The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, April 28, 1898, Image 8

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    mi sere art is ished
r n ap,
——— Thea you: oars Anished too.” r
il} Templer, Is A American Agriculturist,
Tecommanien Sed tn Rhode Laland.
(Garner Dyer, ot Rhode Island, is
a thorough iever in good roads, and
has done much to aid the good work
for them in his State. He comes ont
in favor of 8 Highway Commission and
continuous work, in his message to the
legislature, as follows:
“The question of improved high-
ways has ceased to be one that can be
disregarded. Every educational and
Iatatial interest of the State requires
ls, increased
making the v oti upon the igh.
the Bate will be in a
ee Tad to be experimen-
d will show relatively upon
and i
There is little doubt that free mail
very is just as practicable in many
of our more thickly populated rural
: inities as it is in England. The
continuance of the service, if success-
a. Ly shonid be dependent upon. the
: Proper mal maintenance of the roads. If
wants his mail delivered at
his doo haa he must contribute his share
=z ’ vio Tass Hera of oe highways, |
Deeay Follows Neglect.
A Columbus (Ohio)
000 om
re |
improving 114 miles of
that they have been allowed to get
into such shape that an ex
"| of $250,000 for repairs wonid hardly |
put them in decent condition.
streets, bat
watched and repaired, just as regular.
will deteriorate very rapidly and prac-
years. There is no use in buiding
| expensive fronds, and leaving them to
go to rain from neglect.
In a recent address, E. H. Thayer
eight months of the
seventy miles of
stant, effective and complete repair at
the outside expense of
nary country rosd exceeds $35 per
with crashed rock or gravel. With »
hoe, a shovel and a rammer, the re-
the ros. Every washout be repairs,
every rat he fills up, loose stones he
throws oat, rough places he levels,
obstructions in water comrses he re-
moves, aad his tireless efforts day af-
ter day result in keeping the good
road in good repair and making happy
{ every man snd woman who drives over
the highway.”
It is only by following the example
set by railway companies in the care
of their road-beds, and scting npon
= as those above given,
such st
that the highways can be efficiently
maintained and properly preserved.
J of the ground in fromt of it
the depth of the sinking.
inches in the ground the effect is pre-
siasly ihe Mane ss if the wagon was
1p the same insline when the
» faire Boy Stone.
know that a bad one is a heavy con.
{ tinuous tax. — 84. Louis Globe-Deme-
reo 10 Tair
Japanese Women,
Naturally there are no figures more
perfect than those of the Japanese
they begin to fasten long garments
abont their hips, the effect of which is
to impede
awkward shale. In course of time it
ment of the legs and thighs.
the laboring class an additional miss-
of carrying burdens from an early age
apon the back, for the support of which
broad straps are ‘passed over the
shoulders and crossed in front,
ing directly npon the breasts.
a Japanese girl reaches the age of six-
teen witaout having undergone either
of the processes of deformity, she is &
wonder to the eye, and remains so un
1 til twenty-five,'or possibly a little later;
then she ceases to charm for » certain
period in any way, excepting by ber |
manuer, aud that is genersily preserved
to the last. Bat as she grows old, sae
has a chance of becoming quite de-
lightfu! agai
Jian o Sigeifed Sd vane old
apanese is alw
for she is always mach yas
The Great Towns of Barops.
While the population of Europe, es-
{timated at 175,000,000 in the begin- |
ning of the century, rose to 216,000,-
000 in 1830, 300,000,000 in 1870, and
1870 (with 20,000,000 inhabitants:
and 121 in 1806 (with about 37,000,-
000 inhabitants). In 1801 France had
three towns with over 100,000 inhabi.
