The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, April 28, 1898, Image 3

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Mlere is no longer much desire
mong well-informed farmers to get
the lowest priced fertilizers with the
jdea that these are therefore the cheap- |
est. Tt is impossible to cheat nature,
All the elements of fer'il‘ty, mineral
or pitrogemous, cost money, and if
littls money is given for fertilizers, |
we ean expect but little good to the |
When we take into |
scconnt that much of the expense of |
erop from them.
commercial fertilizers consists in the
cost of distributing them evenly |
throogh the soil, it will be seen that |
the highest priced, if also the best,
may be really the cheapest.
Weak and Crippled Chicks.
Often, from varions caases, the |
young chicks are weak or deformed, |
and we are puzzled to know just what |
to do with them. From past experi
ene, I, for my part, think it far bet.
ter to at once kill all snch. They, in |
most cases, die anyway after a fow |
days, and are worthless even should |
they live. ;
The deformity, as a rale, is inherit. |
ed, the egg germ being weak, and from
such it is impossible to get strong |
The thrifty chicks will batch about |
the nineteenth or twentieth day, and
will be ready to leave the nest on the
evening of the twenty-first. It will
give them a better chance if all erip- |
ples are disposed of at once. —W. H.
iibron, in Farm and Home,
Old Farin Wagons.
No really good farming is possible
withont wagons. An
likely to come loose and axles or
wheels sare to break whenever auy
ket, and often paying each year
twenty-five per cent. of what a new | }
would cont. The cheapness of
roti enables wagon makers to sell the
best wagons more cheaply than ever
before. There is not much redaction |
inthe cost of repairing, as the chief
factor in repsiting old wagons is the
labor, —Boston Cultivator.
fpravieg With Kerosene Eovalsion,
: emulsion is one of the
mont valuable insecticides we have snd i
a8 it may be easily made aad applied,
its nse should be general on the farm
well understood. It is made by
olviog one-half pound of common
soap in one gallon of boiling
water. Remove from the fire while
boiling and add two gallons of kero-
Used to kill the common insects |
le eo
., converting e mizture into an
the same vessel, continuing the
until it appears like thick
and the vil does not rise to the
amt by ing it through =
jotss pump ey nozzle back
ig the growing season, the emal-
animals the dilation is one part of
eight or ten of water. It
applied thoroughly, as it is
only when it comes in direct
rotitac the insect. A spray
pump is the only proper method of
# spray the more effective it will
ewies if this simple remedy was sp-
nt probibiting the importation
plants, fruits, ete, }
discovery of the scale on |
from California. The
_ bulietin is supplemental to
nary, 1896, which contained a his-
down to December, 1895.
in the United |
bulletin says, our actual
, the |
of the distribution of the
‘somle in the East in the fall of 1895
y slight. It
District of Colutibis have been
to the number containing in-
points. Se
wil. ihe Dominion
overrment is considering the gues-
2 of legislation on the subject. A
fifty-five fruit and shade trees |
ornamental shrubs affected by the
s given. Considerable space is
devoted to a discussion of the rem-
~ edies suggested to kill the pest.
dent says that a
Ew et spuple:
; old, |
broken-down wagon, with tires always |
strain ¢omes upon either, is i
the most expensive piece of |
a farmer can have on his |
rin t the old, worn-out wheels |
need not be thrown aside if all else is. |
If the spokes ars cut down and s new
tire put around, the wheel will last a
Jong time on a truck wagon to be used |
~ onlyom the farm. This is mach bet:
~~ ter than trying to patch np the old
Te for going on the road to mar-
Serene comfort and happiness in ad:
| eanced years are realized by compara. |
: tively few women,
{ Their hard lives, their lability to se-
| pious troubles on account of their pecn-
liar organism an: their profound igno-
| panes concerning themseives, ail com-
bine to shorten the period of usefulness
and £1] their later years withsuffering.
