The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, February 04, 1897, Image 3

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    yell throgghout thess Tava To are of
Nery varying Shapes and dimensions,
51 Some sre mere covert ways, With an
reh of stone thrown over them. Others
“1 are juymense chsmbers some yards fram
; the surface, another kind is sunk qoits
| deeply and tony be in a series of cham-
Ts unite 4. Go # oorvidor that pens at
while another kind seems
A her
# comes and the snow melts. the
froen, whe wire Boiling th
they Lani ae i Je be
hn Tha Contry William Hogh Rob-
Bax no article entitled “Napoleon's
© the Bartle of New Orleann
ten by General Jackson to Me.
wan a viry hoavy fox on the
that morning, and the British had
ft The disposition of the riflemen was
s ne simple. They were told off in Now,
Nea 1 wae to fird first, then
and let No
Aboot 600 yards fron the rifle
men thers was a grost drainage canal
land 2
ep back
. | ramming back from the Mississippi river
to the witump in the rear of the tilled
Sand on ie hich we wenn cperaling, Along
this canal the Britieh formed, under th
pear encod to them fo get Lheir range
But the
Oeffee, win
line. which was to be firs sttecked:
“BY win, We Bave got them] They neo |
onrel’ 1° Lf a : 4s
ing slong
{The Beiiiah » 1% pe pion od in men, il |
sloped tip, aud about two compmitied |
| The British, thos formed, moved on
at A guick step, withiut firing a shot, 10)
within U0 yas the kneeling rifive |
wir firs il
ies of Heir |
cated with 1 on ol
or parrintes throogh into the uid | stat 4
forage chambers beneath and is there |
Je in |
in this eas that the foe hw bein mada i
peappealed by the prevailing onli
fre Tr hed were th
4 Bat sane Mosntatn Ts the Bilis of
; the Atinniie Ovesn.
wort at the vory penter of the Av
coean-unly a trifle north of 1 ow
1c it half way hetwein
a be
go : .
, How Be Cain fo | Kept oR ae The 2
i Waning, on,
wan damp Tien powder maight nok
Churn wedi, God Bip eel!’ EK motored,
watehisg the rapialy sdvincing line
| Bewenty, 60, 50, Anuily 40 yards, wers
thoy fram the silent knesiing riflomwn.
them. They cbeynd their crders well
Not & shot was fired outil the redooats
were within 40 yards I hiawd Colfen’s
voice a he roared oot: 1 Nowe, men, ais
for the center of the cross bela! Fire!”
| A meoond after the order x orsckiing,
mgt Bash ran ail along our linn The |
0 smoke hung so besvily bs the minty
air that I wuld pet se what
had happened. I cidied Tom Overton
y {and Alier Duncan of my well, and we
ap ted unk of a sna Haig in
gallop toward Cotfes’s lian In a frw
seconde after the first five thers ewig
another sharp, ringing volley, As |
| {came within 20 yards of Colles the
stoke Jifted spoagh for mw io make out
{what was happening.
The British wore falling beck in
sonfosid, disorderly mass, fod toe on
p (tive fist ramks of their columns were
s. (blown away, For
Tehe grinod was coviral with n mom af
0 was oi parade. Just betory be gut within
the British jive wan prefs
p00 yards in our fron
writhing, weonded, dead aud dying vd
1soate By rhe tie the riflis wires wiped |
wl, and en
{it cme again. Thin time they wire led
{pe Cmeral Pakeolam in perea. gai:
jantly i ounted snd riding ae thgh be
range of Goffee’s lite 1 beard a single
trifle slot [rows a groop of country carts
we had been uring, stout [75 yards dis
s tant, and 4 moment therefier I saw
| Pakephum reel and pitch vos of hie sad-
idle 1 bave always belioved be fall from
the boliet of a freeman of rolor who
{was a famous rifle thot avd came from
that | fiewt fo ite ending In fre volleys the
1,800 or more riflemen killed and
wounded 3,117 British soldier, two-
thirds of them killed Cead or mortally
s | wounded. 1 did not know where Gen-
{eral Pakenham wan lying. or I should
Ia- | have mot to him of gobe in person to
E Jesuits a8 an “enemy of
* They fell under bis
| fied by the predietion
on vations cecations, “gy foresee anoth :
ir 3" ¢ :
His Chanes.
