The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, December 23, 1897, Image 5

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PATTON PUBLISHING (0, Proprietors.
LO BLWILL Onesie, Editor,
DAY, DECEMBER 23, 1897.
From L. A. W. Bulletin.
The man, who in tae winter Hoe
Touves doors afar Sor as
Perchances is thinking of the climes
W hepedns we wish be was, :
AL mascniar ard brawny men
Orr eriticiarn hale
If volt cannot Dick a man why then
x fentont with his fanits.
No paper next week.
Fruits, candies and nuts at Kinkead’s.
The Bon Ton for ladies’ furnishings.
Master Harry Warren is seriously ili
with measles.
Patton was visited by many strang-
ers this week.
Pears and grapes for Christmas at
Cash Grocery.
Call at Mrs. Rook’s for your Christ
mas presents. 412
L. C. Rockefeller, of Gallitzin, wis in
town on Tuesday.
M. P. Bock, of Gorton Heights, Pa,
spent Tuesday in Patton.
W. H. H. and Lincoln 8. Bell were
vistors to Altoona on Monday.
Mrs. C. L. Dennis and son Homer, of
Clearfield, spent Sunday in Patton,
Go to Mirkin & Kusner and see their
fine line of fall and winter coats. -1t
J. A. Lyons, of Luthersburg, Pa,
was & visitor to oar town on Satarday.
Roger, the eight-year-old son of Mr.
and Mrs. W. W. Locas, is quite ill with
Wm. Mellon, the popular proprietor
of the Patton hotel, spent Wednesday,
at Johnstown.
Born,"to Mr. and Mrs Wm. Cramer,
of Beech Avenue, a daughter on Wed-
nesday morning.
Dolls, school bags, leggings, toys,
ote. at Mrs. Rook's store. A suitable
Xmuns present for all. -3t2
Frank J. Dixon, a prominent citizen
of Blairsville, Pa., was a welcome visi-
tor to Patton the first of this week.
Harry Cooney is working a few
hours each day for the J. E. Kirk
Hardware Co. in the tinning depart
ment. i
Dr. W. 1. Dowler now occupies the
Patton Courier.
| Visit The Bon Ton.
| Almeria grapes at Kinkead's.
Visit Miller's White Shoe Store,
Ice cream and oysters for Christmas
at Kinkead’a :
John Logue came down from Gallit.
zin on Friday. >
Go to Kessler's Bakery for your fresh |
bread and cakes. ;
California Navels and Florida Ros
setts at Kinkead's.
Children’s fall and winter coats at
Mirkin & Kusner's.
Gouncilman J. D. Blair's children are
down with measles.
I J. McDermott, of Hawk Ran, Phe
in town on Monday.
Owing to the holidays no COURIER
rill be published next week.
Frank E. Taylor, of Philipsburg, had
business in Patton on Tuesday.
| Medar Durbin, of St. Augustine, was
a visitor to our town on Friday.
M. B. Cowher is attending the teach-
ers institute at Clearfield this week.
Farnitore repaired. See ad of Levi
Yingling in business directory column,
The largest and best assortment of
teas in town for the money at Cash
Mrs. Harry Matley and son, who
have been quite ill with measles, are
A young daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
Frank Campbell ix quite ill with
scarlet fever.
Your attention is called to the new
ad of the Miners Store Co. in the Cov.
RIER this week.
Patronize your home bakery and
buy your bread from Kessler, oppo-
site the Palmer house,
The infant danghter of Joseph Beck.
with, who has been quite ii with
measies, is convalescing.
Hon. James Kerr came up from
Clearfield on Thursday to look after
his business interests in this place.
The Philipsburg Ledger says that
during the epidemic of diphtheria
which has visited Madera, bot is now
abating, nine deaths have aeenrred
from it
WwW. C. Lingle and wife, HE. Barton
and wife, John Wolfe and Reuel Som.
arville attended the lecture of Gen
John B. Gordon at Johnstown on
Tuesday night.
There is considerable complaint in
our borough, by good citizens, as to
the inadequate iamination of our
streets at night. It appears that some
of the street lamps are crippled some.
The holiday displays in the different
store windows in
tractive. If you wish to know what
each ome handles slip your eye over
to their ad, as all successful mores
advertise in the COURIER.
Ao ¥ Y ws BE gu W
Patbon are GET fle
Fine line of oranges for the Christ.
mas tree at Cash Grocery. In fact we
have everything in the confectionery
‘and grocery line that you may need
for the holidays {(dve us & and
you will go away pleased.
Patton Lodge No. 108% 1. O OF,
recently estabiished a library in their
im tT
rooms in the Good building
members are steadily adding new
Ed. Mellon room next to the postoffice- books and in a short time it will be the
See change of card in another column
this week.
