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    VOL. V.—NO. 22
ne BAR Sk
Save your checks. :
On January 1st, 1899, I will
give to the person return.
ing the largest number of
my Cash Register Checks
ry £3 >, CA
—— = YY)
1 Of an Entertainment to be Given in M. E. |
i Chareh Friday Night.
|! Following is the program of an
'Gleaned Here and There by entertainment to be given by the Ep
the “Courier” Reporter. ' worth League in the Methodist Episco-
ee pal church on Friday evening, April
' 99th, commencing at 7:45, and all are
cordially invited to be prwent: A
silver collection will be taken:
of the Late Hon. Johs Patton Ex- Singing - “Onward Christian Sol- |
plres at Lakewood, N. J. diers.”
Mrs. Patton, widow of the late Hon. | Prayer.
John Patton, of Curwensville, died Recitation ‘Little Golden Shoes,”
{linens of only a few days of pneumonin. | Singing Little Alice Blair.
Mrs. Patton was visiting friends at | Recitation “Richard
Lakew: »d when she became ill. Her | Speech,” Howard Bloom.
husband, Hon. John Patton died foor | Singing ‘Beautiful Hill," League
months ago. The remains were taken Choir.
to Corwensville Monday. | Select Reading Suth Reese.
General and Mrs. Patton were mar Recitation Old Pashioned Pocket,”
Dingle's |
LATEST WAR NEWS. Weyler Drowned io Patton, i
| On Monday night a large number of
Washington, D. C., April 35.—The bill young Americans of Patton deemed it
making the formal declaration of war necessary to show their patriotic spirit
passed the House and Senate So-day | aud alter ovjasising Ruesives ie 3
and was signed by the President. large company, armed with guns anc
y headed by the Keystone Drum Corps
U. 8. Flagship to Key West, April | hed th h our streets cheering |
25 Moro Oastle battery again opened for Old Glory and d ing a dummy
effect. after them. They halted on the high |
Key West, April 25. First Spanish | hill above the Clay Works and after
shots fired at American flag were di. | iudiog Ge Spposs Sp time Seer
fired a yof 8 |
rected against the torpedo boat Foote, | when he: was rel 1 and!
between 5 and 8 o'clock Saturday even- | ggnorted to the iron bridge near the
ing, while she was taking sound in the P.R. R. station where they completed |
Mantanzas harbor. their yoguneo By Swowiag he over |
w 1 : a board into C Creek, pro- |
ashington, D. C., April The | Stn fired up much
President has notified Governor Hast- | 4 tie boys hod: to thelr n
$1.00 PER YEAR.
ings to call out ten regiments of Penn- quarters playing the familiar air of
_sylvania infantry and also four batteries | “Yankee Doodle’ and renting forth
a ried June 8, 1858. Mrs. Patton was the Mary Hornauer.
{ Clearfield, and her mother, Mrs. Folley
is still living at Clearfield, having
reached extreme years in the span of
life. Mrs. Patton would herself have
been sixty years old had she lived until
pext October.
Of standard ar make.
Will be on exhibition in
Another New Indostey.
Messrs. F. R. Steele and Benj.
Jury, of DuBois, are stopping
ton this week in the interests
| for the building of the factory. Itiss
| good thing and why not push it along.
P. R. R. Relief.
The effect of the war on the Volun-
tary Relief association of the P. R. R.
is interesting to officials of that coto-
pany and a consultation of local relief
officials has been called on the subject
ist Altoona. The offices at
Philadelphia have notified the Altoona
office to list their employes in the
| National Guard who belong to the
irelief. The fund regulations do not
provide for war and mech the same
condition exists in some insurance
socheties and most of the secret societies
which have the insurance feature.
a yi
Por Harraking for Spain.
The Tribune says that in the pattern
department of the P. R. shops at Al-
| toona one of the workmen on Saturday
burrabed for Spain. Angry fellow-
workmen seized him aod hanged him
_froen a second-story window, first pin-
| ning on his back a placard bearing the
word “traitor.” He was drawn in in an
unconscious condition and was revived
only after strenous efforts. A parade
of railroad employes from the Penn
isylvania shops was held Tuesday night
amidst great enthusiasm.
