The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, April 28, 1898, Image 7

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o ree a of therapid diminution
in the number of songbirds in|
Mussissippi during the last decade.
3 Mocking birds are actually becoming |
mearoe on the coast, where a few years |
ago they were more numerous, per-
One sountry--besutifal as one
From s2a to mogntain cites,
Tie somthisnd deletes seek the san
Tha! rims Xow England's roses,
The stne usdarkened lights of God
Khia on us from the snyisnds,
And cider ewery breathing lod
Froop lowland vais to Mghisnds,
country. Wood -thrushes and brown |
$hrashes are hard to find; binelirds, :
_ emee so abundant in winter, are rarely |
geen; and the same scarcity is to be |
noted of nil the other songbirds,
deh rg
oS Snes
Ta The buying off of he nders in the
iste Philippine rebellion was not a
Saved From
shaster-stroke on the part of Spain is
simply induced other speculative pa
- triots to go into s war venture, and
now thers is a sew rebellion uiider
: way. 80 long as Spain has bribes to
~ disburse it will have candidates for
them. It wonld have been cheaper for 3
that country to make friends of the
people of the Philippines by giving
them good government, but that is the |
mort of eecinomy the Nation of Alras,
3 sidenpizon nod Weylers never hae
| The Jopanese Government is inter-
omed in a plan which is now being |
pout {into operation by the Japanese
Houth Ameridan Steamship Company,
bring large sumbers of free Japan.
laborers into South America. The
pators of the scheme have picked
Ee aly:
conditions in Brazil in conjate.
pan, India, Basia; Pinland, and, in-
, most other conntries in ordering
0 State milway, aking
schioes slong the slumber.
Hear Joudl enough to rouse its mum-
I Pharsohs and awsken anew the
ywing of Osiris, suspended withon!
ye thousands of years ago. Toe
i ean now travel all over the
rid with the patriotic consciousness
he is being drawn by the iron
wees of his own native land and that
ere are none to outpace or outstay
, and no likelihood of any in the
rn, and the time will come be- |
han the navy will be off |
1g aad thiough bY Ameri: |
in the Morgue, relates the |
Commurolal Advertiser, is
hanter, trapper,
miner and Klondike
_ guide, has played
‘the role of John
Smith, while Pore
bovias was imper- |
sonsted by Annota,
8 beantifal maiden
"of the tribe of Chil. |
kat Indians, says
the Bt Lonis Globe-Demoerst. Like |
John Himith, Mr. Jordan is sn English- |
man. While on a hunting expedition
| in British Colambia just ten years ago
| he was captared Ly the Chilkat Indi- |
| ans oxi Bkeena River, on the old Tele
trail to the Yakom gold regions.
emus snbjected to many oranel tor
love with him planned his escape, and
to her skill and strategy he owes his
life. Not only did she save his life,
i but she saved a buckskio bag of gold
dust worth $6000,
In trath, John Smith's &
| with Chief Powhatan in Old Virginis
is ned “in it” when Arthur Jordan's
Chilkat Indians in the frozen north is
told, So let the bold hunter tell his
. own story in his own way.
| sixteen summers, living with my fath.
er, who is proprietor of the Jordan
| iron works, in Bristol, England, and I
experiences to i Globe Demoorat men.
Jordan was attired in 8 common blwck
i suit of clothes, with bisck slouch hat,
bat wore high topped boots of yellow
tarned lesther that lseed up to the
knees, They are the boots worn by
all the miners of the west, Mr. Jor-
dsn is of medinm beight, and of
strong build, and his raddy cheeks
are Mronsed by Joars o of EXPOS;
4 ve spent in wt
isg and trapping, Sern years Iu hen
mining, in the Northwest erritory,
continued Mr. Jordan. ‘“In the spring
of 1885 ] was at ths head of Stewnrt
river, 250 miles east of the spot where
Dawson City now stands. My sole
companion was a Chilkat Indian of the
name of Seeta. We bad a cayiee
apiece to ride, and we slept in a tepee
| made of caribou skins. At the head
off the Stewart river are three small
| lakes locked in the mountains, and as
| we saw some oolor on the surface
there we pitched our and made
some washings forgold. Webhad only
one gold pan, but with the additional
{| washed out $6000 worth of gold dast
We remained in that region nutil
1688, and bad fine sport in bear hunt-
sources of the Pelly and Liard rivers,
wiles northeast of |
ing st the time were
the lite
nothing about it.
