The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, May 05, 1898, Image 7

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    " ™e FIELDS © OF CLOVER.
| 7 dy,
HY ad over
never was * Joy
: Ri sali or of clover,
1S es
i Re fields o of elover! ais
Zon, for one more vigoron :
In he deep old bis go whore ae Hight is
= down I plane, over NDS Sven,
when I come ama ver,
“As tho wind blows tread
5 ols naked flesh,
from the fields of slover!
elds of fragrant
2 perererm was joy
M ks bel 7, hud of clover!
us Templeton
leaned back
very comfort
ably in his crim-
son leather,
>] brass-nsil stud-
ded library
chair, rested his
: the arms, bt his finger
own wife. I have chosen Miss
‘Th ce you havel Well, then,
hear what you have to say when 1
the lady I have in my eye for
ite niece is the most beautifal,
, refined girl who ever flashed
West End society. She's rich,
| just the very daisy for you. A
teacher indeed, when Beatrice
Thich to be had for the asking!”
doesn't raise her in my es-
,”? Fred avowed serenely.
Whit” Mr. Templeton said stern:
py red, you ‘re a—a—fool!”
od then 1 laughed, which had
a ost exasperating effect upon the old
you shall marry ber, and I
_ want you to put en your hat’and go with |
sh once and be introduced to her!
She's staying at. Mr, Susans Come
along, sir
Fred rose promptly.
to her, and 1 dare say there will be no
| reason why I shall not admire her in-
mensely. But as for falling in love
with Miss Lovett —"
He laughed and shrugged his broad
shonlders, then put on his hat, and
went out with Mr. Templeton to meet
the charming young lady intended for
his destiny.
It was a beantiful little villa, not far
from Mr. Templeton’s stately mansion,
a little back from the Parade, and ita
made a very pretty picture, with its
white lace draperies floating in the
still sea breeze, and the spray from
the fountains blowing in a rainbow
shower, and the gay striped awnings
| fluttering their scalloped borders in
the July sunshine.
The liveried footman bowed his best
and regretted to be obliged to inform
the gentlemen that Mrs. Saxony was
not in, A swift look of dismay on
Mr. Templeton's face perhaps touched
that fanctionary's tender heart, for he
hastened to assure them that “Miss
Lovett was in the drawing-rooni—
would they walk in?"
But that Mr. Templeton declined
doing, as he was not personally ac-
quainted with Miss Lovett, at least
not sufficiently acquainted with har fo
present himself. He had kvown her
when she was a girl of ten, and had
always been her father's most cher.
ished friend, and had been in corres
pondence with Mr. Lovett when that
tleman died so suddenly in India; |
but all the same, with an old bache- |
lor's characteristic
pretty young girls, he declined the in-
vitation until Mrs, Saxony should be
present, ,
Hhey wou went
into which carriages were not
Templeton midway down the
and tarned to look back at Mrs.
: y's house.
“By Jove! There
| window Miss Lovett!
she is ad the
$arn an
for !
And Mr. Templeton seized his ao
offending nephew by the sleeve, and
gesticulated em
Nayhstilly toward the
fellow turvy? Look,
o's the wife I've picked out
Can your musio-teacher
Bhe did not raise her. eyes from her
book, srd she was unconscious of
their espionage, or of Fred Warring:
ton's transfixed gaze.
a "So Jou'se struck, 257 Joyous
ve the old man eredit for having
find taste, will
rew 4 long breath, then
a linked his arm in Mr. Temple-
ton’s, and drew that away.
“She is the sweetest, most beaati-
fal girl I ever saw. I'll marry hor to-
morrow if she'll have me.” be said
And bow the old gentleman
ob?" he said.
“Absorbed In “your book still,
Rossia? Lt is time for my lesson,
isa's it?”
And Rossie Plerying laid down her
book, and for an bour she and Miss
Beatriz Lovett devoted themselves to
the music lesson, to be by
s gentieman who had bribed
man to permit him to enter the masio-
room unannounced, snd to whom
Rossie flew, with a litile shriek of de
*Fred—0O Fred!
know I was in Brighton? Ionly came
Jesterday to assist Miss Lovett with
masic. This is Miss Lovett,
Pred Mr, Warrington, Miss Lovett.”