J. C. Harper, of the J. E. Kirk Hard-
"most complete library in this section.
Ex-Sheriff Gray, of Carrolitown, and
E. P. Bender, of Carroll township,
The Bon Ton is always the cheapest. | § MeDonald, (alli
: Deeds Heourdesd at Fhenslinrg mgs tar Dhate
Friday Peyvombur 13,
Executor af Barbara Meinter to G.
rig borough; con.
Harriet Miller ef vir to Alfead J. Mi
jer. Carrolitown and Carroll, $800,
Wittiam M. George to John Eecken.
rode, Washington, $168
Washington, #0.
Guardian of Robert R. Jones et al
W. A lathrop Cambria, 81,202
Riles H. Dononghe of nx to W. W.
Amshry, Allegheny, $846. :
John Asher ot ax et al to Willian
J. Bock, Cresson, $00.
John Asheraft of ax ot al to
Buck, Cresson, $500
Thomas 8 MceKee et ux
Woodford, Susquehanna, $275.
G. L. Glasgow et ux to William Rey.
EN 4 $$: er 1 oe %
Myers to Jobin Fewonroos,
toy Julia
polds, Glasgow, $510,
Qimoan Noell ot nx ta John Meljon et
al Carroll, $1.
Chest Creek land & Improvement
company to Rehan! District of Patton
Borough, Patton, §1
Qedyisnd District of Patton Borough to
William 1H Randford, Patton, $600,
sdministiutor of Andrew J. Dane
mire to William W, Danmire, Jackson,
Danie! T the sheriff, to
Willinm Howells, 8r., Cambria $605
Heirs of William Howells,
Willinm W. Howells, Cambria, $1
Thomas Haghes ot ax et al to W. A
Lathrop, Cambria, $1.
James M. Buck ot ny to W. A. La
throp, Munster, $841
Lemuel J. Hughes ot ax 0 WW. A
Lathrop, Cambria, $2,321
Jobim Kemlar at ax to W, A. Lathrop,
Cambria, 81.6758
Herman (Neill et ax to W. A. la
throp, Munster, $4149,
Wilinm W
fathrop, Cam
Ellen M. Reed to 8 L
hare, Ei \
James Kirk) vrick ot ox to Patrick
F. Dillon, Chest 82 500
William W
H. MeClain, Spangler, $125
Mauthiot Reads to Pennsylvania Ral
Washington, $1
Jones, hy
Re, to
awe! ct ux to WW. A
borin R78
Reed Pherae
Bannard of 1x 10 Thomas
rom] company
# a
Rew Carney of al to Peter Rishan,
Washington, $1
Peter Ristan et nx to
Railroad company, Washington, 8050
Michael J Noel st nx et alta WW
Amshry, Monster, 8212
1 = Rive to Mra
ings, $1.
3 8 Rie to Mrs Nettie Rios, Hast.
ings, §!
Penney vans
Nettin Bice, Hast
Naw fee”
We. the apdersigned, do hereby
ARTES rofand the money on lwo 2
cent Bottles of Baxter's Mandrake Rit
fails lo cue
#3 spy eiad lation
ters, if 8 corisd i pation,
bil ioam ness, Trad of any of
the dieses foro which [tis recom
refund the money
Downs’ Bhixie, if
it does not cure any cough, cold, croup,
whooping cough, or throat or lang
difficulty. We also guarantee one 25-
cent bottle of
prove satisfac
For sale hy ©
Miss Alice Hoghes,
win frightfully burned on the hee and
neck. Pain was instanty relieved by
DeWitt's Witch Hamel Salve, which
healed the injury withoat leaving a
sear. It ik the famous pile remedy.
mended, Alss will
yd Mecent Dadi on
1 ae af the abe Lo
TY Or money ris finden].
W. Hodgkins Patton
Narfolk, Va.
Holiday Exenrsion Rates.
Imboed with te spirit of the season
and in reeognition of the large pass. ]
enger business during the Christmas
in avosrdancs with is ons.
tomary itherality, the Buffalo, Rooester
& Pittsburg railway will make a Christ.
mas present to each of its patrons par.
chasing round-trip tickets on dates
named, of two-thirds the one way fire,
making he af a fare and
ronmd rin between
low rate
ghaedghind for Ine
all stations on ite line. Tickets to be
hth awd Tied 1SNT
i mia
wild Decnmber Mth
and January is Hmitedd for re
tarn passage to January dred, 1998
Clerseal Orders fir TRON
The Pennsylvania Railroad company
annonnoes that
orders will be continued for 1888 on the
sate nes as in effect at present
the sene of clerical
plication blanks may be obtained of
ticket agents, and same should reach
the whe ral foe hy Prwember Mb an
yi ther M3
that orders may be mailed December
to clergymen entitled to reeed
Odors will be wail only
application of clergymen
furnished |
iw on blanks
3 iy gC . EP Fae
company and certified to by
] ;
One Minute Cough Cure, cures.