| wining the seemed a I was
I de: 8 nature was
I vas somprusaiuting Indisn villsge,
at the smplatis, ‘as an Todas deg |
. barked savagely at my coming. Sad. |
| desly a hall dozen stalwart Indian |
an old woman who died, | i: backs darted from the brush at either
bet Ze was Cathar.
she. ‘was able fo work.
ha; longer, before T get mar
ried In the meantime I must pro-
vide ‘home for one who will be my
nion in life. It takes money to
“you a wife aad howe, and if
not begin to lay by a little, why,
ever be able to have a home. 1
m abou tired of knocking about from
¢e to piace, I hope you will con-
the position I am in, and not
le me with calls for hefp, for 1
help you at present. 1 haveto
y own way as I go to the posi
n, und fae position I ean occupy
es t way an 8: exepeding! 'y hard
{ince had
side of the trail snd covered Bieta
and me with their muskets
course, discretion told me to make no
resistance. It was only a moment
until the bucks had disarmed Seeta
i snd me, and had taken our ponies
Them, as
village, we fully realized that the
episode meant our captare.
i “There were about 300 Chilkest
‘braves and squaws in the viliage
| They were in their war paint, sod had
. been giving war dances. As Seeta could
| spank the Chiltkat language, and as I
could anderstand some of it, I learaed
| for the first time that the tribe were
in fighting humor becanse the pale
on their hunting
! and me with great
will for one week, alt!
us ander guard constantly.
and good
they kept
Then our
pegited us to the groannd, flat on our
backs. The thongs were drawn so
that they sank into the flesh and in’
blood, and I suffered the most exern-
viating agony. Every night Seeta:
I and J were tied down in this manner,
two or three young bucks
unable to move, the Indians threw
mud in wy face and walked over me.
tures, butan Indian maiden whe fall in |
| tele of love and adventure with the
“Twenty years ago I was a lad®of
ray away fromm home and came to!
began Mr. Jordan, as he sat |
(in u quiet corner of the curridor of
the Laclede Hotel, and narrated his
use of a frying pan the Indias and I
ing. When we left we crossed the
and pushed on to Lake Telsa, 140
“By the summer of 1838 we had
| Same 44 242 south as the HSkesau river.
| One fine Seeta and [ rode
into . ei valley that lay be-
her ragged nnd |
| Shore ier'sy OT Suddenly Seots, |
| whose Indian mind was keen snd alert,
| enlled my attention to the fact that wé
ik are ) nearly all Amer |
led us into the Indian |
{ still.
e Indians treated Seeta |
They tied our bands
and feet with thongs of buckskin and
: She led the way, crawling ‘on her
tightly around my wrists and ankles
terfured with the circolation of the
Then Annota led us quickly to the
i pnd a strong guard Kept over us by |
While I:
was lying thus flat on my back, and |
~ Oue soastry! 304 her fag w3foried
On heights of high endesvir
I= ke 8 pariand round a worid
Where Fresdom jives forever.
Hall to thet soustry! Strong she stands |
Far loyal hearts that love Lor
With Freedom's falehion in er hands
And Freed: ve Bag 400ve Ser,
KF L. = is Boston 2 Press hut Roatan
by Chilkat Maiden.
imight for six weeks, then I was
(doomed to a mew form of torture
One morning after 1 had bees un-
| pegged from the ground the Indians
held a war danos sronsd me, Then
they tied » buckskin larist around one
of my ankles and fastened a soft car.
