The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, December 02, 1897, Image 4

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Churaetertaes by Poverty and Appals Rich Property, Guarded by Crumbling prof 753% ——— ar at he mone ses la 4 when Mr Spurgeon iesrped te
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An the Brandish lower classes you Will © ool cone of the discovery of an oid 4 Ys ST boner reamin 4 my the lg A bogs school 3 Casteidge, and
find poverty and appalling imarsace forgotten mine in stra toned io B7 ap EB phason. | ix fa r tle g t Basen the pester ar The Hite Baptist
i meglet wi the intsiligence which B enlity in the foothills of fhe wil sors 4 Polo f Cons ii Over Big Wile F
positively animal—-yet nevertheless a a aEihaitiahed with FonERtic rar ul to Death
unallied with an obvious capacity of Sing on ata :
education and Improvement, an actual oo
and sdmirable pluck and cheerfulness, 0
& temper grateful, hospitable, and af
fevtionate, ard a marvelous sobriety of
There Is one especial word parties
larly applicable to this & sate baja, It
15 the Buasish word sufrids, wid WE
past resder in 8 shingle Bnet h word
by patient but it moans hore thay pa
tient: 1 means patient and pnviedie
tive ander grievous injury amd wrong
Raeh sre the Spanish ou th
erbaiy of the Brapish paabhie, ik boa Sh i ; at ide aid shy
only provinee io relation 1 thelr gov. : aan uy aii Finns : 8 A I re aT KR ao , 3 = Sh un Lest sind Pe
CERmen’ i to pay. They are a passive in. idl He Tn Eo mine vapor. There i% fer segs whe Fis ' 5 is i oa aery pie by stew and
sehicle for ministerig] extortion, The C7 4 RA Ep i Matsabingh Te ta ER ny i a vig ard wil 4 we eraREE areas,
Colitribusdones pre already heavier eR oe ne. Beovpos . Ta the mir. Dros 8 Hn y "U Taras +e » ih ; A sad aint of per sg 70 Ane expansion
than they ran bear, and grow mere . a "RB § hen Fiofwiry : = : Di Let mat ad fromm bea % a Se
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tration plempss the country deoper and a ip ns A Tu ; ot Hk Balt ot ia A - ill
deeper into debt. In reiom y eh bie ho FT
continuo dlstairsement they
mithing. Ther lands are without
road, thelr children without a
‘their navy is furnished with ships con
tracted for ut dosble the price of ours,
whose only quality is 10 go to the bi
tem withont the shadow of = eae
thelr aro Is napsld, oped ed, nud
undrilled. and shendntely Incompetent
foo engage with any Eugropsan power
The last Spenich census shows that of
& total population of 18,045L000 over 6,
WOH00 can neither read nor write
while over half have no determined o
eupagion. This statement is ia sel!
so damning that it appears hardly rec
eSRary to Inauire further. It simply
SHIVER fo show that for thes present
Main is a country of Furops hal nod Se biota Pris
of Europeans: tht the Maor, and the abwrnt $2 i Fan po Gea ie Nan : ; re ; . : id . a a Aa :
viry worst and most savage part of hens In Iusiive 16 607 ILOGTIBELT. BE | aR hin : d* : . , Claman gyms a =
Bim, ix still predominant in the despots : SE maa
who, by hp Elta) extrel Sen at tereor & EF th ye 8 tn Sey Pia a grow guns £5 Jord ivr % ¥ 2 13 .
