The Patton courier. (Patton, Cambria Co., Pa.) 1893-1936, December 24, 1896, Image 10

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    1 Wome
oe hal falling
Is ff cornpinie
remain wid apes, jut .
positions 1 x.
i samme is tree of the ae
y boned ns a oat their old shoes this winter, at least
skin and French kid. Everything goes.
There seems to be a little preference
1 in certain directions, however, The ma
is Boo ®
3 i
orp Tn Coldinndo BE Meng
fie Por Women
gioear Early Vietorluw Revival,
des, wbtorndy af baw in
? + for
& wil
prac sy £4 il thie tae, dis
; known in Fre ono ne
Bags tan Hy of hein abla to pinks be
gars in the world with little tronble
Ray are Akron i be 4 :
thongh she bat mit with connider-.
nec Lin les profession. Mrs.
| favorite wu
dren shoes a &
plavek eh ihre
#ranadiy 16 Fool The
A Proman ox an Fas
Sipe | BE
| hand
dacided difference in th sum expended.
) : Now York Ledger.
siborint for hoiaey ahve iy
a Tost eloth h £8 ara
Gg obi hd 3 oad
Mifopors are of
sed they sid
IY in tho tok
enh Fahd
ce bows Ye, in i ba 3 ar hg
’ ak with geld
Bot sie po se ki hou
ve pros: a nisin tops.
CHE yh Steet AT
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2 the
wwier om
coon my rot protioed
i Mhere th fo
Jrnpartans deserve s i (hare fat aerating.
i In the majority of houstholde the coal ;
bill becomes Jittie short of a terror, expe-
cially during Joke apd sewers winters
Any way in which this expenditere can
| bo ent down ix hathed with delight by
tha great army of bresdswinners, most
of who Bnd if bY no means easy 0
make both ends mwet when pay day,
with its atiendant hills comes around. |
Careful personal atvintion will soon
convince any housekeeper that there is
a good deal of waste in thin department,
pd that it only requires the prudent
of an interested person 0 mnke 3 |
A larga prerosntags of hear from eval |
| goes up the chimney teitnuse the damp
4 arm are pot properly adjusted. Tha fire
fastarted, and the beat eoomes infenas.
Instead of shutting off the draft and
cbecking the fire, which i rousing Fike
a biaet furiisce, the iden seems fo pre
wi that ii mast stay in this condition
ontil the boos is heated. By that time
the first Joti of Tacl is almost consumed,
with little result, except to host the
J ahimney aul a portion of the ontxitie air.
of this msnter of managing,
4 wore arated a8 soon 54
ab will apder way, the hot air
would oireslate throngh the pips in
fl. A ivigh degree of heat may be
RhLept up by putting on toul & coople of
i shoveifnls at
one time Packing the
Benes sits oral und allowing it to bury |
‘not the best way to coonOmI, =
hie Latest Ta Hations.
in Ee dr
few exceptions Ee
| rates with ban
if rich fur, and their
cont eqnaly that of Iyins velvet gowns.
| The majority of celebrated Preach ate-
© Herw sre vig thene fabrics in prefer.
ence to any of the cruped, crinkled or
1 the color mized silk and wool goods |
even of vary high prite, these textiles
being resrread for eitnmen for mors
a general wear.
There sem to ba Bo fabrion that are!
o£ : Jikely to vival these rich pisin clothe for
pertain pees this winter. The new dyes;
are kien leantiful, spd the febion
bax pot aaneed of asing two contrasting |
“colors of the cloth in saaking the gown.
Then | Some handsome shadow jn deep russian |
¢ benntifal in ool
Meal costames wl
green appear, also silver bine, peaconk |
bine, deop danish red snd fawn color.
The brown dres were never so rich or
sing, and these make |
th handsome for tris
| mings for bev wear for women who do |
{pot dies x1 ravagnntly, but always dross |
i elegantly,
, | roseda in maave
pose, eafe #n 1 lait snd csbor delicate dyes
i fog, he wisely &
dally Fe the ATER ur was |
nrado widmen, According |
, hie way nosinited |
: sopupiods
ying am ai wiv knew be.
