The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, November 18, 1897, Image 2

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    mbes and green monkeys This queen
ne -
“about 16 pounds of nice ch
| day
: ove 2
i fren Is the Klondike.
. Eunice LL. W. Rowbcttom of |
City is the probable Anielia B.
fwards, or American Egyptologist. of
future. She has stodied diligently
ten years, has lectured successfully
different cities and will devote her ©
o in futore to the platform and to
: i and exhanstive trav-
: exploration in Egypt.
od Rowbottom is a young and at- |
tractive woman, a devoted mother and
am scoomplished housewife. Her father
Jaa profosor of Greek. and throogh
hig influence and amociation she be-
coame, early in life, an oriental scholar.
5 Ten years ago. when recovering from
an illness, some friend sent her a copy
of “Ten Thousand Miles Up the Nile.”
This she read with avidity, and while
“still confined to her bed she tanght her
self hieroglyphics and Egyptian my-
thology, after which she read Egyptian
history, Jiterature, fiction, poetry, es
Egyptian commonplaces—in
that has any bearing
} The Jersey
Bas seut atrond and works for
he ase. ‘The Exyptian Ritual
of Life and Death, ** which is known as
«he Book of the Dead, ** Mrs. Rowbot-
tom found it almost impossible to get as
the Astor library in New York, where,
suse the book is so rare, an attend.
ant was detailed to watch at hor elbow
i , ihe read:ft In Biosiiya the Ii-
Peary anthorities charged her for its pe
vasal So the Jersey City library sent
of J heond for a copy of this original liter-
i Mm Row bottom is now translating a
which is the story of Queen |
a's vovage to the land of Post |
Hatasn introdaced sailing ves |
lean was altogether progressive She
‘was the “‘wew woman’ of her time
came to her from all over the |
‘world. and the qoeen. clever woman
that she was, always want ont to meet
wach dressed in the national
costame of her visite Moreover, she |
invariably assumed at such times the
yuculiar dialect of her guest, & combina |
i tion of dress and language which never |
ale to make her popular.
Queen Hatasn reigned 50 years, Mrs |
Rowbottom says and she it was an
_doubtedly who originated the Suez ca-
mal. because when Do Lesseps made his |
excavations he found her cartouche on
the stoves She sent an expedition to
the land of Punt for myrrh, in addition |
> which her ships brought back pri:
was even more advanced than Elimbeth
‘of England, for her reign was all for
| peace ans progress in the arts. partica-
larly in architectore. She wasa Pha
rach, aud as wach her rank obliged her |
© 30 learn architecture
In this good queen's old age her
sdopted sen, who was ber nephew,
found some way of getting rid of her,
whether ty assassioation or seclusion
* Wonen, +3 Mrs Rowbottom,
“were highly pita and very
na RN
sebolarly w Queen Hatasu's day. They
were. ton. supreme in their own hotse |
boids If they desired their husbands
not to enter. all they had to do wea to
put their little shoes outside the door.
Whea on the throne, Queen Hatasu al.
ways wore a sort of Lloomers, the dross
of the male pharachs, which was in re-
ality an accordion plaited divided shart, |
worn poder a short toga This was
when Egypt was io its prime. The wo
men were finely educated, the children
were never irreverent,
“Men settled ten times as mucs mon.
ey on their mothers 2s upou any other
member of their fasnilies, and the ful.
lowing words are from the court poet,
‘Remember thy mother
Dat she not suffer for thee, and shouldss
thon not gladly care for her pow? ""—
Jessie Hopkins Seibold io Chicago Rec-
im a
New Ocenpations For Women.
+ It is a rare thing nowadays to hear 8 |
woman say, “1 can't find anything to
do.” Euglish women contend that!