And before he had Gnished his very
delightfal call Mr. Warrington re-
Isted to the ladies the mistake his
uncle bad made.
“And I am sure Miss Lovett will
pot blame me if I insist that I shall
marry you, little Rossis, and the
sooner the better, before Uncle Phil
discovers his mistake.”
And the next week there was s quiet
wedding at the local registrar's office,
while Mr. Templeton was taking his
snooze in his
chief over his face, dreaming of the
days when beaatiful Miss Lovett
would reigp royally in his nephew's
At 8 o'clock the same night he was
electrified by the receipt of a note
from Fred.
“I have been and gone and done it,
Unele Phil.” it said. ‘I promised
youl would marry the lady you se.
lected for me, and I shall present her
to you in an hour,
like striking when the irou’s bot, is |
And punctoally to time Fred ap
‘peared, his bride on his arm lovely
as the morning, blushing like a rose,
her blue eyes shining like stars, her
sweet red mouth quivering ss she
ton's face when Fred presented her.
SR nl
: ll go and be presented
shrinking from
“T's too bad—too bad!” he said, as
through the beautiful little
ial snd, impelled byan impulse |
he recognized afterward as fate, Mr. |
fan’t she »
beauty? Ism't she sweet enough to
3 Jou? You wouldn't | twe
has for your wife, after »1
“Music teacher votwithstanding,
foot- |
How did you |
air, with bis haodker- |
There's nothing |
looked wistfully up into Mr. Temple |
*‘We've quite stolen a march upon | that he coming
you; but this is my wife, Uncle Theo | naut,
philas—Mrs, Fred Warrington, fast
and sare.”
“I'm astonished snd dumbfounded,
and? delighted, my dear. However
did you do it, Fred?"
But before Fred could make the ex-
planation he deemed incumbent & ser-
| vant anncunced a lady, who came
came sweeping in in garments of deep
purple velvet—a girl with starry eyes
and hair as golden as sunshine
eribable, bnt with two lovely women
beseeching him to forgive, and the
pansy-parple eyes making him feel
the queerest around his heart he ever
had felt, somehow-<he Tnever knew
quietly down, and secepted the situa-
mand nntil six months afterward,
when he trinmphantly annonoced to
his life had been when
Rossie for Miss Lovett
“For since you wouldn't have her
for your wife yon shail have her for
your aunt, and help yoursell if you
But as no ong was at all antious to
help it, Mr. Templeton married his
beautiful young wife, and it is a ques-
tion who of the quartet is the Lappi-
‘eat, ~Bpare Mometia,
“The Wild Birds of Europa.
Tf it were not for the climate’s naka
birds of passage would do well never
to cross the Alps, In Germany, in
Switzerland, in northern FEarope
generally, they are more or less pro.
tected by the laws, but as soon as
they have reached the Latin races
their slanghter begins. Ticino awaits
| their coming with net, snare and gun,
| and the war of devastation spreads
from Italien Switzerland to Italy.
From south Italy it begins again in
the spring, snd in this promiscuons
he mistook
“feathered favorites the ark, the
nightingale, the swallow and the thrush
suffer most. The Berlin Souiety for
the Protection of Wild Birds
ht for many years
been legislating for the hirds ot bome,
Some years ago a petition was ad-
of Italy such »
now to try
snd has
same effect. His holiness is implored
arge them *
to stop
| Bo poe
doetrine and by re-
is wanton ter.”
To Market by Trolley.
farm wagons
Es ay of thr
trailer which is sometimes seen. In
order to keep the wagons on the
track a second pair cf rails is laid in-
side the working
higher. The towns at either end of
service. It is, theref re,
ie Tor Tanger vy bring oe
to market and “of it Pe ony
the sid of his horses. It is not an no-
amusing one, to see's lumbering farm
wagon, loaded with hay or produce,
flying slong bebind the motor car on
its way to market, The farmers take
kindly to the scheme, as it is a sa ving
of money
sas City Architect and Builder.
A Malnocholy Figure in History.