tants, while England and Germany
had two each, but in 18Tithe figures
were: England, 18; Germany, 10; anid
France, 9; while in 1896 they stood |
England, 80; : Germany, 28, and France,
ly snd carefully as the great railway |
ies watch their rond-beds, they |
tically have to be rebuilt every few
stated on this sabject that "‘s man
with one horse and cart, working
ear, can keep |
road in com- |
50, which is
$5 per toile, while the cost of even at-
tempting to make passable the ordi- |
A dirt cart is loaded
pairer, a= frequently as the task is as-
signed him will permit, starts ont on |
psrrow wheel sinks three or foar
wheel is used, but if it does not
fines lrreghodu het obstacle does
not exist. The surface of the wheel |
wire. Yoby
s and the Zeb +1 wrlly prow,
young women. The children, up to
ths age of fourteen, or as lang as they
have tive free use of their limbs, are
| models of symmetry. Abdut thattime
and give them an
does worse, and interrupts the develop |
haping is sccomplished by the practice
There is nothing nicer
cherished by her juniors, |
tain age the natarsl high breeding of |
the race in ber to attain ite
is now nearly 370,000,000, there has
been a still more remarkable increasa
in the number of fowns with over 100,.
C00 inhabitants. There were only
twenty-one of these in 1801 (with 4.
500,000 inhabitants), 42 tn 1850, 70 in |
Wea know not what the noug
May bring tous, what wreoks may trew |
the strand,
Put the Brave flag still ripples & white
Cf stars o'er sil the land,
We know not when the storm
: Ba Honor ‘shines 8 shield for fresdom’s
: form
{ Though arth’ s foundations shake,
| Wa only know the sod
Ia sacred with the
! gave,
And the sus circling in the exile of God
Kiineas not apon & slave,
Fond that heroes
We know that on the hills,
{rr when ths stopm-winds of the oronns
This thought
pe Boar: ne haope he
~F. LL Stanton, in Atiasta Conititation.
When we speak of a delicate sitne-
tion we nsnally mesn inlelicate,
“What do you think was Shake
speare’s strongest point?’ “His pen.”
Cleveland Leader,
“Tis you know that George left the
ielub?’ “Neo.” "Yes He has twins
to sapport pow. "Standard.
Ada "Jack says he woulda’
the micest girl hving
“Pshaw! As if I'd hare
Philadelphia North American.
Johnny ‘Isa’t candy good for
paothache?' Mamma "No, 1ndead’”
Johony*“Mightn't it be good
you est it witha different tooth”
“What a long, thin head Jimson
has.” “Hasn't he? Looks ns if he
‘bad pushed it ander a bureau for a
collar batton.” — Cleveland Flan
| “Does the professor really expect
‘to discover the North Pole®” ‘No;
| he merely expects to be known as the
| man who failed to discover it in 1898.”
| — Puck.
“Jack and Josephine are not on
ing terms.” “Did he guess her
slosa the patriot x bosom
| she was old enough to Lave her ags
guessed ot.” — Puck.
Lala--"Don't yon think compres
_ sion of the waist is harmfal®’ Mead
"Oh, Bo; not if the young man and
- young lady are well sequainted with
each other.” Judge.
Bunday-Schoo! Teacher {reading to
. class; — "And some feli by the way
‘ pide.” Tommy
_ bikes in those days!”
“Didn't you say that the Sanctoary
dear.” ‘Then, when
you sare writing for them, why do you
not use smaller paper ¥ — Indianapoiis
Willie (stadying his Virgil “Pa,
I'm stack.
saying something to his rival, and I
can’t make it out.” Father.“ Maybe
he's telling him to go and get a repu-
tation." — Philadelphia Record.
. The Publisher "We can publish
your book of epigrams if you will
Funrautes us the cost of printing sod
nding.” The Poet— “It's uo go. I
never conld emjoy witticisms at my
own expense.” —{incnnsti Eoquirer,
. Drummer “That fellcw, Lazten-
berry, who loanges about here con-
siderably, is pretty lazy, sm't he?
Raralvilie Meribant—" Yes; be 1s
sctaally too lazyleven to take pleasare
in bragging bow be used to work.
Puck. )
| “These are honeless sausages,” saul
the butcher, facetionsly, as be
wrapped some up for Mrs, Backers.
*Yes, 1 suppose 20,” replied Mrs
‘ Snickers; “I wish I could bo just as
certain that they are horseless san-
sages." —Louisviile Courier-Journal
“Have you suything to say?” asked
the Sheriff, ar he strapped the mur
derer in the elecaric chair.
want to point ont what fools those
people were who said I was bora to |
be hanged,” replied the criminal, with
as smile of trizmph, Philadelphia
North Amerson.
Favorite Viowers of t Royalty.
