The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, May 13, 1897, Image 2

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A daa
: when 1 dan't owe it to yoo”!
| tically.
| Vel), 1 cond’t pelieve me dot.’
I pow, I'll tell you what 111 do with
yoru go you Yonee.''
Witheat other word Nat Goodwin
at had teen in the Lebit of passing
Etim pt a cortmin hostehy—
ition pucessary of
: wn, They bet
| rod wore ob exeellint fern 5
£ un Vill; that Mr, Goode in
w vortain that the indebi de
hae wide of the ecortiury.
wrsed bot and heavy,
ore.” mid Goodwin, “1 con't
IFifting auenot lke $50. It ¢
1s of the thing, that's all
rineiple of the thing n
we yay mit we,’ netorted the
“J dond't enre te for £100,-
hops wot,” Copbted the comedi
1'd pocner throw the money
pin dt than give 3 to you
" gxelaimed the Gennan sarcas:
¥en bal money to purn, €bl
iia thot sof returned Nut
turn $50 right here before
if you'll receipt the mi."
himiny "said the host. “1
bis beck out of his pocket,
«ck for $50, tore it out,
sii reduced to ashes. :
who bad watched the
g eres bovged o
he disputed bill,
opinicn of
i There Sree n Fou Vie Are Tie wad
: 5
tasty the Panleaus Is Naot
Ht cue dey, during the
tem of $00, In dodng so be |
are compelled to look for positions
have the managers comme
ted mateh to it, and held
{and I am
| so favorably pon the stage as a means
| of livelihood for women.
| amounite
erally bat OO
Profitabiic, and Net
veh cone
ao te sinEt This hap
¥ A le of wonen was
v gedny Prantl out,
sory ug asd nose of
thew staid
particalar suf laction. ;
sof don’t thick teoto (mid ba any bet
tor warning, sad a theatrical man
who hed an offive opposite the door
through which the girls Aisnppenred,
| fhe Aon od ment
: Pr
¥ a
§ 4
hs vig § the Hight of |
Wane of
Phan PElica
thes loft 1he rom with exproseions of
1+ Ft
SAany In Tlie Coane ¥
a if fore
rise Bis a MOB Ei
$54 Le eh
¢ zn be set fui
ry FE ve Bw H
sire k eros Uo :
with dace
enbir bin ¥ PER, SGRRH V4
who Jueebipe FOR, 0
wich fide fio ey heyshack Roo
ate etptieef ke ning Bp it wee
po soma ovael oot Hanae Ad Rewer
v Whe CRG,
selon wh CATE
we big
= #
Wh Wey
“po women who think «f going cn the §
stage than the gight of that string of;
wornen, That is a theatrical exchange, |
and in and out of that ofgoe they go ev-
ery day. Bowe of them--be incky ones
wdissppesr after awhil, and they seem
#0 have found places. But the mntority |
come and go for a long time lio
thing is found for them. The best uo §
come to the exchanges, yon know. Cmily
those who are not well enough known
to have their services always in demand
through the agents The others can go
cid pw and didn mrt the putt ac
Le gt RUAN €TETY Tne, poe $F 100 foal
frge cl cor pets ea tibe gods Bl
he 1eturned, pO od dB ag
wiih or waddle be, Trend ho frei oo:
haut {hiss were cendily slothed x
the premopt gift oo ¢ pice bit of how
beef, po ne cue vo the worse. ihe dir
. xian, however, 1 ¢ emed to THEN Be DL
as he conld abscrd
ity they were ai
port of Gessert, no
an unlimited uot
ways in demsnd :
A certain stich kept on the ¥¢ pats
of rer office wiv generally puicr Ey
exe, apd whem 1 © cme picked thie t,
to the managers, or, in pome Tare Cases,
: to them.
© “There never was i subject about
which Jess was really known than that
of the rewards that a life on the stage
bring to a waman.
seen once an interview with Lotta Orab-
tree in The Bun in which shee anid that
the stage gave women more than any |
er profession could. Lotta is one of |
rich women of the stage,
: that optimistic opinion
was affected more or loss by ber own
success. If she bad not accumulated
Lotta might not look
+The ideas that are prevalent about
ries, the geveral jdes of the large
wits for sav.