It ta said that the
rd the United States
; The
part or the eariior ap-
; The Motzos doe
d in Mexico becansa
ntion, and now the
Queen Regent |
pathetic figure] Not Spanish in race
i he finds thrown apon
Made Absurd,
fidel, was once |engaged in 8 discus-
sion with a [dissenting minister,
: should answer
I “Yes or No,’
i location, assertibg that every Susstion
conld be repliefl to in that wanner
{ The reverend gintleman rose, and in
a quiet manner shid: “Mr. Bradiaugh,
question by a sumgpls
will you allow ole to ask you a ques
tion on those 53" “Certainly,”
| said Bradiaugh.] *“Then, may I ask,
| have you given 3
This was a posd
“Yes,” it would
| previously beat
n her, and by "No."
ed to do se
common sight, snd always s rather
“Miss Beatrice Lovett!” said the ©
a iL, th | the anthracite
A en-—well, t efpcene is indea- |
| the Hallstend mins, owned by the Dela-
and extends over a territory of
prpdiar |
how-—Theophilus Templeton sitamered
i Emanuel,
tion with the best grace at his com-
masascre it is noticed that of all onr |
da 4 Jonn Fas
has |
years against the
evil, and while other countries have
| Capsiand,
this body has sought to stick the | Kiteabe
mischief in Italy, its very heart aad paring mpd Sey
| faruver,
Lin the
his nenshew that the lnokiest day of
F farniture
sk bon AD
| Whole Community Shaken by the Sett’ag ef
a Mine Men Entombed.
Sn 48 RR
Duryea. six miles from Scranton, was
| visited last week by ons of the most
extansive and damaging mine ss Hire :
The caves |
old workings in |
amendment requiring that the quotas
that has ever occurred in this part
cond regions,
in touk place over the
ware, Lackawanna and Western
one-half to three-quarters of a
square In one of the most thickly popu-
jnted parts of the town, and affects
; more or less, 106 wtores and dwellings,
and 180 privates, The
Two men, Thomas Willams and David
wipe @ ftom bed
All the houses in
racked as though shulten by
quakes, and through the wide
surface lowed streams
et jonse by the breaking of the waler
muaitie, Chimneys weeps levaled to the
ground, and fourdations, rocks and
were tarmibiod profasion
about the apartousnty
The following ponsions were granted
ast week Robert Wilson, Thorn Hil,
Allegheny, $8 Joseph W. Whiten, ilar.
theldi, Washingtion, Ramuni OC
Dewnody, Soldiers’ Reape, Erie $8:
Vache! Carlin, West Newton West.
maorelgnd, £5: Jer, WW. dead
Mansngaheln, 35 to $12;
Pravie, Thariesvilie Belford,
Joseph Feasba don, Milipewt Pottery
to B17. John A J Willams
Mittin, Boo 85: Dantes! Ki Hol
Bradfonst, BB 1a 310: Jason 7 titebner,
nn: BH to JG Hanarah Miho
Un, Prankiin, 8 Mary
an sarth-
# to fli
YW oagnes
Rimmer ria idoe ik
ine Manongahein,
mother, i
$12. Emily
ners, Tioga
vitle, #12. Abssiom ©
$12; Edgmonte | Fries, WW
Tiotwe rt A Hondarann Moi annedls
Mitie, Washington, $8. Hentamin Crane
Ova. Hair, $16 James MM. Pstirrson
New hensington, $8 James ay, Tn.
har, 3. Charles MoMannus Hindesiil
$4 1o BE Erastus Hohb tofonte $8 1
$15: James I Hyrst, Mt Pleasant, $1
ade. Duncannon 8 4
8%: John W. Ayers, Meaivey's Forty
Hantingdon, 04 10 217, Willam Eok-
nard, Bradenviile #8 on JI. Edaand
Heel with Hannah, Centers $M to B10
Wilitasn BH. Barrell. Manorville, 8,
Levi Bird Iai? Pitsburg #0: Lacinds
East Hickory, Forest, $8
Flimabeth EB White, MeKocanort,
Roger Morgan, itaona, $12. George
Butler. $8: Philip
Puties, $8.
: Wasning
Harper, Mend
aasins. (HI City,
Eh Lh
- Swope, Bennett, $8 to 38, Patrlek Han-
dressed to Quesn Margherita asking
for her pity and protection in behalf
of the bird emigrants, and to the queen |
would pot be
addressed in vain. But the Italian
peasant cannot be reached by these
means, The same society ini Berlin
religious i :
petitioned the pops to the |
to aove the clergy throughout Italy to |
speak in the cause of the birds, and to
| Cen.
