The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, February 04, 1897, Image 2

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    se hero ot 1 fetiowing sory, Kis: f are or the Droide. T
moe, hud bein 3 promivent twinesy | INE of the wixticion on Chri i
> 15. $1a wan tried with | between It and 13 o'clock, fo ms
on the chs of | hows in the Bephmmng of thiy wagon’ | 4
ng the stepuboct Martha Wash. | me riymaking. s hong fo a |
wot os snd afrey. place where there J
is pert to tho penitentinry fora | passing onder iI, aii r for | ng ¢
arge bank forgery: being cnaght hevoath ite branches All | bn oe
| Jute the Walker Nicarsgun expedi Imow. 1 :
{ tion, made up fer he nick part of “mens | The mistleton of the Drotds ie Viscum Yo be almost Jovel
of strong charmifer, tired of the hum exisifng 08 | they do not enter it at ali, bat (so
dram of coma Heo and ready fore pe anen ofl avd are. reflected
saveer which rilpht heing them ste i time ik it in contest with ;
| wweotn of sdvonters or the rewards of | grows freely on apple, pear. {
id | fame,” Kissane now, Ee ar of frees, ou poplars, Aaplos tb
Fihe penitentiary, throw himself with all Dasswoc 1 and rarely on “the oak. ie
the abandon of Bisdaricg natore He se. said that ‘the: only saered
pived at Nicavagoa Yon 1, 1886. One the Druids wan't
der an assumed name be was soon ap- :
{pointed and wp iemioped assistant | 8
a | commanding getivral, with the rank of |
{anger and orders! to take vharge of the!
‘commiuaariat of the army. He owed |»
ch ability that Walker soon promotid |
ww. For eight of nine mouths he bind | | ad on the oat or
| the wap of other treme, an
explanation will give you npn
idem of the oirosn of the mirage. In
i cami of the Gosent Sie seliodiivg 4
j aac 40 forwan} just re fle
: : 3 Lwonld move ax you advanpe on a glee
| the bark, The soe ti which are deposit: | nite. Ti the cuso of the ship the air
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o tha entire Spaniel of the forniey in his JET mare Hpi + than thowe tH the flocts the ship, Which is really oak of ori. ak
hands, and bot his careful manage. | wos sight over the horigon. Bat 1 do pot comedy either
joni the Slibnewring scheme, it jo rune | Some ides of the quantity of mistlo- | a to explain all abou the differ jy or ie
eed, would lave wet mm saris dee BOR that is owed an ily in London may | guy images that nay possitly be formed | the pars of
he | feat. j be had when i€ ix | own that from the | guder ifferent donditions of the atmos: ' throng
| When Gener] Walker marched fo, SWo oonntied of W:noastor aud Hereford | share; that is 8 sohookroom tank, and 8 “Lee Pemunier Savantes
Rivas, be loft Granada io charge of alone move than 100 tons sire shipped | poe gion. | pe was censidered an
agoes | Kisans, The fatter made endden allies Each season. Maoel: ale finds its way | The fata morgan is a form or modi alu, gnd when, on _—
nay, | on the neighboring Racine, and, cap | from Normandy ax! fram France 0 the | Sou of minige oftet) soon in the eked for spiritual Be du ia
texte. | London murket. large quantities ars
| fonperted yourly to New York, Boston
Land Philadelphia, sod much resches
fo | throng the » sets of Grapads. Tie au |
Lh to quire o
‘s plantation of exotio
hich both were col-
mproved a lapse |
About conifers to Sring
ty 1p im true that 1 was in
at the time,” be said. "Bat jot
there was a kind of beetle which
n among these firs of mine and wus
ont the central shoots, and really
an attention at all 0 what Bosianger
1 in Ee in Calabria. Great
ne are taken to matntain the straiv
lood 1 all ite parity. and calves
to hair of any eiber coicy
esi wa]
or Davies, wifo
thi ‘worried me so that 1 sourcely paid
oe oe Cattle.
he Brosd of snow white oattle which ©
Jayed han the sacrifioes in Athens |
x 2,000 to 2, 500 yoars ago
daughters of pron.
held thin bis
3 for money Or piro- |
id 10 ba
toring the wives sod
pave madt 8,
tion |
uit we Tamed of pT silver
yowels Tow piander, which lied
arpe Sadar chests, was melted,
neti Jed # yt amphant
braviry won him devoted
ow. Few, it any, of his compan
in arm mapected his early history.
ertheless did wot shield |
gtraits that sejarstn the tos of the
peal fell on deaf sary till was too late
The misticton Feneraily shen in the |
marked fore jiu 8 rounin to the Eoropes |
| ppeeid iw known sy Phorsdendron
ft is soallar, both in berries |
i A Jouit Iy in found in great quantition
Nivw Jersey and sonthward throngh
>| 1: 5 Carinae, New Mexico and Todian |
Nerritory. —Ghioagn Record.
fin Mother Weald Do.