* | leading Iady of & protuinent New York
1 __that is, for about 30 weeks of the year,
hd or maybe 86 at the ouside. On the road
| she receives $135 a week
| “Thess women thut get the snlarios 1
later with excursions, | 3%
wy are mostly (0 be fovud voar
They cote out fo}
fith and even sffecticnnte in | cases $100.
itn revive his ecurcge and
purposes. Mr. Lincoln 1
uatirally have # very exalted
aristoera racy of our coon.
society in the early days of
mdneted themselves in
iguitied manper. In.
pendants would
yeseanbile their supposed court-
sts, It i to be boped that they
pot kin to the persis referred to
noble belloa un |
goed ehenev of ©
itest tissue of mi
he pentioman will belp
vy casually to your hat if it I»
ter than his, tee up your wisbrelin
: post alsant pir imaginable,
bear off your loose cost without cece
| perceiving bis waistuke nod pick np your
f And now for the Tadiew® part in tis
it ;
“thuy so much yesomble Bis"
torrow yoar ponkuite,
pub your pocket bus
oy wad or playfully take
yo your fluper of breastpin
xe all se innocently as
Lough it wae she vay thing you called
vo thet tetween ladies
pis yon wil stand a goed
g toinod ok #ripped of
Gi wading to the
5 ef hiladel
€stver Unti’s Wilk
Mh v6 pullie boguests in the
will of William i. Adams (Oliver Op
Pie) It was very Lith and was wililen
$a the amthor's own Linnd, nimier date ©!
il 21, 1585. “ARR simple token ol
gh esteem and regurd, 10 my sous
Sol Smith Russell and Georpe
e, I give $1,000 cach.’ All the
der of his estate,
hter, Mrs
changed fr
r aboot it the smallest ralary paid to any
| woman in a firet class
| own account, the caw
ally the
amounts from the profits. Home of tbe}
one-quarter of the profits Then they
the profits may equal, under
ing such
including bis
er ould pelievs th
sompany gets uly $100 a week
A certain
t ix paid by het manager toward
t wivin it happens that
succmssful and have to
frequently, the expense of
ling woman in American rece
y $125 a week when sbe is in New
tra $15 on therond. Yet
to be na star fersell after
then she will make enough
ber for all the time this was
building up her popelarity, even if she
the best paid in the coun-
AM all the wornen on the stage
1 doubt if there are 50 who receive as
much as that One leading lady in a
York r gta sly $65 an woek.
women who at on the road with
vt nwaally 875 or $30, and in some |
in the Just schedule. The
down to $30, which is
prices range on
“When they got to be stars om their
1 rismomber 16 have |
i Lande
snd started for 6 7 alk across the wid
Manes wound hoy grovely akirg bai fe
sure (hat some «1 his favorite dato
wold fon be fothioning,
Of: inrwe Mises wus perfectly vod
able to rateh the spinlier kings of liz
som for Bireelf, bat there Was Jews ox
thems iu allowing pene ope else fo
for Lim, and exertion at this ferns
of Fis jife was a thing to which Mowe
w ak yiclently opposed. Them ceoamons
were almost the uly owes when be
vei be wilent for apy lepgih of time,
thit st the first uote of his ‘voice every
Jighao Within bearing would 106 for its
$i. 10 the nearest refoge, and only
we i be give siterance to his dee
dij, tt at such elumsin ens,
Sn sre
Mi hers Was Grest Laeitemeot Over His
Trip to the United Sates
3 on Fraley Hallowell, who writes
frit = Ladies’ Hexoe Journal of “When
Lif. tte Rede Into Philadelphia,”
say is Cifienlt to mnderstand
at to .« late day what a furore of €x-
citi «mt peeved over this coentry when
te arrived ence more in Amer
jen. The visit is a historic event 16 be
romemitercy while memory “HBTS,
raring Frosident Monroe's second ad:
piinistyaticn the United Etates extended
ita invitation to Lafayette, He arrived
at Hgen Island on Aog. 1H { Banday §
pom in Jaw.
Ladayette, and alec by bis
A formal reception tock
fruits of the mest abundant harvest of
welcome which Lafayette was to receive
during bis soar of travel through the
United Staten.
