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    WOL. IV.—NO. 40.
Successor to
© $100 PER YEAR.
~~ We offer
In Drugs.
Visitors who came to Patton Mor
base ball game, and a big picnic an
noon and evening.
Of Coal From This Region Over the Beech
Creek R. R.
The different bituminous collieries of | of Bakers Mines, and was called at
Patton and the one located on the o'clock p. m., which resulted in
Cambria County railrood near Spang- victory for our boys by a score of
ler shipped 3,500 cars of coal over the tg 2,
Beech Creek railroad during the month |
I a, | want of amusement as in the afternoon
the “Courier Rep orter. there was an interesting foot ball game,
Gleaned Here and There a Labor Day, did not go away for County Superintendent Gib-
son Offers Suggestions.
SHIPPED 3:500 CARS dance in the Firemen’s Park both after- OF VITAL INTEREST
The foot ball game was between the | To the Success of Our Public Schools and
the Patton Blues and the White Caps,
Shouid be Adhered to.
1| Superintendent T. L. Gibson recently
a (issued the following ‘Suggestions to
1| Teachers’ which are well worth pond-
ering over and profiting thereby, taken
The game was an exceedingly inter- | from observations during his visits to
a matter that must receive more care-
ful attention on the part of some of the
Keep a careful record of all books
and supplies given out. Inspect books
frequently to see that pupils are taking
reasonably good care of them. See
that supplies are not wasted.
Go into the school room with the
consciousness that the children are
sent to you by parents anxious for the
welfare of their children; that you are
expected not only to teach them what
is contained in the text book, but that
you are to teach them cleanliness,
of August, which were handled in| esting one, notwithstanding that is was | the schools of Cambria county:
and during that part of the year when !
the schools are not in session. This is INGES N 6]. VINCENT'S
Many Different Faces in the
Monastery Chairs.
As Well as at Patton—P. Leonard Goes to
Important changes have just been
made at St. Vincent's Monastery,
Greensburg. The Rev. Father Vin-
cent, who for the last five years was
director of the college, has been re-
We don’t “‘cut” price
or sell “at cost.” W
thing we sell. If w
any ome else.
gist who sells at cost i
That’s not our way o
doing business.
| didn’t we couldn’t stay in
Neither could prospects are for a much larger tr
A drug- | during the month of September.
money, or he
makes an unfair profit on
S | the Beech
The above num- | gether,
e | Der of cars would aggregate over page h
| 70,000 tons of coal shipped from the igdicti
| Patton region in one month.
&he game was played at th
on of the Association rules. Th
The | time of playing was one hour. Th
s| This is strong evidence that the | game is looked for soon.
| freight traffic over the Beech Creek | are the names of th
| railroad, counting all other points from | team:
| any of importance during the month | son, James McGivin,
| of August. The Beech Creek people | Thomas Ferguson.
| are adepts when it comes to handling| Bakers Mines—Patrick McG
Robt. Ferguson
Creek yards at Patton | the first of the season and the first
€ | under the supervision of Yardmaster | game our boys have ever played to-
make a profit on every-| Wm. Cramer.
all park and was under the jur- { the Superintendent promptly.
affic| hoys from Bakers Mines proved them- | and correcting it outside of school is
|selves to be gentlemen and another | not a good one.
. | which it is fed, is of considerable mag-| Patton Blues—Harry Crompton, cap- | many instances papers so corrected are | destruction of the N
many things to even Up | nitude and notwithstanding the heavy | tain; Wm. McFarline,
on what he loses on one. | traffic over a single track, very few ac- | Thos. Littl
f | cidents have happened, in fact, not| Morgan, James Stocks, John Patter- | their errors.
John Green, given back without the teacher’s hav-
e, Thomas Hunt, Robert ing called the attention of the pupils to | weighs 1,600 pounds: He is having it
It is important that all report blanks | and morality.
sent to the teachers be filled out care-
e | fully and completely, and forwarded to | children
| to them.
e| The practice on the part of teachers |
e | of collecting written recitation work |
and ought to be an
Over 100 Years old.
