The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, March 24, 1898, Image 4

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Yatton Courier.
E WiLL (ismrwe, Fattor.
Lor Patton: Borough for the Year Ending!
‘ March 10th, 1898,
Statement of the financial condition |
tem of Patton Borough for the vear ending
5 | March 10, 1598:
Ress ipts
PBalanoe in hands of Tosoearn
last Andit
From Licenses, {a Treas
The sudden death of Hon. A. A.
Barker, of this county, which occurred eh Melion, (ol.
at Altoona Friday afternoon was a From James Mellon, Col.
great shock to his friends, since, in spite From he Prinditle, Bor
of his advanced age he was apparently | Pron | RR. Somervitle, Bors
in excellent health. Mr. Barker was Atoroey
an Qoriginal abolitionist. He hated "7 S500 TL SU
a gr | TE
pioneers in the canse of freedom when
it was unpopular and even dangerous
to be identified with the enemies of
slavery. When the Republican party
was organised he was one of its origi- To
nal members and it was as a Republi-
can that be was elected to Congress in 0m, tad
1864, taking his seat in the Congress « Birders paid for Lambs
that convened after the death of Mr. : - A
Lincoln and that dealt with the difficult d= TT
problems of reconstruction. All bis mnithing
Hite Mr. Barker was an ardent advooate .. TT paid fr
of prohibition and a determined foe of
the liquor traffic. He hailed from Neal
Dow's state and shared that great
leader's spirit. Iu due time, led by his
convictions he aided in the organization
of the Prohibition party and has ever
since been ardently stiached to its *
principles, supporting by speech and
vote its candidates. There was noth-
ing bitter or vindictive about him, and |
he was ready to listen to the reasons leetar's Pereentage.
which other men had for the faith that, " Work paid “tor
was in them. But no reverse or disap
polumnens ‘could quench his optimistic Yeager Dar
nt... a i
H. Sandford, sews
From State Troms, (oanty
From Ratph Letneh,
ae Of
= Orders pated for Potice ser
views, badpen And mals to
paid for Nireet
Mer Fer
Bossrd of
Hewith Expenses
* Orrders paid for Engineet’s
© trrders paid for | Livery
fir Water
‘© frrders paid for Profession.
al Servioew, (Dr. Sommer
finders paid on Rewer Ao
« Geers paid for Sewer
"i poe
© Omsders pasa for Rpecial
¢ Orders paid for Tax (ol
* Orders paid = Printing
tnemsen ory
. Orders paid V
Borongh Sse
Mer Barker was a constant attendant
at the State and National conventions 4 iy
of the Prohibition party and was in| . Omc™ mi fr LOE
closest touch with all the leaders of the Interest and Coupon Bonds
movement. The death, in rapid soc- is pid on Orders
cession, of Miss Willard, Mrs. Mc {To I Don.
Allister, Neal Dow and Mr. Barker, (ommisioos doe Treas
robs the cause of prohibition of four of —
most untiring supporters, and its 8dvo- [roe from County Treasurer,
cates who yet remain may well inquire 1, Mime 8
who will take the vacant places. Mr. moners ax fiflows:
Barker was an untiring worker.
Usually in robust heaith and always =
‘bubbling over with enthusiasm forthe . =.
eause, he gave his time and money, |
several times permitting the nse of his
name as a candidate, although it was jr rom Orders outetand-
evident that be led a forlorn hope. He roe "kr iy bento 1
was a forcible speaker and had a won- I. —
derful memory. His mind was not ;
_ only well stored with interesting | Shea | Henrie oteanaTng
concerning public events, w
was ever willing to share with others, Statement Taz Collector,
but also filled with Scriptural timage Janes Mellon, Tax Iniplicats 0 nk
and quotations. Altoona Tribune. Paid out to Borough... S194 &
tating Tas Pos 3
ng Tax I
A MixwEsoTA widow wants $1,000 per ont. col of $1.58%
from a man who hugged her. He mast a. Saoum.