Mrs. Pinkham has done much to make
women strong. She has given advice
| 40 many that has shown them how to
against disease and retain vigor
| ous health in old age. From every cor
| per of the earth there is constantly com
| ing the most convincing statements
| from women, showing the efficacy of
| Lydia FE. Pinkham's Vegetable Com
| pound in overcoming female ills. Here
is a Jetter from Mrs. J. C. Orms, of 220
| Horner St., Johnstown, Pa, which is
| earnest and straight to the point:
“ Dear Mas, Prespas:—I feel it my
| duty to tell all suffering women that |
think your remedies are wonderful. 1
| had trouble with my head, dizzy spells
| and hot flashes. Feet and hands were
| cold, was very nervous, could not sleep
! well, had kidney trouble, pain in
| ovaries snd congestion of the womb.
| Sipoce taking your remedies I am better
| every wny My head trouble is all
gone, have no pain in ovaries, and am
| cured of womb trouble. I can eat and
| gleep well and am gaining in flesh. I
consider your medicine the best to be
had for female troubles.”
. The present Mrs. Pinkham's experi
et.ce in treating female ilis is unparal-
Jelled, for years she worked side by
side with Mrs. Lydia E. Pinkham, and
for sometime past has had sole charge
of the esrrespondencoe department of
her great business, treating by letter
as many as 8 hundred thousand ailing
women during & single year.
“ Portoct Type of the Nighest Order
: Excellence in Manufacture.’
wade at DORCHESTER, MASS, ty
diluted one part to ten of |
the dilution being greater
the insects aro small. Used on | A
our way. Where no dealer sells
small cash payment, balance in
the smuision, and the finer |
wre Blan scale and other insect en- |
in this age of
sn well as
the same subject pablished in
eastern occurrences of the |
it is said, in the history of i
s opowring in the twenty |
p | Evrassennes rte,
It is easy to obtain a piano
them, we will send a piano for a
monthly ay
ments. Three
years time
complete pur
chase if desir
” ed. We would
like to explain our method
- Will send piano guaranteeing
| satisfaction, or piano may be
| returned to us at our expense
| for railway freights both ways.
Our CATALOGUE, FREE for the ask-
! ing, tells all about them. Special prices
Ivers & Pond Piano Co.,
60L0! GOLD! and meek easier to get
Just at our doors. My circular telis a mast
| interesting story all about iL and how you
ERY Jurticipaje in profits. Sent free
anyone who sske ;
C. 0. NEWTON, Homer, NX. ¥.
oi pon HES YA A A bp 6 ue bg A BAIS
de meuday.
In quantity equal t
Klondike s richest dirt
fake more and betier ha
jafnctarer, MAITLAND, Pa,
Speaking of the president of France,
the Perils correspondent of Londun
Truth says: “What country but France
could produce a journeyman tanner
capable of playing an all but regal part
as well?” Grant was a tanber, and
Grant Faure is as a toy pistol to
Krupp gun, and Faure is a good fellow
at that—Chicago News.
be told bow y be is bruised uni]
ARer he bas been given his Saturday
not a firstclass one either. But he |
was one of the world's greatest sol |
diers, While he was mot the best Pros |
ident the country has bad, he was as |
goo! as the average. Compared with |
a | Mady for use in white or twelve beautiful
| tints by the simple addition of water (lat.
| est make being adapted to znix with roid
i watary, put up in
; : poun
When a bey pets hurt, it can pever |
A wowaa thinks it must be great for
to Io back im a darber's chalr and got |
shaved --Dat she basn't the face to
Shake Into Your Snoew
Allen's Foot-Ease a powder for thafeet, Tt
cures pain swollen nervous smarting fest
and instantly takes the sting oul of corns
and tuniops. Its the greatest somifort dis-
sovery of the age. Allens Foot Fase makes
tight or now shone fee] snsy, Jf 18 oeurtain
eure for sweating, sallous and hot, tiead,
aching feet, Try of lodny. Bold by sll drag
juts and shoe stores Be. Trial package
REE. Address Allen 8. Olmsted Le Boy NX,
ST VITUS DANCE SPASMS and all nervy.
cite diwsases perreanently cared by the ose of
[rr Kifre's fhirvat Nerve Hestorer Send for
FREY S100 trial battle and treaties to Irn
BH Kine Ltd, 9 Arch Strewt, Phila. Pa.