- possessor of a histeri¢ relic in the shape
It takes time that a | of a cannon suppposed to be 100 years
Following | teacher should have for rest, and uses {old, which was captured from the
e players of each | energy that is needed for preparation | British when they evacuated Washing-
|of the following day's work, and in | ington, D. C., in 1814, after the partial
ation’s capitol. It
is rather an ancient looking gun and
So far as possible, writ- | mounted for the purpose of placing it
, | ten work should be corrected before { on a lawn near his residence in Clear-
the class, and the attention of the class | field, Pa. The short history of the
ann, cap- called to the errors, teachers and pupils | discovery of the cannon is as follows:
(. W. Hodgkins,
a large business. |tain; James Lee, Joseph Langsford, making corrections.
| Chas. Lansford, Charles Wekland, Wm. |
McMullen, James McKillep, Thomas
| Megiven, Pat Nugent, Alex. Harvey,
Charles Bender.
A Pleasant Time.
As per invitations issued the mem-
bers of Patton Lodge, No. 1089, Inde- pupils will always be employed in
pendent Order of Odd Fellows, held
| Patton Pharmacy.
Headquarters for
| Drugs, Medicines, Chemicals
Stationery, Confectionery,
Cigars #2 Tobacco.
Do You Drink?
Man works from Sun to Sun;
Woman’s work has long been done,
She finishes her wash before it’s noon.
Buy one of
Wringers......... $1.40 & 2.75
Lb .55 & 1.00
70 & 2.50
Wash Boards, Clothes Bask-
ets, Lines and Pins.
Ain Cans,
Fruit Jars, Sash,
Jelly Glasses, Paints,
Preserving Oils,
Kettles, Agate,
Ice Cream Tin,
Freezers, Wooden,
Churns, Willow,
Miners’ Earthen and
Supplies, Hardware.
Stoves, |
Ranges and
| If you do call and get who had the pleasure of listening to
i : im. er interesting addresses were | assisted by Drs. Weida, of B: S
your thirst quenced at our | him. Other interesting addresses were | assisted by Drs. Weid 1, of Barnesboro
An American Washer has been her |
PRICE - $3.05.
|of the causes leading to the strike at tember 2, at 11:30 a. m., after a lingering | low the marking to take up your | storms and signs says that some strange
The base ball game was called abou
2:30 and the contesting clubs were Pat
| ton and Carrolitown. Only seven in
nings were played
resulted in a score of 9 to 3 in favor o
their Second Annual Banquet at the
| spacious Commercial hotel on Satur-
| day evening. At about 8:30 p. m. 90
people were seated in the large dining
room, which was handsomely decorated
for the occasion, and partook of a
| bounteous and well-prepared supper of
the chocest delicacies of the season.
| Reuel Somerville, Esq., acted as toast-
master and the first person called upon
was Hon. A. A. Barker, of Ebensburg,
| who spoke for nearly forty minutes on
| the interests of the order. His talk
was very befitting and ably rendered,
land was much appreciated by those
and Gray. The special
the game were
by Pitcher Gray
features o
of D.
of reaching home
plate by
The game was very tame al
A Severe Operation.
Dr. H. Somerville, of Chest Springs
| made by Geo. H. Curfman and Rev. N. land Murray, of Patton, removed a!
| 0. Patterson, which were much en- metal ball from James Riley, of Clear-
After supper the assemblage | field township, on Thursday of last
| was entertained in the hotel parlors by
| some instrumental music rendered by | canister, and weighed 325 grains, almost
It was
the Mandolin Club, and others, when a located in the pelvic cavity back of the i
Mr. Riley was a member of
| joyed.
| Prof. Wm. P. McBride, F. E. Wentz! the weight of a silver dollar.
arge number repaired to the lodge bowels.
[ room in the Good building where a ball | Co. A, 55th Pennsylvania Volunteers,
| was held. Severin’s Imperial Orchestra | and was wounded at the battle of Pope-
| furnished the music for the dancing. |taligo, N. C., October 22, 1862. Mr.
{Al who attended the banquet report Riley, at the time he was wounded,
| having enjoyed a very
| evening.
