. Uniform PR ramination 3 WN. NURRAY'S SON C0,
: 2 maa. ¥
Once 4 a The Wilmington was hit s number assistant marshals, James Campbell, Revel Somerville, John Cordell, D. B. paper will be furnished applicant. | ALTOONA. PA.
of times, but no serions d done Beaver, W. C. Lingle, Ed. A. Mellon, H. E. Barton, Reuben McPherson, Mart Examinations will begin promptly
= We have not all the trade us. and as | was stationed in the fight. | Jobn Boyoe, Major John A. Wolfe, J. J. Donnelly, Harry Todd, James Mellon, clas. Certificates will be sent to
al of North Cambria Co., but are ing top I bad a clear view of the whole Dr. 8. W. Worrell, and W. J. Donnelly. ; teachers not later than 10 days follow.
0 steadily gaining bv fair deal-| affair, but many were the shots that | All the citizens will decorate with flags and bunting, and will let “Olid ing the date of the exami Sec-
Pa : ro Glory” be seen from every house in Patton in honor of our dead comrades of retaries of boards will kindly see that
A : ble | went singing through the air very close | school e in conditi
mg, 1 and reasonabie the Grand A of the Republic, and the des who t down In the rooms are in proper tion
| profits on all, and -don’t sell to where I was. the Urant Army : Be, So Wag Welt) OWR ‘for holding the examinations, and
a yon something at cost and and some of the large building made Citizens of Patton to do this, for they are, and have been, the most patriotic Sapt. Cambria Co.
| overcharge on everything. |an awful blaze; we fired their arsenal People to be found in any community. | Ebensburg, Pa., May 141, 1588.
is ok a i : So and caused two very loud explosions. i Let us honor this day, May the 30th, 1898 as we have never honored it before. Corner Mone Laying.
8: sonable articles I fired 37 shots and any person that The Grand Army respectfully asks the ladies to contribute flowers for the Notwithstanding that the weather
a : thinks war is fun had better try jt purpose of decorating the graves of our fallen heroes. was quite disagreeable on Sanday |
once, and they will find it rather The Adjutant General, of the Department of Pennsylvania, requests all afternoon, which interfered consider-
POTOUS. | school children to carry a small flag in parade. _ able, the corner stone of the St
The crew of the torpedo boat Wins. By order of Licutenant Peter Kaylor Post, No. 633 G. A R Mary's Catholic church off Patton was |
low fought nobly wanted to W. H. H: Beri, Commander. laid after a befitting and impressive
| back an i denrcy ins in VALENTINE DUMM, Adjutant. ceremony. A lurge number of people
and looked like a sieve she was so fall —_——— - ee ‘were present who had the pleasure of
of holes. Yo Investigating Streets. | Died Tuesday. listening to a very able sermon by Rev. |
as C,H. WeAKLAND. John Myers, John Scheid, E. P. Mc-| Mm Elizabeth Hewlet, wife of Samp- | 3 Andelfinger, O. 8. B, of St. |
Repabiican County Convention. | Cormick, W. C. Lingle, J. W. Lapfer | son Hewlet, expired at her home on | *iooe™ College, which was, owing to ¥
At the Republican county convention and E. C. Brown composed a committee | West Magve avenue Tuesday morning, the Ra dejfvate] fu Shiai? peatel ut adie | | HE W\ A R
held at Ebensburg Monday for the who went to Curwensville, Clearfield after an illness of pneumonia of about | 3° Ny hy | :
purpose of electing delegates 10 and Philipsburg for the purpose of ten days. She was aged 47 years and Dearne Reverand gen nat ap |
the Republican State convention to be mvestigating the paved streets in those leaves, besides & kind husband, two TOO not gala admitstars swing io the
held at Harrisburg June 3d, the follow- | towns. Their report will be beard at soas and two daughters, who sadiy | Aadequste sceotmmclsion pried ;
ing names were presented: R. 8. the next meeting of Borough Council. mourn the departare of a devoted wife "TOR SOR{Teipaicn, by N i
Murphy, of Sohnstown; E. Will Greene, | moe rm | od aes Buctionats mother, Hor |"V*"S) pricuts, Marcellus Counc, No. | ar |