{ibem robe over the ack of my head
i and shoniders. A big bark monsted
. pony, with the lariat iz his bands,
| aud started over the rough groand at |
‘ & lively galiop, and I was dragged be-
hind as if T was a captured fox used
{in making & trail for a pack of young
hounds. The Indians kad tied the
caribon robe on my bead to prevent
my skail froma being fractared snd
{my brains from being knocked out
Oh, 1 tell you, those Chilkats sre
Of oomrse, 1 had not been dragped
over the gromnd bat s short distance
aptil 1 was kdocked insensible.
was late at night.
back, pegged down, and | was weak
and faint. A beastifal young Chil
kat girl, net over seventeen Joa old,
was crouchisg near me She whis-
pered in brokem Eaglish, aad in-
formed me that she would try to s-
range a plan for Sesta and me fo es-
cape. She said that the Indisos hed
considered me almost desd, and for
that reason only ome buck had been
i detailed to guard me that night, and
be bad crawled into the brash to
sleep. She told me to ‘play sick.” so
that the vigiianes of the night gasrd
would be related. She suid that she
| bad bitterly denounced me in ensup in
order to ward off any suspicion that
she might aid me. In ber simple way
she axpressed great love for me, and
saidishe wanted me to escape, and
Tthat when the Indians quit the war.
path and pesce was restored I oomid
return and marry her. Of eourse,
ander the circumstances [ could not
protest agsinst even an Indian masden
POPPIng the question to me, and I
male a 1 engagement then
and there in a. hasty soguiesence
to her proposition. By this time my
I head was sebing. from the bruises,
aad the fover was making me suffer
from thirst. 1 asked the Indian girl
for a drink of water. Hbhe crawled
sway quietly on her hands and knees
in the dark, for disc wonid have
meant death. In due time she re
tarned in the same way and brought
me a leather pouch fall of water.
She had carried the pouch by a string | 198
the night she kissed mie, and said that
her name was ‘Annota.’ How appro
priate! The name means “laughing
my bruises, and 1 did not have to do
| the Indisus uspegged me from the
ground | pretended to be too weak to
"walk but a short distanne. 1 was
pegged to the ground again for tem
nights in succession, and so was
Seeta alongside of me 1 played
sick. Every night Aznnots came oa
her bands and koees and wrought ex-
tra food to we when the guard had
Inge. She told me she was » niece of
the Chilkat chief.
“Oue night she informed me that T
was to be killed one week from that
day, but that the braves in their coun
cil had not decided by what form of
torture they would kill =e. Then
Annota informed me that if possible,
a whe would have two of the fleetest
u | sad tied in » secret place in the brash
,. | the next might, and that Seeta and I
| must try sod make our escape. I told
her that on the day I wes captured,
and while being led into the village 1
had thrown » backskin baygfal of gold
dast into the thick hrush ot a certain
Annaota that if she could flad this bag
of gold she conld keep 1t for the as
sistasce she had given me.
“At 10 o'clock the next night As-
nota, trae to her word, cruwled quis.
thrust my rovoiver, my penknife, and,
dust into my pockets, She hastily in-
formed me that two saddled el
bridied ponies were in wilting
cut the thongs that bomad”
then ent the thongs that bound Seeta.
The night was inky black sad deathly
The village was asleep and the
| silence was ouly brekea now and then
by the howling of a wonls wolf that
was lurking in the timber. Annsota
i said she did not know exset!
| the Indian guard was, but &
und that we
very quietly.
in the brush near Ly,
would have to proceed
hands and knees, and Seeta and I fol.
onr feet until we reached the brash.
Lpontes, Jast as I was throwing my
right leg over the saddle «f my pour i
sound was & familiar one to me, The
Cuilkat Tadian always sims wo shoot
a man in the stomach. They have old-
fashioned muskets that fire but cace,
imever forget ©
When I regained consciousness it
I was flat on my
with a
around her neck, Before she left for
“The next day I was very sore from |
mach soting to ‘play sick.” Batwhen
walked to some other part of the wil
ponies in the camp saddled and bridipd |
{ place beside the trail and that I had
not been detected in doing so. I told
ly to me on ber bands and knees and
to my sarprise, the little bag of gold |
where |
he was |
lowed in the same way across the
‘green sward, and we dud not rise to!