Publishes a Statement,
| of Hastings, published a statement in |
| his resignation as superintendent was | again.
| not desired by Duncan & Spangler be- | -
| cause he had not been faithful in the | Dich at Hones,
| performance of his duties or because | James F. Wilson, formerly of Patton,
| he had done anything unknown to the | but of late has been residing at Houtz-
| firm, but to shield the real instigators | dale,died at that place on Thursday,Sep-
| Sterling Mine No. 8, at Hastings, and | illness of over a year. He was aged 36
for the purpose of saving the firm | years. He was at one time a member
| from the publicity and notoriety which | of the Patton base ball club and has
would have resulted trom the suits many friends here who will regret to
| brought against them by the miners. |learn of his death. Mr. Wilson was
{ munity who knows anything about the | Pythias. His remains were laid to rest
matter knows very well that the firm |i the cemetery at Brisbin. Mrs. Alex-
of Duncan & Spangler were thoroughly | ander Monteith, of this place, who is a
familiar with the manner in which their | Sister of the deceased, attended the
business was’ being conducted by him, | funeral. ~~ She returned home on
and that the published statements in | Monday.
relation to the settlement of the strike |
injure his character and reputation. |
Carrolitown Fair.
The dates of the Carrolltown Fair
are September 21, 22, 23 and 24. The
display of live stock will be larger than
ever, while the races will be first-class.
Pattonites always attend the Carroll-
| town Fair, and this year they will be
there in full force, for they know that
Want to sell a farm. la day at the Carrolltown Fair gives
Want to sell a house, | them more amusement and fun than
Want to rent a house. | any other place in the county.
Want to exchange anything.
Want to sell plants or grain.
Want to sell groceries or drugs.
Want to sell or trade anything.
—It You.—
Want money.
Want a cook.
Want boarders.
Want a partner.
Want a servant girl.
Surveying for the Beech Creek.
| Within the past week Beech Creek
| railroad surveyors have been working
| in the vicinity of Wilmore. Last week
| in above lines |
| I can supply
you with,
Sold to J. E. Kirk Hardware Co. i Tribune.
One day last week Harry Sweeney | Tailor-Made Clothing.
disposed of his furniture business to | Dinsmore Brothers, of Punxsutaw-
the J. E. Kirk Hardware company, and | ney, have now opened a first-class
the furniture, ete., was removed to | tailoring establishment in the Young
their room on the south side of Magee | building, next-to postoffice, and are
avenue, which was enlarged for that | now prepared to show you a fine line
purpose. Mr. Sweeney expects to de- | of samples of imported and American
vote all of his time to the undertaking | woolen goods. Perfect fit guaranteed.
and the game
The ball is known as grape and |
pleasant | weighed 195 pounds, but his terrible
[suffering has reduced him until at
{ present he weighs less than 100 pounds. | dl . i
| The COURIER is pleased to state to his | the books to which the daily attention
One day last week J. L. Nicholson, | many friends and comrades that he is | Of Our teachers will be given.
the Al, a hich I th | doing as well as could be expected, and), od anvihine nested
{ the Altoona Times which he says that |, , go days will be able to be about | > anything EO
some work that has a true educational
t end.
- If for any reason recess should be
- | omitted, always give pupils some form
| of calisthenic drill that will relax the
f nervous and physical tension. Good
The battery for Patton was | ventilation is of supreme importance
Baker and Hile, for Carrolltown Gray | and shonld under no circumstances be
f| neglected. During the recess, or the
the striking out period of physical exercise, the air in
Dale and | the room should be completely changed.
Baker, and the new fang dangled way
The practice of memorizing gems of
Baldy | literature, and selections of classical
1 language for their language value can-
not be too strongly emphasized.
Teachers should give daily drill in this
| exercise, keeping in mind that this
should supplement the regular work
so far as possible. In order to be |
| thorough in this work a list of selec- |
tions should be formulated for the dif- |
| ferent grades. Flash Lights in Ameri-
{can History and Patriotic Reader will |
| be found excellent books: from which |
| to make selections.
Teachers should be thoroughly ac- |
| quainted with the best methods, and |
| then make original application of them.
|Several of the teachers are not well |
| enough acquainted with the Course of |
| Study.
| without having a copy of the Course at
| hand.
In fact, a few have taught |
It is expected that this is one of |
Be frank |
with patrons and members of board in
stating exact condition of your school. |
| Report promptly to your
Not long since the Virginia Beef Ex-
Plan your work in advance by study- | tract company, of which Hon. James |
ing conditions and ends, so that your | Kerr is president, purchased a tract of
land in Alexandria, Va., on which to
| erect a large building for the purpose
order, obedience, courtesy, kindness | moved to St. Bede College, Peru, Ill.
