The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, December 02, 1897, Image 6

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Patton Courier.
; PATTON PUBLISHING co. Proprietors.
BEWits (iREENER, Editor.
Carmmsc_taer. Marceliiu
every other Bunday at 5 and A pg ra. Yam
Gay letioot at 2 p. rx. and vespersat 3 pom
EA Good's Hull, Rev BS Dive, |
- nelay wei! at $90 4. Ta Preach
at High a. mn. and 700 po Rong Servs
ut 0 p.m,
BArTisr_ fur. N. 0. Patterson, pastor. Berry.
Joon at 2. 1. ani] Tp om. nday |
Mp om 3. X. ¥ at 6p. mo. Frayer
Hrd W sete a ching a1 7
Mgraobmr rr AL tev. iW, Wasmon,
a to, and 7 p.m.
Eas Services i! fe
nday schools’ tv. Epworth League {
HERE = Bp Fray Ronen near Woadnes |
oi Karls Clover Root Tea is 5 pleasant
| Easy to make and pleasant to tule.
read the new ad of H. 5. Boeck in
another column. Fe is offering bar-
Mr. Grenninger, manager
stats | Kirk Hardware Co, had business in
Mahaffey on Tuesday. -
Moses Perkins, well-known to many
this paper with an interesting letter
from Washington, D. C.
| The block of buildings at Brockway-
j ville, Pa,
| destroyed by fire Saturday.
| $2,500; insurance, $1,200,
laxative. Regulates the bowels, puri-
‘fles the blood. Clears the complexion,
ets. Sold at orner Drag Stor
. George Dixon, aged 18, dived from
the effects of injuries received while
‘at work in Big Soldier mine, near
| Reynoldsvitle, Pa, on Satarday. He
| was on the front end of a trip of cars
and was canght and erushed
Luther N. Patterson, who represents
the Paston Clay Manofactoring com-
pany, of this place, and who has been
‘on the road in the interests of the
company during the past month, is
| stopping in town for a few days
Hon, John Patton, of Corwensvilie,
| has been serioasly ill during the past
| failing health for a number
3 ind about the first of September went
S— . bares rh
Now all ihe grammy REtiner Sans sre oer
And She Wn mower mows Let San no more
If yom argue with a bigot,
Al the Soish. as x role,
You sires with him in thinking
Yow wre nding but 4 5 fowl,
Soon be 1898,
Patton has a chicken thief
Visit Miller's White Shoe Store.
Choice cakes and crackers st cash
grocery. :
Ses the change in Geo. OO. Brady's
ad this week.
Don't fail to read the new ads in this
paper this week.
Pastamoereal, the great food rink,
at the cash grocery.
Go to lees’ news stand for your
cigars and tobacco.
Children's fall and
Mirkin & Kusner's.
Chas. Walters made a business trip
to Bower on Tuesday
De. Diffenderfer, of Cresson, had
business in Patton on Monday.
Rev. B. F. Saddler, of Burnside, vis
aanter coat of
ited friends in Paltoa ihe first of the
The COURIER contains a very inter.
Attenti¢n is called to the large ad of
the Bon Ton store in the COURIER this
Did you see the beautiful silverware
given away as premioms at cash
! gather in large andiences to catch a
a Hall, will be removed to Braddock, |
The Crown Wall Plaster plant, near
Pa, soon.
Call at Boyoe's cash grocery for any-
thing you need in the grocery or green
grooery line.
Huve you been in to see the new
¢hainless safety at Hodgkins' Patton
Pharmacy yet?
Patronize your home bakery and:
‘buy your bread from Kessler, oppo-
site the Palmer house.
Gould & Beezer have recently com-
_ pleted a fine job of plambing in the
~ Commercial hotel at Cresson.
Hon. John Patton, ex-United States
Senutor, of Michigan, was a pleasant
visitor to Patton on Wednesday.
The Keystone Clothing company has
‘u new and attractive ad in this paper
this week. You should not fail to
There is a certain young man in Pat
ton who enjoys?) November baths he
took one of them last week in the
Marks dam.
“John Dinsmore, of the firm of Dins-
more Bros, merchant tailors of Patton,
spert Thanksgiving with his wife at
Jesse Stoddard, of Watkins, N. Y., is
visiting at the home of his daaghter,
Mrs. Chas. W. Hodgkins, corner of
Fifth and Beech avenues.
A Pittsburg woman wants a divorce
because her husband objects to her
rifling bis pockets while he sleeps. Thus
"does the right of search policy receive
another set-back.