American worden am pever at a loss to!
find employments In view of some of |
the odd industries that give a livelihood | |
to women here this seems more than
half true
Mrs Barotti, in Chicago, makes a
good income by conducting a nut crack:
ing establishment. This is an innovation |
and one that pays well Nuts are cracked |
at other places in Chicago, but Mrs. Ba-
rotti's establishment is the cue best,
known to confectioners, street venders |
aud the best known society people. At)
this scason Mrs Barotti’s business has
a boom and will econtinge to increase
until after the Christmas holidays Her |
place of business is a long, narrow room |
‘extends a 8 long table surrounded by men,
opening on the street. Down the center
warnen and children
| person ix a wpmre i
i pried high on one side of it Lach w
FP morning a 111 night
New York san
| amon the onion effort in its deep ain
iss onary Ww
stranger. the good ras asked whers he |
| membership does
Paty tie
In front
jron shun wv
er bas a hammer and pegs away from
Nii] 1s required
avtract the meats withont breaking
thems A good nntaoracker can rack out
An nuts a
For that grmonant the cracker ree
or a little more In the busy
sensony Mra Barotti employs from 30 to
C50 hands
A Philadelphis woman bas hit on a
povel plan of converting mows into
eash When her hashand, iaboring
man, died, leaving her with fhe, small |
hildren with healthy appetires, she de
cided 20 becoma a prof fonsional cleaner |
of kitchen floors She bas worked ber |
| specialty to advantage and is so efficient
| that ber regular customers would as
soon think of allowing a plumber to!
“tune a grand piano as to permit any ong
else to tonch their kitehan floors
Many kitchen floors nowadays are
made of hard wood or tiles or are oov-
| ered with oileloth or linolenm.
An ax.
pert can clean them with great rapid.
ity. as this woman has proved. She
makes the average fOOT A% DEAT AX WAX |
in half an hour and charges only 2p
cents for doing wo. She onrries her ‘owh
{ gools, soaps and cloths for getting the
dirt off and putting the shine on and
leaves things spick and span behind her
For each aastomel she has a certain
half hour on a certain day. Nhe is an
| exact woman, and, knowing this, her
customers have the kitchen ready for
her She earns from #3 to 84 a day and
savs she likes the work better than
standing behind a connter.
For some time a number of women
‘in New York have been doing profes.
| siomad mending Expertness with the
| poodle is the only preparation Docessary
fer this business The menders are mis
gionaries in a way, for they seek ont
bachelors at their boarding houses,
acartments and ho sels and make a con-
tract to keep Hultons on (Ont Vosta and
tronsers, to darn hosiery and to close
| ap rents mw clothing The price chirped
for such service varies according to the!
size of a man's wardrpte
This scheme of a perambulating re.
pair shop appeals to thie avernge man,
for it means money in his pocket. Tail
| ors charge good round sums for orld
| jobs and a woman fixes np wany things
{that a tailor would
net touch 1tas
casier, too, 0 have a woman drop in,
while a man is awny at bosinpess, and |
| rid him of all the worry about the oon.
{dition of his clothes
ita her customers at stated intervals —
The fie Mulo Women's Calon.
The Paffaio Women's onion is a
atrong wousectarinn association where
| Protestant, Catholie and Hebrew and
| those of Bo church at all, laying aside
all differences of roel cr tradition,
have come together to an equal footing
to work for a commen goad Sometimes
| gts work is wisanderstood becanse of
the practical pame Por fllostration, a
forlorn woman came to the president
one day with a complaint teat she nad
| poss defrauded and desired the mid of
the protective commithies, and when
asked if she had made any effort to ool
she made this rather
startling assertion: “Uh, no lam a
Christian I cannot Baht It
do for me, 0 1 came 1 ron
forenoon betwiwn notsectarian and Lon.