heard the ehick of a musket, for the
fares myself ou the ober side of the |
pony jast in titee to satel three buck- |
shot in my right thigh vhen the In-
| dina gasrd fired 1 roshed towsrd
{ him and fred three shots from my ree
| volver, sud be fell dead }
“Now same the Sight snd ¥ shall
Annes sviride the
pony snd I behind ber and she led
the way slong a secret tral, Seeta
followed on hae pony. The somnd of
| the revolver and musket shots aromwed
{the whole village, and the Indian dogs
were howling, snd there was great
| sommnoAion. Abpots hed prepared for
the fight by yoatly slams pending ail
{ihe ponies of the village eax] lier 1u the
wight so that they would ros 10 »
; pastors some distances sway. By this
trick the Indians sonld not get ther
ponies immedistely, and we bad a
| pore] start. Annots led the way alomp
a trail straight wp a sloping mountain
F00vy feet hugh, nutil we stopped on o
level platean on the backbone of the
ridge. The reguler Indiza trai was
around the bottom of the binf and
to the top we elnded our pursuers,
Omoe on wp of the mountain Annots
kissed me good-bye, and said 1 mast
some back and find her again. Rha
said she would have to work her way
back to the camp sgain quickly, before
her absence wna discovered
“Seeta and J rode along the top of
the mountain all night. At daybreak
following the ther trail in the valley
below, They followed us for three
days. and then we saw them retarn in
disgust. The buckshot made my leg
swell and the pain and fever was
severe. The second sight I picked
ont the shot with my penknife Annota
had fortaastely given
washed my wounds in Ps water,
sam bark and tied it around my leg
of my shirt. The balsam
red tha fever and swelling 1
couldn't beer uny weight on the lame
jog. 1 traveled for ome week and
side of the mountain, 125 miles from
where [ was captured, sud thers Seeta
sud I found a lodge of friendly Chile
oolin Indians and an old clntehmsa
inquaw; nursed me a short time
Heota left me here | finally rode
my pony to Fraser river, and was
surssd by s French(t-sder st Lillooet,
s soall mening town, and then I rode
to Lytton, on the Canadian Pacifie
railroad, and tock a train for Vea
doctor, one month after 1 had been
shot. 1 then went to San Francisco
sud spent the winter thers, and spent
the $8000 of gold dost that Anncts
bad saved for me in seeing the ‘ele
phsat' I never saw or heard of An-
nota from the night she kissed me
good-bye on that mountain top.
“Y went buck to the FPelly river
country in 1890, and brought out
815.000 in gold dust sad $300 worth
of furs and buckskin I sold them in
chance Miss Clara Collins, whom I
had known back in old England whe
she was a little girl. She was living
in Vancouver with her parents. To
make a long story short, Miss Collins
| became my wife, and she is to-day vinit-
ing her parents, who are sow livisg
in Spriogfield, Maes.”
The Traassntiantic Outtie Tradn.
That cattle-carrying bas attained the
dignity of a science is amply illustrat
ed by the returns recently published
by Mesars. Allan, & statement
covers the yenr ended December 31,
cattle, sheep and horses—carried
and lost from Canadian asd United
States ports. In this trade zo fewer
than thirty-one vessels of the Allan
lent took
carried being 74,137 omttle, 37,034
huge total there were lost 6061 cattle,
2%) sheep and Sfty three horses. The
peroentage of mortality works ont sa
{ follows: Cattie, 0X10; sheep, €.789,
and horses, 1.640. In assessing the
valine of these low percentages of loss,
it must be remembered that the total
pumber of voyages on which Live
stock were carried was no Jess than
191. It is also worthy of note that
practically half the cattle losses waa
the result of two of the Allan feet
being canght in one of the tremendons
gales which raged over the North
Atlantic early tn 1807, — London Syren,
Limenin's € a Five Erigade,
**The fre hose company of Sprisg-
Bald was very proud of ils weil
equipped fire apparatus, sad desiring
to procure some extra supplies, sab-
seription papers were seut around
The small boys, mysed among the
namber, were given a share io the
work. I went to some dusty rooms
over the grocery and entered the law
offece of Lincoln.
berless questions and I had to sell
him all I knew of this fire brigade and
its members. Then be saad: "Well,
Til tell you what I'll do. I'll go home
to supper— Mrs. Lincoln is gemerally
good natured after sapper—and then
I'll tell her I've been thinking of giv-
ing 830 to the brigade, and she'll say:
Tweaty dollars is quite enough.” So
to-morrow, mr boy, you come aronnd
aad get your Fo Chicago Tisies-
Phonographic Reperts.