Italian is himeell an exile in |
all lsnds. He should feel soroe touch TH
of pity for his fellow wandorer, the ’
guest of many nations —Pall Mall
| W
An E ish trolley line Jing be
{ the
tracks and slightly
the line are both market towns, and
the line runs directly to the business
| centres, where the wagons are drawn
| aside and rua into their places by »
| half-dozen sturdy men, who sare paid
Boy lsft to eniist,
ley (dead). Plttsbarg, $2 John Gra-
Bam Now Castle $8 to $12. James Mo
Pride New Alexander, $13 to 117 James
8 Jones Gresnsbhors, Bote $120 Moses
Yocum Curwepsvills 8 (0 31 Jacy A
Hoover, Garrett, Somerset, §5,
of Charles Marks, Lewiston $12, minor
of Habert Harper, Shade Gap, Hunt.
ingdon, $12
It was catimated that #0 people
were hauled into camp at Mu Grelnas
lant RBupnday making the largest nume
her, togetiier with the soldiers that
has ever eollecte! on the Chautaugus
grounds The day was an deal one,
Wiley ordered the regiments out
for brigade formation, although he had
intended ta allow the regimental come
manders to hold regimental parade
Gobi mass the Third brigade
sn the groen to show thelr evaluations to
hin admiring nelghbors in Lebanon, as
the wholy pasalutison had sdivurned to
the camp. This nay have netted Gen
itey., who alse orders his brigade
ont t was a grind slight.
Charles Woods, & youar iron worker
of New Castle, while off Bis way home
other nlrbt, ‘was almost murdered
by highwaymen. Four mes ran ont
from hae shadow of the Epworth Meth.
Epimcopst church and one ds.
manded his money, Two selgad him
and threw him dewn while a thist hid
Bim on the head with A piece of [rom
He lay une ons 19 gs for soame time
when he recaversd and i aad
reach 8 dew tis re ofes He was relleved
of $15
Joshon Caldwell, a farmer neds
arks Mills was found dead in his
Rompe the sther morning Caldwell was
oid and seventric. He and Big son have
been Bving sions (nn 1dr antatod farm.
house until a few days ago, when the
The father Beqed
and when found lay
with a recent photograph of the bay
9 | preswed against his
breast. Hs was
Abaut 0 years old asd a ative of She!
| fleld, England,
Giearge Bununirs of the
inverted with two other sen $1500 in a
C Haturday Mr Summers
i from the agent in Colorado that Be had
as well as horse flesh. — Kan-
| men went on duty at Carpenter's steel
works at |
Bebind ol! shis drama stand the
gic figures of the house
Spaic, a daughter of |
the Hapsbarga| finds the possessions
shtened Ly this same re-
Qneen Regent is a
ected bLiy the gravest
igtield (Mass. | Ropub-
, the well-known ine
i deawned in the
| drowned in the
Bradlaagh insijted that the minister
without aoy cirvam- |
“The is
I partially cov
—Argos |
gobd mie in Colorade They Ald not ex
pect to get out what they put In, but
raceivedd won
Peon cere] 3500068 for the mine Sum.
mers oft for Colorado to Invest gate,
A heavily armed guard of a
teading a few days ago. In
consequence of reperta of suspected
Spanish apler In the vicinity of other
establishments dising Fovarament
work. The guards ave anders to shod
Any susticious characters who fall 10
depart after fair warning.
Isnac Hagnall at Nw
with drink, shot his physic an,
FE, Miller in the taouth a few
inflicting 2 painful intaey
EC. Autlinger, 4
parm ited suicide 3 rt
By shooting himself thr
Fe had family troubles,
ats] in a divores
Imuiel Code, of Peaver Meadows,
while digging a trench in the rear of
the hime of Mrs William Dugan, an
earthed a bax containing $79 (nn ogold,
which had probably besn buried thers
eighiten years ago hy William Wil
Hama, an oid shuvemalkier. who formerly
occupied the Dugan restdencs
Postmaster J H Brown
castle has !
the Postmaster Genernl in
he may enlist as a private f
Thee Nowcasiie
aluint $204W 3 vear.