Tha Duke of Sutherland prosented a
park to one of the pottery towns. The
Craning waka big event, and the Prince |
of Wales was asked to perform the ovre
no Ha
" Lwpor: ly magistrate being spokesman.
te colle of the + eipndition Kis
pe of
| doubt it was all very
pected. It shock the stitaral ot cue
the business office and a
of worthy people who | som
seen “The Lock® in manuscript se
peer been shaken sve by the |
isn emithquake The
pitated when the justly |
indignant editor, whose motives, liter
wood Yaste Bad Lodo are
: “The Lock of | 'w
Oar should appear in the
sideet the bons very pext punber
of The Overland
Monthly ox he would resign
A Fronheten
s Ons of the most diverting tales told |
im connection with the art of xnagram
| making relates to a certain Dame Elean-
says a writer in Lippineott’s Magazine
_ She lived in the time of Charles [and
was a consiant croaker and forvteller ot
evil. At lugih she made bersulf wo ob
noxioss to the government that ibn was
cited to appear before the conrt of high
with prophetic powers, becatise
the letters of Kleanor Davies fornied the
“Reveal, © Daal.” Thiawas
pot a good Kosgram, as it used the Hj
twits and did not employ the “s'" at all
She resuted all the offorts of the
bishops to bring her fo reason, hut was
st lsat entirely defeated by o witty
dean, who boisted ber with ber own
petand by making another anagrmn, not
#0 compiizaentary to her prophwtic in-
sighs, “fume Eleanor Davidé-never
wo a ladies! This cacesd ber to
Soult the mality of her own inspiration,
and so utterly disconcerted ker that no
more was heard of her
The Reasos Why.
A Inly hina ti remark ath.
fetio friend that it wos very stooge thut
most of the bad bicyeling sccidents
seemed toi happen to women— nd conld
he sccosnt for it-——were they more
*oclnariy?” “Not as all,’ be replied. |
“The real renson is, I think, thot wim-
en cannot juige distances. Now, from
his earliest youth up a boy is traioed
) his games to scourately mons.
5 rosh in between two carts whure
man cogld tell you to a certainty that
ould be impossible to avoid an seci- |
Iti Just the want of a trained
his coffe. |
Khe fancied that abd was:
foand temporary
and fest. You will see a
Fi sent old John was noted fom for |
4 out (ke demeancy than for being large |
1 hear od, rongh and ready and real Stat.
4 ford 2 ion Unfortunately his royal bigh- |
pees + + nnable to comply. :
“1 hould have deci} most moat ayy,”
| Army of the Cumberland beld its an-
A deputation waited oo the
primes acorndingly, o wealthy and |
Ret | was jfiven the association at the Ne |
boot’! of Italy snd the iiland of Sinily, So thet it was with the grostest diffienl
When the sun is Jost ot gy that bis widow procured o bit of con
positions and son and air ave sherated ground in which to the ye
also randy to help, strange views of ob msiun of the unshrived oo
jects upon the apposite’ (onst are en A —————-
from Calabein-sometinies magnited | Newspaper Profits te Landes,
and sot against 4 background of colored | There wan 8 trial defore Me. Jostic
Bias Fata morgans rieans the fairy Cave reomtly which, it ve
: wea of
in eid thet sometimes; daring . :
Bot and stil} summer day, by by placing pongh acitesuth
1 the eyp close to the mitface of a dry’ ema oi: Ww lor
road, & mirage can be sein, but 1 have of The Tiemos from Mr. Brodie
| paver fried it '
Before those und other strange sights o
were nderstood and explained wo need aording gh
| not wonder this sailors and travels (he share, be found 10
beld 1nnny stralige beliefs in regard to £11 a year. On this he
them. — Todor Jenks in 86 Nisholaa The jury sessed
Jost of
the right
ani Sibi sire Phares.
A Newpaper Mien Tle the Circametances F
of Whee 35 Was Mnde. ;
“The last tine General Phil Rheridan
vais Milwanies,” sid Bob Howard, Jury
the 1wspaper wan, “was when he 5,
raanton bare in 1883. A banquet werth Bi
| home. Gieneral Sheridan
| tiooa presided. | she +
In Bisopening speech be was puzsled oF deri
- | wordy, but after 3 fashion be
ber it, be will bw a So will oe
fallibly return love for love, Show kind |
re news 10 a lion, and you can lead him by
d in Mitwankes
| Howard i
som and the tary |
pr York Ledger.