A phonegrashic apparatus is to he
installed ia the ball where the Mum
cipal Coanril of Etampes, a little town
in tha forest of PFoentaineblean, i
! France, meets to take down the oficial
recard of the procealingzs. The wan
who advanced the scheme charges tha
erty only for the register cylinders,
which are to be xept
How the names of the various speakers
are to be recorded by the machine is
| not stated, mt the French official’
| stenographer are looking forward to
. “After 1 had bzen tied down every aad they load them with buckshot, I the experiment with some interest |
of the most reside
by going up the side of the mountain
we jooked downs sod saw the Indisns
. and I
and then made s pon 4 #
a tice of wild bal- Missinsingd home hy ome of the Missle
went down into the valiey on tise other
somver, B. C, where I first found a»
Vansogver. While there I met by
C Pace oar (wa,
1897, and shows the namber of animals
the total live stock
sheep and 3,213 borses. Out of this
He asked me nam-
‘Abe, will you never have any sense?
BX a m Reynoideviie
in is archives |
He Won ie War ron a Cotnmanding §
Powition in American Life.
The career of Blanche RB. fiones, oe
dled] reavemily in Washing, was he |
Bary Bnd Uw
HET Rietory.
ef to The
Se ified In Bw
EN , Log
Althongh he wis
ape of pears 3 sieve,
sawed 2p Fears gl 1
reed Regt Mempgts
fn ng sored 8 Toll te
Wr. H7ed Be aleeativ me.
guired 5 comfortabde fortgmse and ow
na low peddisivw mal poli.
Peper wha wis hen 2 ive a Vim
igen SF Tice
BL sxe ji pur en.
pins, in ine, rettmved with Mis mas
per te Mame! a Fle before the war
aed in ISAT Joigend the Tnlem forex
Afar the war he doweated ia Misses
pies wa Yogl. |
: Sensimnp Exgrom..
Fohigitinr Acooms. WeSk SAT...
Pacille Expres,
Way Pusenger daily
Pastiion. antl __ week dave.
Cambria snd ClearSeld.
a i Sor Patron and Ornos |
Teen ma © Masha ley ea & BY
Foe Sogn: r $58 { # ;
a sncBea
BH .
where he prospernd aod where, in 1574 | B38
he was sheeted to
Ron te.
In tals sommectian a pod story 6
tobd. 11 was snooapend (hat the Rens
pr wonld go to Waehingian fron his
sip stenmbonss, at least ay far as St
Loiin, on Bis way.
the Ualited States |
i Ea la OA
: 8 Anda
The capiain, & man
by the name of Lathers was & typead |
Miswissivnd stensndeat captiin, aad Be
was reoorted fo herve sald
would show t
gor aboard of the leat thet be would |
BRTe to Reet his place on that teat, and
If he put on any Kirs Ywcause be hap
be a Revmtor the
fesdels Bite Nis manners,
thet be |
bop Dela Senator whee Be |
wo black Senator when | Susipstany
§ mnie Mim
| Botadinke 3
{ Baaner. ;
| SHC Best Down.
Ax soon sx Bence handed the steam. |
to Biss “Captain Leathers, |
wo Wiiahington, and a part
AE DERG Zeer Sin POar pry i Se
mare is Broce sed possiBiy pou may
have hward of me. Waal 1 wanted
the fowling of many peotdy
har SOUT Phe rapraln wind be said |
going | ua
the way |
! far Real Un
2 Bane, va
d le EE
sar is That 1 koow perfectly well what |
whe ave |
teu vader reganding persons of my calor :
They SHO Leip ”. szel 3
=. CRB
Cand T sm godmg to give them |
as oergsion for aay annevsnes while § |
Bak That vou see ta it th
sume vou that you wi
for complaint.”