{ loot her clam
Tha dif
peligions 1s clearly defined, and while
there is no outward religions obsery.
cance touches at the roots of what is
| highest and noblest 1 life in a rovent
| essay on the © Art of Living Together”
ta the following aot lueteation: A hi
| parm, ia bs tarct famed, went to a
ha bantized
the answer
| had heard the gospel. and
| emit, 1 have not heard the gospel, but
i] have seen it
The soion aims to be a thought cen-
ter It stands for liberal fellowship,
: progressive education, home deals aud
free hearted hospilality
It demands
aud reccives the loyal service of pod
wernen beeanse of its high ideals. These
are some of the anderiving principles
which are the foundation of the War
en's Edacotwonal and [ndastrial anion
We long to extend our borders, to ses
the number of unions in cur own and
other lads incronend. Slmilar organiza.
| tions already exist in Paris, Londen and
Geneva It conta little to begin Enthu
| Slasrn, COnseCTAtion of gmrposs and 8 bt
| tie money are teerod
The Dufalo nulon began its work
with the sum of B65, received froam
fn every town and |
prides tive work is peesded
Wotnien. becaase of ignorance of the law,
are often defraoded; woocent girls and
| helpless children fall victims to ‘bud
| men. and Leave women must stand for
| them tn these days of political Sarvag.
: tio if
{ the helping baud to the triendises and
| persecute of Woes,
3 prey wil To exwua
wt condoning ber
mistakes if abe hay made them, b ut.
| yew of boman weakness, rendering wim
| terly aid aud sympathy, should te the
~tarper’'s Bazar
Radelife College Girla.
RBadeliTe college, which has
started on another year was begun in
187% nuder the name of the Soctety Por
the Collegiate Instruction of Women, or
more familiarly the Harvard annex. la
| 1584 11 was made a oollege wader the
game of Radeliffe, wn houor of Anne
Bndeliffe, the first woman who gave
money to Harvard The instroction pro-
! vided at Radcliffe is practically wienti
cal with that at Harvard There are the
sate professors god the same curne.
wlom: In 1868.7 there were 303 stu
dents This year there are more.
It 1s supposed very geueraily that
there 1s very little social life among the
girls. Whenever this is mentio tra
| Radeliffe girl she locks surprised, tor
Rodoliffe giris seen to think that they
have considerable social life—as much,
The monder vis.
wonld not |
Being a
just |
es ASS i SA Rr
| ment Llossed privilege of the pure amd |
| Banpy woman everywhere The Buffalo |
| amon has entered the fourteenth year
| of reaetieal werk for its city and state
the spirit
i for
by maias
lie Smit ED
guvway, as they have time
tras there iw no dormitory hie at Rad |
elife. The girls who come {
tunes board in private famibies. Att
same time theme ix hardly a day when!
sei hing going on at oul
| pupers and letters
thera is not so
There ave the various clubs The Idler!
the largest and a purely social one
alrermmte Fridays
times plavy are given
are dancing and refreshments
a vear the members of the [diver are’
odd “ey thir friends at Fay as
The girls eal these receptions opan
mestingm 2
Among tha other clnbe
C Freeneh. Eoodish, German,
[| Philosophy, Classical and
It meets on
Ar tha!
Se jontife |
| These clubs are partly social and partiv|
Then thor iz the athletic eluby
fir the girls
pasinm and
foal of the gyn
of smaller clubs
Every Wolnesiay Mra Agasar, Rad
cliffa’s president,
an Miss Coes the secretary.
the parlor
jeast one ‘Cop meeting
year In addition to these etal meetings
and receptions there are other affairs
which call the girls
meetings dress and evening fecturas
All of the evening Jsetures at Harvard
are open to the Radeliffe girls
pear a args city is always an advan
tage, for there are the theaters and cou-
ocorts to be atsended.