Twa brothers, Jahn and
Roddie, were amd at Soames Tues-
day for the mundsr of Parmer Dia
Derkey. Both men protested thi
on thes sca®™oid
Ma irein,
ora ged
irr. W,
days ago,
and vecaped
ther day
the head.
pat in,
of Now
arder that
r the War
postmasterahip pays
Bernard aged 7,
muysqusrhanna rl
Harrisburg by a boat
The rotive Dour maid
sporated by M. a gor
aamiplotely deste
& Uressman,
of bw Ire axe Raa ig
wre vf ti neariy Yim ona
ered by insurance
p beating your wife?" | Jan
r, for if answered by |
i imply thal he bad 4 rev
br hig
claim, he prowl vd her,
i alt ph ya
inn the mine, |
the immed ate vie nity |
of water, |
tow held
- Hawalian islands
Andrew J
ol per
C the divine ald and Srectio
Brewing Company of Sharon, recently
which cuimin- |
wrwarled his resignation to
yap neg
i This
was |
the pw
| has no pommel
i stondy
i oand
orsoes titidean sorstohes)
Durfee the two-hours session of the |
| Benate Tuesday the conference report |
on the army
C agreed tn and
reorganization bill
the measure on
and signed. Bille wore passed to enable |
the officers and marines of the United
| Rtates navy who may distinguish them
| galves in action to receive medals of
honor, rosettes and ribbons, and to
place on the rotired Hat of the srmy as
Hn Arctic expedition,
| price ix considerably
sergeants four survivors of the Frank. | larger than the hait million-dollar con~
tract for eleven disappearing
he conferees the two hogses Hn
The conferees of the £3 are to be completed within six months
| The company is greatly enlarging its
the army hill agreed to the Henate
of militia of the various States and
Territories shall be in COM pain,
troops and batteries in drder to be ace
cepted by the President, and als that
. Renate amendment incriasing the sige
- oxntersive works
i Am Alhance. 0. Firm Receives Large fore
tracts from the Government
The representatives of the Morgan
Engineering Company of Alliance. O.,
returned from Washingion last week,
where they were the successful bidders
Cfor 17 coast defense guns. There wep
three other bidders. but the local SG
was awarded the entire contract.
known 15 be
secured a month ago. The ratio 4
A large forge shop
| has just beun completed and two mam-
moth steam hammers added. An erect-
ing room 900 (eet long and #0 feet wide
is nearing completion,
ral corps to the extent of 10 carporais |
ronferencs res
2auesd to accept the armnendment aus
tharizging the active employment re
tired army officers in time of war, and
it was sliminated
The senate foreign relations commit.
ite regular weekly meeting
Wainowlay Senator Margan araposd upon
the committee the importance of again
taking un the question of annexing tae
Flo wall the slands
Siaten in
and that
were casentinl to the [loited
view of the war with Bpain
no time should be lost in perfecting
Gf the pamm
SO that [1 was
wend with the
Other members
the opinl
fas dx preansd
fmpracticabls 0H pn
Guestiog at pressnt
The senate
tions held a meating
the ne nalderationg of
the sarexaiion of the Haw
There is a general desir «
passers of the go
tha Ly
View of
the Span
the traaty
samittee on foreign
a 8 ip big Fas Pb
Phursd for fa
the ietome of
ft felands
the part of
ty take Bn
i sigan Jt in
Fos as
we wo
yoweithetraey feed
pont tien eging the jrsuthod
the exigency The committee
phage of the question ander ©
tion Hat sepia wi Band
a definite conelusing ad 1 the
be pursed
At Friday's seanfon of the
report of the coanferoms naval
approgriatiosy bit presentsd send
agresd to. The measures, as perfectad
caries a itis mors than $57 5d 880 No
business of gensral importanes
swan transactad anal the Sennte ads
fourned ti Monday
The opening of the three days’ de
binte on the war revenue mealgre ats
tracted crowds ta the house galleries
Wednesday, and the attendance an the
for was ales Inrge. Bley. Hed Beem
who delivered the Invention asked
8 fOr cur ar-
Braet this
srvst fer gs
Penn 1a
Serpte, thi
By tHak
my and navy.