Prosperity comes quickest to the man
" whase liver is in good condition. De-
Witt’s Little Early Risers are famous
little pills for constipation, billiousness,
n and all stomach and liver
troubles. C. W. Hodgkins, Patton
Fire Sanday morning destroyed the
residence on the farm of the late Philip
~ Skelly, about one and one-half miles
from Wilmore, this county. It was
occupied by Mr. Skelly's widow and
yg OF es es
the eldest of whom is almost
ri fh
"two weeks. Mr. Patton has been in
| of wears,
‘to Philadelphia and placed himself
ander the care of the most eminent
physicians of that city.
Mr. Charles Myers, the popular clerk
at the American botel, Carrolltown,
‘and Miss Anna Mary Biaom, the only
daughter of Mr. and Mm John Blum,
of that place, were married by Rev,
Father Michael at § o'clock last Toes
day morning. The attendants were
Mr. Harry Blom and Miss Mary Kline,
Rev. P. (i. Bell, of Aloons will
preach in Good's hail morning and
evening of Sanday, December 5 for
Rev. Dise. Go and hear him. A young
people's society of Christian Fudeavor
was organied on November 21, 10 mest
every Sabbath evening at 6:30 o'clock
in Good's hall. You are made wel
After hearing some friends contin.
ually praising <hamberiain’s
cholern and Diarrhoea Remedy, Curtis
Fleck, of Anaheim, California, pur.
chased] & bottle of it for his own Ose
and is now as enthosiastic over ite
wonderful work as anyone can be.
The and HM cent sizes for sale by
Patton Pharmacy, U. W. Hodgkins.
The world of people love power or
even what partakes of power. There-
fore when John L. Rsllivan defeated
powerful men of strength, time after
time for twelve long years amd held
the champiouship of the world, the
world of people loved John L. Sullivan
for he was the most powerful of hs
clam, the pugilista, and at the same
time the most upright and daring of
ne Da
‘them ull. And now that the great
John LI. has taken to the «tage, his
worshippers do not desert him, but
glimpme of the once all-powerfal man.
His company wiil be at the Hustings
Opera House to-night, Thursday,
December 2
Patton Marken.
Subject to market Shanges:
Hoek wend
1 ME. PH si Ai -
Mixers Srore Co. [Limited |
Mr C. M Dixon, a well-known mer
chant of Pleasant Ridge, Fulton county,
‘Pa, has a little girl who is frequently
threatened with croup, but when the
first symptoms appear, his wife gives
her Chamberlain's cough Ramsedy,
which always affords prompt relief
The 25 and 50 cent sizes for sale by
Patton Pharmacy, CC. W. Hodgkins
A Sher: Ont to Health,
To try to cure constipation by taking
pills is like going arcund in a circle
You will never reach the point sought,
but only get back to the starting point.
A perfect natural laxative is Bacon's
Celery King, the celebrated remedy
for all nerve, blood, stomach, liver and
kidney diseases. It regulates the
‘bowels. COC. W. Hodgkins will five ) yon
a sample package free. Large sizes 25
and 50 centa.
4 Samadi Your |
Be Ari.
rerer, bed
cor ERE Sake Neo
k et Rakes WERE Ban
or 8. Cure gaara
prise free Adlress
ago ¢r New York
ar Res
Dr adfully Nervous
I yon want 1 bargain in furnitore
of the.
farniture department of the J. E.
readers of the COURIER, has furnished
owned by J. E. Kester, was
r pein
wr £
Armor 1
A Groat Game of Foot ail.
| On Thanksgiving Day Hollidaysburg
and Patton played one of the cleanmst
ever ween in this part of the State.
They had the crowd guessing as to the
rest t until the last moment. Rowdy
ism was conspionons by its absence. Al
‘though it was y raining all afternoon,
Patton “‘rocters’ wire out in full force,
wading above shoe tops in mud enconr-
aging the boys. Hollidaysburg started
the game hy kicking the ball into Pat
ton’s Akyard line, but our old reliable’
Woife was there to see that it went no
farther; he started to take it back, bat
was Aowned withoot a gain That
started things up and with very fow
interruptions the fimt half was ended
mid great excitement. Secor, Patton
3, Hollidayshurg 6 :
woond half started off at u brisk
snd ended in a two minute jog,
Patton having 8 decided advant-
age, having the ball within four feet of
Hoilidavstarg’s goad when Umpire
Croncdehys time. Patton need
pards back formation with great
ng the seonnd half It proved
to be 3 Jonah the visiting boys
After soriminee in which
formation wis thes] thers would be one
or two Hollidaysiarg boys nid ont in
the mud These [nterraplions were
the only drawback ancther wise
brilliant game. Of course there was
some fumbling dos entirely to the slip-
pery conditions of the bail Captain
Giltliers Kicked off in the send half,
wid Pave reached Holli-
daysburg's 3B-yard line only for its
muddy conditions it was Captain
Gillieon’s found dream for the past
week or two to wind op this season by
beating thelr opponents by a large
seore, thereby making himself a Jack
Mind No. 2, but alas! his hops were
shatters] by the nonappearance of
Lis gle, ison, Barnes, wha had
Philmdelphia 10 ww the
an i. of P. and Harvard,
ty bring home some point.