A writer in the Arena declares that
LG men pow dio the winrk, with the
aid af machinery, whirh needed 16.060 -
500 persons to dog Tew years ago.
No-To- Bae for Fifty Cente
A captive bee striving to saraps has
heon made to record as many as 15.
40 wing strokes per minute.
anid musots surfaces of the system Serud for
testimonials. free mold hy Imagginta She
F J Usexey & Co, Props, Toledo, O
Mrs. Winslow's Senthing Syrup forchildren |
. [teed Bookiet £4 samunie free Address
Anam mation allay: pain, cures wind colie, Be, ©
testhing. sofiens the gums, redocing io.
a hottie.
We think Plso’s Care for Constimption is
the only medicine Tor Conghs - JEXYIR
Pisce ann, Springfield, His, Oct LT
The swi's eyes have no muscles by
which they oan te moved! Dat extra-
sedipary Hexibtilly in the muscles of
the neck enables the owl ta move his
head with incredible rapidity in any
Po Care Constipation Forever
Take Cascarels Cindy Cathartie 10e oe Sa
It C CC fail w cure, druggists refand moses
According to Sir Henry Irving, the
theaters and music balls of the metrop-
slis give employment to IM EN peaple,
and represent & capital of £30060,000
Fite permanently cured
a after fest days use of Dr. Kline's Great
Nerve Hesloorer terial hottie satel treatise
tree. Dr JL HL Kywe LA 80 Arch SL Phils Pa
fle Didn't Like to Correct a Lady, but
He Cad To.
The raan with bronsad skin and long |
ish halr was hanging upon every word
that the charming young woman spoke, |
says the Washington Star. She was
telling of an actress whom she greaily
wT will never forget how she looked”
the young woman sald. "She was as
beantifal as Juno”
The weatherbeaten aoditor moved
uneasily, and then said: “% beg yer
pardon, miss, but I ain't edre that |
beard yer remark jost right”
1 sald that she was as botiful as
Ja 4 : ?
Tt ain't for me ter ¢'roet a lady,” be
began in apologetic tones,
“1 am quite willing to be corrected
when there is any reason for doubt”
she replied, In a tone with tmces of con
geaiment through It
perceive how thin san be such a case.”
“I don’t persume to cotdard! o |
i | to my reception!”
body,” be replied. “1 Baven't no obser
rations to make further than that there
Ain't po acoountin’ fur tastes”
“Have you ever seen this irtress ?
“No, mins”
“Then | don’t soe how you are guall
find to speak.”
“Might 1 make so bald ag to ingnire
whether you was as fur west as Brit
tah Columbia?’
“Then, miss yon can’t re’line that I'm
standin’ up fur the lady's good looks as |
Ye can't believe hal! |
of what these here miners thal come | wy w, my idea is this
ok : understan
fur West ax Britiah Colambdn, 11 stan's | gialesssand
much as you are.
East tell ye. If ye ain't even been as
to reason that ye can't have po dea of |
what a lonesome, ramshackle, frize-up |
jookin’ place Juuean ia.”
Mea as Ritchen
It is an ntaresting devalopaient of the |
woman sullrage agitation that Mise
Alice Smoe Blackwell, odMtor of the
Women's Journal of Boston, is devo
ting a good deal of her time and atten
tian $0 fading situations for men ag
kitchen workers. She says that the
chief difficulty she meets io the way of
geting bousework for Ber proteges wW
do fa the conservatiam of women In
her experience there are always more
young wen willing to take domestio
gorsice han there are Yanliiee house
wives willtng to give them a trial. She
affirms that & is as bard tO couvince
sone women that men tan do hotmeworl
as It 1s to comvince sme men that 8
woman can be a principal of a publie
school. Bat, she continues, the women
who venturs upon the new departure
are sometimes rewarded by finding in
® a perfect solution of the vexwd “do
rows, who is one of the Innovators, pro-
claims that the young man now duing
ber bousework is the best halp she hag
bad fn thirty years. The nan giving
such distinguished satisfaction Is a cob
lege graduate. who fioue his education
most useful in the kitchen. ~-New Yor
Rallways employ ticket scalpers
wheg they get to cutting mites.