Remember “that the | He occupied the chair of Dogmatic The-
teacher is a daily example to the |ology for 10 years previous to his ap-
ideal | pointment as director.
Father Daniel,
professor of the highest commercial
class, will go with Vincent, as will
Hon. James Kerr, of Clearfield, is the | Father James, perfect of senior class.
| Father Raphael has been appointsd
| director of St. Vincent’s. Father Lewis,
recently from St. Bede, will be director
of the scholisticate and professor of the
highest commercial course. Father
Cyprian will have charge of the Eng-
[lish branches and will be editor of the
college journal. Father Hilery takes
the office of students’ chaplain in the
place of P. Leo. The latter has been
promoted to pastor of the Ridge. P.
Edwin, late of Hastings, Pa., goes to
P. Innocent, of St. Marys, goes to
(Hastings. ~~ P. Leonard, recently or-
| dained, is appointed assistant pastor at
| Carrolltown.
| relic to his home at Clearfield, as they
{of manufacturing their product, and| AS Was stated in the COURIER last
on this land an old delapitated brick | Week Father Isadore is appointed for
building stood, which, of course, was Patton. P. Beuno is made pastor of
removed, and in so doing the men en- Jeanette in place of P. Pancratins. All
gaged in excavating for the founda- | the college perfects have been changed,
tion unearthed the piece of artilery. | excepting Fathers Mark and Alysuis.
The older residents of Alexandria, who | P+ Baldwin has been appointed to the
are in a position to know, say that | Fesponsible position of Vioster of Noy.
when the cannon was captured from ices, and Father Alcuin, besides his
the British army it was buried in the Dresent eharge Sfpasior of the conges
cellar of the old brick house. The |8ation, will take the professorship of
citizens of that old historic town be- | Batural philosophy.
came very indignant when they learned
that Mr. Kerr had removed the old |
Miss Clara Boone Killed.
A runaway accident occurred at Al-
toona Monday evening about 7 o’clock,
thought that it should remain in their | oy Ninth street, Fairview, which re-
town. {sulted in the death of Miss Clara
Ankle Broken. | Boone, aged 20 years, of Frankstown,
James Monteith, who hasbeen acting | Blair county. Miss Boone and her
in the capacityy of engineer at the | father were returning from a visit to
Patton Water company’s pump station, | relatives in Mountaindale. They occu-
met with a painful accident on Thurs- | pied a two-horse wagon. At Twenty-
| day of last week by receiving a com- | third avenue the animals took fright
pound fracture of his left ankle. Mr. |and dashed down Ninth street. Mr.
Monteith was assiting in raising Boone endeavord to stop them and
a smoke stack when one of the | would have succeeded, had it not been
guy ropes broke, and in trying for a strap, which was left unbuckled,
to make his escape from being hurt he | allowed the bridal to drop loose from
| tripped and fell to the ground and a |one of the horses. At Twenty-second
large gin pole fell across his ankle. | avenue the wagon ran into a ditch and
He also received other injuries about | the occupants were thrown to the
his body, but of not a serious nature. ground. Mr. Boone, who was only
He was taken to his home at once and | slightly bruised, picked up his daughter
Dr. S. W. Worrell summoned who | and carried her to a residence nearby,
dressed and placed the injured member | where a physician was summoned.
in a comfortable position when he was | She had sustained a deep cut on top of
taken to the Philipsburg hospital the | the head and was injured internally.
same day. At last reports Mr. Mon- |All was done for her that was possible.
Want to find customers for anything. [they were working along Blacklick using a little originality. The room | Herald.
Want tosell or buy horses, mules, cattle, | Creek and Hinckston Run, in Jackson should be kept clean and well dusted. | Take Notice!
Ete., Advertise {and Blacklick townships. People in The stove should always be polished | Furniture added to our Hardware
In THE PATTON COURIER. | that vicinity believe that a railroad will | and blackboards cleaned frequently. | Store—small investment and big re-
It’s a sure winner. be built in the near future.—Johnstown Wash basin, comb, mirror and a | turns. Here’s the opportunity. Cham-
Remember they are the
Actors in Sohool works interested | teith is getting along quite comfortably.
? s Se <. | ®
If cards are used on which credit is |
given for daily recitations, do not al-!
Strange Things Will Happen.
