The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, May 13, 1897, Image 5

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    RHA a: io
Lo 8 C. Love of Pittsburg, spent
Toesday night in our town.
Mrs Frank Seymonr, of Altoons,
‘and family, of this piace.
John Ryan, of Patton, spent Thurs
‘ day in Ebensburg. i
. Frank E Taylor, of Philijwborg,
called on our grocermen on Thirrsday.
B. Btrittmatter and EM Yabner,
rived in Prenmoons this morning a
Wednesday with L. A. Craver |
in the West Ward,
JF Ww. MeDousid and Eimer Wit,
Patton. Work is TO" | Wodnesday evening.
: Mike Luther is having the rooms
{ pied by Harry Frederick as A harness
shop, made into ving rooms. When
finished they will be occupied by Mr.
“and Mrs. U. 8 Armstrong.
oF root beer sh Hodgkine, Mrs. Faite died at the home of her.
macy. dnaghter, Mra. William Garman, on
evening was spent at the Friday. She was sbout 75 years of age.
Sheetan on Tharedsy.. The remaine were taken to East Ridge
| yesterday for interment,
IX. OARPET worth. 5 cle. gos ot ctr.
this week | of THE BAZAAR
Goat Trivmmph. ;
instant velief experience and a
care by the most speedy |
remedy in the world— _
1 Otto Core for lang and Throat dis
‘eases. Why will you continue to frri-
vy tate your throat and Jonge with that
m Eadeavor and terrible hacking cough when C. W. |
| Hodgins, sole agent, will fornish you &
| 68 sample bottle of this great guar
antesd remedy? Its success is simply
ade se your droggiss will tell
Otto's Care is now sold iti every
and village on this contiisent. |
- Bamples free. Large bottles 500 nd 38e.
Trumnters of Rent Eatin.
Daniel 8. MeAnuity « ox. 4) Badie
, John J. McMillen, Barnesboro, $50.
ww W. A Orist of ox to Daniel Me
Gaaginy, Chad, $500.
John W, Owens ot ux. o al ter Te
py Foi iam (F Hara, Munater, §1.
D. H. Shurp to Agatha Brown, Wash-
ington, $70. : i
Abel Lioyd ot ux. to Ebensberg and |
a Biscklick railroad company, Cumbria,
J. B. Bam us Frank M. Buon, Bas- |
Assignee of James A. |
ax. to Hastings Building and
wmociation, Hastings, $5. ba
| Jaows P. Kirkpatrick «t al 10 | Ci
bria County Railroad company,
roll, $900. 2
Bamue! Pleasnts ot ux. to Ri
: | Dowling, Allegheny, $1,025
John Bannan, Allegheny or
4 of nx. to Adam
Poem, Carmoiltown, $1.00
| Sewn Keiiy et vir to E C. Dillon,
Reade, $600.
Michael Thomas et ux. to Harsh A.
yo che) Eider, $50.
hep x so Bure
Cie a The pve Wa
= wi Thor Mite gu rade
ih Game BE renting
v owyomm, dissnk peak
Aaa vim nthiataon
mier BF aml ley 8 box
LUA brent | Nabi and
srr BF wl deuogivm.
To the Ladies!
We wish to eail your attention to the
fat thet we onary a fall and complete
i 0 pee at the New York tail
nti} CITE furnish ai
William (. Kaylor by the sheriff to
de advertinment In the PATTON
COURIER, or who wish to change their
“ad” now running, must hand their
copy 1m not later than Monday evening |
‘of aach week. If handed in Inter than
Monday evening it will have to be held |
over "till the next wesk. Try to get.
oopy in early. Parton PUR. co.
BEST SHOES, Lowsst Prices “lt
NR rs a
Pea’t Tabades Spit and Swelie Tour 1 ite hop
To git tobaces sixty sod forever. be mag
fietie, full of Tite, nerve and vigor, ake NoTe
Poe. the wonder worker, thet maker Near E-
free Address
Find Bomar o. Chicos or New York
a sli
Grssamand fobecon abit ¢
a as SAFE pr THE
The grand specific for the provaitng|
‘malady of the age, Dyspepsia, Liver
Complaint, Rheumatism,
organs, regulates the liver and re-
stores the system to vigorous health.
‘and energies. Samples free. Large
packages 80. and 3c. fold only by |
LW, Hodgkins.
On Every
Note our prices:
100-plece. decoimied Sinner set at. wyeemnrne ll »
Boys knee err rsa sna
Ladies Tamther bolt. a ed PE PU SP or
Mens 8 BOBS Par PIF... ose
Lace curtains ot 8, 4 SLID amb. connie
| Mens Innndriod peronie shirts. non
Brooms worth 3 ota, eng 1 oe... 7
“No Brand” Maiches per JIM my or FH
| as lormade he dome cost ale SO much. .
lot We can suit you just as we in
' Furni hings at half what you have buen paying.
We have thought well of the boys this.
a bought a big line of suits for their comforts.
line of DI RE
poet ors them on the eo tort 3 B Sie nS
weak | some enongh for Parlor Ornaments.
you can make no mistake in parcha
STOVE hoe: fest 1 hs wot Dale. perfectly and
work to your satisfaction we will tuke the Stove back
nd ¢ Conld you ask for anything more
Be sure and get our price on HAR
SASH, for as usual we are the lowest.
So many solicitous patrons—inends
'asked, “Are you doing well wn your
store?’ that we are induced to
=| with the above reply, so that “he
‘may read.”
The reason they don't: build mills on th
they can't. Neither can they stop the sale
of the vast amount of Groceries, Etc,
which we handle. We aim to
please all and will do so if
sible. Our goods are
of the oer
and best
| ty. ;
All are respectfully invited to our store to
see our fine line.