1 Timmins—I have a potion to wri:
Lape of these Scotch dialect staries
Simmons—But you doo't know any.
thing aboot Seoteh dinlect.
Timmine—] know as moch about it
| as the people who buy the stories. ~1p-
dianapelis Journal
He (telling a hairhreadth adventure)
—And in the bright moonlight we could
, | soe the dark muzrsies of the wolves
| Bhe (breathlessly }—Oh, how giad you
| must have en that *Weekiy: the mos.
= offer any service in my power to render.
{ was told he lived two hours after
d {be waa hit. His wound waa directly
through the liver and towsle Geoersl
Keene, I bear, wan killed. They weot |
is flag Ww me, ssking rave we gather
{ap their wounded and bory their dead,
which, of course, [ granted. I wis told
by & wonnded officer that the rank and
fle ateolotely refused to make a fairy
sharge. "We have no chavics with suc
i an thes Americans do," Ybor
Ap extracrdinary hostage of heredi
tary tendency to sulcite Was toll Ly
Professcr Brogardel mn Paris lately. A
ifarpger pear Eitatnpes banged bimsell
without apparent cause, Raving « lame
ly of seven sou and funr deaghters
Ten if the |] setscguentiy fillkowesl the
i father w exatuple, buat uot gntil they hat |
parr iod and begution children, all of
Loply soryviver is a son, who is now GU
years ol age and bas pewed safely be
youd the family hanging AR
SR AA sg
In mavy parts of Central and Sooth
Amsitica sensitive plants are #0 noroer-
pus that the coarse of » man of asimal
throsigh the pndergrowth awiay for an
hoor be traced by the wilted appestabon
of ths foliage.
arin da pais
| taser between Ghasboury ag Fore ».
acted # hitherto unpublished
tor w
ames Monroe. A portion o the letter ; :
James £ mur. and from ander the worn coat |
sees a small bundle wrapped in a bit |
were moviog before 1 kew
4 shoot while ha
fire of the few artiiliay pies | had |
cunt 1 sw then 1 suid tr
dm | directed fo livery to dios
is forward, and, ¥idds g
§ Fin tn speak i
All of tny men that 1 conid wee wae their
Jong rifles restéd on the jose before
{the Atakappas region of Louisiana. The |
Ioecond advance was preciesly lke the
whore likewise bangod thenueives, The
There sre 3,027 anot of ctean dis
| Sali mis ai GEE
Xoo yon 10 pardon me.” a 8 olen
w eonfosed het to illnem and
: Wearing #nd then:
The sentence divnin inarticulate tor:
of faded oilelcth,
ae is hard to park with them, even
of dielter and sopeithing warm.
folly preserved *Imitatio Christi.”
them texerently on the dele
The pian of the desk viowy the Brerkn
Lecldly and done she plea for aid. Not
"that ho ix sonseioosly nnkind, bot expe:
plones with vagabonds has pade hin
| suspicions, and Be hferprots the pathos
[aX Rn pew mpesture,
Lo Nave morning, an hour after soorie,
n pedestrian Sndi an need man, with a
Ph Tike thst of the poet Breant, lying |
"in the shelter of a express hedge by the |
| ponduidle. The tired heart ie still Rost
most bave coma shout the thue the son.
Lghine touched the valley. Beside the
: sleeper, ns theoph it had fallen from be
peuth his cont, a well thumbed Shakes
pears, vhaped in fis gaunt hands a care.
fully preserved “a Kempia™ The
{a Kenipin'’ has a sprig of ceprvss for
| bookmark, on one of the pages between |
cwhicl it rostu this pasege:
y | “0 Father, always fo be honored, the
Be Cay fs coma wich front all where
EA int iy.