Keysione Druns {wpa
Patton can boast of haviog one of
| the best drum corps in North Cambria
county. It is known as the Keystone
Drum Corps and is composed of the
: . : following young gentlemen:
Ct She could of finished Up ON Tippery, David Wagoner, Richard
Buggies, Harness, Plows,
we Rolland, Pred McPherson, Chas. Hunt,
0 arden Tools, Cinderella Williams Bennett, Earl Cupples, David
i! nd a car load of Doors
Stoves and a car load been furnishing some soulstirring
a | music during the past few evenings,
a Tek » -
J. E. Kirk How. Co's!
Opposite Commercial Hotel.
Barr and John Evans. The boys have
_ jand Sash at
Boe which is certainly appreciated by all,
Prospecting thr Canal,
i John Click, in charge of a crew of
‘men commenced work Wednesday
morning in prospecting for coal for the
‘ Patton Water Company on the hillside
{pear the pump station. If the oval
‘proves satisfactory a drift will be
opened at once.
at once |
Geo, |
. daughter of Judge William Folley, of Dpet— Mrs. Hasson and Mr. Kelsall. of heavy artillery. The Sheridan troop cheer after cheer for the U. 8 flag.
| ation "1a a Hospital,” Elinor oq) not be called out at present.
! R : itation—D Sandford. Fallsmouth, Fng., April 28. The U.
“The Merry Sun Flowers," by six S. torpedo boat Somers was notified that
| she must not leave harbor. A British
| Qnartette— Mrs. Hasson, Mrs. Bar| torpedo boat is watching her.
(ton, Mr. Kelsall and Mr. Greene. . praerisburg, April 26.—The Fifth
Recitation Mite Shrs Jones. wr. | Regiment has received orders to move
Chorus - League Choir. ‘at once. Expocted at Mt Gretna
Recitation-—**A Wayward Life,” Miss | Thursday night.
Mable Robinson. | Washington, April 26.--The Presi-
Recitation “*A Similar Case,” EVE | sent has i od a iamation. that all
Duet—Mrs. Hasson and Mr. Kelsall. | Yo™¢is having left Spanish waters prior
Instrumental Selection while collec- to April 2ist and coming to the U. 8.
tion is being taken— Mamie Jones. . will be allowed to discharge their car-
| Recitation— “The Proud Flag of goesin the U. S.; and all Spanish ves
| Prvedam, Les Thatpuos. 4 | eel in American waters will be allowed
Suging by Ameria.” ill May 21st to depart.
i A welldrviseed man is the object of
SE , admiration always. If you wear one of our
: | carefully cul and made suits, it will follow “ws
Eay42 Cupete Soumy. | the night, the day.” Our suits sre all alike In
Johnstown and Cambria county will | ane respect they st. We study each man, his
do their full duty in furnishing men style snd his peculiarities, and the rmult is
and money to uphold the honor of the A ™tishction io all concerned.
Nation in the present emergency, as. We pleas you in styles of goods as well as
they have always done in the past says | ‘0 [OW PRICES
the Johnstown Tribune. Our people . y
are and have been loyal and devoted DiNSMore Bros,
Americans, and if the President had PATTON, PA.
Eee eo ee ol
Dry goods
and Carpets
would have responded. There is but |
Sold by Wm. Murray's $
been con.
tio mg
until the
Stars and Stripes are triumphant. Its
not now a question of how we got into
the fight; we sre into it, and will get
out of it as becomes Americans--tri-
amphant, with honor.
. SL V : Verde 1
Thew Er Ai PE incent, Cape Island, Apri
The Wopsononock railroad running
from Juniata, near Altoona, to Daugh-
erty, st the top of the Allegheny
mountains, will again be opened to the not sight City of Paris, but sighted a
oster Brewing Altoona, was as y
15 town Priday and stated that he had Washington, April 26 The U. 8
been with a party of inspectors who | Fovernment bas secured the Bismark
went over the road the first of last No. 1, one of the largest of the Trane
week and reported that they had found Atlantic steamers, which will be fitted
| stated that the road would Prancisce, Cal, April 27.—The
be in operation is a few days. The: a mill at Sant py = wa
pleastire seekers of Patton and vicinity powder : ’
will be glad to learn that the popalar blown up yesterday. No cause is
resort at Wopsononock will again be | assigned yet.