The Queen's special Sowers are
intimate friends, knowisg her favorite
blossoras, send her those in profusion
on her birthday, st Christmas and the
New Year. Violets, the pet Sower of
the late Emperor Frederick of Ger
many, bave become guile sacred in
the eyes of his widow. The Duchess
of York prefers Lilies of the valley and
white roses—the roses of Work
ber own wear. The Priccess of Wales
is the most ardent enthasias for flow
ers among the royal family and is
never content unless har rooms are
simply one mass of scented hiossoms
- As for the Prince of Wales, Lie cannot
sadure to be without kis ‘button.
Baximg » Dride’s Ear.
In Lithuania, a province of Kassia,
it is customary that the bride's ears
should be boxed before the marrage
ceremony. No matter how tender-
| hearted the mother may Le, she al.
| ways makes it a point of almiuster-
ing a hearty smack to her daughter in
: the presence of witnesses, aed a mote
. is made of the fact. The mother's in-
| tention is a kind one, though the eas.
i toma itself 1s bad Tue reason for it
| is to protect the bride should her mar.
| riage prove an unhappy one is that
esse she will sme for a Jdivoree, and
| her plea will be that she was ‘. sreed
Limto the marriage against har will. and
on that score the verdict :
will be 1u her favor
How Daal Bu Gat nis Xamne,
William Frederick Cody carnad
title of “Balalo Bil” by killing
bufaloes 1a eizhiean wmanihs.
slaughter was to sapply men:
: laborers who were eonstraciing a vals
Teoad in Western Kacsas.
Ch a A ARH
_ Gaivation Army Boveives s Large Bequest
| With alt its ghtnings from the dae may of Beal Estate.
Unless the roads are constantly
| 38. Peter Kar!
P MoNesn $ Willer Bes
FC pitie. $8 Abraham J. Riggle Coy
EL 3E a Bi
: Haley, MK pespion, ® Ls
i. Mer andions. Fou
: Shy A: rdrew J
“No: but he intimuted thet
{ Mite Wal
. Dmrbars Tester
i ht
i Carbendaie
: aed with
{becoming wuddenly ’
interested) —*‘I didn’t know they rode |
het engines Several people were in. |
Ldured but sess seviousty. The road
7 asked the novelist's | A
| Robert Parber-
(hy George Clark, aia “Hoving Jack
The Trojan gladiator in |
{ ghosting. The rouble was
cof am obd feud
: been comducting B Quiet temt of the mak
| Fappay
a pied YE Jouery glare
ance nil be FN ME The b
ry just Ly
lilies of the valiey and violets and her |
~for |
ty days prier to death
Ct be in
Charisse Baron. of History townshin,
Jeuves in a few Says 0 By Pai,
Minn to setts op a vast estate left hy
Bis heotrer whe dled ABOUT 8 Yor ARG
The brother | 11 eft BBLO0G in
rod estate to vation army,
white periion o | Bes Deen Boa.
Iv rontestad 5 “1 Dong
ragide whereby the BSadvation army oi
aoiept $16 000 and pas half the
hit case Jarman Faton,
brother. of Sharon. was
inst wae
SWInR pens
mE Wars granted
Lavy, Scaip leovel
seed, Newvil Cligen ©
beriand IN Thomas Barnes, Hu ir
dom, BB, Jon T. Tarr 9
en BE Antrew Deas, 1
Samed > Lome
avid P tard, Teorey
Carnistian Fiasnigan, Gari dk = Ww £ %
Altert Roberts, Bellefonte, 3 13 I
Charisse B Reddick, Allegheny. Lg
Anna Borker Pittsburg Ase Bo
Gliese. Hazelton, $B Fhsabetn 1. Has
wy, Allegheny. B. Matthew RB Mo
sri Huse Tater $0 Juke
Rmpeids, ; Indian ik. B=
n I. Kerr. ¢ ¥ 10 2
Fim sh # ha 7% 4
A rest hey aan $e *
Weebl Alsxanmivia Mur
6 BB Thar FS
BE tor BR Jobim A
gin Zackarian
= { fio Rots
2 or, ie Jobs
ana, Boro EE Imaniel
Hash wn. B13 rn ny Farah
Newry 18 to £517 Christians
Meyersinin }
£ Tay
t Tem
a ven 17 0
sr ney
mise AS
Nancy Siroap
F rene Kirn B Flipabeak Barr & peli
$2 Moxicnr war widow Apodinx Hob
mann. Brie $8. Hoberr BM Jeann Hy
Fag mad
Batier #10 88. WW. Wagrer Prem
Morey O. Zeigler, Fhads 3
Hantizedon, BB 106 ne: Fravkiin Orvis
Kerksbaure, » wi ams Me
$i: Miers
$a a B12 Joke
Finger i
Rownester Mids odians
(Sommer Train $8 10 BC
Rruger, Rennva., 3. Lecinda |
Note, Indiana. ¥i2. Hupidad
poriipr (omBaence $8 Hannah Adams |
fillsdgoviiie Mercury $8. Rebeca Lo
Henderson. ack Gap. Frankie. NS
Mother New Eater.