That is what it was made for.
: gf the Plest Xa
Lady, in Ihe
end Inreed wpe
want Haris
w¥¥y wpprenend PERF ig gy
£hyary els lv
We are in prsition to give yisi the
bwest values in Christmas prosents in-
clnding ehinaware, lamps, dolls, sleds,
wagons, carts, sleds, and childosn’s
fest shawn, robbers and felts atl prices
anknown before
mee 3 Tow 6
{ anr bargains:
Clarks (2 NT thread
Lion soap, 10 for .
Star soap, each ‘
Best matches per pack
18. inch coal bucket
Rove sled
a ei ’ :
sronven flict that every article we offer 1s
E& &
It's an absolute
worth mmch more than the price asked. Goodness of quality
and no money spent brings
greater returns than the money left with us. Here yon get
with its n-
tendant inducement, the influence for low prices. Buyers
are never penny wise and pound foolish when they run up
4 ¥
18 the keynote to our SnCoess,
7) Y ar bg & » 3 5 * % »
the best assortment of dependable merchandise
4 1 +
yg won Ia vary Ba goime pyre wa 4 "hows ge OV tem ». 2 ”
purchase here with the prices they pay elsewhere
oot 10
amd ret he saey Mae ry } 1 Hi A . . ¥
wed money and have better goods to show
Here: you'll always find the best
nes ever offered. Come if only to inspect.
Following are only a few of the Bargains to
be found in our store:
What is mare convenient, mor
y doen men's Jersey knit working
I oy pa b “ A 3
ul, more easily purchased irta. Im
hl, More easly purchase shirts, made in fancy dark shades, all
sizes, ne each
Ladies’ lace sdge handkerchiefs
ineh sire. Se each, 3
tk ad : neck and front, pear! batton and ribbed
Padiss” Swiss embroidered handker- : i
" tail, 4% mach.
shit, regular wipe Otis Chargm Pe ooo . :
oar price 100 seach, Man's linen collars 100 each,
fadies’ initial badkerchiefu
Men's fancy twill handkerchiefs, col
Men's nnianndried white shirts, pore
Irish linen bosom, re-infordesd front and
back, warranted New York mills mus.
lin, 4% eaeh.
Mens Fyeneh bhiack satine shirts, 38
inches long, regular Thc kind for $e
Wy ath
arvad barter de sash
Men's Japanese sitk initial hamdker.
ehiefe 100 pach
Rlate-colored corset, 5 hook, exira
long, perfect Ming, 3h each.
lancaster gingham Se vand
Best calicos, all colors, 50 vard,
Men's srorking gloves, lined and in.
finest worth The; onr price $80 pair
Newkwear, Cloves Umbrellas Sis
All linen crash 8.0 yard perglors, Handkerchiefs, Dolls for Holl
Turkey nd table linen 17e yard duy Ciifts,
No Matter many
- yy a .
trom {iil}
at our goods and
Cor. Fifth and Kerr Rves. Cor. Fifth and Kerr Aves.
Fo every
3 1
customer qaurnng act
cgrghipin Y *3 1 7) > Tin sett)
ceoaing LAaristmas we will
ot Hall .
3% iY.
give Joratis 2 Hive
. 5 an
ladies éspecialiy
attention to the following
he for Father, Brother,
want a cas your
whether it
5 '
ro AQ uhegngs® 4 yhey yb
Oar See Jear
Smoking & Rouse (oats,
Mori's nataral wool anderwsar, band _.
Boys Mufflers,
deg Lin pad :
Creo large wash
Cound anger hrace
Was 06. has secared the Sonteact of both prominent in local polities in
the tin 5 NEW Cambria county, are at logger-heads
CW. Hodgkins, Patton Pharmacy. ;
Free. Froo, Free!
Miss Minnie Spottswood, who has
been visiting her parents at Carlisle,
Pa., for the past ten days, returned
home on Tuesday. :
The Keystone Clothing Co.’s ad this
week contains something that will in-
terest you all. It will be worth your
while to look it up.
Mrs. J. W. Hoy and little daaghter,
of DuBois, are visiting Mrs. Hoy’s par-
ents, Mr. and Mrs. 8. M. Wilson, of the
Commercial hotel, this week.
When you take a trip to Ebensburg
stop at the Blair house and you will be
used all right. Accommodations ex-
cellent and rates moderate. 69-11.
John Nothnagle, an employ at the
Columbian colliery at this place, re
ceived a severe injury to his left knee
on Tuesday by being struck by a fll
of coal.