The gen<ral
the war revenue
Aehales the Worf
in an
. from
t for
owed Thorsiay |
night after eight and a Mf hours of
speech-making. Thera was tle dis
cusddon of the Internal tevenue features
af the hill. The Demuwerate comtinged
thelr assaults on the hand featurs
thelr advocacy of the neiame KX. The
mtter was ridieglad we a 2ihatitute
proposition by the Rapubiioats Th
authority to borrow money was Setond-
ad By them as absolutely eoeEseyY
Hefire the debate upin the war
AD UrEENCY War neasure
hy unanimous consent,
limitations dpan the purchases
torninstery supplics during the
ing war with Ruain
The house Friday passed the WARY rev.
snue hill with only the
treed upon hy the Republilean mem.
Owing to large
government contracts received by the
it has been found necessary
to increase the hours of shor seach day
ten lo eleven, Jouble tern and
every day in the week including Ban
day. The employes will be given 15
mintiten to caf their meals but will res
ceive pay Tor full time. The smploydw
nave alana been notifled that seginning
May 1, the rate of wages in force prior
po 1863 will be restored. A large num-
per of men have been employed hy the
firm during the past two weeks and
ton large additions to the plant are
BOW in conitee of erento,
i the bessemer big iron producsery
Central West have asresd to
tank thelr furnaces for thirty dave out
af The three months of May, June and
Af a guarantee in those who in-
tir follow ont such a plan. that
ane oles will not fall to abide by
the aproement and thos largely profit aa
the expense of the faithful ones, & 12-
seatitatics has been given hy avery
g! are about IS furtsioes
affestad by the selon
taken. Nome of the Pittsburgh furnaces
affected Hy the combination, The
ning a part of the agresment
hold the price of pig
in the valleys and 310 85
+ 5m
$s vied
ithe rest fds
sshiieh will Le
i Ca}
4 bay sel ton
at $10
The Plate Glass Company, of
trwin, Pa. has purchased the Anders
sot (13d) plate glass works and will
manufneiure plate Fines there, This
1H nor affect the rebuilding of the
works at lrwin, entiv hurned,
The wiuul taxation committees of the
Rr Logis Bingle Tax league claims to
have evidence that “ore than 358.000 ~
or worth in actual cash vale of real
ewtaley und franchises in the city of
=r ouls goes gntaxed.”
Wallis & Carley. Sharon. Pa, have
hers dwraiied the contract to erect
twentyeseven housen for the Washing
ton Coal and Coke Company at -
netisvitle, rosting $150 900, and ten houses
the MoClure Coke Company of
A member of Boston Barbers’ union
sutunite the following proposition to of
ganized labor “If 4 painter claims the
right to shave himself, why shouldn't &
barter be privileged to paint the ne
anid ;
terior of his own store?
The shops of the Tamaqua, Pa, Ma-
Company have come
- menced rymning sighteen hours daily
Loan meeount of the large amount of work
venue BU was resumed in the house |
the |
sf quar.
xing |
an hand
The Central Telephone Company has
Yeon organized with a capital of $282.-
WH vo aperate tn Centew, Clinton, Clears
etl. Huntington, Montour and Lyoome
ing Counties, Pa.
The MelBifresh Company's big sewer
{pipe factory loonted at Penrith, W. Va,
mmendments |
sreganization financia
heres of the wave and resans committe: |
The motion to recammil was defeats
odd 134 tix 173 The vores was then taken
an the final passage of the bill, and 8
was passed is] to iN
Boutvile, Chairman of the Com.
| church at Hanford,
Tagen Tn, wifl go into a4 re
The business-like congregation of &
Cal, haves enterad
inte an amresment with thelr pastor
Anite 8
Cwherehiy he will be equipped for a twos
a on Naval Affairs. presented the
penference report on the nay ai BL Mr
Cannon made the paint
the conferees had sxoeaded their juris
diction in that they had added over
f arifer that
$500 00h ghove the differences betwaen
the two Houses, and had also, added
provisions which warp not in confer.
