The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, February 04, 1897, Image 6

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ATR Hg i
D. Miter ot wx. to 3. 8 Yoder,
A ax ot al to
i anh Hite et vir fo Mary B.
Warfel, Blacklick, $9. ;
Simon M. Wikon et nx. 0 J. G
Lincoln, Patton, F850.
i Samus Noel to Rose Noel, Monster,
dition. : Sarah 0. Piatt et vir to Eltarinn H.
will be Industrial society of the Prestiy- | Oray, Hastings, 1,350
at. Mrs. T. McNamara on Wednasday Bmith, Johnstown $100.
#8) | Administrators of Caleb A. Gray to
The Barsch C. Platt, Hastings, $200.
repent swhich will be need for = | Blacklick Land and Improvement
sonia, bat is unable fo be out office, will soon be completed. company tb Merritt M. Shaffer ef al,
bo the very cold westlur: An addition will be built to the Alins- Vintondsle, S15)
Pallick. of Houtsdalti, died on house near Ebensburg this spring. It Susan Eckenrod et al. to Cambris &
ning caneed is to be built of brick, and will contain | Clearfield Railroad csympany, Alle
years. She + was {be mother 8 namber of sitting rooms and a chapel. | gheny, $62
3 ou Peter Cameron, of that piace. The Philadodia ciub, of this plice, | of Tniet Weaver ot ai. fo
futerment took place at Welborn, ‘drove to Gellitzin on Wednesday night Edward J. Perwind, Richland, §1,500.
ga poanty, on Monda
To. made . Winnie George, of that place. : | Hastings, $8,000
"Mr, and Mra BH. Davie have gone Assignee of M. A. MoGonigle ot nx
to housekeeping in the Bann propurty to A. W. Back, Washington, $2,075.
. In the West Ward. . A.W, Buck ét ux. to John Ermire,
ry “partics left this place Washington, $600.
oni Satorday; one went to Carrolitown Patrick F. Kirby ot ox to A. W.
wn at fn Oyen. The roads Puck, Wilmore, $1
‘were very good to Cresson, bat the To Floris va P. RR
g Caroilioun pay did not report very The midwinter exodns hes begun.
oll roads ~The dmcomforts and dangers of wet
, tm bis Livobepbig & noties on 2. B | wigter weather sre here, but to the
Lathe pride ir sohool Crons contracts im southward, from a clomdless sky, beams
En a lsrenulland void What is going to a besntéfaisun spon « blooming and,
| Btritomatier: of dlettion. ASp- be done about fighting ony streets these The next Pennsylvania radirosd tour
] ustine Yost; : Junge or, D, M. Dame; _nighta? The are lights have been bet to Jacksonville, allowing two weeks in
| clark, C. W, Meel. ter and sre giving satisfaction. Mr. Florida, will leave New York and
Phe. aheriff test Wedgesds dasnd Cresswell is doing all he can to get his Plifladelpeia Fobroary #
toot the largest business oem of plant in order to give os good Hghts Bronson tickets, incloding railway
| Cleartield, Pa.—Wright brothers’ dry and | any ecancil, go slow
| di nd A.M. Wright's colth- ‘Mr. Robert M. Brooks, who died at | tions | {one berth i, and meals en roots
Lsnsnenivh Lilly on Tuesday night, January th, in both direction whilé traveling on
ing ors-on jusgements BERTORAl 1007 wun well and favorably known in the special tein will be sold at the
: ing. $18,000. hen | her ore Phenshary He was 8 civil engineer following rates: Now York, $50.00;
5 or ter hott i and was sociated with Messrs. Sider | Philadelphia, $48.00; Canmdaigas $52.85;
P.O. Yeager has purchused the ine this coanty. In October he was mar portionate rates from other pointe
0 porous of his brother iti the meal pied to Miss Margaret Dunegan, of St. For tickets, itineraries, and other in-
market businew in Patton and Will | Aagadtine, snd they went to howe | formation apy to tioket
Basaar od. continue to condoct the business him- geeping in Lilly where he died. His arn 11 a
fe leelf The dex! was made 00 Febrosry death was a great shock to this com- York, or to George W. Boyd, Assistant
wil soun have lophone 1, 197. G. C. Yeager, the retiring munity. His remains were brought to General Passerigper Ajrent, Broad Street
i > pl partner, has not ot Geshars upan what Ebensbury on Wednenday evening and Station, Philadelphia,
ation he will follow. on Saturday morning at 10 o'clock the | Lost A dear little child who made
Willism J. Bryss Bas i his Tamera services wore held in the Came home happy By its smiles And to
vento Ty an vil see how ony Bhi
ions eX: foun church will meet at the home of James A. Malin ot ox to J. L
where they were entertained by Mim R. F. Notley to Mm Emma Notley,
‘any of them at #4 30.
| transportation, Paliman sccommoda-
and Martin, working on the railroads in Erie. $64.85; Pittsburg, $55.06, and pro-
“he first week 1m every 4
year we take ony anpual he
lt 1
sizes up.