Lafayette was 67 yours old when he
visited America as the Nation's gui
And garried his years hghtly. His &
was ithaped Jike that of Buns He bad
a high forebewd, Jong, squiline Dose
and 8 ratisr thin face. His hair wae
sandy aud quite plentifol. His e308
were dark gray, resticms and twink g.
his eyelrows Hight in coler, but heavy
marked. . His mouth was firm, and 11
Hype smilea courtecusly at the haliday
crowd assnsabied to do im honor. The
general was nok very tall, but well
goae. His face was distinctly plemeaut,
and fix expression was sn dd maxtore
is different. Use
Women Sars get certain sums
eviry week In salary and octaim
best paid get $300 1 week in salary and |
Onequarter of
circumstances, $3,000, Thats makes the
salary of the actor ingaged om the terms |
mentioned $500 a week. But only the |
Iocky Ones FUoneed In €VET ROCOMIpHSD-
succes as that. (Of course there |
ary others who take all the money and.
merely hire their managers But they
are still fowor tn sumber. :
» Another thicg that has to be taken
foto consideration is the fact that a wo-
man has only a certain Lime oR the |
stage. Hbe must be a genius 0 Jost |
mach beyond 40, snd she is not hksly |
to beste famous much before 30. Bo :
her time is rather phort. After x certain |
period the decline begins and salaries |
ogi to go down, Jost as before the age,
say of 40, they intreased, Think of the
few rich or even comfortably off women |
of the stage. They could be ecopnited Oni |
the fingers — Lotta, Maggie Mitehell
Fanny Davenport aud Clara Morris,
begin to make matey.
mighty few. Compare this with the
long Hist of wouen that have
lar and snesssful in their youth, and 1
think you will ngree with me that the
women on the stage am not as well paid
as the aspirants toouk'—New York
Preeader’s Newspaper,
Tie city of Lrslin wha a daily poe
por, the Dresdoniy Ampeiger, W beh wine |
viven ta it by i Inte propmwior On thie |
ecncdition that all profs
froas should ery
purks This yest 8 sion} boy
noualy eight Boxes Yad § aire
Prager Gleaner. the Fieve Lpothal ai
heir oppevest, sod it wil be ready $02
use tle sey per. Fh paper senhiived
to Bold the cree ef pli cities, fir!
the trust 1s tan
broadest svi bo
ar boon ah 0G
a 2
4% mt
om Hy
wrist thon |
fun he pi
: wy ved wd
of opinicps- rial,
been JOPO- | 6;
| fine workegs, it
| $0 haudle o ore with a
sryiod ont in lied
of dhrewdness, decision and gay good
humor. Hiz costume Was 2 wwii
tailed coat and troosers of dark brown,
with a great display of white wastccat
and neckeleth, A bunch of mals hag
fresno & broad black xiblen at hie wast
Over bis shouidem bung a cloth riding
¢ienk, greenish bine in enlor end lined
with red."
Kipiieg's Famous Poem.
14 is the sentiment, says Arlo Bates
in The Atlantic, and wot the ctjoct,
which sronscs sympathy apd kitsiieg
the imagination. No piiwtoke could be
mists eosapiets than to suppose that 1.7
thie poeta ia 10 be fount soy argument
in favor of the vse of mol nery as pa
wrist for peony. In CC Meaucrew "$
Tyin’ it Se the charnoie ¢ of the stata
Gish enginesy andl his £ gs by which
the reader in moves, The wanders of
thit great cngite aI RK hindraswe, sud
nol a bigs, HM they ob ahked ul wb any
wiy ¢aher than 1 the eyes of Me
Asndvew, | The plers soooeels or fai
the dugree § Leds ib sakes bis cao
tien rend end OLE x ter Eh Feat
ANG that, fo, ab 1 3
ite Ei
There may be a few others, but they ant
; HELE 2
thts bistemdhan 300)
ermal wf the eapeine d
i A MS 1 Se Spe EY
Weanen Firs Workers.