alded by a copndatean and feet ‘ wi se hie mronated Big Ts 3 i iE 3 : ho gu alewsie Prive raven tery Prada
monary, an sry, an anped police, »
sitharned clorgy, and & suborned press
gionee the holiest attribugles of rus
sad government. and JOTWer We - ; ris : :
minster Review. : oR In BAT ne I he NY eriep the 7 : al me ALA ma be A am Try Crt. Gry Graleeon
Cane with a HHietory. Jd { NIA REN BOTEI nies aitanding Te i : a alin ; ‘ Sask Pre : Irak thet takes
Major MM. M. Clotheier, of Whatcot, Dal suimmdan ng ip oon « Jove prow de Fien® shat Chat ign bru etic ; in Wf papss, fede N ul aid @ of 7 the plivee Tow Leen mar drink
Wash, hus a hiv Rory eae, ont at (with the work, ane tool GhooYey 4 wed Bom la oped 54 § Re fp Sa 8 il % £5 § ¥a 3 ne ; ; » bi oat a § bl a " Liu Al}
Plymouth Rock, Mass, in 1821, by Na 8 complete gieuton of a mak. Ad Pmt IgRIS Hoel Bol Dye guj owed ; ‘a the mibiary 2 ” Rr TE tn ait ta ii 1 gt
thaniel Pierce, who came over in the the right hand lay a dagger enten wi. Hix wile SRS HE 18 Emmys ETTTRR . Dah leren ud ute Apmiid | pe pei bie erie By ene VEGAN,
Mayflower. The cane has been pass FOS. 8 darge CRGBk 67 QUATIZ »O8 Ml nt RUE wae Gaal 1 RE Cropmery. Tat extras. We Pashia, lwes : rsp Pligg | Mite 8 %;% Teta a
od down 10 the eldest son or daughter With coarse 3 Bevnidnain Loin bad iy ; = cai io a hgsiveas Se Ue Ba sob SIE, gai al ao
for many generationk and came to specimen of ony:
Major Clotheder (rom bis grandmother, of the human
Sarah Maser. who sade the 1.700 been thus rudely
pound cheese which was given to Pres. been tnnrdered by
Meat Jeflirson. the white man
Reindeer iz in Alaaks. Apache, or hud Le
br, Sheldon Jackson, fur twenty yosss » Jife's burden and |
traveler in Alaska, says the Government's ex Witled to the grave by
periment of importing tessdeer fram Siberia There is none 10 snewer, oe .
a soe snd hat the proldess of winter tery must remain raat Gots, A. i. rE. 3] oo ge : Pe a X - . Ta ‘ {ame Ameen toe The who vied Chee tel -
Three hundred miles por day cas be made aver = - ; ee phe edly a. aie heey is : get FRNA BUSEY LR INS W Tu.
the spon with relats at reasimslie intervals, Appearance Was Deceptive. : ,
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: livid of sombes | thle ruddenty speared ‘ators bi: hon : BEWARE OF MORPHIN E.
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three foot,
A well sresprvid
et hogs
Hair ex
ery =
¥ ag ely Harristers,
HE Hartt
wok Chats TIT
Fae best map of the Youkon Riondike bLisck He even ozlied
mining country bas been priuted in fodder eas smd 5 Soke : Ft . Basr iermtemit of tains ac : Ei Lt 4
when he quietly took his se3t al Tbe : 2 : Ss i E » ‘ . |
farm by the Northern Pacific Ry. Send a eotister in the lizht lunch oafe near : ; : : : ei : 2 - Mrs Pinzham Asis Women 5 Sel Poarmanent |
A a §
teocent postage etm to has 5, Fee 6.7 -
LA Re pant Min. T ® fuider j« failed wp. Tenth and Che Cures and x Mare Tamporiey Hellef
tnd information regarding rates wn Tardy t i
routes tu Alaska. : a day night. : From Pain.
tandem risisirivs t seen] strange to the other sus
De You Love Music! : = doar
te Cope Th Tig sige that Finan # yey
1 wen secure one of the atest and prettiest mers of the place that wo religions 8
4 Tater of the day, by mailing Ten Cents Man as he appeared to be shold bw
ver or SLATE § 1 COVET Ti ing aed pet. © deny Fels soe 8 mt
ew, to he fudersgnad fir & CODY of the ng nek offer at midnight, says
io vor BTW £ ® iMark envels Hin he Phil Isaeinhin Reovord Blask coon Erk
which ia Bh We are giving thin “minal calealated to Keep a me i awake ali
tw sey wt §
Shin ezcceding} jou rate jor thie perpen of | TH Perhaps, thought the others, he
nd, & lestitig the Yajue of the 1 has TMT Rd fr revi re for ur,
Se wo as advertising med issn hs A «Ing aera to prepare for dells
ORM ” { €TF in the mornin; Ther WER Bethe
Prssenger Traffic Manager, i ti Ft an as emia ff Se vlan
“Hig Fortr Route,” Cinciauatl, 0. #7 Ship ¢ patrons of the pia
ris i AAR when the solwr jndiviioal rine
Jia anently cured. No fits or nervous. cigar} Wx 0
Sev Siew da ‘wus of Dr. Kline's Grest re
rind botlie and Sreation wr § Eau
x K. (ig Kann 1 Lad. 91 Arch 0. Pulls. Pa
Fm Ni
Herat ary
After ix [rere suffering Twas saved by Plo
mls Care ¥ Tauosmaaw, Sy Olio Ave,
Alleghany, Pa, March 38 my. .