ance. With the pesint of order pending,
he moved an adiournment,
which was |
The house committer on military als
fairs agrecd Priday ta report
an amendment $0 the vidgnteer Bi
favorably |
providing for an inerease of 1000 men i
with special qualifications to the vols.
uteer foros inetesd
This change amends the last proviso
of the 1,000 proe |
vided in the voluntesr Li as enacted
¢ Mixed ear
: OATS--No. 3
of section 8 of the Bill, and authorizes
the secretary of War to organise come
possessing special quniifications
troops, hattallons or regiments
frown |
the nation af large, not excesding 18.~ |
000 under rules and regulations of the |
war department
foow 3000 to ba used for the cowboy
ruanigations and the remalnder will
furcish a chance fo arm battalions of |
snginvers and enlistment
thousand immunes
se a
of several |
The ireroase will nde
vrar sojourn in the on
dition that if be make & rich strike
shall pay off the church debt,
WHEAT--Neo. Jred..
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EAL EE eae
Atlanta. Ga. i" 10 Save s new six-mile |
_ eyele path,
The practise of pareats carrying habies |
in front
vived to an alarming extent,
The Massachusetts Stata
killed the bill provihineg *
port tion of boveles on ratiroads,
of them on their bicyolos has ree |
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Many people forget to think of the home |
journey when starting out so snengotioally,
and miles soem
turning with feelings of wenrinesy,
As an instanes of the ponniarity
eyoling in the nave, it is stated thas i
would be diffleuit to Spd a men-of war
that haa not at jeast aus bieyele an it,
Dealers in Bievelos haw Tonnd that there
fo a demand among cvalimis this season for
narrow handishars, and a sorrsiponding
decrease for the ram's horn or drop bars,
One of this year's high-erade weeds can
boast of a novelty thal will only be found
on this particular machine [tis 0 handle.
barwhich is adlustabide and is futersaily
fastened, ;
“Riding a blevele is a most affective sure
for melanehoiln, The change of serene di
vorts the attention andthe hain redeives a
splendid tonts by the temporary thauage,”
says a physician,
For the short-sighted avails who cannot
| remd his ovalometer while seated tn the
Csaddle s little device,
sopsisting of » oes
monnted on the fork in font of the mileage
meander, has heen patuuted,
19g. §
An Baglishh writar who ls an mseosnted
authority on cvollng mistlers says that all
tourists and lang distances riders shonbl
carry chocolate with them on aaeonnt of
ith oourishime aml mmstainiaog virtaes,
might he worth trviag during the
A sew saddle jast ont indlentos that
med problem is bessunine the shied!
one in eahitie constraction, iis saddle
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in rent. so that thev can
tears and nsed tor
Hg purposes the same as a pommel,
ander a eampetitions of atl kinds will be
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grasnmes this segeom Tandem handicaps
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will fraud on nearly avery ore.
Ramm: while tandess on rsuit
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Yous wrANPeg Ya weeny tua
The average marrying age of a
Frenchman is 30 veg
FP POTATOES White, per bu.
sor interminable whes pee
} ONIUNS-— per bu.
13] i
Fancy cuvuntry TI
EEBE~Ubio, new.
New York, new.
BEANH-— Hand-pleked, ¥ bu... § 1 ® 13
CABBAGE ~Home grown, bbl, i »
Poultry, Bite.
CHICKENH, ¥ pair small
Etna. and ui, ih. 1
BUTTHR- Ohio ereamery
FLOUR... ..ccn.ivneens
CONN-~No. 3 mixed.
UATS--No. 2 white .
BUTTER Creamery, extra.
EGun--ia, firsts
WHEAT ~Na 2red.
COHRN-~Nao. 3 :
OA LD--White Wesers
BUTTER Creamery.
EGGS. siate of ean. .
Prime, 1,300 to 1, #0 hs
Grood, 120K Lo 1500 Tha,
Tidy, 1,088 10 |, ou Ts.
Fair fant stenrs #6 to 1000 ha
Common, (910 WE bs
25 xe 310
4M 419)
460 +5
4 20 : iQ
Heavy, .
Bouts azul stags
Prime, to 108 ha, wedliors. 8
Rost, BO Ter 3 hes,
Fair, 70 tu 80 ths.
Fair Wi xoud iambs. .