The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, August 12, 1897, Image 1

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| tions put. 40 the applicant:
“In what country were you born?
ithe laws there? Does the chief mer
| Who Is the chief ruler? Who makes |,
{have anything to do with the making
' Do they pay taxes?
fore 1t became % free oountey?
bt How are. United Stats Sens-
md Vor i
os aie td axbibiton ot Wiisfug Sons = Y
ell excursion ticket: on Anguet 31, 33,
| Name some of the Jaws made by Con |
of the aw making power a hi Set
k_ Sallivan, of the same| the
Mary ’ the Governor?
and Mra. 8. T. “Barbour, of New|
Sito coun? What officers are voted
tf nthe comnty? What are the duties
the upper lip requir- | made that law?
itches, besides several Who gris osmes fo bose and
wagons, and who made that law?
{ any of them, and others of » similar
y { natare.
le will be gostbed bt | The object of the examination is to
ve the court an idea of the applicant's Patton
! dina John Y. %
of the laws? Sn Thon SE LY
To whoa did this countey belong be-. | morviang
do In the making of the laws? Name |}
Who makes the laws for Allegheny |
f Aug- county? Name some laws made for ™
school and Epworth League st wana!
| ahip,
"ithe home of the
| Wednesday evening, August fh. Con-
of the Indians Progros, snd Miss Jda
‘1. Johns, daughter of Mr. and Mrs.
tion of members in connection
with morning preaching at 10:90
‘also at 7:30 p. m.; Sunday
; elder, Rev. D, 8
Monroe, D. D., of of Altoona, will
this Thursday evening at 8 o'clock. A
| Term Wein |
Albért Moorhead, son of the editor
W. P. Johns, of West Wheatfield town.
Indiana county, were married at
bride at 8 o'clock |
that the
Patton Borough, bas been dissolved by |
mutual consent, both partie: retiring
from: business. All accounts will be
P. P. axp B. Yorna.
Patton, Pa, Aug. 16, 1997.38
Big Thee Labor Day:
Patton Fire Co. No. 1 will hod &
: partnership :
| ing between P. P.and B Young in the | |
butcher and meat market business in
i settled, ete, apon being presented to
i- PP. Yoong. :
* ie te ty oe “we
of four year is 6,472, valued st $1
900; pomber of cattle aver the a of
| will be aa follows: Tove . fant at 030)"
i a m.; Sacremental service and recep.
onel E. A. Irvin, of Curw .
d Janes L. Leavy snd James Mitch
eordial Invitation ls extended to all to | |
will pass. Tt is thought thet
road will cost $20,000 or $30,000,
will by strictly a private suterption.
Notice is hereby given to he publis i i
heretofore exist.
Hetdanler. Thi Futian