A prominent weather prophet on
| attention to the loss of interest in the | phenomena will occur in the heavens
teaching exercise. | in September and several awe inspiring
Do not repeat a pupil’s answer, ex- sunrise and sunset scenes. A very |
cept for a purpose. | pretty sight will be that of Venus and |
Visit good schools freqeuently, and | the moon within two degrees of each
that may be made in your own manner | day, the 23rd instant. There will be
or method. | several fine meteoric displays and the
Find out how far pupils have gone in | falling of one large meteor to earth. |
their work during the preceding year, | Strange phenomenal electrical displays, |
then lay out a definite amount of work caused by the magnetic current, will |
to be done in each grade in a certain | cause consternation in some localities. |
time, and do that work carefully aud | On the 22d the sun enters sign Libra |
| thoroughly. and autumn then begins.
| Teachers should frequently examine |
themselves as to whether they re| John Dever, one of the victims of
making their work thorough and inter- {the outrage by robbers in Munster
| esting, whether they are following the | township a few weeks ago, was in
; j ago,
best methods, and a8 to whether their { Ebensburg Monday for the first time
disposition is becoming more even and
3 ; | since the affair. His wounds are heal-
agreeable toward their pupils. ling slowly and are not yet by any
Attention should be glyen to the means well. His brother, the invalid
school room decoration. Pictures re-| whom the burglars maltreated, still
lating to art, literature and history may | suffers greatly from the shock of the
be selected and placed on the walls. assault, Neither of the mes cari veeall
Such may be purchased at a very | anything that would lead to the identi-
(small cost, and simple, yet tasteful, | 52 tione of their assailans.—Cambria
(frames may be made by the teacher’s |
Dever Brothers Slowly Recovering.
| : : 3.08
towel should always be in the school | ber suits, parlor suits, dining room sets,
{ She lingered until about 6:30 o’clock
{ Tuesday morning when death resulted.
| Besides her parents, deceased is sur-
| vived by these brothers and sisters:
| Robert S., Mrs. Annie Myers, and Wil-
liam, Mountaindale; George, Jr., at
[ home, Mrs. Susan Crook, Patton. In-
terment will take place to-day (Thurs-
|day), at Frankstown, and Rev. N. O.
: : 3 | Patterson, of this place will conduct
| He says that every person in that com- | 2180 a member of the Knights of| observe carefully any improvement | other in the early morning on Thurs- | 2 b
the services. The deceased was a
member of the Patton Baptist church.
A Success.
Patton Fire company’s dance and
picnic at their park east of town on
Labor Day was a grand success in every
particular. A large number was pres-
ent. The orchestra, which was led by
Prof. Howard Maitland, of Gallitzin,
was, beyond a doubt, the finest that
has ever made music in this part of the
county. The fire boys have gained the
reputation of showing their guests a
good time, and still keep it up.
The Royal Tailors!
The largest custom tailoring estab-
lishment on earth. Four hundred
samples to select from. Faultless finish.
Every piece made to measure and guar-
anteed a perfect fit. You are invited to
call and see the grandest and most
beautiful display of fall and winter de-
signs ever produced. Represented by
T. W. Letts at store room of C. M.
Letts, Magee avenue.-40tf
Ladies Invited.
All the ladies of Patten and vicinity
room and used when needed. A bucket | rocking chairs a specialty. Call and
1 ted J: see.-40tf J. E. Kirx Hpw. Co.
for drinking water should be prov ided | = Sy :
with a closed cover, and when pupils | Attention G. A, R.!
are not using it the bucket should be| All members of Lieut. Peter Kaylor
carefully covered, thus protecting the | Post, No. 633 are earnestly requested
water from dust and accumulated mat- | to meet in headquarters on Saturday
ter in the air. | night without fail as important busi-
Closets should be daily inspected by ness will be transacted.
are respectfully invited to call at the
store of Mirkin & Kusner, next to
Bank, and examine their fine line of
fall and winter capes and coats. They
are dandies at prices ranging from $3
to $25.-1t
Educate Your Bowels With Cascarets.
Candy Cathartic, cure constipation forever.
business in Patton and Hastings. 40tf
10¢,25¢. It C. C. C. fail, druggists refund money.
teachers, and locked in the evenings | W. H, H, BELL, Adjutant.
wg 1