Bedford Fi Margaret A. Fas
Pitsburg, $5. Rosilia Mahoney,
Ths northdemnd paws niger train on
he Plteburg & lake Ere road ool
the Now Caste breach pas
senger at New Castie Juncilom ihe
Ser afrernoor. The Brassed SE Was
sm the sid ing and Ihe wrack Was J pi
spew weiteh. The main line train, :
wrerking |
LE ba
Frawel Wem ts bog Forry
a 5
Age 8t 142 crated into 1
wis Docket for am Roar
gineors and Sremven Jumped
A shooting afray Between Twn codared
whicl may resglt a morder, oo
the vaker night at Gatnesta.
WARN shot throw Cire
and tx al the hospital at All tones in & |
bat condition Clark ewoaped. Harder
says Clark came to hia room when be
arises Rima ami began
the result
Recretary of Agricolturs Edge has
of Pirtaturg and Philadeiphis
and the rapport of Ne former examine
ue mas Sewn fled Bamoles were $e.
jected from the milk at!
railroad deppola, MR WaROne gre
ATS rARtRGTARTA And The vagiusl
rege hed that Paemsbarg has
wr peserest saree found anywher
the Biate
Fire at the mineral spring rosie
Ragagiertown Toesday morsivg dest
wf Froater’s CaRITIALe SPD bun re
tov bose 550 Horns he
Bass andertaking and furnily
how tur Mrg Miers dwelling !
ee gon The total es above in
sig Deitels mar
rowly seeped the flames
ip Brandt, MW years ol x brake
on tae OC C.o&8 YY. railroad was
gover hy the cxlesoase OF DIN rons = RE
Pirrstesrg and cat entirely in ten The
badly was fond by Pe! won kin en
tae Serorday. Deandt leaves a widen
sme oli Mra Brant 2 Srat Rue
was Kiged the AMS DGADOer |
ad glwsomt IN Lhe same Sore
Years REE,
- Harry. a 2-Four-ok
PTesemdaty of =
wk iin Haying wi
i T
Kiet a
was broken
#rnd Peoth
Hp and nse
im wrapped
KR Toren
¢ Fray Aco
[the Renate receded
; for the orher mortgage to expire.
I with By
: pending for TES We RE BP
personal priviiege.
| tleri's desk an sditorinl in 8 New York
| paper cumanenting spon Nis statement
thls war
be fonpBt under he banmer of the |
| Republican sdmindstration of Nis gov-
| pdght
jew mand
Payne's Bl
i has expended
iT relief
pedir dy
| pe the Tenth Tennesse dinirict
} the Runt
[ fuetiws
I poavering Ihe Prexident :
: wolgnteer forges and prov Sr for thelr
| srganisation :
Pf the Riates
2 Kame,
nate Tumsday pase] »”-
i allowing holders of & Junior
a to snforse it withoat waning
Bewnrt's (of Mahoping: bil aBowing
¥ farses and relatives af persis
or iImjorsd by med vicléncs damages
which wach vio
against the county =
paitsed the sengle and
jenoe occurred,
sR nw
In five hours of disensson
Serate Waodneaday of its recent ao
toms upon the Coban resciutions erly
cme mew point wae develo That |
was Haade by Mr Foraker
: the regognition of
sdependenss. He suid:
pudekily. spesdfly, |
poy moa cam fhe
altioutom PRE bess i
sunnt to the ressiations that
ews fig SLavErmn
recognized the ra :
thing poaswibily 0 Is trom was wii xi
Dow by to-morrhw teat the govern.