Latest 113 Waists and Blossea
receive in
It is very cortain that costumes minde
entirely of coe handsome material fake
the palm for clegance among gowns da.
sianed for cartain oorasiona
made gowns are thos “botlt” It 18
quite as feruiin, BOWever, that for other
pequiremonts, no matter what has fw
and |
differing from |
gid to the ecntrary, the
beantifal seprrate waist,
the skirt. as a rile, in both fabric and
coloring, will be as fashionably worn
this winter ax if this were the inihial
getann of 1a vogae There is no dont
abont this assertion The tatlors aud
dressmaker protest against it. bot the
troth recsatus that at the most noted
importing houses in the oity, and
throughout the country, will be found
the most varied and elaborate dusplay
of dress and fancy waters that hax ever
bewstt known in the history of trade and
fashion and both for smartness, style
and general attractiveness, the
metels canto well be surpassed Sen
gly the forme of geaios in this dire
tion can no fnrther go
A fentore of sorue of the latest si ik.
mitin and velvet Lionses wa detactind
hsgna, whieh is fastened 45 the Bion
hy a folded indie, a wetal belt nr nib
hen bast with empire bow on the left
wide This makes a dressy finish to one
of the most ary lish and alse eonvenisat
bodies that 4p to the pressnt time have
ever been vented Some of the hasjues
remind one of the pepluom of classic
erigin Women with vory wide h
pot Sud the short addinons—tabs, crene
fated of viuniyke baspnes ete. -—hwlow
the waist 52 all becoming 1a their caw
The looper peplum style Just referrd
to is very Ccauplimentary New
York Post
Even ‘n the Kondo.
Advires goddtinlds
pews of the Women's Klob of Kion
dike Althongh Just organized the so
ctety shows that 11 has already grasped
aps intentions of the great
movement The rie manoal setting
forth the peactices and primchments of
fhe klub, a few copies of whieh have
found their way east, will gladden the
heart of ovary aidor and abetter of or
ganized effort From the list of subjects
for divegsdon 10 will be sn that noth
ie of the sitghrest relevance to any
thing pearer than the antipodes will te
slowed fosoks for such topics
as “How tn Cas lee,” "The Way
Keep Warn With Mercury at a
Yantshing Point’ and CA Camparativo
Analysis of the Gastronomic Merits of
Ratier Devise and Best Backs will
dupappatnt. 4 No regular day or date
the uusrings of the kiab Ly Niwl
fice The worm of the Kind is’
in Koldest Klondike” The calirs are
yellow and witty, wtgnifyiug the prinel
pal products of the regiot-—gold a td
enoww The badge 4 in the form of a pn
and bears the design of a gold plek
rampgnt npon a eld of on 11s
youngest daughter, wo heartily 1 a
hed with its comsthitotiopal sims and
juterrsts, the General Pederstion of
Weanien's Clubs bas already seut a or
din] mvitation Wo beoome a
the great body 1 1s really remarkaiie
that, wu spite of all topographical handy
caps, these brave women of Kiondike
foamy Thi
mie WG
rae i
Prop wha
a0 Ts,
[have at once set abwat the aowadays
imperative detail of femimne existence
—a kink —-Phtisdelphia Times
The mourningiike garb so li
arid waitresses 1s bang
pure white gowns Certainuy
a fresh white gown, a sheer muslin
apron with the folds still bs it and a be
coming CAP Aare more appropriate for a
well heated and brilliantly lighted din
tng roons than the sabie, nuntitke nn
form. amd such a costume is much more
y for the wearer
placed Ly
popnfortat vu
has heen
A schon] of houstheeping
opesed wn Boston, where women
wish to Iweome professionals wm this
prageh of domestic service may be eda
saris A course of three
given and students thoroughly trained
in all bragches of bousekerpiug acd do
months witli Ow
Fifty Philadelphia yonng women have
args ire themselves to an susilary
to the Woman's Health Protective as
scetation The special line of work of
the new club will be to assist in raising
funds for a proposed pay hospital tor
contagious discasos
A home for deavonssses is to be opened
shortly in Jersey City The project is in
thie hands of the Newark conference of
the Woman's Methodist Home Mission
Ary SoC.
LER ee
ria BA ia
| wnt
Warnes |
Afterward there!
Twi few
CTiaww ars
alse class grpamsizationg and a number:
i pubhieation
Miss Irwin, the dean, |
All the larger clobs ive of
daring the
Loge ira Liane |
All tatior
ips dis
Capresso Canning
bring :
Ppeeils 0 ie
“Kairu re
mivber of |
RAS ar
A Collectinn of Great Interest In thie Pos
session of Mra AM. J. Gage.