All Shoes Ge Tor Women,
Women will bave a chanos to wear
winter shoes. bave pointed toes,
harpest variety, They are |
ey have the air of having
tobe around toe and of bay
i ouly coe thing to aitend to, while in!
howseken ping one mw hat think of a bun- |
dred things at onge.’
an able and
| woman's ud
yddenly concluded
Shue ai aw} ives of outline
\ by an i
Ton shose wi very ts in or
Frooeh deigners are uiing
oyram white mauve, apricot, silver gray
and palest old rose venetian cloths for |
ide’ toilets, trimming them
ith fur and opalescent passementeri
snd lining the gowns with crisp mffeta |
gilk=romi color in cream or silver gray
gowns, gulden green $a white or apeieot, |
and shot milks in old |
A Woman - Engineer,
“Ome of the pleases of comping at |
| Mountain Home, Cal,” saya the Talare |
Register, “in an oeeniien sl visit to the |
} fassber niki and» pledsant chat with |
the engineer, Mm Cliscblorne of Por
tervills, ‘wife of the prop
was a mill earner An emergency aris.
3 i kbs dang ater.
thereford fast ra sey aincion
of seam Jiro
ol te bey pra §
iar taney fy book % 1
sewer mint eel EGR HER ber
$I Phi a ¥ i
Mra (periborns 3 tonne amid the
| whirh ng machimiry and fying swans,
2 ts wi Rpanis
Cop Ba Ke
grayed, not in blootoers, Lut in A neat
1 pik gph drow straw hat and
| strong bisksiin gloves
The work in which Ms, Cherbborne
is engagid has provi a foancial bene
fit to herself and family, a she ean em |
ploy a Woman in the kitchen for much
Jess than would pur an engineer, and
she alsi epjoss her work. Bhe says:
| Of conve it is saxier than bousekeep- |
It is & man's york, and there is
The erbioct of this sketch is a woman
| of ideas and an enthusiastic eqoal suf-
Bagi, and those who bave listened to
her public usterngoes say that she makes
convineing argument for
An Early Vietorian Revival,
‘We are threatened with a revival of
the fashions of that most unbecoming
period, the surly Vieworinn ara, In drem.
| ribbon bow”
riator of tha
{ miil'! This lady Learned har profession |
: | many veuirs ago from her father, wha
caded that the son. |
a | dent of Lia cuts 1 ot deprive him of the |
Up { an :
| Less sncvess has probably
AVESgpe yin
Ta avo
worn phen of psi,
painted in thin eohe a
# telegraph line steore
distances congeedol with a erode srg
en Sd on Two hw, pear winieh a frog
fu string bya stream, This bl rebe
represents the telegraph Hoe of “good |
q. Oder posts’ which Dr. Coslaian cone
ep Strocted west foie Racing for the Erie
7 andy Wud Michigan Telegraph Santpeny to
2 dus can never pow pe. 1531, and ihn exper k
oy Gru oii, arrester whifeh Jed to ia dis in
: It is & rexinder of the days when Dr
Onshman wis associated with Professor
Perey Morse in the pronesr duys of teliuravhy,
Om hin dele 55 Ph Sra ebedunm (Ras:
Titer, oi duet de BRE LL 2S vies he
fits Wore tale ont is
: y box, with a wpeakcing
orifice and containing & mechinton on
the same principles as that of thy) seordern
In 1531 Dr. Onshman andertook the
construction of a Hghtning arrester. his
ohjset being to take the lightning that
strock the wire and run it into the
ground, the instrament ol 0 oo
strated that it would not interferes with
the light evrrent need in telegrapbing.
This instrument was placed vat on the
prairie on two logs, and in order to
know when it had operited a triple
magnet, with a sheet of thin iron at
the piles, similar in constraction to 8
on wirkely
Pog thi !
Write 1s.