Cher husband had another affect for on
: been promised a barrel of apples.—
Ginarantoed LOhaoos habit ture mikes Weak i Rockville {€ ed Journal. HAE
men strony, biood pure soe. 81. All druggins. |
this to supply
; : a | power,
Halls Oatarsh One is a liguid avd is taken |
interuails, and acts directly upon he Blisowd |
Nag fos ar pervitin. |
reception. The affair was to be very
board of managers Mra Z serves. The
; member you sil
Capavh work amd how litte play you
| girls have, and I thought you would
etjoy a little glimpse of society fun”
{ purses apoke up. “but pone of us are
| likely to have gowns suitable to wear |
at such a function.” 3
“()h, that need not trouble you in the
Mra 2
| my guests and sating some of my sup
| per.
. She kicked and squirmed, but he march:
the crowd that bad guthered.
| fled the woman se much that she left
© town on the frst main and never both:
He Paid for Tis Compliment.
A Smafford Springs man will proba.
| By use discretion hereafter in distrib
| wting compliments
| jecting rents among the Iallan jene |
| ments, and at ote house he commenied |
He bad been ool
to the housewife on ber baby. In a
joking way be told the woman be
would give her a rooster for the baby.
Kha Ald not seem then to be Improssed
with the offer, but a fow days’ delid
eration and probable cotsuliation with
the following Sunday she appeared at
the man's house and offered the baby,
at the same tine demanding the roos
ter. It required a great amount of ar
gument and explanation to convince
| the woman that thers was Do market |
for her child, even at such a reasonable |
price, and she could aot be persuaded
to tke It home again until she bad
Abnut 80 piles from Btockholm thers
is a ree waterfall of 100.0060 horse
power. A project is on foot for using
that city with siscirie
ae i rn i
Poa’t Tebaceo Spit and Smoke Your Life dwry, |
To ge't tobacco ousily and forever, be mags |
sevie. full of fe. nore and vigor, take NoTo |
Bae. the wonder woriier, (hit sigkes weak men
wrong. All druggists, 8c or i. Cure guaran
Sucrling Remedy Co, Chicago or New York
Bir Mark Anthony Tuite, Baronet,
who died pecently in County Tipperary
i 3t the age of 20 years, spent mores than
Kaif a cantyry
perfect a fying roachine,
of his life in trying |
To Cure 5 Cold in One Duy. i
Take Laxative Promo Quinine Tablets. All
Draggints refand money if 1tfalls tocure, 3. |
Fo the leading navies of the world the
cost of building typical roncinds per
tan is oan folloawws atted Kingdom, |
£80: United States, £18. France and |
(rermany, £37 10 £9 :
Chow Bar Tobmeoo The Heel
Smoke Siadge Clgaretiam
omg A ER
Responsible Distributors Wanted $10 per
“A tape worm
feet long st
least came on the scese sfter my taking two
CASCARETS. This I em wire hus caused my :
loam stil |
bad health for the A threw yoors
| taking Usscarsts, the ouly csthartic worthy of
police by sensible peonde
GEO W. BowLes, Baird, Mass.
Sterling Remedy Comprns. Chlougn, Nuntrent, Sev York. ny
Bord Rn be all drag-
wists Ww Tobseo) Hatdt.
1.000 wird He Tor particular, contrat & sam
ples. Crescent Co, 148 Montana St, Chicago
: af smeert, reviswd meter BE net w
ave? wil v
a Evo
ingtoe, B.C. Corres udence
ts os i A ASIA.
ei mS
RE ——
Sculptors say that the perfectly pro |
portioned mouth & three-quarters
tha longth of ths pose,
Educate Your Bowels With Casearetn.
of |
Candy Csthartie, cure constipation foresee, :
Be, Se. UH GCC Fail, dragaists refund money |
Bat Her Efforts Did Not Meet with
Much Beccess.