Mrs Matilda Joslyn Cire 19 the pos-
anor of an interesting ecliection i‘ oid
winch she j¢ now ob
reference and
Eeepiuir nye ber
Rive of ol ack 10
the days when her public services be
arranging for
iif eamewial val
gaced in
t hme may be found the
weekly Tribune for the
foil time of . oivil war and throngh
poeanstraction dave and files of Wood.
huil and Clitin's Weekly Particoiar
interest attnchey too3 wnndls of The
published during thie ax.
IX 11 Philadelphia by the
sateptital committee, booause
ony with it of Mra teil
of Benjamin
Rin Amid
EP New York =~
Naw Century.
rowngion of
LC iiligL)
af the associat
The Nato
amy REY seal romnlete sopies of
Citizen and Ballot Box, a
in 1978 at Toledo
ander tire ansproes of that city’s Wom:
an Sallrage assooiation Then there
Tig d
Pex of Italian, French and Fag:
sid pamphlets, ail tearing
weet in of woman Tage and
Eke an SEETtion of ref.
wlerful to &on-
witnbeins to handis
Frags (reassure iv oh oeiten
wok, containing
iii with the move:
are po’
Hiab papers
on tha of
“ri Etiasit
mails Le
relies of Ler nu
of Seas iands
aa bd pag
soannfactared in
Asti set? in Lon
agunfactaosd (Dew 0st.
afr She plate oi the front os
‘Us Aster. No.'TH
New Patent
spe 45 yours ago made her
coh for woman's rights in a
Samvention held in Syrenss 1g the odd
eity hail Sue was one of the plofeers
1 thaw mio verine nt ed worked long and
persistantly alainsT chmtaciae, disap
pointinents ated odinm to as abe de
the way for the wallient
berlin OB Wi
bareh amd Mate,
“Whe Planned
en? and © Woman's
New Yori
Av ren
wl, Jan
of 1
ise fond
Three R
are’ Waornan {
man as jnventor
Hn 8 UL
Rights Catching rite
Protertiow Against Colds
White ovary of
ovidd, rheire are
tame Ha
in Lhe per Way
are, especially when theme are
wipes from
Heat Wo
rare [ow pe rais who f Lavras
preradive ot
They ity w
ehanges and pomediately sel ont an
overcoat, o Jneket, a sar! or a wm uffler
This shorilcder cite of spate awe and
the fonther tows OF Wrap that last
ap clo eis
aR Rm
ary hate Tie
Im 1H
the neck and covers the
fn that
protection in
of tas
Cliest ix
hinges 1ewtead thteser
shoes and Warner Boss were
AoZWariper covert
take m
atid ex peed
nls 3
bowl fein
want Cold
tow Inueh
Pret Sty
for the i
of t
care of
Heh tier
fie 181%
rt vid
Rial Lae
wrapning a weiy
past ion aod Tien disene
ive the that. ©
af edd salt and water
uno rising As batly of
thw sort eof great advantage. dat th
sent of the throat and chest is al
way for
seul wens bie method is 10
ATHIS & Aandi
est and
PALIN wid Qe
BY De iT Re WR aiid
ake of this thint affect this
wn My AW
Lady wYRRel
Winter Myles,
TT winter
wr stele for the cruuing
Lddes of
ier UF
pling, says a York
on Bi ye
Gre RLrROtive, SI
a T
writer have (hey awh
r osAlis
Pre ur
ie the gown
SEE Lio Ver Udall
Yaga dennrran, anal the
teria ated rich, wonder
fully varied, moderate in price and near
Iv all beautiful tothe eye aud the
Tied v2 Ris CRAY
sear Lae J
trees esd Iie
nd graceiud
ari ares are
timer 17
The moiifod slopves
outline of the wid spr
A nce 1A LO
thy ston or slender
grace nor beauty nor Done art
styles when grossly exagpe atid 10 thelr
pontonr, aid It is surprising bow gnu Kiy
Wis cat Deeonie Aco nstomel new
of In mode, transferring oar
to a radical change
are variously créated
for favor
sr short
wits netted
the tad
tu fIpgme
designs as they
add rosgihl ap
One of Alabama's Women,
Mrs Lelin Seton Wilder ts ane of the
lending women in the state of Alabama.