G bab used against the
bows from soross the mountains, Wolf,
Merri kt and MeTigoe
bayer] Holl sdnysbiirg’ # line and ovuire
for gains every tims. For a while it
lookesd sx if Patton was bound to scores,
as the hall was in Hollidaysharnp's ter.
ritosry all through the game, but of
town play ed lke
bw from t
rile oogd Sew
their oo
effect dard
LE 4
wage Lihim
myer hes Pall we
ers which
" g
mi gd droves hem Foe
foul every time. The star of the game
was Captain (al He was all over
the fold and done as takling as
was ever witnessed on these grounds
He ran the entire jength of the field
and got his man several times doring
the game. He saved the duy for Pat
ton hoe copied a deh The
wound ap with Patton having the ball
wo near, and yet so fur, froma the goal
Patton 4 Holldaysbarg 0.
The Hollidaysburg boys dertainy
played a good game, and Captain
Crawford deserves great credit, not
ouiy for his individoal, bat for
work adso. Patton stands to-day, the
undisputed champions of Cambria in.
cluding the city of Johnstown,
Following are the line ops: Patten
McTigne, oo Merriman, r 3; Dillon,
rt Marte Martz, re, Godchares | #;
Potter, 4, Carwright, |g Tackett, 4
citar, rg: MeKee, rt;
: Wallisaees, | eo; Hitohi
Zigler. qb; Bunker, rhb;
ih b; Freese fh
Benmietomen Foor Sada,
A pew residence, just recently bulls,
sind heantifully situated on the corner
Palmer and Sixth avenve, Patton, Fa,
for sade at a bargain, For particulars
eal! on E. Will Greene, Pat-
soccined hal?
the team
Hollidaysburg -Shafebottom, ¢
Hitehine, ro;
or address 7
i ton, Pa
It is easy to cateh a cold and jot as
easy 16 get rid of if you commenos
to use One Minute cough Cure. It
cures coughs, colds, bronchitis, phen.
monia and all throat and lung troulilen,
It is pleasant to take, safe to ore and
sure to cure Hodgkine Patton
Go to Kessler's Bakery for your fresh
bread and cakes.
Raddeil’s, 111. sf.
VRAD fron dy Se pis
SPE onstipation and wae
‘cured hy neing DeWitt's Little
' Risers, the famous Gttle pills for
art liver Ww
VITLRE TS findiliew. UL
woh ASE
5 - 5
£ Mie LEM Ores
That's what you want! CW
kins, Patton Pharmacy.
When vou take a trip to Eleasbaryg
| wtop at the Blair hours and vou will be
Lamed all mph. doe (BE eX
a . mg Nig ,
Rent RR kien 4
ERI Tal:
Gents: —1 was dreadfully nervoos,
and for relief took your Karl's Clover
Root Tea. [It quieted my nerves and
strengthened my whole nervous sys
tem. I was troubled with constipation,
kidney and bowel trouble
soon cleansed my system so thoroughly
that 1 rapidly gained health and
strength. Mrs. 8. A. Sweet, Hartford,
Conn. Sold at Corner Drug Store.
Prof. W. P. McBride has been in-|
dorsed by the music pablishers
‘as having composed the finest two-
step on the market
as the “Farmer's Two-Step’ and it
will be an sale at Less’ news stand in
, In about three weeks.
Your Tea
It is known
Sete § rma NTT
Towa sion, ben pure. Ie $1 AL rugosa
DeWitt's Little Early Risers,
The tamaws Hitle pills.
WANTED General agent; need net
‘have had experience in agency work,
Bo solciling Fegpatred; party mast be
intelligent, aad able 10 give security of
asked. Write imediately. Brown
Brothers ¢'ompany, Continental Nuarwe-
reries, Rochester, N. Y. -42-3mo
Ripans Tabuies cure indigestion
Hipans Tabules cur bad breath
Ripans Tabules cure torpid liver
Ripans Tabules: sleasant Iaxa'ive
Rignus Talbules curs nausea.