It takes fuliy six months for a sory
ke the following to become public
Last season 8 Washington
woman, possessing social and
charitable ambitions, elected to five a
Judge of the surprise wuen
a bundle of Imvitations was left at the
door of a hospital Io town upon whose
invitations were foumd 10 be addressed
to the trained surses of the Institution, |
and great was the wonder that the pro |
| fessional ranks bad been luvaded for |
| BOClEly recruits
A few days elapsed, and Mrs Z. paid |
| a visit to the hospital Making herself |
“Bat 1 do not | extremely agreoabie, she remarked to
# | the nurses
“Well, girls, I hope you recelved cands |
Suiiles and ackoowledgments an-
\ gwered (0 the affirmative, and Mrs 2. |
| went on complacentiy: |
“{adeed, 1 was only too glad to re |
I appreciate how |
“wa doubt of 11, Mrs, Z.,” one of the
least” returned the smiling
Of course, |
youu have
evening =
| goes, amid that you know very fow |
society people, but these facts must not |
| interfers with your getting a peep al :
and Prices |
I thought the whole thing woul
be simplified if you all came in your
pretty uniforms and caps, and took up
your stations
Yon woald only have to assist the la-
dies with their wraps and you coubl ses
the gowns to such good advantage,
and——" But such a chorus of indig-
paver completed.
The social veneering must be thickly
counted on Mrs. Z, for to this day she
doss not seem to poderstand why the
purses meet her advances with frigid
indifference, aad why her visits ta the
hospital are no loager pleasant. —Wash- |
ington Star.
Managing the Woman with a Whip.
It has always Deen a guestion with
the country newspaper mga what he |
would do ¥ an indignant worsan set
w Me Inghel C. Bar. ™ © horsewhip him. Some years
ago W. W. Wick of Topeka was run
ping a country paper and a woman as |
satled him on the main street of the | Vl
town. He gathered her up under his |
arm and paraded around the square
od laoghmgly along, displaying der W
It mort!
in the dressing rooms.
scelamations rent the air at that |
juncture that Mrs, Z's sentence was |
| yoar r or paint dealer and do
‘rating. This material is s HARD
equally as well
ers let us know and
Ey pry
$e. 17. Burrey Baresss. Prick, 38.00.
A pond wn wkin Dov $3
Alabastine is a durable and natural coat.
ing tor walls and ceilings entirely difesent
from all ksisomine preparitions, made
pwider form, in 8
packages, wi directions oa
every package.
Kalsomines are cheap temporary prep-
ered the editor afierward,
arations manufactured from 2haiks, clays, |
whiting, sta, am stuck oa the wail with |
decaying asimal gine
coment. which goes 1RPougL a protess
setting, Bardens with ase, can he ps-cuat-
ad and pestecurated from time to time
without having to wash aad scrape oi iia
old ews herons TeRewing.
Partioniariy throat and lung diffeunities
wrongly sttffhuted to other causes. is the
| and becomes sa hard as Cement. Milled
with cold or hot water,
CARDS snd if you cannot purchase this material from yoaor local d
we will put you in the way of obtaining it.
Wogan Sead Sie arpe
Catabigne of wii vur ay ise. shade, apres snd andere, BIE Ae poe
“Well Bred, Soon Wed.” Ci is WheU
4 po |
INISH applied with a
in twenty-four tints and
ared with lavers of molding four paste to | would be dearsr theo Alnbastine it cost of
tosd vermin, with paper to hide them and
tor disease germs; this having strong
waiors added, ke a anfored shirt, to hile |
tion think of “the nasty practice” |
tire Airy;
af repeating tis papering, witlhiout remo.
Hing the old, and & aumber of tines, at that,
as many do. Then thik of a room conted
| with pure, poroas, permauent Alnbastine,
| which ts retinted with bat little trouble or |
result of unsanitary conditions of wails and | #Xpense. and i& purifying amd nweet-smeils
cpiiings. Think of having bedrooms cov- |b
and fils erscks. Wall paper (ree
BH | POMC Ying paper is sunstdered.
Alnbastine is 8, glsord the moisture of respimtion, sod | sg
al + gn animal glue cgiture ground on is face i
Do pot my a aw <3it or an injunction
| with cheap kaisemines, imitations of Alle
{pasting Dealers assuoe the risk of & is
tor damuges by seiling an infringement,
| Alatmstine Company own the right, covered
| by letters patent, to make and sei
| conting mlapted to be mixed with
rater. Alsbastioe Cu, Graad Rapley
i Mien,