She is the owner and manager of
Wilder Place. on the Tennesses mv
er, near Decatur Wilder Place ts une
of the finest plantations in the south,
containing, as 18 does, 1,800 acres of
mich land, a part of which is under eal
tivation. The remainder is heavily tum.
pered. Mrs Wilder is a widow and a
heavy taxpayer. She manages the entire
plantation nnd employs over 100 negro
laborers, who mise abundant cotton
i pew tea
gween that time and the present.
yachts, great
Win i
Tennessee wis fais
o wdrits the neoesewity
Cthat eviets for goseding agBiost axon claimed
| ANNOVIIIOD LO in Than Was their babit
ff brushing
Pater Lo
nut on and |
derorated with rows of black
Ctranmed that the office is
Lent in one continuous lenjth,
i 10
Paitlar band
| mKirt
pun |B vin
rather stant wore
- ghar walstod. -~ Exchange
tiie |
i wha
| primibation and agnostic fokets
her election thera we
{ women, the
the reduesd |
ading skirts are |
| fhesd and MN
diseonraged Mrs Henry is a Keatueky
Fwoman of
‘pt she will
LBRO. wi
Sashes Arve In Vogue,
: :
Qashes are in vogne and are to be
worn of varying widths and textures, |
knotted, looped air loft plain and falling
to the hem of the wines
A pretry model of rich, heavy
black Beir adv pernsa the ands with!
a full quilled rofling of black ison
About a foot from rhe tottam en bor
der of cream colored aT Ine put
on bins Another sash iy also of moire
edped all armnd with a scant roching
of hlnek , Both of thes spo 8
inches wide and have only a bunch of
loops where the plaited belt fustens at
the waist
A handsome sash for evening wear is
of Roman striped «ili, bordered and |
edged with plaitiogs of block brussels
pet. Another, of helistrope satin and
Black thread lace, is knotted and loops wy |
at intervals of a fount
skirt. the wide soft folds of the
giving an artistic affect
The hlrase bodies, in varying forms, |
bas riven rise to thes sashes and they
threaten belts, oven for
sveryday hoose ATTNst WA
toy smperevde
gens and rodixtes prisndiot that it will |
pot be long before the old tune fashion
Cof witirts sewed
visibly to the
will come in stele again Aloeady the
peevens arp honse
pede in Tg
of joining 1+ courealed, and it is just a
gten between that and the Jaearyevar, old
eri simply
with a cord,
‘hedy.” with the skirt gath-
on to it and strengthened
thst our grandmothers
Pifty Years Ago.
In pleturing some of the ect itiona |
of life in her girlhood Mrs MEW
'Epistie to Posteri
cirrtain inirasts
In the
early forties and fifties almost every-
body “had enough to lye on” and,
Lyonng ladies dressed well on $100 a
year The dang
in Poston wero drossex] with servnnl
plainness, and the wife and
ownnd ane broesde, which did service
for several years Display sins consid
ered] vulgar. Now, alas, only Quen
Victoria dares to go shabby Fi
clothes hivwn Dewan fn neooisity to
josey lights Tha greater proportion of
in her
nites Yas.