The hu
i simply i
t 1 aw mowde |
ss comfortable ss possible, and I ax | 00
I hate oo reason | ge)
then eld out his hand and sald. with |
rent empdemsta, “Ry oo 10 ale] ot
at my talde: you shall 7 gon my right |
hated on the en ive rin, amd IT *3¥ man
Starts be wil Bare wm S20? me”
am that emilee tris of mone Uh
the capis zn made race Xin grows!
ive of imstresaive sights
Washington during Sie
anata Heuser as 9% sew J
mobos gue, the aristoeratie Launar, walk
ing Sally together wn the AVP To the
Capitol. Lammr, (he scholar the orator
the fine trpe of No
paltivarse, and the
¥ Fe
And | Redd
oa days
imwiusdeey of 2
wm oand hw
Sern Avvairy and |
resect Tor |
; + i &
Brave god preforms] Be companionaliin |
in the daily walks to and from th
Bal to thal of any other Benga
Afrer bis redireurent Cron (he Ses te,
ny INsLL
¢ Cap
Reser was sppoeinted register |
the Tremsurer by President Garfield, |
amd 2x ment his Befare Him death Presi |
dent Me Kinky reappointed Lim 0
same offen
Aveeat and Pronuneistion.
tom AIR Ce at .
Triple oat, wR Maw
tnd nr
Most Slvpaies abt a
af the wh Seward
Seay VRe home
ting Toiug different (uvts of Ihe |
My prosuneietion ay nol be
tin «fect, hat ar all
Az En
porta wo ad wae
ST don't ip 35 i fash 3 Loud sh
Ehish & SLiomps
gevent Tod ertiel
Asn thinks he has an ¥
iby Boren digs
3 Take Threw sire tod
: England
¥oagadg in cs 8 im hg
avian asl hed Dros
% 1
writer the. CT
how, for
oe Pears
AERA 2% Tha
tans. we ORT 28 1 dag 1
«5 a IM erenew
wil bo
¥ “
i. RE
Tien sgain. propde often
we mistake of ceundaring
ent Bf An educated pevsan
place with thas
piace ©
“Tera STE
it felt ond =
make 14
& ot her “To
ATs the lode, “ie
Hie saviag the Londoners all oue of |
their pute resarts Lde Park”
will save Market Street [eput, Coarfeld
as follows |
for Curwanseiiln, Di Bais. Falls Creek and
Beypuidaville, Conpeciiog ot Du Bos tor
Ridgway, Jobhsscpiurg, HRmdtord sad
1343 am Bofalo Express lo
viiie, Du Bows aged Falls Creel. ©
ing at Du Bois, for Bidgwny Johssos
burg, Bradford snd Bullaie
2p m Da Belsand¥
neve, For Ua
Rata wae yr
momiawsey Ex
Fails Creek snd
Trains arrive, 530 2 =. and H02 ant £412
For tei ota, toe tables and
Chon, ond ui or eldress,
oh ¥. Hvar. 1. i
Loa a 4, Pu
Pnsmtnger At
Rosester X. |
in one |
af an eduwsnted one in |
we eall ux
} Mahahy
hg co
Laeid :
prea Taste amt |
Nivst iad aved |
r Curwsss
captain stepoand boek 8 PR
looked Broce over, and |
fn a December 3 sm.
Eavxrwaen- Week Devs
(mri Bide, |
‘aoe Ree 133 Aes
Sewnar Tharve
y 5 A
wn an
ERT at |
Rrenay Taares
owen TR
Geman Milas... ie tis
Plhildpsiuryg sa i
AH A =
pysrorsosee- AS Piliipsbarg (Talon eS
vg with a Beary Creed BRalircad Droid
cr and from Belwiosas. Leek Haves, With
mast Beadle, Priadeiptin and New
Lark Lamrwgeon ii 8. i sang. Sed
Gevgervg and Lyons © arse
Parton: Corwspewiie 1
ladgway, Bradions gg
Sos eealder,
AA mate for Hogtetas asd Rumer with
: cg Trrese mT PM
. Geuersl S2p°T
Beech Creek Railsoad.
XYC&HR R Co Lemos
“3 Rewsy
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