In the liteh town of Nass, in Sweden,
the firemen happen ta be women, Lora
EVOE parstoxicad thal sounds. The piace
is only a litle village, and four enor
ans thi a
Ope hundred apd
the fire departuent, and one of their
< A
dities consists in always keeping the
WEnen 81
little confusion
tabs filled with water The
ix said, and EKnow
Ponte] Dorebers the Dost BONG eX
i iy peorrds al Ah meetin
todie kg ds
of fx
Pi rand
Sgt rT
lv £5
Lirds came doug, and they
te3 he seemed to tmderstand perfectly
w hen a blow of the stick failed for the |
“10 or third time to yeah its mark
a ootway for 100 |
4 snd a couple 2
finn FEE
fo pair of Blue
; he bud defy their nest Tolind
fhe. Las pest this great crestea iy-
cite bers palied apart und thivew out of
thie Bose, every twij nad straw, They |
cleaned the house out ecmpictely snd
and buiit & nest of heir
fled down comfortalily for {ily REIINCT.
“het fu a few days a pair of bive
muds for
this house It might have been the
gape entionl pair of tive birds that oo
copied it the seunn bfors 1 don’t
kiow about that, though I have no
doubt that yovins and other birds that
hive been south for the winter, Fon
dreds of miles away, do come bavk in
the spring to the sane
sine trees. Anyhow thin pair of bive-
birds wanted that
were ready to fight
what they did. Thi
Jittie bird snd a protly
fighter, bot not :
bird, They hud a grind roopd np inside |
the house, apd Snaliy the binebiras
pitched the fiyeatihers out, and ater
they pitched ont vviry stick of fund
for it, and
fiyeateher in » hice
far, cleuned the hagpe rut entirely and
then brought in fresh material and built
a pew nest according to their own ideas,
and they settiod covin for the summer.
“Nell, a few '
of wrens come along, and they took w
fancy to that particiaiar Lindheuse, 100,
and they sailed right
Bluebirds on the £04,
the fight from the
a fenther shoot ont of ib :
the house. The linebind in a good,
sound Sxhter, but tte
one, and the npehin Wie
fairly put the bloebirds
| fossession of
others bad done, They pitched out
ery scrap of stofl dooms
tamblcd it out of the door,
the gronnd—and then they brooght 3
pew stofl aud ledlt » pest for them
selves. hd ee
“Nobody 1oolentod the wrens. They
staid these id
away sud jolt thei :
perted for the winp, edNew York Sun.
1584, accompanied by his mon, Cleo
piace on the following day, the frst}
i ite advantages.
fifty women wake up |
: eaLiY Vivtor $a% {ambien Caw
have the 03d 1a
one obitaes and gilt
enw of au yw
wiley, wy
their 1oyovad a Ege swiciane,
wets the desaol thninag frills and
Resa dainiiouet of
heartily pled to tan awhile to sweet
wimplicity, Te wii be deligbrfal
pieicnn year
shoewe proiiy,
trance the odor
southern wood, aml (he Ges roses of
old fashioned gardens :
fara D. Jenkins of The Popular
jor possissen the qualifioaticas of
free looking musiions,
#estn to call to remem
bines with » ri
wn clewtly
and attractively 30 na to mouse entho-
xiaem in her pupils and insure the Dest
results, She hak bad
riences as teacher,
in Boston. the priscipalship of the Cin-
cinnati Traiving webool, professorship
in the New York College For the Train.
ing of Teaclwrs & course of study in
Cornell, and of study and travil abroad,
all of which she brings to assist her
work in the editing of The
pb Sn pT FAN NE A ms 23
we ber pew baby brother for that fiat
fine ;
“Dam you think yoo wil jibe biz,
* akan] her father.
shout Bin st sll, is thesed
Fos a rec! mnt baby. V——-Plek Me Up
tema on a
Erceimuntics Lbnitathos.
oo A free wll bounding bons ide has
“How sd!”
“Whi a man get tized of canted
WE dre XE% say #0 ko Eis
Hot Hike Nniriseet.
to the nourish
gp poration of 15: W
cr wian from exhanstion,
& pe the meplding pom,
ie ape
then dripk it as hot
¢ pe freshen alae
fon the pxhavaiteal vitals
to a Sorprsing extent ah soon as ws
akon. 18 ii mere Butritions than any
of the beef tess made from meat €X-
then they Brooght in everything new |
oan and te |
{lucky sort of &
a tnateh for the bine |
Mew York Tribune, com-|
Little Bewie bad been taken intel
of our glen ra
jaar of pioneer in
For too webs bedere thoir exc
den ferpice the Teal fapers yoni in 8
| lovg aid rie
| ini} of hw érbapnd or OF BRB dnd
declaring bow on
le so minded ave invited 10 appv ot and
a ceriaiy day pli prem
ceptor nf Fotis vides firm Cargiing
sid edt set forth
Frime apeng ite properties for sain
you vill pe ties wines snd many 8 thing
Bewiée oe that ove as sriicks of comment !