: first. visiy ay
opera Na
he | Sure =<
[iin handred mid Piety avin
x the Catalridge sarversity
Frigate’ bu Bripland ave sigoed a doe
| I Buse parpork, stripped of all
vor age, (W1hat women may be permit-
| ed to stodp at the university, provided
thiey puss entrance examinations as
pigid ue those required of men, keep up
daring thir sours of study as high a
standard of scholarship ae the men do,
pay the vane foes that the men pay and
receive norm of the degrees, none of ihe
honors and none of the pis ieges which
are accorded to men in cosmeqosnce of
coanention with the wniversity. And
this document emanites from what is
known as the “libel? party In the
aniversity senate. The other party
wants the wonen excloded absolutely. : =
The terms upon which the ‘liberal’ modern receiver,” wis placed in the
party is willing © adm in consth: comer of the box. In case the lightning
tote & very faithenl ms Totwd of passed throngh the instrament the elec
all glitter and tine! ~ tro magnet would pull this strip of iron
protonse. of about ni . down into tho range of n parmanent
passes in the world for : magnet, which would retain is until the
a | instrament was inspected.
A similar devices wan placed in the
basement of the building at Racine and
connected with the other end of the line
One day while a thunderstorm was com:
ing op amd Dr. Cashman was watching
instrament the eroaking of frogs
was beard 13 miles sway. This is the
explanation of bow the old painting
with the crude instrament and the
| orvaking frog in identified with the dis
covery of the telephone !
"x Cosrnn is the mventor of the
{arm system in wee in Chibago. His
nts offs reports, he wiyh, Hound
Ra ®ton’’ and contain a great pam-
horet of hx elntelenl patents. Chicago
So Riscle Chivatery.
Adv artiRer BaYy:
} them
t per
The qos 0 Always Hod i" Hiking or
gay colors, sud & lady who was present.
ed to ber oy her first visit to Deeside
gives the following interesting acoonnt
| of the quekn’s drise: Her inajesty worn
a bright blue silk deews, with » grea | Waa
rater 4¢ fonress of varying depths, |
seh edged with nisrrow black velves
over a not inconsideratie crincline |
Ares i wiry brilliant garment she
art turtn shawl fn. .
: polors, # white chip hop. H¥
% pink roles and Line
~<A white weil and pale
Jenion toloesd glows eonipleted what
eonld bariliy te ealied a quiet costame,
Bhe carried in her hand & smal bius|
silk parushl, Wilh a iB rk pik fringe 3
fhe wane sin o Gi
and ls Lan sg Ak. woe 13 SOREL
net ty tn ii wi
| "A cabman’s life ain't all Yoor and
| skittles,” said an up town Jeb the nth:
er duy. “Nobody ever thinke of givin
poor cabby & oh and Fie of “em ser
to take a ure of pride in never payin a
cent more than the legnd fares A man
Lady Hayter
pas by London »s
the 2 1 wa of ian Eiivral party, 8 nol
anly un cy npished woman of the
world, “bat gies poe of the moss jude
fatigabic of woisen travelers. With her
Bowbaod, Sir Arthur Hayter, she bus
journey edl twice around the world, hens
ed kangaroos in Aostralis, cluphalits
in Ceylon and tigers in India and han
dnplored the Yellowstone park and the
Yosemite valley. Do spite of ber taste
for outdoor fifa, she ie sald to Be 8 ool
summate artist in deem, and her toilets
serve het ue the frams fH a chafmong
pictare. Lo
Chicago's Woman's Temple
Mra Matilda B Curse, who planned
the Temuie in Chicago which is aed
for headipaarters of the National Wom-
ans Christian Temperanire naion, The
Union Signal and many other important
offices, his taken to the pistform in order
to raise tnoney to Hagnidate the debt of
the Temple, Mis Bhente, nn able clo
J entionist, atcompanies her. Any ons de
wiring to perpetuate the memory of
temperance worker can, by the payineny
of $100 to tha building fund, have wach
puma inscribed on the tables in Willard
ball in the Tampa,
Spmagied Frimuings
The fancy for baded and spangled
decorativiy counting, and these trim
mings eal be very easily made and sl
{ firtle expense by adding the beads or
wpangien or both to gimp, velvet bands,
s gibbon, hes, net, eben These, in pearly
Lavery edine of the rainbow, ean be
Cbopght Uy thee OME Br paskagy ug yore
trifling dost, and the wark of swing
theo en is nothieg,
Ly rg
Iaix Fiat,
hes will fuss over that rate card till he's
bisck in ths fsee for fear he'll give mo
too much, After that they'll walk off
and stick out their chests as though they
bad dene a good setion. They calls it
pein strong minded, Le "own, and strict
ly just and ail that srt o' blarney—
mean, 1 calls it More than ones I've
driven a well dressed man down town
and had him jnmp out and go into one
o' them hig offen batldings.