1 opened to the public the coming sum-| Key West, April 27. ~The vessel cap-
me. tared yesterday morning by the U. 8.
cruiser Mangrove and brought here
proved to be the Spanish steamer Pan-
On the lowa.
Bart Hobart, a resident of Clearfield
cena pect ee 0 ee
formed the writer that his won, F. P.,| Kingston, Jamaca, April 27. —A cable
is a member of Uncle Sam's Navy dispatch from Havana last night asked
and is on the battleship Iowa with for information as to the fact of the
Captain “Fighting” Bob Evans. Hels go pniun TransAtlantic steamer Mont-
been in the service for about two and |*>"®: Which i due at Havana and
the most formidable battleships in the $500,000 in silver.
Navy, which belongs to Sampeon’s Washington, April 27. -The British
Fleet, which is forming the blockade of | p,cornment was requested yesterday
‘Havana. Patton is now represented in
‘both the Flying Squadron and Samp-
son's Fleet, Homer Martz, of Patton,
being on the battleship Texus.
May Organise & Regiment.
Congressman Hicks has applied to
Giovernor Hastings for the anthority to
raise a regiment of volunteers from
Altoona and vicinity. Mr Hicks ar-
rived at his home Saturday morning
and spent the day and part of Sanday
‘there. Speaking of Mr Hicks’ inten-
tion, the Altoona times anys: Con.
gressman Hicks is in popular favor
with the young men of this city, and,
when it was announced Satarday that
he would likely command a regiment
of volunteers, many earnestly ex-
pressed their intention of joining the
ranks of his command.
Paton Lady te Enlist.
ter Polo removed from Canadian soil
Key West, April 27. The Detroit
captured another Spanish
the Bolivar, last wight,
which had on board $60, 000 inn silver.
The money wus put on board the
Monitor Terror snd the steamer was
brought in here as a prise.
Madrid, April
27. ~The minister of
the commander of the Spanish fleet
at Manilla, Philippine Islands saying
| Squadron to meet the coming Ameri
can fleet now moving on Manilla from
Hong Kong.
ents of Cuba will be equipped by the
128, 6 m.— The Spanish fleet is still bere. |
Queenstown, April 28. The stexmer | On Tuoesday, April 12th, the residents
Tennland, which has just arrived, did
by the President fo have spanish Minis.
marines bere received a dispatch from |
Washington, April 27 The insurg-
one side for us in this ight, and that is
Son & Co,
and justly too,
the American one. We are neither
Democrats, Republicans,
Probibitionists, nor Socialists
more than thirty
Death of Mrs. Goo Sankers,
of Clearfield township were grieved to
learn of the death of Gertrude, wife of
George Sankers, at her home near
Chest Springs after an illness of but a
few weeks of dropsy. She was aged
43 years and leaves to mourn her sad |
departare a devoted husband and three
sons, besides her father and mother,
Mr. and Mrs. Thos Miller, and four
‘ brothers and two sisters. [nterment
took place at Chest Springs Thursday,
after ceremony in the Chest Springs
Catholic church conducted by Father
McCarne. The bereaved husband and
children have the sympathy of a host
of friends.
Out of Town
sre invited to correspond
with us if it is not convenient to
come to the store.
We can supply your wants
promptly and save you money.
Dogs Killliig Sheep Again.
Dog» are still killing sheep in Clear
fleld township. T. M. Sheehan re-
ported to the COURIER that the amount
| of damages he has suffered by his sheep |
| being killed and injured since the first
iof March up to the present time
| amounts to over $60. During the past |
| three weeks dogs have killed or injored
three sheep belonging to Joseph Dune- |
| gan, seven belonging to Ignatius
| Adams and nine for Dennis McCauley. |
| It is estimated that over $200.00 dam- |
| ages have been sustained since March |
1st in Clearfield township. Thus far’
the owners of the sheep have been an.
able to ascertain whose dogm are
making the trouble. :
Patriotie ¥. RB. 1
Marcellus Council, No. +, Young
Men's Catholic Institute, of Patton,
has received a commuunication refer
ing to a resolution adopted by the
Pennaylvania Jurisdiction in which it
states that ail members of the conneil
should offer their servioss to Uncle Sam
during the present conflict with Spain.