: ps jade Ars happaer Taam thors wis
not such emulation, such viglpar samy.
ing nor such soaring, foolish ambitions,
Then men are women fell back on their
aw for that entertainment
which pow week in fast horses
and sonstunt change,
journeys wo Europes and to Newport
Pooks took the place of dives and a
When a young lady was intr
deed into society, one bouquet did do.
ty for the 70 which now are ennsiderd
quite wo few. Thane was on sober ale
gancoe among even the first in position
and the richest tn pocket. There was
no talk stout money, It has become a
subject of copversation since thie war,
int ihete
A Brave Ploover,
Phrven mahers, thie manage of the the.
atsr 2ud a policeman tried to indoes an
Atlanta woman to remove a particalar
| iy abpeticnal In" ny
from her
Poly Taviar of
fears hat”
Na Lida
hecal whitle
Nis hatture
mpartment The
of ines
wih flddie soon
that wr
by Ler or compelling ler to
rier when they wantod to Leave the the
poet o drink, Bhe sald farther
that when that peculiar pnpands, 19
which all waonien sre continually sub.
jected in theaters overywhore, was ai dik
ished she world consent Wa her
bat, but sot antil then heave
pioneer fur a peforas that shonbd be lu.
stituted in the management of Dearly
every theater —Iachange
Nralding and Randa
{i loth gowns for
braiding in tan amd gold ds mneh sme
ployed, and blseck and steel appear an
gowns of prelate purple and danish
blue Same of the gray wool gowns are
velvet or |
in dark shades of red, and 1t
poticeabls among the Gnbortsd
this skirt amd waist are
if a gnrsoet
the gimp
carried froan shonbder
corsage edge. and upon the dress
just beneath this edge begion a
that is carved
vuands are added to the
LTE is that a fk
ar valvet bands
in heoken lengths, aud this is
to be particularly comnended ty
tose who
A Candidate For Poesident.
A candidate for the
1000 will be Mra Josephine BR
residency i
th be seaninisted
wid 1 ther
apposition to sending the frouciiime 10
Dingley tart law would
tha government wankd be
wer of coal mines, railways
telegraph and telephone lines,
functions wonbd te abolished or simpli
Sabbath observance would
tw repealed,
ene the ov
aE ad
adneation and many sooo
plishments While she is a prohibition
aot bie connected With any
and ref akes Jinn
Christinng Tamperance
ark Tribune
ardor ti
pens 8
N £1 ve
Hertha VV. Thompson.
wr T™
thertha 3
To Psaa,
ryitnated in [NUE
of isiikosh, Wik,
ar Ides, to sucessad Dr. RCN. Nintzel,
the regular cat
grepeadest Troan
tigation. Dr
man to hold the
in the state of Wis
in Neenah, Wi
a ars and
hospitals before studying medicine
ly wornan physician in Oshkosh.
‘aty peading an
fow wv
Eye ie
Lag asl
an it flies on the |
waist line very much ing evidenon this
Le i
nuer, althoagh the line
fitors of the richest man
Prune thr
{oper part
a hive oF brignt tape
PA vhs
Fares a dings cand
daniidiross wear is
down th .
Cealheets them
are i
| onr
oan Dir
widy tine
wn bright young |
ata Chi |
Hoge, has been appointed |
by May- |
ahysician, who has beon ©
Ives |
Thoaupson is the frst wos :
office of city physician |
She was born |
and was a teacher for
then served as parse in
| Aw Asnusing Creature of Wonderful Yel.
“tmple Construction.
Select five corncobs—one large white
anh, two of medium size and two small
pipeorn cobs. You will also want five
~immon wire hairpine and some bits of
uy cloth. Be gure that all the cobs are
perfect in shape.
Now push ope of the hairpins into
the pith at the large end of each of the
fone small cobs To do this, press the
points together and push down firmly
anti] het one-fourth of an inch is left,
i thus
forming a wrong wire bon Now
take the two larger cobs and hang both,
[hy these loops, to the fifth hairpm,
which must te pushed finnly into the
larae end of the largest coh These form
Mr Jdiminite’s which are thus en.
abled to move abont quite satarally
Wake a hole clear through the larger
coh frm side to side altvns thes inches
fr Pana strony cord throngh
the wire loon of one the popearn cobs,
creed fhe finde of the beady cob
int the loop of the o . bowly cob and
back aguin dire ngh the hole, then tie
the two ends firmly together. This fin.