have made a very unsatisfactory job | “retarned. Sn 2 ®
of i. oN»
Bal - ah
0 6
THE RELIGION that makes people pay We, the undersigned Auditors of
their debts; the reilgion that keeps | Patton Borough, do hereby certify that
jeaple fromm speaking Hl of bois poigh | we have examined the foregoing sc-
bors; the religion that makes no % counts of receipts and exponditares,
bo’ that makes people honest 1, ‘yiareh 10, 1998, and fonnd the same |
upright; the religion. that make | to be true and correct to the heat of
men manly and women womanly; the knowledge.
religion that is a part of people’s every | PM SMALE
day life, exemplified in kind deeds, | W. A. MELLON, | Auditors
loving acts, cheering words, is the C. A. REPRHER, )
religion that is needed in the world
heltor.. .... a
+ (orders padd Clerkabip
ee BE wink
[298 $8 Nao
oi 4
A ven Sewer
Ime fromm Beoeh Avennpe
hay 42
wap py
sony kD
nm So ap
AS one Een
Important News Gatherrd si Cambria
County's Capital. ;
~ Ebensburg, Pa, March 21. Chas
Ww. Anna, of Patton spent a few hours |
in town on Friday.
AW. Lee, a prominent lumberman
of Clearfield, was in Fbensburg on
Lung Troubles and Consump-
tion Can be Cured.
An Eainent Mew York snd Sciestist Makes
Dr. T. M. Richards is having a large
veranda put in front of his residence
on Julian street. :
P. N. Donahue and DD. W. Kirkpat-
rick, of Carrolitown, were among the
ing malady;
‘eat short by the nse of One Minute
: a troubles.
Two-story frame dwelling, with fin.
| ished basement, seven rooms, on Magee | “"
avenue, Patton, Pa Owner will sell]
at purchaser's price. No reasonable’
offer refased. :
Two-story frame dwelling on Lang
avenue, Patton. Four rooms; stable
on lot. Will be sold at a bargain.
Two story frame dwelling on Beech |
avenue, eight rooms. All modern eon.
- veniences,
Two-story frame dwelling, eight
| rooms, on Palmer avenue, erected in
1998 fitted with all modern conven
ences. Owner is leaving town and
must sell. Wil be sold cheap.
All of above properties are in good
condition and any of them will
fine home, or would prove a profitable
investrent to anyone with any capital
to invest ParNgrs & COWHER,
Heal Estate Agents,
(;ood Boilding. Patton, Pa
May 3
Whooping cough is the most distress.
but ita doration can be
cough care which also the best known
remedy for croup and all jung and
Ww. ghine,
Patton Pharmacy.
Virtiogn of (igareites,
Christian Gaffey, aged 13 years, son
of James Gaffey, Maple avenne, Do.
Bois, Pa , died Thursday evening. The
youth was taken sick about M4 hours
before he died. Dr. Spackman was
called Thursday morning, but found
him in a coliapsed and anconscious
youth was an inveterate cigarette
smoker and the excessive nicotine pol- |
soning killed him.
A thrill of terror is experienced when
a brassy cough of croup sounds through |
But the terror k
soon changes to relief after One Min. PATE of Cambria county
nte cough Cure has been administered. |
: Safe and harmless for children.
Hodgkins, Patton Pharmacy.
the house at night.
> W,
the Patton Suppl
i TAP A NEA pS PBS bab A HA ec Work,
_ Consumption 8 now known to be.
rable if taken in time the German
as Otto's Cure, having
been found to be an almost certain
‘eure for the disease. Asthma, bron
' chitis, croup. coughs, colds, pneamonia
and all throat and lang disesses are
quickly cared by Dr. Otto's Great
‘German Remedy. Sample bottles of
Otto's Care are being given away by
our agent, CC. W. Hodgkinge Large
alzem 2% and 0 cents
We are anxious to de a little good in
this world and can think of no pleas
anter or better way to do it than by
recommending One Minote ©
A% A prev
entive of pneumonia consump
tien and all other seriots ang
neglected colds. CO.
ns, Patton Pharmacy.
that follow
1 1.253
seis Smit - oll Kapaie 3
Ero Airy
of 3 Th, ey smd vigor, tare Neo
Came en meas
mnie free Ad
ago or New Yor
Finr tre wands
siremg AL Aroprists Me or hl.