The Last Loudon Swerp.
The contemporary chimupey swoops,
by Lamb and parpe
Dickens enly
theme, testifying at the
William Price, summed vp
differemon between
ab, be wor a sweep, be wer! Hoeould
do oar work, but we conidt do Ba
There ain't Bo ehimbi
ain't no sweeps HOW. ek une
5 ad thera
on date
The Coufal Hipree Pisslivh,
That acrid abien +7 the ditches god
fleid corners, Bolaties Ae ¥ aged aru
rails, bat aims peiversally Bowie as
1 bg pol cule series lean B
foe bed viernes
jueate a Keen edge,
if snp HEY © af meding-
v Ei
wii, The spirit-—-prop
a nt of boos = cashed many dyspeption
hot root was frst |
discoversd. Ax a sudorific horse radish
to bless the day the
has alici sud many favorable testimonials
from hopeless cuses of chronic rheuma-
gism, and dropsy sufferers have often
pulief by using the
property sau digretic.
Pointing » Moral,
of don't know,” remarked Senator
Sarghuw, “when [ vas move impressed
with tae fact that there ix frequantiy a
valuable lesson to be drawn from the
most trivial cirrumatanoes than I wan
at the dinner the other day. Oue of the
children got the wishbone, ™
“Oh, yes! Cue tikesone end and an-
other takes the opposite, snd the one |
who gets the lougest is supposed to get
his wish.’
“Exactly. And} took occasion then
and thers fo impress upon their youth-
‘ful minds how much in thin lite depends
jou having a good Ne yoo»
§ frequ
h and be
The Gest tu be saien
; ‘Times Hemuld
who etill are of importance to London,
the and mature men, who |
i eomes tht |
cuanpotisd |
Ei of fi
bo en wasn dont pring any of that |
1 ewe #ivsh nf mine Jost make up 8 even this much
Bice Peri ster hy for mi.’ i a
CHa ak uy ad tainty litle npesch.
for joe ; ! 4
arm, Ths ii 5
A few yeas botow
duty sf SWoasihaoen, Howard's iition | rch) :
vy wok hus to besdquertess, rs Se
siwazk mer a beasty welcome | the skin. When
Sheridan said
eter foul You are the
ok, vas, 1 wing
that Nim speech for me |
man Who made
ah cecaniong be ineroidnosd
& friends pe the sate of |
5 be ever msde Ck
On seyvey
the best ape
Artsy rae iy bi ae
Dan't Give En hi ma
| Soarow came to you yesterday and | ; Are “Th: ami 1
| emptied your home. oor first impulse bet inten Mr. Barrington
mow is to give up andl sit down in de | as as pre
spair amid the wrecks of your bopes. | on. twa cows lying slows To
y charapioned by | To
in their woot grimed hands | pome
inquest over | 4 woald
the grand |
present ( Ea Bless yon, id
we ain't chimbley sweeps nowadays; |
"pot a bit of it. We work with » Jotef |
BC a whic. Anybody can do that. Bot lie
BRI duty we Peal] find the | :
| runes, richest comfort for cumelves. |
| Sitting down to brood deer our SUTTOW, |
| the darkness deepens about na and: .
inti our beurt, and our strength changes
to weakunew But, if we turn away
from the gloom and take up the tasks |
| andi duties to which God calls oa the
| light will come again, and we shall
| grow stronjer,
| Wham sil one hopes sre
© WP well our Baas wast #411 oop toiling on |
i Por others! mle
strength 10 bear In found ia dnty dune,
And To te Dens Bdowd who Journe make
The joy of athwrs sure bis awn heartache:
-d. Ri lille, DD
A Vilage Under One Joot,
Most of the large towns in
sonitain workmen's model dwellings or |
tepement bonses, which have been dig.
pitted with the pictuesque appellation
of barracks, but none of these has at-
tained to {be colossal proportions of the | +
“Preilians,”’ sitnated ot Wielden, a sab. |
arb of Vienna This building hae 1855
courtyards and sccomincdates 2,112 per |
on belonging to all ilams of society. |
1 postuian in specially appointed to a George Edwin, :
duliver letiurs to the itimabs, whose cor: aC
‘rewponden is have to ba garefnl to puton | .
| the cover not merely the Christiax ame |
and surosme of the nddrewses, but the |
momber of the yard, the stmircase and |
the flat, iif they want the letter to reach |
Ita destinption. : ]
Tha Vikigoths in Boas Bom Alario;
in 883 A. D., to Rederic, in 709, bad .
84 kings x
From Washington to Timbuktn, :
land andiien, Hw distutics 4 3, 29% mi