“Waite, senhee ‘TH bo out in a mine
nw. i
“Well. say! I I'd waited till hecomao
ont I'd bathers yet. All thew bniiding
fn oe and slips sat o the other.
“Why a man should take i» cab down
town when he's bard np boats me I
a nickel, bot he ean do we cit of a dob
Jar. Son of Cen will get cnt of acab
in sorne 1vstesons wity whip they gets
to where they want to ga Yom drive on |
to the address they've told yom, likely
C10 or 12 Blocks farther on, and find your
: gab Spy.
mach for mee
tin ont of
they do” it.
man oot of his Uore, bat they
bad about payin ‘em Pdorather take
my chunoey any day oo bluff a man
out of more’ his fare thai a woman
cand pos tion as chakinare,
“fn oot the only fine wo got a aisich
bein winter when there's lots oF siosl
aad. There ain't any tall then alva
drivin to the station Boos aad
Cm sergeant as the dai w hats the fae
foo Twenty thied © Fifty
srreet. Take st ail soon a eabpnn
Hie tu adog's life, and yet thoes jo
as mach apts! tion iE}
pia “ee Marve ¥ rk
fF ateie Senki Seatptors:
The work of the menkish scalptors,
pg ir
It maker lots of noi got |
a cal
Yi, vig BE
ilerary te
It bs nen
inspaioy vik
rarely ba
red that
4 Mea i Sa
wept at dn, Moss BHoad
gerd Be povelud ta hor si
wi Laila Hs pile x a4 evi
ghee acres that hor | 14 id years pri a
es Hep En
A worpan at the mecting of the B: ike
fre Health CUnitore elob ssid: Tos
crusade for short skirts sony a fad, Ie
Cwon’s st, for women haven't courage
Lpneogh to follow apy style but the pre.
fwidiing one.’
amount «of homer. Witness the gar:
guyles of sor old ehnrebiw and the
devils. half homan, hdl asemal, which |
adorn the pprer galleries and form the
eorbels and brackets of many cathedrals |
These one can scarcely believe to have
been modeled seriously ax boncuprions
Queen Victoris has offired the ase of
St. Janus palace to the Needlework
‘guild of Great Britain for iss auneal
exhibition. © The Duchesy of Albany is
the leading patrouess,
of the perscnnlity of the devil were bold
faithfnlie, it 15 scureily probable that
artists won kl have expeiided their sntive
| that wonten were eligible na delogates BOR 38 feryibiie and viudictive a person
to poueral ¢anference. ad Toowedh fod nor woabd the moatks
er have alow ed thelr misereres: and stalls
New stationery an tila tiny mono. to be dedovaied with burlew oes of his |
gram in thw voper left hand curner uf satanic i wn F300 Winds.
the sheet rather than in the center, as Peer
| heretofore,
North Nebrasks Mathodise Episcopal
gonfervaey decided by a ste of dd tod
a ty Sl We sm ——-
A Stupendons Failure.