We have a Jot ; broken |
sizes and lots of differe 1
lines which we are always
glad to close out at bargains.
We will offer you indancements
which yon must take advant
age of. Remember we never
carry over any stock if it can
be sold at a price. |
Mex's Surrs — One it
Men's Black and Grey All
wool Suits: sizes 35 to 42, that
sold at 2.00, 5.30, and to 6 30,
ot thit are fine m
Black ind Brown that
163. 1.75 200 250
chutes now at #1.25. abo
Lat they are worth in | th
instances : }
Mex's SHOES — . One
dress shoes that sold at
and 1. 5: all sizes, now.
the pair
Bov's Loxc Pants Su rs sold at do. 23, and #1 00
—-Ome lot Black, Brown,
Grey. and Blue, that were
5.00, 5 30, 6.00, 7.00, and any
of them now at #5.00.
now at. 14¢. Most! y for i
fellows to 8 years
‘About seventy - five
Bov's Knee Pants Sires dress ind storm, sizes
—207 in a Jot of ses 6 to 1
42 that sold from 25.0080
years that sold cheap at 2. 50, your choice now at jg off t
2.7%, 300, your choice now
from the lot at 3 42.00
price ae
Boy's Coats at same f¥
| duction.
Remember this is no offer tha t we don't keep. We
‘ust as we advertise and von need not ask for the Red
“his i our offer and we fully carry it ont.
Don’t send your money out of town for trash. Reep it at
home where you help build up the town, thereby :
your onvn property more valuable.
If you buy from fake sales vem pet csoght— Who ever heard of Bail ling
$35.00 suit for 14.007 1 don’t sek any stock faolish prices and the
prope here know it,
ved set come a nn St after which his romaine oo i night have hos saved Ded
: . { and made his last public a as were placed in a vault in the Lioyd oo iy only kept in the house One
a jectarer, It in possible that he will cemetery. Mm Brooke is wellknown ye 0 coaph eure, the infallible rem-
(edly for croup. ©. W. Hodgkine, Pat
its few Paces of his awn aneord in in Ebenchnrg and ste has the aniveral
: tit pathy of 31 our people in hr sed ton acy.
| News, ain Fhensbuey to-day.
wg i Tie following i a copy of A cirrtiinr
ma per hors, John B. peared by BE. P. Unanpet, » prominent
ja and Lake Burgoot); school di denggist of Bethiebom, Pa: “There
rectors, Prank Bargoon and John are numersts preparations fr the fir What is the tee of w swig |
e; anditor, John Gutwald; jodge market for colds, oroap and whooping. dolisr when Jon tan save iL
ww, Prank Addigsberger; in- cough. Among these we wish to call :
Montgamery; town: your especial attention to chamber.
: Hal's congh Remedy. It ia sold on ita C28 Fogel
A . g . I merit, This assertion bs wareanied by Tati Soi
wo bol propor of the its salen, which surpass any remvady of Ss ps 7k 1
jaro rmmed the $i 0 * i oF remndy nl Wo se pl ses wring.
stock. of stationery, eto, from © simi a Nata oo cold PW eg
i will he fier look | TmOUS or its cures of en Hew pan,
{gina Yer ani
in cetinection wilh |
Ris the Or 5 reviedy that =a cortiin B. Wi rd PT J shia 4
Pp sparing, pr Yard
Ting Smo. He, expucta to carry | preventive snd cure for croup, sad the wT, iden per ou shiris
line of stationery besides 1
“only one that prevents all danjforoms Mena ix tures
noes from whooping (ooh. cued in pte ee
magaripes, a the : Conseyile Lie tr :
Mr. It bn pi nt and safe for children 0 Wind Window Avalon 5 snd sgt edhe.
expects, very soon to forn- | take For aie by Patton Pharmacy, wd tex writing paper
: Chad oe aloes und Herta oy at ah er Bir ;
all the Pitluburg Sunday OW. Hodgkin.
on the day Shey re pub} Rpans Tabutles: at druggists.
Hi pans Tabula: one giv
We tay give You as many goods
Ed Sei Puss
ity iy EWI par.
| when ou boy goods of houoses that
Duty and sell on long time. id
to save a dollar thew times than itis
oF Worsteso a on lost |
Sootch bide ine Hi: Vie
Pure Clay Worsteds, Mixed Chey.
ota, $3.00, "10, $i.
Thibet Overcoats, $6
Alb woo! Kerner rey: §.50
Finest Dress Overcosta, $5.85, a, |
1. Ja 50
Boys’ Clothes.
little maney.
All-wool 2 Boye Suits, $1.98.
for $5 cont 18 von awaally pay $1
Who can tell the waste of money
Never before so nice and good for so ;
meat dark patterne ot