memt in to-day Yelng officially deal
the Yepremeatativey Bf this
ax it showild be”
* to Ronin. par
Bein ng pressed by Mr T man for the
sures of Bw information, Mr Forney
raping that his information was pron
. bat nox afioial
Aili prossnted an unniisneny
to the sundry oivi ,
raking monedl tel ¥
with which to pay 1
tie award for Bering
: made hy the jedns eoyvenlsg
of Fatsaary de TREE The apwindvent
ws sErved in
The sundry Mell BN
7%. which has Deen
od BATES amount of money Ended
be used in the mre mathening of the
wept cont Mifare, WES Snally
pansnd Thursiay hy serate. The
ERAT Apreoteiatien ¥ immer ect iv
ately taken Eber ily Com.
phere. aithe Som ie-
sion of an inent i aren The
price of wrmor plats the Bi was dis
se der That the meastire Tom
regsingr Thi mtiary estab.
v 4
pera; vw
sf war ought be considerad
wn Agmrmemion of the BIL a mended |
by the coammittes it was passat.
re sundry oP Appropriation nid
which pasesd the sat Tagrsday and |
wks sent Friday to a confers commit
tag of the tars Beviimes Con TRINE
erintions apareTating FELIS ME for con.
tnging the improveninls on the Dilin,
ALiwgheny and Monongahels recsrR. Ri
the semgie To Raye
for this purpoess retained ar [he high
swe Axed By Representative Wiliam
A. Rtame in the Bouse Thus, as the
ipsrmg were not changed by the senate
ar will Be in the &
the approval of the president.
Mr Grosvenor then.
Bald read at
fn the Boues on April 7 thar
ervmens or 12 will sof be fought at ald”
Mr. Orosvencr aapiained the
Bet with the
[rity Nad made
had only
| aad in the sEatsmnent he
meant that aw the present administra
rien Bad tRres years 15 ran that the
; | war whieh was pol us mat be fogaht
daring tx Nfs or nol at ail
| msemnt ne refectivn and had appealed |
va Beth sides of the Mopse $6 stand he
the executive, ole Bad been dpm ited
~ Mr
fact that the hows Ral Dern qilling adi
ard that the membres wore
weary, Ne would move 8 aljosrn A
cordingty at 12 5 p om. ihe Bouse si
4 fo
honcee Tuesmdiay passed
Aanthuoriging Columba
mye $0 lv Bonde for the rellef
pose fusd The bonds ram from 18 to
years and bear sot tho exXcied § per
ent inrerest. The city peor depart
prent Seale teal! in feed of gel & re
Yief measure Since the abelishment of
utdoer refind TW POETS BR the city
sdiee money thin it had
re tra cesdit in the per fund and Kee
ceprdingly weni to the Jegislsturs Gor
rae consideration of
sm cee of Paterson Carmack
interrupted Thursday iz the Bouse 0
Allow the passage without division of
remciatlon ws AGTHOrIE
president In Ris disoretion to pak iB
she exportation Of coal and (ther war
material The measures 10 prevent he
anipmment of coal te Cuban Parts Rican
Aner porte where it cogil be used
hy Spain, The speaker signal in just
the hops adjourned
The Homes Wednesday pasged as an
ts TT
The fit In permanen
The princinnd Range
an the BED ge inreebsced was That
the Appointments of all Fein pl
foers are to be made DY he ROVTROrs
ashen of by the
AE WAS propos weed originally
Separtpent. Thin avzion
practice if the i »%
reese nods Bensaliog
a ely the
: LE when Mar i”
in Is character
{i he
Was 5
Td one after
isms Beery ov
of the
18a wv SR PTY
tw Hagses On
} red hed An
PET sapped
this Apres
are 4
EE tax
from {he
times IW
Sera erning
1 agpenfiment
i whith the srganimed militia ada l seroe
Lares to
Bhat the time fur which ali vuduntesrs
he enlisted in redyuesd finan how
fads to fWO
paimer WIR, Suited
rast & Graham
io Pre al leer Tht
2 se. lawrsmos oagenty. fad
aaely on an miine wreck that
© a Jamas
Tscanses her will was 201 Jray
z ie
boy Mrs Fim
Presbyterian ohareh
5 4
$l oe paste
A man
spre dd
rk orrel
¥ Ceegs foun
pearly dr wrod in
ter who ;
[moen Hariee demrrased 1
bars in Blackiirs
sogmly CRESS
Boras oak Luowe
A rights dig bare 41
fd AEE: ¥ ftw {hand
Hast weer
ooage Ar
mE bare
Maman |
toe red 1 igre |
52, oe Wags i a
ard SIP
4 rom?