ecnsoms. Ome will
tow salen
that is |
ture that the fiycitchen bad brought |
following day, an
dirs after that & pair |
srified. Befin these cases SOW
ey haw bod fhe (ard at bay. Allof a
Jeuation's ¥ [sed and cigars and formi-
Korein fact, everiimrg of a persemnl
sere that & bration Cantey to be
t¢ Amerien-~is pasned roof free ot eur
yendiiy dhwcern fat
# pipe prefit might be made 10 tell ples
#ntly np at one of these uptarifed as
iow salen. Orr own Smdespeople pis,
Dowever, pay the fiddler in oath potable
te :
high. There is gothipg so Justed for by
& cotain fort of American, (ringiegly
prmcrons Ferenbont, ax & wine which
. tifid by an embumador's
) | led by polly avd
contact. And, therefore, these bo
gution avetions fornich the most heated
bid combate. And many fool is fiveced,
It is also fo be rowarked that thew
salen string cut in exdiess {avhion, hor 1) :
koed, The stock, whether of wine or
frrpitore or cast off noble garment
gover vom Jow. The widow's store of
in and tackled the | .
Nou couldn't see |
pow aod tien you coukl wee 8 MTAW OF} Fo
the front door of |
the wren is» better |
: the birchouse themeelven | fo
. : : ina And then ihe wrens did Joos what the | Lo
cemes down and the Jegation Jo inal
and raised their rong ma . Tom oriat
there, aud in the fidl they ail flew |
birdhouse aguin de |
ha ———
Ge a — —RCHIE -
wUnnEn IIT.
Themes Which Ten and Women Die:
pe escy neglects mi oppoYinuity te by
the traits of the CDI SmnE Whom
i. Hh oor houses we are 10} * :
“| bis conve of pres
andi yy,
if ccly|
we Bave a sumipey Weriby of this poe |
to sei women shout in
of wweet lavender andi
S11 1he relations of a sabject|
and has the skill to present them simply!
first in Owwegn, then
in the Girls’ High and Normal schools!
- peoent otore,
wh sais, clapping bead to} Kuth Daw.
“hers fea't aay
coupe About on niet Corn, Zils
jet of fbie city, who
ing sine cterrvations recently That may
C geave ok a bon for estat the char.
avy ont glassware IB oo a :
eter oF the WVOTRET 1 AIER
»f have ro travel ono oet
1 thought J wenld keep a vevcrd of
bearizg ly {reple of all
Ҥ cit Bums, En
resents ono week!
tiem, in absolutely ©
318%; job, Rl son,
wife, 4; Hieratare, 9; m
$38; dyes, 334: splendia,
lars, 201; trimming, 187; «ands,
prise, 151; soviety, 130; baby, n
clothes, 54; weather, rich, 60;
te tly awtel :
love, 395; pasty, 39%;
$06; opera, 108; ring, 31;
paps, 18; music, 9% mother, 1
1; poems, 1; art, L -
jetonl,” vepeluded 10 dectely
Professer Max Mulley of ( i inn
culled aprenticn to the
jargest book in the ward, the wonder:
*It vonsists of 710 pute
ju the shape +f white marble plates,
{ covered with inseriptions, wich plate
' built with a temple of brick. it
is fond
pear the chi prigst city of Mandalay, in
Parma, apd Us temple city of mole
Set pugvees virtaally makes up
vhs menetor bepbe-tie religions codes
of the Buddhists Tt i vnitien in Pull
Rather strange 10 say, 3t In Bal a1 ale
cient preusction, bet | Tr purat
To was erection a 1
was prompted bY
of this century,
| by the command of Mindomin, the wer
ond of the
last kings of Bunipa —is
when't vaste veut me in clipping
off the braucbes,” said the weodmes fe
Bis ser, “Gut fay yoOR ax at the reel 8
the treet And The young eam |
out aod Boi Bix ax ut the fret of
tree, like ® geod sod datifal
thier he went faking Truly po
potkicy wr bastifel 1 cbed
| acts or that whe from fresh beef
utd Magition