othe tion
Lishes the body of Jimmie, whose arms
leg swig naturally
Tio make Jiinmie's face, dmw a piece
of white mosiin smoothly over the ap
of the vob, sewing 8 firmly just
alwite the srips Patut his {features or
Arpw then with ink aud be sur to Qive
him of seniling counteuanos Now make
| a pir of trousers of some bright oolor,
sity the in over is legs ard fasten them
aly alvin bis |
easier drawn not ly %
fmsrigranl ut £$
Make a joowe cont,
fr wiv
pox, nud «lip
ra secatie, and
for 1 fon,
wilted madi tion
oom, fastening 11 aay + ed
virgregee Cand he 1 Te oniy rire pital
ars 3 $4
will jet Lu
. i
Zaid relist it
UT soma?
fr of this
Fs Bn, a {|
thes, — lotsa Kove
Piaxine “Wan Rhsnealty.™
oi the counting of the long
iz of the long ovo
fries grad the sub FIIs abel parties
they bring oon the old gues
ron. Clan't tire saushing pew that
wan. play?’
It i ad
sltopethey freely
if the
wiiteh Om
: We
wavs diMenit to Hud snvebhing
original, and some
4 trifle worked over
suit frvshened will be found quite
ax interesting ae anvihing else For oe
BLO, are many wond giunes, hat
pot ome of then 16 quite like the little
fummaker kpown ss the “word rhap-
In play gute each of
Ete 18 upped to choose
wal Wit in wWrilien
stim] by the host.
averh a
ar any other
apoest sell, The cands
ap atl the hostess
vars ona large phe of
ra<l peneil, =o that,
An be wen all iver
5a ine is invited to
ry i He
th woes appr ars, ail if then Iw itig
praatioally all 0 8 ann to
LD tis of work shoal
| flim sptand fo en mang When
ROTOR BTR thus Anthors are ie
vitowd to pad saad, or the hostess
anid ress them hers (ff
ren very amusing The
leber prmes,
¢ Soaps
wiv ing ios
was 5 8
It may be FEV,
word tha
writes all the Ww
white TERT an
tisaisy at freed
1th *
ths tywill Bene SS
wher Bt
preie vn
wri on ahr wl hich pvery
FEE Tyee
LA Gas
. 4
The rossits are!
rhianns aise makes a
atv aoand
erpise Chicago Record
Pluribus Unem.™
Wi are indebted to Jolin Adameiite
national mest, UE Plurtbas
* White he was minister to Eng.
Priata ick sugposted tt
Adar s as a asl motto to ned.
cate the anton of the colonies It was
sutiiitted to congress amd adopted by
ait of congress, June, 1782, The sagle
in its twnk bears a ribbon on which is
the ruotta. In the early days of its ase
the eagle bore also inoits talons a boa.
din of 13 armws but when, i 1841 a
pew seal was msde 10 take the place of
the old one, had become warn,
only six arrows were placed in the tal.
ans. Whether this change was ordered |
by law or not is not known The idl
Latin motto was in. ase iu Eagland as
fur hack as 1780 on The Gentleman ‘s!
tir Mr
whic 41
Magazine —5t. Nicholas
Her Awful Dream.
A tle maid of tender venre
Had saeh an awfal dreams!
She caine 10 ie slimes? 10 Tears
HS Just was gUiLE tO sTesn
sWhen both my open came open wide
TAnd, of | was so glad
To find 11 was 4 dreams, she orted,
Hoon 11 was ac lad!”
“What could it be, poor chiA 1 eadd
“Were yOu prrsued ty beers?
Perhaps your dolly troke her head?
Or did vou fall down stairs?”
woah, dear! It's most too had to tell]
Yom khiow in sohocl cur oles
Are havip ‘zamminstions. Well
1 dresaned didn't pass!”
; —Elimaboth kK. Durns in Privacy Education.