{ Paiace Car Company,
{ assm. The Spans Am
2 ¢ ant said:
| the same sacred mii t i
A sa of iberty and {many excellent «
to all and have male it the moss
Comal The slightest allusion w
i the Un
| mors and Ohio
peivtel 1100 new 5
] Tear
Logie American Unio.
Lewsox, Bagiaad (Hy Cadiel —AD the
: | Lowd Mayor's Baster banquet Ambassador
© Bay deliversd a speech apan Anjio- Amer
smn reistioss that bt enthusi-
ar sent word
he was “isdis
asd sonid pot attend. Our Am.
“Wo are joint ministers a
at the sat minute that
progress (Cheers! chasped with futies
that we sanaed wvinde, by the tmpoeition
of jreasistibie awe” Coloosl Hay 413 30g
mi American orinis, bul Gis spedeh was in-
teppenteal by the gassts as ap indirest
resoguition of (poe British sympathy witd
ited Sale
A Datlwmay Daou.
Dyring fhe rast two monlias tas Dadth
Raiirsad Company as re
4 3 3 angh i
ram wre al the
aasias and Ba»
3H reranliy acd with a
the Misehfgman
Jnr and Fogndry
ware Car
medidas TRS
SAL Hanh.
se ler
a %
salar Wares the Hiss
ane aid the Ww
<8, Deliveries ars
shiv as the cars are dom
Spain's Wheat Crop,
Ta Ry ARRD wikent ean ArHLnges abhoar ¥
sdaiy anBaNALY.
n te |
of Chto, i :
ef statement ond-
the Cuba
very day wien the |
pas practioaily |
of uta. and }
tne the rdted States io time |
After &
a% 5 guestion or
cleo. |
| stances under whieh the statement wis
| mde. He had been dell
| ropord the Dremocrall
He Bad |
Dingley stated that in view of the 3
of the |
tha poantested
the |
he Span- |
Worn! Womthity
i THE DOMINANT 0.20500 for Besds sod Uretes
: tre In pao Now Wasse. Besgh
| Sam
This is
Hood's Sarsapariila and be-
to take it today, and realize at once
the great good it is sure to do a.
Hood's Sarsag
pT AY’ Grwatent tes’s Greatest Spring | Wedicing. __
ar i ——
a bortin of
Gront Chinese Bridge.
Spanning aa ine of the Yellow Seq
sesr Seugang, China is & bheldge five
and a quarter miles long. with 300
piers of masonry, add having its road
way sixty four feet above the water.
Tats work is said 0 have heed socom
| piwhed by Chinese cugiveers S00 yeare
- 6go.
| therimed BY provious congresses. Senne |
ator Quay was n¥upential enor In
tha appripriation | !
A Cheap Trick.
To manufacture a ©
stack oo the wall with gine,
[it to be the “wmme thing” of :
they wil pot be disturbed in conference | : :
Bil when It receives |
Coal Tar for De uw
Coal mar, when used foo dyes yiekls
sixteen shades of hive, (LHe me BUY
| her of yellow tints twelve of orange,
nine of tioler, sod anmerous other cob
| OTe 40d shades.
Srreguinr Desesty i's harder to mam
Suv MAR TOU: dishdnduty. >
Syrapof Figs is ‘ taken Tht
and refreshing to the taste. ard sete
tiv yet promptly on the Kidneys,
ir and Bowels, clcanses the sys
tem efectnally, dispels colds, bead.
' aches and fevers and cures habitual
3 constipation.
only remedy of its kind ever
| daced, pleasing to the taste
ceptable to the stomach,
| To action and tral beneficial a it ire
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