Mr. and Mrs. Wm. H. Sandford at-
tended the opening of the Cambria
county teachers’ institute at Johnstown
on Monday. :
The streets of Patton are in a bad
condition at present owing to the re-
cent wet weather. This is the time of
year when paved streets would be
John Boyce, proprietor of the Cash
Grocery, has been making some vast
improvements in his store in order to
make room for his large assortment of
goods for the holidays.
There are still several bad holes in
the board walks on the public streets of
our borough. They should be fixed
before a suit is brought into court for
damages from an accident caused
One day last week Mrs. Elizabeth
Brewer, mother of J. N. Brewer, acci-
y fell on the pavement dislocating
her : jon Dr. Murray, who
reduced the dislocation, reports that
she is rapidly convalescing.
and are giving vent to their feelings
| through the columns of the Hastings
Blair Curry, baggage master on the
P. RR, whose home is at Wankesha,
Pa, and J. R. K. 8hook, the genial pro-
prietor of the Metropolitan hotel of
Westover, passed through Patton on
Monday morning en route to Ebens-
burg where they spent the day among
There is a certain individual who re-
sides in Patton, who is reported as
continually abusing and sadly neglect
‘ing his wife and family. II reports ace
true, which are enough to maze any
ordinary person's blood boil, the man
ought to be made an example of by
severe punishment,
A blaze in a show window of (able
& Co.. at Altoona, Thumday night de-
stroyed books, toys, laces, ete to the
valoe of $1,506. A couple of clerks
who extinguished the Were
badly burned.
falling down upon an
lamp iguited and caused the fire
(General orders have
Harrisburg that the several organiza:
tions composing the National Guard of
Pennsylvania will be inspected in their
armories during the months of January,
February, and March, 1588. The in-
spection will be made by the Brigade
Inspectors, under the direction of Col
Bdward Morrell.
{| Geo. M. Brisbin, of Osceola Mills, Pa,
was a pleasant caller at the COURIER
office on Tuesday. Mr. Brishin, who
‘is the treasurer of the Bucher Acety.
lene Light company of Alexandria,
Huntingdon county, Pa, was here
i looking after the several plants the
company has established in Patton and
surrounding towns. He stated that
some important changes will be made
| very soon in regnrds to the placing of
A piece of cheese cloth
been ssid at
With every $25 worth ot goods pur.
chased at our store von will be pre.
sented with a beautiful piece of silver:
ware, which can he seen displaved in
cur show window
af Migxiy & KisNER
Cure that cough with Shiloh's cure.
The best cough cure Relieves croup
promptly it bottlem sold
last year, 46 Said
at Corner Drug Store,
(ing mm
35 eas,
oh oe SE a
Stew! anger bits
And everything else at similar low
prices. To try us once means to cons
tine fa do so,
Call and get yo
gains as they go al
GO. Brady, Prop'r,
Silk Handkerchiefs, Collars and cuffs,
Linen Kerchiefs, Suspenders,
ur share of the har.
Fine Woolen Hose, Plush and cloth caps,
Neckwear and Gloves,
Patton, Pa.
AN! 8 ! g
a use
jl io the State.
BY MAIL absolutely safe, prompt.
tof the best Mail gE
i $:1 PF
Fat $a ¥ 4
Penney bean
pleasant and
satisfactory for the ladies of Central Pennsylvama.
We prepay Postage and
Express om all
goods ordered by Mail, but for Cash only.
Send for our new Booklet
of any goods you may wish to see.
iso for Samples
Best Goods at Lowest Prices — and
your Money Back if you want it.
the generators which will be an im-
provement to the plant iv many ways.
Gnderwear. Fine SHOES.
xn x y - ¥ * 3 ¥ ¥
4 4 do I Saar Oy “ ¥ 5 ry of id >
And hundreds of other gifts that can make the men
and comfortal
. ‘ fF 1
any ol 12
1 above
gifts. :
Remember al soc articles
. ww Thr ek WE) 1% - - 5%
POMS ATICAOS are vy 1idT «iH
~g¢ values and
di :
1 pennmws, Qames
* x
i Fyoywy
WN ¢ dave
3 %
s * pen mA x 4 oo rey
Clit PCas AN KaAVEe WH
and GOoHars an every puarciase,
* 4
Special. —a
; nie Smokimg and House
calel Tae Rew rnd rnp T
S400 4 = 2 ANG WI JX 3
I 3 ¥
“he I lace 18 From the
irdetly Bank.
Merry Merry Christmas and
many thanks for vour liberal
; . .
Sys Fraaty
W € Dave RDO
Co » Bu og bt ted
Flier Lara
them O11 we
We sell
HL . : =
mg vou ail Rk
New Year with
X vg tera
ge We renin,
> ver Taam YY.
Very Respectinlly,
Keystone Clothin
and Shoe Co.
SITTIN ans srsnssys.