Mere Winslow's er tor Ph ren
lata sik the gum red acing inane
wh, “yt pain, cures wind © Saiki. Mo DOtilie
lino Kiet Company earnings far Octotes |
am Juputies ai goa, aw, i
ent to This!
tae Searest
Hi + on pera ed
Gecaust Your Stomach Will Not |, 3 : Bettie” Nhe
Digest Food. on of BOPR, 1% ten sonts and | TWikakin 3 : : ;
; A ~ 3 3 Tee a4 N : dg @ 1g CEPR ¥ Kode 9 i : 5 x 3 f “ 3
J Fake Hood's Sursapacilia and be eured. the Uke were diateibured all over the © has woe ir od VB : vans duok .B . go, Gos sirable wena ss wask that 1 could baad
Bowill tons an streagiaen Four MARAT | faor The olerical bwiking gentleman ey saa : Sa Ls yo rot amutisd the house. said not do any work withont foel-
and creaty an appetfte. Them you pay pigeflated “blankets Blank Blank” ser oe ty BER oh am yy ; 8 : yh i i 1
& ¥ En istix eT ny § ig 4 : oy in i X : x ¥ au 7% . Isa Yuet WN. 2 VY aionLnay 1 win Dad 3oOped an a
ast without fear of distress. your 160d went times wile he : . he : : = Ty BT ; : : F aa SLO wy : was
: Saal or Mr BD RE eg PUTING, CHURN A ‘ bl Far. Prime #100 0 how ' A wy Piredd aad nero {afi FEM was Iroabled very
da ad and assimiiated, and you tae a ’ in aot , : . ov a ; 2 y = ;
vil or re ’ Poker i Tia m arian ve: a : BL a A Sepa : ot 4 J med with falling of the womb asd bearing down pains
@ nizrht, fay 0% 1% Foil z 3 5 lf raw AREY TOR - ul : . ok 3 5, Eo 3 wr Een Bek i »
Ee : Eo Privat madris i tes Talis veiia BE. Pinkham's Vepe
hn - Gf the hug or Ry x i mE : Hover Ew % . : : ; ; Pe
A rir, ton, may be the arenilert © to the teil Pst boi | ria t sis ba £¢ i) " able Compound; | have faaen Gv dotles, and think fix
her own foctones, but a treleretee far BE const bent seston seer usest. Nove 1 ena work, and feel
hil ting ZirS HRli A lass so Mi hael Franny ene oh rer ABEL Pat i ¥ Ta 4 " 1 \ Re mvae dl : iF Ty fw I wid drat iv with
far e's Bot & designing woman. He ws Rear Hotsopide the St ba us a TR & Pana 0 head. but l anee badd no bad headaches or paipi-
hE Gm ay » wi x} is a Son = - f : e by aol eater of The heart woenb tratide or bearing down
persed to take Mrs Pinkbasm's
~oovanm end the Vegetable Come
COE WODEAn The use of one :
Prastey Derbe Center. Vi
ver ORs:
Fie, 3 Ww 4 » PH
Adview (ree.
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»/ - WoAT. EE CAR MAN,
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INVENT aur : ’ Fisrt Fler fel 188 Nasemn SE New Vink
4 Pom APPLE.
BE AN, Py ok Aw Wwomrater Midge getits Wanted 1 Crd YHA spd far
wg i oo # # 5 Lek mn « Li vii ¥ i¥ i LAER Be Gave
ef serefula. eczema, boils, sores, eruptions, ete, ars. Ximinis and Cha: Lisi ° E"ENSIONS, PATENTS. CLAIMS.
Late Primi Sp Tena ier ¥ Pac urea
a oo You WISH - in
Le You Knew That There is Science in Neatwess ?
Ba Wise and Use
® tk
as the best of blood
it's cures that count.
told by the cured is convincing i | om hil I
book free. Address Dr. Ayer, Lowell, Mass. PJ [omna 0 SH ©" Beaven sity devased
wire 30
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fA afdow Bad a fearful encounter wii LG
a tramp. He asked her for somaibing Country lressed
to eal, and when he was refused peal Sheep 2 100 WD
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Barglars blew open ithe safe in the Hogs Live ¥ 10D
Cosiport postoffice and secured . Couptry dressed
worth of stamps. ‘
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