FE un Hh
Up to the start for Wert Paint, Grane
ind torn Hirany Ulveses, or Hl. Ulysses |
Creat The yooug traveler required a
prank, aod Thomas Walker, a looal
caning,’ was the man to make it. He
YEU. G7 James Marahiall, Ulysees'
trank bona Jooked at the big,
| glaring letters, “T won't have that #0,” |
“It spells ‘hug’ The boys |
Be said.
‘wonld me about it.” And be
pevanis Ulysses FL Grany, snd so be
went forth info the world,
He ropistercd at Roe's hotel, West
Point, on the 30th of May, se “UH
Gratit,” snd the same day reported
the adintant, George GO Wagganun,
| deposited $48 snd signed his Dana
Eigmees icon Grant. His name a ro
ported fran Washington, however, wad
Tr. 8. Grant, aud the ervar arose hs (1b
weay: The Hoo, Thomas Hamer poe ved
the Totter of Jomws Cirant only the day |
Before the close of his term, and, being
migeh Bueried, sat down at ones aml
| wrote ty Seorctary of War Poison, ask.
| fog for the apporammentof bis neighbor’
aon, He kuvew the bay's pame fo bp
| {Tiveses, and, inferring that hia mi ddl
sharin win Simpeon, 0 Giled ia the ag
alization, wet thos i stood w hen Elywsin |
faced the pd jatant.
He asked to have it changed, bot was
rslil i was Bmpesibile without the con
sont of the moretary of war.
“Very well,” be wnid. [ came het
Loy enter the millivary academy, aod ene
ter I shall. An initisl more or lesa does
srpmment therealfier as UB Grasp
Balin Giucinnd in Mt Clare’ »
di NNR
Prisce at Peoant.
Prives Christian of Deomark, bad be
been ouly a king imstead of a prison,
wonld certainly outrival the story of
Alfred of oid wed the cakes One day
he bad to review some troops st Bierve,
a country town of small dimensions,
Riding ome, tired and thirsty, he stop:
ped st » farmhouse to beg a drink. The
enter As she was at the moment pw.
onke viaking, she asked him if be wouls
like some. “Very much, indeed,” 18
plicd the prioce, and soon be was sou.
fer: ibiy seattd, enjoying bis humble
Laie at the kitehen table
Having finished bis mvs, be asked
the old dame how moch be owed her
“Nothing st uli’ wos the answer. Cn
bia persintiog that be woold prefer pay.
ing, she pasted his shonider affection.
ately, saviug: Yoo wee a soldier, ny
i son, andl soldiers ave wiw; yi “hed up’
1 never take anythiog Craw them.” lie
up" as the generadity of them. “Ob, 1
know better!” apd with a knowiig
wink and & vod she turned to bor pan
cake making “Iv te quite froe, good
mother.” said the prinve, laughing
heartily, “for, you me, my gracdfather
Buppens to be the king." © What?" eried
hie astonished bostess, dropping ber
{whisk and peprly upsetting the frying |
pais in ber fright. A second or two sbe
gamed at him speectiessiy, then remark-
od saively, “I shosld Bave asked you
ito the paricr, shoaldn's 12
Soman re te ppta
Car Searchers.
“Thers is u claw of people,” sym a
milroad man, “wio are always last to
Jeave the eari—~for a purpose, This 1s
especially buticed on suborban traivs.
They go from one eid of the wain to She
sther, looking in seats on both sides of
the ear. It is impossible for our wen
be slways on the watch, and presamubly
there are losses that can never be
: fmataianed, New York Pribane.
It pains me to mem * baggy, sort | o
i amy near the ead of the road, and’
A wall thumbed Bhekesponre, & onres Lan
did so, and, fo finish it off, he troeed on
thes cover in big brass tacks the initials
cousin, went to help him carry the new |
thereupon shifted bis middle name and
pot mater. He was known to the gov
old farmer's wife bade him weleome avid
{ suggested Be was not quite sa hard |
steely removing the oileloth, |*
“hut if there J8 some one hora who cares |
for rare editions of good books they may |
be thopght fair exchange for the prise
The aid man Jocks at them tenderly | ns .
as they ars exposed tn view and places |
{ The shops doa. Are Ey mtn: .
for the department whom gonde are dis.
played in thems, A good showing will
| often winderfuily increas tks mile of
‘the stork ae well ae attiact customers (oF
the stare who are pw fo it Frequently
tho basil wd vertising man i the general
antager of the store. Whether this in
the case oF not, Be ie x penorsl mporvis.
or of tin establishment, witha complete.
mowledge of Hx weer changing detail.