Tha Atlanta Woman ‘Hoffrage i assocls man’s effort to wk neoucerned after |
ation ty discnssing the mdvissbility of reading upon a lady's dress: than any
esliing a state salrage convention in wether Line of hansen ‘endeavor. —New
¥ of the foom Hw bigs. ;
fon of
nar aw y in the |
don'ts haggle over Scents in autre, Jat |
has two or thres entrances, and ba gees :
a'pose he can't fool the calls car ont of
How they do it is one bos niAnReT |
drhent it's movin, bag
Wor ve don's ofsen beat a
i pretty |
ot rattle a woman hall as easy
both in wondd asl stipe, sBives a vast
of the spirit of evil, fur, if the doctrine |g
5 a i% it piel on
. GE % ent Proc bn eer 8
ich fai Ap ie EE LORE
fn Fmnge of Wood nd Was Cereied
Through Loades ba Bonk,
When Edward Barron wl
CO Anewte of London,” whom | Giootge
Fox vaited his "Sem of Thinder,” wan
pasEing through aring (aw i oft bis
way fo the city, apod the y
| the ninth month,” HGS, he found he
BPO ered ow HH ea
prune of soldiers, hone
he, “stuyeed me gad sty
said 1 mig
thir, doi,
son of the iron wird Beaple
I When be manired the reass
thie Being and pressing of titulo,”
Bo seas toll thst Chey all suns dot "on
to se a ded rouge and invested |
fare, withomt lifeor brat, whioh woald
bo carried this way” It was sot the
great Protoctor’s body, but a dod nage
of wood or wax, arrayed wed decked
with foolish inventions, and it * was
be carried from place fo place that day
bet'veen Somerset Bouse and Westod
ster, as was wal in the time of popery,
for ma ltitndes of foolish people to game
apn and wonder after and admire ©
The zealous Quaker thouglst the state
of Oliver Cromwell all the more an |
sult to his memary because “he was
once & great fnstrrment in the hands of
the Lord to break down niany idole
trons images and grievons idols And
have they now, sid my wie 1, Bade
oositly image of him? And wee such -
were ones his soldiers, who piled down
lilos stuff wherever they met with IK
now guarding his imuge avd satching
over it, and bis ehiliben and offs
and crosses, and all souls popiahe
following it, maltivndes of Gwe lings
ants of Lindon gong uli
md, mid CL and a give pov be tO
thas end and floal furewall of once a
Edward Burroush concluded that iF
wik ‘a Judgement’ apon Co anweil to
be thins wronged alter bis death ¥
be had suffered the mrvauss of
(ibe Qunkers ; to ba pes
prisoned for erying disor
an were popdil. He hs thik
hitpself wonll have bens any 4% it,
“1 knew the man whou So Wie living
and had the knowlsios of hie spire
And I am persewndod 5 11 hol boon Er
him in his Bfetioe if Ban anuge
shold be mide Hike Bint, Bn en et
‘ap in such a places, § believe ha seem
have dented, | say, md ssid, “Rt suk
‘pot be there for me, when | oam diad
If it had been bis Doses adie 50
Quaker, 1 should not have Bad aughe
ag int it, witerens it wun Bet sn aR
we by hands Bo Burroagh vent
a writs hie Testimer Agaiing
Groat Idolatry. Hoot £1
: Rome Vaiue of cont. :
| The important fact has or rand —
agmin ben stated by thew wo Bove Sie
vestigated the snbject wither isnt of
actuess that sully shimt 8 cp 8 4
of the torn) lead valpoof cial 15
fan engine hy het :
fr ty poor. In tenon
8 Head Hint these an
ane. pos
thrips vice hasnt
Boat 10 tepype
Wicins vp S02
paesorpii OF sn ie
dhe ae en by thernpaetes
Soentific anlar neo explain the Liaw
af this loa in the iemin egise ae due
wy the fart that th wild derives atvnwrhed
by water in being transferred 0 steam:
312 digress are apnarend CPE A shar.
meometer, snd which, isd ih
panko py the 1.302 deprad UE UR
Eioned—-go ints we ong oe + condi
by the thermometer, leave is thak Sap
al go To wate = 1eN bic
flow to Clean 15d Veal Pati
To restore old Book pias
wars gone aks A ei
Eo <
I Say ty AR a Tt
0, ae Te hi EN
i teen injered by
{as follows:
gheop of wh
thas thi pein
5 dg pen aie
sr, Wek spain,
writh nu IEE
waite til x
ELIE I oH pi
| aan teil when
Australia bas a population ou
; Han 8,000,000, hat em i
world is from rion I
wsert that the entire population
the single state of Tex
Hike the tim, Fave a steady k
light, are luminous, not |
Longfellow. =
At the end of life we discover that wa
have passed nearly one-half of it in be
hg hap
| Therion rainfall is near ti :
thr and diminishes steadily adn.
inde visn
rp Lo AA LY
that city. i York Maid aad Bajo
Miami wean wigially Moule Beh
mony ¥ river. 5
Withwmt realiving it, and the :
cetinm EK
ile ol “stent sod
fant ewe :
tik 900, eo
Clnited States could live cuntutubly in in