The motto of the organizatioa is, “For
has been
that he would sail to-day with his (od and for Country,” and they pro.
pose to be true to this. The resolution
‘also recites that Spain is a despotic,
power, violating all agreements with
this government. The man who
‘poorly supplied or has been
Ebensharg Letler
great and |
a rn
are and
f Cooking g Stoves
in and see us
t a shine
ine stove
It on your
't have a
a te man
| It is the intention of the Company to Mm. A. H. Roobk, proprictress of
supply their station from this source the notion and woveity store on Magee
i instead of having the coal! hauld from Svenue, retarued home Monday from
a distance which would be much more Philadelphia where she has made appii-
{eonvenient. cation as nurse in Uncle Sam's army.
: She is the first in this section of the
Five Hurdarers Die. State, the COURIER has any knowledge
| Tuesday was a great day for hanging of, who has volunteered service in the
| in Pennsylvania as a quintette of crim- pow existing conflict between the U.
_inals perished on the scaffold. John 8 and Spain. Patton is certainly
(and James Roddy were hanged at of the many patriotic people
Somerset; T. C. Rockwell and Patrick who reside here.
{ Banya at Ridgway and Frank Jongriss |
ist New Castle. The Roddy brothers
and Jongrass protested their innocence
in their final words, but Rockwell and
‘Banya confessed they were guilty.
Republican County Convention
The Republican voters of Cambria
county are requested to meet at their
usual places of holding election on
Saturday, May 21, 1888, between the
Another Gallitzin Shooting Affray. ‘hours of 4 and 7 p. m. in the boroughs
Another shooting affray occurred at and in Johnstown city, and from 3te 7
‘ Gallitzin Monday. One man shot an- p. m. in the townships, for the purpose
(other known as “Jack,” and Jnck of electing delegates to a county con-
chased his assailant half a mile and ventien to be held nt Ebensburg om
A shot him in the hip. Officer Keith, of Monday, May 33, 1598, at 1p. m., to
Tunnel Hill, and Warner, of Gallituin, select delegates to the state convention.
captured both men after a long chase Jonx H. Browx,
and an exchange of shots. Chairman Committee.
- Dears the
United States to move on Havana la
co-operation with the fleet.
London, April 27. -Hon. Wm. E.
Gladstone expired to-day.
Te Join the Navy
On Monday Wesley Merriman and
Wm. Smith departed for League Island,
Philadelphia, for the purpose of joining
Uuncle Sam's Navy. These two young
men are members of Patton Fire Co,
No. 1 and if they are successful in
being admitted the company will loose
two enthusiastic and very useful
Later The two above named gentle.
men returned to Patton Wednesday.
They were unable to gain admittance
at the present time.
Ebensburg, Pa., April 35th County
Commissioner Benjamin Jones, of
Cambria township, spent Ssturday in
Some extensive improvements are
being made in the interior of the Cath-
olic parsonage.
About 100 persons from Ebensburg
attended the Eisteddfod at Johnstown
on Saturday. A special train was run
from this place for the accommodation
of those who attended the great Walsh
festival. The train brought the people
home about 3 o'clock Sunday morning.
Rhod Ritter ts the owner of a “bran
new Sterling racing wheel” It is a
Harry Humphreys, while breaking
on a train Saturday, was thrown off a
ear and hurled against a rail, cutting
his chin and eye. He ia getting along
very nicely.
A freight train on the Blacklick
branch was derailed near Twin Rocks
Saturday and two cars were badly |
wrecked. Luckily, ue one was hurt.
Ladies our new shirt waisls are new
in. Call and see them.
Parros Surrey Uo,
pT Kind Yu aw wars Bug
given poor material 1s sure to
o on the war path for the
Rem that “sold him.” Wede
business to retain it. We make
things right in the start and
if by any accident they are
not right, we right them. Its
our method of making friends
and retaining them by selling
the best and latest style
Wolf & Thompson.