Every day be inilde copsaltavions with
heads of departinents to find out what
partioninr lives of articlos they want
boomed, and
writes siinving statements for the shop
pig poblic to read, sometines srrang-
| ing for iliustrations with them.
The amos money spent for adver.
| Ving be appalling whens Seabed aptn a
ate expaner, One greatators in Philadel.
ghia spends on sn average $1,000 every
Lida in Hive Fiat, 49d 4 fe Sunny spend.
5a day ee
oly BiG Eg £ the 1
£1 ies} Hi
Hise wn aE #9us : gun fas
Asi 3 hit Tian
fhe work daily regains 3
partment tends Bo clio Wb
Give, aa the stom Franihem ond ©
mecst parts of the country, ang §
fare will wo detihit. se an evil §
development in the efforts to wove -
pustomies Su the small towns ae0 Vik
eoantry plac taal Hopkios Ad
SI in Serfbun®s
restric Halivond Statintion :
Bleowic railviape in burope sored
the sutgect of some futer. SUR stubintics :
the United Staten governoscis by Vice
Conwal J. F. Monaghan, ay Chem,
Germany. According to thede, tie uam-
bor of such imilwars vas incr aed
during the year i800 Lom 7010 lil,
while the tical tough was raed fro
| boat 433 ro IED miles, thi number of
arn Troms 1,288 10 1,040, anil the horse.
| power from » Little over 15,000 0 8 Hts
tle over 35.000, Of ali ihe Earopean
soundrien, ieraniny, soooidiog to Me.
Monagheu's figures, stead at the bead,
with shout 350 nile so her credit, sud
#0 eaipnent of B57 cam and 7.108
Lomepewer. The other countries fol
fuwed in the cider given below:
Mion Bomepewer Bar.
| aaariy A aneery .
lta wl. ee
| Plans.
frelund. 4.
Ee a8
I 138
anes wr
s Bervie :
3 | Norway andl Swales..
me ¥%
Bovmypia a a
Halland Sidi
Portugal oo 2
With lin sbiow ing it is opmentive 0.
compile the position of toe United
Spates, in whieh, sccorditg to the latest
‘avsilable figures, thers wears 13, jas
_miles of rod, with a ronal of 34.973
[oars Jt in not withont resson evidently
that the United Srates wn considered
the bine of the slectrio raiiroad. Cans
aca ¢htes next in onder, with 450 miles
of rosd sud 1.150 cars. ——Cumint's Mage
BAG, 3
B xvanckEssRsRED
They Love Dumbo. =F
A imagnifioent agper chawb r of the
pulses (the Palazso Veschio)
iu Floregoe i set apart in memory of
the great post Dante. To i euch of the
60 provinces sad all of she larger cities
apa towns of onited Iialy bave son.
tributed a banger is his honor. There.
gee ator 800 off thee banners iu ali, aod
Drie lopors, iE eager emulation, have
, Fond vo make ‘sach offering wore beau
L1.0a] than the others. The bunts aos
if thie differing colors of the provisoos
and lear thelf arms in exquistic coi
broigery or in paintings by the first av
ing artists ;
The fervor of the bunage paid here io
the immortal {talian poet stirs the boars
of even the paming strsuger. Whatevor
the Jomlousies or estrangement of tho
im, beside bis tein thay are unit,
—feuth's Comnpanion.
Look at that foolish Mr. Beker, ou
on a day like this without sa wiabe ihe
I= he crnsy?”
“1m alrwid be in Let's buoy on ©
son't want to meet his. »
“Why not’
© “He may recsomir: this smb Ha
Ishin "=P k La Up
Some English geuvalecists pretend
shay there ia a family Live of unum oun
Secting Queer Victoria witu Altrea win
about those articles be
{pecentiy rmbodied Bu pont st fo ol