of Patton; D. G. Myers, offshville; Atiention Fut 633 @. A. B. | Re aalta will be taken to’ Brisbin this] 118; ¥- M.- 1, and the Sivie Catholic Should not prevent you
Cyrus Elder, D. H. Kinkead and L. C. | mW ost a | (Thursday } morning, where interment . from taking advantage of the
Coldren, of Johnstown. A vote was, Sunday morning, May 291 0 | will take place in the Odd Fellows cem- "EXCELLENT BARGAINS
Murphy, 122; Greene, 102; Myers, 37; | services in the Baptist church where (oj at that place. The deceased was of Carrolitown, assisted bly the follow. W€ are offering
Elder; 77; Kinkead, 82; Coldren, 84. You will be addressed by the Rev. M.', 4evout christian, being a member | [08 priests, conducted the services:
Messrs. Murphy, Greene, Kinkead and | C- Alexander, of Harlansburg, Law- ,r he M. B. church of Patton since its Rev. P. Innocent Andlefinger, of Hast- CLOTHING,
Coldren were declared elected. The Fence county, Pa. | organization. The bereaved famil ings; Rev. P. Alto Heer, of St. Boni-
| " - SHOES,
ne | delegates are ali uninstructed. | Will Preach Here. | have the beartfelt sympathy of the en- | face; Rev. John Cram, of Chest|
3 ain Selo : | Ye Bym y -a Springs; Rev. Edward Andelfloger, of |
Y. M. I. Concert. | Rev. Alexander, of Harlansburg, Pa., | tire community. St. Vincent, snd Rev. P. Eusebins, of H ATS
A first-class concert will be given in | Will Preach in the Patton Baptist| 2 Ts »
: i : : Patton. ; ;
Firemen’s Hall Tuesday "| church on Sunday moming and even-| : Surprise Pasty : wv
be- a To aor e198. Everybody is invited to attend.| On Wednesday evening, May 15th, Another Fake Report CAPS, SHIRTS,
i : ey {at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Robert The following report has been “going AN
cellus Council, No. 44s, Y. M. 1, of] ei Order No. 13. Emigh there was a delightful surprise the rounds” of several daily and GENTS FURN
ercial hotel. atton. Admissi abst No |
gs come in and see us Gu aime] En A to uly ho uta, Lieutenant Peter Kaylor Post, No. | arty held for their only daughter, weekly newspapers duzing the past ISHINGS
ves with our easy shine stove | y : atch | 633, will meet in post room at 7:30 Miss Emma. in honor of ber 13th few days, which, the COURIER can posi- : .
i : for program in COURIER next week o'clock a. m. in full uniform to proceed | birthday. The B lowiis ditt wee tively state. bas no foundation wi
Gen a Dome have #abiue put on yous i Big Time Coming! to decorate the graves of our dead prese on: Blue Rose "Eva Barr Emma ever, and is therefore not true: Y
104 t 1 © n ; ve a ho / Z a iP > Fie a y A y * : : x . . a -
> Tittle nigg fi it, but a white man | A grand dance will be beld at the Soeades in He I ang Setar Haden, Eva Cartwright, Nellie and ‘The Patton Coal company, at Pat- | nous you Ww il need your
. | can put a shine on just the same. | Firemen’s Park, Patton Pa., on Deco- on me for the parade, 230° \, 0 Gregory, Mary Willis, Gertie 10% Pa., has secured from the Navy money and will find it to your
Sl aR
If war should prove se-
| ration Day, May 30, under the auspices o'clock p. m. Comrades Luke Behe |g nypoijer Maggie Wilkison, Nellie Department ua order fur Shree hand No advantage to buy while the
i and Hon. J. J. Thomas will address the | : i -
5 | Of Patton Fire company No. 1. Re! 0 045t Lawrence. | Bailey, [Francis and Mary Campbell, livered at Tampa, Fla. Owing to the saving prices are om.
7 |freshments will be served on the WH H Pommander i Stella Lansberry, Hannah Morgan and shortness of time for delivery -sixty
grounds. Good music will be farn- - BE Ida SON "| May Staire. At 9 o'clock refreshments days-—it has been found Decoy fi cm——
ished. The best of order will be main- Cook Wanted. were served, and all having enjoyed a pubis more whist a ha ew
tained. Everybody invited. | A firstclass cook is wanted at the pleasant evening, retired to their and day, as they have been for many : Wolt & Thom SOD
ComuiTTeE. | City Restaurant, Patton, Pa. | homes. | weekn." {IRM : : ras