teed Booklet aud
Cpr itm id On
{ Sel
For constipation take Karl's Clover
Root Tea, the great blood purifier
cares headache, nervousness eraptic Tee
om the fare, and makes the head as clear
as a bell, Sold at Corner Drag Stores
Case A Sastipatis: y Fores
wom iroty Crnty , 4 :
~ Ie te ture As eta ri fn
here are three little things which do
more work than any other three lftie
things created--they are the ant, the
bee and IeWitt's Little Early Risers
Stor and vorath The tM* last being the famous little pills for
stomach and liver troubles. CW,
Hodgkins, Patton Pharmacy.
sugh Care
I hereby announce myself as a can.
didate for the nomination of Assembly
subject to the rales of the Republican
the same.
One Minute Cough Cure, cures.
Thet is whet It was meds for.
Watch tor our an-
nouncement of
next week.
It will be worth
your while.
Patton Supply Co,
Patton, Pa.
strangers in town on Friday.
The house of Henry McDermitt, of
Nioktown, was burned to the groond
on Tuesday of last week, only ove
plece of furniture being saved, and the
family had barely time to get their
clothing and save themselves. Luckily
no one was injured.
Mesars. J. G. C. Bearer of Spangler,
and H. C. Kirkpatrick, of Carrolltown,
were in our town to-day.
Ed Craver, the practical penman and
aatistic card writer, of this place, is
doing some very fine penmanship, as is
shown by a variety of his work we
seen recently.
Printing OM tangoag
The following is a sampie of every.
day printing office language: “ Rep!!!
put George Washington on the galley
and finish the murder you commenced
yesterday, Set up the ruins of Her
cules and distribute smallpox. Lock
up Jeff Davis; slide Ben Batler into
the hell box and leave the ‘pi’ alone
until after dinner. Put the ladies’ form
to press and tell the devil to work on
Deacon Fogg’s article on eternal pun-
Shiloh’s _ consumption cure. cures
Where others fail. It is the
cure and no home Should be be |
wit ut it. Pleasant to take an
Sight to the spat. 3 40 take aud goes
8 Free Ofer to Our Readers.
The distinguished New York chemist,
T. A. Slocum, demonstrating hin dis-
‘covery of a reliable and absolute cure
for consumption (Pulmonary Tuber-
culosis i and all bronchial,
and chest diseases, stubborn cou
catarrhal! affections, general dec ine
and weakness, loss of flesh,
conditions of wasting away, will send
ent; of his New Discoveries to any
afflicted reader of the Patron COURIER
writing for them.
His “New Scientific
cared thousands anently by
perms ite
timely use, and he « msiders it a simple i
professional doty to stiffering humanity
to donate a trial of his inf Jlible Cure
Science daily develops preew wonders,
and this great chemist, patiently ex.
perimenting for years, has
resulta as benefleial
humanity as can
modern genius. His assertion
lung troubles and consumpti in Are
curable in any climate is proven by
“heartfelt letters of gratitude,” filed in
his American and European labra.
tories in thousands from those cared
in all a of the world.
Medial experts coneedle that bron-
chial, chest and lung troubles lead to
consumption, whic aninterrupted,
means speedy and certain death.
Simply write to T. A. Slocum, M. &
98 Pine street, New York, giving
office and express address, an en
leading | free medicine will be promptly sent
Hopi ould take instant ad-
van 0 nerons proposition.
rug: Please tell the i YOu saw
| his offer in the PATTON COURIER.
be rlaimed by
throat, lang
and all’
Treatment” haa
prvaiioced |
suffering |
any |
that !
reer eensenLInLILLY
. ATC x jo iR THE
New Store
APRIL 4th,
Painer Hose
bibs iis iiats A
+ 3
Fe 1 Burney “
Roe Ms Ji We
You can always find
At our store and of the very
best quality. Our store 1s
headquarters for everybody.
Prices are as low as he low-
If You Doubt
erhaps have some doubt ihout what
You are not
You pe
we an do for you in our store.
certain, may he. how we can sell
High-Grade Goods
at the prices
convinced 1s
see what
vinced, : will be
We are headgnarters
we name. The only
come and look ato
are. No matte
will hb
xX, Antu
LE Ke,
Jor 50005,
I. HE.