‘and most scientific games of foot bail |
{ bere,
Woife, r bb; Gililece, | hb; Iddings,
ins, | 3 Mater, |
We, the undersigned do hereby
agree to refand the money on two 35
oent botthes of Baxter's Mandrake Bit-
if it fails to core constipation,
hillonsness, sick headache, or anv of
Thies dew Tor whiwwh IL is reo
We gaaraniee one
bottie Lo prove satisfactory or money
For sale by CC. W. Hodg
king, Patton Pharmacy
rye rhe Abn
Cure that congh with Shiloh’ (ave
The best congh core. Relieves croup
promptly. One million bottles sold
fast vear. #0 doses for 25 Srdd
at Corner Drug Store
itoow var? Fanegmenis
Al this time of the year a cold ls very
roniracted, and if oft to ran its
cotirwe withoot the aid of some reli
cough roadicine iY Hable to result in
that posn mori We
know of ro better remedy to core a
econgh cold
{ ge Remedy,
Sx Pred
3 Fades
dread disease,
or than chansher!
We have need 1 cits
Hal fom
wn ia
olen moni A: MONE he many t
sre wl bogva freed a FS
Irie, WE Rave nev
s Zripos, ¥
a single case respiting
Persons who have weak
wh wid
in prwtmonia
or hays
toy fear an attack of Wy Lue H
Rene: pr ihe reraedy ad Ti
t sites for sie BY y
WwW. Hodgkin
Ars } oo
25 ane | Parton
ol Nay { . * .
| : and $2.88.
: ; {
Aen LI
+238 53
We are in prowition
bent valoes fh Christos
g chinaware, lamps dol
WAGODS, Chris, and
wo rol fella
snkpown before
w of onr bargains
~ T th
14 for
baw! whee den ard
“ew a fo
Clarks O
Rabnsis WORD,
“tar op Fay
Beal matohes er
18 ine
Bows led
iS.agr tin rail
Goro | LATE wash ©
(ud Aner Orae
repr Poin
paver hits
wine od
Sag Oe
reat 4
And everything ele
prices. To try as once
tino fo do so
Call and get ¥
gains as they po at
ar SBE
G0 y, Prop'r, Patton, Pa
F Wl
On every article of wear ¢
in our Store.
Don cok Mi ae fa
{ thers ask hal
or same qualities
# *
r the Holiday Trade.
1de hers,
% 3
bu on gw 8
arab 3
r *
Its exactly
2 The Keysto
and Shoe (0. &
§ nisms
Ww & Cay Ty
we yy
Stop paying
For bow | Pfices!
We want vou to come
at's the Way its
Ww @
La .
te most
are offerming ¢
wh LFS
Of TT ane
» .
» wn yi PE avira
MA hall Ld Lakh 1 resist.
smmianse XI
4 WE
S18? ently
% g :
ve the rest to the puoi T he
of ECON EMY to
Fin wo
Wiis And
* boon
taal you
Comforts or Haps.
11 sim bed comforts,
war price Tik
Aled somtfirts &
ov $1 5 our
arte, lined and
carded cotton,
filled with wool shoakd sel at
CRIT, at hers char
saline bwel comb
Ailed with white
price $1.19
1-4 mise
Bil gray
peer] DUTLous,
Men's cing
pres Se
Men's ried percale bosom shirts
others charge T he, our price $e.
Men's linen collars fe each
vered and lined with good
HOE ee,
coversd with Sone saline
athere charge 100, our
hiankets, guarantesd strictly
plaids, others charge 3.50
Asie wimod,
and faney
nr price
rs, fSnished with
ie Te
Gathers charge $0,
% heavy cheviot shirts, fast
gthers charge We,
abirts, weil made
ve Th
iT ¥
latent sty bos,
store vou can be your own
price marked in Diam
¥ .
i e sell for cash oniv and strictly
Corper Fifth and Kerr Aves
Ladion' Swiss embroidered
warth 1%,
Satin ribbon,
fadion’ Tht
ecluarge $1.00
White guilts hemmed ready
Laubies’ pare natu
ment chean ad $1.00
tater, elsewhere §1 0 Bay
Men's natural wool anid
hit wm superior quraiity n
piriom, Abe.
Men's ail owool sWesiers Be,
Ruivs sen] sweaters TNL
Artistically Trimmed and
ail sodars, 2 inches wide,
vid Wes] vests oF
rope here 800,
iely Anished
Rats at 198 224 298 $324
and buver. We need not
. -
. . x
e price—Iinat s > a ie atixr £ wiil
for cee Sie,
camels anderwe AT, sft and Seeoy,
30 hatter, Bere oni
not the
good vaine
vidences of our «
Choice goods
stare extenas
Hw each,
Toe vard
pves ail the new shades TW
pair, thers
other charge
pans, a supsrh gar.
will not firme
ordinary kind,
al the
Brand New
sav a word.
Corser Fiith ana Kerr Aves